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Anthony was good looking, not past six foot, which was okay with her. Being on the shorter end sometimes it was nice to not look up to someone as much. He stood out enough to keep her interest but it wasn't anything that'd last, they both knew that, as long as they weren't seriously involved with anyone.

When he was sleeping in this morning, she moved his arm away from her to text Kane asking if today would work. She would be spending Sunday with her sister and the kids.

Throwing on a shirt she walked down the stairs to the kitchen for coffee.
  Lead / Faust / 18h 58m 49s
Kane watched her and looked at the guy, had he met him before? He didn't have time to ponder it before Morgan was back with his drink. She was being very clingy tonight so Kane tried to keep her happy. "After this drink are you ready to go home?" he asked her seriously. She nodded. Lou shook his hand, "See you Monday Kane, we need to sign that contract." Kane nodded, 'I'll be there sir." Lou laughed, "Call me Lou, Sir is too formal, I'm your manager and your friend."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 21h 16m 34s
"Might want to be careful about that. It starts out small but sometimes it grows when your career is. And then everyone knows. It doesn't go away either," Harper said though she still looked poised and confident there was the darker look in her eyes. She mused with a nod. "He'll help you find the right one. When he retires in the next year it's going to be sad."

The mention of friends was interesting, she liked that. "Friends would be nice. I'll text tomorrow, tonight is my night. See you soon," she smirked walking off to a man, giving a light hug. It was the hand going lower that was the indication.
  Lead / Faust / 22h 11m 54s
“I didn’t think you were...Morgan is a little well crazy but she went to find us drinks in the outside bar after she goes to the bathroom so I think I’m good for about ten minutes. You have my number. I didn’t want to say that in front of Morgan, she’d kill me.” Kane said seriously looking at Harper. “Text me when your free and I’ll be there, no problem.” He said smiling to her. “I think we can be good friends after all you did give me my first advice in the business and then Lou found me.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 23h 29m 53s
What she did in her private time wasn't opened to others. Harper knew that with what she had done, she should feel different, but that wasn't the case. Watching him for a moment, she went to socializing with those she knee and didn't.

At least when Anthony came it was more bearable. About an hour later she spotted Kane and approached him, glad he was without the girl. "We'll make the managers sweat a little, but I'd like to try. Do you think you could meet me sometime before next week? I swear I'm not coming on to you."
  Faust / 23h 46m 20s
Kane nodded and shook her hand, "Lou knows how to get ahold of me... I live in Nashville now so its not a problem to work in the city." He muttered and held Morgan's hand. Kane didn't notice the glare she was giving Harper but she hugged him tightly around the waist as Lou was walking away, "Lets dance." She said pulling on his arm, "I don't dance Mo.. you know that." Kane had two left feet. There was no way he could or would dance with anyone. It would take someone special.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 36m 14s
Only Lou would admit that, he was a straight arrow but with as many dirty jokes. The man had been friends with her mentor, so it was more like a prodigy. There wasn't many male figures in her life that she truly respected. "This one can pass, Lou," she nodded before looking to Kane.

He really had no idea that this was not a good idea for him. She was hellfire and he seemed like a good guy. "Next week will work then," she nodded, not showing the thoughts. Seeing the look from subtle look from Morgan she gave a small smirk. She might be smaller but there was a big personality and she didn't get screwed with.
  Faust / 1d 39m 57s
Kane nodded, "We can talk about it, whenever you can set it up in the studio Lou... I don't want anything to interfere with Harper's schedule." He said holding Morgan's hand. Lou nodded, "it is a set up but for the record neither of you knew about it and I had no idea you knew each other." He looked to Harper and then to Kane. There was potential for something great there.

"I'll schedule you two some studio time next week to talk about it." He said smiling.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 2h 4m 53s
This was starting to feel like a set up when Lou began with the praises. Still, Harper gave a nod giving Lou the smallest of looks. "I know, I heard him at the radio," she said with a nod before flashing him a smile. "Congrats."

She wasn't one to speak her feelings but they sure came out in the songs. "Lou, is this a set up for a song? I thought we talked about not doing set ups," Harper said with a sigh. It wasn't against Kane, she just hated them. "I can't say that I have, I suppose it's something we would need to talk about."

Morgan didn't have a good feel to her, brought back bad memories. Spotting Anthony talking to one of their friends, she calmed a bit. At least it'd be something.
  Lead / Faust / 1d 18h 45m 53s
Kane chuckled, "Well in the process I think it'll be official on Monday but we're celebrating tonight... Lou thinks I have a future in country music." He said looking to Harper. Lou spoke, "This boy has the voice of an angel... if that angel looked like a rapper and sounded like a country star." Kane laughed and Morgan handed him a long island iced tea. "Lou, Have you met my girlfriend Morgan?" Kane asked as he introduced them and smiled to Harper and Lou looked at the two, "Have you two thought about doing a duet?"
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 19h 33m 24s
It was a gathering of those of this label, and she was invited, though she was through Hollywood label. They would want to recruit.

"Hey Lou," she hugged and kissed the older male. He was a male from Haiti and was more heavy set now, he was also very skilled at jazz and blues music.

"Hey sugar..." Lou said, his accent still there. She dressed more casual today, blue jeans, dark top and her normal heeled boots. And the black hat. As they walked around Lou walked to another man in a suit. "Heard you signed a new voice."

"Sure did, this is Kane," the man shook his hand.

"So you got signed, great job," Harper said with that little smile of hers.
  Lead / Faust / 1d 22h 47m 17s
Kane nodded and took her card and put the number in his phone. “thanks Harper, I won’t abuse it and no one else will get this number.” He muttered and waved goodbye to her before turning to Morgan. “What the hell was that Mo? She’s just trying to help me and you acted like I was trying to sleep with her. I was just trying to get some help. Why would you act like that?” Morgan shook her head, “She wanted to sleep with you, I could see it in her face.” Kane rolled his eyes, “Morgan get over yourself.”
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 6h 42m 48s
Just pointers? That wasn't what she was used to. People wanted to knke her personal life. Family, boyfriend, who was the guy in her last songs. Harper had always been a private person and she hated those questions. Instead she sat down with him with her items to her side.

"Hi," Harper said, recognizing that look in her eyes. Harper barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Kane was nice and good looking, that wasn't what she wanted. "Well, I hope that helped. And you can text if you have any questions. I may forget to reply so...just try again. Good luck, Kane."

She rose slowly, it was her day off, she intended to misuse it as much as possible.
  Lead / Faust / 2d 17h 50s
Kane nodded, "I'd like some pointers if you would be so kind." He muttered his southern accent coming out a little thick. Walking to a table he sat down to talk to her, his girlfriend, Morgan, coming up behind him and wrapping her arms around him from behind. "hey Mo, this is Harper, were just talking about the music business and shes trying to help me." Kane was innocent in all of this but all Morgan saw was red. She thought Harper wanted her man.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 17h 56m 39s
"You don't need to thank me. It's not like I wasn't there where you are, I was, and an old Jazz musician helped me through all this. It's just giving back," Harper gave an amused smile to him. "I did, thanks, its just something I've always done. Everyone is different."

Sometimes she still felt weird for the complements but didn't let it show. "Start with your strength, that's all. You've got a good voice, unique in many ways. You'll be fine."

It was a little weird, thinking back to those days, she actually had time for herself then. "I have about ten minutes before I need to go if you want tontalk, but I won't share private information."
  Lead / Faust / 2d 17h 59m 26s

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