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Everything had been peaceful until the summer rains never came. Most of the crops were soon failing, and water was scarce. Both major political parties, the furries and the humans, were growing desperate. While the furries control most of the nation's farms and have more food, the humans control a major river that runs through the land. Each side wanted what the other has, but neither side was willing to give up the little they had. Thus, the great Furry/Human war began. All trade was banned, and neither side would communicate with the other. Battles are fought almost daily. While soldiers give their lives on the battlefield, high ranking leaders of each side can see the pointlessness of the war...and that neither side can really win. So, a secret meeting was planned to be held between these leaders in a far off location. However, what happens when war generals from both sides find out about this deal...and battle down below?


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Furen had the same smile a wolf would have during a hunt. Prey before him, he kept up his assault. He laughed in a deranged way, all conection to reality lost. There was a feel in the air, an energy. Furen kept swinging, wanting to return the favor of murder. More and more strikes hit home. "Whats wrong, beast? Don't know how to fight back?" With another swing, he hit the furry square in the nose. Ushira was cornered, walls around her, Furen before her. he didn't let up, still aiming to kill. With a swift kick, Furen swept Ushira's feet from under her, causeing her to topple onto the ground. Furen stood over her, that wolf smile only getting wider. He put a foot on the furry's throat, applying just enough pressure to make breathing difficult. "Any last words, swine?" There was a pause. Then furen started to let out a strange laugh, the laugh of a mad man. "You might have tried to kill me, but ill make SURE you NEVER get to walk away from here alive." Furen applied a little more pressure, to drive the point home.
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Ushira had gasped as Furen fell to the floor, and she knelt down next to him. "O-oh, thank goodness. He just fainted from expending energy." She said to herself after inspecting him a bit. Afterwards, all the furry could do was sit next to him until he woke up. It was hours, but eventually he had begun to stir. She watched him mumble about a few things, resting against a wall. Suddenly, his formal exterior broke. He had pushed on the walls, saying the same things and asking the same questions over and over again. "Sir, are you okay?" Ushira had asked before he reared on her, blaming her for the entire course of events that had just occurred. "W-wha?" She stammered as he inched closer to her, his savage gaze looking into her soul. "W-what are you doing?" She asked out of fear as he began swinging at her. Soon, she had to start moving from side to side to evade his attacks. Ushira didn't want to hurt him...but she would if she had to. "What are you talking about!? I don't even know what happened!!" She yelled before his fist struck her face and she fell to the ground, moaning. A bit of blood leaked from the wound, and there was a noticeable bruise there as she tried to look up at him. "Y-you..." She mumbled.
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Furen slupt against a large rock, he looked tired, and he was drained. Apon being thanked, Furen just waved his hand, dismissing the statement. "It was nothing," he said, his breathing labored. "I'm sure you would do the same for me." Furen didn't look good, his face had no color, like a corpse. His breathing was labored. Trying to make a smile, all he could manage ws a twitch of his lips. "Whatever happened..." Furen started to say, but never got to finish. Eyes closing, Furen fell to the side, out cold. Magic can drain the user, and the spell Furen had cast was VERY taxing. Hours past, the only sound in the room was the sound of Furen's light snoring. The snoring stopped, and was replaced with moans of pain. Gradually, Furen came back to reality, his body starting to stir. Opening his eyes, Furen found that he was flat on his back, Ushira looking over him. Putting a hand to his forehead, Furen spoke in a tired voice, "My head...what happened?" He tried to sit up, but the effort caused his head to feel like it would split in two. Back on his back, Furen looked around himself. "Where are we?" he asked Ushira. He saw he was in a room, the walls and ceiling were made of ruble. "Last think i remember is that we were talking about the famine and the drought." Some time past. Furen, starting to feel more like himself, moved so he could lean back against the wall. It was at this point that the severity of their situation sunk in. "We're...trapped." A dark cloud of fear washed over Furen's face. "We're trapped," he said again. His stomach rumbled loudly, Furen was famished. Furen had a bag of food for the trip home, but there was no telling where that bag would be after the collapse. Standing, still unsteady on his feet, Furen tried to move a large chunk of ruble. It didn't even budge. After several moments of trying, Furen slumped back to the floor, defeated. "What do we do now? We have no food, no water, We can't get out." A strange look pushed the cloud of fear away from Furen's expression. instead he looked like a wild animal that had been put in a small cage. "We're trapped!" he said again, in a strange, deranged voice. Moving from rock to rock, Furen tried to move every rock he could reach, none gave it. He reared onto Ushira. "You did this!" YOU did this! YOU DID THIS!" Furen's voice sounded more and more insane with each word he said. The wild animal look only intensified. Slowly, like a zombie, Furen walked over to Ushira. "I can't believe I could make a deal with you Furry freaks." He took another step closer. "You're nothing but a filthy animal!" Furen took another step. "This was all part of your plan! You were trying to KILL ME!" Furen was quite close to Ushira, and tried to swing a punch, but in his unbalanced state, he underestimated how close they were to each other, and hit only air with his punch. Furen swung again and again, nothing reached its mark.
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The young furry warrior listened to the human leader's words intently, letting each of them soak into her mind. It would be very difficult to strike any form of deal with this man, although that was an obvious fact from the beginning. The true meaning behind her arguments did not seem to get through to him, but that was expected as well. Suddenly, just as she was about to reply to the human, a large noise caused the tower to shake as a giant crack split up through the wall. When it seemed that all hell was about to break loose as the building collapsed, and that this would be her inevitable end, a strange presence filled the room. It was...a forcefield of some kind...made of air? Ushira glanced over towards the human, seeing that this field was coming from his very being. The unbearable noises of the destruction of the tower, and the screams she was hearing below, were unbearable while she fell with the human in his strange wind bubble. And almost in an instant, everything stopped. They had landed in some kind of room, one where the floor had taken no damage. However, the top was completely covered...with no way out, it seemed. When the ringing in her ears dissipated, she could hear the human ask her something. "Y-yeah...I think so." She said with an extremely shaky voice, noticing that the human leader was just was scared and nervous as she was. "W-whatever you just did...t-thank you." She said gently, looking at him.
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Furen sat quietly as the Furry Kingdom's leader spoke. He watched her, looking her in the eye. Once she finished talking, he mulled over her words, deciding the best way to respond. "Yes, this war is foolish, but the people see it as the only option. My people want food, not piece," Furen started. "Even if we do stop this war, there will still be chaos. People want food, not peice, and will do anything to get it. Lie, cheat, steal, murder." Furen let the last word hang in the air. Its weight was heavy in the room. "As for opening trade," Furen said after a few moments, "that will not do. If we take from your reserves, niether of our kingdoms will have enough food. On top of that, since this war started, people have come to feel very strongly about the furry people, and its not in a good light." Then, there was a bang, then the sound of stone breaking. "What was that?" Furen asked.
Earlier that day, back in the Human Kingdom, a meeting was taking place as well. Their leader's absence did not go unnoticed. Generals were in a meeting room, talking amongst themselves. Rumor has it that the king was kidnapeed and is being held for ransom. Furen had not told anyone of his meeting, as confessing to wanting to negotiate with the furries would be political suicide. Citezens have reported that they saw a figure in the distant planes heading west, so that's where the generals believe thair leader went. They new the only thing out there was an old tower from the old days. The king was brobably trapped in the top room. Soon, an army is formed and ready to march out west. Eventualy, the batalion arivedat the tower, and there was the furry army, just as the humans had predicted. Unknown to the generals was that the Furries were there for the same reason they were, to rescue their leader. Soon a battle breaks out between the two people. It even eventually finds its way inside. Powerfull spells were being slung in every direction, rocks and lighting flew through the air. Some hit the walls of the tower, damaging it. There was a bang as a particulary powerfull spell missed its mark and instead hit a wall. The cracking of rock breaking sung throgh the tower. large cracks coon formed, unnoticed by all involved with the battle. It was a fight for the life of the soldiers, and more importantly, the king.
At the top of the tower, the conversation stopped as the leaders watched cracks form on the walls and cieling. Reacting on instinct, Furen called out, "GET DOWN!" No sooner had the words escaped his mouth when chuncks of stone started to fall. Mind working quickly, Furen cast a spell to control the very air in the room. Whipping the air into a tempest, Furen formed a barrier of wind surounding himself and the furry. The stone under his feet broke up, and the pair of kings were falling story after story. Over their heads, chinks of cieling were falling with them. With the feeling similar to that of an elivater stopping, they landed. The stones of the cieling hit the top of the wind buble and fell away, avoiding them. Unfortunately, the armies were nowhere near as fortunate as they were. Any that were not killed in the war were crushed by the falling building. Cries of agaony, both human and animal, filled the air. Slowly, they faded as more and more lives were snuffed out like a candle. Soon, the only sound was the dripping of blood on stone and every now and then the setling of the wrecage of stones. The wind shield had prevented the kings from being crushed like the soldiers, but there was to much rubble for them to get out. Not even a tempest could move the boulders. Fortunately, a room had formed, and seemed to be stable, at least for now. With a tired sigh, Furen broke the spell and the wind died down. A few pieces of building settled, but it looked like it would hold. Furen looked at the furry leader. "Are you" he asked her.
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Ushira had closed her eyes for a few seconds, before hearing the large door open as someone new came into the room. This was the human leader she had planned to meet, Furen Dorina. He bowed, giving her a formal greeting. She got out of her chair, doing the same for it would be disrespectful for her not to. "Same to you, sir. Pleased to be of your acquaintance as well." The cow furry sat back down afterwards, as did the human, and they began to talk about business. "There is not much to actually offer in these dark times. However, I do believe that we can create a deal where both of our kingdoms benefit...and survive this famine." She stated, letting a few moments of silence go by before continuing to speak. "The only thing I can even attempt to offer is simply, peace. Peacefulness between our kingdoms, that is. Ever since this foolish war was instigated, each of our sides have expended more and more of the little resources we have. If this goes on, I worry that both of our kingdoms will run out of what we need...and then become anarchies filled with chaos. However, if peace could be made, perhaps both of our sides could survive this famine to live on. If placidity could be restored, then neither of us will be forced to use up our resources more than we need to. Then, the kingdoms could begin to trade again...and we could both benefit in our own ways." She explained to him, hoping he would understand.
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A special human as made it to his destination. The sun was at high noon, and the day was hot. There were no clous in the sky to offer relief from the heat, and more importantly, no rain to off to to help with the drought. The river was far lower then it was suposed to be. There was a limit to the amount of water each citezen could get. Food was for more needed. Many families were starving. Some even had days where they could not eat at all on some days. The only humans to get a decent amount of food were the soldiers, for they needed ther strength to fight the Furry kingdom's army. Saying they ate well was an overstatement. They mostly lived off of bread and dried fruit. There was a battle raging at the border of the two lands, neither side backing down. It was clear to the human leader that war was not the solution. That was the purpose of this meeting, to sort out this mess and find the best solution for the people. I reach the tower which was the location of the most important meeting in the history of the land. Opening the door, Furen Dorina made his way up the stairs. His feet never actually touched the steps. He walked on a cusion of air. Eventually, he made his way to the top of the tower. Apon opening the door at the top, Furen sees that he was not alone. The Furry kingdom's leader was already sitting at the large table in the room. Closing the door behind himself, Furen greeted the cow furry with a respectful bow. "It is an honor and a privlige to make your aquatence in these troubling times." He bows again. With the formal greeting out of the way, Furen found a chair across the table from the furry and setled into it. Getting right to the task at hand, Furen said, "Our lands are at war, needlessly. It is clear that ths cannot go on. What does the Furry Kingdome have to offer?"
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The young cow warrior was ascending the steps inside of a large tower, up towards the top. "Finally...maybe we can end all of this." She said with a strong voice as each step seemed to drag on. Soon enough, she saw a door at the top...and opened it to walk into a large room. "Hmm...seems that I arrived early." She mumbled to herself, noticing that the human she was supposed to be seeing was not in the room. "I will just have to wait until they arrive." She said to herself as she took a seat, sighing while she relaxed a bit. "I wish every day could be as peaceful as this one." The warrior stated to no one, only herself being the one to hear. "With war ravaging the entire mainland, not one day of peace nor tranquility remains. I miss those days..." She paused. "Days like this." The female finished her sentence then, going silent for another few minutes as she awaited the arrival of a human. "If only placidity was so much easier to obtain in today's society. With a valiant effort like this, perhaps...this calmness could be returned." She finally went silent for the moment.
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