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Even though Astrid was only half conscious, she knew that he body did not fall to the ground. Hiccup had managed to make his way over to her before she could fall the entire way and even in this state, she would recognise the feel of him anywhere. It was about the only thing that she was aware of; being close to Hiccup as all consciousness slowly slipped away from her. She tried to keep her eyes open so that she could take in the sight of him, thinking it would be the last time that she would ever see him and she fought until she could no longer fight. Any voices around her were simply muffled into noise and her eyes grew heavier and heavier and eventually her body shut down to try and preserve whatever life was left in her. She would not know the steps Hiccup would take to try and save her, nor would she know that Hiccup risked their secret and potentially his already strained relationship with his father.

If this had happened to anyone else, she might have been able to help them. While she was not sure she would have been able to save someone’s life, she definitely could have prolonged it long enough for them to get help. All they had to rely on in this situation, was Astrid’s personal strength and will to stay alive. While she was not aware of what was going on around her, her mind was constantly working. Almost every single memory she had made with Hiccup replayed over and over in her mind as if giving her a reason to stay alive longer. Over time, other memories of the gang and her time with Stormfly seemed to creep in between.

Those thoughts and memories seemed to occupy her mind for some time. There was no possible way for her to be aware of how much time had passed. It could have been a matter of minutes, it could have been days. In fact, it had only been a matter of hours but her lifeless body had been transported back to Berk by Stoick who had taken her straight to Gothi who had told him to leave her to it. There was no way that she could work on trying to save the girl’s life if she had a rather large worried man pacing the room as she worked. Instead, Stoick busied himself trying to find Astrid’s parents so they could inform them of what had happened.

By nightfall Stoick and her parents were waiting rather impatiently outside of the room where Gothi had been working and up to this point there had not yet been any sign of Hiccup or the rest of the gang. That was until now at least. The moment Hiccup burst through the door Astrid’s mother rose to her feet and threw her arms around him, partly to comfort herself but mostly to comfort him. She could not imagine how he must have felt not being there with her but she still couldn’t understand how Stoick had managed to get hold of Astrid when Hiccup was still on the island. There would be time for questions later.

Seconds after Hiccup walked through the door, so did Snotlout, Fishlegs and the twins. Each one of the stumbled over their words trying to find out if there had been any word about Astrid’s recovery yet but even after the hours that Gothi had spent with her, there was still nothing.

Another two hours passed before Gothi emerged from the room, covered in blood and looking more tired than usual. She instantly shut the door behind her and shook her head when her parents rose to her feet. Her mother instantly started to cry, thinking that it meant that Astrid had not made it but she rose her hand in an attempt to correct her.

Her mother didn’t wait a second longer before making her way into the room where Astrid lay unconscious. There was a lot of blood and it caused her to bring her hand up to her mouth and her husband took her in his arms as he saw their daughter lying there with bloodied bandages around her stomach. They knew in an instant that this would be a long recovery and they wouldn’t likely have the chance to talk to their daughter before the end of the week. For the rest of the night they sat by her side with Gothi coming in at one point to clean her up some more now that she had stopped the wound from bleeding.

Even when the end of the week approached, Astrid had still not shown any signs of waking up but she had been moved back to the comfort of her own room and she was rarely left alone. Each of her friends had taken it in turns to come and visit her and her parents only seemed to leave her side when Hiccup was there and that was only to give them some privacy. Every single one of them were willing her to wake up soon.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 25d 15h 4m 41s
Finally, Hiccup could hear what the dragon heard and knew instantly that the others had arrived and had come to find them. Hiccup's eyes widened, knowing this would feel like a threat to the dragon and they were the ones for it to take its fear out on. Hiccup wanted to shout. To reach out. But he knew that any move he made would scare the creature.

Everything happened so fast then. The others broke through the tree line. The dragon's tail spikes flew. And Hiccup found himself watching Astrid fall to her knees in shock. As incredibly smart as Hiccup was, it took him a second or two to make sense of what he was seeing... to piece it all together. When he finally did, his eyes widened and he heard himself shout Astrid's name, though he didn't tell himself to.

The dragon seemed frightened enough now to take to the skies and its wings sent down waves of wind as it flew above the trees and left them all standing there.

"Astrid!" Hiccup shouted once more and found himself running towards her. He reached her just in time to catch her before she fell the rest of the way to the ground and held her close to his chest. "No! A-Astrid!"

He could hear the others break into a run to see what damage had been done, but Hiccup was hardly aware of their presence as he moved the hair from Astrid's face. Her eyes were half closed and he could tell that he was hardly there at all. "Astrid!" He shook her gently, trying to get her to open her eyes. To say something. Anything. "Astrid, I don't- I don't know what to do. You have to tell me what to do!" His eyes were starting to rim with tears.

Toothless broke through the trees, then, having heard the shouting. He ran for the two of them and sniffed at Astrid's dangling hand before looking at Hiccup who looked back desperately as if Toothless would tell him what to do. And the answer [i was] in Toothless.

Hiccup frowned, growing determined as he always did when faced with a difficult problem. He had to bury his emotions and work out a solution or Astrid would never wake up.

"Snotlout," he said, turning towards the group. They all looked so shocked and guilty, but Hiccup didn't have time for that right now. "In my cabin, there's a satellite phone my dad gave me. It's in the top drawer of my nightstand. Bring that as fast as you can." He knew Snotlout had to be the one to do it because Hookfang was the fastest out of the remaining dragons. Snotlout nodded. No quip. No complaints. He hopped back onto his dragon and immediately took flight.

Hiccup looked next to Ruffnut. "Ruff, I need your cardigan." Once again, there were no complaints as she handed over the piece of clothing.

Hiccup knew very little about first aid, but what he had seen over and over again in the movies was that they needed to apply pressure and to try to get the blood to stop. He pressed the cardigan into Astrid's stomach and it immediately started to soak up the blood. He heard her grunt in her unconscious state.

In a matter of minutes, Snotlout was back with the satellite phone. He landed smoothly and ran to pass it to Hiccup, having no idea how to work it himself. When Hiccup took it he hardly noticed that his hands were now covered in Astrid's blood. He leaned Astrid back into the grass so he could keep pressure on the wound while he operated the phone. They didn't have emergency services on Berk. Just Gothi who served as the village doctor on top of her diner. But she knew what she was doing and they would trust the old woman with their lives.

Hiccup would have to call his father. He knew it in his heart. He hadn't even had the thought before he heard the phone ringing in his ear. Everything would change now. If Hiccup's plan would work, then his father would find out about the dragons. But it was better than letting Astrid die to keep a secret.

"Pick up, Dad. Pick up, pick up."

After a few rings, he heard his father pick up. "Haddock reside-"

"Dad! Dad, I need your help." He heard his father talking, demanding to know what was going on, but he hardly registered. "I need you to get on a boat. [i Alone.] And head east. Far enough away from Berk that they can't see you. Astrid's hurt, Dad." His father sounded confused, wanted to demand why he needed to be that far from Berk, but Hiccup cut him off. "Dad, just [i do it.] If you don't then... Astrid- she..." he didn't have the will to finish the thought. He knew by the silence on the other side that his father understood. "And don't bring any weapons. Whatever you see... it's not dangerous."

And with that, Hiccup hung up the phone and tossed it back, dried blood and all, to Snotlout who pocketed it. Hiccup leaned over to cradle Astrid in his arms and the others helped to lift her securely onto Toothless in front of him.

"Hiccup..." Fishlegs was worried. They all were.

"Don't follow me. It will only scare my dad more," he told them.

He took off then, taking to the air in a hurry. He was glad that Toothless could sense the urgency of this. They flew straight towards Berk. And if he was paying attention to anything other than Astrid in his arms, he might have noticed a similar dragon to the one he had seen before. One with a rider. Watching them...

After a while, they got as close as they dared. Berk was small on the horizon. Too small for any of the people there to see him. They flew in circles and he willed his father to show up. But boats were much slower than dragons, so he had to wait for about half an hour before Stoick could finally be seen. The whole time, Hiccup kept an arm around Astrid, securing her and applying pressure to the wound. After a moment, he decided he couldn't wait any longer. They were far enough away, no one could see. So he dove for the boat and Toothless landed on the roof of the cabin.

"Dad! Dad, help me," he was starting to say as he was lowered Astrid from Toothless's back. But Stoick just stared with wide eyes at the dragon.

"That- That's a..."

"Yes! It's a dragon." By now Hiccup was off of Toothless and trying his best to lower Astrid to the boat. "Dad, I really need your help. Astrid is- She's bleeding out."

"You were riding it," Stoick said, still in shock.

"DAD!" Hiccup's shout must have sounded strained enough that it pulled his father out of his shock. He jumped into action immediately, hefting Astrid to the deck of the boat with ease. "Dad. Please. Get her to Gothi."

"How did this happen?"

"It doesn't matter right now, Dad! Just get her to Gothi! And don't tell [i anyone] about the dragons." With that he climbed back onto Toothless. "I have to fly back. The others and I will return on boat. Dad..." he paused and looked at Astrid in his father's arms. He bit his lip so that he wouldn't cry. "Please look after her."

He didn't wait for a response. He just took off once again, turning back towards the island and praying to anyone that would listen... God, Odin, Zeus... he didn't care what culture. He just prayed that Astrid would be alright...
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 25d 15h 54m 26s
Astrid looked back when Hiccup mentioned the chicken and she nodded to show that she had heard him. Once he had the chance to get use to her scent, she would reach into her bag and offer him some chicken to strengthen the bond between them and show him that he could trust her. She could feel the dragon relax around her and he started to bring his nose to her hand, indicating that she could move her head and allow her gaze to rest upon him now.

In an instant his demeanour changed and his pupils told her that she should back away before Hiccup did. Astrid took a couple of steps back and allowed her hand to drop back down to her side. He had clearly heard something that they couldn’t hear yet but whatever it was seemed to disturb him further. His head started to shake and he let out roars that told them both to leave.

Astrid took another step back before she could hear what it was that had disturbed the dragon. Apparently, their friends had decided to turn up on the island a couple of days early and when they had realised that Hiccup and Astrid were not in their cabin, they had taken it upon themselves to explore the island with their dragons in an attempt to find them. Their voices grew louder and spooked the dragon further to the point that his tail was now lifting up, and he was getting ready to eject the spines much like Stormfly did when she was spoked herself.

Astrid’s eyes widened and she knew that she had no way of getting out of his line of fire in time now. As the spines were released from his tail Astrid looked around to Hiccup to make sure that he was not in range. One of the spines pierced her straight through the stomach just as the gang appeared through the trees. Her lips parted and her hand instantly went to her stomach where she had expected to feel pain but she felt nothing. Her adrenaline had kicked in and caused her body she shake as she fell to her knees and cold sweat began fall down the side of her face. Her eyes were locked with Hiccup’s as everything else around her started to blur into nothing. She was sure that she could hear shouting but nothing sounded coherent to her and now she had lost the ability to fight to keep her eyes open.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 25d 17h 4m 51s
The dragons walked with them for a ways, but after a while they told them they needed to stay back. It was around midday by the time they reached the dragon's territory and they didn't want anything spooking the new dragon. But he didn't want Toothless to be so far out of hearing distance that he couldn't help them in case something went wrong.

When they found one of the dragons they were looking for, Hiccup smiled and started to sketch it immediately. Of course he'd drawn it before, but he could never draw too much.

As Astrid started to approach the creature, it's pupils grew in curiosity. It stepped closer, sniffing the air towards Astrid's outstretched hand. "Don't forget the chicken," Hiccup whispered across to her. They thought that maybe if Stormfly loved chicken so much, then this dragon might, too.

He watched as the dragon edged closer and seemed to relax just a little bit. But Hiccup couldn't help but notice its head cock sideways, listening to something their human ears couldn't hear. It's pupils became smaller once more.

"Astrid. Maybe you should... step back." Hiccup was starting to say.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 25d 17h 22m 9s
Astrid laughed and shook her head has he held the door open for her and she walked passed him she muttered an insult under her breath. Of course, it was meant in humour and the two laughed about it as they closed the door behind them. Astrid had to tell Stormfly to stay behind this time. It was clear that both of their dragons wanted to come with them but they had already decided that they couldn’t have any distractions around until they have managed to learn more about this new dragon. He was slightly bigger than the others they had encountered and there were potentially more dangers associated with him and the last thing they wanted was for him to get spooked by anything.

They made their way out towards the dragon’s territory and she took hold of his hand as they walked together. Not much had changed about their relationship in the last month. They were still so obviously in love with each other and everything seemed be easy now. They had their arguments like every other couple but they were both so open with each other that it seemed so easy for them to talk things through and come up with some kind of solution.

By the time that they arrived their movements had become more cautious so that they did not startle the dragon and when she laid eyes upon him she shared a look with Hiccup. “You stay back. I will approach him first.” She said with a whisper and before she waited for him to confirm wat she had said, she had already started making her way towards the dragon, avoiding making eye contact with him while she began to approach him. “Hey. I’m not going to hurt you I promise.” Her hand was stretched out in front of her and her tone was soft. Soft enough that it seemed to entice the dragon towards her to take in her scent.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 25d 17h 31m 20s
Over the next few weeks Hiccup kept an eye out for anything that seemed out of place, but he found nothing. After a while, he decided it was for the best to let the issue go. He wouldn't forget and he would keep an eye out, but he wasn't going to let their time on the island be ruined by worrying.

Instead, he spent time practicing flying with Toothless. He spent more time in his wing suit than he did out of it. And even when he wasn't actively flying, it was useful for other reasons. It protected him from scrapes and bruises and he modified it so that it could hold a great deal of tools like a knife and a compass and he even created a small pocket under the chest piece where his journal could fit. By now the book was thick and worn and he could hardly believe he had started a brand new one when they came to the island. He would have to get a new one soon or he might run out of space to write all of his training notes.

Still true to their word, the others waited a few days to follow, giving Hiccup and Astrid enough time alone to do whatever they wanted. On this particular morning they were preparing to set out to learn about a new dragon. They decided it might be for the best that they went when the others weren't there. It was bigger than the dragons they had trained in the past and seemed to be a cousin of sorts to Astrid's dragon. Since she had the most experience with Stormfly, they thought it might be a good idea if she took the lead on this one, knowing better what its temperament might be like.

Hiccup smiled as she kissed his cheek. He was finishing pulling on his armor and nodded as he closed the clasps on his chest. "After you, M'lady," he said and opened the door of the cabin for her with a silly grin.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 25d 17h 45m 18s
Astrid was happy to see Hiccup let his worry slip away as the evening progressed. By the end of the night he was laughing and joking with the rest of the gang while the music played in the background. She allowed herself to forget about the incident too and she enjoyed the rest of the evening along with everyone else until she was so tired that she had no choice but to turn in for the night.

Over the next month or so, Astrid and Hiccup didn’t really see anything related to the dragon that Hiccup had seen on the afternoon of his birthday. That didn’t mean that it had been forgotten about. They were still cautious and kept an eye out for anything but a lot of their time had been taking up with training more dragons on the island. In between their weeks on the island they went back to Berk but their time there grew shorter and shorter each time.

Astrid had managed to encourage Pip to go back to his mother but he often came back to the camp to steal her affections every now at then. Hiccup had discovered another dragon that he wanted to train, mostly because it seemed that his features were unique. Not unlike Stormfly, this particular dragon had the ability to release spines from his body but they were bigger and significantly sharper than the ones that Stormfly had.

On this particular day, Hiccup and Astrid were alone on the island. They had returned the night before and they always had a few days to themselves before the rest of the gang came back. It was their intention to find this wild dragon today, and attempt to begin training him. After breakfast Astrid turned to Hiccup and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Are you ready to go?”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 25d 18h 5m 31s
Hiccup felt rather silly now that he had calmed down. But it still didn't take the worry from his mind. He swallowed what he could of it before nodding and kissing her back. He nodded again and squeezed her hand.

"You're right," he said softly and gestured for the door. He tried his best to seem like nothing was wrong when they emerged and he must have been doing a good job of it because the other's hardly noticed and seemed to think his previous conversation with Astrid was something personal.

Hiccup even went as far as letting the twins set off some more small fireworks and told them all how great the meal was, even if he could hardly taste it through his nerves.

After some time someone had turned on some music and after a while, Hiccup managed to forget about his earlier encounter completely. With the help of his friends and the dragons he was distracted enough to enjoy the rest of his birthday. And for the first time, he didn't mind people making a fuss about it.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 25d 18h 32m 29s
Astrid understood that he wanted to be cautious and she was happy that he had decided not to fly out north. He was right, they would be flying out there completely blind and they could potentially put themselves in danger. Astrid stepped back to give Hiccup space to stand again and he resumed his pacing.

“You and me.” She repeated when he finished what he was saying. She moved towards him and took his hands in hers. “We’ll figure it out. We always do.” Astrid leaned forward a pressed a light kiss against him lips. “Now…there is a birthday dinner waiting out there for you. What do you say we go and eat? If you want to talk about it more, we can do later but those guys want to celebrate with you. They helped put dinner together and we wouldn’t hear the last of it if good food went to waste.”

She smiled and pulled on his hand and started to lead him towards the door so that they could eat the food and enjoy the company.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 25d 18h 45m 17s
Her hand on his shoulder helped ground him and he sighed deeply as he listened to her words. It was nice to know that she believed him, but he wasn't sure if he even believed it himself.

He lifted his head and dropped his hands, thinking for a long, silent moment. Then, eventually, he shook his head.

"As much as I want to... No. We- we don't know what would be waiting for us. Who knows who they are. If my eyes weren't playing tricks on me." He stood once more, too anxious to stay still much longer and started to pace once more, a hand on his chin as he thought. Toothless watched him move from side to side.

"No... we'll stay put. And we'll keep an eye out. Just you and me," he said turned to to Astrid once more. "I don't want the others to know. They'll run off trying to find answers."

As much as he wanted answers himself, he knew that the risk was not worth it. At least for now.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 25d 18h 56m 44s
His lack of conversation worried her but it seemed he just wanted to make sure that the door of the cabin was firmly closed behind them. Whatever he needed to tell her was clearly only meant for her ears and he didn’t want anyone else to listen in on them. She looked towards him with the same concern upon her face as he shut the door behind Toothless.

His pacing made her more nervous but she gave him whatever time he needed to explain what he had seen, not once interrupting him. It was so easy to tell when Hiccup was lost in thought or concerned about something because his gestures became more eccentric. At one point he stopped to look up at her and that was when he told her the part that had clearly spooked him the most. He eyes widened slightly and she tilted her head to indicate that she was now thinking too. Even though they were certain that dragons only existed on this island, it was entirely plausible that dragons existed elsewhere and that they were not the only humans to have discovered them.

There was a silence for a moment and then Hiccup started to pace again and he had started to doubt himself, claiming that there could be an explanation for what he [I thought] he saw. He sat down at the table and covered his face with his hands. Astrid let out a sigh and moved over towards him, resting her hand on his shoulder.

“There is every chance that you saw what you thought you saw. For what it’s worth, I don’t think that you were seeing things. Maybe there are dragons out there somewhere else. Maybe it’s selfish of us to think that we are the only humans to have a relationship with these amazing dragons.” She said with a smile as Toothless approached them and she reached out to run a hand over his head. “What do you want to do about it? Do you want to go North and see what’s out there?”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 25d 19h 6m 52s
As he led Astrid inside he could hear the twins wondering aloud if their celebration was too much and if he was pulling Astrid away to tell her that they needed to kick them off the island. But the image of the dragon was taking up most of his mind that Hiccup hardly even dwelled on the fireworks.

Astrid was asking him what was wrong, but Hiccup didn't speak until they were inside the cabin with the door shut safely behind them. Toothless sneaked in at the last minute before Hiccup locked the door, making sure no one could interrupt them.

"Okay, I- I just need you to ground me for a moment," he told her as he started to pace for a moment. "We were flying around the north coast. And there- there was this [i dragon] just... hovering there. [i Watching] us. Which isn't too weird I guess, but- but it just felt... ominous. And then Toothless got real weird about it and..." As he spoke, he gestured wildly as he always did, especially when he was thinking hard. "Well, it went to fly away finally. And it didn't fly towards the island, it- it flew [i north.] And when it did I-" He finally stopped in his tracks and looked at Astrid. "I could have [i sworn] I saw someone on the back of it."

He let this news hang in the air before he shook his head and started to pace again. "I suppose my eyes could have been playing tricks on me against the sunset, but- but a part of me [i knows] what I saw. And- and why would it fly [i north?] I didn't think there was anything up that way. I- I thought all the dragons were here."

Eventually he took a seat at the table and hid his face in his hands in frustration.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 25d 20h 5m 22s
Astrid nodded and agreed that they would stay out a little bit longer and she had decided that she would stay for a little bit longer until she decided she needed to head bsck to make dinner. While she would have loved for Hiccup to come back with her she could tell that he wanted more time with Toothless and she decided to leave him out here for a bit longer while she head back to camp. She gave him a quick kiss goodbye and had Stormfly and Pip in toe as she made her way back.

When she arrived back at camp she found the twins making something and she instantly knew that it was something to do with Hiccup’s birthday. She had managed to convince them that whatever they were doing shouldn’t be too boisterous. She had convinced them that the fireworks they were attempting to make didn’t need to be too big. Hiccup didn’t want a fuss and she was going to make sure that they didn’t do anything that made him feel uncomfortable.

While they contributed to work on heir negotiated fireworks, Fishkegs helped Astrid to prepare food and by the time Hiccup made it back to camp, they were almost ready for dinner. The fireworks were set off straight away and the twins had complained that Astrid had restricted them. Almost instantly she could tell that something was bothering him slightly and she soon matched his unease due to the fact that she didn’t know what was bothering him.

Within a matter of seconds he was asking Astrid if they could have a moment alone and she was leading her back to the cabin. She knottedbher eyebrows and walked with him, trying to figure out what it might be that had bothered him in the first place. By the time they made it back to the cabin she was turning towards him with concern plastered across her face. “What is is?”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 26d 12h 41m 1s
After a long while they decided to let the dragons rest, even if they didn't seem to want to. Toothless kept jerking back towards the sky so they would delay a few moments more. This happened several times before he finally gave in and they found themselves sitting by the lake. Pip, who had done no flying at all, seemed tired and snuggled into Astrid. Hiccup chuckled.

By now the sun was starting to lower in the sky and it would soon be time for dinner. But Hiccup wasn't ready to return to camp just yet. "I think... I'm gonna stay out here a bit longer with Toothless," he said thoughtfully. The dragon was rolling into his back happily, soaking up the cool grass.

They spoke some more and it was decided that Astrid would head back and start making him a birthday dinner. He told her not to call it that, but they both laughed. He loved Astrid for this. As much as they enjoyed spending time together, they had learned that time apart was not meant to be taken as an insult.

As they parted ways. Hiccup and Toothless took to the skies one more. He was feeling rather sentimental and he leaned forward after a moment, resting his forehead against the back of Toothless's head, trusting him to be his eyes. He ran a hand down the side of the dragon's face and smiled.

"I wouldn't even be alive to have a birthday without you," he said softly, knowing Toothless could hear him over the wind. "Thank you, bud."

Toothless gave a rather happy roar, but the moment Hiccup felt him tense, he looked up to see what the danger might be. At first he saw nothing. And then, against the backdrop of the sunset, he saw a dragon. It was just hovering there, watching them. The moment Hiccup squinted in Hope's to see better, the creature flew away. And for a split second Hiccup could have sworn he saw... no. It wasn't possible. It was just his eyes playing tricks on him.

But if that were the case, then why was Toothless so spooked...?

Hiccup immediately turned them around and headed back to camp. He would talk it over with Astrid and she would make him realize how improbable it was... right?

After a short flight, they found themselves back at camp. As soon as he landed, Hiccup was greeted by a loud cheer. The twins had made some kind of makeshift fireworks. Most of them failed. And they threw leaves in the air like confetti.

Hiccup stared wide eyed as he dismounted.

Ruffnut shrugged. "Astrid said we couldnt go bigger than that."
Ruffnut nodded. "Boring really."

Hiccup shook his head and tried to smile. He put a hand on their shoulders. "No. Thanks guys. The fireworks were a nice touch." Then he turned to Astrid. C-can I talk to you? Alone?" She didn't have much choice as he was turning her about face and leading her to the cabin with a hand on her back.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 26d 19h 58m 19s
After about an hour of simply flying around and enjoying the sensation, she let out a contented sigh. She was glad that Hiccup did not feel the need to race around. She loved the thrill of racing the dragons but the day did not call for it. Instead, they simply enjoyed each other’s company.

She looked towards him with a smile as he spoke and she nodded along with him as he spoke. “You deserve it. You do not need to thank me. I am sure you would do the same.” They continued to fly around the island for another couple of hours, completely losing track of time before she ended up touching down near the lake.

“Are you ready to head back to camp?” Astrid asked as she climbed off Stormfly’s back, giving her an affectionate pat to thank her for their time in the sky. Pip jumped of her bag and yawned, stretching his body out as though he were exhausted. She laughed and leaned down to pay him some attention now while she waited to hear what Hiccup wanted to do. She would be happy staying out here for as long as he wanted.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 26d 21h 59m 42s

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