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  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 12d 23h 46m 16s
Astrid laughed as he reached out for her and pulled her closer to him again. This time it was her heart rate that increased. While it had been her intention to tease him, she had not expected him to return the favour. She allowed her hands to rest on his chest and she let out a sigh that indicated the end of laughing.

“Okay, maybe a walk is too much to ask for. I have have plenty of fresh air for one day.” She leaned her head against his forehead and drew circles on his chest before closing the distance between their lips again. This time she poured everything into it. It wasn’t simply to seduce him but I was meant to show him how much she had truley missed him.

She deepened the kiss and her breath hitched as she pulled herself closer to him. “I’ve missed this.” She said in a whisper before returning to his lips again.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 14d 6h 56m 10s
"Uhhh." Hiccup didn't quite gather what she meant at first. What was so bad about having Astrid choose? But when she smirked and set her soda down before sauntering over to him, everything suddenly clicked.

The pressure of her against him made his heart race and he would have bit his lip if it wasn't suddenly being kissed by her own. His eyelids became heavy and he didn't want her to pull away. When he finally did, it was like she somehow intoxicated him. Astrid knew how to seduce him now, that much was for certain.

His cheeks were burning. "A hundred things, huh?" he asked, setting down his soda as well and letting his hands find her hips. Just when he had, though, she pulled back and Hiccup's mouth fell open. "Wh- Hey! That's not fair," he said with a chuckle and a bob of his head. He reached out for her, pulling her close once more. "I don't see you for a week and you think you can just kiss me like that and go for a [i walk]?"
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 14d 7h 4m 41s
She laughed as she took a sip of her drink. “I don’t plan on making a habit of it! Believe me, once is enough. I’ve never been so bored in my entire life.” Astrid raised her eyebrow at him as he gave her the reigns to decide what to do with their time.

“Are you sure that you [i really] want to give me the freedom to choose what we do?” She said with a smile and placed the soda down on the kitchen side. She moved towards him as he leaned against the counter and pressed herself against him, tracing a finger down his arm. She pressed a kiss against his lips, it was sweet and seductive at the same time and when she pulled away she simply smiled at him. “There are one hundred things I can think of that we could do with our alone time.”

Astrid laughed slightly and pulled back from him. “I mean, it’s still beautiful out.” Of course she was joking, knowing that he would likely tell her off for even suggesting it.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 14d 7h 28m 43s
When Astrid finally spoke once more, Hiccup smirked and followed her into the kitchen. "I don't know," he teased. "If you make this whole getting injured thing a habit then you might be."

He took the soda from her, still smiling as he popped the top of the can. He took a long swig and wiped his mouth on his sleeve before shrugging. "You know I don't care what we do," he confessed. Of course they both knew they'd rather be on the island, but that wasn't an option right now. So they would have to seek entertainment from normal means. "You're the one who's had to lie around here for half a month. What would [i you] like to do?"

Hiccup was worried she might suggest going outside and taking a walk again. He didn't want her to do anything too soon after seeing that bloody bandage. He leaned against the kitchen counter, taking another drink of his soda.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 14d 7h 38m 0s
At least his laughing suggested that he hadn’t been completely offended by the whole ordeal. She feigned surprise as he spoke, trying to make him believe that she was offended to be likened to her mother. Her lips parted to speak in defence of herself but they were interrupted by her parents coming to say their goodbyes.

“Damn it. Snotlout will be so disappointed.” She said with a laugh and before she knew it her parents were gone and the two were left sitting in silence for a moment. It was then that she decided to address his earlier observation.

“For the record, I really don’t think I’d be much of a handful at all.” She said with a smile as she pushed herself out of the chair and moved into the kitchen to get them both a drink out of the fridge.

“So since the rave is off I guess a quiet night in will have to do.” Astrid said as she handed over a can of soda. “We could watch a movie or anything you want really.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 14d 7h 56m 52s
Hiccup chuckled. He couldn't even imagine what it must have been like for Astrid to go through puberty with a mom like hers. Hiccup shook his head when she started to apologize and chuckled once again.

"It's fine, Astrid. I just wasn't expecting it. Besides, if you're anything like your mother then I guess she was right. I [i will] have my hands full with you. How does your dad do it?" He looked at Astrid, testing the waters with his joke.

Just then her parents came back through the room. Her mother was swinging her purse over her shoulder.

"Behave you two. No crazy parties while we're gone," she was telling them as they headed for the door.

Hiccup looked at Astrid, faking a look of disappointment. "Well, I guess we better call Snotlout and tell him the rave is off."

They watched her parents leave and close the front door behind them, leaving them in the silence.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 14d 8h 9m 48s
She could see that Hiccup was struggling through the conversation but she didn’t want to make it any more awkward by drawing attention to him. Although the topic was not longer up for discussion her mother was still laughing to herself as she collected the plates and moved into the kitchen. Her father was not far behind and the two washed the dishes together, refusing to let Astrid help because apparently even doing the dishes was too strenuous for her.

She could hear her parents talking about what they might do with their evening and she turned towards Hiccup who still couldn’t quite believe wht had been said. Astrid laughed and nodded in agreement and lowered her voice to a whisper.

“You haven’t had to put up with her for the last twenty years. Think yourself lucky.” She let out a sigh at looked st him apologetically, perhaps for the fifth time that day. “I’m sorry she is a bit much at times. I guess I’ve just learned to try and ignore it. I guess since my accident I’ve realised that life is too short to get offended by every little joke. They only tease us because they know how we feel about each other.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 14d 8h 35m 30s
As he fought through his coughing fit he heard Astrid stutter back at her mom. He tried his best to get his throat under control and his eyes started to water with the effort. Eventually the coughing died down and he was left downing the rest of his water to help his throat heal, hoping it wasn't about to happen again.

Fortunately, they let the subject die down. Her father was looking as awkward as Hiccup felt. He ate the last bits of food on his plate, despite having lost his appetite from the coughing, but he didn't want to seem rude.

Her mother stood and started to collect their empty plates, still laughing to herself. First the joke about Astrid becoming his wife, then talking about their sex life... Hiccup had never met a mother quite like Astrid's. But then again, he wondered what his own mom might have been like at this point in his life. Something told him that their mothers would get along perfectly.

Astrid's parents fell into conversation as if she hadn't just said anything embarrassing and went to wash the dishes. They started to discuss where they might go for the night. Hiccup would usually help with the chores, but at the moment that was the last thing he wanted to do. He looked at Astrid with wide eyes and shook his head.

"Your mother is crazy," he whispered to her with a small grin finding the corners of his mouth.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 14d 8h 45m 43s
She might have known that she would be faced with some opposition to begin with. After all, everyone was still so wrapped up in her recovery that it was a struggle to make them go to work some days. A sigh escaped her lips just as she thought that her attempt to get some alone time with Hiccup has failed. While she did not mind hanging out with her parents, she hadn’t seen Hiccup in a week and with the kiss they had shared before dinner, she just wanted some time to be with him, even if it was just to be close to him for a little while. She didn’t even mind if they did nothing, she just wanted to be with him.

When her mother jabbed her father she almost laughed. The boys didn’t seemed to understand what was happening to begin with but she could tell by the look on Hiccup’s face that he seemed to catch on. It didn’t help that her mother then seemed to make matters worse.

“Mom!” It was now Astrid who was looking towards her mother with a stern expression. “I was trying to be nice! I just didn’t want you to lose out because you have to keep taking care of me! I’m not trying to get rid of you for...for [i that!]” Astrid shook her head and finished the last bit of food on her plate. “Honestly Mom! I don’t know what goes through your head sometimes.”

Of course she knew exactly what was going through her head because it was going through her own. Astrid looked towards Hiccup apologetically before looking back to her mother, shaking her head at her smirking face.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 15d 2h 52m 23s
Eventually the conversation turned to Astrid, which seemed inevitable since the whole household were doing their part to help her through her injury. Her mother brought up how troublesome her daughter had been, pushing her limits. Hiccup might have choked on his drink when her mother mentioned the word "wife" if he hadn't been half expecting her to say it. He bit his lips and ignored the heat that found his face as he looked over to Astrid. He opened his mouth to reply, but Astrid was there already with a comeback and Hiccup chuckled.

Astrid didn't grow red in the face. She didn't look embarrassed or like it was a conversation they needed have [i elsewhere] or [i later]. When she smirked in his direction he smiled a bit shyly back. Did this mean that... she didn't mind the thought of being his wife? Did the idea not frighten her anymore? Did it frighten [i him?] He knew better than to think it did. He'd been crafting [i rings].

He was so lost in thought that he almost missed Astrid's suggestion. Her parents exchanged a look with pursed lips, worried.

"I don't know, Astrid. What would we do? We don't mind hanging out with you guys," her father said happily. His last word was cut short by his wife's elbow digging into his ribs. It was a move Astrid had performed on him several times before when he wasn't understanding a social cue. Her mother raised her eyebrows at him.
"Well, I think that's a [i great] idea, darling," she said to her daughter, but she was still looking at her father. "We should go out and do something, hun."

It took Hiccup a while to understand what was happening himself. For a moment he and Astrid's father looked at each other with confused glances. And then Hiccup realized and the blush creeped back to his cheeks.

Astrid's mother looked at her sternly. "Just no [i funny] business while we're gone. Nothing too strenuous. Nothing that-"

Hiccup couldn't handle her mother talking about their sex life and he actually wound up choking on his drink this time.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 15d 3h 8m 58s
Astrid got lost in conversation with her parents while they waited for Hiccup and when he emerged a few minutes later she smirked towards him, knowing the reason behind his late arrival. She looked down at her plate and started to eat and the four of them conversed for the entirety of their meal. A few times she looked up at the three of them talking and found herself feeling very lucky to have them in her life. She wouldn't change any of this for the world.

Her mother looked Astrid over and smiled, noticing that the colour was beginning to return to her cheeks and that she was starting to look more like herself. She seemed to change since that morning and she could only assume that having Hiccup home had helped her.

"You know, she's been quite the handful while you've been away Hiccup. She's practically been racing up and down these stairs ten times a day for the last three days. I hope you know what you are getting into with this one. She won't be an easy wife you know?" Her mother laughed and Astrid looked up towards her and shook her head.

"Yes, because you've been such an easy wife yourself." She mocked and ate another mouthful of food. "Besides, easy is boring." Astrid looked towards Hiccup with a smirk and then turned her attention back to her parents. "Anyway, I was thinking that now that Hiccup is back...you two should go out tonight! You've been looking after me everyday and you deserve a break!"
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 15d 7h 9m 7s
Hiccup's lips spread into a smile. "I love you, too," he assured her, as if his current state wasn't enough to prove as much. He returned the peck of her lips and sighed softly as she stood up. He watched her gently pull on her shirt, glad to see that she was careful when changing. After returning her smile and watched her leave the room.

He came downstairs a few minutes later and pretended like nothing had happened. He tried to ignore the look that Astrid gave him as he took his place at the table and started loading up his plate.

The food was delicious and Hiccup was so glad to be back. Of course he missed the island and Toothless and if he had a choice, he would still be with them. But not without Astrid.

He listened to the family banter. It used to make him miss his mother and the moments he had with his own family, but that faded away months ago. Astrid's family was also his own now. He didn't need to live in the past anymore...
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 15d 7h 29m 40s
She knew that Hiccup would understand why she was finding all of this so hard. Astrid was usually the one taking care of everyone else and now the tables had turned she was barely coping at all. Perhaps sending Hiccup away had not been her best idea but it had given Hiccup some time to stop feeling as though he had to take care of her and it gave Astrid some time to gain some independence. Now all she could think about was all the time they had lost together.

When he spoke towards her she couldn’t help but smile. She had almost forgotten how good they were at lifting each other’s spirits when either one of them was down and Hiccup was doing a good job of bringing her back around to her normal self. With ever single word he spoke, her heart quickened and she knew that he meant ever single word. He was right about everything. They were so perfect for each other and she didn’t want anything to take that away from her. Suddenly all those conversations that had scared her in the past, seemed silly. Astrid knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Hiccup and she was going to do whatever she could to make him happy.

The kiss had caught her off-guard slightly and it took her breath away in an instant. It was almost as though her heart stopped beating as she melted into the kiss. It was a lot more passionate than she had expected and as his hand travelled down her thigh she wanted nothing more than to allow the kiss to develop into something more. Something that would show him just how much she needed him. Her mind had become blurred and she was no longer thinking about anything other than the feel of his lips on hers and his hand resting on her thigh. She adjusted herself slightly so that she could get that little bit close to him and she sighed as the kiss came to an end.

Astrid laughed quietly as his head rested against hers and they gave themselves a moment to catch their breath. “I love you.” She whispered as she pressed one final kiss to his lips. When she got up she found a new shirt and pulled it over her head and smiled warmly towards him before making her way downstairs to way.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 15d 7h 48m 25s
He shook his head slightly when she thanked him. There was nothing she needed to thank him for, after all. He was only doing what anyone else in love would do. It took all his strength not to just bury his face in her neck so he was thankful when she slowly turned herself around and took his hands in her own. He sighed softly when one of those hands came up to touch the scar on his chin. He smiled softly at her observation.

He opened his mouth to reply, but she was speaking again and he smiled softly at her words. He didn't want her drive and spirit to die. He just wanted her to be safe.

"Astrid... you're the the strongest person I've ever met. I-I know that this is hard for you... resting and letting people take care if you. But that doesn't change how strong you are." He leaned into her hand that was still on his face. "We... [i I]... just need you to get better. You are... so important to me. And I feel like we [i just] found out how right for each other we are. And then to almost lose that... I can't..."

He looked back up into her eyes and smiled sadly. His free hand found the side of her own face and he brought himself nearer to kiss her. He made sure to pour all the proof of his love and affection into that kiss and it was hard to not wrap his arms around her and pull her close. Instead, his hands moved to find her sides once more and one ventured down her leg and over her Jean's, squeezing the side of her thigh lovingly. This kissing went on longer than he had planned. Their breath mingled and he felt desire deep in his gut. They only stopped when they heard her mother holler that food was ready.

Hiccup pulled back and rested his forehead to hers, eyes still closed. "Go... I'll... catch up in a minute." His face was a bit pink, but he wasn't ashamed at what their affection had done to him. "I need to-to uh... have a cold glass of water," he said with a soft chuckle. Being unable to touch her like that for a long time had obviously made him weak.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 15d 8h 7m 3s

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