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“Ah...I believe you. No need to show me the mark. I know it must be painful for you to talk about or even look at.” Yosuuke was trying his best to be sympathetic. He truly felt bad for the cute author and he wanted to bring her smile back. “It’s good that he is in prison. Someone like him doesn’t deserve to be free. I’m also glad that you’re ok and safe now. I hope it stays that away Evelia.” He looks into her eyes unable to look away. [i There just be something I can do. The poor lady is practically shaking...she must be still traumatized by it but I don’t think it’s somehing someone can just get over either.] He thought and then he gently placed his hand on hers.

“Why don’t we talk about something else.” He said giving her a warm smile. Yosuuke had a big heart and he tended to want to make everyone happy before he was even happy. “If...if you don’t mind maybe when you’re done here I can take you out to get ice cream or coffee or lunch? Whatever sounds better to our liking.” He smiled sheeplish this time. [i What am I doing?! She can’t possible want to hang around some college student! Yosuuke...why...] He was meantally beating himself up.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 1d 2h 11m 21s
The author observed Yoosuke, noticing his slight changes in expression here and there as she spoke. Then he replied to her, which was definitely a relief. "Intense is a good word for it...to a degree." She said gently, her mind already wandering into her memories and plucking them out bit by bit. "Fortunately, the man who tried to end my life is in prison. He is not going to be getting out any time soon, which is a huge relief for me." Evelia continued speaking, always having something else to inform her visitor about. "I would show you the large mark on my chest to prove everything, but...this is technically a public area and it would be quite...immodest of me." She stated, starting to pause in the middle of her sentences more often than before. It was quite noticeable that she was in an increasingly solemn mood, now that she started speaking of her past. [i Don't let your memories get to you.] The woman mentally commanded herself, holding back emotion as much as she could. However, from the look upon Yoosuke's face, he must have noticed that she was trying to keep her feelings about the subject at bay.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 7d 7h 38m 47s
The atmosphere and become very gloomy as Evelia spoke. It was definitely a sensitive subject to discuss since he didn’t realize that the true events revolved around her. His eyes gently fall upon and the quiet woman and his chest grew at a bit tight. He wanted to comfort her but he knew hugging her would be really weird since she didn’t know him and he didn’t know her. [i Who would want to kill her? Why would they want her dead? This is so crazy. Was the person ever caught? Did she report it to the police. I wonder how long ago this was.] So many questions ran through Yosuuke’s head. He didn’t know what to say or think at the moment.

Yosuuke gently pushes his dark hair back and sighs softly. “I’m sorry to hear that Evelia. That’s really intense...everything is ok now I hope.” He said softly.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 8d 8h 46m 24s
Evelia chuckled a bit, looking at the painting and then back to Yosuuke before he asked her a few questions. What he inquired her upon was a sensitive subject to her...but she felt the need to tell him. She didn't know why, but a small voice in her head almost seemed to say [i Tell him]. "Well...my inspiration for the book is quite a touchy subject. As it said on the cover, the plot and characters are based upon true events that took place. However, I never specified upon these 'true events'. To be honest...this entire novel was inspired by my own experiences...as a victim of attempted murder..." Her words seemed to go solemn the more she spoke, and her eyes had a strange dullness to them.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 11d 7h 24m 48s
[i She actually really likes it. I’m so glad she does. It was worth painting it for her. Seeing her smile because of something I did really warms my hear. Plus she’s pretty adorable. I wonder how old she is exactly.] He thought as he looks at her. He really wanted to get to know more about Evelia. The woman was so sweet and kind, she had a warm spirit about her and Yosuuke definitely liked that.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come up with such an amazing novel? The ideas, where did you get hem from? Is there some truth behind some of the events I the book? Everything just seemed so real When I was reading it. I was just curious as to how you thought of all of this.” Yosuuke sits back in his chair. He felt comfortable around the writer but he was hoping he wasn’t asking too many questions. He didn’t want to pry into her business if she wasn’t willing to tell him.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 11d 7h 38m 12s
The young librarian smiled as she looked at Yosuuke, hearing him confirm that he was...well, Yosuuke. She had stood up, stretching just slightly as the man finished speaking for a small portion of time. "No problem, Mister Yosuuke. I am always happy to be able to meet someone new." Evelia said with a kind smile as she glanced towards something the man had brought with him.

It seemed to be some kind of painting, depicting a scene from her book involving a murderer in the shadows. "W-wow, this is amazing!" She exclaimed as her eyes lit up with a bit of joy. "Thank you so much, sir. I...don't even know what to say. No one has ever d-done this for me." Evelia's grin widened just a bit as she pushed her glasses closer to her face. "I will gladly accept this painting...thank you so much." She repeated her thanks, truly happy about the painting.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 16d 1h 28m 27s
When Yosuuke was approached by Evelia he instantly recognized her. [i It’s really her. She’s much shorter in person. Heh it’s cute.] He thought as he listened to her ask if he was Yosuuke. With a soft nod he smiles. “Yes that’s me. You can just call me Yosuuke. Thank you for taking the time out to meet with me Miss Evelia.” He said politely. He wasn’t sure exactly how old she was but he was assuming she was a few years older than him since he still was in college.

“I made this painting for you. I’m an art major and I was just wanted to say thanks for writing such an amazing novel. I was truly amazed.” He said and pushes his dark hair back. He was hoping she would accept the gift. He had worked really hard on it since he wanted to give her something truly amazing. [i I hope I’m not coming off too weird. I probably seem like a super fan or something. I mean...I am a fan but I’m not a creep.] The Two was off to a nearby table and sit down so they could talk for a bit.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 17d 4h 21m 32s
Evelia had moved herself away from the front desk for a while, organizing some fantasy books on their proper shelves. Suddenly, she heard the front door open as a man entered the building. Swiftly, she finished up with the last couple books she needed to organize and speedwalked to the front desk, sitting in a chair and scooting it up a bit.

"Sorry for the wait, sir. My front desk manager called in sick today, so I've had to do multiple jobs at once." The young woman explained as she pressed her glasses a bit closer to her face, getting a better look at the visitor in front of her. He was quite tall compared to the usual people she had talked to, which was kind of surprising.

After glancing at a couple documents on the desk, she looked back up at the man once again. "From what I have written down here, you're Mister...Yosuuke. Am I correct?" She said with a smile, knowing it was already him before she had even finished asking the question.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 20d 2h 29m 27s
Yosuuke had always been an avid reader. He loved getting lost in a good book. He was always day dreaming and putting himself in the main character’s shoes. The male often found himself being late for his college classes because he would get lost in what he was reading. He had recently picked up a new book that left him a bit speechless. The nights he spent reading left him wondering how the book was going to end. The suspense had drove him mad. When he finally finished reading the book he had deemed it as one of the best books he had ever read. He wanted to tell the author just how amazing her book was and lucky for him she had owned a library not too far from where he lived.

After making an appointment to meet with her later in the week he began to work on a painting for the young author. He wanted to give her a gift for writing the amazing novel.

When it was time for him to meet her he got dressed and grabbed the beautiful panting he had made for her. Yosuuke was an artsy kind of guy. He constantly carried his camara around with him since he loved photography but he also enjoyed drawing and painting. As soon as he arrived he began to get a bit nervous since he was a naturally shy guy but he wasn’t going to pack away now. [i She’s waiting to meet you. You got his, besides you have this painting to give her.] He thought to himself. Slowly he gets out his car but quickly went inside since it was raining out.

The library was small but it had a welcoming feel to it. [i I should come here more often. It would be a nice place to read and have some coffee.] he glanced around as he walked to the front desk to check in. The tall male pushed his glasses further back into his face as he waited.
  Yosuuke. / Kita-san / 20d 6h 9m 55s
The young woman sat at her desk, looking over some kind of book. "Compulsion" The title read, with the name "Evelia Lou" underneath of it. "I still can't believe I wrote this." She said to herself with a smile, flipping through some of the pages and then closing the book again. It had only been a few weeks since the story was even published...and yet the recognition it was getting was amazing. Copies had already been sent all across the nation, although the largest portion of them were at a particular library. This library was also owned by Evelia, who enjoyed running the place. It wasn't the largest, but it still had a great variety of books that many other libraries didn't have. She could recall many of her readers coming to the place, just to meet her and talk to her. It was quite enjoyable for her to be able to talk to so many people, and today was the day that another fan had wanted to see her. She had scheduled their meeting, and whoever she was supposed to meet was supposed to arrive any minute.
  Evelia Lou / AskTheStaff / 21d 3h 28m 5s

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