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[center [font “Times” [size12 Daevas held the payphone’s hand-held tightly to his face. His lips were tightened the moment that Kelly had brought up the Rink. It was a name for one of the warehouses that they had. It had been a while since he had given directions to go to that specific warehouses, mostly because it was not in their territory, but it was his property. It was in the middle of other warehouses that many different companies and other CEOs owned. No one would have even looked their way if they were to go there. Black Industries was respected, but he knew that his enemies were growing stronger with each minute.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He didn’t expect that this woman would be the catalyst for this entire domino effect. He ran his fingers through his hair and sat the hand-held back on the hook and looked around. For a moment, he touched his face, gripping his jaw for a moment. No one would recognize his vehicle. It was his grandfathers that he had kept close to his heart. They had worked on it, and it was passed down to his father, and there it was a piece in the family that he planned on keeping with. Not many had known him before he was a CEO except for the people in the corporate status because that was how often he was within the stacks of the business side of things. He was constantly trying to get in with the higher ups that he had to work like them, but only spoke of the things that he wanted them to know about. That did not include his car…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Pressing his lips together, he walked out of the phone booth and walked to his car.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Sitting in the driver seat, he tapped the steering wheel...trying to figure something out.]]]

[center ----]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The woman, her face slowly coming into the light as the sun was setting, held the bone knife close to her face as her fingers glided along the dull edge of the blade. She noticed how the female was starting to sweat a little more and how she was starting to get a little nervous. The real pain was about to start, but the woman standing in front of her knew that the woman knew nothing of the man that she was going after.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She was simply a pond within the game of chess.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Coming closer to the female...the Ruby Grant… the singer and dancer that had the dream of making it in the Chicago cityscape. The glittering look of the bone knife came close to her face, where she glided the dull edge against her throat. [u My dear, you have lost yourself in the lights. From now on, from a woman homegrown in this city, you can never trust the men that have the glittering diamonds for eyes.] She said as she let the steel just touch her skin, indenting just slightly, but not leaving as much as a red mark just yet. It was there, and if she were to jerk, it would cut deeper than expected.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u But because, us women, ones who fall for those that have the dedication and ambition we could only dream of now have us wrapped around their finger. No matter how little time you had to know them.] She said softly, pulling the steel away from her skin. She let it fall down to her side. [u You have came across the stage at the right time though, you will be apart of the biggest change in history. The industrialization has begun, and Black Industries is a big part of it. Daevas Black is holding the key to the future, but all he is doing is hiding and biding his time.] She snapped her fingers and immediately the tray of knifes was rolled closer and she set the knife down gently. ]]]

[center ----]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Daevas put his hands in his pockets, out of his normal attire. The gym attire that he had in the back seat helped him blend in to the scenery and dressing of people that lived around the area of the warehouse. He wasn’t even sure if they were there, but it was the best thing that he could do to figure it out. He had a good hunch that Kelly had given him the right information. Marx was close to her, and if he was smart, he wouldn’t say anything too conveying of information, but at this time, he had nothing else to go on. He didn’t know who was in charge of this escapade. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The gates were closed, the lights were starting to turn on as the sun was setting, and he was failing to see where he was going to be able to get over without setting some security alarms off. Coming up to the side of the building, he grabbed on to the ladder that was there for maintenance guys had accidently left down when performing tasks. He smiled and climbed up quickly and reached the top of the building. He would use this as a vantage point to take a look at the ware house district, looking to see where there would be a group of dark vehicles, clearly meant for business.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 As he walked to the edge of the building, he could already see the glint of the dark vehicles, one of them with his symbol on it. He shook his head quickly as the vehicle that was parked behind his reminded him of the woman that had come up to the club when he met Ruby. It was the female that had supposedly been in love with him, but decided to get married to someone else.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He pursed his lips and knelt down, looking around the area. He was a few building rooftops away from getting to the one that he needed to. Yet, he knew that if he wasn’t careful, the ones guarding the actual tower they were in, he would get shot and Ruby would be hurt even more than she was already. He knew that the time was ticking.]]]

[center ----]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Jayne smiled as she now held a meat carving knife. The edge seemed sharper than the last. It wasn’t but a few moments later, there was a few whispers around them. Jayne was immediately brought to the edge of the light, one where the darkness was now surrounding them, but she could only see where the light bulb above her was reaching. [u He has made his way here. He has figured it out. As our associate was able to point him in the right direction.] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She held the blade close to her collar bone and pressed downward, letting the sharpness cut through the delicate skin of her collar bone, exposing the flesh underneath and revealing and entire stream of blood that began to dribble. It wasn’t close to anything the woman herself was a nurse...A long, drawn out history was enveloping the person standing over the woman now.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She longed to hear the girl scream, and to make Daevas squirm and try to be the hero.]]]
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 8d 17h 2m 21s
Ruby couldn’t quite understand why the man laughed when she told him that he had made a mistake; that she meant nothing to the man she had spent the night with. She wished that she had the nerve to tell them that was all there was to it but they knew where her destination was supposed to be. If she was to dine with the man, sex was not all their night together had been but it was not as though she had any idea where things might have gone this evening. All that was clear now, was that plans had changed and she began to wonder if she would make it through the night. This was the first time she found herself wishing that she had listened to her parents and stayed home to find a husband and become an obedient wife like her mother. Chicago probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight.

Soon enough the car had come to a stop and she was being pulled out of it with a force that would surely leave a bruise where his arm had been. Of course that would be the least of her worries when she found out what was in store for her. She looked around as he pulled her into a building and she looked to see if any of the faces had been familiar from the night before. She silently cursed herself for being too wrapped up in Daevas to take note of his men. None of them spoke and word towards her but surrounded her as if she might try and run. It wasn’t until she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards her that she looked up. The woman before her was shrouded in mystery and she could feel that she was dangerous. The way she spoke her name sent a shiver up her spine and her heart beat to quicken out of fear of what this woman might be capable of.

She shook her head slightly as she claimed that Ruby was standing in the way of her control over the city. She had spent one night with this man and now she was a tool in a game between the two, trying to claim power over the city. Power for themselves. Ruby was just a jazz singer a few hours ago and now her importance seemed to have been elevated by others she did not know. Before she could say or do anything her body was being forced down into a chair when the woman neared her. She could see the sudden anger in her eyes and from the way she spoke she couldn’t help but wonder if this woman had been a lover of Daevas’ in the past. The thought was only emphasised by the way she spoke about him in a way far more intimate than a woman should speak about a man.

Ruby felt her fingers run through her hair and she grimaced slightly, knowing that she couldn’t see her face from the position she was stood in, tying her hands behind her back. She had no strength to fight her off and even if she did, there were at least a dozen men surrounding them. She would be dead in an instant. At least now the woman gave some indication as to why she was here. Whether she had Daevas in the past or whether it was just a desire hardly seemed to matter now. All that mattered was that she had made the mistake of getting involved with him, even if it was for one night.

Ruby’s fear only increased when she spoke over the phone about bringing in a package. It could have been anything but the last thing she expected to see was a range of recording equipment. Her brows knotted in confusion as she allowed her eyes to travel over to the case full of objects that were evidently used to torture a person. It was then that things started to make sense and her breathing was beyond control as the woman picked up a knife and allowed the light to reflect off it. She shook her head and tears began to form in the corner of her eyes.

“Please…” That was all she managed to get out before she saw the smirks of those surrounding her. Soon she would know [I real] pain and fear.
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[center [font “Times” [size12 Daevas was fighting against the clock. He knew there was only a certain amount of time since the phone call that he would have to get to her before they could do any more damage if they haven’t done so yet. His hands tightened on the wheel as he pulled away from Marx’s house. It was desolate, so quiet on the drive. So many different areas were on his radar from where she could be with them. He wasn’t even sure if they had even taken her to one of his places. If they were apart of something else, they were probably in a different territory…]]]

[center ---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i You are mistaken. I am nothing to him. I don’t know what kind of statement you plan to make out of me, but I can assure you it won’t work. He barely even knows me. Why would he care about a jazz singer he only just met?.] The words were bouncing in and out of the figure’s ears. The laugh escaped his lips as she was simply oblivious to the fact that Daevas had a weakness….The weakness wasn’t just the woman, but the fact that his business was in jeopardy.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Pulling her out, he jerked her forward. The security detail were filing into the warehouse under the radar without much attention. Inside, there were other men standing. Very few of them now were surrounding her, as she was the only woman there, except for one.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She stood apart from the males, up on the stairs, where she walked down, her high heels clicking. [i tap, tap...tap, tap...tap, tap…] The sounds echoed as she took her time coming down the stairs, her delicate and manicured fingers glided down the handrail. [u “Ruby Grant.”] Her lips parted and the venom escaped in the shape of words. Her brunette hair fell in waves, her hazel eyes jerked from side to side as she studied the female. This was the woman that caught Daevas’s attention? ]]]

[center ---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Daevas was still white knuckling the steering wheel as he was driving through town. All the men that were apart of his detail were in on this. He even doubted calling security around the warehouses. He was on his own. He didn’t have the police in his pocket anymore. He didn’t have the service in his pocket...somebody else did, and he was in the process of figuring it all out.]]]

[center ---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “You are what stands between me and ruling this city my dear.”] She said, her voice spitting out the words with an eastern thick accent to hint over her words. The darkness of her eyes as she dug a hand in her pocket, surrounding the edge of a locket that she had gotten so many years ago.]]]
[center [font “Times” [size12 She came up close to the woman, smelling his cologne lingering across her skin. Her face twisted and she shoved her down into the seat, anger filling her face and causing her heart to race with the flush of emotion. [u “The man is addicting. From the rippled muscles…”] She let her fingers run through the female’s blond locks as she did so, as in she was a trance while she spoke. [u “To the smirk that he has when he looks at something he wants. He is without emotion, Ruby. A raw beast.”] She pulled her arms behind her and tied them easily, the manicured nails not even touched or scratched. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “He was meant to be mine, and your pretty little face came across the big stage. It won’t last long, but I’ll make it last long enough that he’ll be begging to do anything to keep your pretty self alive. While he is unemotional, once he has his dick inside of you, you become a piece of that man’s steel heart--”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The phone began to ring…]]]

[center ---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Daevas had already searched 2 out of 4 of his warehouse sections. Everything looked normal. Cars weren’t misaligned, there wasn’t a single thing out of place anywhere. He was still searching, and he was still coming up short.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Pulling up to a payphone, he began to dial and letting the ringing continue. It rang three times before the person picked up. [u “Hello?”] She spoke.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “Kelly, this is Daevas.”] He said. He could hear the familliar sigh happen on the other side of the phone. [u “Daevas, Marx said you would be calling.”] She said in response. He was slightly a bit confused. [b “What?”] He asked confused.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “About accents for your biggest victor darling.”] Daevas chuckled slightly. [b “No maam, I am not calling about that. Have you heard from Marx recently about anything else here recently?”] She smiled into the phone, and he could hear how her words just lightened. [u “Sir, he spoke about going to the rink earlier this week, but I didn’t know the man would even have the strength to get out on that floor. I’d fall anywhere else.”] She laughed and Daevas laughed nervously. [b “Yes maam, I feel the same about it. Well thank you for the information.”] Saying goodbyes, they hung up and Daevas was on the run again.]]]]

[center ---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “Yes, come on in. Bring the package.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The woman slowly smiled as the man walked in, his carrying case next to his hip. It wasn’t long before he was setting it up on a nearby table. It was a recording machine. Moments after opening, he was pulling out microphones and all sorts of cords and wires. Next to it, the men began to gather, a leather case being untied and opened. There, shiny objects began to glitter in the setting sun light. [u “Let the fun begin.”] She spoke softly, picking up a boning knife, thin and precise.]]]
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 23d 22h 46s
Ruby had felt uneasy the entire journey here. She had put it down to the fact that she was nervous about seeing Daevas again. He had done quite a number on her and she wasn’t sure that she would be able to tell him that it would be best for the two to keep a distance for the time being, especially since she was unsure of her feelings towards his lifestyle and business. She did not understand that her unease was caused by the whispering in the front of the car. She just passed it off as though they were talking about their work and they had to keep the noise down in case she overheard private matters, but she had not realised that they were talking of a plan that would mean her meal with Daevas would not be happening this evening.

She looked down at the attire she had chosen and wondered if she had chosen something appropriate for their evening, especially since she knew that Daevas came from money and that was something she didn’t have. Fancy dresses and the glamourous jewellery was not amongst her possessions and that was just another reason that she felt that she might have been a little out of place in his company. Their lifestyles were completely different, and it was clear to her that she did not belong here. Ruby let out a sigh and tried to distract her thoughts away from the differences in their existences.

Ruby looked out of the window and observed Daevas’ men while the engine of the car humming quietly. She had been so distracted by the figures walking past the car that she had barely noticed that a figure had slipped into the car next to her. She had not even noticed Daevas coming out of the house, but she plastered a smile on her face so that she could show him something other than the nerves that had surfaced within her but as she turned to face him, her smile dropped in an instant and the car had started to make a move again. The man beside her was not Daevas and it became apparent that her dinner with him was no longer part of the plan.

Her nerves were now replaced with fear and she began to piece together why she had felt so uneasy the moment that she had stepped into the car. The driver and the figure next to him had kept their conversation quiet because they had clearly been going over their plans with regards to Ruby. She looked the figure over trying to see if she could place him somewhere, but she did not recognise him, she didn’t know that he had been following her since the moment she had left Daevas’ house. Her heart started to race as he spoke and she kept her eyes on him as he spoke, simply shaking her head. Her hands moved to the seatbelt and went to unclip herself in hopes that she could find a way out of the car but the moment she moved her hand the figure grabbed hold of her wrist with such force that it caused her to cry out in pain.

Ruby locked eyes with him as the tears began to sting at the corner of her eyes and her lips parted to speak. “You are mistaken. I am nothing to him. I don’t know what kind of statement you plan to make out of me, but I can assure you it won’t work. He barely even knows me. Why would he care about a jazz singer he only just met?” She was expecting him to say something but instead he simply laughed as though she had no real clue what she was talking about and soon enough the car was pulling up to their destination and he was pulling her out of the car with a similar force. Her arm was already bruising and she was sure they wouldn’t be the only bruises inflicted upon her before the night was over.
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 146d 11h 23m 54s
Daevas was a man in confidence, one that showed no insecurities. He walked with pride and he made sure that he was in charge of the room that he stood in. With years and years of experience, he was not going to let anyone come before him without his notice. He was not a man just in power, he was one with wealth and put money where his mouth was. Pressing his lips together now as he stood in the middle of his corporate office. His power lingered there, he knew that some people feared him and he knew by the way that their eyes met his frantically that some were scared to know what his expectations were of them.

“Read me the numbers.”

As he dove into the numbers of the company, he was in the middle of the meeting when his landline was beginning to ring. He picked it up and walked to the corner of the room, overlooking the city. “Yes.”

“I have your princess.”

And the line went dead.


The figure that had paid attention to her as she stepped into the familiar car, Marx walked around the other edge of the car. There he slipped on his sunglasses and pulled himself into the driver’s seat. Another figure climbed into the front seat and the privacy curtain between the driver and the passengers in the back was drawn. There they whispered the beginning marks of their plan.

It was instructed of hers that she was not to get out of the car when they supposedly pulled up to Daevas’s. It was at his residence that some of the men that had looked to protect her now walked with another figure. Inside his own reachings, the men that he had looked over and paid for were now turned against him and he was within the house without knowing anything.

The man slipped into the car beside her, and before the woman could say anything, the car was pulling away. “The call was already made by the time they made the way down the street.


Daevas stormed downstairs to find his maid tied to the chair in the closet. Her mouth was duct taped, her eyes were covered, and she was without any words. She had been blind folded before she was left there alone in the dark. He had only found her when she made desperate pleas through the duct tape.

“What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know sir! I was taken a back and blinded before I could do anything. They-they tied me up and threw me in here before I could even scream.” She said and he held her closely to settle her nerves. “Come on, let’s get the car—”

She shook her head. “Your men are in on it, sir. They took the car.”

“Not both of them.” He said, knowing exactly how to drive and he always kept a second car in case something were to happen to his first. The Ford Duesenberg stood there in the garage under a sheet. The brilliance of the blue coloring made it completely stand out from the typical black vehicles he drove. It was an impulsive drive, but he did it on a whim one day. He was grateful for his opportunity to do so now that he needed it.

Walking with her to the garage, they made their way through the bushes and soon he was pulling off the covers and together they slipped into the vehicle. Pulling out fiercely out of the garage, he drove her to her place as well as he could remember. Her husband was waiting outside when he saw the two pull up. He ran out to the vehicle. “Mister Black, what has happened?” As he saw the tears on his wife’s face he was about to grow angry with the white male.

Daevas shook his head. “I am ensuring she made it home safely. Since she is not apparently safe in mine anymore. Get your kids and get out of town right now. I don’t know how safe you are. “

The male surrounded his arms around his wife and walked with her inside without a single glance backwards and there he was driving a lone down the streets of Chicago. Racing through the crowds, and the traffic, he had no clue as to where they were. He drove to the office, knowing exactly where he would find out.

He knew where Marx lived. He knew where a lot of his security guard lived. Driving up to the house, he found it empty and there he was walking inside hoping to find his wife or kids, but they were gone. He knew that Daevas would come to his house looking for them.


The figure sat next to the female. “Daevas is very particular with the company he keeps, but this time he won’t be able to figure out where his most precious gem is until he finally surrenders to the bigger dog of the competition.” The man said to the woman.

They were pulling up to the warehouse completely on the otherside of town, completely under the radar. Daevas held many different areas that he owned, and the towncar with the familiar security faces, people didn’t even look at them twice. The plan was moving flawlessly.

“Soon…you will be made a statement.” He said.
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Ruby was concerned with upsetting Daevas with her request to return home but it was unlikely that the two of them could have enjoyed the rest of their day while she was still dressed in the clothes she had worn the night before. She was also still feeling rather cautious about perusing something with him. Last night she had been intoxicated by him and now that he was out of her system, her brain was working again and she felt the need to take some time to think about this. That did not mean that she regret the time they had spent together, she merely needed space and an opportunity to think without Daevas getting under her skin in the way that he did.

“There is no need to apologise. I just…need to get home.” Her hands held on tightly to the sheets that covered her and she looked over to her clothes and maneuvered skilfully so that she could pick up her dress and when she had it in her hands, she pulled it over her head and slid out of the bed, stepping towards Daevas after she gather whatever she needed from the room. He guided her through the hallway towards the men that worked for him. It was still strange for her to spend her time with someone who seemed to have such power and influence. Even now she avoided their eyes as he instructed his men to take her home. Two of them moved out towards the car, giving Daevas some time to wish her well for the rest of the day. His words did not seem to pose a question but simply asserted the fact that he had intended to see her again that night. She nodded gently as he pressed his lips to her forehead and she felt that urge to kiss him start to build up again. This time she had more self-control and was able to stop herself from doing so.

As he led her to the car, she continued to avoid the gaze of those around them and when they arrived at the car she nodded and smiled before saying goodbye to him. Ruby swallowed and climbed into the back seat of the car and soon enough it was pulling away from him and towards her home. She looked back towards him as the car gained more distance and she let out a sigh before bringing her eyes back to the front of the car. His men were respectful and did not ask her any questions or even try to converse with her in any way and she was grateful that she did not have to figure out what to say to them.

By the time she arrived at her home she was more than ready to bathe away their evening of love-making and she did not hesitate to disappear into her house. A home that was significantly smaller than the one she had spent her evening in and a home that she herself did not own. Perhaps Daevas would have a different opinion of her if he had the opportunity to see where she lived and observed the kind of life that she led in comparison to him. A man with money could quite literally do whatever he pleased and live a life that was fit for a king. Ruby did not know a life of wealth, instead she had spent most of her life living in poverty. Not that one would know if they were to take in the appearance she had given herself now that she had started to perform.

She peeled off her dress and went about her normal morning routine and found herself some more suitable clothes for her daily activities. While she would have to change later for their dinner, she had to pull together some ideas for her next show so she spent some of her time sitting at her dining table and making notes about songs that might be appropriate for her upcoming shows and even spent some time signing to herself as she normal did. Ruby barely even noticed it now. Not once did she notice a figure lurking outside of her home, but she might have if she had not been so wrapped up in her work.

Several hours had passed and she realised that it was about time she got herself prepared for her dinner and as she changed and applied her make-up she couldn’t help but feel a familiar wave of nerves overcome her and she found herself checking her appearance several times before she was satisfied enough to stop reapplying make up of changing her clothes. It was the sound of a car pulling up that finally pulled her out of herself and towards the door. She had no more time to mither and even now as she walked to the car, the door of which had been held open for her, the figure still lingered, taking in her appearance and making a mental note of anything that might be important. It was not long before the car was pulling up in front of Daevas’ home but she was instructed to stay in the car. He would come out to her and they would be on their way soon enough.
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 224d 7h 44m 24s
Dabbing the fabric across his forehead, he heard her question and he was taken a little aback. He knew, clearly, that he was going to have to have her return to her place to get new clothes for the day, though he was still thinking that she would stay and be lazy with him all day, but that was only a dream. Reality had already set in and there was a look like a deer lost in headlights in her eyes. She was frightened it seemed to be there, and he was fighting the urge to be crushed by her look.

Facing the immediate fact that she wanted to go home now and that she didn’t know where she was, he knew that he would have to have someone take her home. Pressing his lips together and facing the music that she was no longer singing, he lifted his eyes to hers and nodded, squeezing the towel before he set it down briefly. A smile slipped at the corner of his mouth as he nodded. “I can have that arranged. I have forgotten my manners, I apologize.” He said, concerned that she was thinking how society would look at her now that it was morning and she was still wearing last night’s makeup and wardrobe.

Yet she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.

He guided her through the hallways once she had gathered her things and he led her to the gathering area that he had dedicated to his security guards while he was at home. One of them lifted their head and glanced at Daevas for direction. He nodded once and added curtly. “Take her wherever she needs to go. She can come back if she wishes, but if she tells you to leave just come back.” He wanted to make sure that she had a way out. He didn’t like to corner anyone that he was trying not to make feel uncomfortable.

The men nodded once and only 2 stood to walk her out to the car that was pulled up to the car. He motioned them to go warm it up on this chill Chicago morning, and he touched her shoulders gently. “I have to get some work done while I’m able. I’ll see you for dinner later tonight.” He said softly, kissing the top of her forehead.

His usual encounters did not include dinner the next day after their escapade. His men were a little confused as they looked at him while they spoke to her. Their engagement was something they were not used to seeing their boss engage in. With a simple look up, their gazes scattered to different areas of the room. He smiled, shoving a hand in his pocket as he walked her out to the car that had been warmed up for her to go home in. “If they give you any trouble, let me know.” He smiled at the two men who just shook their heads and stepped into the driver and passenger seats, waiting to take the woman home.

He wished to kiss her more, but he was unsure how she was feeling at this point if she would allow him.

It wasn’t until the pair of eyes that had watched them from the shadows in the night reappeared from around the corner, not too far from the residence. The shade continued to move and he moved in a little closer, zooming in with his binoculars seeing that it was just the woman getting into the car…Perhaps this was going to be a little too easy. The men sitting in the front seat from what the shadow could already tell was discussing where they were going to go after dropping the woman off or how the game was the night before.

The shade waited until the car was moving away from the residence before he moved… moved in the direction of following them to the woman’s home.

Daevas let out a very long and steady exhale as he stood there in the brisk morning that was in the city of Chicago. There were souls walking around on the sidewalk already at this early hour of the morning. The sun was peeking through the clouds and the trees were trying to hold their leaves from the bastard wind, but some still failed to hold strong. He glanced around and shoved his hands in his pockets and walked inside, and there he would retire to his study, sending some of his men home to get some rest while he finished work and wasn’t in need of extra guard.

A few hours later, Daevas was tied up in a phone call about the account that he had thought he had settled the night before with the woman…His graciousness was met with blood. He ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head as he pressed the phone to the side of his face. “What do you mean, he’s dead?” He asked. Jack on the other side of the phone, sighed heavily. “We found him in an alley. Apparently the deal that we had made with the gentleman was taken in a different context. He shot the man in cold blood and ran off. There is suspect that there is someone who had paid him off to do this. My connections tell me that he had such good recommendations until now”

Daevas shook his head and turned around for the 50th time and looked at the window, hoping to see the car would be leaving to go and pick the woman up, but he hadn’t been able to free up the line in case that she was trying to get a hold of him. He squeezed his temples slightly and groaned. “Well then, we must find him. I need what he has to go through with this deal. It is going to break if I have my integrity shot down.” Jack made a nervous sound. “Yes sir. We will see what we can do.”

Setting it on the hook a little roughly, he walked over to his desk and let his head fall as he leaned over the large stack of papers lining out what all the deal entailed and what he was going to be able to do once they all agreed on the terms. So much was riding on this deal, on this agreement for trade business as well locations to open just for their manufacturing. They were riding the line of the technological reboot of this century and he wanted to be on the forefront of it. He had worked too damn hard to stop now.

Peeking around the corner, the woman was watched…the woman was scanned and practically drawn in the shade’s head. She would make an easy target just with a single shot. He hung around the edges of the residence, sure to not make a loud enough move that would disturb the neighbors. Some friends of the shades lived close enough for an alibi if they needed one. Moving their eyes over the residence, he found weak spots easily and laid it all out in his head, he moved with the building until he was able to watch the woman from the outside in a no convincing serial killer way…
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A part of her knew that this was not something this man would normally do but she craved to know what made her different. In her mind, he could have any girl he wished and he could do whatever he wanted with them, yet he seemed to want her and she couldn’t quite understand why that was. Ruby had never considered herself to be any special and she would not consider herself to be anything more than plain if she had not be dressed up for her show. Perhaps if she were to stay the night, he would realise just how ordinary she was by the time morning came.

Even though her eyes were tracing the contours of his face, he avoided her gaze as he admitted what she already knew to be true. Even though she had no idea whether she was emotionally ready to figure out where she might fit in his life she was not about to leave in the middle of the night. She was comfortable in his arms and for tonight, Ruby had no intention of thinking about what life Daevas led. She had already given herself to him so she might as well allow the night to unfold however it may. As he kissed each of her fingers and wished for her to stay she nodded. “I will not leave tonight. I cannot promise you that I know how I feel about all of this but I do not wish to think about any of this tonight.”

Ruby lowered her head to his chest and breathed steadily until sleep claimed her. While they had not fallen asleep straight away, the fatigue of their love making had made it impossible for her to stay awake much longer. It was not until the next morning when she felt a light kiss press against her skin that she began to stir, but it was not enough to wake her up entirely. She simply moved her body into a comfortable position and allowed herself to continue to sleep, especially since she did not have an awareness of where she was right now.

She did not sleep for much longer but when she woke up, she was alone as she had expected. It took her a moment to realise that she was not in her own bedroom and that her naked body was covered in sheets that she could not afford herself. Ruby brought her hand up to her eyes and allowed herself a minute to adjust to her surroundings and when she began to sit up, she remembered the night before just as Daevas walked back into the room. Ruby allowed her eyes to drink in his form before smiling towards him and wishing him a good morning much like he had. She only pulled her eyes away when he began to undress entirely. It seemed that her shyness returned now that the intoxication of his seduction had worn off. When he took himself off for a shower she pulled the bed sheets around her so that she did not expose herself to him and wondered what they were going to do with the day.

All she had with her was her dress from the night before and it was not exactly appropriate for the daylight of Chicago. Now she was beginning to regret her decision to go home with him, especially since it would be so obvious to observers that she had gone home with someone she had only just met and that was not exactly something women usually did. “I think it’s best if I go home this morning. I need to shower and change into something that doesn’t tell everyone my profession.” She laugh lightly, still slightly fatigued from the night before. “Would you mind taking me home? I-I do not exactly know where I am.”
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 257d 6h 37m 1s
Daevas looked at the female, She was more than just a woman, she was a puzzle piece within the grand scheme of his life at this point, and he was wondering what her part of the picture would be like, and he was bound and determined to figure it out. His face had traced her features as she laid within his arms. Her words were not surprising to his ears, she was a very intelligent woman no doubt. Her mind had figured him out rather quickly, at least that is what he thought, but sitting with her now, he wanted to know more about her.

“You’re right.” His eyes did not meet hers as his fingers traced along her collar bone and shoulder. He couldn’t meet her gaze as he spoke. “I am not a man who would keep a woman after a sensual encounter if it was just for sexual satisfaction. However, you intrigue me. I wish to see where this goes and what part of my life you become. If you choose however, to leave, the door is open and nothing will hold you back.” He said honestly. He had learned from a young age that stopping people and begging for attention was going to get him nowhere in life. Hew as not going to hold her back if she didn’t want to have a place in his life.

His breath was finally steady enough where he could talk without taking a deep breath. After his words were spoken though, he finally lifted his eyes to meet hers. “I wish for you to stay and there I could spoil you in memories and adventures.” He said, running his fingers down her arm to lift her hand where he brought her fingertips to his lips where he kissed each one individually. Each soft lips touch, he watched her carefully.

Little did they know, eyes were watching them, eyes were upon his residence and even though his men were on the look out, no one would catch the pair of eyes that would burst their bubble of happiness. Outside on the street, outside of the view, outside of the range that many could see with their own pair of binoculars. Her face was imprinted in the imposters mind…It would only be a matter of time before his own revenge was to be taken on the man who had beat him…who had threatened to kill him, and ruin his name. With a spit of a few sunflower seeds, the man moved into the night, disappearing from the area quickly and untraceable.

Hours later, the sun was peeking into the room. Daevas moved, his arms still around the woman and there he watched her carefully. Her face calm and peaceful, he didn’t want to disturb her. He wanted her to be comfortable. He wanted her to remain peaceful as long as she pleased. Her smiled, kissing her skin softly before removing himself from his bed and gathering his wits as he pulled himself out of the sheets, he let his naked body walk across the room and there he pulled on some trousers, walking from his room with his chest bare. Down the hall, he had a set of weights and places for strength and endurance training. His muscles rippled through sets of pushups and pull ups on the stand he had built himself.

He did curls and squats with a weighted belt, sure to keep his body firm and stout to handle any attacker that would come his way, he would run in the heat of the day to keep his endurance strong in the middle of a Chicago heat and against the strong wineds it always produced. He could go farther in the morning, but he didn’t want to leave the woman behind. He wanted to remain close to her while she was in her slumber.

After his workout, he walked back into his room with sweat dripping from his brow. He touched a towel lightly against his forehead as he walked close to his bed, unsure if she was awake or still slseeping between the sheets or if she had come and snuck around to watch him workout. He was curious to see how today would go and he wished to show her more of the city during the day, if she hadn’t already seen a lot of the city itself.

“Good morning darling.” He had said, his towel tight in his hands as he dabbed his forehead and around his neck and arms to wipe away the sweat before he would steal away to shower. After saying good morning, he grabbed a towel and pulled of his trousers and walked into the bathroom where he slipped into a hot water shower that didn’t take long to heat up .

It didn’t take him long to shower, but he was still wanting to crawl back into bed so he could be lazy with the woman all day, but then a part of him growled for food. Brunch would be fantastic.
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It didn’t take long for the man to lead her towards the stairs and out of the attic. They both knew what was about to transpire and every movement they made seemed to be in desperation to fulfil their desires. There was only a moment when there was any distance between their bodies and that we merely to close the door to the attic. When he was satisfied it was closed properly he turned towards her again, engulfing her in his arms and pulling her into his kiss. Frantic and rough, the kisses told of promises that would be fulfilled the moment he had her out of her dress for the second time that evening.

His words had more of an effect on her than the first time. The words he spoke, the way he said them encouraged a wetness that would act as proof of the effect that he had on her. She let out and aroused moan and bit her lip as his hands found the zipper of her dress. Her mind blurred as her hands started to unbutton his shirt, removing his clothing as quickly as she possibly could. With every desperate tug at the material, they etched closer to the bedroom. There was a moment when she thought they might not make it to the bedroom at all before they fell in to each other. She wanted him and it didn’t matter where.

Soon the two were completely naked. Naked of clothes. Naked in their desires and they spent several hours pleasuring and fulfilling the arising needs that had become so apparent between them. This time it was much more fluid. She had been less conscious of the fact that she was naked with a man and less concerned about her virtue being destroyed. It was already too late for that.

By the time they had finished pushing each other as close to the edge as possible, she was left breathless and desperate for oxygen. They were still wrapped in each other and he was tracing his fingers along her bare skin. If it were up to her, Ruby would have him touch her all the time. It was an intoxicating feeling and she was beginning to feel as though she might not be able to live without it. Her breath still hitched every time she felt a shudder caused by his touch. Whatever she was feeling for him and for this moment would not be ruined by thoughts about what he did for a living. She would worry about that later.

Ruby smiled when he spoke towards her, practically whispering as he did. He hadn’t come across as the type of man who would keep a woman around after having sex with her. Yet, she remained lying in his bed with his body wrapped around her own in a way that she thought only couples did. She thought that the smile on her lips would never disappear and she felt more than content in this moment. The silence that followed his words was one of comfort. The only sound coming from the fan and the breathing that escaped the two. Her heart was still racing but it was slowly beginning to slow to a steady pace.

She had been lying on her side, resting her head on her hands with her eyes closed until she felt Daevas shift next to her. Slowly, she opened her eyes and watched as his eyes found her own. She couldn’t help but smile and let out a sigh as his fingers drew patterns upon her naked skin.

“Honestly? I was just thinking about how perfect this moment is and how I am surprised that I am still here. I thought that you might have asked me to leave by now.” She moved her hand to rest on his chest and felt his heartbeat. It was steadier than her own. “You do not strike me as the kind of man to do…this.” She said, referring to the closeness between them that remained.
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 303d 3h 5m 55s
Daevas was a gentleman at heart. He knew where he stood and how to be a man when it came necessary. This woman standing in front of him pulled at the very strings of his beast…his inner animal that wanted to ravage her in any way possible. It was like clicking at the fence, taunting his beast with every move, sound, look that she was giving him. Her eyes pierced through him like swords, reaching every nerve ending with a single glance at his face.

Little did she know the effect that she had on him…

Her fingers had danced along his skin and she smiled at him, oh that seductive smile hit him like a ton of bricks. Her words, her lips as she spoke taunted him even more now and she was satisfying his ears with the sounds. A smile overcame his face and he continued to hold her hand, feeling the warmth and the reaction that he was feeling in his undergarments below as he walked toward the stairs. He helped her down the stairs and closed up the attic before he wrapped his arms around her waist again, pulling her close to his lips where his own crashed against her skin. His fingers in her hair before he traveled backwards, his lips parting between kisses for air and to speak.

“I need you.” He whispered and before anything else, his fingers pulled at the zipper of her dress. He needed her there. He needed her now. His own clothing had slowly fallen to the floor and soon they were in the bedroom. It was welcoming their inner animals and satisfying the need of physical touch.

A couple of hours later, he was wrapped around the woman, his fingers tracing through her hair as his lips pressed against her forehead. His chest was still trying to regain the breath that she had taken from him the moment his eyes laid on her as she sat on top of him. He was not a man to sleep with a woman on the first encounter, but this woman racked his brain, pushed him over the edge and tested every boundary that he had ever made for himself.

“Your effect on me is out of control. I’m not sure how much my body can take.” He chuckled into her skin, his fingers escaping her hair to rub her back slightly. With the sheets tangled around their waists, he wanted to keep her warm with his arms, feeling every inch of her skin possible even after already being made one with her a couple of times.

“But I’m willing to push it as far as it needs to go to keep you satisfied.” He whispered into her skin, his lips kissing her skin slightly.

Daevas was never romantic. He was never cheesy. He was never the type of guy that would cuddle after sex, but she made him want to do all of that. To give her the world, but he knew that she wouldn’t have all of him. His company was still his prized possession and she still was on the fence about everything that was going on there, but he didn’t want to scare her off just yet.

He didn’t want to ruin the moment yet either.

The house was quiet except for the fan that was blowing on them to keep them cool. His bed was a mess and their clothes were scattered amongst the floor as they had made their way to the bedroom from the hallway losing everything to satisfy their thirsts of each other. Yet, laying her e next to the woman, he didn’t care at all.

His eyes closed for a moment until he pushed himself up on his side and he looked at her, his fingers tracing her side, making circles on her hip. “What is going through your mind right now?”
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Ruby was sure that she could stay here forever. She had captivated by the beautiful sights of the city glistening under the moonlight that seemed to light everything up so wonderfully. Now the man before her captivated her once more. Every time she looked towards him, she found herself lost in his eyes and it was something that she was beginning to feel a desperate need for. Her body arched against his own as he wrapped himself around her and the way he groaned seemed to light a fire within her, awakening her need to be fulfilled by him once more. Her heart raced with the desire she felt growing within her and she suddenly became very aware of every movement he made. He pulled her closer to him to that she could feel every crevasse of his toned body and the heat between them seemed to increase in a matter of seconds.

As his hands travelled up to her neck she found a moment of oxygen enter her lungs as he broke the kiss to move him lips to her skin. An aroused sigh escaped her lips as she allowed her eyes to close and a wave of provocation swept over her. His whisper travelled along her skin, causing a shudder to travel down her spine and she had to bite her lip to stop herself from letting out another moan that told him that she wanted him again.

A smile danced upon her lips as he spoke and continued to trace kisses along her skin, pulling her into him as if there was still space between their bodies that needed closing. Every touch and every movement threatened to pull her deeper into his trance. By this point, there was nothing that she could do to escape him. All she could do was allow herself to get lost in him and save the thinking until later. His lips found hers again and she allowed her tongue to dance along his, committing the taste of his to her memory as they tasted each other.

His intoxicating affect almost persuaded her to get lost in him right there. Every nerve ending of her body was crying out for his touch and she wanted him to take her as he had on a few hours ago. If it were not for their surroundings, she might have taken the lead and done just that, pulling into a sensual moment where they could both reach ecstasy but he had already pointed out that there were nails and all sorts of traps that offered potential dangers towards them. While she was sure the passion of the moment might have been worth it, she didn’t want either one of them to get hurt in the process. It was clear from his words that he hadn’t wanted to stop but his desire to be a ‘gentleman’ was something that seemed to take over his instincts completely.

At first, she just nodded towards him to acknowledge that he had spoken, not really knowing how to respond him. Her breaths were still heavy and she found her arousal was still prominent. Ruby bit down on the inside of her lip so that she could gain some control over her inhibitions. His hands in her hair was almost enough to tip her over the edge and she found herself in need of breaking eye contact so that she could focus on something other than him. It was when he posed his question to her that she found the courage to form her words. A seductively smile danced upon her lips as she ran her finger absently over the hand that had gripped her own. Her eyes tried to find his but he was not looking directly at her.

“I have no intention of going home tonight.” She said in a whisper, ready to follow him wherever he intended to take her.
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 321d 23h 16m 59s
The sight was definitely something to see. It was something that not many had the opportunity to enjoy. He liked to only show a select few. The moonlit cast shadows across the buildings gave a soft glow that even a photographer couldn’t capture with the best lens. He knew that only with the view from the eyes could only hold the image and maybe someone could create it with the strike of the hand. It held the feeling that something that most Americans had in their heart. Freedom, and the ability to be able to do anything in this world. Right there, in front of you was the city, you could grab it and pull it into your heart and control it with everything you had. If you worked hard enough, if you knew the side streets and the ways that the city worked, you could do everything in perfect clock work timing to be able to control what happened.

This is how Daevas worked. He wanted to know every piece that made her tick. His intention was to be a part of her life in a way where if things were to end, he would forever be etched in her beautifully intricate design. His eyes traced over her profile as he glanced away from the view. The way that her lips curled to produce a smiled whisper that the view was beautiful, he simply nodded, not wanting to ruin the moment with physical words. In that moment, in the back of his head had thought of many ways to be romantic and to be even more of a charmer, but he let the view do the talking for him.

He simply stood against the edge of the window, glancing out, trying not to get his head stabbed by the nails and such that were above him. His tall frame was bound to be splintered. He let his hand trace small circles in her back as they looked out for a moment longer, letting the cool wind hit their faces, trace and caress their skin as they stood in the way of the window. They had the ability to watch the city grow…live, and carry on through the night. A completely different type of life came out at night. Those who usually didn’t do well for the world struck out at night in search of their next prey.

It wasn’t until she was moving in his arms when he found himself looking at her again. Her movements were fluid, filled with grace and poise as she had taken her hands to envelope around his, curving her body into his. The warmth of her skin was radiating from his own as she moved closer to him. His first instinct was to wrap his arms around her and pull her closer to him, but he let her do her thing. He let her come to him and show him how much she wanted him.

His eyes traced her face as she spoke. Those beautiful lips pursed so effortlessly to produce the words that drove a straight injection of pure serotonin and happiness surging through his heart. [i I do not know what you are doing to me, Mr. Black] … Oh the words that she spoke, the way she spoke them and even the soft whispered tone that she used as she connected the dots between them and planted her lips on his made his head spin. His lips moved with hers and instinctively he wrapped his arms around her, a groan escaping from his lips.

He crashed her body against his. His fervent need for the woman was growing stronger with every moment their lips pulsed together. His free hand that wasn’t around her waist slowly traced up her hip to her neck where he angled it just right, breaking the kiss to savor the taste of her skin under his tongue. Pausing for a moment, taking in a breath as he heaved in heavy breaths against her, he whispered into her neck. “Ms. Grant, you haven’t a single idea as to what effect you hold on me.”

He let his lips carry over her skin, her hands kneading into her back, curving over her rear for a moment or two before he carried his face to reach her lips again and there he devoured her lips, loving the taste that she produced for him. He let his lips speak for themselves until he was pulling away breathlessly and there he stared into her eyes, tracing his fingers through her hair, feeling the softness of the curls between his fingers.

“As much as I want to show you the effect you have on me, I want to be a gentleman…” He pressed his lips together, swallowing slightly. A part of him wanted to have her against the window sill. Other parts of him was fighting the hormones raging through him to be the gentleman and just let her lay in his arms that night…He wanted to be mischevious and lean her close to the window before taking his way with her, but he would wait for her response, let her take the ropes as she was already doing a fantastic job…

Moving his hand from her back, he let it lose and there he held onto her hand, lacing his fingers through hers as he continued to run his fingers through her hair, looking down into her beautiful eyes. In this moment he felt like a young 17 year old boy on a first date that actually meant something to him. He felt awkward and shy in the back of his mind, but his physical aged mind was all ready to take her by the hand and lead her down the stairs again and carry her to the bedroom…

He was all about taking her by the hand to show her another view…

He cleared his throat in response to hold himself to a higher standard of gentleman as he glanced to the side. “Do you want to stay with me tonight?”
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 322d 17h 18m 11s
Ruby watched as he seemed to keep his intense gaze upon her. She was almost sure that he knew exactly what she was thinking and feeling in every single moment. It was as though he was peering into her very soul when he looked at her, drinking in every aspect of her that he possibly could. The way he smiled told her that he had more to say and as he spoke, every single word etched into her. She believed every word but there was still something that allowed a small crease of doubt to enter her mind. Their acquaintance was still so new and to proclaim that he wanted her directly in her life was a terrifying thought. She had only moved to Chicago a few weeks ago and with a new job to manage, she wasn’t sure whether a relationship would be too much to handle, especially since he appeared to have an element of danger imprinted upon his lifestyle.

Rather than making any attempt to relay her feelings to him, she had changed the subject successfully but she couldn’t help but blush when he winked towards her. There was something about him that made her feel as though she was no longer the strong, independent woman she considered herself to be. With him, she was nothing more than a woman who could so easily fall in love with a man who had claimed her virtue for himself. He was certainly holding all the cards and she was unsure of how that made her feel. It wasn’t until he was standing beside her and holding his hand out to her that she even realised that he had moved out of his seat in the first place.

For a minute, she simply stared at it, wondering what might happen if she were to take his hand; wondering whether she could trust herself to withstand his intoxicating effects and remain sober in his presence. Whatever he had to show her could have been the end of her will to stay away from him. Her gaze moved from his hand to his charming smile and she found herself taking his hand and rising from the seat that had grounded her for the time they had spent dining together. For a moment she stood there, entangled in his gaze unsure of what he might want to show her expression must have showed her nervous anticipation as he tried to reassure her.

“I do not know why, but I do trust you.” She said simply, returning his smile before following him upstairs. The butterflies in her stomach seemed to awaken as they moved. Unwarranted nerves overcame her as she began to consider all the possibilities that might have motivated him to take her upstairs. He had already taken her once this evening and knowing that devious look in his eye it was a possibility that what he wanted to show her was something similar. Instead, she was surprised to watch him reach up towards the ceiling to pull down a ladder that would take her up into the attic. She watched as he started to climb and waited for him to signal that she should follow him. Ruby carefully analysed where to put her feet, routinely checking how near she was to the top, all the while wondering what he could possibly want to show her in his attic.

When she reached to top she allowed her head to move round so that she could take in the sights of the small room. There was barely any space available for the two of them so Daevas had an excuse to wrap himself around her. It seemed that his intentions were not solely selfless. Ruby laughed nervously as they tried to avoid the dangers of the attic, all the while trying to figure out why he had brought her here. It wasn’t until they stopped and he reached out that the reason was finally revealed. As the sight before her was revealed, her lips parted with awe and her breath caught in her throat. She had never seen anything quite like it. The city looked beautiful from his height and the moonlit buildings were all the more spectacular from this view. She had be awe-stricken the moment she had arrived in Chicago but this was certainly something else.

For a moment, she had almost forgotten that she had company. It wasn’t until he spoke and ran his fingers along her back that she had been reminded of that. Her nerve endings felt as though they were on fire again and his touch lit a new fire of passion deep within her. Her throat began to dry up and she swallowed to remedy it as she continued to look out of the window.

“This is so beautiful.” She said, her voice barely even a whisper before she turned to face him. His features in the darkness of the room looked all the more appealing as the moonlight crept upon his face. Now her breath caught in her throat for a very different sight. Ruby reached out and took his hand before stepping closer to him so that her body was only an inch from his own. She took one last look out towards the city before turning her attention back to Daevas.

There was no way of suppressing her desire to feel his lips upon her own and she decided to give in to her desires for the moment. Slowly, she leant forward until her lips were hovering above his. “I do not know what it is you are doing to me Mr Black.” She whispered before closing the distance she had left between their lips, sinking deeply into a kiss that threatened to blur her mind once more.
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 328d 22h 1m 59s
The way that she looked at him told him that she was clearly affected by his movements, by his gaze, and earlier proved that she was affected by the way he touched her. It was satisfying knowing that the woman had a draw to him, because it settled it the thought that he had in the back of his mind that she could walk away without a single look back. It was a rather disturbing thought but he knew he had to stand his ground if she decided herself that she could not handle being in his life simply because of his line of work.

Her eyes seemed to be comforted when he offered the explanation but he could see some look of confusion spread over her face, but the way that she spoke to him showed otherwise. She spoke very educationally and with ease, though her voice and face did not match. The way that she looked at him made him think that she wanted him again and yet her words were not matching the thoughts that were unknowingly similar. Continuing to look at her, he simply nodded his head. “I don’t expect you to.” He said simply. “You asked for an explanation after I gave you permission to ask, so of course I obliged.”

His eyes traced her face as a smile came across his face. “I do not want to hide anything from you. My intentions with you are very clear. I want you here, in my arms…in my life.” He said, his eyes never faltering from hers. Seriousness was spread over his face. He meant every word. He knew from the moment that she was alone with him and kissed his lips that he wanted more than just a one night stand or a contract…

As she expressed her gratitude for the dinner and him hosting it, he couldn’t help but smile a little more. “You’re very welcome. I like to treat my guests with utmost respect and how I do that is through their stomach.” He winked at her with a chuckle before he pulled his napkin off his lap and set it beside his plate.

As he looked at her again, the thought of how beautiful she was spread across his mind. It was plastered there, and all he wanted to do was give her the world. Yet he knew…small steps. Rushing led to nowhere. With a deep exhale, he looked around and stood, pushing back his seat and come around the table, holding his hand out to her.

“I would like to show you something.” He hoped to clasp her hand and help her stand. His eyes looking down at her as he would do so, feeling his fingers encircle hers. A smile on his face. A charming man that he was…he wanted nothing more than to sweep her off her feet and carry her away. The way that she was…it intoxicated him. He wanted nothing more to have his fill every day of his life. He could see it in the subconscious of his mind…

“Just trust me.” He chuckled as he led her up the stairs. Reaching the top, there was a string that led to a small cubby hole in the ceiling. He let the ladder string down and he climbed up first so then he could help her find her footing and get up with him. There they would stand in the middle of the attic of the third floor of his town home. It was quiet and stuffy in the small area. Boxes were stacked against the wall of the small space and he had to wrap his arms around her to keep her close enough so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

“Watch out, the spikes from the roofing are very dangerous around here.” He said as they walked toward the small window along the far wall that was mere feet away from them. He reached for the latch and pulled it just right so that it would click and then creak open. There, it was the perfect view of Chicago. It was high enough to see everything in the city…at least see the skyline just perfectly. The moon had made its reflection on the buildings and the light spread over the city, but the soft city glow sparkled from there position.

“I wanted to give you another sight that you could appreciate in this big city.”

His fingers traced the small of her back as he leaned a heavy arm against the tilt of the structure, his arm crooked from the weight slightly. He wanted to see her reaction to the sight as his eyes traced her side profile…Even in the moonlight she was beautiful…at every angle.
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