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Hiccup couldn't help but chuckle at her response. "Well, someone did find out. And he's rather upset with you. Good thing he's too happy to see you to do much about it," he teased as they walked. He nodded along with her next words and he watched his feet on the gravel road. "I'm glad to hear you're better than when I left. But pushing yourself isn't always the right way to go. When- when I lost my leg they didn't just slap on a prosthetic and make me walk." He sounded serious again. They had come to a point in their relationship where they knew that not everything was rainbows and butterflies. "Healing comes first. Then walking. Or in your case... moving around too much or being alone too long."

By now they had made it to Astrid's house and he walked her inside. Luckily her parents weren't back yet. He lowered himself into the sofa with Astrid, one leg folded underneath him he turned towards her. "I went tell your parents," he told her. "Just promise you won't do that again. Not until Gothi says you can. She knows what she's doing, Astrid."

He leaned forward to press his lips against hers as a way to seal the deal.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 19d 17h 39m 9s
Within a matter of seconds she was being pulled to a stop. She knew then that he was going to scold her for her actions but a part of her had expected it and she would take it. She let out a sigh and looked into his eyes, seeing all the worry that he held within them. Astrid felt even more guilty now but she listened to every word that he said. Her lips parted to speak but much like she had done to him last week, he held up a hand to stop her from talking back at him.

She wasn’t angry with him for being concerned, in fact she found it rather sweet and she was fighting back a smile the entire time he was speaking to her. She really had missed him and she wanted nothing more than to stop him from talking by kissing him but she decided to hold herself back from that urge. By the time he had finished talking they were walking again and he took her hand.

“In my defence...no one was supposed to find out.” She said with a light-hearted laugh. “I was going to be back by lunch time and I didn’t know you were coming back...” she shook her head and inhaled deeply. “Alright, I’m sorry. But I really am fine, I’m dressing myself, I’m even taking the [i stairs] alone now.” Normally it would sound ridiculous for someone to hold such pride in those accomplishments but Hiccup would understand how much they meant to her.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 19d 20h 9m 5s
Hiccup sighed, exasperated. He stopped walking and shifted her with her shoulders so she was looking at him. His hands remained on her shoulders and his thumbs worked small circles into the fabric of her jacket.

"Astrid... listen." He didn't know how she would take this the last thing he wanted was a fight. But it was [i because] he loved her that he needed to say these things. "Your parents love you. [i I] love you. And we want to help you heal. But we can't do that if you're running off." Before she could reply, he held up a finger and continued. "I know... I know how much you hate being cooped up. I know you go insane when you can't get outside," he gestured with his hands, making the universal sign for coo-coo. "But it's a small price to pay for us to know you're alright, isn't is?" His eyes were worried now and he looked into her deeply trying to predict what she might be feeling. "I know this is hard... I-I know that." He took her hand and started walking again. "But sometimes you have to let people help you."
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 19d 20h 47m 29s
Hiccup started to pull on each of the gang who had surrounded her as if to create more space for her and when he saw that she got hurt, even if it was only very slight, he was telling everyone that he was going to take her home. She didn’t mind, after all she had been out here for hours and she got what she needed from it.

His hands found her shoulders and turned her around and she looked back at their friends apologetically before looking forwards again, avoiding the look that Hiccup was giving her. “Oh Hiccup, I’m fine, really I am!”

As they began to walk, his hand remained on her arm for a moment as if he was marching her home but soon enough it came to rest in her hand and it felt much more natural. She had really missed him. Even the simplicity of being able to hold his hand. Astrid looked down at their hand intertwined and it brought a smile to her lips. Nothing in this world could make her as happy as he could and if their time apart did anything, if reafirmed that.

“Errr...not exactly.” She said, suddenly feeling guilty in case they were home and worrying about her. “They were going to come back and check on me around midday...to tell the truth I have no idea what time it is.” Her voice trailed off and her tone was laced with the guilt she felt but she had [i needed] to get out and she wasn’t sure if anyone would understand that.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 20d 7h 38m 16s
Suddenly Astrid's arms were around him and he couldn't bring himself to pull away even out of fear of hurting her. It was everything he wanted to hear when she expressed how much she missed him as well. Since their first trip to the island they had hardly spent even a day apart and he was glad to know he wasn't the only one affected by an entire week.

By then the others showed up and they all hugged Astrid and told her how glad they were that she was doing well. Hiccup tried to protect her by tugging on them and telling them to be careful, but their excitement got the better of them. Astrid seemed to forgive they quickly, despite the pain they put her in.

Hiccup took her by the arm gently. "I'm going to take her home," he told the others, slowly turning her around. "She shouldn't even be out here," he added, giving her a look. But it was a soft expression. He could hardly be angry when he was so happy to see her.

As they started on their way, Hiccup's hand moved down her arm and came to rest in her own. "Do your parents know you're out of the house?"
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 20d 8h 46m 2s
The moment she saw his face look towards her she couldn’t help but allow the smile to spread across her face. She picked up her pace slightly, making sure that was didn’t break into a run even though she wanted to more than anything. They both came to an abrupt stop in front of each other and there was no hesitation in the way Hiccup reacted to seeing her. As he showered her with kisses she laughed. She wasn’t quite sure whether he was angry with her.

Astrid pulled back slightly, even though she wanted nothing more than to keep receiving his kisses. “I’ve missed you so much.” She said before throwing her arms around him but she was also careful not to hurt herself in the process. It was as though she could finally breathe again now that he was here. “I’m fine Hiccup, really.” She smiled and within a matter of seconds the two were no longer alone.

The rest of the gang were rushing towards her and throwing their arms around her, pushing her away from Hiccup. They were all so excited to see her out of bed that they forgot about the fact that she was still fragile. She gritted her teeth as someone’s arm found her stomach and she closed her eyes to stop herself from crying out. The second they realised what they were doing they backed off and started to apologise endless.

“It’s alright guys. I forgive you. I’m happy to see you all too.” She said as she held her stomach for a moment.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 20d 16h 53m 9s
That next day, Hiccup made good on his plans and left in the morning despite how tired he was from the little sleep he got the night before. He was accompanied by the others who were also eager to see how Astrid was doing.

With the knowledge that Astrid was alright and that Hiccup was going to check on her, Toothless and Stormfly accepted his departure, both nosing him gently with love before he hopped back onto the boat. "I'll return soon," he told them before setting off.

Fishlegs shared Astrid's boat with him as they made the journey back. He had been true to his word and hadn't told any of the others about what he had discovered the night before. But he felt free to talk about it now where the others couldn't hear.

Hiccup sighed, trying not to roll his eyes. Fishlegs was too excited about this. Especially since Hiccup wasn't even sure about it. He wished he could be like his friend, talking excitedly. But Hiccup knew about conversations he had with Astrid that the other knew nothing about. Hiccup was starting to feel rather foolish for even thinking about making rings, but...

"Fishlegs, can we talk about something else?" He asked, exasperatedly. "I appreciate that you're with me in this, I really do... But nothing is set in stone."

Fishlegs got the memo and started going on about dragons instead. Hiccup was able to zone out for a while at least.

When Berk was back in sight, Hiccup was the one to sit down and speed things up. He wanted to see Astrid as soon as he could to see how her recovery was going. But as he went to turn into the docks to park the boat, her figure caught his gaze. Despite hating the fact that she wasn't at home resting, a smile still spread across his face. He threw his bag over the side of the boat onto the dock before hopping over himself.

"Astrid." He didn't know what else to say. He wanted to embrace her and kiss her and scold her at the same time. So it came out as a jumbled mess of cheek and mouth kisses between bits of "what are you doing?" and "you shouldn't be out here" and "I'm so happy to see you."
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 20d 17h 11m 8s
It took Astrid around forty-five minutes to make the climb to her favourite spot in the whole of Berk. Normally the trek would take her no more than fifteen minutes but with her injury she needed to stop quite few times she that she did not put any muscles and to catch her breath. She made a mental note to start working out when she was healed because she did not like how unfit she was feeling right now and she wanted to make sure that she increased her stamina again. She would need it when she returned to the island.

Astrid let out a deep exhale when she finally reached the top and she placed her hands on her thighs and bent over as she tried to regain her breath. After a few minutes she straightened herself up and took in the sights around her. It had been worth it. Her lips turned up into a smile and she moved closer to the edge so that she could lower herself to the ground. While it felt lonelier without Hiccup here with her, she enjoyed the peace it offered her. Here, there was nobody to check on her every five minutes and she felt like she was her normal self once more.

A breeze danced gently against her skin and she allowed her eyes to close as it brushed the hair from her face. It was strange to think how much she had missed being outdoors. Most of their time on the island was spent outside so being cooped up in the house was a change of pace that she didn’t enjoy. Astrid allowed her body to lay down against the grass and she looked up at the sky, simply taking in the patterns that the clouds made in the sky. She wasn’t sure how long she lay there for but she knew from the position in the sky that the day was moving on. Astrid wouldn’t be surprised if her parents were already home and going mad about where Astrid was. While she did feel slightly guilty, she needed this.

Eventually she sat up and looked out at the water. At first it seemed just as empty as always but after a minute she narrowed her eyes as she noticed two boats coming in from the east. She knew in an instant who the boats belonged to and she got to her feet and started to make her way down the side of the hill. It took her just as long to get back down and she was out of breath again when she got to the bottom but she didn’t want to stop. She had every intention of going straight to the harbour and she walked as quickly as she possibly could knowing that they must be close by now. If she could run she would have done.

When she finally arrived at the harbour the boats were pulling into their spots and she could make out the outline of figures jumping of the boat back onto land. She smiled to herself and slowed her pace so that she could catch her breath and started towards them. The butterflies in her stomach erupted at the prospect of seeing Hiccup after having a week apart.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 21d 2h 30m 52s
Hiccup had decided to give dragon training a rest for a while. The last thing they needed was another accident. Despite feeling completely in control, no one could tell when outside forces would mess things up. That was Hiccup's mistake. He should have waited for the others to arrive before training anything.

The others seemed to agree with Hiccup that the island felt a little strange without Astrid there to boss them around. Hiccup wasn't exactly in the mood to keep tabs on the gang, either, so he allowed them to do whatever they pleased as long as it didn't cause too much damage to the island. They mostly messed around with their dragons, not wanting to stress Hiccup out any more than he already was. Besides, they were all still feeling rather guilty about Astrid. And even the twins had a hard time joking around aimlessly.

If there was anything Hiccup accomplished while back on the island, it was tweaking his wing suit and trying it again and again. He buried himself in his work and calculations, hoping that might distract him from the fact that Astrid was still back on Berk injured.

He made a couple more crash landings, but all of his time thinking paid off in the end because eventually Toothless caught him in the air like he had planned all along. All it took was a bit of adjustment to the wings and a way to make Toothless's tail stay open temporarily while Hiccup wasn't on his back.

That was probably the best time he had on the island that trip. For a moment he completely forgot about everything that had happened and he managed to enjoy himself. Even Toothless seemed proud of their efforts now that he knew there was no danger involved... most of the time.

But after this proud high he sunk back into his worry. He knew he wouldn't even be there a week before he would want to go back to see how Astrid was doing. He tried his best to wait it out just a little bit longer, though, knowing her well enough to know that she would rather he stay.

On the sixth day, he couldn't stand it anymore. He told the gang that they were going back to Berk in the morning. Toothless seemed disgruntled at the news, but he also understood why it was necessary. To pass the time Hiccup spent more time at his small forge, even into the late hours of the night.

"Can't sleep?" came a soft voice from behind him. Hiccup turned to see Fishlegs holding a flashlight. Hiccup shrugged and started to shape the hot metal.

"Sorry if I woke you," Hiccup replied.

"You didn't! Meatlug and I always go on midnight walks... What are you making?"

Fishlegs came up behind Hiccup to peer over his shoulder. Hiccup became nervous. "N-nothing! Just- just something... stupid." Fishleg's eyes became wide when he saw the ring wrapped around the cylinder he was using to shape it.

"Wow! A ring! Are you just making it because you can? I've never really seen you wear rings. Except for the one around your neck." Fishlegs, as usual, did not seem to connect the dots. Hiccup's hand went to the back of his neck bashfully.

"Well... it- it's not for me." Hiccup turned back to his work and sighed heavily. "I just... can't get the shape right. I don't want it to be masculine, but it can't be too dainty, either."

"Oh my god, Hiccup. You're making it for [i Astrid?]"

"Shhsh!" The pair of them looked around the camp, but everyone else was inside the bunk house asleep.

"Hiccup... Is it going to be like... you know. A [i ring] ring?"

Hiccup bit his lip and he shrugged. "You can't tell anyone, Fishlegs. You have to swear to me. I don't even know what I'm thinking..."

Fishlegs smiled and put a hand on Hiccup's shoulder. "My lips are sealed." There was a short pause while Hiccup gave him a grateful look. And then, suddenly, "But Hiccup this is so amazing! I mean, there's no way she would say no. You two were like- meant to be!"

Hiccup chuckled and shook his head before tossing the ring he had made into a pile of other failed attempts. "If there's anything I've learned by almost losing Astrid... It's that... I want to spend the rest of my life with her... And I knew that before, logically. But..." He looked to the ground searching for the right words. "But now I [i feel] it. Inside. It's like my heart swells up. And I can't even picture a world where she's not in my life. Does that sound stupid?"

He turned to Fishlegs who was looking at him with stars in his eyes. He slowly shook his head. "Hiccup. You're making more sense than if you were reading the definition of 'love' straight from a dictionary."
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 21d 10h 4m 43s
As the day passed by, Astrid couldn’t help but wonder what Hiccup was doing to pass the time. She knew that it would involve some time flying with Toothless and perhaps he would even try out his suit again. But she couldn’t help but feel a familiar ache in her heart caused by their distance. She longed to be out there on the island with him and she wanted nothing more than to see Stormfly but she knew that he would be taking good care of her.

When she woke up the next morning she had talked herself into forgetting the pity that she was giving herself and she was determined to spend their time apart trying to gain some more independence. Without Hiccup by her side every second of the day, she had to get herself out of bed whenever she needed to. Her parents checked on her more often than usual but she often told them to leave her to figure things out herself. She wanted to be able to get around the house on her own by the time Hiccup returned and then maybe she could convince him that she was well enough to leave the house.

She spent most of the day taking short walks around the bedroom and in the hallways and contemplated trying the use the stairs alone but she told herself to at least wait until there was someone around in case she couldn’t manage it. She was determined but she wasn’t about to hurt herself in the process. Astrid didn’t want to reverse her progress at all.

That night she was exhausted after all the effort she had gone to and she could tell that she had put her body through too much but Gothi came to check on her and changed her bandages. She confirmed that she was healing well but warned her against doing too much too soon. When she was finally alone again she allowed her eyes to close and she drifted off into a sleep hoping that Hiccup was not wasting his time on the island worrying about her.

Over the next couple of days, she was visited by their friends and they promised her that they would find a way to get out to the island to watch out for Hiccup. Even though she knew he was likely enjoying the peace, she didn’t want him alone out there for too long and she didn’t want him to come back too early. Perhaps having people there with him might convince him to stay a little longer.

Nearly a week had passed now. Astrid was more mobile than she had been when Hiccup had left and she was starting to feel less frustrated about the whole situation. Her appetite was returning and she was getting more and more energy each day and by the end of the week she had successfully tackled the stairs alone. While she still had some healing to do, she was well on her way to gaining the independence that she had been craving since the moment she woke up. Her parents had told her that Gothi was surprised with how much she was trying to do because she thought it would take her at least another week before she could be moving about the house alone, but Astrid was strong-willed and she would not have Hiccup return to her bed-ridden.

She had expected Hiccup to be back by now and while she missed him more than she could put into words, she was glad that he was taking the time he needed to focus on himself and to look out for their dragons. Astrid was sure that Hiccup would be proud of how far she had come in a week and even though Stoick’s relationship with him was strained, Stoick still made the effort to visit her and put her mind at ease about that.

On this particular morning, after Astrid followed her normal routine she decided to get herself out of the sweats she had taken to wearing this last week and get herself into clothes that would make her feel more like herself. Her parents had told her that they would be out for most of the day but they would likely come back around midday to check how she was doing. She knew that they might be mad at her for what she was about to do, but she [I needed] to get out of the house. Astrid pulled on a jacket and made her way for the front door.

The moment she was outside, she breathed in the fresh air and as it filled her lungs she allowed her eyes to close. A smile began to form upon her lips and she let out a contented sigh as she took in the sights of Berk’s approaching summer. The sun was trying to shine through the clouds and there was a chill in the air but it was nothing compared to the months of snow they had before this. Astrid knew where she was going the moment she got outside. She was going to the spot that she had shared with Hiccup on New Year’s Eve. It was mostly because she knew that it would be difficult for her to climb up there and she wanted to test herself, but she also missed the view.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 21d 23h 30m 34s
When Hiccup arrived on the island and walked through the cave towards the glen, he couldn't help but feel a pang of loneliness. He'd never made the trip alone before. And yet somehow... it was also rather peaceful.

"Toothless?" His voice rang out through the glen as he made his way to the cabin. "Stormfly?" He set his things down outside the cabin door and looked around, waiting. At first, neither one of them showed themselves. But a minute later, Toothless came running through the foliage. His sensitive ears must have heard him. Stormfly landed nearby as well from the sky.

Hiccup was knocked off his feet and onto his back as Toothless displayed his affections. Stormfly joined in, nosing at Hiccup's face with her own.

"I know, I know. I missed you, too," he told them, smiling for the first time since he had last seen Astrid. He managed to sit up and he took Toothless's head in his hands to give him a hug. When he looked up at Stormfly she was watching the cave entrance and made small clucking noises.

Hiccup got to his feet and took the dragon's face in his hands. "I'm sorry. She's not coming this trip. But she's fine, alright? I've made sure of that. She'll be back before you know it..."

Hiccup spent a day flying Toothless. The cold air and his love for being in the sky put his worried mind at ease for a while. Stormfly took to the sky beside them and Hiccup even flew her once or twice, just to make sure she still felt loved. It was strange, not needing to worry about a tail fin.

The next day he tinkered. He tweaked the tail fin. His armor. Anything he could think of. And that night, when he couldn't get Astrid out of his head, he started to mess around at his small forge. He knew what he was making. He knew [i why]. What he didn't know was when he would have the guts to tell anyone, let alone Astrid... Nothing he made was perfect enough, so he tossed the tools aside and called it a night.

Sleeping alone on the island wasn't nearly as lonely as he thought it might be, mostly because Toothless saw Astrid's empty side of the bed as an opportunity to wrap himself around Hiccup to sleep. He loved the dragon immensely for this. He could tell that Toothless just wanted to be near him, but he could also tell that he knew that Hiccup was having a hard time worrying about Astrid.

On the third day, Hiccup heard voices from the cave and he knew that the gang had managed to make it to the island. When they saw Hiccup, they all gathered around to give him the latest updates on Astrid's condition. They also told him that Stoick had let them come because if Hiccup was going to insist on going to the island, it would be safer with company. Hiccup was still too offended by his fight with his father to sense much care in the thought...

There were several more times over the course of the next few days when Hiccup could have sworn he felt he was being watched. Or he would see dragons hovering in the corner of his eye, but when he went to look, they were gone.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 22d 10h 49m 42s
She didn’t want to make this about her but she knew that he was unlikely to go back to the island unless she did. Hiccup very rarely did anything for himself, especially now that she was injured and if it took a little bit of manipulation to get him to do something he so clearly [I needed], then she would use it. When he finally accepted defeat, Astrid smiled to herself and held a victorious grin for a moment. When her parents came through the door she gathered as much energy as she possibly could to speak to the for a little while but she really was feeling exhausted and she announced that she needed to go back to bed, even though she hated the sight of her room at this point.

Astrid pressed her hands against the sofa to push herself up but her mother instantly moved to her side to help her up, scolding her for trying to do it alone but Hiccup took over and helped her back into her room. She made a joke about feeling the need to redecorate her room now since she had spent far too long staring around at it. The moment she was back in bed she was asleep, completely wiped out from the amount of energy it took for her to pretend like she was okay with everything. She was in a lot of pain but she was keeping a lot of it to herself, not wanting to cause anyone unnecessary worry or even encourage anyone to try to help her even more. While she [I was] getting better it was a slow process.

Even though it was her idea for Hiccup to go back to island, it wasn’t something she was looking forward to. She didn’t know how long he would actually go for, nor did she know how she was going to get through her nights without him but he stayed with her that night, knowing that he wouldn’t be there the following night.

By morning, the two were spending as much time together as possible but eventually Hiccup pulled himself away from her so that he could go and pack. They shared a kiss that told each other how much they would miss each other while he was gone. When he finally left, she felt empty. For the rest of the day she tried to distract herself with a book but she was more than grateful when her mother came into her room to offer her some company.

“Where’s Hiccup?” She asked as she took a seat next to her bed. Astrid hadn’t told her that he was going back to the island yet but she knew that they didn’t know about what had happened yet.

“I sent him back to the island for a couple of days. We left a few things unfinished out there and the only way he was going to give himself a break from looking after me was if I made sure he left Berk.” Astrid laughed as she placed the book to one side.

“Are you ready to tell me what happened out there?” She asked softly.

Astrid looked toward her with worry in her eyes. “I-I…” She hadn’t really discussed a cover story with Hiccup yet but she didn’t really have time to think about that now. “We were building something…adding to the cabin we have out there. I was working on something high up a-and I fell onto something sharp. I-I don’t actually remember what happened Mom. That is the only thing I [I do] remember.”

She let out a sigh herself and nodded to indicate that she was not going to pressure her for much more. “How are you feeling?”

“Not good really. I think I am getting cabin fever.” While Astrid laughed it off, she was feeling more and more frustrated about being stuck in her room.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 22d 14h 1s
Hiccup could feel the truth in her words. He hadn't really been looking to his own health since she had been injured. But that was hardly a conscious decision. He couldn't help but almost laugh at the tone in her voice and her demanding nature. He looked at his hands and bit his lip, nodding. But that was before she told him how soon he was leaving. He looked up, eyes wide. "Tomorrow? Aw, c'mon, Astrid," he started to complain, but she cut him off to continue. His mouth became a thin line. Astrid sure knew how to get him to do something. All she had to do was tag "for me" on the end and he was convinced.

He heaved another sigh. "Okay, fine!" He said, gesturing his submission. "I'll go. If- if you wanted to be rid of me that bad, you just had to say so," he joked, just before her parents came through the front door. They both smiled at the sight of their daughter on the couch instead of in bed. It meant she was getting better every day.

That night Hiccup tried to get as much sleep as possible. The next morning he thought about telling the gang that he was going back to the island. But the more he thought about it the more unsure he was. He didn't know exactly why until around noon when he had finally pulled himself away from Astrid to go home and pack his things...

"And just where do you think [i you're] going?" His father's voice was low and accusing. Hiccup's shoulders rose a bit as if to protect himself from his father's anger. But he remained determined as he packed up some food.

"I'm going back to the island," he told Stoick flatly.

"No. You're not. No one is going back to that island." Hiccup knew this was going to happen. That's why he had avoided talking to his father as much as possible these past two weeks. Hiccup continued to pack his things. Stoick's hand came down on the counter angrily. "I said you're not going. Astrid nearly got killed out there."

Hiccup rounded on his father. "You think I don't [i know] that? Dad, I've been hating myself for even taking her out there in the first place. But I have to go back. You wouldn't understand."

"Then [i explain] it to me!"

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/Aea90FL.gif]] "[i How!?]" Hiccup's eyes were wide. He was more hurt now than angry. "You've never- not-not [i once] taken what I have to say seriously. You- you haven't even apologized for not believing me all these years! They're gentle creatures, Dad. And one of them saved my life the night Mom died. And he [i needs] me! And... and I need him!"

Hiccup finished angrily packing away the food, glad that he had managed to pack everything else before now. He went to move to the entry way where his other bags were, but Stoick moved in front of him. Hiccup tried to shove past him, but he felt his father's huge hand wrap around his arm, pulling him back.

"Where is this coming from?" The man barked and Hiccup grimaced. "You've never acted out like this! This isn't my son!"

"I guess you finally got your wish," Hiccup started, tearing his arm away. "You always said you wished I had a back bone."

And with that he grabbed his bags and stepped outside. It was far too bright out to reflect his mood properly. He took off at a jog to get to the docks faster, taking shortcuts just in case his dad tried to cut him off. Luckily, he seemed to escape his wrath and threw his things in Astrid's boat, hoping over easily. He wasted no time turning on the engine and setting out for the island. Toward home. As soon as he was able to let go of the wheel he started to pull on the leather armor he had kept stashed in the cabin of the boat.

He thought about Astrid. How he knew she was aware he was leaving. Still... he wished he could have said one last goodbye, but his father had ruined that. Like a great many other things that were important to Hiccup.

He stewed in his anger for the rest of the trip to the island.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 22d 14h 47m 46s
She might have expected him to fight her on this. He felt just as guilty as the rest of the gang did and she assumed that he would think that leaving her here was just as bad. Astrid let out a sigh as he allowed his head to rest on her shoulder, wondering when the silence between them would end. Eventually he spoke, fulfilling what she had expected from him. She looked towards him when he was done talking and she shook her head. Astrid was sure she look disappointed but it was not intentionally.

“Now you listen to me Hiccup Haddock. You are not responsible for me okay? You don’t have to give up every little bit of your time to look after me.” She let out a sigh again and shifted herself around partly to prove that she could. “Look, you’ve been by my side for more than two weeks. You’ve barely been looking after yourself because you have been so busy looking after me. That stops now. You are going to the island. Tomorrow.” She added and held her hand up to his lips so he couldn’t argue.

“I can’t heal properly if I am spending my time worrying about them Hiccup. We both want me to get better right?” She waited for him to agree before she continued to speak. “Then you need to do this. If not for yourself because you miss him, then do it for me because I [i need] to know they are okay.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 22d 19h 8m 16s
Hiccup was perhaps more relieved when their visitors left than Astrid was. He sat down beside her and relaxed into the sofa while heaving a great sigh. They sat in silence for a long moment until Astrid started to speak. He sighed and shook his head at first.

She was right. He missed Toothless terribly. It was like a part of his soul was missing. And it hurt every day. But he also couldn't leave Astrid like this. She was just as important to him. He had never felt his heart torn into two like this before.

He groaned softly and leaned his head against her shoulder for a moment before looking back up at her.

"Astrid... I'd feel so guilty leaving you here like this... I-I couldnt do that. The d- they'll be fine... no matter how much I miss Toothless."
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 22d 19h 40m 19s

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