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The way that she looked at him told him that she was clearly affected by his movements, by his gaze, and earlier proved that she was affected by the way he touched her. It was satisfying knowing that the woman had a draw to him, because it settled it the thought that he had in the back of his mind that she could walk away without a single look back. It was a rather disturbing thought but he knew he had to stand his ground if she decided herself that she could not handle being in his life simply because of his line of work.

Her eyes seemed to be comforted when he offered the explanation but he could see some look of confusion spread over her face, but the way that she spoke to him showed otherwise. She spoke very educationally and with ease, though her voice and face did not match. The way that she looked at him made him think that she wanted him again and yet her words were not matching the thoughts that were unknowingly similar. Continuing to look at her, he simply nodded his head. “I don’t expect you to.” He said simply. “You asked for an explanation after I gave you permission to ask, so of course I obliged.”

His eyes traced her face as a smile came across his face. “I do not want to hide anything from you. My intentions with you are very clear. I want you here, in my arms…in my life.” He said, his eyes never faltering from hers. Seriousness was spread over his face. He meant every word. He knew from the moment that she was alone with him and kissed his lips that he wanted more than just a one night stand or a contract…

As she expressed her gratitude for the dinner and him hosting it, he couldn’t help but smile a little more. “You’re very welcome. I like to treat my guests with utmost respect and how I do that is through their stomach.” He winked at her with a chuckle before he pulled his napkin off his lap and set it beside his plate.

As he looked at her again, the thought of how beautiful she was spread across his mind. It was plastered there, and all he wanted to do was give her the world. Yet he knew…small steps. Rushing led to nowhere. With a deep exhale, he looked around and stood, pushing back his seat and come around the table, holding his hand out to her.

“I would like to show you something.” He hoped to clasp her hand and help her stand. His eyes looking down at her as he would do so, feeling his fingers encircle hers. A smile on his face. A charming man that he was…he wanted nothing more than to sweep her off her feet and carry her away. The way that she was…it intoxicated him. He wanted nothing more to have his fill every day of his life. He could see it in the subconscious of his mind…

“Just trust me.” He chuckled as he led her up the stairs. Reaching the top, there was a string that led to a small cubby hole in the ceiling. He let the ladder string down and he climbed up first so then he could help her find her footing and get up with him. There they would stand in the middle of the attic of the third floor of his town home. It was quiet and stuffy in the small area. Boxes were stacked against the wall of the small space and he had to wrap his arms around her to keep her close enough so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

“Watch out, the spikes from the roofing are very dangerous around here.” He said as they walked toward the small window along the far wall that was mere feet away from them. He reached for the latch and pulled it just right so that it would click and then creak open. There, it was the perfect view of Chicago. It was high enough to see everything in the city…at least see the skyline just perfectly. The moon had made its reflection on the buildings and the light spread over the city, but the soft city glow sparkled from there position.

“I wanted to give you another sight that you could appreciate in this big city.”

His fingers traced the small of her back as he leaned a heavy arm against the tilt of the structure, his arm crooked from the weight slightly. He wanted to see her reaction to the sight as his eyes traced her side profile…Even in the moonlight she was beautiful…at every angle.
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Part of her did not really want to know the answer to the question she had posed. She was overcome with the fear that he might admit something that would put an end to whatever it was between them. Although their first meeting had been that very evening, she knew that it might break her heart if she were to never see him again. The pace of her heart beat was quicker than usual and she bit her lip nervously, waiting to hear whatever it was he had to tell her. All she could do for now was attempt to read his impossible expression. The silence between them seemed to last for a lifetime and she watched him as he shifted his posture so that he was now leaning over his elbows on the table.

When he addressed her, she could not figure out whether he appeared to be angry with her question. His expression gave nothing away as their eyes locked together, every moment her heart threatened to beat right out of her chest. He seemed to shift his posture again before laying it all out for her. Of course, she already knew that he was the CEO of Black Industries. He was not telling her anything she did not already know yet but she continued to listen without a moment of interruption. At least now he seemed to clarify exactly what it meant to be CEO of Black Industries. It was nothing that she understood and none of his explanation seemed to tell her why he felt the need to carry a gun in order to succeed in his business, at least not yet. She swallowed when his side of the conversation seemed to move towards addressing her initial question.

Ruby felt relief when he looked away for a moment as he continued to talk. She used the moment to compose herself and forced herself to stop biting at her lip anxiously. She could understand the passion he felt for his work and she recognised that he cared a lot about his reputation and his business. When his eyes met hers again she could have sworn that something stabbed at her. If there was one thing Ruby would never understand, it would be the effect that this man had on every ounce of her being. She wasn’t even sure she would be able to leave him if he were to admit he was a cold-blooded murderer. That thought alone terrified her.

As he began to offer her an explanation she was slowly beginning to understand why he had threatened the man but there were surely better ways to deal with an employee who stole from him. What she could not understand was why Daevas hadn’t simply called the police and allowed the law to deal with it like most businesses would have. As if he read her mind he moved on to explain why he could not simply go down the route of law and she took a moment to contemplate what he had told her. She couldn’t pretend to understand the complexities of running a business, nor could she pretend to comprehend the amount of pressure he must have felt on a day-to-day business, simply for being the man he was.

[I Judge, Jury and Executioner.]

How many times did he had to embody the role of an executioner in his line of work? Ruby allowed the silence to settle between them for a moment as she started to formulate some sort of response. She allowed herself to take a deep breath before nodding towards him.

“I guess that I might understand why you feel the need to go about your business in the way you do but I cannot pretend that I enjoy the thought of you ever being anyone’s ‘executioner’.” She paused for a minute, taking the opportunity to look towards the window before looking back towards him. “I appreciate your honesty. I suppose it really is none of my business and you could have simply told me that it was not my right to know.” Even now in the most plutonic of moments, she still felt the desire to climb over the table towards him and allow herself to fall into his passion. The very thought made her stomach flip and the heat rise to her face without so much as warning.

Ruby cleared her throat. “Thank you again, for hosting this dinner. I rather enjoyed eating something a little more upmarket.” She said with a smile, trying to change the conversation to something less serious.
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Daevas had leaned heavily against the back of his chair, his arm draped across the one next to him as he looked at her, simply tracing the look of her face and her posture. She showed that was not quite comfortable with his intense stare at her, but she didn’t seem to flinch at anything he did. He pressed his lips together, rubbing his fingertips together for a moment in place of their silence. It definitely was not awkward or unusual of the silence as they enjoyed their food. He always loved Marian’s food even when it was quick and easy. If he was to follow some of her recipes it would take him hours to cook something that usually took her maybe twenty minutes total both in preparation and cook time.

“Often what I mean is I usually have it in my office. She is gracious enough to bring it to me some nights or the men deliver it to me. I usually am in the office working late after everyone else leaves.” He said softly, his eyes tracing the food as Marian finished up tending to everything. He smiled at her as he mentioned the car to make sure that she got home safely. He knew the temperament of many men these days when it came to ladies of color, but he was not one of those. He held standards for how people treated himself as well as his employees. They were not objects, but people. He learned that at a very young age…

Expressing her gratitude to his question, he nodded once and smiled evenly as he reached for his napkin, holding it loosely in his hand before draping it over his leg out of habit. “I will definitely let her know when I see her next. She will be happy you liked the food. She for some reason is always a little insecure about how she makes food.” He said, glancing at the food that she had prepared. It not only satisfied his nostrils, his taste buds were very happy with the exquisite tastes. Smiling at her, and as they people had left it was only moments of silence before he knew that they should go ahead and discuss her worries that were seemingly plastered all over her face.

The way that she was twiddling with her hair and with her fingers in her lap, he knew the woman was intelligent and would want to have some answers with what was going on around her. She was not oblivious as he had noticed in the car when she had been a little worried about his exchange that included the sound of a gun going off. Letting his words come slowly and meaningfully over his lips, he watched how she was a little more uncomfortable with what was going on. He didn’t mean to come across that way.

In a way he did, and it was the kind of man that he was. He was gracious and generous, but when it came down to business and discussing those matters he was guarded and very careful in the words that he would possess. Unsure how the woman would take his words, he waited patiently, wondering as to what questions she would have the heart to ask. His matters were private and he was not very comfortable with letting a complete stranger in, but if she would stay around after hearing a gun shot, it was definitely a risk worth taking…but only a little risk. Nothing major…

[i What kind of business you are really in…]

Oh the words made him want to smile, but he decided not to as he didn’t want her to think that he was mocking her. Pressing his lips together in a hard line as he watched as her lips curved to produce the words. Such courage…Straight to the point and very much in tune with what answers she wanted. He gave her props, he was used to women asking him where all the places he had been or something similar since he was the bachelor that was young and wealthy. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on the table softly and tangled his fingers together. “I figured you would come out right and ask that.”

He met her intense stare with his own and he cleared his throat, moving his dishes to the side for a moment and then he settled back into the comfortable position again. “I am CEO of Black Industries. I engage in the different transport of mechanical parts and prints to different buys all across the world. We build, design, and plan the structures of modern vehicles and other forms of transportation such as jets down to the simple boat in the water. We are in constant need of ideas and ways of enhancing the machines we use on a day to day basis.” He sighed heavily. “And you are correct, most business transactions do not require a gun. This is an instance where the dark side of business has to come into play.”

He ran his fingers through his hair, looking off. “I am a man of integrity and honesty. I am not one to cut corners in either creation, installation, or the performance of my products that I give to this world. The earnings of all the hard work my employees are put forth are very important to me.” He said softly, his eyes slowly returning to her own.

“What you heard tonight was a paid employee that crossed my boundaries of generosity and decided to be greedy.” He sighed. “We found that after a package that I had paid to deliver was not the full amount, we traced it back to his hand in it. Apparently he had been stealing from me for months now.” He lifted a brow, his face completely serious now. “I do not take stealing a light threat. As I am aware that everyone in business faces these things, but I require standards of the men and women who work for me. Some people will never understand that.”

He bit his lips for a moment before releasing it slowly. “I hate to go into the basics of guns, but the man himself was setting me up to look like a cheat. My reputation as a businessmen is what keeps me competitive in this day and age. I have plenty who will stand by me as I have always held up my end of bargains. It was a warning more than anything.”

Her traced her face with his eyes once more, unsure if she would believe anything that he was saying. “There are simpler ways of handling this, such as firing him or suing him, but unfortunately throughout my time working with the justice system I am faced with the fact that my business matters simply do not matter to them. In the stance I take in my company I am the Judge, Jury and Executioner.”
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It certainly was a completely different side of life here. From the moment she looked upon the house she knew that Daevas was clearly a wealthy man, but to hear that he spent most evenings dining in such a way was undoubtedly eye-opening. As he spoke, Ruby couldn’t help but wonder whether he was alluding to the fact that he often entertained women in such a way. Instead of allowing her mind to dwell on such things she decided to distract her thoughts with other things and lowered herself into the chair that he had held out for her, thanking him as she took a seat.

As he sat opposite her she could feel his gaze on her with that hungry stare that she had come accustomed to in the short time they had spent together. Her hand played nervously with her hair as she tried to avoid his eyes while Marian continued to tend to the table. His demeaner was so kind and caring that she could hardly believe that he was the same person who had felt the need to handle a gun to complete his business. It was surprising that someone of wealth would treat one of his employees in such away and that thought brought a smile to her lips. She had experienced men of wealth before and they were certainly not as kind as Daevas appeared to be.

Soon enough they were left alone, both feeling the need to appease their appetites after the couple of hours they had spent working it up. The silence was not awkward or uncomfortable but one that Daevas seemed to feel the need to expel as he took a break from eating the food before them. This time she permitted herself to look into his eyes as he questioned her taste towards the meal, not wanting to appear rude. She placed her cutlery down and reached for her napkin so that she could cover her mouth as she finished the bit of food she had just taken before nodding towards him.

“The food is wonderful. You must make sure that my gratitude is passed on to Marian when you see her again. She has quite the talent when it comes to flavours I see.” She said, looking down at her half empty plate. It was quite unlike any food that she had eaten before but her tastes were usually quite simple and such rich flavours were simply not custom to the type of food she usually ate back home. Whatever Marian had done with this food was working for her and if she wasn’t already beginning to feel satisfied from the meal, she might have insisted upon eating plenty more.

Ruby set her napkin down on the table and allowed her hands to drop into her lap, one absently playing with the other to distract her from the nerves that she was beginning to feel. Daevas’ posture seemed to change and she was sure that their conversation was no longer going to remain on the topic of food. Her throat started to close up and she swallowed in order to lubricate herself so that she might be able to speak. Of course, she was curious about what he might have been hiding from her but part of her was slightly terrified to learn what he might have to say to her. He could tell her something that would bring their acquaintance to an end and that was not something that she wanted.

The way he said his final words did more to suggest that there might have been some danger to him. It was the danger that she had been attracted to but she couldn’t help but wonder what that could mean for her. Ruby knew that it was unlikely he would hurt her but that didn’t stop her from worrying about what he might have done to those around her. No matter what, she needed to know more about him, especially since their attraction appeared to be quite strong. The last thing she wanted was to get her heart broken further down the line because she had allowed him to keep secrets from her.

“I want to know what kind of business you are really in. Most business transactions do not require the use of a gun and I cannot help but think that this might have been something a little bigger than you are letting on.” She took a deep breath as if to brace herself for whatever answers might come and looked into his eyes, searching for any kind of hint, hoping that he would only tell her the truth.
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“Often, yes.” He said as he held out the chair for her to take a seat. The different scents of gumbo moved slowly around the dining room, it fille dit completely and Daevas was always appreciative of the woman who cooked for him when he had come home late nights and there was still something in the ice box for him. He sat down across from her, looking at her bouncy blonde curls reach her face. He could still see the effects of their love-making on her hair, but it was slight and if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t have notice. Her body was simply tantalizing, and if his stomach wasn’t growling so much, he would have asked her to join him upstairs for his own personal meal.

He pressed his lips together and straightened out his silverware when he glanced at Marian. “Thank you darling, for cooking this. I don’t want to keep you from your family. Do take my town car. If my men give you any trouble, let me know tomorrow in the morning.” He nodded toward Marcus and Marcus nodded his head following behind Marian who gathered her things. “Thank you sir.” She said softly, looking at him and Miss Ruby before disappearing down the hall and walking out with Marcus.

The silence filled the room in the point that the door was shut. Trees were hitting the back window next to the kitchen, and there were sounds of birds here and there, but it was mostly quiet. He ate slowly, touching his napkin to the corner of his lips after a few minutes of enjoying the meal. He was sure that she had plenty of questions, and now would be the time to ask. As he was not a man that wanted to keep things in the dark, and he felt that their situation was still hanging heavily on her mind.

Just an assumption, a flaw of his over-thinking mind.

Daevas leaned heavily in his seat, taking a look behind her and through the windows. Nothing was there, but he was always certain that someone was watching him, but his paranoia was the reason why he had such updated technology. He worked hard enough during the day to ensure he had security at night. He pressed his lips together and draped his free arm along the top edge of the chair next to him as he looked at her. “How is the food, my dear?’

It was a simple question, and he was sure that it would lead to other thoughts, other paths, other stakes in the conversation that would lead them to more than likely the shooting sound that had split through the silence and perhaps their bond that was growing steadily between them. He traced her face with his eyes, looking for some sort of clue, the way that she looked at him, he wanted nothing more than to bend her over the table and give it to her a little roughly, but he was satisfied with watching her enjoy the meal Marian had worked so hard to prepare.

She must have been working on it all day, as he had noticed that she took some home with her, which he was perfectly fine with.

Waiting a moment, he ran his fingers through his hair and then set it back on the back of the chair. He took a moment to encourage himself to speak and directly get the point across the table. He wanted to get the conversation across and in the open. “But now, we are alone, and I am sure you have questions. I know earlier some stirred questions up, and I feel my explanations did not satisfy your curiosity.” He said, glancing at her, tracing those deep blue eyes. He wanted nothing more to know what she was thinking so then he could direct her thoughts.

He wanted nothing more than to ease her sudden fears that have probably built up. It was in the back of his mind that it was too early for his work to come in too close to his new relationship. There were others that he knew and had relations that he could simply take them in there with him as they knew his lifestyle. They themselves were around the same thing daily, and there were only consequences of people’s choices that led to these things.

“It is free range my dear. I don’t want to hide things from you, though I do warn you, do not ask the questions you do not want to know the answer to.”
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His hand tightened around hers when she agreed to move forward with the plans they had already made. As she climbed out of the car, she took a minute to take in her surroundings. His house was certainly impressive in comparison to what she had been used to. Ruby had been living in a small house at the edge of town with a friend and that was nothing in comparison to this one. Her lips parted in awe for a moment as Daevas seemed distracted by something behind her. If there was something there, she had not noticed it herself.

His attention seemed to return to her as he led her up the stairs to his home and as she moved, she was careful not to allow her heels to catch on anything so that she did not trip. Luckily, she was able to manage her composure as she climbed them and stepped through the door that he held open for her. He had not lost any of his courteous manners even though he seemed to have been handling a gun only moments ago. For now, that was a thought that she tried to put out of her head. His manners continued as he offered to take her coat and she nodded in response. She maneuvered to allow him to better access to the material that slowly slipped from her shoulders so that he could place it out of sight for the time being.

Ruby allowed a sigh to escape her lips, almost as though the loss of material was a relief to the woman. She smiled to herself as she took in the sights of the hallway and the smells that seemed to travel towards them. She had not realised how hungry she had been until the smells of rich food began to intoxicate her, much like Daevas had earlier that evening. She turned to observe his routine of settling in to the house and noticed that he started to loosen the business elements, taking his tie off. How was it that something as simple as removing a hat and tie made her want to lose herself in him again? She swallowed the growing desire as he took hold of her hand, allowing it to rest on his arm so that he could guide her through the house with ease.

Their destination, it seemed, was the kitchen and as they neared, her senses came alive with all the different smells. She allowed her eyes to close for a split second so that she could breathe it all in without any visual distractions. When they finally came to a stop, she took the opportunity to look around the modern kitchen. It was becoming very clear that Daevas was obviously well off and kept the best appliances and the fact that he had a member of staff cooking for them spoke volumes in itself. Ruby retracted her arm so that Daevas could greet the woman and she smiled as she watched their embrace. It was clear that their relationship was something a little more than an employer-employee relationship and she enjoyed the opportunity to observe their mutual affection.

She waited in the doorway until she was addressed directly and when the woman smiled warmly towards her she returned it easily. Daevas introduced her and in the process, mentioned that she might be around for a while. There is was again. That uneasy feeling she had felt the moment she heard that gunshot. Although she had been so invested in him earlier that evening, she was not sure whether she was completely comfortable with what had transpired yet. She still didn’t know what his intentions were when it came to her but she was sure that they would discuss such things over dinner. It was clear he did not want to let her go, but whatever form their relationship would take was yet to be decided. All she knew was that it was likely that the woman would need some time to process things before she permitted herself to commit to him completely if that was indeed what he had hoped.

The way Marian reacted to her brought a smile to her face and pulled her out of her thoughts. She almost chuckled to herself when the woman curtseyed, never having been greeted in such a way before now.

“It’s lovely to meet you. The food smells simply wonderful.” She said with a polite smile until she explained to Daevas what she had been doing since his call to her. Soon enough she was being led into the room where they would dine for the evening and her eyes lit up at the sights. The food certainly looked as good as it smelt and she found herself more than ready to devour it. She turned to Daevas. “You get this sort of meal every night?” She asked with a raised brow wondering what it must have been like to live such a luxurious lifestyle. She had never really had a meal cooked for her by anyone other than her mother and most of the time the food that she ate had been prepared by herself. Ruby was rather talented in the kitchen but that also meant she knew how to appreciate a good meal when one had been served to her. This was most certainly a good meal and one that she would appreciate.
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He could see th elook in her eyes as her mind was going crazy. He could feel that she was tearing apart everything he was saying, at least he felt like she was. She might have been, she might not have been, but he knew that she was paying attention to him now, putting it into perspective as to what kind of business was ran around here in Chicago. The darker side of the pretty champagne and all the glittery fancy objects. It was for show to cover up the blood stained on the clothing. It was to hide all the mistakes that have easily been covered up with a life…one that was more than likely not meant to be taken. Or meant to be taken, but it was deserved, but in the wrong sort of way…

Either way it was business.

And Daevas was apart of it.

Daevas looked at her, his fingers surrounding her own as he spoke, already giving too much information as it was when she looked at him, but in his chest, he was urged to tell her what was going on, but he knew that if he said too much then she would definitely run..She would definitely walk away without even a single turn to look back at him. And he wouldn’t be able to stop her. He was not that type of man unfortunately….He let women walk away, sometimes he would unnecessarily force them to walk away. His attitude was taken different ways to many different points of view and who was the beholder seeing all of his actions. He hoped that she was able to look past his work and understand that the intentions were right…well kind of.

He looked at her, watching her eyes trace his face, anything to grasp something that he wasn’t going to turn around and kill her just because she would walk away. He didn’t know how to show her without spewing out every word in the book to explain that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. He would let a single hair on her head be touched by anyone that was trying to hurt her from now on, but he definitely wasn’t sure if she would even believe him after the sound that he had been the cause of.

Keeping her hand in his, he climbed out and offered her the choice to come with him or stay in the car and proceed to go home for the night. She had every right to walk out, to let his men drive her home, and to let them make sure she was securely locked away. He had paused, making sure that she was certain in what she wanted to do before he said anything else, wanting to make sure it was of her own choosing and not of his begging on his knees like he had just contemplated doing.

Watching her carefully, he looked at her and felt a smile on his face come alive when she said that it was no use in going home after she had already promised to come to dinner with him. He grinned practically gripping her hand tighter as he let her out of the vehicle and let the door close behind her. In that moment, he looked back seeing a light shadow for a moment before it was gone and he didn’t see it again.

Leading her up the stairs to his town home, he opened up the door, took a second glance outside and then let the men follow on. He would lock up the home securely and the moment the alarm was on, The maid that was in the house, his good friend would already know that she had a bed in the spare bedroom downstairs. He was for sure not the type to leave a maid that did so much for him without a bed to sleep in when he felt uncomfortable for them to go home.

Pressing his lips together, he closed the door tightly after saying bye to Marx and he glanced back at Ruby. “May I?” he asked, reaching for her coat to take it off and leave it on the coat hanger.

The house smelled of Cajun seasonings. It smelled of something rich and spicy. He could only imagine what it was. Taking off his own coat and hat, he slipped off his tie, pulled out his keys and set it on the table next to the stair way. To the right there was a living room, the couch so elegantly placed. Black leather surrounding it and black and white hide leather rug on the floor. Lamps matched the décor, with hints of silver on their bases.

He reached for her hand which he softly put in the crook of his arm as he led her down the hallway through the stairs and into the kitchen that was in the backside of the house. It was bigger than most and the appliances were newer than most. The oven was open, keeping the house warm as she was cooking and his maid, Marian looked up, her brow with drops of sweat. “Mr. Black.” She said, her wrinkled face smiling eagerly to see him.

He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her when she lent up from the sink. She was a little sweaty but he didn’t care. “Thank you for cooking on such short notice.” He said, looking at her. She touched his face, her dark skin striking difference against his lighter tone. “I worry about you sometimes. I was going to leave you something right when you called. I was thinking you weren’t going to be home but be in that office working away tonight.” She said, looking at him then slowly smiling from a glare. He returned it and looked behind him to see Ruby standing there hopefully in the doorway.

“This, Marian, is the woman who you will be hopefully seeing around for a while. This is Ruby Grant.”

Marian’s eyes lit up for a moment. “Ruby Grant? I’ve heard that name!” She said, clasping her hands together before she walked over to the woman and grasped her own close to her face before she did a small curtsy. “You were the opening act at the Green Mill tonight. Oh! I bet you were wonderful if you caught Mr. Black’s attention. He’s picky on who he decides to bring home.” She chuckled and looked back at him.

“Sir, everything is laid out on the table, set for two. Candles and all are decorated just as you had asked.” She said before walking away into the other room to straighten things up. Daevas led her to the next room over, showing her a Cajun gumbo with biscuits and jumbalaya. She had definitely taken her time to do so. It was bringing Louisiana to them.
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There was something about the way he looked now that suggested he was dreading being asked the question. He awkwardly started to fix his jacket to distract his mind for a moment and perhaps take some time to construct an answer to her question, all the while different thoughts ran through her mind about the different reasons he could give for there being a gunshot. Even though she found herself fearful at the thought, she hoped that he would not try to lie to her. It was not as though their relationship had reached a point, in one night, where they had complete honesty and trust between them but she had hoped that that man who had claimed her virtue for his own would not attempt to mislead her in any way if her had any sort of feelings towards her.

When he reached for her hand it took all her energy to not pull away from him. She didn’t want him to feel as though she was scared but she was sure that her eyes would be enough to tell him that. Ruby did not withdraw her hand but she nervously avoided his gaze, looking down at the hand he encased with his own. When he spoke she allowed her eyes to find his again. She hadn’t expected him to tell her anything, she thought he might try and pass her off as being a crazy woman who was hearing things of her own accord. Ruby had already met several men who often treated their women as though they couldn’t think for themselves and tried to hide everything from them but Daevas seemed to be telling her his version of the truth and she believed him. The sincerity in his voice told her that he wouldn’t lie to her and she allowed some deep breaths while his free hand reached out to trace her jaw.

This was Chicago and she knew that life here would be different. She had heard of business on the streets and how it was more common for guns to take part in everyday life here but she had not expected to come across it within her first few days of residing there. He continued to talk again, offering her an explanation, telling her of his business until he decided to look towards Marx to share a quick look that she missed because she was too busy focusing on calming her beating heart. It really was none of her business how Daevas conducted his transactions and if he told her that no one was harmed, she had to believe him because there was nothing else she could do but she lost herself in her thoughts until the car had pulled to a stop again. Ruby assumed that they had arrived at his home where she had forgotten he was bringing her to, if only for the briefest of moments. It wasn’t until he opened his door and offered her his hand that she remembered he was expecting her to join him for dinner.

Her mind raced, searching for the right thing to do. She had felt such a connection to the man that she knew she would follow him anywhere. Ruby had felt a pull towards him the moment their eyes had locked together and it was not something that she could see herself giving up in an instant. After all, it was partly the danger in his eyes that had intoxicated her in the first place. The way he had wrapped her around him in such a short space of time was something she could barely even contemplate.

Ruby looked down at his hand and gulped, swallowing the fear that had arisen within her the moment she had heard the gunshot. She was sure that he would never cause her any harm and really, that’s all the fear was initially. Fearing that she had fallen for a dangerous man who might one day bring her into danger. The look in his eyes told her he would never let that happen and for now, that reassurance was enough for her to take his hand to help her climb out of the car.

[b “That won’t be necessary.”] Her voice was quieter now, almost as though she had lost some of her confidence but she knew that only a few moments alone with him would bring it rushing back and the sound of the gunshot would be forgotten in an instant. The chill of the night air consumed her as she stepped out of the car and she drew in a breath through her teeth before shielding her arms from the cold night that had greeted them. If it had been this cold before, she hadn’t noticed with the heat of the moment that they had shared but now she was completely aware of it.

[b “You did indeed promise me dinner and I agreed to attend. It would be unnecessary for me to walk away from you now.”]
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 13d 22h 17m 9s
He was not oblivious to the fact when the woman looked at him that he was taken a little bit by her eyes. She had those intoxicating eyes and he wanted to sip on her lips all night….It was a never ending need for her. He craved her touch, her kiss, her look, everything that surrounded her he needed close to him at all times. Having made the phone call, he watched her put her hair up and fix it to look seomwhat normal instead of a sex filled mess. He liked her hair down and flowing, but he wanted her to feel comfortable.

Daevas watched her closely and the moment that he had pulled her closer, she seemed to have a hitch in her breath. He loved the lack of sound in her chest for the second, just to know that he had taken her breath away. Giving her a soft kiss, he whispered that they would have dinner and together they walked out to the car. Her face had turned a little pink. He wondered why for a second and then he was sure it was because she had forgotten about the men who had definitely heard them make love in the upstairs loft. He didn’t care and they were being paid, so they weren’t really interested. They also knew if they were to say anything that he would have them cast aside.

Sitting in the car as they drove out into traffic, it wasn’t long before Marx was telling him about the situation and he was forced to deal with it. The exchange was important and it would cost him quite a bit and hearing that it was failed and didn’t go through, it was severely disappointing. Letting her sit in the car, he went and dealt with the situation which ended somewhat generously for the party that should have been dead, but since he was feeling generous, he gave the man 72 hours to get the money back to him and in the right direction, or he would lose his life.

Coming back in to the car, he was draping his arm along her shoulders when she looked up at him, her eyes wide with fear. She had heard. Pressing his lips together, he felt his own heart race as he simply took in a deep breath to keep himself calm. He knew that she would have questions, but he couldn’t show this part of his life to her yet…if she was going to stay with him…

He glanced downward and fixed his jacket slightly before reaching for her hand. “It was just business baby. A warning shot. No one was harmed.” He said, a little white lie. No one was really harmed. It was a graze. It was a simple flesh wound and really didn’t hurt that much…right? He looked at her and traced her face with his free hand.

‘I had an agreement with someone to deliver a package for me, an exchange that was very important to me. The man decided to cheat me, so I had to give a stern talking to. And people don’t listen if you just yell at them. It was just to get his attention.” He said, gulping a little. He glanced forward, seeing Marx’s eyes in the rear view mirror and he could tell that the man was telling him with his eyes to not speak so much about it. He nodded briefly before looking back at her.

“I don’t mean to scare you, if I did. That was not my purpose. It’s just work.” He said softly and it wasn’t long before they were pulling up to the townhome that he called home and he was opening up the door and stepping out when he reached for her hand. “I promised you dinner sweetheart.” He said softly, in the back of his mind he was feeling worried about what the woman was thinking…Would she leave? Would he never see her again?

He wasn’t sure if she was going to get out of the vehicle. He wasn’t sure if she was going to budge, or she would be stricken with fear. She didn’t really know anything about him, and he didn’t expect her to stay if she felt uncomfortable with him…He would never let anything hurt her, and he was definitely not going to let her be without protection from now on, even if she didn’t want anything to do with him after hearing that one shot…In the back of his mind he knew it was too early to show work to her, and she wasn’t in the room, but was within ear shot…She could make up her mind and she could leave…

“If you choose to leave though, my men can ensure you a safe ride home…” He offered, still fearful that she would want to leave him for the night to think up what she will about what he did for a living and never want to see him…

Oh the many possibilities that ran across his mind were endless and he found himself circling himself crazy in his mind. It was driving him crazy…
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 14d 2h 42m 14s
There was nowhere else in the world she would have rather been in this moment. Her body shuddered under his touch and under his lips in a reaction that told him that he had completely taken over her system. Her eyes closed as he traced kisses over her bare skin, letting out soft moans of pleasure as he did. If she were not careful she would lose herself to him for the second time. He mentioned that he had no intention of tossing her aside and the relief swam over her as the last ounce of doubt she might have had washed away.

His lips claimed hers once more and their bodies remained connected by the heat between them. His naked body against hers was something she could easily get used to and she found herself becoming more intoxicated by his touch, his smell and his eyes. It was as though neither of them could pull themselves away from the other but it was getting late and after their activities of the last two hours, there was no doubt that both of them required food to replenish whatever energy they had left.

When he moved away from the bed she used her arm as a rest to prop her head up as she watched him. His body was perfect in her eyes and he moved with such confidence that she was sure the man must have known she had found herself staring at his glorious form. When he returned to the bed he had her clothes and helped her conceal her exposed skin. Somehow everything felt different now. It was as though her body had reached a new height of sensitivity as she felt every movement of the material against her skin until she was completely dressed. When they were both dressed they shared a moment where they simply looked at each other knowingly. They had just had each other and she was sure that it wouldn’t be the last time.

As he made a phone call she began to straighten her hair as best she could so that when he form entered the streets it wouldn’t have been so obvious how she has spent her evening. The way he looked at her made her feel as though she was still exposed to him. The hunger was still there and it appeared that it would be one that she couldn’t so easily satisfy with one mere encounter. It wasn’t long before he was taking her in his arms and kissing her again, the feel of him now becoming very familiar. As they made their way out to the town car she found herself suddenly becoming very conscious about the fact that there has been company nearby. In the heat of the moment she had forgotten that Daevas had his guards posted at the door of his hideaway and the thought that they knew exactly what they had been doing to each other made her cheeks turn to a light shade of pink. As she climbed into the car she tried not to look at them or even think about it anymore.

The journey was very similar to the rest of their evening where he had ensured their closeness was part of their company and he whispered things in her ear that made her want him all over again and she was sure that might have been his intention. Ruby remembered that he had promised to take her again before the night was over and the very thought of that thrilled her and caused a longing deep within her. She has been turned on and she wasn’t sure that she would be able to turn it off.

Their privacy was interrupted by the driver who had announced that they had a situation. They exchanged a conversation that Ruby didn’t understand but she could tell by his tone that it was something serious, perhaps something to do with his business. It would have been rude of her to ask so she didn’t but she remained intrigued by it. She nodded when he gave her instructions to stay in the car and as Daevas left with Marx she did exactly that. An abandoned alleyway was not usually a place of business and when she took in her surroundings she started to feel uneasy. Whatever he was doing might be something a little more than business. She could see another figure enter the street but it was dark and there was very little light that might indicate who it was. They had all become shadows now and she could not make out anything that was happening and she found herself to be relieved by that fact. It didn’t feel right so she pulled her gaze away to look at the curtain before her - the one that had given them their privacy for most of their journey.

It was the sound of a gunshot that startled her and caused her heart to thump against her chest. Her heart had done this many times this evening but this time it was caused by fear. She had no idea what was going on out there, nor did she want to look. Ruby was slowly becoming aware that whatever business Daevas was involved in was not only the normal kind of business that men endeavoured with. She had no idea who she had given herself to now and the fear caused her to back away for him when he entered the car.

[b “Was that... was that a gun shot?”] She asked simply, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to deny that it was. Had she fallen for a dangerous man?
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 15d 14h 22m 13s
Daevas’s eyes watched the woman’s as she contemplated the question, it was a look on her face that seemed to her that she was not sure as if she should answer it or not. A chuckle escaped his lips as he continued to trace her hips, sure to feel her bare skin under his fingertips. It was a wonderful feeling.

It wasn’t until she spoke when he fully smiled, moving his hand to her own fingers and he brought them to his lips, giving them soft and stubbly kisses from his stubble around his lips. [b “Pushing you away for any amount of time would be a sin in my eyes.”] He said, his tone low and seductive as he kissed slowly, taking his time as he pressed his lips to her arm from her palm down to her wrist and across her forearm until he was reaching her elbow, pulling her closer to him again. With a drunk smile on his face, he kissed her a few more slow times and finally reached her shoulder and there he looked down at her. [b “You are an angel.”] He whispered before devouring her lips again.

He was lost in her kisses, lost in her eyes in the abyss of her touch and looks that he was finding himself dazed and confused by the time their lips separated. Her smile was dazzling and he felt himself drunk in her intoxication and presentation. She was naked in his arms and he was falling into every crevice as his hand circled her wrist, holding it gently in his hand before he pulled away and chuckled when she said that she would love to stay there forever, but she was promised a dinner.

[b “And I shall not displease a woman. Whatever she wants.”] He whispered to her, giving her another few kisses before he pulled himself from the sheets, leaving himself bare as he walked to gather their clothes. She had had him and he wasn’t going to hide himself anymore from her. He was proud of himself in a confident way, but not in an arrogance. He was aware of his achievement with weights, but was humble to help someone who couldn’t lift things with their own hands.

Turning to face her, he handed her the pieces of clothing he had so quickly torn off her fragile body and there he helped her get back into her dress and stockings in between getting into his own pants and pulling on his shirt and buttoning it over his chest. Tying his tie back to where it was, he ran his fingers through his messed up hair and looked at her, clothed and everything.. He was lost in her look again, she looked great in everything.

Walking over to the phone that was connected to the wall, he dialed his home phone number, glancing at the woman as he leaned heavily against the wall. It wasn’t but two rings when his house maid answer the phone. [+green “Black’s Residence?”] She answered calmly.

[b “Hi Marian, this is Daevas. Can I ask you to cook something quick and easy?”]

Marian laughed on the other end of the line. [+green “Of course Mr. Daevas, of course. Something quick and easy for you coming up. Bringing a lady?”] She asked. The older woman always smiled when he spoke of his endeavours. She was always interested in hearing what ladies he was after and she always had to put in her two cents. And it was the only one that he actually took into consideration.

[b “Yes maam. Make it something special.”] He bit his lip, letting his tongue glide over the bottom for a second as in his mind he was thinking that he wanted to make her special meal for himself…He wanted her over and over again, and she was not getting away without another round tonight….

Hanging up, he looked at her and smiled, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close to him, he kissed her lips tenderly. [b “We have food being made for us now.”] He said softly, looking down at her.

Holding her hand steady, he led her toward the stairs. [b “Come on darling, let us go and see what we have for us.”] He said softly, going before her down the stairs to make sure everything was okay when they met down at the stairs. His men didn’t say a thing as they led them securely out to the town car that was already warming up for them.

Letting her into the car first, he stepped in after her, pulling her close to his body when he was settled in. Tiny against his large frame, he let his arm rest along the backside of the seat and his free hand holding her own hand, sure to graze the skin of her legs that were exposed by the dress. As they pulled into traffic, he was settled into saying sweet nothings into her ear, calling her beautiful, sexy, everything a girl wanted to hear, but with genuine intentions. She was definitely something.

Now he only hoped that she could handle his type of lifestyle.

Pressing his lips together, he was leaning heavily against the seat when the front that was cut off by a curtain was split and Marx looked back at him through the rearview. [+red “Sir, we have a situation.”] Marx said stiffly, paying attention to the traffic in front of them.

Looking up at Marx with a simple daze, he smiled. [b “And what is that Marx?”] He asked, his attitude sobering up as their hands still fiddled together.

[+green “The man that we were discussing about earlier today, decided to cheat. We have him up here, on the way home. Shouldn’t take too long.”] Marx said. Daevas nodded his head. [b “Then let us do what we have to do. I would say I’ll let the guys take care of it, but this is very important to me.”]

[b “Darling, we are pulling up to something that will only take a few minutes. Stay in the car. Robert will be right outside the vehicle while Marx and I take care of this.”] He assured her as they pulled down the abandoned street alleyway. Marx was quickly outside of the car, opening the door as soon as the car came to a stop. Leaving her with a kiss, Deavas stepped out and closed the door behind him and there his shadow bled into the night and Marx opened up the door where he saw the man, already with blood on his face as they saw the case with some cash missing from it already.

Daevas sighed heavily and shook his head. [b “I had trust in you that you would handle this.”] Daevas said darkly, looking at the man who was trying to keep his breathing straight. [+green “I have a family.”] He spit out blood in his direction and Daevas simply stepped back, shoving his hands in his pant pockets pulling back his on his jacket and he glanced at Marx.

[b “I will have a family soon too. I understand what you would do to keep them safe, but you made the wrong choice against the wrong person.”]

The man was starting to speak when Daevas glanced at Marx.Marx lifted up his belt and handed him his handgun and the man started to cry and Daevas shook his head. [b “I’m feeling generous tonight, but you’ve pushed me too far. You know how I don’t like cheating against me.”] Daevas growled.

[+green “I wont’….I promise I won’t…Just that my daughter is getting ready for her formal…I wanted to get her the dress that she wanted.”]

Daevas sighed heavily. [b “Marx, does he have a daughter.”] Marx nodded and Daevas lifted a brow. [b “Hm, If I give you 72 hours to pay me back the money you stole from someone else who has cheated me, then I’ll let you go. If not, I’ll have your head. He gave a warning shot, scaling his shoulder and the man cried in pain. The blast echoed slightly and he handed the gun back to Marx.

[b “Let’s go. Drop him off in the dump two miles down. He can walk home and decide what he’s going to do.”]

Coming out, he straightened up his jacket and slipped back into the vehicle. [b “Hello baby.”]
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 16d 4h 49m 51s
There was nothing that could force the two to turn back now. Her body cried out for him in ways she had not yet experienced but it felt right, like this moment was inevitable to happen between the two. Even the echoing voice of her mother telling her how to be a proper lady had been drowned out by Daevas. Being a lady didn’t matter when she could be a woman with him and she would be. The deeply inset yearning she felt for him would be satisfied and he would ruin every part of her body until they had both been satisfied.

There was not a single word from Daevas to begin with as he started to permit himself to remove her clothing, all the while pleasuring the skin that was now exposed to him. Ruby arched against him when he found parts of her body that reacted to his touch and soft moans escaped her lips with the pleasure that he brought her. He was not yet inside, claiming her for his own, yet she felt completely taken. His lips trailed down her skin until he stopped for a moment. Ruby looked down to where he had stopped to ask her a question about her past exploits. Of course, she had never so much as kissed a man so it was clear she wouldn’t have been with a man either.

He didn’t give her time to answer and for that she was grateful. It might have changed his mind if he knew that she was yet to broken in ways that he would break her. Her breath forced out, ragged and rough as a burst of pleasure ripped through her body, her body arching and shaking with every movement; every touch. She reached her first wave of intoxication quickly. He was skilled and certainly knew where to touch and where to pleasure and as he moved to her lips he found her breathing heavy after crying out with pleasure. Her hands explored his newly bare chest before circling around to the back of him. Soon enough they would be connected to each other, their bodies as one.

Ruby’s eyes widened and glossed over the moment he entered her, the pain of being taken for the first time slowly giving way to the pleasure that began surging through her body as the two moved together, satisfying every need they felt, each one of them expertly serving the other as though they knew exactly how to make the other come undone.

The time that had passed was irrelevant now. It could have been a few minutes or a few hours but in that time they had both fully and completely made the other weak and now they lay breathless and dampened with the heat. He moved to pull the sheets over their bodies and she lay pressed up against him, watching his chest rise and fall until he finally spoke. Although his voice reached her in a whisper, she smiled and allowed her hand to rest upon his chest as his fingers ran through her hair. She liked to think that she had indeed become his weakness because it was obvious that he had become hers. Her eyes closed momentarily as his lips pressed against her forehead and she let out a sigh. She kept her eyes closed now, barely able to keep them open.

For the first time Ruby found that her mind had been completely emptied. There were no thoughts of her parents and how angry they had been when she left for Chicago. There were no thoughts of how she might change aspects of her show to please a demanding audience. Daevas had taken over her mind and she was sure that he would remain a residence there for the rest of her time. He got under her skin and into her mind and it would take a severe detox to get him out of her system and she wasn’t sure that was something she would want or need so long as she had taken over him just as much. A long breath escaped her lips as her heart hammered against her chest. It was a high that she was unsure she would ever come down from but that didn’t matter to her, she could stay there forever.

Ruby’s eyes opened again when she heard Daevas’ voice once more and with it came humour that caused her to laugh subtly.

[b “I am unsure of whether I really need to answer that question.”] She said, not without jest. His body moved now so that he faced her, their bodies still touching as he did and she found his eyes with her own and drank them in. Hypnotic and dangerous. His fingers traced the outline of her body, threatened to make her fall once more and the trance he had locked her in might have made her willingly submit. [b “If it was not yet obvious, then I can confirm that you satisfied me. I don’t think I will be able to toss you aside for some time.”] She said, ending her words in a whisper. That much was true. She was drunk on him and she was unsure that she would ever become sober.

She welcomed his kiss and allowed her eyes to close once more so that she commit the feel of it to memory before they finally separated again. Her hands found the contours of his back and traced his skin carefully. [b “As much as I would love to stay here forever. I do believe that you promised me a dinner.”] Her lips turned up into a smile and although they were both hungry for something more than food, they needed the fuel to allow their bodies to recover.
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 16d 21h 13m 24s
She was feeling everything he was at that point. His fingers had found her moment of weakness and she was coming undone within his grip. With a single string of words, he was falling apart….

[i “I need you to take me…”]

Her words, so simple and yet meant so much. He smiled softly as he dug inside, his fingers peeling back the many layers it took to get the woman to fold under his control. His lips traveled along her skin. His free hand shed her body of clothing and there he admired the body that she possessed. Each curve, crevice had been touched by a holy grail… Innocent and pure, her body looked to have been untouched by any man, and he wasn’t sure how he was to feel that if she had never been with a man before. Her body looked way too perfect to have been tainted by anyone…

His lips as they traveled down her center, he paused tracing the curve of her hip and his body bending at the knee until he was looking up at her…Her volumptious curves in the way, but he didn’t mind. [b “Have you been with a man before?”] He asked softly, his lips carrying him down to where he could pleasure her with his mouth, and before she could even answer, he had decided to take her breath away. Motion after motion, he let her come to her senses…and there he reached for her, moving up to her lips again before he would finally satisfy his own need.

Pressing her lips against his own, his fingers circled to the back of her neck before he was removing his own clothing. His chiseled chest rough against her own skin and he was coming undone with the intimate touch of their bodies. It wasn’t long until he was satisfying her, going slow and gentle, sure to make sure that every crevice that he entered was fully satisfied with his presence. And there, he was not without a movement that didn’t make him moan out as well.

A couple of hours later, he curled her into his side and shifted the sheets over their naked bodies. His chest was heaving from the satisfaction that was spreading through him. His lids were heavy, but he could feel his stomach gargling and wanting food, but he wasn’t about to leave just yet.

[b “You have become my weakness, darling.”] He whispered, his fingers running through her hair as he gave it a soft kiss on the top of her head. He wanted her over and over again, he wanted more of her now. He wanted her time. He wanted her on his arm at every event. With his business meetings and events, he was going to need a partner there with him. He didn’t want to be the bachelor anymore.

His fingers traced her skin, soft and gentle almost like butterfly wings against her shoulder. His eyes were fading and closing, but he was unsure as to what she was thinking about. Surely he hadn’t expected to go home with anyone, though he had seen Jayne there. Her body wanted his again, but he was not about to touch another man’s woman. He was not for those types of altercations. He understood the bounds of marriage.

Pressing his lips together, he tried to calm his heart, and he tried to keep himself from being mushy. He didn’t want to scare her off with his romantic side. He was usually more comfortable with being a little selfish, a little self centered and worried about himself, but the way that he had wanted her to be more pleasured than himself during their course of making love, he was a different man when it came to the act. His usual round involved selfish movements, forcing the woman he was with to finish him off and get him back up again before he would even touch her…

[b “Did I satisfy you? Or will I be tossed aside like those military men that were looking to take you home?”] He chuckled, moving to his side sure to look into those beautiful eyes. His hand traced her face down her neck to her shoulder and there he traced her arm from her shoulder down to her fingertips in wave lines before he settled into the curve of her hip bone and chest. She was beautiful, a piece of art, and all he wanted to do was mold her close to him again and relive their past couple of hours.

He was joking with her, his smile planted on his face as he ran his fingers through his hair and traced back to his stubble-covered jaw. His eyes traced her own and he leaned forward again, leaning into her kiss, needing to taste her again, needing to feel her warmth and to feel her squeeze around him when she had decided to relieve herself…

It was magical, this woman. The gift that she had given him. The way that she touched him, even in the most delicate of times, the right spots, the most perfect of timing, she knew his body more than he did.
  Daevas / AWritersLove_ / 17d 3h 23m 40s
With every movement he made she found herself falling deeper into ecstasy and as his hand travelled to different parts of her body she felt a trail of burning passion left in its place. The inside of her burned for him and the very feel of what she did to him did all it could to encourage a wetness and a soft sigh against his lips.

Earlier this evening she would never have expected to find herself as the mercy of a man, least not one who has such an effect on her that she couldn’t even put up the walls that she had spent so long building around her. It was never her intention to sleep with a man before she married him but she knew the moment she moved to Chicago that every plan she had ever made in her head had already gone out of the window. It was no longer her desire to wait and the longer she waited, the hotter the first burned deep within her.

Almost as though he was reacting the her he picked her up from where she stood and in reaction she wrapped her legs around his waist to steady herself and allowed her arms to rest upon his shoulders once more as her back pressed harder against the wall that had played a huge part in her ecstasy. Her dress etched up her leg and rested just above the thigh, revealing enough skin to tease the man who so clearly wanted her yet her womanhood still remained concealed by the very thing that wanted her. Her eyes widened at the feel of him and she smiled seductively towards him as he so obviously tried to control himself. At first she didn’t quite understand why he held back and at first she thought it was simply to tease and arouse her further but it was as though he was waiting for her to grant permission. He didn’t seem like the type of man who usually needed such a confirmation but he was definitely holding back for something of the sort.

For the moment, he allowed their need and their passion to hang in the air between them as he stopped to speak. All the while his hand explored the bare skin of her leg at his side sending shivers running through her body. His lips were already on top of hers, hovering a centimetre away and his voice came out in a low whisper. Hearing him tell her that he wanted her only added to her need of him but she understood that this place was not somewhere he would usually spend the night with his female companions and she nodded to show him that she understood. Her breathing was heavy and irregular but almost matched his own as his breath threatened at her skin. She could see the turmoil in his eyes that came with hardship of control.

His fingers found her hair and he spoke against her neck and as he did she could barely control herself. He promised that he would take her now and then again later that evening and the idea of such was more than enough for her whole body to react to him. Their eyes seemed to have very own conversation, searching for something – anything they could use against the other and he was close to having her completely within his control. His breathing matched hers as though touching her was enough fuel for his own desires and she would not need to tempt his desires out for herself. As his hips thrust forward, another moan escaped as his stiffness pressed against her desperation for him. His lips collided with her neck and she tipped her head backwards to allow him better access. He started to pull her away from the wall towards a bed that she hadn’t even noticed until now.

The feel of the bed underneath her was considerably softer than the harshness of the wall but in the moment of ecstasy it was all the same. As he moved her dress she looked towards him as he spoke and lowered himself to kiss the thigh that had exposed itself to him. She couldn’t wait any longer and almost to tease her he rose from his place and found her lips once more, whispering softly against them. She was no longer in control of her inhibitions and her breath caught in her throat as his hands found the centre of her pleasure. Her teeth bit at her lip in an attempt to control her breathing but it was hopeless.

[b “Take me.”] She whispered before meeting his lips with her own once more, almost inviting him to take whatever he needed from her. [b “I need you to take me.”]
  Ruby Grant / d1gn17y / 18d 11m 7s
Daevas was feeling the instincts running through his veins, through his fingertips, and through other stiff parts of his body. With each passing moment, he was straining in fabric and he wanted to rip it all off and claim the woman that made him feel this way. With each curve of her lips, with each kiss they shared, he was falling apart and coming undone…

He savored the touch however, letting his hand rub from her hip to her ass where he cupped it closer to him and there she felt his full stiffness against her belly as she was a tinier framed woman…His body had towered over her, but that didn’t matter. He wanted all of her, every piece…he wanted to feel her mouth everywhere, every inch…he wanted her taste…he wanted her sounds in his ears…every piece of it.

The way that she scratched down his shirt, he felt the burning sensation of her touch even through the fabric. He couldn’t help it, he needed her in that moment, he needed her within reach…He picked her up quickly and wrapped her arms around his waist as he pressed her even harder against the wall, his body feeling every crevice, her warmth, her core as her dress was slowly sliding up. He needed her now…

Pressing his lips together, he was a raging wild man when she had told him that she was going to stay the night with him. Now it was only a matter of time before he would be ravishing her and feeling something that he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to walk away from. However, he had standards.

Pressing his lips together, he let his hands glide across her legs, feeling the softness as he pressed into her hips. [b “I want you now…but I don’t want to stay here tonight..”] He whispered, breath heavy and harsh against his lips.

It was taking every part of him to hold back in that moment, every single part.

He ran his fingers through her hair, tugging on them gently as he leaned against her neck. [b “I will take you here…then after a meal, I’ll have you again…at my place.”] He said, his voice deeper, more seductive. His order was final…unless she had suddenly decided against staying with him. He wasn’t going to budge until she told him to, or he was going to feel the power…one that he needed in his life to get by…

He pressed his lips together, his hips grinding into her own as his lips devoured at her neck, his teeth gliding over her collar bone. She tasted so good,but he wanted all of her, every single…little…taste…Without much more, he was pulling her away from the wall and holding her with a single arm. She was as light as a feather and the adrenaline that rushed through him he was able to move decently paced across the room toward a bed that he had placed in the back corner specifically to stay out of the sun’s rays in the morning and away from the windows so they couldn’t be seen…

Laying her down gently, he was moving her dress aside, ready to welcome her body into his mouth as he was still waiting for her response, but he wasn’t sure if he was going to be enjoying her now or holding on just a little bit…

[b “You won’t be disappointed with either choice you make sweetheart, be very well aware of that.”] He said, his lips gliding alongside the inner part of her leg, his hands traveling to the heel that she wore and all he could do was touch it as he didn’t want to remove them. He had a thing for heels…

Gliding her dress up forward, he paused, raising up from the ground to tower over her and give her a few more kisses, hoping to change her mind if she was doubting him…[b “I need you…”] He whispered against her lips, his hands exploring to feel her warmth, her moisture that had started to build up if there was any. He could feel a little of wetness in his own with anticipation but he was patient.

Straining…but patient.
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