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You know the drill. "A love so strong it conquered time!"

Two people love each other so deeply, and are tied by the string of fate so closely, that they will meet and fall in love every time they reincarnate, lifetime after lifetime. But this story has a slight twist.

Long ago, there were two people who fell in love. This was a very regular story of love, sorrow and loss. Two people who were worlds apart but fought every obstacle in their path to ensure they could be together. Their story? Well that is to be discovered. They are the most famous love stories in history and literature, they are immortal and immortality is exactly the point to this story as the gentlemen in question is immortal. That's right. Cursed or blessed, this man can not die and it was a blessing until he finally met his true love. That was when it became a curse; a ticking time bomb of when he might lose her and because of his status within society that was sooner rather than later. I shall not tell you all the details because then what would there be to discover? I shall tell you though, that their love was not approved and there was more than scandal surrounding their relationship and how she was so wrongly taken away from this world well before her time.

Many years have passed. How long? Does an immortal keep track of time really? What would the point in that? It would be torture indeed to track the amount of time that they have been forced to walk upon the earth without being permitted to leave no matter how many times one might have wanted to or even tried. Death was not permitted for this immortal and the reason why was not know to him, nor had anyone he had ever met. But throughout his life he has been waiting for something; hoping that his love might one day be reborn and return to him and perhaps his wish had been granted.

She hadn't been an archaeologist for long before now but this was her biggest break through. She had happened upon something: An ancient love story that could change history forever. The story, again, is yours to discover. The fascination surrounding the case had attracted many eyes. Those of journalists and budding historians. Most of all though it catches the eye of the most prolific scholar of the period. Little did she know that she was the reason he was attracted to this case. Not only is she the image of the love he lost all those years ago but the discovery could unlock the secret about why they were separated in the first place.

What I am looking for...

So I have left this story pretty open because I would like my partner to have a say in how this story plays out. This is a love story with a historical element as well as the supernatural everlasting life. I am looking for the immortal male. When applying to play this character I want this person to have a think about why he might have been important in his time. Essentially he fell in love with my character in the past even though she was not worthy of someone of his status and something happens that means she disappears from his life. Perhaps she was murdered or banished. I want this to be a discovery - no point in knowing the story from the beginning - where's the fun in that?

This man is going to recognise my character and be in love with her because she is the reincarnation of the woman he loved long ago but remember she doesn't know who he is.

Most of all I want someone creative and willing to work with me on this.


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In the end, all the mattered in this moment is that Jason didn’t get his hands on this chest and destroy its history. If Grayson claimed this chest was his [I and] he could prove it, it meant that Jason would have no grounds to refuse him ownership. Perhaps this way she might still learn what was inside that chest. It might have been nothing of significance but it would mean a great deal to her no matter what it was, especially if it meant she could learn something new about the history surrounding it.

It was then that Grayson voiced that fact that he would be willing to allow her to see the contents once he had his hand on it. Constance nodded happily knowing that he was unlikely to go back on his word and also grateful that they had finally reached and understanding that worked for both of them.

She didn’t expect his invitation for dinner and when he initially asked her she was not sure how to react to it. Constance had never been good at reading social situations so she wasn’t exactly sure of his motivations for asking her to dinner so she simply looked towards him with confusion. Her lips parted to speak and she was sure that he would be able to tell that she was completely lost and entirely nervous. She didn’t know what to say to him.

Constance was about to answer him when he reached over for his notebook and wrote his number down. It seemed she didn’t need to give him an answer just yet and she was grateful for the fact that she could have some time to think about it.

[b “I’ll be in touch.”] She said with a nod as he got back into his car and drove away. She remained there for a moment, staring at the empty space where his car had been before turning her attention back to his number. [b “Stop over analysing everything. It probably means nothing.”] She spoke to herself as she placed the paper in her pocket and made her way back.

For the rest of the day she worked to fill out paperwork and whatever else she was required to do while she remained at the dig and by the time the day was over she was nothing but exhausted and she simply wanted to go home and shower. Constance did exactly that. After her shower she started to feel much better. She emerged from her bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and she ran a towel through her hair and looked down at the paper that had fallen out of her pocket.

Constance sighed and picked up her phone, dialling the number. She waited for a few minutes until she heard his voice on the other end. [b “About that dinner…don’t suppose you are free tonight?”]
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Grayson was surprised that she had agreed to this. Maybe it was for the best. He could tell she was struggling with something, but he made a mental note to ask about it later. [b "I'll bring a bunch of pictures. I just want to thank you for helping me with this. When I have the chest in my hands, if you still want to see what's inside, I'll be more than happy to let you see it. Even write or whatever you want about what you find inside"] he said lightly. He was surprised that he agreed to it.

He might as well let her, she had been the one to find it. She was helping him out, and he had to do something to repay her. Before she left, he climbed out and slid the card into his pocket. [b "Listen, I know you and I got off to a rocky start, but I was wondering if you'd want to do dinner sometime? Away from this place, and we could start over instead of having hard feelings towards one another. I mean, it's the only other way I can think of apologizing, besides saying I'm sorry"] he said lightly.

He was nervous, and he rubbed the back of his head. He wasn't meaning to be nervous, but he was. He felt like he was back in high school, talking to the head cheerleader. He blushed slightly and shook his head. He reached into his car, found his notebook and wrote his number down and handed it over. [b "This is if you decide you want to do dinner. I'll call and let you know what I find"] he said, as he climbed back into the car. He started it up, and pulled away from the woman. He wasn't in the mood to stick around anymore.

He had more important things to do at the moment. He had to find the letter, and he had to find the pictures. He knew the woman hadn't changed her last name, so she still had his last name. He sighed lightly and sped off towards home. Once he was parked, and locked in his apartment he leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and sighed. [b "You are such an idiot"] he muttered lightly. He pushed himself away, and headed up towards the attic. He had a job to do, if he wanted that chest back by the end of the week.
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As she waited for the man to talk she wondered about what might have been so previous that his Grandmother had it locked in a box in the ground. Her curiosity was merely born from an interest in all things historical and she knew that it would nag at her for months if this man was able to take the box away from her. It was likely that when he did, Constance would never know the contents and that really bothered her inquisitive mind. There had been many occasions in the past where she had not succeeded in discovering that stories of an object they had discovered at a dig and she beat herself up about that one for months but [I this] felt different. Even though she had never seen that box before, she felt as though she had, like there was some feeling of familiarity that came with it. Perhaps that was partly why she had been so harsh with him in the first instinct. This was not just an object, it was personal. At least, it felt like it was.

When he spoke, she nodded along to what he was saying. Anything that proved the object belonged to him would mean that they could take it from under Jason’s nose. The idea of knowing that he no longer had control did please her, even if it meant relinquishing her claim to the item herself. A soft sigh escaped her lips as the man continued to talk. Constance had to make a conscious effort not to interrupt him, remembering that she needed to ensure that she used her manners at all times with him.

[b “I will do what I can. The letter should be enough proof that it belongs to you. I will do my best to make sure that no one touches that box or what is inside. You have to know that I would never let anyone break into it. My love for history means that I work really hard to preserve everything so once you are able to provide proof of ownership, you will find it undamaged.”] She stopped for a moment and thought about whether the letter really be enough. [b “Try to bring some proof that you are related to her too. If there is one thing I know about Jason, he will try to get out of this in any way that he can so if we can prove this without a shadow of a doubt, the chest should be yours before the end of the week.”]

Constance stood up tall now after having leaned down for the majority of their conversation so that she could look him in the eye as they conversed. She let out a sigh, knowing that she was going to find it hard to release her control over the situation but she would have to find a way around it if she could. [b “I should get back inside and move the chest to my office so that no one else can touch it.”] Should took out her card and handed it over to him. [b “When you think you have it, call my personal number, not the office.”]
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The male was about to get ready to leave, when he heard a knock on the window. He turned his head and saw the woman standing there, and he rolled the window down. He sat there and listened to her. He thought about it for a moment, and then remembered the letter. [b "I do have a letter from my great grandmother talking about that chest, she had also said something about paperwork about it. I could take a look in the attic and see if I can find anything else. Pictures maybe, that's all I can offer right now"] he said lightly.

He meant it too. He didn't have anything else but the key. He looked down at his keys in his hand and held it up. [b "I've had this key ever since I was eighteen years old. She had told me that I would need it, and to hold onto it. It would open something special, and it's that chest. The fact that the metal is the same, the forming of the key fits that lock. Honestly, I don't want that chest in anyone's hands but my own. My grandmother had been worried sick about not finding it"]

[b "She told me over and over, that I would have to find it before anyone else did. She also said if someone else found it, to never give them this key. So either you work your magic to give me what's mine, after I find the proof of course, then maybe I'll let you see what's inside. No one else is going to see what's in there."] he said softly. He could feel his temper rising a little bit, so he had to bite it back. He couldn't snap at this woman, seeing as she did come to find him.

He sighed lightly and put his key down. He then looked back towards her. [b "When should I bring back the proof? And how much of it do you need?"] he asked lightly. He knew he would have a long ass night ahead of him searching. He wanted to get home, and start right away. He just didn't know how much proof he would need. He would bring it all if he had too. He fell silent as he waited for her to say something in reply.
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Constance watched him careful as he circled around the item. It was her intention to keep her lips pursed. She hadn’t expected him to ask permission for him to take the chest away. Her lips parted to speak as his haze met her own but she did not have time to speak. Instead, Eric decided to take the reins on this one. Maybe he was concerned that his request might anger her but her only intention was to relay her true concerns about him taking the box home with him.

She watched the entire exchange between the two before the man seemed to grow frustrated. She intended to input her stance on the situation but before she was able to the man was writing his number on a piece of paper and turning to her to offer his forgiveness and walking away from them. Constance turned towards Eric.

[b “What was that?] She asked shaking her head. [B “Why does he think he can just come in here and take the chest? It doesn’t even belong to us in the first place.”] She allowed a sigh to escape her as she looked back to where he had been standing only moments before. Although she had been rude to him that morning, her apology had been sincere at it would have been foolish of her to allow him to leave, at least not without some kind of resolution. [b “I’m going to see if I can catch him before he drives off.”] She said before walking towards the designated car park.

Constance had no idea what car she was looking for but if he were still there, she would see him sitting in his car. As luck would have it, there was only one car that seemed to house a figure in that moment. Constance took a deep breath before she started to make her way towards it. All the while, she was telling herself repeatedly to be polite when she spoke towards him. As she approached the car, she held out her hand and knocked on the window, waiting for it to be drawn down so that she could talk to him.

[b “Look, I understand that you feel like you have a claim to this chest and I am sure that you are correct. However, because this chest was found as part of an archaeological dig, it technically belongs to our benefactor unless documentations can be provided to prove ownership. We are not refusing you simply to be awkward but our contracts do not allow me to hand it over to you.”] Constance let out a sigh and looked back towards the dig. [b “Is there anything other than the key that you can produce to prove ownership?”]

Even if she did not like the idea of handing it over to him, if he could prove I belonged to him, she could take it from under the benefactor. Maybe it would be better in his hands than it would be in Jason’s. She looked back towards him, waiting for his reply.
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Grayson watched the woman a moment, and when she finally spoke her name he made sure to remember it. He wasn't about to forgive her so easily. [b "Just because you apologized, doesn't mean you are getting this key"] he hissed at her. He had every right to be pissed off with her. She had attacked him for no reason, and yet here he was looking at the chest. He understood why she had been mad at him, but she had to understand that he hadn't meant to piss her off. He shook his head lightly as he looked at the chest instead of her beautiful face.

He slowly started walking around it, and he ran his fingers along the wood. He shivered lightly at the touch, and he knew he had to get this home. He looked towards her and narrowed his eyes. [b "I know this is a dig, but since you know who the owner was can I take it? It did belong to my great grandmother, and she had left a note for me telling me about the key I have. It's mine, and I would like to take it home with me tonight"] he said lightly.

He might as well try and be nice to her. She hasn't kicked him out yet. Eric stood there and shook his head. [i "If I was you, I wouldn't be asking something like that. Connie is really protective over what she finds. I know it might have belonged to your grandmother, but honestly I don't think it should leave this site. It'll be safer here anyway"] he said lightly. Grayson shook his head and looked towards the male. [b "I understand that you are just doing your job, but you can't hold something like this from it's owner"]

He had a right to take it anyway. They didn't have permission to use the key either. He shook his head lightly and dropped it. [b "You know what, when you both decide to let me have my item, here's my number. Till then you aren't getting this key, and you aren't getting into that chest without my written permission"] he said as he found some paper. He fished around in his pocket for a pen, and he wrote his number down. He handed it to the male, and he looked towards the woman. [b "It was a pleasure meeting you, and you are forgiven for this morning"]

[b "Until I have my chest in my possession, you aren't touching what's inside. I'm sorry I can't be of more help"] he said as he turned and walked away from them both. He was making a mistake, and he knew it. He was itching to find out what was inside of the chest as bad as they were. What could be so important, that they are treating him like this? He rubbed the back of his head as he made his way back to the car. Once there, he slid inside and closed the door.

He sat there, and put his head into his hands. He sat there for a little while longer before pulling his key ring out. He looked at the key, and ran a finger along it. [b "What's so important about that chest?"] he breathed. He sat there and looked out the window towards the way he came. He wanted to go back there, but would he be welcomed back? He wasn't about to chance getting yelled at, so he waited for either the male or female to come and talk to him. Maybe they could work something out.
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Soon enough Constance arrived at the entrance tent where Jason awaited her presence. Another deep breath and a momentary closure of her eyes allowed her a second to compose herself. [b “Jason, sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m Constance James.”] She said as she held out her hand to formally introduce herself. When Jason met hers with his own, she felt her usual discomfort with human contact and she could almost feel his ego surrounding them. His smile told her everything she needed to know about how much the man loved attention and she did well to hide her displeasure towards the way he took in her appearance.

[b “This is quite a dig you have going here Miss James. I am sure that I have the best team for the job after my observations but I must say that the discoveries are not as often as I would have liked.”] The male voice spoke, laced with disappointment as he looked towards Constance, almost a flicker of blame crossing his eyes and her eyebrows furrowed in response. [b “There were a few minor discoveries made a couple of weeks ago when they landowner began to dig to lay the foundations of a further building. Simple things that would not usually warrant and interest but I for one, find such trivial things fascinating.”] He seemed to fill the need to talk and fill the silence and she found the quality rather irritating.

[I Lies.] She thought to herself. [I You don’t care about any of this. You simply hoped that there would be more to find.]

[b “A diary of sorts was found, belonging to a common girl. Her name is unknown as she only ever signed with her initials but we thought there would be more to discover along with this.”]

[b “A diary?”] Constance spoke up now and she did not even try to hide anger. How had he managed to keep such an item away from the one person who was leading the dig? How could he have not mentioned this before? This might have been linked to the chest and he is only just now bringing it up, so casually as though it did not even matter. [b “Why is this diary not within my possession? Everything found of this dig, including that discovered beforehand, thus warranting such a dig, should have been handed over to the investigation team.”]

Jason looked at her with simple amusement and shook his head with a laugh. [b “It’s of no importance. A simple diary from a woman drunk on infatuation. It is rather amusing but I was sure that it would not be important. How could it be?”]

Constance scowled and raised her voice slightly. [b “How dare you!”]

Embarrassment is all that she felt now. She had lost her temper with her benefactor and she found herself inhaling and exhaling slowly to bring herself to a calmer state.
[b “I expect that any found artefacts will be moved to my office by midday tomorrow. If you are funding my team to complete such a project, you must allow us to actually work with the artefacts that warranted this dig in the first place.”] She shook her head and allowed a sigh to escape her lips. [b “I suggest that we reschedule our working lunch until I have had the opportunity to examine the artefacts you will send. It may give us more clues about the chest; it may be completely unrelated but either way, our business is complete until then.”] Constance turned around, searching the site for her assistant Logan, who seemed to be lost in conversation with a woman who stood flirtatiously. An eye roll and a harsh tone was enough to grab his attention and as called his name she turned back towards Jason. Logan was able to hear her from the distance between them now and so she continued to speak. [b “Logan here will continue with your site visit from here on out. I have work to do.”] She said simply, moving away from the man.

Now she had something else to contend with but she remembered that she had to be on her best behaviour this time. She made her way back to the chest and waited for the man from this morning to return, knowing that it would only be a matter of time. When she heard Eric’s voice from behind her she turned around instantly and took in the sight of the man before her. This time he had a badge; at least that was one lesson reason to be pissed off. She smiled towards him, making a conscious effort to prove to Eric that she could be polite and she held out her hand so that he might meet hers. [b “I’m Constance James. I’m afraid I have to apologise for my attitude this morning. You must understand that I am rather strict about security around here and I might have taken my frustrations out on the wrong person. I do hope that we can look past this and work on figuring out this chest.”] She asked with sincerity lacing her voice. She stepped aside and allowed Grayson to look at the chest closely, giving him whatever time he needed. She would not pressure him into opening it yet.
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The male's mind was spinning. Had he made the right choice on walking onto that site? He knew he had to find something that the key fit. It just so happened to be that chest. He knew something had been tugging him there for the past week. He honestly didn't know what it had been, but it felt like it had been that chest. When he saw the woman though, he felt like he knew her. He just didn't know from where. He sighed as he pulled into the driveway of his small home. He shut the car off and climbed out.

He headed inside and locked himself away for a while. He had to get ready for the funeral. He didn't want to go there, but he had no choice. It was his family after all. He had loved his great grandmother with a passion. The stories she would tell him about when he was younger, how she had fallen in love, and how they had grown old together. The things she had seen while growing up. The stories excited the man, and he wanted to be just like his great grandfather. When the man had passed, it broke his heart.

He hadn't felt this kind of pain in forever, and he was surprised to feel it right now. He felt his heart breaking and he wanted to cry. He held it together for the time being. He got ready for the funeral, and when he was ready he went back to his car, slid inside and headed to the church. The day seemed to drag on, and now that everything was said and done, he wanted to leave. He knew he had to go back to the dig site though. He looked down at the key ring and sighed a bit.

[i "Hey you, what's wrong?"] Clara asked as she came up beside her cousin. [b "A lot really.. I mean I miss grandma already, and I miss spending hours on end with her"] he admitted. The woman laid her head on his shoulder and nodded lightly. [i "I know the feeling all too well Gray. I miss her too.. Hey, did you find where that key goes?"] she asked taking it out of his hand. The male nodded a bit. He didn't know if he should tell her, but he chose to let her in on it.

[b "I did. You know that dig site I've been telling you about? The one I've walked by dozens of times. Well I walked inside and I saw a bunch of people around a chest. The lock matches this key to a T Clara. I'm not kidding. Everything matches."]

[i "Then why are you here? Why didn't you open the chest and see what was inside? Maybe grandma wanted you to have that chest. Those people shouldn't have it"]

[b "I know, I'm going back there in a little bit honestly. The reason I didn't stick around, was cause of the woman that was there. She was a total bitch"]

[i "All women are Gray. You should know this by now"] The male sighed and shook his head. [b "I know. But I'll see you later"] he said as he stood. [i "Call me later, and tell me what happens"] she said. He nodded and started back towards his car. He felt his heart start racing. He knew he was going to get treated like shit again, and he honestly didn't want too. He had no choice in the matter though. He had told the man he would come back.

He sighed and slid back into the car, started it up and headed back to the dig site. When he got there, he parked his car and climbed out. He didn't have a badge or anything. When he walked up to the other's they all cocked their heads. [u "Badge please"] the woman said. [b "I don't have one. I'm here to see Eric about a chest. I have the key to it"] he said. [u "We can take it to him, if you won't mind handing it over"] she asked as she held her hand out towards him. The male shook his head.

[b "I'm sorry, but I'm not letting this key out of my sight"] he said. The woman sighed and got a hold of the male. [u "There's someone here claiming he has a key to the chest. He won't hand it over. Alright, I will keep him here"] she then looked towards him and narrowed her eyes. [u "Eric is on his way over"] she snapped. Grayson smirked a bit, as he put his hand into his pockets. He looked around the place and sighed a bit. It was weird being here again so soon.

Eric walked up and grinned. [i "Hello, welcome back. I made you a badge seeing as you are now apart of this."] he said as he handed the male a name badge. The male took it and nodded a bit. [b "Thanks"] was all he said. Eric didn't say anything more as he led the male back to where the chest was being held. [i "Excuse me Connie, but the male from this morning is here"] he said as he smiled at the man and woman. Grayson stood there feeling slightly awkward. He could feel people watching him, and it made him nervous to be here.

He kept his hands in his pockets as he waited for someone to say something. It was getting weirder and weirder by the second. He wanted to bolt, but he kept his feet planted where they were.
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She knew in an instant that she should not have acted in the way she did but it was far too late for her to backtrack now. She was very protective over her archaeological digs and the moment she saw someone on site without an ID badge she started to lose her mind and her manners. If she could have taken back her harsh tone, she would have, knowing that this was the only lead they had managed to find in the time since they had found it. The male was not without attitude himself as he returned her frustration; his tone laced with distain for the way she had spoken to him. Inside, she was kicking herself, knowing that it was very likely he would take back the key now she had forced his hand. She breathed in through her teeth as he took back the key and announced that he would take his leave.

She knew in that moment that she would have no sway with him. She had been unforgivably rude and he wouldn’t listen to her if she was the one who tried to convince him to stay so she exchanged a look with Eric who did not hesitate to try and fix her mistake. Guilt started to creep in as he forcibly placed her on her forehead. [I Why do I always do that?]

Rather than stay and take the looks the rest of her colleagues were giving her, she decided to walk away, soon followed by Eric who scolded her for her behaviour. [“I know. You know how protective I am about my sites. I was frustrated that someone had been able to just walk in here again!”] She said, shaking her head. [b “Look I need to go home and shower. I have to go to lunch with the benefactor later. I will be back later tonight.”]

Refreshed from a shower a few hours later, she tried to force a smile at her appearance in the mirror, trying to judge whether she would need to do anything else with her presentation. It was not that bad, she still radiated beauty even in the plain dress she had chosen to wear to work and she placed the finishing touches to her make-up by dabbing her lips with clear lip gloss. Her blue eyes had already been defined by the simplicity of an eyeliner pencil and mascara but she avoided all other forms of the paint to avoid over doing it. She took one last judgemental look at herself and decided that it would do. She didn’t usually care about the way she looked but she had to go to a lunch with the benefactor later to keep in the loop about the dig and rather than requesting written reports, he preferred the dining and conversation.

The ringing of her phone was enough to awaken her annoyance now and the tone she answered it with echoed that. She instantly regret the fact that she didn’t check the caller ID before answering it because it was the sponsor of the dig and she quietly punished herself as she apologised for the way she had answered the phone. A casual explanation of her frustrations seemed to be enough for the man to understand but he wasn’t calling for any other reason than to confirm their arrangements for the day.

[b “You want to meet at the dig site first?”] Constance waited a beat for him to explain that he wanted to know what they had found, where they had found it and whether there were any specified areas that seemed a little more lucrative than others so that they could focus their efforts in a specific place in hopes of finding more. [I Believe me, anything I can find that will help me solve the mystery of this chest will be enough motivation for me]. She thought to herself as he continued to talk and she confirmed that she would be at the dig site within the hour to meet with him. Upon putting the phone down, she checked her attire and shook her head.

Constance had purposely selected appropriate attire for a meeting and she had no idea that he would expect her to show him around the dig site that he had yet to visit. Luckily, she kept a pair of suitable boots near her front door and as it happened, they were quite versatile and seemed to pair nicely with the casual dress that she had selected. She didn’t have time to change now. When she made her way outside, she was glad to see that the sun had decided to make an appearance so she could leave the jacket she had brought hung over her arm.

The walk seemed to help clear her mind slightly. Thoughts of new angles and new ways of researching this item came to mind and she figured that she would probably need to branch out a little further than her usual contacts to work on this case with her and that frustrated her. She had a trusted team and she didn’t like to go outside of that. People often stole credit for research but that is not what worried her; what concerned Constance was the people who were in it for the fame. She was a successful publisher herself but when she did so, she published under a pen name. She did it for the love of the knowledge, not so she could have her name and face well known in the world. Why anyone would want that, she would never understand in the first place. At least there seemed to be some kind of hope now that a stranger had appeared in her office.

The dig site itself seemed busier than normal when she arrived and as she wandered on site, she placed her identification badge over her head and felt it rest upon her chest as she walked through some of the tents until she reached the site where she found the chest. If she could, she would have thrust herself into digging again, hoping that she might find that key that was so conveniently missing.

She had to keep walking. Every second she spent staring into the pit of untold stories, she felt anger and frustration. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. There had been many times where she had found things that seemed almost impossible to identify and study but there was something about this one that felt...different and she couldn't place her finger on why. Constance felt some kind of connection to this object and it was completely impossible; completely and entirely irrational.

Her feet carried her away from her own personal hell and she started towards the entrance of the dig where she would shortly meet her benefactor. She hadn't met him in person but she knew who to look out for because he had an image that no one could forget. That was [I not] because she found him attractive but it was more to do with the fact that he shoved himself down everyone's throat in the media. His name was one that often caused panic amongst people, but not her. She didn't care for image or status. Jason Sterling. [I Urgh. Let's get this over and done with.] She thought to herself as she turned towards her destination.
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The male knew the reaction he was going to get. He honestly didn't care though. He looked towards the woman and narrowed his eyes. There was that feeling again. [b "If you must know, I found it in my great grandmother's attic with a lot more of her belonging's."] he snapped back. He wasn't in the mood to have her fighting with him. He didn't want to fight with anyone. He took the key back, and put it back onto his key ring. [b "Since I can tell I'm not welcome here, I'll just leave."] he said. His eyes moved back to the chest.

That's when it dawned on him. He had a letter from his great grandmother telling him everything he needed to know. She had told him not to open it until she had passed away. His heart all of a sudden broke, as he realized her funeral was today. [b "I have to go"] he said as he turned and walked back to his car. A couple of people had tried to stop him, but he wasn't going to. He made sure the key was where it was supposed to be. He didn't want those people having it.

He walked to his car and slid inside. He sat there for a moment and put his head on the steering wheel. His heart was breaking, and he knew it was going to be a long ass day. He jumped when he heard a tap on his window. He looked out the window and saw a male standing there. He sighed and rolled the window down. [b "What can I help you with?"] he asked. [i "Do you really have to go? This is the first time we have found anything of importance"] the male said as he leaned down.

[b "I have a funeral to get to honestly. I spaced it, and I should really be there"]

[i "I understand that. I'm sorry about Connie though. She's not good with people just walking in. Listen, my name is Eric and I'll make sure to talk to about you coming back. We would like to look at that key you have, and see if it fits that chest. Because I have a strong feeling that if you have the key, it's your chest. Will you come back later on today?"] the man asked. Grayson sat there and thought about it.

[b "As long as I don't get treated like I did a moment ago, yes I will come back after the funeral"] he said. Eric nodded lightly and stood. [i "Wonderful, I'll let Connie know, and I'll make sure she doesn't freak out again. What's your name by the way?"] the man asked. [b "Grayson Donalds"] he said. Eric nodded lightly, [i "It's nice meeting you Grayson"] he said. Grayson just nodded and started the car. He made sure Eric was enough out of the way before he sped off back the way he had first come. His head spinning.

Eric on the other hand turned around and walked into the tent. He crossed his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes at the woman. [i "You are damn lucky I stopped him before he left. He's coming back later on today to show us that key. If he has the key, then that chest is his"] he said as he looked at the woman before him. [i "Also, you need to treat him a little better. I saw him yesterday and he wasn't doing anything wrong. Be nice when he comes back, because we might not ever see what's in that chest."] he said.
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[b “I’m not doing an interview. We don’t know anything about the chest or the origin of it yet. I’m not going to talk about something without having all of the details and neither should you.”] Constance was now on the phone trying to reason with their benefactor about why she had refused to do an interview for the local news. It was so frustrating to have a benefactor who seemed to use the dig as a way of raising his own profile. He had provided them with the resources to carry out the archaeological dig and that made him look good when they found anything of significance. After a minute or two of talking she finally managed to convince him to wait before setting up an interview. Constance made the argument that anticipation of what is in the chest will be more than enough to keep the public happy for now and until they can answer their questions, they needed to wait.

The phone went down and her hands came up to her face. She was fatigued after the day they had and she was sure that she would have fallen asleep if she had been sat at her desk if she allowed herself a single minute to sit there. Instead spent her time in the tent where the newly found artefact was being held. It really was something of beauty. The craftsmanship was unique and unlike anything she had ever seen before and that lock had captivated her. Constance felt familiarity but she couldn’t place the feeling as she knew that this was something that she had never come across before. She had spent hours searching that trench in hopes that there was a key that would unlock it but she had not been so lucky and there was not a chance that she would have that lock broken, not matter how much she craved to see the contents of the chest.

[b “What secrets do you hold?”] She said, speaking aloud as she placed her glasses upon her nose and picked up the lock and read the Latin words once more. She had translated it the moment she got to her pile of books that she kept in the make-shift office she had sent up in the tent. [b “Eternal is the flame of life.”] The text itself was simple and beautiful. Letting go of the heavy lock once more she removed her glasses and walked over to the catalogue to write down the translation.

She hadn’t changed or showered since finding the object and she found that the mud had dried her jeans to become quite rough against her knees as he moved yet she refused to head home a change her clothes and enjoy a shower and a sleep.

Frustration. She couldn’t contain it any longer as her fists came crashing on the desk before her. This was showing to be an impossible task. How was it possible that those words had no traceable link and how was it that the emblem didn’t seem to exist anywhere either. They were that unique that one would think that there would be a record somewhere linking to a lineage of sorts. Surely such an emblem belonged to a family that should have been prominent in history and it confused and frustrated her when her research seemed to take a turn into a dead end.

[b “You know, you are not going to get anywhere unless you open that chest. You want to know where it came from then get it open and see what is in there. More clues and perhaps even the answers you seek.”] Eric’s voice came towards her and she turned with a grimace and watched him. His arrogance was held well and he folded his arms across his broad chest in a way that mocked her and said ‘I’m right and you know it.’

Constance merely shook her head. [b “You know that I would never damage an artefact Eric. There is not a chance in hell that I am going to break that lock. We will find another way to find out what is in there and we will do it soon but I will not do that.”] A sigh managed to escape her. [b “It just doesn’t make sense you know. This clearly belonged to someone important and I have tried all the usual avenues and there is absolutely no trace. It’s as though someone has gone to extreme lengths to conceal the identity of this family or something.”] She looked at Eric as if to see if he had anything to say.

[b “You always have to have some kind of conspiracy theory, don’t you?”] He asked, with humour lacing his tone. His arms became uncrossed and he started to walk away but before he did he left her with one last sentiment. [b “Look Connie, you are the best of us. You will figure it out and you always do but you must break some of those morals occasionally. By the way, our benefactor called. I know you are meeting with him later for an update but he said that there had been a media block on the contents of the chest so [I if] you get it open, keep the information on the down-low.”] With that he walked away and left Constance with even more unanswered questions.

To her, it was a blessing in disguise and she found herself quite glad that the media couldn’t keep bugging them for information on this now but why would the benefactor accept such a block when he was so adamant that he wanted the coverage. This just made the case even more confusing and she looked over at the box. [b “Someone doesn’t want me to have found you.”]

For a moment, she gave herself a break and asked some of her team to take a bash as looking at the chest while she cleared her head and went to a different part of the tent to look at some of the other things she had found. She hadn’t expected a member of the public to walk into to tent and when she initially saw him she grew angry about the fact that he had just been able to walk in here without an identification badge. There were several others around the tent now but be he walked towards where the chest was being kept and he dared to touch it. Her dismay clear upon her face as he did so and she began to march towards them.

[b “How dare you? What do you think…”] He words traced off in an instant as she looked at the key that he had placed in her colleagues hand. [b "How did you get that?"]
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The air around the male seemed to be chocking him. He couldn't think straight, and he knew what was happening. It was another anxiety attack. He lowered himself into a chair, and he put his head into his hands trying to calm down. The woman he had been dating called and told him they needed to talk. He hated those words more than anything, he just hoped that she wasn't going to end their relationship. He had finally gotten the woman on his arm, and he had a feeling it was about to end. He took a deep breath, and his heartbeat slowed.

When the attack passed, his head felt light and he felt like he was about to pass out. He sat there a while longer, before he finally stood on shaky legs. He was thinking about calling the woman, and telling her he wasn't feeling good. He knew she would hate him if he did, so he walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. He splashed his face, and looked at himself in the mirror. [b "You can do this"] he muttered lightly. He knew he could too. He sighed a bit as he brushed his teeth.

He then combed his hair, and put some gel into it. He spiked it, and then walked out of the bathroom. He found some clean jeans, and a black t-shirt. He slid them on, and then he found his sneakers and some socks. He slid them on, and then found his wallet and phone and then headed to his beat up truck. When he walked out, the morning air hit him, and he felt a little bit better than a couple minutes ago. He walked to the truck, unlocked it and climbed inside. He saw that he had another text message.

[i I'll be waiting for you at our favorite cafe.] was all it said. The male cocked his head slightly wondering why she was doing it in a public place. He would soon find out though. He started the truck, put it in gear and headed into town. As he was driving, he remembered there was a dig going on, and he wanted to go and check it out. He had just yesterday, and he had spotted a woman not much older than he was. He felt like he knew her too. She had been busy so he kept his distance.

Since then, he couldn't get her out of his head, and it was driving him nuts. He shouldn't be thinking of another woman, when he was with someone. He shook his head, and pulled into the cafe. He spotted Juliet's car, and knew she was already there. He pulled into a parking spot, shut the truck off and climbed out. He pocketed the keys, and walked into the building. He went to the counter and ordered himself a large mint coffee. That's when he saw the red headed woman. She looked amazing like always. He smiled a bit and paid.

He then took his cup when the waitress handed it to him, and he walked over to the table. [b "Good morning beautiful"] he said lightly as he sat down. Juliet shook her head lightly and looked up towards him. [i "This isn't something to be happy about"] she said lightly. The male's heart dropped into his stomach. [b "You are breaking up with me, aren't you?"] he asked. Juliet nodded lightly, and looked down. [i "I've been sleeping with Dominick, and honestly I'm in love with him and have been for a while now"] she said lightly.

Grayson sat there with a dumb look on his face, and as he words sunk in he narrowed his eyes. [b "So you cheated on me? How could you?"] he hissed. [i "Grayson, I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean for it to happen.. It just did. The way he looked at me, the way he talked, he made me feel things I didn't feel with you. I'm sorry.."] she breathed. The male just shook his head and stood. [b "Well I hope you are happy, I gave everything to you. I want your shit out of my apartment by tonight"] he snapped.

[i "I will.."] she said lightly. The male then turned and stormed out of the building. His coffee forgotten. He was too pissed, and hurt to really think about anything else. He went to the truck, climbed in and started it up. He peeled out of the parking lot, and headed towards the dig site he had come across. He wanted to do something different. He wanted to get his hands dirty, or something. As he drove he felt like his heart was breaking, but he wasn't going to pay attention to it. How could he? He wasn't in the right state of mind.

When the dig site was in view, he parked, shut the truck off and climbed out. He then walked over to a tent, and a couple of people were there. So was the woman he had seen. He took one look at her, and he felt his heart race. There was that feeling again. The feeling of knowing her from somewhere. He knew he didn't, but it still felt like he did. [b "Excuse me, but is there anyway I can help out?"] he asked. His eyes then landed on the chest, and his breath hitched.

He walked over and he ran his hand over the lid, and down to the lock. That's when he realized he had a key on his key ring, that he didn't know what it went too. [b "I know this sounds weird, but I have a key that has that same crest on it"] he said as he took it off the key ring. He held it out to the male, and he stood there waiting to see what happened next.
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The thrill. That was what Constance loved most about her line of work. The definition of thrilling probably wouldn’t have married well with the idea of digging through the dirt and reading old manuscripts to learn about the past. At least not to other people. For Constance, it was her entire life and not just something that she did as part of a mundane job that she just had to do to keep herself afloat in the world. There were hundreds of stories out there, yet to be discovered and she wanted to learn of the people from the past and how they once lived their lives. She craved the truth rather than speculation about what it might have been like once upon a time.

And here she was, about to embark upon a journey of discovery that she had ties to in ways that she couldn’t possibly imagine. It would change her life and she did not know it yet.

Tired eyes darted towards the watch that rested upon the petite wrist of the young woman in question. It had passed midday and her dig had only just begun but she was already tired from the constant motion of digging. Constance looked up towards the sun beating on her and she raised her hand to wipe away a bead of sweat that had threatened to trickle down into her eyes. As she looked up she squinted and could make out a few figures above the trench that they had made in the ground and mumbled voices could be heard exchanging whatever anecdotes helped them work better. Constance preferred to work alone when she dug, mostly due to the lack of distraction that luxury brought her but that didn’t mean that she avoided her team all the time. In fact, she rather enjoyed spending her time with them, especially when they had items to catalogue. They would often share their theories and knowledge around certain items and she found that each person had their own interests and specialisms and that made them a diverse team, but also one that many desired to have working with them on digs such as this.

She pulled her attention back to the dirt that surrounded her body and shifted her weight slightly, exposing the slightly dampened and stained material of her jeans around the knee and she continued to dig. It might have been for minutes or it could have been for hours once she got back into it but that didn’t matter. She would do this for days on end if could.

[b “Hey Connie, you need to take a break. You’ve been at this for hours.”] A male voice came from above and a bottle of water came racing towards her and she caught it just as she dropped the instruments she had been using to shift through the dirt. A sigh escaped her lips and she swept her hair back, allowing herself a moment she catch her breath.

[b “Thanks Eric.”] She shouted up before hydrating herself with the cold water. She allowed her eyes to close when she took it in and felt the satisfaction creep in when she finally satisfied her deficiency of water. Constance hadn’t even realised that she was thirsty at first but now she was drinking, she couldn’t stop until the final drop was gone. Eric was right; she needed a break. That was literally the one negative thing that she could think of about her job. There were times she would get that wrapped up in her work and the dig that she would tire out her body and incapacitate herself the next day; rendering herself useless. She wouldn’t do that today.

Constance placed her hands on her thighs and pushed down on them to push herself up into a standing position and she turned around to begin walked towards the ladder that would allow her out of the pit she had created. As she took a step forward she felt the texture of the ground below her change. The dirt had been damp and soft but what was below her foot felt more like stone or wood. She lifted her foot and tapped it down repeatedly three times until she heard something that sounded like a knock and her heart began to race. Just then she forgot about the fact that she was going to take a break and she found herself back on her knees and using her hands to free whatever object it was that had surfaced.

A chest of sorts was what it seemed to be and she had just uncovered the top of it. Constance had no idea how big the thing was but she kept digging, exposing the old wood with iron detailing around some sort of hinge. Eventually a handle appeared on each side after she had unearthed the chest by a few inches and she grabbed hold of either side, pulling on the chest with every bit of strength she could gather until the chest began to become loose from the grips of the soil that encased it. Groans escaped her as he continued to tug and when it had finally been released she felt back slightly and she dropped the chest to the floor after feeling the full weight of it. There would need to be another person here to help her pull this up.

Constance smiled as she ran her fingers over the grove of the chest and lifted the lock that sealed the contents from her. The lock has some of emblem embossed onto it but she couldn’t make out the full image because of the dirt. She reached into her bag for a brush and brushed away the dirt away revealing a lion of sorts and some text which read [I Flamma de vita aeterna est. Latin. What treasures do you keep?] She thought to herself as she took in the beauty of the lock.

[b “Eric, I’ve found something!”] She shouted and he came down to her quickly, helping her pull up the chest.

[b “You were supposed to be taking a break!”]

[b “I know and I was, I swear. I was walking over to the ladder and I felt it. I couldn’t just leave it there. We need to get this cleaned up. Nobody touches that lock. There isn’t a key with it and there is no way in hell anyone is defacing that thing, at least until we know what it is.”]

Eric seemed to nod in agreement. [b “I will get it cleaned up and photographed and then we will send the update to the local tabloids. This is a high profile dig and we have been instruction to feed the media with an of our findings.”] As if he detected the distaste from her he tutted and shook his head. [b “I know you like to keep these things to yourself Connie but we are getting external funding on this and the guy wants the attention. If we don’t follow orders, he will pull the funding.”]

Constance grunted in reply and found herself sitting on the side of the trench as Eric called someone over to help move the chest and he threw her another bottle of water. [b “Drink up, your lips are too dry and I don’t want to making yourself sick out here.”]
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