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Hiccup was slowly sitting up just as Astrid approached. The others followed in her footsteps soon after. He pulled off the helmet as she got to him and he felt her checking him over for anything broken. As she was, he slowly stood up and wobbled for only a second.

"Y-yeah, we're alright. Only thing damaged is my pride. But- but it worked! Did you see that?"

"Yeah, it was [i awesome]!" Ruffnut exclaimed.
"You could have [i died]!" Tuffnut added, soundly oddly excited at the prospect.

Hiccup gave them an unamused look before turned back to check on Toothless. He'd gone back to his grumpy demeanor.

"We'll work on it, bud. Maybe starting so low wasn't actually the best idea." Toothless grumbled and rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on. You thought it was fun. I saw your face." The dragon looked at Hiccup then and blew out air from his nose, as if defeated. Hiccup reached out and laid a hand on his snout in apology. Toothless pressed into it for a moment before Hiccup pulled away to start tucking the wings of his suit away. "It'll just take some practice," he was telling no one in particular as he started cranking the small device on his chest to set the fin on his back back into place.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 32d 18h 28m 3s
Astrid could not help but smile as Toothless licked her hand and she took a moment to stroke the side of his face before Hiccup was ready to take off. “I know you will be, but please be careful.” She said before taking a step back and allowing Toothless the space to take to the sky. Astrid watched as they soared and let out a sigh. She knew that is where is belonged and that he would have taken every precaution possible but that did not mean that she did not have a slither of worry for his safety. She wondered where Hiccup might choose as the best place to free fall in case anything went wrong and she figured that he would use the trees to break his fall.

Hiccup did not seem to rush and she was glad about that. Even though he seemed confident before he had taken off, she had detected some of the nerves he felt but she was sure that any nerves would disappear the moment he was finally soaring through the sky himself. When she saw him launch off the back of Toothless she could have sworn that her heart had stopped beating and her heart caught in her throat and it remained that way until the suit started to work. She let out a deep exhale as the group beside her stated to cheer and throw their fists in the air with his success. It was then that she allowed herself to smile and chuckle to herself before looking away to meet the gazes of the friends she had been standing with.

When she looked back, she began to worry that Hiccup was no longer in control. The moment she saw him falling towards the trees, she started to run towards them as fast as she could. Her breathing had quickened and her heart was racing as she ran and she was sure that it was not simply because of her pace. When she arrived at the spot they had hurled towards she found Toothless laying there, lifting his wing to reveal Hiccup.

She stopped just before them and knelt beside the two of them, looking from Hiccup to Toothless and back to Hiccup with deep breaths. “A-Are you two alright?” She asked, running her hands over him as if to check for broken bones.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 36d 1h 34m 5s
Hiccup smiled down at Astrid from Toothless's back. The dragon licked at her hand as if to promise he would do as she asked. Hiccup gave his neck a pat.

"Alright, bud. Let's do this." Seconds later and they were shooting up into the sky, Toothless's wings sending a wave of wind back down to the earth where Astrid stood. When they made it above the trees, Hiccup looked down, trying to gauge the best approach to this situation. He had almost thought about letting the lake break his fall if something went wrong, but he read once that water could hit you like concrete if you were high enough. The underbrush of the forest would have to do if he couldn't stick his landing.

They circled the glen several times and Hiccup tried to take calming breaths. Toothless mumbled at him, still sounding annoyed. He leaned over to run a hand over the dragon's forehead.

"Toothless, this isn't going to replace you, alright? It's just for fun. And in case something goes wrong with the saddle's mechanics or something. For safety." Toothless let out another small noise. Hiccup leaned his forehead against the back of his neck. "Nothing could ever come close to how I feel when I'm flying with you. You're my best friend." Toothless seemed to be happy with these words and he looked back at his rider with a grin full of gums. Hiccup sat up and smiled back. "You ready? Remember bud, I'd rather you catch me in the air so I can figure out how to get back in the saddle. If you can't, then I'll try to land on the ground." Toothless gave a quick grunt of approval. They circled one more time so that Hiccup was over the break in the trees around the glen. He swallowed hard, looking down. I... I guess it's now or never, bud." Hiccup locked Hiccup's tail into place and pulled the helmet over his head. His voice became muffled underneath it as he added, "See you on the other side."

And with that, Hiccup swallowed his fear, rolled his shoulders back, and closed his eyes. He let himself slide sideways off of Toothless and before he was even airborne he felt his breath catch. When he could no longer feel Toothless under him, he opened his eyes, afraid he might get too far away. But he was right there, falling through the sky with him, his tongue lolling about.

Something changed inside Hiccup. Suddenly he wasn't afraid anymore. Instead, he heard himself laughing over the wind in his ears. He felt like he could fall like this forever, but he knew he had to deploy the suit sooner rather than later. He didn't give himself a whole lot of space to work with before the ground came up to meet them. So he reached down and slipped his hands through the loops he'd created. When he pulled them upright, suddenly he was gliding. It was working!

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/37/66/11/376611aede2fc9232a8ef33767d24200.gif]]

He felt the wind pull him up and it began to jostle him about. For a short moment, he panicked before remembering he had expected this. He'd read several books on aerodynamics while making the suit and he was rather glad he didn't go into this blind. He reached across his chest to press the spring loaded button that would deploy a fin on his back. When he felt it spring loose, suddenly the wind wasn't so hostile and he cut through the air like a hot knife.

He was laughing again, hardly believing he was doing this.

"Yeah, BABY!" He screamed into the wind and looked to his left. Toothless was there, watching him the entire way with a mixture of happiness and curiosity. Hiccup looked away from the ground for too long, though, and when he looked back, he felt the fear again.

"T-toothless!" The trees were approaching too fast and Hiccup had no way of slowing himself down. Toothless heard his panicked tone and glided closer. Hiccup reached out, trying to grasp any part of Toothless he could, but he was sent spinning in circles instead.

One moment he saw nothing but a blur of sky. The next, he was enveloped in blackness. He heard limbs snapping and Toothless grunting. When they hit the ground they both let out a hard grunt and laid there a moment, catching their breath. Toothless lifted his wing and Hiccup could see the sky again. He knew the dragon would be alright. This wasn't the first time he'd rescued Hiccup out of thin air. Dragons had thick skin and he knew it didn't hurt Toothless nearly as much as it hurt him. Hiccup could already feel a bruise on his side coming on, and that was just from hitting Toothless's leg on the landing.

"I'm sorry, bud," Hiccup said between breaths. The dragon let out an angry huff and stood, shaking himself free of twigs and leaves.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 36d 7h 49m 21s
Astrid allowed her eyes to close as he placed a kiss upon her cheek. Over the weeks the two had become comfortable sharing small affections like his around the group, now that they seemed to fully understand their relationship and she was glad that they didn’t feel as though they couldn’t share small affectionate kisses. She smiled towards him and allowed her gaze to linger on his for a moment before he pulled away to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to do.

He rubbed his hands together and walked towards Toothless, giving him a moment to take in the scent of his suit before sitting sternly and refusing to move. She laughed as she watched Hiccup try to move him until he eventually gave up and started to verbalise bribes that might help the dragon move. It was so clearly that Toothless didn’t like the idea of Hiccup gliding through the sky but she couldn’t quite figure out if it was because he was worried about him, or if he wanted to keep Hiccup to himself so he could fly as long as possible. If Hiccup wasn’t on his back, he would merely be gliding himself.

Eventually Hiccup said something that seemed to convince Hiccup and as his demeanour changed he climbed on his back. Astrid moves towards Toothless when Hiccup was secure and offered him her hand, placing it on his nose affectionately. “You look after him alright.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 36d 13h 53m 6s
Hiccup swallowed hard when Astrid showed that she was confident in him. He was feeling less brave now that it was actually time to do this. No normal person would jump off a flying Dragon, no less be riding one in the first place. But he nodded, knowing he was going to go through with this anyway.

He leaned over and gave Astrid a lingering kiss on her cheek just in case it was the last time he could. Of courses that was his negativity thinking. He'd taken every precaution to stay safe. Now he just had to do it.

"Right," he mumbled and they all watched him rub his hands together as if preparing himself. Toothless was looking at him curiously and stepped up to sniff at the suit. When he realized what the suit was, he blew air out of his nose, shook his head, and sat firmly as if to tell Hiccup that this was [i not] happening.

"C'mon, bud. It'll be fine! You're a great glider and you've already caught me loads of times when we were figuring this all out, right?" His words didn't seem to do anything. Toothless just sat there looking ammpyed.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/eJ3gyWS.gif]] Hiccup sighed and his mouth formed a thin line. Then suddenly he lunged at the dragon trying to get him to move. "Come. ON. Toothless!"

But no amount of pushing or pulling would get Toothless to budge. Panting now, Hiccup continued his efforts while shouting bribes. "Tuna! I'll give you however much you want! A really long flight? No jumping! However long of a nap you want!" Still no good. Hiccup groaned. "All of the above!"

Toothless's ears perked then and he looked at Hiccup, his tongue falling out. Hiccup grinned and went to climb on.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 36d 14h 2m 33s
She could tell by the look on his face that he was expecting a different reaction to the one she offered him but it seemed her faith in him brought a grin to his face and filled him with that extra bit of confidence. Astrid smiled and allowed her arm to fall back down to her side as she moved back from him and tutted at Ruffnut’s ‘concern’. Of all things to be concerned with, she might have expected that she would say something stupid.

When Hiccup walked back to the cabin she was tempted to follow him but she decided to let him deal with the suit alone and she used the opportunity to talk to the rest of the group who gathered around her after she demanded their attention.

“So, you know tomorrow is Hiccup’s birthday…I just wanted to make sure none of you do anything crazy alright? If it were up to him he wouldn’t even celebrate it but I want this to be special. It’s the first time he has spent his birthday away from Berk and this island means everything to him and he deserves what he wants. He wants peace and he doesn’t want a fuss to made of him alright?” She said sternly hoping that the twins would take note of what she was saying.

“But...But…I can still give him my gift, right?” Fishlegs asked, sounding a little upset by the prospect.

“Course! He just doesn’t want some rowdy party.” She said as she looked at the twins. “I saw the alcohol you guys packed…we’re not having anyone get drunk! I’m probably going to take him to another part of the island for a while tomorrow but I don’t want to come back to chaos alright?”

When they all nodded in agreement, she felt uneasy about the whole situation, unsure of whether she could trust them all to actually listen to what she was saying but their conversation was over now anyway because Hiccup was emerging from the cabin in his suit and her breath caught in her throat when she caught sight of him. She smiled towards him affectionately and nodded as some of the other commented on how impressive he looked.

“You got this babe.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 36d 14h 27m 39s
Hiccup was waiting for it. Waiting for the worry in her voice. But when he got made his eyes open wide and he looked up at Astrid with a grin. Her complete faith in him meant everything to him. The truth was that he had been working on it for so much longer than she thought, but he wasn't about to bring up his prototypes. Everyone seemed convinced by Astrid's trust in Hiccup

"Just... one concern," Ruffnut said.
"Yeah. Will all your hair fit in that helmet?" Ruffnut finished.

Hiccup rolled his eyes and tied off the last of the leather chord he was using to keep the pauldrons in place. The right one held the same symbol as the tattoo that lay below it on the same arm, but this time in red. He stood, grabbing all the pieces together.

"No one gets to make fun of me when I put this on," he said sternly. "Not unless you're also going to jump off the back of your dragon."

With that he turned and made his way to the cabin. He technically didn't need the privacy since it fit over his pants and the long sleeve shirt he was wearing. But he didn't want to embarrass himself trying to put it on for the first time.

The chest piece was easy but lacing it up proved difficult. The arm pieces and gauntlets were much easier. He felt like a child playing dress up again and felt rather silly. But when he turned to the mirror, he thought he looked rather cool.

When he walked back outside, he didn't get the reaction he thought he might. In fact, the rest of them seemed to think he looked rather impressive.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 36d 14h 42m 45s
Astrid did nothing but smirk towards Hiccup while he asked her where she had been but she did not reply. She knew that by now he would have figured out what it was that she was doing but she wasn’t about to give him any hints. He had kept saying that he didn’t want anything but he didn’t know that she had been working on his present since their first day on their island. She simply smiled towards him before looking over toward Ruffnut as she spoke and laughed. She was about to tell her that she advised against it but Hiccup spoke up himself, announcing thathe was intending to test out the suit that he had been working on.

She observed the conversation between the group for a moment and laughed at the thought of Snotlout throw himself off a roof in a cape. She brought her hand up to her mouth and muffled her laugh and tried to avoid the daggers that Snotlout was now shooting towards her. As Hiccup confirmed that he would be fine she put her arm around him.

“Of course you will be!” She said happily and she put her arm around his waist and looked down at the suit. “Look, Hiccup knows what he is doing. He had been working on this since the New Year and he’s not likely to have miscalculated anything. Just back off and let him do his thing.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 36d 14h 57m 5s
He heard Astrid approach and he turned to look up at her with a smile. She kissed his cheek and they ignored the outrage. "Where have [i you] been?" He asked, but he got no reply. Just a compliment on his project. He smiled and shook his head as he went back to it. She had been hiding away in the cabin more often the past week. He suspected it was something personal at first, but she refused to talk about it. Hiccup was smart. He could connect dots easily enough. She was working on a present for him, even though he had told her he didn't want anything.

Astrid asked what their plans were and Hiccup was thankful that they were going to stop talking about his birthday.

"I thought we were going to annoy Hiccup all day," Ruffnut said gruffly.

Hiccup rolled his eyes. "[i I] was thinking about giving this thing a go, actually. Once I finish these small details..."

"Hiccup is [i so] going to break his neck," Snotlout said.

"No I'm not, Snotlout. Because I'm going to be smart about this. Unlike that one time you jumped off your roof with a cape."


Hiccup ignored him. "Ill start off low. I made this thing out of the thickest leather. It should protect me if I fall."

"What about a helmet?" Came Fishlegs shaky voice. He obviously wasn't a fan of risk.

Hiccup held up the helmet he'd crafted to match the leather armor. "I'll be [i fine]." He was a bit worried what Astrid might think now that the time had arrived. He'd been working on this thing for months and a part of him never really assumed he would get finished with it. He was sure Astrid felt the same.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 36d 15h 20m 17s
As the weeks passed the had managed to learn so much about their dragons. Training them was becoming an easier task and some of the relationships were stronger than ever, especially her relationship with Stormfly. Astrid had spent so much time alone with her, simply establishing a deeper level of trust and experimenting with her diet a little until she had managed to find food that suited her much better than fish so whenever they went back to Berk, they would make sure that they stocked up on chicken too. She had this deep bond with Stormfly now, one that meant that she could calm her in an instant and get her to use complete different tasks on command but more than anything, their friendship had only developed into something similar to the friendship that Hiccup and Toothless seemed to share.

It was becoming clear very quickly that Hiccup wanted to learn more about the other dragons on the island, knowing that there were many different dragons with different abilities for them to discover and train and that is what they decided to do. They started off with some of the dragons that didn’t seem to mind interacting with the humans and at one point, Astrid had become so attached to one of the baby dragons that she was practically begging Hiccup to let her take him home with them but in end they had decided it was not a good idea to take the dragon away from his mother and the whole island was theirs to explore and she could see the dragon whenever she wanted to. And she did visit the dragon as often as she could, training his mother as an excuse but she made sure that she didn’t make Stormfly too jealous.

Hiccup had somehow managed to convince Stoick to allow him to spend his birthday on the island and she knew that part of that was because he didn’t particularly want to celebrate it. Now it was the day before his birthday, Astrid was busying herself completing the scrapbook she had started the moment they had set foot on the island. Over the last couple of months, she had managed to take plenty more photos and the scrapbook was now full of amazing memories. She had spent the morning adding notes and dates where appropriate and little anecdotes that she knew only Hiccup would understand. She inspected it with a smile upon her face before she wrapped it carefully and placed it under the bed. Astrid intended on giving it to him first thing in the morning while they still had their privacy.

She let out a sigh and jumped off the bed so that she could go outside to greet the rest of the group who were teasing Hiccup about the fact that his birthday was on a leap year, or asking questions because the twins couldn’t seem to understand how it worked. Astrid laughed and shook her head as she approached them and looked down at the suit that Hiccup was still working on. It had come a long way in the past few weeks but he was still making adjustments, knowing that this wasn’t something he could get wrong and try again later.

She leaned over him and kissed him on the cheek and the twins made their usually expressions that told her they were still not used to the fact that the two of them were together but she simply rolled her eyes at them and laughed. “That’s looking good.” She said, running her hand down his arm and turning to Snotlout and the twins. She still found it hard to believe how close they had all become since Christmas but she wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

“So, what are you all doing today?” She asked, knowing that Hiccup was likely to want to avoid any more conversations about his birthday, especially since he was hoping that they had all forgotten. As she spoke she ran her hand over the pendant that Hiccup had made for her. She did that so often now that she barely even noticed that she was doing it in the first place.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 36d 18h 25m 29s
Hiccup could smell the food even over the soaps and hot water and he cut his shower shorter than usual for just that reason. Just as he was stepping out and drying off his hair before wrapping the towel around his waist, Astrid came back inside, announcing they had company. Toothless sneaked in after her just before the door closed. He had gotten into this habit of retreating when the twins arrived, mostly because they liked to greet him too roughly. He curled up on the empty bed, looking thoroughly done.

Hiccup gave him a sympathetic pat as he moved to the table and sat down to eat, too eager to change out of the towel beforehand. "I wasn't expecting them until later," he said as he piled up his plate and dug in. When his plate was clean he helped Astrid wash the dishes. When that was done, he kissed her swiftly on the cheek before going to change. The ring she and her family had given him still laid flat against his chest.

It wasn't long before Hiccup was making his way outside to help the others how he saw fit. Their dragons had sensed their arrival and were now laying about the glen lazily. By now the snow was mostly melted.

Toothless felt fine following him outside now, knowing Hiccup would protect him from Ruff and Tuff's grabby hands.

All of this seemed to be routine now, too. They would have some time alone on the island, then the others would come, and then they would explore the island. Hiccup brought them all up to date on what he wanted to do next.

They had already studied their own dragons as much as possible. Hiccup came to the conclusion that Toothless's blasts were not fire like most dragons, but some kind of plasma. The twins discovered the perfect way to control their dragon's heads, one releasing a flammable gas, the other sparks to ignite it. Fishlegs worried for a week as to why Meatlug wasn't eating fish with the other dragons and wondered how she could still seem so healthy if she wasn't eating. That is until they found her eating rocks and it suddenly all made sense. As for Hookfang... well, Snotlout had his own way of communicating with the dragon and no one else seemed able to study him. But from Snotlout's extremely messy notes, they discovered that he could light himself on fire because he was covered in a strange flammable ooze. It grossed the twins out, but Snotlout seemed to find it amazing. As did Hiccup. It was strange to think they shared that in common. He never thought he would be side by side with Snotlout talking about the evolution of dragons.

Astrid had been coming along quite nicely with Stormfly, too. She knew how to calm her when she got frightened and her tail would eject spikes. Pretty soon she could get her to do it on command. They also found out that chicken was her absolute favorite and that it gave her a strange burst of energy that almost let her beat Hiccup and Toothless in some races.

But now it was time to move on. Hiccup had a desperate need to learn more and the others seemed to share it. So he announced that he wanted to try to get other dragons to trust them enough that they might be able to take notes on them. Hiccup knew there was nothing he would be able to do with this information, but he wanted nothing more than to learn for the sake of it.

Before they knew it, a few weeks went by. Of course they made visits back home, but most of their time was spent on the island, studying and playing. Hiccup was so absorbed in learning about the dragons that he hadn't even realized that his birthday was fast approaching until his father brought it up one time he was visiting home.

"Sorry, Dad, but... I really wouldn't mind spending my birthday on-on the island."
"But it's a leap year! You actually get to celebrate it on your birthday!" his father seemed to be begging.
"Yeah, I know, but..."
"Well, I guess you do have your friend group now," Stoick said with a laugh. Almost as if to say "why would you want to spend it with your old man". But he understood and despite how bad Hiccup felt about it, he knew he would rather be where he wanted to be on his birthday.

So the week of his birthday came and they headed to the island. He rather hoped that everyone would just forget his birthday. He didn't mind not celebrating. So the days leading up to it, he never said a word. Even though it [i was] a leap year and he only got to celebrate on his actual birthday every four years... He'd much rather the twins [i not] throw him a terrifying surprise birthday party.

Except there was one problem: when you lived in a small village and you have such an odd birthday... [i everyone] remembered.

"So, you're turning five, right?" Snotlout asked with a smirk the day before his birthday. Hiccup was working on his wing suit and he just rolled his eyes. Snotlout had been giving him crap about his birthday for years. "Hiccup is growing up so fast!" he added in a sing-song baby voice. "Maybe he'll even get his training wheels off his bike this year!"

Hiccup couldn't help but laugh. It was strange how most of Snotlouts insults didn't really feel like insults anymore. Not that he ever took them personally. It was just that now it felt more like a friend was poking fun at him.

"So... like... when do you celebrate your birthday when it's [i not] a leap year?" Ruffnut asked.
"Yeah, like... do you celebrate at all?" Tuffnut added.

"No," Hiccup lied. "It's against birthday rule to celebrate when it's not actually your birthday." The twins' jaws dropped and they looked at each other. Hiccup rolled his eyes and laughed again. "Of [i course] I still had birthdays, you guys. We just usually celebrated March first."

The twins seemed to be having a hard time wrapping their head around this and he left them to it.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 36d 18h 51m 33s
They had managed to spend the next week on the island alone. It seemed that Hiccup had talked to the rest of the gang and made sure that they waited some time before coming out to the island themselves and Astrid was more than grateful about that fact, mostly because it meant that they could enjoy some alone time before the island became crowded again.

During that time, they had found themselves falling into a routine that was comfortable for them as a couple. They had grown to enjoy time together and apart and even their times apart were so domesticated that it would seem that Stoick’s prediction might have been right. If he would be away from the glen for more than a couple of hours she would send him off with a kiss and some food much like a wife would do for a husband going off to work. There was nothing she loved more than their routines, especially when it came to making love. Where they have once found themselves in desperate attempts to show each other their affections, the desperation had turned into something much more wonderful and it was now pure lovemaking. Even though the desperation had subsided, they were still learning more about each other every time.

By the time the end of the week had arrived the two were following one of their morning routines. Hiccup had found himself in the shower and Astrid had started on breakfast. This was one of her favourite routines. The two spoke over the sound of water and frying bacon until Astrid was ready to empty some of the bacon grease outside and when she opened the cabin door she was greeted by the laughs of an arriving group of friends. Astrid smiled to herself as she emptied the pan and looked up with a wave, knowing that they would get themselves settled in for a while so they wouldn’t have to show their faces just yet.

“We’re just going to get ready and we’ll be out soon.” She said before heading back into the cabin and started plating food while Hiccup dried himself. “We have company babe.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 36d 23h 51m 41s
[i “This is going to be a good year.”] Even a week later, Hiccup was still holding onto that thought. He wanted nothing more than to spend a year getting to know the dragons better. For some reason, the new year just reinforced the idea that they could spend however much time they wanted on the island. It wasn't going anywhere. And with any luck, no one else would find out about it.

The best part about being back on the island was how relaxing it was. Hiccup and Astrid fell back into their usual comfortable ways now that they didn't have an entire village of people to worry about.

Although they were completely over the comment Stoick had made about them getting married, it still might have made them blush if they could see just how incredibly married they seemed to be from an outside view. Though they loved to spend time with each other, they we fine going off on their own. And even though Hiccup spent a lot of time with Toothless, Astrid never once seemed jealous, to which he was thankful for. The domestic lifestyle didn't do their image any favors. Sipping from each other's cups. Hiccup sneaking some food from under her nose. Casual conversations at any time of day or night. Hiccup's technical mutterings and Astrid not understanding half of it. Even their love making had become less desperate and more routine. A glorious, amazing, routine that seemed to change slightly every time, yet something they were used to by now.

They were both glad that the others had waited a week before following them out to the island. Hiccup had made that one of his conditions for allowing them to continue to visit. Hiccup and Astrid needed time there to themselves if they were going to manage to stay sane. On the morning of their arrival Hiccup was taking a much needed shower. He didn't expect anyone to get there until the afternoon since most of them slept until well after the sun was up anyway. And since the cabin blocked out most noise with the thick walls, he didn't hear their loud voices as they approached from the cave.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 37d 9h 17s
Astrid knew exactly what he meant about Berk feeling crowded. There were really only a few people she could actually stand being around besides her family and she would never expected Snotlout and the twins to make her short list but somehow, they have managed to form a bond that she was sure would be there for life and they had their island and the dragons to thank for that.

When he suggested that they go back to the island the next day her entire demeanour changed and she was overcome with excitement again. She didn’t even try to contain it, instead she let it show in her voice as they started to make plans. She was even excited about the prospect of training some of the other dragons on the island so they could learn about them and she suggested that they should record information about them as they did.

Astrid barely even noticed how much time had passed but when Hiccup indicated that it was time to start counting down she voiced the seconds with him, looking at him the entire time. She had never had someone to share a kiss with at midnight and she knew that this first would be just as perfect as every other first that they had shared.

“Happy New Year, Babe.” She whispered back before their lips collided. She made sure their kiss lasted some time before pulling away and when she did she allowed her nose to touch his and she let out a sigh. “This is going to be a good year.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 37d 16h 47m 43s
Hiccup slowly lowered himself down to sit, careful not to slip anymore. He pulled the blanket tighter around them and smiled a bit as she put her head to his shoulder.

"Yeah, me too," he admitted, looking back out at the water. "It's getting a bit stifling here. Too crowded." Not that it wouldn't be back on the island with the whole gang, but at least he actually rather enjoyed hanging out with them now. In truth he just really missed Toothless. He hadn't been away this long since they bonded and he was sure that Toothless was feeling it too, especially since he couldn't fly on his own.

"What do you say we go back tomorrow?" He asked. "I know we figured it would be another couple of days, but... most everything is still packed."

They spent the next couple hours talking about their plans. And they were in a safe place to talk about the dragons. Hiccup wanted to train a few more wild dragons do that they could get up close and understand more about them. From there they spoke about anything that came to mind, keeping huddled close. The sun had been gone for a while now but the moon was so bright that it lit the entire ocean.

Hiccup looked down at his watch and when it was time, they counted down the seconds until midnight.

"Happy New Year, Astrid," he said softly, turned to look at her with a smile. He leaned in to kiss her.
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