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[I “Did he do this to you?”] He asked with a raised eyebrow as he started to clean up some of the blood.

[b “Christ Jason, no he did not. I assure you that if I found myself with a man who felt it necessary to lay his hands on me, I would not be going anywhere with him. It was just an accident, so stop worrying.”] They both knew it wasn’t an accident but there would be no more talk of the matter between them as Jason seemed to accept that the wound did not come from the hands of Mr Black. It was nice to have someone who seemed to care about her wellbeing, and she hoped that this was a friendship that would last. Ruby had never been the kind of girl to make friends, mostly because the women in her hometown were very traditional and she was far from that. For the time being he focused on cleaning her up and then got some bandages from the kit behind the bar.

[I “There. All better.”] He said as he inspected his work proudly and glanced down at her clothes. [I “You better go out back and change. You got blood on you and I’m not sure it’s such a good look.”] Ruby looked down as sighed heavily. It was a nice dress too. Maybe she could take it home and try to clean it up.

[b “I appreciate your help Jason.”] With that she moved off to the dressing room so that she could change into something else and Jason returned to the piano, running his fingers over the keys so that he could practice the melody of the song that they had written that day. He was sure that it would be a hit with the customers and Ruby sure knew how to sell a performance. After all, isn’t that what had captured the attention of the mysterious Mr Black. He glanced up then and noticed that there were voices coming from the bar and one of them happened to belong to the mysterious figure himself.

He stopped playing then and shifted, moving towards him as he leaned against his regular booth. [I “It’s quite different isn’t it? Seeing it in the day and all quiet like this.”] He smiled and looked around and then back to him. [I “Mr Black I assume. It’s nice to meet you.”] He said as he offered out him hand.

Ruby emerged then and upon seeing Jason with Daevas, she rushed herself forward, remembering the embarrassing conversation they had earlier that day. [b “Whatever he said, ignore him. Jason is crazy.”] She said with a soft smile towards him and then stepped forward to Daevas. It was strange to feel like she had missed him so much in the space of a day. [b “It’s good to see you.”] She said as she took his hand in hers.

[I “I just said hello, nothing more. You are so paranoid. Well, I’ll leave you to it. You take good care of our girl now.”] He said and then winked towards Ruby who was already blushing.

[b “How about we get out of here?”]
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Daevas was a man of his word. He went through his day striving to keep that word at all costs. He was going to keep his promises to his clients and his personal relationships. He was not one to lie. Business however, was business. During the day as he had been working on some contractor meetings and setting up general architecture, he was putting in his words, his thoughts and opinions for the better of the company. He was pushing for his buildings and machinery be of the top line and set of the art technology and edge. He was defining the art of construction and the push of technology within buildings for the better benefit of the public.

At the end of the day, he was finishing up editing/commenting on the proposals that were going to be sent to the companies they were trying to start work with on different projects. He was not about to let an official form or document be sent without his eyes being on it. He was not going to let his company fall for the mistake of someone else. Pressing his lips, he had glanced at the clock, it was getting rather late around 6PM. It was about time that he leave and see about dinner plans with Miss Grant. She had been on his mind all day, her smile, her laugh...her skin. He wanted nothing more to have her in front of him at all times. He was more smiley than usual. Yes, he had had his flings, but never would they interfere with work.

Her...on the other hand, was something that he was now incorporating.

It was only the beginning, but he was looking forward to the ride. He gathered his things, closed his pages, pulled some from the top of the stack and placed them in his brief case to review at home after dinner and he placed on his coat and walked out the door to say good night to Annah who was still finishing up her own work. [b I will see you in the morning, Miss Annah.] She nodded and he went down the elevator and walked out to the car.

Driving through the traffic in the streets of Chicago, the colors had been changing due to the colors of fall coming into play. Reds, oranges, and maroons were all playing a role in lining the streets. It was rather comforting watching the color be so bright during this time of year. While the sun was not much of a shower during this time of year, gray skies were very stark as compared to the bright colored shrubbery on the ground.

The city life was not for the faintest of hearts, but he was making it through before he was arriving at the doors of the Green Mill where Ruby had been rehearsing. As he was driving closer, it was on the nicer side of town, however, it was still something to be worried about. People were all over the place, shopping, tending to the errands. He smiled as he pulled up, eager to see her again. He got out of the car, walking up to the gates where he knocked on the side door where she had walked in, and there he waited for her to answer or someone who he could ask for would answer.

When a man answered the door, his brunt self around the same height as Daevas looked at him. [i Can I help you sir?]

Daevas lifted a brow just slightly. [b Daevas Black. Here for Ruby Grant.]

The eyes of the man widened slightly. [i She is in the dressing room, please come in and take a seat while I go and get her.] Apparently the man knew who he was. He nodded and folded his coat over his arm as he walked in. It was rather unsettling seeing the Green Mill without a major crowd. It was rather beautiful. The wooden carvings, and he could see his normal seat prim and proper like always. He smiled as he walked to a booth and leaned against the edge of it, slipping his hands into his pockets as he waited for the woman to come out of the dressing room to see him.
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Ruby thought it best to wait around for Daevas to pick her up from work at his own convenience, figuring that it would be foolish of her to go home herself, especially since she didn’t really know where they would be staying. She figured that Daevas would feel safer in the confines of his own home where the men he trusted had been stationed the first night he had taken her back to his place, although she imagined that some of those men didn’t work for him anymore since they were partially responsible for her kidnapping. Ruby had been asked questions about the cut on her chest as her boss was concerned about her but she ensured that she would be able to cover it with make-up and that she was completely fine. She thought it best not to go into any specific details, not really sure what was really appropriate for them to know.

[i “So, Mr Black huh?”]

[b “Excuse me?”] She asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow as the pianist at the club started to ask her questions about her personal life after the club manager went about his own business. Jason was sat running his fingers over the keys gently with a arrogant and playful smirk upon his face. It was obvious to Ruby that this man was likely more interested in Daevas than he was interested in her or any other woman for that fact but this was not exactly an accepting time and he would remain firmly in the closet with those he did not consider trustworthy.

[i “You left with him the other night. I saw you leave together.”] He wriggled his brows and little and chuckled. [i “Tell me Miss Grant, I am assuming you shared more than dinner that night?”]

[b “Jason!”] Her tone sounding shocked at the ease with which he asked her such a question. Women were not expected to talk about sex and if they did there was usually some kind of misconception about whether that woman was promiscuous in some way. Ruby was far from that woman. She was inexperienced and Daevas had introduced her to such pleasures for the first time. Even though their interactions were still very new, she couldn’t imagine indulging in such things with anyone else. [b “I do not believe that is any of your business.”] She did not sound offended, in fact her tone was rather light, one that might exist between friends teasing each other. Jason would become a good friend of hers, of that she was certain.

[i “Oh Miss Grant, do not be such a prude. Sex is perfectly normal and regardless of what society says about women and marriage, I say screw society.”] Jason was another who wanted for fight against the conformities and expectations of the time and it didn’t really surprise her. [i “Sex is for all to enjoy. It is not the be all and end all.”] He shook his head and pulled his fingers from the keys, shutting the piano gently before focusing all of his attention on her. [i “He was your first wasn’t he? Wow Ruby, you lucky girl.”]

Ruby chuckled and slapped her hand playfully against his arm. [b “Behave you.”]

[i “Oh Ruby, I’m sorry to say that I simply don’t know how to behave. If he comes to pick you up I am not sure I will be able to contain my excitement.”]

[b “Well you will have to, I’m sure that he will be here to pick me up any minute now and I do not want you to make him think I work with insane people.”]

[i “Oh but you do darling, you do.”] He kissed her cheek and rose from the piano and took hold of her hands. [i “I’m seriousness, you are bleeding through that bandage, let me fix that for you.”] He led her to the bar and sat her down on a stool as he peeled away the fabric, running a damp and clean cloth over it. [i “Christ, what the hell did you do?”]

[b “It’s nothing and I am fine.”]
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[i You look rather dashing in a suit. I must say that you are making it very difficult for me to focus my thoughts on work right now.]

She spoke and it made him smile as he finished fixing his cuff links. He liked the feel of a form fitting suit. It soothed him, wrapped him a secure blanket of success, at least that is what his father always told him, and his mother was supportive of business suits. A working man was one who was always sought after. His smile turned into a smirk as he took a glance at her comfortable clothing. [b I appreciate it darling, thank you. It’s always a treat to make you want me before work.] He winked softly at her as he was driving forward down the streets of Chicago. He was going to be the one who was going to be with her. His own had betrayed him and he wasn’t going to let it happen again. It was his responsibility from now on, which is how he liked things.

He gave her a soft kiss, a nip on the bottom lip before he let her go, watching that beautiful ass walk in the building and disappear behind the door. It was good that the club was closed and he wasn’t going to have to work about other men trying to touch his woman…Yet the woman that wanted to harm her was only the beginning. Now that she was being seen with the man she might now a target on her back just because of her appearance with him. Many people were not a fan of Daevas only because he had to keep his business running, and he was going to do whatever it takes. And which with that thought and goal in mind, not many people could control what he was going to be doing. This was his choice, his ultimate decision, and he wasn’t about to ruin his name because he was able to be bribed for compliance. No. he was the one who set the trends in this mechanical and industrial world.

As he drove to the office, traffic had begun to pick up and he was sure that he was going to be late. It wasn’t but only 5 minutes to spare that he pulled up into his designated spot and he grabbed his brief case from the back seat and he was heading toward the office building when his assistant was there to greet him. [b Good morning, Annah.] He said softly, holding the brief case tightly in his hand. She nodded as she started down at the note pad she held in her shaky hands. [I Yes sir, good morning, I have quite a bit for you.] She said.

[b Well let’s get this started. Hit me with the top and we will work from there.] She smiled up at him and began the list of things that he needed to tend to. A few deals were being set up this week, and his managers and groups asked him to be there to support the deal as well as show his face as an actual person of the company. He nodded and gave scheduled times, sure to include the Miss Ruby within those thoughts. A list of phone calls had come to his desk, but none were of importance. [b How far are we in the request for proposals for the structuring of the new capital building down town?] He asked. Annah lifted her head from her notepad before flipping a few pages. [I It looks like that this week those few deals were included with contractors and designers and architects are all in the process. They just need your final and declaring charm to get the ball rolling.]

[b Excellent my dear. I’ll be working on those meetings. If a Ruby Grant calls, please direct her line to my office. ] Annah nodded her head. [I I will sir.]

The rest of the day included phone calls, brutal conference calls and meetings, it wore Daevas out, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. As he was pulling his brief case together as he was putting on his jacket when Annah looked up from her desk as he stepped out. [I Have a good night with Miss Grant.] She said. He looked at her and nodded. [b Have a good night.]

Annah was aware that Ruby was of great importance if she was allowed a direct line to him. Other women were not given such luxury.
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Considering Ruby’s first time had been with this man, she was already feeling quite confident in his presence to be able to request some time with him in her bed, although on this occasion is was less a request and more a demand, which he seemed keen to adhere to. She was ready to start walking with him towards the bedroom, already feeling like a love-sick teenager ready to fall into bed with a man she shouldn’t be with but she couldn’t deny that things had never felt so right before meeting him. Just as Ruby’s foot took a step forward, his movement was swift and caught her off guard, lifting her so that her legs were wrapped around him. A playful squeal escaped her with the motion and then her face when red with the heat of feeling his arousal pressed against her. It was unexpected but pleasant to say the least.

She laughed with him as he moved towards the stairs and carried her. She had to resist kissing him, not wanting to block his view so that the two of them ended up on their backs on the stairs instead of the bed. It wasn’t long before the two were wrapped up in each other on the bed, spending the time to get to know each other’s bodies a little better than before. She hoped that this was something that would remain between them because there was nothing in this world that could give her a rush like this, not even signing at the club and that in itself was a huge rush for her.

The two spent some hours pleasuring each other, pushing each other to the limits of whatever was possible until the time came for him to go to work and for her to do the same, regardless of the fact that she would happily give that up to spend the rest of the day rolling around in bed with him. Instead, she bathed and changed into something comfortable for her rehearsal, knowing that the club was closed, and she wasn’t expected to be dressed up for them.

[b “You look rather dashing in a suit. I must say that you are making it very difficult for me to focus my thoughts on work right now.”] She chuckled before following him to the car after he made it clear that he intended to drive her to work herself and he would also pick her up when they had bother finished their lengthy days. Before he left here there, she left him with a kiss, almost a promise that she would certainly see him that night. Then she left the car and moved inside, everyone causing a fuss around her since she was supposed to come into work the day before. Luckily, they had been told by the police that she had been attacked but they suggested that it was a random street mugging rather than relaying the truth.

For the rest of the day she worked on her set list, making sure she included songs that she knew well and songs that she could change up depending on the atmosphere of the place, but also started to put in the work of writing her own lyrics. A track was played for her several times and soon enough she was putting lyrics on paper and singing melodies that simply came to her. It wasn’t something she had done before, but it was almost euphoric to know that she was able to write her own music and have people enjoy it because the man who had hired her was singing her praises for being able to get something down so quickly.

[I “It’s perfect. Sexy and seductive and I can just see the men going crazy over this.”] With any luck, the song would be ready by the weekend.
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Daevas had only smiled as he had put down the paper to look at the female. Saying that some of it would have spoiled if he wouldn’t have made it. It just made him shrug. It was a time that he was wanting to make the best, make it up to her after last night’s events. He wanted to be sure that everything in her mind was pointing toward the direction that things around here were going to return back to normal. Everything around them might have been changing and running rampant with their relationship happening so fast, but things were going to return to a schedule…a routine. They would find their place…it was only a matter of time.

She had glanced at him as he had been glancing back down at the paper. He could see her face out of the side of his eyes, but he didn’t motion to let her know that he was paying attention. It just made him smile internally that she was looking at him, studying him some time. However, the moment that she reminded him that this was her cousin’s place as well. He found himself running red in the cheeks. [b “Well I hope that she wasn’t here during the night, otherwise I feel we would have kept her awake with our lovemaking.”] He said calmly, as if the words were very casual. Some men would call it sex, others would like to curse and make it more explicit with fucking, but he wanted a gentle side. It was one side of him that he wanted to be careful about. How he saw it, and how it was, it was exactly how he was going to put it out there. If it were other things, then he would say so. It was the type of man he was. Matter-of-fact.

Moving on in the conversation, their words carried over to work, surrounding them as he was curious about how everything was working. He wanted her to stay safe, but then still be able to do as she pleased. It was her life, it was her work, and he wanted to respect that, despite his protective feelings. He pressed his lips together, having already repeated that he wanted her to be safe and offered the police escort. It would only take a matter of a few phone calls to arrange it, and her emotions ran over many different types in a matter of a few moments, but then she settled on it. He had stood up to take care of the dishes as they talked about the escort. She was listening as he spoke, and he smiled, his words coming to a sweet close as he looked at her, coming closer to her as he had glanced slightly at the bandage. A hint of a sharp pain hit his chest as he knew that he was the cause for it, but he was going to dismiss it quickly as his hands softly moved to the back of her neck as he had kissed her.

She had leaned into him, her body heavier slightly as she had done so. Their lips collided and it was but a sweet yet tantalizing kiss and all he could do was smile when she had pulled back, the feisty look in her eyes was back. She was no longer the young girl smiling at him, but the grown woman who knew what she wanted. Her words were short and to the point. Both motions from the look of fire to the words that she would keep herself safe, to the very last at which she demanded he take her to bed, it was over in that moment. [b “With pleasure, Miss Ruby Grant.] He said smoothly as she had clasped his hand in her own, but he was in for another thought. He wasn’t going to let the woman so barefoot walk around. His body was ready for the taking…

He reached for her, and pulled her closer to him, her body wrapped in the robe. With a swift moment, he wrapped his arms around her rear and pulled her legs apart to wrap securely around his waist where she could already feel the growth that she had aroused in him. He chuckled, losing his own breath with her curves against his muscles and her warmth radiating from her skin. [b “M’Lady.”] He said as he walked up the stairs with ease and went around the corner until he was at her bedroom door. He chuckled as he maneuvered her until he was able to open the door and step into the room.

Closing the door, he stepped forward and turned to where he was sitting on the bed, letting her rest her knees on either side of him. Immediately his hands were removing the clothing that was keeping their bodies apart and he was without hesitation to give her the pleasure that she was reaching for. It didn’t take him long to devour and kiss every crevice as he wanted every piece that she had to give. He wanted her, needed her…And he wanted to show her that with every stroke of his tongue, hips, and touch.

A couple of hours later, he had been dressed, his body wrapped in the form fitting suit for work attire. He turned out to not call an escort, but instead drive her himself to ensure that he didn’t have to trust anyone else to do so. He wanted her to be herself, but he wanted to be the one to keep her safe. It was in the days prior that he had lost faith in others while his gut had been telling him that his entire life.

[b “I’ll see you tonight.”] He promised as he was pulling up to her place of employment. He needed to get to work, but his business was stable enough to keep afloat while he was away for the morning time. He would get back to his appointments in due time the moment that he walked through the door.
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Ruby smiled and shook her head. [b “Don’t be ridiculous I don’t need you to replace any groceries. Some of it might have spoiled if you hadn’t used it this morning so you did me a favour really.”] For a moment she just looked at him, watching his go back to reading his newspaper. It was clear from his words that he intended to spend more time here. She was glad that he was intending on spending more time with her and it brought a smile to his face to hear those words but this place was not her own. She couldn’t live in Chicago alone as a woman with the rent prices being so high, especially since she had only just managed to secure a paying job.

Ruby nodded, [b “As long as you remember that I live with my cousin and it is her home too. I wouldn’t want to exploit her hospitality so we would have to keep ourselves to ourselves when we do spend time here.”] The conversation turned back to her work and she nodded when he seemed to approve of the Saturday night slot she had managed to secure. It was true that there were all sorts of people hanging around The Green Mill during the evenings, mostly because it was one of the only clubs one could get away with purchasing alcohol and cigarettes during these times and the police didn’t seem to bother the club much. Maybe she was working for another man who had the cops in his pocket; maybe he paid them off. She wasn’t about to ask that question when she knew full well it was none of her business. She was paid to sing and she doubted her new boss would appreciate any more input from her.

Ruby was brought back down to Earth when Daveas mentioned that some of the men escaped. If they wanted to prove their loyalty to this woman, even if she was behind bars they might decide to come after her, although she imagined that having Daevas show up at her kidnapping and overpowering them might be enough to ward them off. She wanted independence and she didn’t want to appear scared, that much was true, but she also wasn’t stupid. She wasn’t about to put herself in danger just to prove a point. She couldn’t do that to herself and she couldn’t do that to him. Ruby watched him move closer to her and placed her hand in his, using the contact to help her stand.

That was when he heart started to race again, in that familiar way that told her she wanted nothing more than to be this close to him for the rest of her life. All it took was his touch and the heat from his body to send her mind racing and her heart fluttering. Ruby swallowed hard as his hand traced across her skin, leaving a tingling sensation wherever they had been and then without a second thought, her eyes closed as his lips pressed against hers and she found her legs growing weak within a second. She melted into the kiss, placing her arms around his neck and injected all of her passion into the kiss. She pulled away after several minutes and locked her eyes with his. [b “I’ll take the police escort. I’ll do whatever it takes to remain safe for you. But right now, I want you to take me to bed.”] She was completely intoxicated by him and she didn’t want that to come to an end. She closed her hand around his and started to move back towards the stairs.
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[font “Times” Daevas was one who liked a schedule, a routine, a groove that he fit into. He was definitely a man of habit, and sitting here enjoying the time sitting with her, while worried about stealing her food to make breakfast was completely out of his comfort zone. He could make due with any situation, but this woman had him twisted, bent, and even curved around her finger. Yet, as she was eating, after having explained that she had food and if not she could stop at the super market on the way home, she had absolutely no clue.]

[font “Times” Neither did he.]

[font “Times” He smiled at her. [b I can help pay for the groceries that I had used. To help replace what portions I used. Especially if I will be staying here off and on, I want to make sure my part is covered.] He said softly as he had reached over having touched her leg. His eyes were back on the paper and the words that had come from his mouth had simply been said, put out on the table. The filter didn’t even catch the futuristic terms he had thrown out there and when it finally clicked on his head that he had done that and had said the words as if he was dominating the conversation as well as her home, he glanced up, setting the paper down. [b I do hope that you allow me to stay here that is of course.] ]

[font “Times” Never had this man been so nervous. ]

[font “Times” Speaking about the paper and moving on with the conversation, he glanced at her, interested as to what she was going to say about the club that she was apart of. As she spoke, her words curling around the words of her being in the position to write her own songs and perform her own routines, he sipped on his coffee and nodded. [b Busy day. I look forward to seeing your shows and hearing your lovely voice.] He smiled at her as he took the plates from her and began washing them in her sink. She had thanked him and continued on. [b Saturday night? That is definitely a good spot to have. Many eyes and ears are at the Green Mill on a Saturday night. For some, I’m sure it is the highlight of their week.] He smiled back at her, having been when he had met her was there…on a fateful Saturday night.]

[font “Times” The police escort, as he brought it up, was important. He finished up the plates and turned around, leaning on the sink. [b I want you to be safe. While they did arrest her, there were ones that escaped. There were ones that had gotten away and had a vendetta to have you hung up by your perfect hair.] He said it seriously. [b It worries me is all.] His voice had lowered into a whisper as he looked at her. He could tell that she wanted to be independent, that she wanted to rpove her worth and her strength. She wanted that, it was clear by the lion look in her eyes. She was made for the kill, she had fought her way up here…she wasn’t about to have the antelope take over her now. ]

[font “Times” He nodded at her. [b You can do what you wish. You don’t have to have a police escort, I just want you there safely. ] He walked over her, reaching for her hand and encouraging her to stand up. [b I can’t stand to have the thought of losing you again run through my head.] He whispered, his fingers tracing along her jaw, tracing down to her neck before he reached the bandage, just to lightly touch it before his hand curled around the back just gentle enough to pull her in for a kiss. ]
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Ruby hadn’t even thought about her dinner plans for the week. At least not since the only thought on her mind the night before had been whether she would even make it through the night. She smiled toward Daevas and shrugged slightly. [b “It doesn’t matter if you did. I can always get more food. It’s not the end of the world. If I remember rightly I was starting to run out of food so I would have probably had to run to the market at some point today or tomorrow anyway.”] She watched as he started to lower himself to the chair next to her and smiled when his hand brushed her thigh. She already knew the answer to her question but it was more of any attempt to make conversation. Ruby understood completely that he had work to attend to. After all, he was an important man and she could not and would not expect him to give up even a single day of work for her.

When he encouraged her to eat up she glanced down at her plate. She didn’t exactly have much of an appetite because she was still a little shell shocked from the events that had transpired but she knew that it would help her feel better to have some form of sustenance, so rather than protesting, she found herself eating the food he had lovingly prepared for her. The two sat quietly for a little while, enjoying the comfortable silence of the morning. If this was any indication of what their life could be together she was sure that it was something she could get used to, something that could make her very happy. It also lifted her heart to hear that he wanted the protect her as much as wanted to. Never before had she had any man care about her the way he seemed to and his actions were more than enough to show her than this was not just an act. He wouldn’t try so hard if this truly meant nothing to him. All she wanted to do now was forget about the night before and move on, and now she was certain that she wanted to move on with him.

Despite not being hungry to begin with, Ruby had managed to finish the breakfast Daevas had prepared for her. It took her a minute for her to remember what day it was in order for her to answer his question about her plans for the day. [b “I have to go to the club to run through my set. Since they gave me a residency they want me to plan and rehearse my shows. I think they want me to write some music of mine own with the house band when things get going.”] Just as she was about to stand and move to the sink to wash her plate, Daevas seemed to get on the job before she had the opportunity to do it. [b “Thank you. So, I have rehearsals three times a week and he gave me the Saturday night slot which I hear is really hard to secure so I’m pretty happy about that.”] The pride she felt about that was clearly evident upon her face. A smile that echoed it dancing upon her lips. [b “Do you think a police escort is necessary? They arrested her.”] She was still a little scared but she didn’t want to show that and she certainly didn’t want Daevas to see her as nothing but a vulnerable woman but at the same time, if he felt it was important, then she wouldn’t go against his wishes.
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[center [font “Garamond” [b I did. I hope I didn’t make too much of a mess of your dinner plans for the week.] He said, thinking about the food that she had and if she had any planned dinner meals set in her kitchen to cook for the menu. He wasn’t entirely sure about this arrangement. He was more of having the woman stay with him in his own territory where he knew where everything was…where he was in control, but something was easier about being with her…away from his own place…in something new, in something that forced him to adapt.
[center [font “Garamond” Daevas was setting down the plate full of eggs as he looked back at her. She had moved away from him to take a seat at the table. He made his own cup of coffee and sat down beside her as he reached for the news that had been on the chair while he had set up the table. He unfolded it for a second and looked at her for a moment before he reached out and ran his fingers around her thigh. [b Yes baby, I have work today, but I can go in later.] He said a smile on his face as his free hand still held the paper in his hands. [b Eat up. ] He encouraged her to eat. He wasn’t sure how hungry she was, but there were plenty for both of him. He was taking a bite into a piece of toast ashe was reading over the main headlines of the news. If he were to be on the front, it would be a couple of days before it were to post.]]

[center [font “Garamond”It would give him enough time to make up for the press that might happen due to the call of his actions as well as his connections that he used to find out where she was. He was a person that some people knew, some people disliked, and others were strangely wondering what he had done to get where he was that day and age. He pressed his lips together, finishing up with the main headlines and moved them to rest underneath a side plate and continued to eat. [b It looks like the world is obsessed with itself again.] He chuckled and started on his eggs. Looking at her, he was grateful for having her here with him. She was beautiful and intelligent and he was looking forward to what they could become if they were to ensure that they would make it and would continue to fight for each other.]]

[center [font “Garamond” As he was finishing his palte, he watched her set down her coffee and sigh softly. He could practically hear her shoulders shrink down. Unsure if it was relief or what. It wasn’t until he was hearing her words that he understood what she was trying say with her movements.] ]

[center [font “Garamond” He smiled at her. [b I wouldn’t have slept at all if you had told me to leave.] He said honestly. [b Probably would have woken up in the car around the corner.] He shrugged his shoudlers. [b I wanted to keep an eye on you and make sure that you’re okay. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b Yesterday is not for the faint hearted.] He said softly as he was starting to clean up his plate, not meeting her eyes as he couldn’t let his eyes reach down to her scar that would be there on her neck once they removed the bandages and everything were to clear up later on. The scar would still be there, and the memory of what had happened would still be there in the back of their mind no matter what they were to do. No matter what would be in their future, it would be there haunting them….]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b What plans do you have in mind for today? Any more shows that you are going to be a part of?] He asked, wanting to get to know what more the woman was going to want to do. If she was still with the company at which she would be singing/dancing…despite his jealous tendency of watching her. Despite it all, he would sit there, practically in the front row or in his usual spot of the bar to make sure that everything would be as of planned. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b If need be, I can have a police escort you to your place of work. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind after what happened last night.] He said, watching her carefully as he startedto turn on the water and clean the dishes from the breakfast that he had made, starting quickly to ensure that her china was not stained or inapprorpriately damaged.]]
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 216d 13h 50m 16s
It shouldn’t have been so easy for her to fall into what she imagined would become a routine for the two of them. She was unprepared for what was to come but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the morning as it unfolded. Ruby didn’t want to let anything stop her from being with him as though they were a normal couple, at least for the time being. Maybe later they would discuss what would become if their relationship, but for now she was happy to let it play out. She peered around him, watching him move the eggs around in the pan before he turned and claimed her lips with his own. Her heart raced the moment they touched and her lips curled up into a smile as he pulled back from the kiss.

The way he seemed to want her made her feel good, the kind of rush she usually got when she was on stage singing to a crowd of people. Perhaps she had been wrong to dismiss the potential of having a relationship with man for the sake of independence. Or perhaps this was a very unique situation in that she met the one person who could make her heart race and her skin tingle with desire with a single look or even a single thought. She wanted him, even now as he stood bare chested in her kitchen cooking her breakfast of his own accord. But Ruby held back, even though the way his fingers brushed her shoulder made her head feel a little less controlled than usual.

[b “I can see that. I trust you found everything you needed.”] When she looked at all the pans and the food, it was confirmed that he had indeed managed to locate what was required for a substantial breakfast. Ruby then moved to take a seat around the table that was located in the centre of the kitchen after brewing a two cups of coffee. She placed one at the place setting next to her for Daevas and started to sip her own while she waited for him to join her. [b “Do you have to leave for work today?”] This was still so very new and she had no idea what his work pattern was. She knew that he was an important man who clearly had many employees working for him and she was sure that they could handle things for him since it would be part of their job description but Daevas struck her as a man who liked to be directly involved in his business, no matter where it took him. He was clearly involved in much more than Black Industries but she would leave it up to him to tell her whatever he decided to divulge to her. Ruby certainly wouldn’t push him to reveal anything about himself or his business that he wouldn’t share if his own accord but she figured that based on what happened the night before, he might want her to be more prepared if they were to be in each other’s lives.

Ruby set her coffee down on the table and sighed softly. She was no longer feeling the fear she had felt after behind kidnapped and attacked. In fact, with Daevas stood in her kitchen cooking breakfast, she had never felt quite so safe and she was sure that if she poked her head out of the window, the police officer who had been assigned to watch her house would likely still be there, which added another layer of safety to her home. [b “I wanted to thank you for staying with me last night. I don’t think I would have slept as well if I didn’t have you here with me.”]
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[font “Garmond” Daevas was a man of many trades. One who had followed his mother around, one who had learned a lot from his father as he was growing up in this fast paced world. His mother made sure that he knew how to cook, despite the rules showing that the woman should be the one cooking. She wanted her son to not have to depend on a woman in the kitchen and be able to do things on his own. Independence was what she wanted. Now, because of his grandmother, grandfather, mother and father, he was shaped into the man who was now the CEO of Black Industries. His father taught him business, his mother and grand mother taught him to be softer with the women, and his grandfather taught him discipline in everything else. ]

[font “Garmond” During his stay there, even through his workout and showering, he would catch himself thinking of her. He was constantly thinking what he wanted to do, what he wanted to have her do, what she wanted to do in her life. After last night, after the close call that he thought he might have almost lost her, he wanted to give her the life that she wanted.He wanted to be the one that would be providing for her…giving her the best life. Just to make up for what he had put her through within her first month or so of being here. ]

[font “Garmond” He owed it to her to say the least. She didn’t deserve anything, and as he had been working out, he worked extra hard just because of the stress from remembering the scar in her skin that had been because of him and her association with him that caused the accident. Steadying himself, he was keeping himself busy with working out, showering, and moving to make breakfast. After having seen what she had had in the icebox, he had slipped back into the room quietly and slipped on his boxers from the night before. He’d have to make due and he didn’t have an extra set of clothes but there was still time in the day to change later after breakfast. Catching a sweet glimpse of her in the bed, her face pressed against the sheets, a smile on her face, he caught himself grinning from ear to ear. It dampened only slightly from the bandage on her neck, but to see her smile, he knew that she was dreaming something good.]

[font “Garmond” It made him chuckle. He moved away from the room, sure to close it very softly as he walked down the stairs, taking a quick glimpse outside of the window. The sun was starting to peak over the skyline. The birds were starting to fly over the somewhat hazy morning. There were already some people taking their morning jog down the sidewalk and periodically there were some cars that passed through the street.]

[font “Garmond” It was a work day, but a day none the less. They had made it through the night without disturbances and everything was okay. He moved away from the window and walked into the kitchen to start working on breakfast. Having pulled out the meat already, he started up the stove. Finding her pans was something that he had a little bit of trouble with, but once he was able to find the skillet, he felt a little more at home. He cooked the meat first, and let it sizzle and crisp up in the oven after he cooked it thoroughly. Cutting up the fruit, he was able to move along just well and as he was standing over the stove, the eggs were starting to cook when he heard her voice. [I I must be lucky to have stumbled upon a man who can cook.] He glanced back at her with a smile. ]

[font “Garmond” The robe hung off her body as if it was specifically made for her. The bandage was still there, but he was distracted by the lazy smile on her face. He had glanced back at the eggs when she had come over, surrounding her arms around his waist and laid a small kiss on his shoulder. He chuckled and glanced back at her. [b All for you darling. ] He smiled and swished the eggs once more before he turned around and held her face giving her a kiss. [b You are tempting in that robe] He smiled ran his fingers across her shoulders. ]

[font “Garmond” He turned back toward the eggs and ensured they were cooked solid in their scrambled form and scooped them off to a plate. [b I made breakfast. ]]
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Ruby was used to a modest lifestyle. Her parents had owned a farm and she had been brought up with very little money, having to adapt to different circumstances depending on the business and production of the farm. Chicago was the furthest she had ever travelled and she wouldn’t understand how much of the world would open up to her should she decide to embark upon some form of relationship with the man she was already beginning to develop strong feelings for. For a woman so set on independence, that fact alone scared her. However, for the time being she wanted to push such thoughts out of her mind and relax. There was no doubt that Ruby was physically and mentally exhausted after being kidnapped and tortured by a woman who had clearly seen her as some sort of threat to the world she wanted control over.

Ruby eyed the bruises once more, watching him run his fingers over the swollen area. While it was nothing compared to her own wound, she still felt some level of guilt that he had been hurt in the process of trying to save her. If he hadn’t had the police in his pocket she was sure that she would have been killed and Daevas himself might have been hurt more than just a few bruises, so perhaps a part of her was grateful. She ran her own fingers over her collarbone when he mentioned it, almost as an automatic reaction that she didn’t even think about. It stung slightly, causing her to pull her hand away. That was when he distracted her by resting his hand affectionately upon her cheek, using the thumb to soothe her. It forced her to look him in the eyes and she felt the electricity that he had felt himself. It was like the whole world around her had stopped and they were the only two people in the world left. This was so different to their first encounter where the two fell into love-making throughout the night. This felt far more affectionate rather than passionate and it was an alien feeling to her, one that seemed to spread across her body faster than she could have anticipated, one that made her want this every day for the rest of her life. It seemed really fast to be feeling like this but it felt [i right.] It wasn’t long before she was returning his smile, completely unable to resist the pull of him.

Daevas was right. They had both been under significant stress, even if the stress had been different and the thing that they both needed was a good night of sleep to help their bodies and mind recover from that. She didn’t hesitate to get closer to him, burying her head in the nape of his neck as she wrapped her arms around him. Ruby took a deep breath, breathing in the scent of him as she did and suddenly her mind stopped racing, she stopped worrying and she felt completely safe. She barely even felt him press his lips to her shoulder because she was already falling asleep, yet more proof that she was exhausted. She didn’t wake when Daevas did, in fact she was fast asleep, completely deep in a world of dreams. Not even the feel of him moving or holding her a little tighter for a moment could rouse her from her sleep. Even his movements around the house as he exercised and showered did not disturb her. She must have been dreaming about something nice because there was a smile upon her lips as she readjusted herself to being alone in bed. Either that or she was simply happy to have spent her night in the arms of a man she had strong feelings for.

It was the smell of food cooking that started to wake her, the smell of it spiking her hunger. She stretched out a little and then instantly snapped back when she stretched to fat that it disturbed her wound. After giving herself a minute she climbed out of bed and pulled a robe around her before making her way downstairs to the source of the food. For a moment, she waited in the doorway, leaning on the frame and smiled at the sight of Daevas moving about her kitchen. She wanted this. She wanted to wake up to him every morning.

[b “I must be lucky to have stumbled upon a man who can cook.”] She said finally, after watching him for a few minutes. Ruby pushed herself off the door frame and made her way into the kitchen towards him where she placed a kiss on his shoulder and she wrapped an arm around him.
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[center [font “Garamond” Daevas was within the home of the woman who had caught his eye, who captured his attention, and was holding him hostage emotionally. He was a willing prisoner of the woman.She was a free woman. One with drive, and one who was not easily bent under the finger of society. Pressure was there, but Daevas was not strong in this area of his life. Sex, he had understood. Boundaries, it was a strength. Responsibility and dedication was something he was not a stranger to. Love, the familiarity of desire and longing, all were a completely different pieces of his heart he had locked away with the fear of that being his final straw. The final fiber of his being. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” Instead of running though, instead of finding a reason to think this woman was not for him, he was bracing the feelings and accepting the uncertainty. His life of lavish things and fake society people would be boring to her after a while, but he wanted to see where in this life he was going to go with her by his side. He wanted to show her the world. He wanted to see her perspective on the thoughts of paintings in Paris, in the cherry blossoms in Japan down to the very last golden thread on a piece of a tapestry in India.]]

[center [font “Garamond” If she would go with him, if she would take his hand to be with him, they could do all of these things. If she wanted to be on top of the mountains in Montana, or even down to the very hills of Chile he was going to bend at her will to get her there. How she would know this, he didn’t know how to put it into words. Without seemingly so weird. Going so fast. He didn’t want to rush into things. He couldn’t...He couldn’t have this crumble just yet. It was the only somewhat stable thing that he had in his life besides the physical stability of his buildings. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” As she laid down, the beautiful goddess of a woman folding herself and lowering her body to the sheets, she reached out to him, pointing at the bruises that he had on his hip and shoulders. He glanced at where she was talking about and could see the purples and light brownish colors of the muscles underneath completely affected by the outside world. He ran his own leather fingers across the skin, feeling the achy feeling beneath. [b I wasn’t going to let them hurt you, no matter what it took.] He said. [b You endured enough, this is nothing compared to your wound.] He mentioned, looking at her collarbone. It hurt him over and over again to see it.] ]

[center [font “Garamond” He smiled at her gratefully, seeing at how concerned she was to see his body affected as well. He shook his head and lifted his hand to touch her cheek. His thumb traced over her cheek bone while his fingers encased her jaw. The light touch was fulfilling his body, sending electric pulses. He was entranced, intoxicated and completely encompassed with what she had to offer. When their gazes continued to hold, he smiled at her.]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b I’m okay, we can worry about it in the morning. The thing we need to focus on now is sleep. Come here.] He encased her in his arms and pulled her close to him. He rested his head on the pillow and his face in her hair. She smelled of peaches and berries, and lotion. Some of the peroxide from when they were cleaning her wound, was hinting here and there, but it was easy to ignore. He pressed his lips against the corner of her shoulder at the crook of her neck before he closed his eyes, reveling in the warmth that her body was radiating off. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” It didn’t take him long to fall asleep with the woman in his arms, safe and sound. He wasn’t sure about the security of her townhome, but he was sure that he was going to protect her no matter what. He was not completely sure what this woman had done to him, but he had never been so protective over something besides his life’s work of a business that was still running despite the evening hours.]]
[center [font “Garamond” During the following morning…]]

[center [font “Garamond” Daevas’s eyes slowly creaked open, her hair still in his face. It was as if he was plastered in the sheets and didn’t move. It wasn’t the complete package of sleeping, but he had slept hard and he was sure it was from the drop in rush from yesterday’s evening encounters. He smiled against her skin, his nose nuzzling against her skin as he gave her a light squeeze before he slowly pulled himself away from her. When he shuffled out of the sheets, he took a look back at the woman. There was a bandage still on her neck where they had taken care of the cut and it hurt him inside, hit him straight in the gut to see the sleeping beauty with such a wound.]]

[center [font “Garamond” He gave her a soft smile before he quietly opened up the door. Looking around, he walked around her home, looking at things, remembering how they were the night before. He was looking for changes,any signs of things that might have happened during the night while they were asleep. Everything looked normal, looked even, and looked straight. He pressed his lips together and walked into the living room, seeing the clock on the wall where he could see the time that it was around 6:45 in the morning. The sun was starting to peak over the buildings shedding some light into the home. He moved her coffee table and there in his boxers, he did his at home workout routine. Sit ups, push ups, curls, planking, one armed push ups and some more ab circuits and leg circuits to get him going. It took him less than half hour to 45 minutes before he was done, which was long enough to get him worked up to a sweat. Usually he would take a morning jog, but he didn’t want to run too far from the woman. Despite his urge to go and check out the neighborhood, he wasn’t completely sure of the beings that lived here. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” When he finished, sweating and all, he walked into the bathroom which was right outside of her door. He peeked his head into her room to check on her. A small smile on her face as he saw her there. Moving, he walked toward the bathroom and figured out the shower and found the towels, he would make due with what she had. If she was low, he would replace them no problem.]]

[center [font “Garamond” Once he was done showering, he wrapped the towel around his waist, running a smaller towel over his hair, sure to dry it somewhat before heading shirtless into the kitchen where he looked in her cabinets, looking through her groceries and such for breakfast for her and him. He wasn’t sure exactly what she might want. He made basics of what he could find, some eggs, toast, some pieces of bacon and cut up some fruit that she had stored in her icebox.]]
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How quickly things seemed to have changed for Ruby Grant. Chicago was an escape from her. An escape from the parents who had evidently planned on restricting her life as much as possible, marrying her off to the first suitor who had shown interest. She had turned him down, moved cities as if to put more distance between them and the idea of marrying a man to become the subservient wife. There was one thing Ruby was confident about, and that was that she would never have been satisfied in such a role. She wanted more freedom, more control over her own life and yet here she was, finding herself in the arms of a man who could so easily become the chains she had been trying to avoid.

However, Daveas seemed different from most. He did not seem to want that for her, for them. There was no commitment yet though, all she wanted right now was to be near him and just see where things could go for them. What she didn’t want was for either of them to feel pressure and make hasty decisions about a future than neither of them could be sure about yet.

Daveas certainly seemed to have a little more respect for women than most and that was obvious in his stance, in his mannerisms, in the way he spoke and treated her with both delicacy [I and] strength. Of course, there was every chance that this could just be his way with women. He could simply feel guilty about what had happened to her and once he was satisfied that she was alright, he might move on to another. However, there was something in the back of her mind that was telling her she would not let him go so easily. If she had to fight for him she would, and that fact alone petrified her.

Looking at him now with that hypnotic smile made her feel a little more relaxed, the nerves from her question seemingly leaving her body as he urged her to lead the way to the bedroom. She kept her hand wrapped around his and started towards the room she had claimed for her own and as she neared it she turned to face him. [b “I must warn you that my room is no where near as impressive as yours, as you might have been able to predict by the humble appearance of my home.”] It was true that Ruby was hardly a materialistic woman. She had never really come from money but even if she had, she figured that she would rather enjoy the experience of life rather than owning the luxuries that it offered, and this had been something she had decided very early on in life. Perhaps she could enjoy life far more now that Daveas was in it; if he stayed in it.

Ruby smiled back at him briefly as she opened the door to her room and as soon as they were inside, he started to prepare himself for bed, removing whatever material was not needed. She caught herself watching him for a moment but forced herself to look away so that she was not simply stood there staring at him. Ruby had caught sight of the bruises and she would question him about them once she was prepared for bed herself. She moved to turn off the light in the room, leaving on the single lamp that had it’s place next to the bed and began to ready herself, removing the dress she had warn when she had been making her way to see him before all of this happened. Ruby left on her under garments as she placed the dress over the chair in the corner of the room.

When Daevas was ready and on her bed, she glanced back up at him upon hearing his voice. His voice and his chuckle had her smiling and when he reached for her she took his hand and lowered herself onto the bed next to him. [b “You’re hurt.”] She said, indicating towards the bruising that had revealed itself upon the removal of his clothes.
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