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Astrid smiled as he looked towards her. She knew that he didn't necessarily enjoy the fact that today was his birthday so she wasn't planning on making too much of a fuss but the one thing she [i was] going to do was make sure that he got his present.

"Don't move." She said as she climbed out of bed and made her way towards the kitchen so that she could start on breakfast. It was now her turn to return the breakfast in bed he had made for her on Christmas Eve. As she busied herself in the kitchen she spoke to him about Pip and other dragons that they could train, knowing that he would much rather talk about that over the fact that it was his birthday.

When she had finished in the kitchen she made her way over to him with a tray for his breakfast and handed it to him, whilst also encouraging Pip to move from the place he had claimed as his own. She sat on the bed next to him and Pip climbed into her lap moments after she pulled his present out from under the bed.

"This is for you. You can open it whenever you want." She said as she placed it in front of him.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 30d 1h 29m 44s
Hiccup rubbed the sleep from his eyes for a moment and stopped when he felt Pip brush against his arm. Hiccup chuckled softly and reached out to run a hand across his back and the dragon arched and stretched before finally stepping into his crossed legs to curl up happily. Hiccup scratched behind his ears and he felt the dragon purring of all things.

"You're more like a cat than Toothless. And that's saying something," he told Pip with a soft smile. He felt Asteid move beside him, knowing she was awake then and he leaned in towards her as she kissed his cheek and wished him a happy birthday. He smiled and finally looked from Pip to Astrid. "Thanks," he said softly, eyeing her lips for a split second before leaning in to peck them with his own.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 30d 8h 47m 32s
It didn’t take long for Astrid to fall asleep that night. By the time the dragon had settled after Hiccup had scratched his chin, she sighed happily and allowed her eyes to close and sleep claimed her quickly. Her dreams were filled with visions of a future she would share with Hiccup. Her sleep was undisturbed by anything, not even the light that shone through the cabin window pulled her out of her sleep.

At some point in the night, Pip has snuggled further into her and she had wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close as the two continued to sleep happily until Hiccup had started to stir. While Astrid remained in a deep sleep at his movements, Pip had yawned and lifted his head to see what had awoken him. He let out a happy chirp as he looked towards Hiccup and seemed to wait for a moment before pushing Astrid’s arm out of the way and making his way over to the human who was awake so that he could get some attention. He climbed up onto his lap and ran his head along his arm.

Astrid has started to stir when Pip had moved but she didn’t open her eyes straight away. Instead she rolled over and moaned as though she didn’t want to be awake just yet but when she remembered that it was Hiccup’s birthday she opened her eyes and started to sit up, looking back over towards Hiccup who was paying attention to Pip. She smiled to herself and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. “Happy birthday babe.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 31d 2h 7m 51s
Hiccup smiled and sighed, leaning into the pillow and taking in the sight of Pip snuggling up to Astrid. He reached out to scratch the dragon under the chin a bit. Then he leaned over to turn off the lamp by his side of the bed.

That night Hiccup slept well. It must have been all the excitement of the day. The flying had originally given him quite the adrenaline rush, making him act like he'd had several cups of coffee for a few hours. But when it wore off, he had realized that the experience had definitely tired him out, even if he had only done it once.

He hardly dreamed at all, sleeping peacefully until daylight shone through the curtains to the small windows that he had added to the cabin a few weeks prior. When he opened his eyes he saw that Astrid was still asleep with Pip curled up in her arms. A small smile found his face at the sight before he slowly sat up and ran a hand through his hair. A heavy sigh forced its way out of him when he remembered that it was his birthday.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 31d 12h 15m 59s
"But he looks so comfortable! I don't want to disturb him." She said as she looked down at him near her feet. He was peaceful and breathing rhythmically. She looked back up towards Hiccup apologetically before he started to climb into bed himself. She shook her head when he started moving about and noticed that Pip had reacted to the movement. Astrid couldn't help but smile at the noise he made and the cute face he pulled when he yawned before settling back down.

Astrid settled into the pillow and shifted onto her side so that she was facing Hiccup and smiled sweetly as he settled himself and reached over to remove hair from her face. he shuffled a little closer to him, ready to enjoy the closeness of sleep with him. She looked into Hiccup's eyes and prepared herself for another kiss that she knew was coming. She had already allowed her eyes to close but when he lips never made it to hers she opened her eyes again, expressing confusion upon her face.

Pip's face was now pressed against hers and he was settled already. It seemed that he was no longer going to sleep at the bottom of the bed. Astrid laughed at Hiccup's comment and shook her head gently as she brought a hand up to stroke Pip. "I'm sorry babe. I'll make sure he sleeps somewhere else tomorrow night."
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 32d 2h 56m 22s
Hiccup shook his head and laughed until she caught his lips with her own. He instantly closed his eyes, eyebrows raised in surprise. He hadn't expected this, but he wasn't complaining. When she lingered, he was glad and he pulled her closer with an arm around her waist. He sighed into her happily when they finally pulled away and watched her retreat with pink on her cheeks. He was sure he had a similar look.

He got ready for bed with her and when she climbed under the covers carefully to not disturb the small dragon, Hiccup smiled and rolled his eyes. "We're really letting him take over the bed like this?" He climbed under the blankets as he spoke, being less careful than she had been, but mostly because he had to shuffle about to remove his leg. Pip squeaked and lifted his head to yawn widely. Hiccup looked back at him. "If we spoil you too much you'll never want to go back home," he told him. The small thing narrowed his eyes and laid his head back down. Beside him on the floor, Hiccup could hear Toothless grumble.

Hiccup turned onto his side to look at Astrid and smiled before reaching out to move the bangs from her face. Just as he was leaning in for another goodnight kiss, Pip had managed to shove himself between them and Hiccup found his tail in his face. He pulled back and glared. "I didn't realize I was going to have to share," he said, more amused than anything.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 32d 8h 45m 23s
She shook her head and laughed. “But...you are fine! You were bound to have some sort of accident. I’m just glad it wasn’t something more serious. I-I’m not ready to lose you.” She stepped closer to him and press a kiss to his lips gently. She had intended to merely brush his lips with a quick kiss but as her lips found his she seemed to forget about her intentions and she allowed herself to linger a lot longer than she had first intended.

When she pulled alway, she blushed slightly as she always did and stepped away from him so that she could get changed and ready for bed. It was still amazing to her that he could still make her blush like that even though they had grown accustomed to kissing each other by now.

Astrid slid out of her clothes and pulled on a comfortable pair of sweats before letting out a sigh and making her way to the bed, sliddinf under the covers carefully so that she didn’t interrupt Pip who was still sleeping at the end of the bed.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 32d 11h 53m 12s
Hiccup rolled his eyes at the small dragon. Even Toothless seemed insulted. After all [i he] wasn't allowed to sleep on the bed. Of course that mostly due to his size.

Hiccup chuckled before Astrid stepped close to him and took his hands. He looked from her to his feet a bit bashfully, still not quite knowing how to handle praise. He shrugged. "Yeah... well... It was probably just luck," he joked. If anyone else said that to him he might have been upset. He worked hard to make sure that suit worked. But when he spoke aloud about himself, it's like that pride got caught in his throat. "And if you remember. I crashed," he added with another laugh.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 32d 12h 47m 20s
Soon enough they were all sat around eating dinner. As per routine, Astrid was still the main person to do the cooking, mostly because everyone had decided that her food seemed to taste better than everyone else’s but on ocassion other members of the group would pitch in to help with the preparation of it. While they are, Pip slept in her lap and she almost forgot that he was there until they had finished their food and decided to retire to the cabin. She laughed apologetically as she disturbed him, rousing him from his sleep but carried him into the cabin where Hiccup has suggested he should sleep.

While Hiccup removed his armour she started to set up a space for Pip.
“I know I barely even noticed the day pass by until it started to go dark.” Asreid let out a laugh and put her hands on her hips, inspecting the space she had set up for their new dragon before turning and noticing that he had curled up on the end of the bed and already seemed to fall into a sleep. His head was buried in his tail and gentle breathing escaped into the air and Astrid couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him.

“Well seems he has found his own space.” She turned toward Hiccup and let out a sigh as she took his hands in her own. “You know...I’m really proud of you Hiccup. What you achieved today...it was amazing.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 32d 12h 54m 33s
The entire group made a noise and discussed that Pip seemed to be the perfect name. Hiccup smiled at it and watched the small dragon hop around and investigate before eventually returning to Astrid's arms.

"He's had a little bit of excitement, so I wouldn't be surprised," Hiccup replied with a grin. "In fact, I think we all have. Let's get some dinner and call it a night," he said to the lot of them. He had hardly realized the day was passing by while they explored the island. In fact, he had completely forgotten that the next day was even his birthday until he and Astrid had returned into the cabin. Pip had sat in her lap all through dinner and they had decided that he should stay with them in the cabin, mostly because he was so small and didn't want him getting lost among camp in the night.

Hiccup sighed once they were inside and the door swung closed behind them and the dragons. He slowly started taking off the leather armor as Astrid set up a space for Pip to call his own for now. He noticed there were already scuffs and scrapes in the armor, but he didn't mind. That just meant it was doing its job.

"What a day," Hiccup said with a contented laugh before turning to look at Astrid. It seemed that Pip had decided that the bed was now his and wanted nothing to do with the small spot Astrid had chosen to be his.
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 32d 13h 3m 15s
As Hiccup spoke she knew that what he was saying was for the benefit of the group rather than her. She had always been so clear with them that the dragons were never to be treated as pets and that would never change for her. Instead she would study the dragon and train him as he grew much like she had with Stormfly. She just hoped that she didn’t find herself getting jealous of the newcomer.

When they arrived back at the camp the dragon hopped off her shoulder and started to look around their camp, sniffing different obstacles along the way until Toothless got curious and made his way over to the small beast to make his acquaintance. Astrid held back a laugh as the small dragon was pushed back several feet and watched as Stormfly made her way towards him to nudge him back into his feet. He good news was that she seemed to take a liking to him almost instantly and seemed to encourage him to explore more. Astrid reaches out and stroked Stormfly as the smaller dragon began to explore.

“Seems we have a new buddy, girl.” She said with a smile as she pressed her face against Stormfly’s affectionately until Hiccup suggested that Astrid should name him. She turned towards him and looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before letting out a sound that suggested she was thinking hard about it.

“I quite like pip.” She said with a smile and the sound Stormfly made seemed to indicate that she found the name suitable too. Seconds later the small dragon was rushing back towards Astrid and jumped up into her arms and instantly started to make himself comfortable as thought he was getting ready to sleep. “I think he’s tired.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 32d 13h 15m 25s
Hiccup held up a finger. "He's still a wild dragon, though. He won't be a mascot or a pet or- or a plaything." He was speaking more towards the rest of the group who seemed excited about their new friend, too. He knew Astrid had the same respect for dragons that he did, but he wasn't sure he could trust the twins and Snotlout to not make up some game with the animal.

"Anything we do will be overseen by myself or Astrid," he said as they headed back towards camp. "No pranks with the dragon," he started, listing on his fingers as the twins groaned, "No weight lifting the dragon," Snotlout grunted, "And no studying it without us there." Fishlegs looked at the ground, pouting.

Now that that was out of the way, Hiccup felt a little better about this and turned to where Astrid was walking with the dragon on her shoulder. "I already have a few notes about you, don't I?" he asked the small creature and thumbed through his journal to find the page. There was a small sketch, not of him specifically, but of his kind, alongside the adult version. "I only have measurements here, though." The small thing squawked back at him.

Once they made it back to camp, Hiccup claimed that they would not do anything that day. They wanted it to get used to its new surroundings first.

Toothless sniffed at the newcomer, his nose working in overtime. When the little beast blew a small puff of smoke, Toothless sneezed and blew the poor thing back several feet.

"Well, first thing's first," Hiccup said, putting his hands on his hips. "Astrid, you're the closest one to him. What should we name him?"
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 32d 13h 25m 55s
More than anything she was glad that the armour he had made had in fact protected him. The last thing they needed was for anyone getting injured out here on the island. After he spoke Snotlout interjected and made his usually flirtatious interjection. Astrid rolled her eyes and looked towards him shaking her head.

“You would be the [i last] person I would come to. Besides, Hiccup is too smart to let anything happen.”

After a minute of laughing they all decided to head back to the camp and decided to spend the rest of the day exploring the territories around the island and after a while the dragon that had attached himself to her had found her again, evidently with her permission of his mother. Somewhere along the way he had found a resting place on her shoulder and was constantly rubbing his face against her own and she couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

She looked over towards Hiccup and pouted as the dragon started to nip at her ear, distracting her from paying any attention to Hiccup. She jolted her neck and laughed as she brought her shoulder to her ear. Astrid pulled her hand to his head and pat him happily before looking back towards Hiccup again who had his face in his palm.

“Really? You don’t mind?” She said happily, excited that she had someone knew to share her affections with. She stroked him again and sighed happily. “I promise that I will take good care of you.” She said sweetly.
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 32d 15h 4m 27s
Hiccup chuckled and looked back up at Astrid and Stormfly. "He just doesn't want to admit how fun that was," he replied with another laugh and a glance back at Toothless. Her next words were comforting. He had the confidence to think the same, but it was nice to hear Astrid back him up and think he had it in him to try.

"At least the armor as proven itself," he added with a little embarassed laugh.

"Unfortunately," Snotlout joked. "If he dies, you can come cry on my shoulder, Astrid." He waggled his brows. Hiccup just rolled his eyes and headed back to the heart of camp. Snotlout's strange flirting was now less aggressive than it used to be. He seemed to have found at least a little respect for Hiccup and Astrid alike, and now he merely used it to joke around, knowing nothing would come of it.

For the rest of the day, Hiccup and the others went to different dragon territories looking for the best dragon they could try to train and study. Hiccup didn't want to start off with anything too big or anything that might have a close bond with other dragons. The last thing he wanted was a rescue mission destroying their camp.

As it turned out, the dragon found them. It was the baby dragon that Astrid had befriended before and even begged to take in. The mother didn't seem to worry as it followed them farther and farther into the woods. Hiccup kept trying to get it to go back, but it seemed to have imprinted on Astrid and came to rest on her shoulder and rub its head against her cheek. The mother dragon merely cooed as if telling the dragon to have fun. Astrid must have gained enough trust to be seen as a friend.

Face in his palm, Hiccup sighed. "Alright. I guess you get your wish," he said to Astrid, amused. "Let's take it back to camp."
  Hiccup [EotE] / linkthehero / 32d 18h 7m 56s
Astrid gave Hiccup some space as he rose to his feet and she stood slowly with him holding her arms out so that she was ready to steady him should he need the support but he seemed alright. She let out a sigh of relief and smiled at the excitement that laced his tone while he spoke. Astrid took a step back now and nodded while the rest of the ground began to comment on his antics. Even though he had experienced a fall it was so clear that he would try again and perhaps adjust his height to make sure that he wouldn’t have the same problem.

When he turned to Toothless she looked down at him so that she could observe the exchange between the two until Stormfly came up behind her and lifted her arm over her head. Now her attention was directed to Stormfly and she couldn’t help but feel and overwhelming sensation of love overcome her when she looked down at her. “They are alright. Don’t worry, we won’t be trying anything like that.” Her voice was a low whisper and she let out a quiet laugh before turning back to Hiccup.

“You can practice if Toothless lets you.” She said with a laugh and shook her head. “Seriously though, that was amazing. I think that you will be able to get it right soon enough.”
  Astrid / d1gn17y / 32d 18h 20m 30s

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