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Daevas was a strong businessman. One who could see things happening from a mile away, one that could see a strange thing or strange coincidence happening just down the road. He was not one to fall short than expectations. However, standing with her now, brandy on his breath and whiskey filling his mind, he smiled at her as they walked out together. The Grant himself was trying to slander their name, their relationship, and everything they stood for.

However, they were in for a rude awakening.

He walked with her up to the door as he opened up the door and let her go in first as she asked how his trip was as she slipped off her heels. He closed the door and leaned a little heavier against it. [b It was a business trip. One that was lonely without my woman there.] He whispered softly as he glanced backward to see her rubbing her feet as they walked into the kitchen after he removed his jacket and hung it up on the hanger and pushed it into the closet.

As she was pouring herself a glass, her words of missing him made the drunk man smile. His thoughts were still tying around the man himself that had been trying to stand up to him at her dressing room, but he had won, right? [b I miss you too, baby.] He whispered softly as she had come over to him and pressed her hand against his chest and a kiss on his lips. He leaned into it, savoring the moment before she had pulled away saying she loved him and how long he was going to be home this time. He smiled at her, and lifted a gentle hand against her cheek. [b I love you too, and I think I’m going to be working from home for a little while. The sites are all managed and if they need me, they can call me. I want to focus on us for a little bit. ]

He wasn’t going to let this dreaded demon give him doubts after all they had worked hard not to be but to be together and defeat all of the odds against them. There were growing, and of course people of society wanted to be apart of it and throw it away. He would work against the brim here in the state where he wanted to be next to the woman he loved. Everything was getting rocky and it was definitely a time that would decide what they were going to be and how they were going to survive this and how their relationship was going to manage through this.

[b I would love to have you in my arms most of the time that I am home, sweetheart.] He said softly as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her a little too hard against him. He was a little drunk and it was hitting him hard at this time. He chuckled. [b I think I’m feeling this whiskey.] He pressed his lips together and kissed her cheek as he urged toward the bedroom. [b Come with me sweetheart.] He said softly as he held her hand as they walked toward the bedroom, the darkness surrounding their bodies until they were standing in the soft candle light of their room.

The next day would be hard, but he was sure, wrapping his arms around her now that she was his forever. Like always, like it had happened in the beginning. He pressed his lips against hers as he let his tipsy fingers travel over her skin. He enjoyed her skin, her touch, her curves, and her sounds. He kissed her neck as he removed his button up shirt. He let the fabric fall to the ground and he started unbuttoning his pants and there he removed them and wrapped his arms around her holding her close to him. [b Just let me hold you baby.] He whispered as he led her to the bed.

[center ---]

The next morning, the news was laying where it was the morning before and the one before that. It was blowing in the slight wind, but the weight of the folded paper held it to the cement porch. Daevas was not stirring when it was dropped off, and he was asleep with his arms around the woman that he loved so dearly. He enjoyed sleeping in and the whisky was going to give him a grand headache so he wouldn’t move for a little bit.

He kissed her hair as he stirred, but he smelled her body, her scent and he was home…he was where his heart belongled. Within her arms.
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Ruby had no idea that that Grant would be talking to a reporter, slandering her name and making it seem as though she was so easily swayed away from Daevas. If she knew that he was going to stoop to such levels, then she never would have allowed him to get close to her. All she did was made sure that she was not rude to him, not wanting to ruin the business of The Green Mill and her employer was very clear that she was not to be rude to any of the customers and to refuse to converse with the man who was of certain riches could have certainly damaged business and her reputation. It would seem though, that would be ruined the next morning.

Now all she wanted to do was focus on her man. He had been apart from her for too long and it seem that the distance had cast doubts in his mind and she wanted nothing more than to put those doubts to rest, although she wasn’t quite sure how deep they ran and what she could do to put them out of his mind. Once the door closed them into the car, she looked up at him, his eyes a little glassy from the whiskey he had been downing at the bar. She wasn’t sure what to say, a little worried that perhaps he was tipsy enough to be unreasonable with her and she didn’t want to make things worse than they already were. Besides, they would only be in the car for a few minutes since her home with Daevas was only a few minutes away from The Green Mill.

Once the car pulled up at the house two man stepped either side of the car, opening both doors for the couple so that they could both step out. They watched them move towards the house once they were inside, they drove off, leaving some men at the front door. More of his men worked at their home since he was away, not wanting Ruby to be alone and vulnerable.

When she stepped inside, she slid the heels off her feet, letting out a sigh of relief as she did. Her hand ran over the base of each of her feet a moment, leaning against the wall. Ruby then made her way into the kitchen and poured herself a drink before casting her gaze towards Daevas. [b “How was your trip?”] Ruby didn’t want to bring up their conversation before she had gone on stage, it was likely better that way and she was more than happy to just brush it aside as though it had never happened.

[b “I missed you…a lot.”] She said with a smile before she put the glass down on the kitchen side and made her way towards him, placing a hand on his chest and pressed a kiss against his lips. [b “I love you Daevas. How long are you home for this time?”] She wanted to make the most of having him here, knowing that tomorrow he could be gone again for another month and she didn’t want him to leave on a sour note after a momentary disagreement.

Tomorrow would bring a shit storm regardless but that was something that neither of them could predict or prevent. Perhaps things would be worse for her because they were not married. Many had already commented on how indecent it was for a woman to be living with and sleeping in the bed of a man who had not yet put a ring on her finger. Now people would assume that he was a whore, sleeping with whoever she wanted. She could be accused of using men to get to where she wanted, and her new reputation would likely lead to her losing her job.
[b “I want to make the most of having you home.”]
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Daevas was feeling the effects of the vodka within minutes. He wanted to be next to her. He wanted to touch her. He wanted to tear down the walls that seemingly were building between them. His jealousy was overwhelming his brain, and he had to get a grip. The vodka wasn’t helping. It was loosening his morals as he stood there, his eyes on the look out for Grant. He tried to play the face of a poker player, one that never gave away the next move. Vodka was one that slipped through his face. It played all his cards on the table. For everyone to see. His face was red, beading with sweat from the vodka building in his system.

He had seen the look of people who were a little too close with their connections beside them when he realized that he needed to stop. The public eye never allowed one who was known show their feelings, show their emotions, or they would wreak havoc on his life. It was something that he found himself falling around, the urges to throw them all to the wind without a second glance back only to show how angry he was with himself when Ruby had never really shown him anything that would make him believe that she was two timing him…

It was a fault.

It came on strong.

Memories of another flying through his brain, how she had touched him so sweetly, caressed his face, and spoke with the same velvet voice that soothed his heart… All while the same hands, voice, and body sank under another man.

He was haunted. Without a doubt, completely haunted by the thoughts of the other woman having lied to him so sweetly. He was naïve. Gripping the glass tightly in his hands, he took one more drink and it was within that moment when Ruby was gracing the stage in all of her beautiful wonder. He sat on the bar stool, his jacket tight against his side as he watched her. The way that her lips parted and the way that her hips swayed with the music and her enjoyment of the crowd. She was a great entertainer, and he could never take that from her.

He watched her so sweetly, so entranced just as he had been the very first night that his eyes had laid upon her. At that time, when he had never been in touch with a woman so genuine and pure, he was sure of himself. He was so sure of the game that he was playing. He was in control of it all. Until she parted those lips and that innocent yet hidden naughty voice slipped out and that smile came across her face, he lost it all. Gave up all his cards and played the hand that was dealt.

It was all too soon that he was lost in the memories of showing her parts of the world that she had never seen before that he was falling in love with her all over again. The way that her hair was blown back at the beach side, to the crimson red smile as she stared at the sunset in Miami, and the way that she sang the first night. Confident, yet humble. Strong, yet guided. She was all that he wanted in a woman, in a partner, in a dream life.

He needed to get a grip. He couldn’t lose her.

When she finished and was stepping off stage, he hadn’t seen Grant the entire rest of the set, he smiled at the thought of chasing him away with a single meeting. He waited patiently, drinking water casually as Maggie continued to fill orders as people were lining up. He stepped off to the side, waiting to see the love of his life to come out of the dressing room. And when she did, in normal civilian clothes, he pulled himself from his seat, left a tip for Maggie and walked toward her. [b Let’s get out of here sweetheart.]

He reached for her hand as he walked up to her. It was within seconds of walking toward the door that he signaled to grab the car. The men were immediately on top of things as they pulled the car around the building and by the time they were outside waiting, it was purring as it was driven up to the curb. With it left running, the valet opened the doors for them both and together they were secluded…

All the while….

Grant stood outside, a tape recorder held up to his mouth. [I It seems that Daevas and Ruby are not all what is cracked up to be. Easily manipulated Ruby is, as a gentleman is easily able to sway her into possible leaving Daevas’s bed for his own. ] The reporter was standing in front of him, her eyes wide with the possibility of the story. It was something great. [u Are you saying that you were able to have Ruby in the back room?]

[I I’ll leave you with the tid bit.] As he walked away. All suspicions were laid out on the table now…

All to be written the next morning in the paper that would be laid so delicately on the front porch of Daevas Black.
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Ruby had no idea where all of this was coming from with Daevas. She had never once given him a reason to believe that she would ever be unfaithful to him and it wasn’t as though their time apart was because of her. He was away on business and understood that it was entirely necessary. She would never begrudge him that but of course that didn’t change the fact that she missed him dearly when he was away. This moment could have been so different. He could have swept her off her feet but instead he was rambling about men touching her. Just because Grant had been in her dressing room didn’t mean anything. It wasn’t as though he walked in to see them kissing. She would never do something like that to him.

She glanced up from the floor to meet his eyes once more, as if to convince him that she was telling the truth, not that she should need to. Had he been here for a while? Had he been drinking? That would at least explain the ramblings, but it wouldn’t excuse them. How could he not trust her as much as she trusted him. If anything, she had more reason not to, knowing how he used to be with women before he had met her. She had been a virgin when she met him, and she had experienced a lot of her firsts with him and that only made her feel all the more for him.

Ruby listened to him backtrack then, trying to apologise for the suggestion and explaining how vulnerable he felt around her. She sighed heavily, knowing that it was impossible for her to stay mad at him for too long and the way his voice broke into a whisper, begging for her forgiveness tugged at her heart. Her lips parted, ready to tell him that she was unable to stay mad at him and that she would accept his apology, but they were interrupted, and it was clear that she had used up all of her break time already. She looked up at the stage managed and she nodded towards him, flashing a smile towards him before he left. [b “I’ll be right there.”]

She looked towards Daevas and watched as he left, and it took everything in her not to call out after him. She wanted him to come back and she wanted to fix this before she went back on stage, but she knew that her stage manager would have quite the temper if she didn’t get out there soon. Ruby shook her head and looked back at her reflection in the mirror and put on a smile, trying not to let the falling out show in her expression. Instead she needed to put on an act now and that was exactly what she did as she went back out on stage and gave it her everything like she always did. There was a standing ovation at the end of the evening and an encore that followed and of course she obliged, putting on one heck of a show and by the end she felt completely drained.

After giving some of the crowd some of her attention she retreated back to her dressing room, instructing the staff to keep Grant away from her dressing room, not wanting to see him after he had caused the tension between her and Daevas. She wasn’t even sure if he was still here or whether she would be going home alone tonight. She took a little bit of time to get herself changed and removed some of the excess make up before she made her way out to the bar where she would request some iced water before she would head home and was she arrived there she took the time to look around in hope that she would see Daevas stood there somewhere.
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[font “Times” Daevas was a patient man, one who tried not to let things get the best of him. He was one that wanted to wait and see how things turned out instead of blowing up. He was usually the one who enjoyed watching people squirm as they were wondering what he was thinking. The man was perfect in the board room, discussing ideas. The discussions were real, heated, and productive, but never explosive. Tones were even, and tempers were set aside when they walked in. Baggage, and emotional backgrounds were never brought across the threshold. ]

[font “Times” But now, staring this situation in the face, feeling his heart racing so hard he could feel it pulsing in his ears, he was seeing red. The man who thought that the he could take his woman was in for a ride. His already tenor of a voice deepened toward the man, and it was when the man was taking his leave, sure to look backwards as he was being chased away with his gaze, he had stepped inside and closed the door behind him.]

[font “Times” He fell apart at the seams the moment that the door clicked and it was just them besides the makeup artists. [I Fondled by others? What are you suggesting?] She was hurt by his accusations, but he couldn’t stop the words from falling from his lips. [I If you think I would ever let another man touch me, then you really don’t know me that well at all.] She pointed. It was a tough stab. He knew what he was saying, but it was coming without the filter and the patience to hold it back. It was without grating and it was falling out onto the table for speculation and assumptions. [I Daevas, I love you. How could you think that I ever would…?] ]

[font “Times” Her innocent eyes were hurt with him when he had reached for her, and she simply took his hand away from her face, pulling it from her, building the wall up between them. He felt his attachment slithering away. All because the man couldn’t hold his own and fell apart. The one time that he wasn’t holding his own and had finally let the woman get the best of him, and because of it, he was losing the girl. Hadn’t fully lost her, but now she felt as if he didn’t trust her.]

[font “Times” He inhaled deeply, having seen the hurt in her eyes and the calm disappointment that was spread over her face. She was offended that he think so lowly of her. [b I apologize for throwing that speculation out there. My guard was down and I was up in my head.] He paused, biting his cheek for a moment. [b I am in the wrong for even spouting words like I did. In the moment, all I could see was red and thoughts went flying.] He swallowed slowly. [b If it is not already obvious that my emotional walls are completely broken down with you, then I am here to tell you that they are. My heart is within your careful hands.] ]

[font “Times” He looked carefully at her, resisting the urge to reach out, pull her closer to him, break the walls of tension that he felt and just kiss her until his heart was content. But that was not the case. He would leave the ball in her court and he would be sure to give her the space she wanted after his temper tantrum like a child that he had. In his chest, it was tight from the childlike tendencies that had come out, but he was going to work through it the best that he could. ]

[font “Times” [b Please forgive me.] He whispered softly.] ]

[font “Times” It was in that moment that the door opened, and the stage manager poked his head in. [I The crowd is waiting Miss Ruby!] Daevas, as selfish as he was, knew that she was going to have to return back to work and do her job that she was great at doing. He stepped back, gripping his jacket tightly in his hands. [b I’ll see you at the end of your set, baby girl.] He whispered, leaving her be. He walked out, the hallway darker than it was before. He knew that he had upset her, and he wasn’t sure if she wanted him to be there or not. He walked back up to the bar and looked at Maggie. ]

[font “Times” [I Strike out?] She asked. Daevas lifted a brow and shook his head, a smirk on his face. [b She’s mine.] Was all he said as he tapped the bar. [b Vodka please.] She slid two shot glasses toward him and within just a few seconds of each other, he downed both shots, feeling the warmth pit into his stomach. He hadn’t eaten, so he knew it would hit him rather quickly. Pacing would be the major goal of his night, despite the urge to just drink until he would need Xavier to carry him out.]
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Ruby was far too polite to tell Grant that she would rather be left alone during her break. She knew that he was a regular customer and that he likely spent a fair bit of money here at The Green Mill and she didn't want to be the reason that they no longer had his custom. She would indulge him with her company for the short time that she had in between her sets though, although all she really wanted to do was get back out on the stage and sing and then go home and sleep off the long day in a big comfortable bed, hopefully with her man lying next to her if he made it back from his most recent business trip. She sincerely hoped that he had because she always seemed to sleep better when they shared a bed. Being in his arms is where she belonged.

[B "It was a new song. It seems you are now regular enough to recognise the numbers in the set."] She said with a smile as she looked at him through the reflection of her mirror as he seemed to turn the conversation around a little bit. Perhaps he thought that she didn't notice but it was becoming a habit if his to attempt to charm her in some way. Complementing her more often than any man besides Daevas should. A blush found her cheeks when he commented on her beauty but when he brought up Daevas he was treading dangerous ground. If there was one thing Ruby was sure of, it was the way she felt about that man. He was quite literally the love of her life and she had no doubt in her mind that she would always feel that way about him. Of course she wished that he was here but she also understood the importance of his work and she never had any intention of getting in the way of him progressing his business and expanding the empire he was beginning to build further out of out Chicago.

Her lips parted to reply to him but before she could say anything, the voice of a second dominating male presence filled the brief silence between them. She could recognise his silky tone from anywhere and she instantly turned in her seat, the reflection no longer good enough for her to gaze upon the man she had missed so dearly. She wanted nothing more than run to him and jump in his arms but her hair was still being pulled around and her face was still being painted with makeup. [I "Miss Grant, please face this way. We're almost finished."] She sighed heavily but did as requested, watching the two men carefully though the mirror. Anyone could see that there was tension between the two men and as the exchange progressed, she could almost feel the two sizing each other up in some way. There was something said between the men but she couldn't hear it since Grant had obviously decided it was for his ears only.

Just as Grant left, the ladies finished with her hair and makeup and excused themselves from the room, leaving Ruby alone with Daevas who shut the door behind him for a little more privacy. She rose from the chair at her dressing table and felt her heartbeat quicken as he neared her and even more so when he hand cupped her cheek. He could do things to her with nothing more than a look and an innocent touch but the words that followed were far from innocent and the heat rushed to her cheeks at the thought of him taking her here. She smiled up at him and bit her lip a little, trying to keep herself from jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing him with everything she had. [B "Kisses will do just fine."] She said in reply before his rambling fell from his lips.

[B "Fondled by others? What are you suggesting?"] The offence was obvious in her voice. [B "If you think I would ever let another man touch me then you really don't know me that well at all."] She didn't even try to hide the hurt and disappointment upon her face as she brought her hand up to his and gently pulled his hand from her cheek. Ruby shook her head and looked to the floor. [B "Daevas, I love you. How could you think that I ever would...?"]
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 100d 13h 12m 33s
[font “times” Daevas could be a jealous man if he didn’t have the discipline to think things through. He pressed his lips together as he watched carefully over the crowd, paying special attention to the man that had been seemingly trying to win his woman’s heart over. Heat was rising in his cheeks, he felt somewhat hot and almost wanting to leave so he wouldn’t have to watch it anymore as she was finishing her beautiful set only to walk back stage and the man was following suit. He watched him carefully as he walked up to the doorway. The guard had let him through and there he was going backstage. ]

[font “times” He could picture how the hallway went, how she would disappear behind her special room door. He wondered if she immediately pulled the man in…but then he tried to take a deep breath as he pictured it in his head. The woman kissing him hard, pulling him inside so she could have a quick satisfying climax before coming back to the stage…Oh how the man wanted to see red. Maggie came around the corner with a tray and two shot glasses. [I Take these, and then go up there. Miss Ruby loves you.] Maggie said. Without hesitation, Daevas picked up the glasses, one after another took it. The liquid was racing down his throat, burning the internal skin with fire. He felt the burn over and over again as he squinted his face. He coughed at the roughness of the cheap whiskey, and she laughed. [I Oh man, I’m sorry.] She giggled. Daevas smiled at her. [b It’s what the thought – that counts.] He coughed in between the words and they laughed before he took off his jacket and pulled it over his arm.]

[font “times” Grant was leaning heavily against the door jamb, looking at her as she smiled at him. There was a sweat over her brow, and she had the door open as she looked into the mirror, fixing her hair and makeup. She was absolutely beautiful. [I Mr. Juniors. Lovely to see you as always. How are you enjoying the show?] He smiled at her and fixed his tie, loosening it. [b It is wonderful. Is that a new song you sang?] He asked, crossing his arms.]

[font “times” [I It is busy out there tonight isn’t it?] She asked. [b Yes, there is quite a crowd that was able to make it tonight. A beautiful girl such as yourself always draws a crowd. I’m surprised that your man isn’t here.] He mentioned lifting a brow as he smiled at her. [b I mean, if I were your man--] ]

[font “times” Daevas walked around the corner, seeing the gentleman standing in the doorway. He was afraid of other things happening at this time that he was finally able to breathe. It was just as he was speaking about being her man when Daevas smiled easily. His deep voice empowering through the hallway. [b Excuse me sir, but her man that you are talking about,] He paused, the eye contact strong between them, [b has arrived.] Daevas held an easy smile for a moment. He wasn’t going to bow up too much. He was too exhausted to do so, but both were lucky. His younger version would have done anything to pick a fight, but at this time and age, he was not feeling it. Unless absolutely necessary and he didn’t feel like getting kicked out.]

[font “times” Grant turned to look at the man in the suit and tie. He had seen the man in the tabloids, followed his statements and stories of taking Miss Ruby out everywhere besides here recently when he had been buckling down for his business. Grant didn’t say another word to the woman or the man for a moment. Daevas stepped slightly into the door. [b I appreciate you watching out for my girl, Mr. Juniors, but you are no longer needed here at this moment.] ]

[font “times” Their shoulders brushed and Grant leaned in, whispering. [I Just watch it man, if you’re not careful, she will be mine.] And walked away. Daevas lifted a brow, trying to fight the urge. He was trying to so hard as he took in a few breaths, but it was after he walked in and slowly closed the door behind him, lifting his eyes to the woman that he was madly in love with. [b Hey baby girl. ] He whispered. He dropped his jacket, feeling the shots that were taking a toll on his system. It was rushing through his veins. He walked slowly up to her, cupping her cheek. [b The jealous man inside of me wants to bend you over this table and claim you, but I know you have a job to do. So will a few kisses do? And then I’ll take some time to stay home and be with you…. I know I have been gone so much…I’ve missed you so much…I didn’t know I was leaving you to be possibly fondling others….I’m sorry, my mind is going crazy…] He was rambling…and it kept coming….]
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Ruby had once been very nervous when stepping out on the stage. She had been nervous about whether the people would receive her in the way intended or whether she would be good enough to keep the crowd entertained for the hours she spent upon the stage. However, with each passing day and with each show, her confidence grew more and more, and she knew that would only continue to nurture and develop over her career.

As always, she started her set with an introduction, making sure that she connected with those in the audience who had made an extra special effort to come out and see her. As expected, the place was pretty much sold out and he figure that there would be a line outside of the club of people just hoping and waiting to get in to see the woman perform. Even though she had become somewhat famous across Chicago, she never really lost herself to it. She was still very much down to Earth, always surprised by the gifts that Daevas would get for her. She never expected them, and she was always grateful for them but she would have given anything to spend time to him rather than have a new dress or a new piece of jewellery.

For now, Ruby needed to focus on those who were here for her and she offered them all one of her winning smiles since it had become apparent that many people commented on her smile when writing the reviews of her performances. Most of the reviews were kept, cut out of newspapers and placed neatly into some sort of book that will once day act as memoirs when all of this was over. She knew that she couldn’t do this for the rest of her life, but she planned to enjoy every moment of it while she could. Maybe one day she would have children to share her experiences with.

The moment she started to sing, any thoughts of other things soon dissipated, no longer taking any attention away from the performance that she was giving to the customers of the Green Mill. Although she couldn’t see the faces of the crowd completely due to the bright lights that seemed to drown them out, she still worked her eye contact in any way that she could, knowing that it always enhanced the crowd’s enjoyment of her performance. Perhaps if the lights hadn’t been so bright, she might have seen that Grant was sitting at the usual place he had claimed; a place that had once been reserved for Daevas only. She may have even noticed that her man was stood at the bar.

Nothing could distract her while she sang and the first half of her set seemed to pass by quickly and before long she was stepping off the stage for quick break, knowing that she could easily strain her voice if she didn’t have time to rest or drink water in between her songs. She made her way backstage and honestly, she hoped that Grant would not use the opportunity to come backstage to see her tonight. He was nice enough, but she knew that he was getting a little too comfortable around her and she didn’t want him getting the wrong idea about anything. No such luck though as she heard his voice. She really needed to talk to the waitress who kept bringing him back here.

[b “Mr Juniors. Lovely to see you as always. How are you enjoying the show?”] She asked as she took a sip of her water and as the women backstage began to freshen up her makeup and fix any hair that had fallen out of place. [b “It’s busy out there tonight isn’t it?”]
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[font “times” Daevas wanted to surprise the woman. She had been so patient without him, and very generous when he had gotten home and he was able to hold her against him. She had always smiled at him, made his knees weak all over again from the beginning. He loved coming home to her, and she was taking it quite well as his company was beginning to grow. As he was riding in the car, he was taking a deep breather, looking out. He was exhausted but he did want to see her sing. He wanted to be there for her as he had been when they first met. ]

[font “times” He was trying to be more of the man that she wanted.]

[font “times” [I Grant, would you like a martini?] The waitress asked. Grant lifted a brow, turning his head away from the stage. [b Yes, dry. An extra olive.] The waitress was new, but she was catching on quickly. Despite his attention to the main singer, he knew that she wanted him. She had left her number on his tab quite a few times, and each time he faltered and never called. His playboy tactics were for the women who looked like they didn’t want him. He was after the chase, and his little bunny was up on stage. He was without a doubt one of the best players in the game. He knew what he wanted and he went for it always. Slow and controlled and it always came out with triumph.]

[font “times” Daevas smiled as he saw the Green Mill come into view. It was going to be a nice feat seeing her play again. It had been months since he had seen her sing, and she was growing quite a crowd. It was almost impossible to get to the door. [b Daevas Black. Here with Ruby.] He said softly toward the guard as he pulled himself out of the vehicle, pulling his jacket over his shoulders. [I I’m sorry sir, you’re going to have to wait in line.] Daevas stopped and looked at him. [b Excuse me? I’m sorry sir, you have the wrong man in your head. I am with Ruby Grant.] The guard’s eyes were stern for a moment. He didn’t falter. [b Can I please speak to the main?] ]

[font “times” Grant was on his third glass, the more courageous with each drink, and the woman was about to come up on stage, he could see her behind the curtains briefly before she was pulling herself out on stage, sure to step near the microphone. Oh, how her skin glistened. He watched her carefully. The woman was a sight to be hold, and she would never be tamed. Her voice had said it over and over again, and even with her small town background, she was taking the stage by storm. The crowd thought the same. They loved the American sweetheart that stood behind the microphone, her rosey red cheeks and bouncy curls. It was something that would win over any man…]

[font “times” The main came over and was immediately apologetic. [I Mr. Black, do follow through here. I am so sorry. He is new. He doesn’t know everything.] Daevas was trying to keep his temper even, despite his face slightly reddened. He could hear her begin already. He had missed his chance to say hello before she went on stage. With a major sigh, he nodded. [b I’m going to go inside now. Do have my car ready when I ask for it.] He said sternly. The guard nodded without a single word and was rushed away as he stepped inside. Some of the usual staff smiled at Daevas as he walked through. The bar keep stopped him to ask a couple of questions. [I Your girl is doing fabulous up there.] Maggie, the main bartender was cleaning some glasses as she waited on more people to order. The crowd was all too entranced by Ruby to really step aside. [b Oh, I am very proud of her. I’m glad I’m able to see her tonight. ]]

[font “times” [I It’s good you are here, Mr. Black. Some one has been seemingly been trying to get at Ruby for the past few weeks now.] Daevas stopped, his smile gone from his face. [b What?] Bad news after bad news…. It kept on coming. [I Yes. Grant Juniors over there. The sports industry fanatic has been here every night since Ruby came back full time.] She mentioned. His eyes narrowed toward the man as she had pointed him out. But a business man like himself was going to keep a distance. He had to make sure that he had the entire story first…. Despite his irrational feelings of wanting to strangle the man. ]

[font “times” [b How cute. She’s got an admirer.] He said and Maggie lifted a brow. [I I would be weary, Mr. Black. He’s a playboy, and pretty good at it too.] Daevas smiled at her. [b Trust me, Maggie. So was I.] His smile grinned a little bit brighter. She gave him a soft smile and he walked to the edge where he leaned against the balcony. He wanted to see his girl on stage. She was beautiful. Her lips parted to sing a beautiful new song that he hadn’t heard before. It was something that made him smile. No matter what it was, this woman was always surprising him. He was without a doubt in love with the woman. ]

[font “times” He wasn’t sure if she had seen him or not, but he waited patiently until the end of her set while she was on a brief break. It wasn’t but for a moment when he was about to head over to the area where he could go back stage is where Grant was already heading… As if he had the right to own the place. Daevas watched carefully. ]

[font “times” [I Ms. Grant is on her break, would you like to go see her?] The waitress asked, as per usual, she would tell him when she was about to go on break if he would like to be asked to go and see her. He nodded. [b Thank you dear, yes.] He got out of his booth, sure to have it secured so no other person could steal it. He walked by the man unknowingly Mr. Black…The spouse practically of Ruby Grant, without even a head turned backwards.]

[font “times” [b Ms. Grant?] Grant asked. ]
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 103d 13h 25m 49s
The things that she had been introduced to over the months she had spend with Daevas were too much to document. She knew that her life would change upon entering his life, but nothing could have prepared her for the evenings of banquets and charity events and the hundreds of dresses that she had come to own because Daevas liked to spoil his woman. The places she had visited and the people she had met were far beyond anything that she could have possibly imagined. As she fell more and more in love with Daevas, the media seemed to fall more and more in love with them as a couple. They were quite literally the power couple of Chicago and their fame was equally earned. While she may have started out as Daevas’ significant other, the fame she had gained from her singing was completely earned herself.

They club had started to sell out fairly quickly once the local newspaper had reviewed one of her shows and where she had been dining with actors, actresses and other celebrities, she had quickly become a celebrity within her own right. While she had her successes, Daevas was having his own, being given the opportunity to expand the Black Industries outside of Chicago which meant that he was beginning to spend more and more time away from home. A home which they started to share somewhere along the way. There was no formal invitation for her to live with him, but he had stopped allowing her to go home and soon enough he was calling his home [I their] home. Although, lately it was feeling rather empty and lonely since she had been spending a lot of her time there alone. Of course, she did not resent him for it because she understood how important his job was and she knew how much work it must have been for him to get things set up. That didn’t mean that the loneliness didn’t get to her, because it did. Ruby couldn’t help but miss him and it was growing tiresome that she would either be sleeping or working when Daevas finally made it home after weeks of being away.

She knew that he was supposed to be due home today, and she had sincerely hoped that she had he chance to catch him before she had to go to work, but as luck would have it, she needed to leave and he wasn’t there. With a heavy sigh, she wrote a note for him, telling him that she would be at work and that she would see him when she got home from work. So, she ordered for a car to take her to work. As she was being taken there, she had no doubt in her mind that Grant would be there this evening. He was becoming a regular and she was sure that he hadn’t missed a single show of hers in the most recent weeks. He spent some time getting to know her and she indulged him, innocently of course.

It didn’t take her long to arrive at The Green Mill and she was escorted inside as normal, since she had quite the following now, there were always people waiting outside to see her before and after the show, hoping to talk to her or get her autograph. It was all quite surreal to her and she wasn’t sure she would ever get used to it.
Once she was inside, she made her way to the dressing room and got herself ready for the show, people helping her with her dress and her make-up and the headpieces that were getting more and more glamourous.

[I “Grant is here again.”]

[b “I’m not surprised. He has become quite the fan.”] Her words were followed up with a laugh from the woman who was helping finish styling her hair. [b “What’s so funny?”]

[I “Oh honey, he is more than a fan! He is trying to win you over.”]

[b “Oh, don’t be so ridiculous!”] She chuckled and shook her head and was about to speak again but before she could say anything the owner of the club was beckoning her on stage. She sighed and checked her appearance in the mirror and nodded. [b “Alright, let’s do this.”] She said as she pushed herself up from her chair. Tonight, she would be singing a new song and she hoped that it would go down well. The stage was where she belonged and she was overcome with the familiar feeling of adrenaline running through her veins as she stepped out, the crowd roaring and cheering as smiled towards them, readying herself to sing for the people who had made the effort to see her.
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[font “times” Daevas enjoyed having her in his life. Ruby was a highlight and the light that he would want to keep for a very long time. As he had taken her back to his house and showed her the options that he had for her, she looked happy. He wanted to spoil her with the ends of the world, and give her all the touch and love that she wanted. He was growing and falling hard for this woman and he wanted to do anything in his power to keep her satisfied. The rose gold dress that she had chosen almost caused the man to lose his mind at the sight. He was dressed in his suit, fixing his cuff links when he had walked into the bedroom, watching her finish messing with the girls of her beautiful hair.]

[font “times” [b You are magnificent.] He whispered, coming closer to her. The perfume that she had on her body was absolutely intoxicating. His hands traveled along the silk that Annah had chosen so nicely out for her was beautiful. In forever debt, he would have to give Annah something for her hardwork on Monday when he would return back to work. Smiling at Ruby, he held her face. [b With you looking like that, I won’t have you out in public for that long. Your skin needs to be touched…] His voice trailed as he watched her, his hand barely tracing her collar bone. She was absolutely magical, her voice, he skin, her body, her mind, everything. Was simply stunning and influential on this man’s mind.]

[font “times” As the night went on, it carried them into the months after of going to banquets, being a most looked at couple, and a power couple. They were on the magazine covers, asked for interviews for magazines on their love. Daevas was enjoying the air time they were getting as they went out. A city of lights was all around them, and the couple were full of activities, they were a highlight on the town. Grand balls, dresses and tuxes, champagne and toasts with plenty of speeches thanking the community for keeping Black Industries alive and healthy in this business world. It was pushing him to expand into other cities. it was pushing Daevas to become more than just a Chicago need. It was granting him time in New York, Miami, and Dallas at this time. All people from around the world, even Los Angeles were wanting to get in on the industrial parts that Black Industries had in store for them. They wanted to be on the forefront of their machinery and with technology they were developing, Daevas Black was a very wanted man amongst the companies around the United States.]

[font “times” Him and Ruby enjoyed a lot of time on the beaches of Miami, streets and town of Dallas, the old culture and beaches of Santa Monica and Los Angeles. They dined with actors and actresses, and they were able to enjoy the amazing features of New York during their time together. With these events, Ruby was growing bigger at the Green Mill. Many came to see the woman sing and hear her and take pictures with the woman who was famous for more than just being the significant other of Daevas Black.]

[font “times” However, the need for expansion led Daevas to be on leave. He had to go to many of openings, and sometimes it kept him from Ruby for weeks at a time. He enjoyed his time at home, but the need for his presence at many of his plants was showing that he was an attentive and patient CEO, he had to go to as many of his plants at one time. He was introduced to the workers and spent time with showing his gratefulness for their hard work and dedication into creating his life’s work. They were happy to be around the man who had started it all and gave them jobs to create something bigger than them. ]

[font “times” It was one night, Daevas was coming home, completely exhausted. [b Ruby, darling.] He called as he set his brief case on the counter. He looked at the table. She had already left for work at the club, another time he missed her. He rubbed his forehead and pulled the tie from his neck. Walking into the bedroom, he turned his head to the side. Clothes were strewn into a pile on the chair and he pursed his lips. He would have a maid come and clean it up tomorrow in the morning while he was at work. He was exhausted, but he wanted to see his girl.]

[font “times” During this time, a man of great wealth within the Chicago area and in the sports industry had been spending a lot of time at the club where Ruby had been working. He came there almost every night they were open and Ruby was head lining. She would not go one show without him there. He was a handsome gentleman, and one that was known for his playboy tactics of trying to steal women from their spouses and significant others. He was not to be trusted…at least to everyone but the woman he had been talking to. Here and there he had had conversation with the woman, always knowing when Daevas was out of town. They were brief, friendly chats, nothing more. He had to be something that she could lean on.]

[font “times” [I Grant, would you like your normal table?] The waitress asked. Grant nodded his head. He would take his normal spot…One where Daevas had sat the first night his eyes were on Ruby.]

[font “times” Daevas put on another fresh button up and a pair of slacks. His hat hung on his head and he carried his jacket over his arm as he walked out to the car that was waiting for him. It wouldn’t take him long to get to the club. He was going to enjoy hearing his significant other on stage…where she was her most talented self…besides riding him during the middle of the night when they were able to see each other. He hoped it would be a nice surprise as it had been a while since he had been able to see her play live…]
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 103d 20h 5m 20s
Ruby had never expected her time here in Chicago to go the way that it had. She thought it would take her longer to find a residency in a club and she never expected someone like Daevas to come into her life. She had not met anyone like him before and she had no clue that he would change her life as much as he had in such a short space of time. Ruby’s life would never be the same no doubt, and since he seemed dedicated to her after the ordeal she had experienced because he had been associated with him, she couldn’t imagine Daevas would go anywhere any time soon. However, she did hope that the feeling of obligation was not the single motivation in his pursuit of her.

Ruby couldn’t help but chuckle when he admitted that Master Daevas had the potential of getting under his skin. Perhaps she liked the fact that she could do that do him, never having before experienced the delights of pleasuring a man before him and she had not expected to be able to do so with something as simple as two words. She made a mental note to remember how ‘Master Daevas’ could so easily get to him and she was sure that she would use it to her advantage at some point. She bit down on her lip as she leaned into his side during the car journey.

Ruby was unsure about whether Daevas was completely aware of the extent of her inferiority to him in terms of wealth. The dress that he referred to was not something that she owned but rather something that she had borrowed from the club. Her own clothes were far less extravagant and certainly didn’t have the money to spend on much. The money from the club would help pay the rent she would own her cousin while she stayed there, and she hoped that any money that she had left would go towards saving for a place of her own so that she didn’t have to lie with her cousin forever. She was nice enough, but she couldn’t help but feel as though she was in the way and that was the last thing she wanted.

Ruby couldn’t help but smile when he told her that he wanted to treat his lady. [I His] lady. She was his now and she would learn exactly what that mean. [b “I’m sure I can provide you with a sweet desert to finish off a wonderful dinner. Just know that you really do not need to spoil me at all. I would simply like to be spoilt by your company.”]

One thing that Ruby could not help, was the fact that she thought about how many women Daevas had indulged in the past and whether she really was any different to them and whether she would end up with him permanently or whether she would simply end up being cast aside when he felt like he had made up for the ordeal that she had experienced. Still, she tried not to think about that too much, thinking that Daevas would not be like that.

Soon enough they were pulling up at his house and before she had the chance to climb out of the car, he made his way around to her door and helped her out. She offered him her hand and ducked her head before climbing out and then she gave him one of her winning smiles. Then the two made their way into his home and up the stairs so that she could see the dresses that he had chosen for her. She had never been dressed for a dinner before. Of course, Ruby was used to wearing costumes for her work but having a beautiful dress for a dinner just because…it was not something that she had ever experienced before.

The moment she saw the dresses her lips parted in amazement at the beauty of the gowns. [b “Daevas, they are simply stunning. I have never seen dresses this beautiful.”] She took a moment to inspect them a little closer, running her hand over the material as the delight of seeing them was evident within the smile upon her face. [b “I really do like them. Thank you.”] She said as he kissed her cheek before leaving her to choose a dress and get herself ready for the evening. Ruby opted for the shower, giving herself a freshness before she chose the dress that she wanted. In the end she chose the rose-gold dress since it seemed to suit her skin tone and gave her figure the perfect lined, the lace working perfectly with her delicate skin. She allowed her hair to fall in tight curls and she put on some jewellery that had been left in the room for her and she used the make to slightly enhance her features. Once she was satisfied that she was ready, she made her way downstairs, taking a seat in the sitting room while she waited for Daevas.
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[font “Times” Daevas was not one who would be forgetful of what had happened to the two of them. More so her than him. She had gone through so much worse that he was going to try and make it up as much as she would let him. He wanted her to forget how dirty some had treated her, that she walk upon the gold streets now beside him. He was not going to let her fall below the stars that she deserved to be beside. She was a star herself, and he didn’t want her to forget that. His actions were going to prove that, from the very name he called her. The formality would only show his loyalty and the high class that he thought of her. As it was simply a distinct thought instilled in him.]

[font “Times” He chuckled when she looked at him, asking why he must be so formal. [I Miss Ruby? Are you always so formal? Should I be calling you, Sir Daevas? Master Daevas? Mr. Black?] Her words just made him grin as he chuckled evilly, a small hint of mischeviousness hidden in his tone. [b Oh darling, Master Daevas has a sensual tone my dear. Don’t wind me up with such pronouns. I must simply be Daevas, baby, or however you choose. Please no sweet cheeks though.] He looked to the side as they walked out the door, their arms entangled. He couldn’t help but be closer and closer to her.]

[font “Times” [b I am glad, and I hoped you would say that.] He said simply as they climbed into the car. She fell quiet as he was getting into the car, starting the engine as he asked her if she were to have something at home, or if she would indulge him and come to his place to see what he had laid out for her. He didn’t want her feeling as if she was inferior, he just wanted to make her feel special at all cost. [b I’m sure you do, like the dress I saw you in the first night I first came across your beautiful face was just right.] He winked at her as they turned around the corner. They were not far from his house, and he was already staking the streets around them, always on alert. [b And plus, I would just like to treat my lady to a prestigious outfit and superb dinner, and maybe it will buy me a kiss or two for desert.] He grinned mischievously. [b Then seriously, I would just like to spend some time with you and spoil the snot right out of you.] He almost giggled like a young boy.]

[font “Times” He was one to get excited to treating a lady so finely. It was something he was known for when dating. Those who had the chance to date him were always treated so well. At least he hoped that is what they thought when they had to come to an end. Usually both parties would agree…at least on some occasions…]

[font “Times” He turned down his street and he was paying attention to the roads around him, and the life that were walking among the streets. Everything looked normal, everything seemed tip top shape. He let out a breath as he pulled into his parking spot beside his house and there he shut the engine off, got out and walked to her side to let her out.]

[font “Times” Ushering her inside, he was almost giddy to have her in his presence as he showed her the gowns that he had put out for her tonight. All her size as he was able to sneak peeks of some of her dress clothing, being sure to have all the right sizes for the right cuts. He most definitely was not without help when he had given the help to Annah. She was always the most fashionable, and his go-to girl for fashion advice.]

[font “Times” Once they were upstairs, and after removing their coats in the closet by the stairs. He had the three different outfits for her choosing hung up on his armoire. One, a rose-gold silk dress that would be form fitting and one that trailed the ground with slight lace lining. The cut was off the shoulder, and one with a slit up to the middle of the thigh. The second, an emerald and jade semi-sweetheart cut with lace cover and three quarter sleeve. The skirt at the middle-waist draped down in many layers, leaving a slight opening toward the front that opened around knee height. It would grace the floor in the back. The lace had rosettes and leaf imprints spread throughout it and was cut at the waist line where a black ribbon would tie at her midsection while the skirt, a perfect deep emerald color, would just fall perfectly on her frame. The third, a satin and velvet mix illusion cut dress black dress that had the shape of a mermaid hip hugging frame cut. Swirls of velvet would emphasize all of her right curves while the satin would sparkle just right as she walked. ]

[font “Times” [b I hope you like them. I will leave you be to make your choice. You may shower and I had some makeup bought for you as well, while I disputed, I was told that I should offer it in case you wanted it. ] He reddened in the face slightly. Annah had insisted that he have make up offered to her as every woman apparently would like to have her face done before going to dinner.]

[font “Times” He gave her a quick peck on the cheek as he left the room and headed into his office. He was straightening up some things, marking inventory as he waited. He could be ready within minutes as he had his tux already planned out and sitting in his closet, just needing to be put on. ]
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 117d 10h 22m 55s
Ruby hadn't exactly managed to get over the trauma of being kidnapped and almost killed. Of course it would take quite some time for her to do so, especially since it had only happened fairly recently. However, she hoped that getting herself back to work and returning to her normal life would help her forget about what had happened and she was sure the Daevas would not let anything happen to her again. She knew that she would be safe with him from this moment on and she only spared a look back to Jason as they made their way towards the exit. She offered him a smile and a soft nod before looking back to Daevas who was asking her about dinner arrangements.

[B "Miss Ruby? Are you always so formal. Should I be calling you Sir Daevas? Master Daevas? Mr Black?"] Ruby couldn't help but chuckle and she wrapped her arm around his. [B "I would very much like to spend the evening with you enjoying dinner."] It would serve her well as a distraction but she was almost looking forward to spending time with Daevas. She had never imagined that she would fall into a life like this, once with fancy clothes and expensive dinners and yet Daevas had decided that she seemed to fit into his life so well. She had no doubt that their reservation would be at one of the most expensive restaurants in town, likely fully booked but made room for the infamous Mr Black because his money could certainly talk in that respect.

[B "As you already know, I certainly do not have anything suitable to wear for dinner so I would like to see the attire you have chosen for me. I can let you spoil me to dinner this once I suppose."] Ruby smiled and leaned over and kissed his cheek as they made their way to his car. [B "You spoil me with your presence Mr Black."] As they arrived at the car, his driver opened the door for them and she offered her gratitude as she climbed into the car. She wasn't quite sure she would ever get used to this but she would enjoy it while she could.
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[font “Handlee” The Green Mill had a different air about it now. When barely walked among it’s halls, when there was no smoke surrounding the room, and when there wasn’t a hustle and a bustle of the waitresses and the bluster of laughing coming from gentleman as they ogled the woman on stage, everything was still. It was as if the walls were still trying to live, still trying to stand. They were taking a breath in the solace, and it was a breather to just see the performers in their natural state without the interruptions. The wood was sturdy, and it was definitely worn from all the good times that were spent here within the walls.]

[font “Handlee” He was still trying to look at everything, studying the architecture as he was standing alone until a man had come to sit and play on the piano. The sound a delight to one’s ears and one that he was sure that Miss Ruby probably had a hand in with the lyrics of it. He glanced in the man’s direction as he came up to him. The defense was strong, but as he spoke, he could tell that the man was just as easy going as the music that he played. [b Most definitely. It gives you time to actually appreciate what is around and the history it holds.] He said with a smile. [b Yes, and you are?] ]

[font “Handlee” They were immediately interrupted by Ruby as she came rushing up, a smile appearing on his lips, a bigger one than the first. Charmingly, her cherry-cheeked face stabilized him in this rough and frantic world. [b That is Jason. It is surely nice to meet you Jason.] He said as she was finishing her sentence. He was all about introductions. He reached out for a handshake toward the man as Ruby finished gleaming her introduction. He had paused to look at her and just grinned. [b It is always a treat to see you, darling.] He said briefly, waiting for the man to shake his hand as Jason had begun to respond to her. He chuckled at their play. No worries settled in his tummy.]

[font “Handlee” He tended to have a power struggle with most men, but then, he knew who he was and what he stood for. He was not about to stoop down to prove himself, when he already had done so with his hard work and his build of his name. Most people in this town knew who he was, and he was dedicated to keeping it that way. As she had reached for his hand during their banter, he felt the warmth and electricity move through his skin. Giving a light squeeze, he glanced down at her as they started heading toward the door. [b Good idea. Let’s do. I have reservations down town for dinner, if you would like to join me, Miss Ruby.] ]

[font “Handlee” During his day, he had asked Annah to reserve them a table at the Alinea in the back, where he paid extra to have it just how he wanted. It was enough time to get them home and changed and even enough time for an extra kiss or two. He hoped she would accept his offer as they walked out to the car. Like the gentleman he is, he opened up her door and let her climb in before he walked over to the driver’s side and started the engine. ]

[font “Handlee” [b If you do not have anything to wear, I did have some options chosen for you that I have laid out at my house if you would like to check them out? You have worked hard all day, so let me spoil you to a dinner?] He insisted. He wanted to give her the world, and he wanted a fine drink after the day he had had and he would not want anyone else by his side when he had it.]
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