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Yosuuke couldn’t believe that Evelia had agreed to spending time with him again. He didn’t want to think too much about it being date. He figured they were friends right now and just enjoyed hanging out with each other. “I’m glad you like that idea.” He said and ate the delicious cheesecake with her. Once they had finished their plates of food he pays for their dinner and leaves the restaurant with the author.

The streets weren’t as crowded as they were before when they were walking to the restaurant. The night air was refreshing and the sky was filled with stars. “I didn’t think it would be dark by the time we got out.” He said softly as he looked up at t he sky. Yosuuke wanted to take a few pictures but now wasn’t the time. He just saw beauty and art in things hat most people wouldn’t think to be beautifully or art. He made a mental note of the places he wanted to take pictures so he could come back another time.

When they arrived back at the library Yosuuke looks down at Evelia. “Thank you so much for joining me for dinner and for the autographed book.” He smiles. “You have my number so call me some time. We can hang out again when you’re free.”
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 5d 21m 20s
Although she had admitted it in her mind multiple times, Evelia was enjoying her time with the college student quite well. It was a calming experience, and got her mind off of what troubled it so badly sometimes. Once the waiter had brought some kind of cheesecake by Yosuuke's request, the author heard his words and she smiled. "Sure, I'd love to share it." She told him happily, grabbing an extra fork just like he had done.

Once the male took a bite of the strawberry cheesecake, she did as well, and savored the flavor of it. "It is delicious, just as I knew it would be." She chuckled, before hearing Yosuuke speak again. "I'd...be delighted to, actually. Spending some more time with you would be nice, I like the idea. I'm glad you suggested it!" Evelia told him as her grin widened a bit and she took another bite of the cheesecake.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 15d 2h 18m 5s
As they ate Yosuuke found himself wanting to spend time with Evelia again. When they did finish their entrees Yosuuke had the waiter bring them the dessert for the day which was a strawberry cheese cake. Yosuuke had a sweet tooth so he was always happy to eat something sweet. “Would you like some? We can share it. I’m sure it’s going to be just as delicious as everything else.” Yosuuke said as he picked up another fork.

The waiter soon returned with a thick slice of strawberry cheesecake. “Looks delicious.” He said with wide eyes. He decided to go ahead and take a small bite of it. “We should do this again some time Evelia. I mean whenever you’re free and would like to get your mind off of work you should call me and maybe we can go out to eat again or see a movie or something.” Yosuuke looked at her and smiled a bit shyly. He didn’t want her to say not but he knew that he might not ever see here again after this dinner. [i Hopefully she’ll be open to the idea of hanging out again. I wonder what she thinks about me.] He thought. Yosuuke was definitely a fan of Evelia’s writing but she also was a very sweet person.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 18d 10h 46m 31s
As she heard the male spoke, she nodded slowly towards each of his words. "Yes...once you experience things similar to what happens in games of that nature, it's hard to bring yourself to even [b want] to play them, both out of fear of flashbacks and just seeing how stupid the games are." The author stated kindly, and honestly, as she ran a hand through her own hair for just a second or two.

Evelia was more quiet when the college student explained when he played sports during his life, since she only really did so in gym class when she was forced to. Once the entrees had arrived, she thanked the waitress as well, and picked up a fork when Yosuuke spoke again for a brief second. After tasting her meal and savoring the glorious flavors in her mouth, she chuckled. "I told you it would be better!" The female exclaimed, smiling towards him before sipping her own wine as he asked how her food was. "My dish tastes quite delicious, thanks for asking." She said gladly.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 28d 8h 45m 5s
“I see. It makes sense though. I wouldn’t expect you to be fond of gory games that are filled with a lot of violence.” Yosuuke said knowing that it could trigger past memories that use to haunt her. “I suppose you don’t watch horror movies either? Is it safe to say that you stay away from most things that involve gore, blood, death and violence?” [i It’s only wise if she does. Wouldn’t want to bring back bad memories that could cause her to lose her sanity again.] He thought.

When she spoke about not playing sports or wanting to be chuckles a bit. “Not a big fan?” He smiles and starts think about his younger days. “I played sports in middle school. Not really in high school. I was more so into my art.” As he spoke their entrees arrived, the smell caused Yosuuke to smile. “Thank you.” He said to the waitress before she walked off. Yosuuke looks at Evelia and picks up his fork. “Let’s eat.” The first bite was definitely what he was expecting. The delicious flavors filled his mouth and he was happy that he was able to eat here. He was quite hungry anyway.

“You were right. It’s even better than the appetizer.” He nods his head and the. He sips on his wine. Yosuuke made sure to only have one glass since he had to drive later. Usually when he goes out for drinks he would call for a ride but he didn’t want to drink too much with Evelia. He wanted to truly enjoy this time with her. “How does your food taste? I hope you’re enjoying it.”
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 35d 4h 22m 29s
Evelia smiled towards the college student as he spoke to her again. "I believe that the entrees will be more than just as good, but even better." She said, giving off a light chuckle for a second or two before hearing Yosuuke's words involving the video games she mentioned. "I can understand how you feel about that, college really does fill up your life. I've been there before." The female stated happily, taking another munch or two off of her calamari.

"I would try to play more mature games, but once I had almost been murdered...too many of those games reminded me of it and one or two even gave me flashbacks. I can't stand many games with blood or gore. When I was writing my book, it was a way for me to vent out some of my insanity from the whole ordeal, so that's why it was so dark compared to how I'm saying I hate mature and dark things." The author explained kindly, before hearing her friend ask a question. "Sports? No...not really. I played the sports that I was forced to play in my gym class every now and then, but that was only because I was supposed to. Besides that, I haven't and don't plan on playing any sports." Evelia admitted, chuckling again.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 40d 17h 45m 17s
“I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” Yosuuke said and chuckles. The dark haired male ate a few pieces of the calamari with Evelia. “It is really good. I bet our entrees are going to be just as good.” He added and smiles at the young woman. When she began to talk about video games Yosuuke’s eyes widen a bit. “Oh nice. I enjoy playing video games as well when I have the time. College takes up most of my time.” He chuckles a bit. “I love Nintendo.”

Yosuuke enjoyed playing games with his friends. He had other gaming systems with more mature games. Yosuuke sips on his wine and glanced around the restaurant. The whole environment was calm and beautiful, people had candles on their tables and some had flowers. “Did you play any sports or enjoy playing any sports? I enjoy swimming and soccer but I’m not on a team or anything.” Yosuuke was tall and lean but he didn’t feel as if he was the best swimming or soccer player.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 45d 6h 2m 17s
Upon seeing the appetizer arrive at their table, the young author smiled gently. It looked delicious, and most definitely smelled delicious as well. After Yosuuke had given the waitress both of their orders, which was a nice thing for him to do, he asked her about the calamari. Once she had eaten a bit of it, Evelia's grin widened. "Tastes great, as expected!" She chuckled, running a hand through her hair before munching on the appetizer once more.

"Other hobbies?" The female asked when she heard the college student's question. "Well, I actually do enjoy some video games, despite how I look like I'm not that kind of person. I use it as stress relief sometimes, so I typically stick to fun and happy games such as Nintendo. I don't play horror at all, and rarely play mature games, although I know some can be fun." Evelia explained, as everything seemed to go silent for another few seconds before the male spoke to her of his own hobbies.

She soon heard Yosuuke's offer, which she would gladly accept any day. "Thanks! I [b will] let you know if I need any artwork, because your art is amazing!" The author said happily, remembering what the male had given her before they had come to the restaurant.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 52d 17h 59m 20s
Yosuuke had ordered their appetizer and happily waited for the calamari. It was one of his favorite things to eat. [i I don’t remember the last time I took myself away from school and work to just enjoy time with friends. This is nice. It’s nice to not worry about work or school every now and then.] He thought.

Soon their appetizer was brought to them. It was nice and hot and the delicious scent filled the air. “Looks great.” He said and thanked the waitress before giving her their entree orders. When she left he looks at Evelia. “Let me know what you think about it.” He said you Evelia. The two were munching on their appetizer. “So besides writing what other things do you enjoy doing? Any other hobbies?” Yosuuke asked just wanted to keep the mood light and fun for the both of them.

He was genuinely curious about the author before him though, he wanted to know more about her life and why someone was trying to kill her. Did she have money? Did she wrong someone? Yosuuke just had so many questions but he knew it wasn’t his place to ask any of them so he stuck to more simple and light questions.

“I love art. All sorts. My photography skill is what I’m working on now but I love to draw and paint. I’ve always been good at those two things though. It’s time I tried something new. If you ever need any art work just let me know.” He smiles. Yosuuke enjoyed painting so much he would often times do it for free.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 58d 4h 49m 2s
Although she had noticed the male pick up his menu suddenly and strangely, the young author didn't really pay any mind to it. Once Yosuuke had set his menu down, and shown her the appetizer he was wanting to share with her, the female smiled. "Actually...I think I'd really like some calamari." She chuckled, before sipping some of her red wine once again.

[i It's so...strange...how Yosuuke just wants everything to be perfect. I mean, this isn't a date...but still, he's just so nice. Charming. I really hope that after this, I can find a way to get ahold of him...perhaps through our cell phones if he has one, or social media. Anyways...I should probably stop thinking about it and just enjoy the moment.] Evelia thought to herself, before blinking for a couple times and realizing she had blanked out for a second. Luckily, Yosuuke didn't seem to notice it at all.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 61d 16h 38m 52s
Yosuuke noticed Evelia’s blush, this caused him to blush but picks up the menu to hide his face. [i What could be making her blush? What is she thinking about? Should I ask, no...that would probably just embarrass her. Maybe it’s not a bad thing.] He thought and sets the menu down, hisblush had disappeared now. He smiled a bit at her and points to one of the appetizers on the menu.

“I was thinking maybe the calamari or the stuffed mushrooms.” He said as his olive green eyes stared into hers. “What do you think? Is there something else on the menu you might be interested in?” Yosuuke wanted everything to be agreeed upon. He didn’t want to get something she wouldn’t eat. Yosuuke picked up his glass of someone and sipsnon it’s he waited for her to answer his question.

Yosuuke wanted to keep this happy environment going, for some reason he felt like it was his duty to try and make Evelia smile. [i It’s not my job but I feel obligated to. It’s not like I don’t want to though. She has such a cute smile and she’s easy to talk to.]
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 63d 16h 44m 48s
The young other looked towards Yosuuke as he spoke, and he picked up his menu. "I kind of already know what I'm getting. For my main course, at least." She stated with a smile, and eyes that seemed to illuminate with much more happiness than before they had come to the restaurant.

Upon hearing the male's question, Evelia chuckled and nodded slowly. "Sure, as long as you'd like to." She said, tilting her head slightly in curiosity. "What appetizer would you like to share, Yosuuke?" The female inquired him, before noticing him say what he wanted as his main meal.

"Ooh, the shrimp scampi is a really good choice." She chuckled, before seeing the waiter and getting some red wine from him. "Thank you, sir." Evelia had said to the waiter kindly, before he had left and she turned back towards Yosuuke. There was a long moment of silence as she sipped her wine every now and then, looking towards the young college student. [i I'm actually really enjoying my time with this man. I'm glad he's so kind to me, I appreciate it more than he thinks.] She thought to herself, gently blushing, before coming back into reality and taking another sip from her wine.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 65d 15h 46m 59s
It was clear to see that’s Evelia’s mood was picking up. It made Yosuuke smile to see her so happy and care free. Almost child like but it fit her personality nicely. As she spoke about her favorite pasta dish he listened closely and then he smiles. “Really? Hmm I might have to try it one day.” He said as he picks up the menu to look it over.

There were several things on the menu that he wanted. “Do you want to share a appetizer?” He asked since he really wanted to get the spicy calamari with marinara sauce. [i There’s so many pasta dishes on her. I don’t even know which one to choose.] He thought as he pushes his glasses back up into the bridge of his nose.

“I think I’ll get the shrimp scampi.” He said since he was a fan of seafood. Soon their waiter arrived and offered them some wine. Yosuuke asked for white wine since he wasn’t too fond of red wine. Once their drinks were poured the waiter leaves he two so that can look over the menu a bit more. Yosuuke quietly dipped on his wine, he was enjoying his time with Evelia and he hoped she was enjoying her time with him.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 67d 4h 21m 19s
Hearing the young man's compliments as they walked, Evelia smiled once more. "T-thank you, Yosuuke. I really think my home is nice, since it's connected to the library and gives a great view of the town, just as you said. And...you'd really come visit my library again? T-thank you so much! I appreciate that so much." The young author stated happily, as she continued to stroll with the college student.

Although she did bump into a few people every now and then, which made things slightly uncomfortable, Evelia was able to keep up with the young man. However, from the awkward look upon her face, it was kind of obvious that she was already getting pushed around, whether intentionally or not.[i I hate being short sometimes.] She thought to herself, as she cleared the main crowd of people and was right by Yosuuke again.

"Thank you!" The young author had exclaimed when her friend opened up the restaurant door, and she walked in as he followed. A slight giggle escaped Evelia's mouth when she swore she could have heard the male's stomach growl a little bit, but she acted like she never even made a sound. Once she had sat down with Yosuuke and had become relatively situated, she heard the young man ask her what her favorite dish was. "Oh, my favorite pasta dish? Well...I've always loved Cajun Chicken Pasta. With spicy Alfredo Sauce on top. Sounds kind of strange...but it's really good. Trust me." The young author stated, with a large grin that showed she wasn't thinking of her work or memories anymore.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 69d 18h 3m 29s
“The third level? How cool. I bet you have an amazing view and to be so close to work. I bet that’s really nice.” He said with a soft smile. Yosuuke continued to walk with the cute young woman. “I’ll have to visit your library a bit more. This was my first time going in and it’s quite nice. I usually just go to the main library down town but yours is so much more peaceful.” Yosuuke puts his hands in his pockets.

Before it had be quite cold outside but it seemed as if the weather was changing and the cold was disappearing. Soon they were moving past people. It was hard not to bump into anyone so Yosuuke made sure to glanced back at Evelia every now and then to make sure she wasn’t lost. She was shorter than most so he didn’t want people to just push her around.

When they finally got to the restaurant he opens the door for her and goes inside. The smell of the food was quite comforting and Yosuuke could feel his stomach start to growl. It didn’t take long for them to be seated, they were offered wine and breads to eat while they looked over the menu. “Hmm. What’s your favorite pasta dish?” He asked her.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 70d 17h 50m 36s

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