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Ren watched as the male had torn his fathers clothes kneeling down as he slapped him and ren shook with excitement. The man was now feeling what he felt every day of his life and it made him slightly happy yet slightly disturbed. Ren jumped slightly as the male spoke at first thinking that he told him that he was annoying but then watched as his father was shot. Ren stared at the body before being back to reality when the male told him to get what he needed. [b “Do you need money my father keeps a safe it has his gun and some money not much he keeps the code in his nightstand.”] the male spoke before quietly going to the room he called his own grabbing some clothes but sighed all of them had holes.

The male then went to his fathers room hearing the male make a mess out of the kitchen he grabbed some suit tops and nice slacks as well as some jeans. They would be all to big for him but he could grow into them once he started to eat. Ren then went to open the closet when hearing Michael call out. It wasn’t until he opened the closet that he completely froze in his tracks.

All the blood stained tools and toys that his father used on him were there. Ren quickly rushed out of the room his eyes wide as he walked to the kitchen. [b “I will go to the car the money is still in the safe the code is in his nightstand ill wait for you out there I wont run I promise I just have to get out of here.”] he insisted before rushing out the door and down the stairs waiting by the car for the male.
  Ren Lovaas / ShadowFox- / 142d 14h 7m 55s
Michael sighed. He knew this would have to be a learning experience, but he could admire the eager glint behind the fearful, battered eyes that looked back up at him. It was...familiar. He looked away again and looked at the situation. If he was right about this man, he likely had debts to settle, and it was also likely that others might want to take the debts out on him. He had an idea. He slipped the gun back in his waistband and grabbed the collar of the boy's father. He pulled him against the wall and knelt him down before it. He tore the man's clothes and used the cloth to tie his arms behind his back, before slapping him hard across the face. The man instantly woke, yelling profanities.

[b "Annoying. You're not worth a learning experience."] Before the man could say anything, Michael pulled out his gun, pressed the barrel to the man's forehead, and pulled the trigger. He sighed again, disappointed that there was no rush involved in this. He normally got such a thrill out of this, but it was more opportunistic rather than calculated and meticulous. The next one would have to make up for that.

[b "Take what you need or want from here and we'll go."] Michael slipped on a pair of black latex gloves. [b "I'm going to set the stage."] Michael went about his way casually trashing the small apartment. He swept everything off the dining table, opened a few cupboards and dumped their contents on the floors, breaking shelves, throwing papers on the floor and breaking whatever looked valuable. When he was finished, he went looking for the boy. [b "Ready to go?"] he called out
  Michael Aebrey / Eleksii / 142d 15h 9m 28s
Ren and shook as his father held his hand up as if he were going to hit him again but as quick as he had raised his hand he was on the ground and the male who brought him home was standing in front of him not even looking at him until after he spoke about Ren getting his revenge and killing the man he called father. Or he could run away but he would chase after him until he was dead. He had no other choice,

[b “ I will, I will take my revenge on this man.”] he spoke getting up holding his hand to his face and headed into the kitchen bringing out a knife before looking at the male. [b “You will let me live as a assistant to you. Ill do anything you want me to, to this man.”] he spoke looking down at him gripping the knife in his hand shaking nervous but slightly excited to cause this man pain just like he had caused him.

[b “Do I do it here Mister? Or do I do it somewhere else?”] he purred his voices shakey and excited.
  Ren Lovaas / ShadowFox- / 142d 19h 40m 27s
Michael's suspicions were confirmed as the door opened. False tones dripped from the man's voice, and Michael wasn't quite fond of being lied to, especially when there wasn't much reason to. He tried the door. Locked, already. The man seemed to have a lot to hide. Well then, his hand was tried.

Michael sighed and took out his gun, making sure the silencer was fastened tight. He aimed it carefully at the side of the frame that bound the door to the wall. He knew what would have to happen, and he mentally braced himself for the side of himself he was about to become. In a quick motion, he shot the side of the handle and kicked the door open. Without delay, he shot at the back of the man's knees and brought him to the ground, yelling in agony. He saw before the man that the boy was on the ground, his face bloodied and already starting to bruise. It was disgusting.

Michael walked forward and slammed the butt of the gun against the side of the man's head, knocking him out. Not looking at the boy, he spoke. [b "You have a call to make. I can give you the revenge you want on this man, enough to satisfy anything and everything he may have done to you. And with that, you'll have the freedom to chose how to live your life so long as you be something of an assistant to me."] He looked back at the boy, a slight crazed look on his face. [b "Or, you can run through that door. Put as much distance between this place and where ever you are. And with that, I will finish up here, and you will be next. I will hunt you down and will not rest until you're next on the chopping block. What do you decide?"]
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Ren looked at him then looked down nodding his fingers picking at his sweatshirt. He turned his head to talk the male but held back and looked at the glovebox instead it made him nervous the drive that was shrt seemed to drag on with the silence which made the boy even more nervous not knowing what his father would do to him once this man returned him home.

Ren jumped as soon as the male spoke. [b “Yes sir.”] he shook slowly opening his door trying to delay himself from being beaten by the man he despised. He stood up and showed the male the way to the elevator where his shoulder was grabbed his body shaking in fear he no longer feared the man that held his shoulder as the floors passed the harder he began to breath harder. [b “Y… Yes I wont talk you can talk.”] He spoke leading him to the door where he knocked and his father opened the door.

[b “Oh thank you! Its my boys birthday didn’t want him to miss all the fun. He didn’t cause any damage to your property his is a very disrespectful child. Forgive me and him.”] The male reached out gripping Ren by the arm pulling him in tightening his grip so that he wouldn’t leave. [b “Thank you so much, go ahead and send us the bill ill make sure he pays back every cent of the damage he caused.”] he said shut the door in the males face before swinging around hitting ren in the face knocking him to the floor. [b “BASTARD! You really think you could get away!”] the male hit him again this time his fist balled up knocking one of his teeth loose and blood came from his mouth.
  Ren Lovaas / KasaiShadowFox / 326d 16h 5m 11s
Michael shrugged. [b "I really don't care what you think is going to happen. I just want to see something for myself."]

The two drove in silence. Michael could feel the nervous energy pouring from the boy and it almost made him anxious. He wasn't made to be a babysitter, and he'd rather get rid of the boy than deal with this. But he was in a slump and needed something to do for the day. It certainly beat going out to survey everything. He still had people he had to check off his list, but he wasn't quite sure where they all were. And asking around wasn't getting him anywhere. It was as if they all disappeared, and he needed to find them all. He wasn't finished with them yet.

But the matter at hand was this. He had to figure out what he wanted to do with the boy, and the story of the abusive father gave him a few ideas. He could start something of a new game if he wanted to. He had one plaything sitting beside him. What was two at once?

They pulled up to the complex before long, and Michael was a bit delighted to see they were only a few neighbourhoods away from where Michael lived. This was getting easier as they steps were made. [b "Get out. Stay next to me."] They walked to the elevators in silence, Michael holding on to they boy's shoulder. The boy wasn't about to get away that easily, no matter what they faced. After all, Michael was brimming with new ideas as the floors rose.

[b "I don't want to hear a word from you, got it? I'll do the talking."] They walked up to the door and knocked firmly. As the door opened, Michael put on his best smile. [b "Hello. Is this your kid? I found him lost in my neighbourhood and thought I'd bring him home. Are you his father?"]
  Michael Aebrey / kyanydkwc / 338d 20h 17m 20s
Ren looked at the male as he seemed to be thinking and it wasn’t looking to good for him. [b “Sir I can already tell by the way your posture is that you have no intention of letting me live, so if I beg and do what you tell me too will you please just kill me fast. I got away from my torture and I don’t want to be tortured to death. Please I beg of you to make this quick.”] The boy spoke getting on his hands and knees bowing as he bowed his spine protruded and looked as if it would tear through his skin.

Ren jumped ever so slightly as the male began to speak bringing over his shirt to him. The boy began to shake taking his shirt and putting it on he felt sick again this man was going to take him back their and that man was going to slowly kill him. [b “Y…Yes sir as you wish.”] his voice shaky slowly standing up only to have his wrist grabbed and pulled to his garage.

The violet haired male got into the car and looked at the male as he asked how to get to his father. [Just go to the Golden rose Apartments he’s on the 7th floor apartment 764.”] the male looked down at his hands. [b “Hes going to kill me the minute he opens the door and sees me will be the end of me.”] he whispered to himself before looking up to the male. [b “If you just want to see me get home then when we get to the seventh floor just wait by the elevators and watch down the hall as he opens the door and beats me, he wont do it if you are there at the door with me. Its what you want to see right me getting beaten by that man?”] He asked putting a fake smile on his face.
  Ren Lovaas / KasaiShadowFox / 343d 21h 46m 27s
Michael raised an eyebrow at the appearance of the scars. It seems there was some measure of truth behind what the boy was saying, although there was still some stuff that didn't add up. Michael did chalk it up to the way he thought, after all, he'd made great strides to get rid of the people that plagued him.

Which brought a thought to his mind.

[b "Then I suppose you wouldn't mind something of a field trip, huh?"] Michael said, standing. [b "This isn't your house, and you can't stay here, but I can make an exception if I see some truth in your words."] He stretched before holstering his gun. He walked up to the boy and gave him back his shirt. [b "You're going to take me to your dad."]

Michael grabbed the boy's wrist and walked him outside the room, unlocking the door and placing the key back in his pocket. He walked the two of them downstairs and to his garage, where it opened to an unassuming silver sedan. [b "Get in. And tell me how to get to your dad's place. And I don't want to hear any whining."]
  Michael Aebrey / kyanydkwc / 1y 18d 22h 3m 57s
Ren messed with his sweater some more looking at the male who did not believe him when he told him that he really did just wonder here because he thought the place was abandoned. [b “I really did think this place was abandoned. I came to this place to get away from my father, he was not a very kind person. And I finally turned of age today so its not like he can claim custody of me.”] he spoke fidgeting.

[b I am going to move I wont get up so please don’t shoot me, im going to show you why I came to what I thought was abandoned.”] he spoke shyly taking off his dingy sweater revealing all the bruises with new and old scars some of the wounds his father had put on him. [b “This is what I was getting away from. I mean the wounds arnt the bad part its that he loves to touch me, my own father. I got away on foot today while he was fucking some other woman today so I packed my bag.”]

He sat there shirtless his face held a slight blush being in front of another male shirtless an attractive man that wanted to harm him for him coming into his home without permission. [b “I would have cleaned up my mess but was hit over the head before I could even get my composure so there was no way I could have cleaned up my mess.”] The boy shivered his body exposed to the cold room.
  Ren Lovaas / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 189d 15h 4m 8s
[center [i Just wanted to get away?] The thought sounded far-fetched in Michael's mind, and he wasn't really ready to believe something so seemingly innocent. The boy couldn't be stupid. Even if he didn't put two and two together now, he'd do it soon and realize he'd already said enough for others to be suspicious. The smell of something dead? He thought he'd been careful enough to go far enough into the woods with the wind blowing away from the houses to do his bonfire. Was he really getting careless?]

[center Michael sighed. He couldn't let his paranoia get the best of him. The area had sparse housing. There weren't many people who were living in the neighborhood that weren't old, absentee, or just plain gone. It was the perfect place, and he had believed that no one would just waltz right in and cause trouble. But now he was here with that exact situation, and it didn't seem favorable.]

[center [b "Am I really supposed to believe that? Why are you even here? How did you even get here?"] Michael had a lot of questions, especially as to why it had to be his house someone just walked into because of the stink of death around. Didn't people have enough manners to not barge into someone's house unannounced, whether or not it looked abandoned? What did the boy think would happen? That he could just throw up right inside the front door like it was a public sidewalk and move on with his life?]

[center Michael needed to calm down. He was letting his thoughts get the best of him. He had so much he needed to do, and now he had a problem to deal with. Things wouldn't go according to plan if he had to work on covering his tracks again. Turning slightly, he checked the door, keeping his eyes on the boy. It was firmly locked, and only the key could open it. He pulled up a fold-up chair that was by the door and opened it, sitting down in it. [b "I have time, you can tell me why you're really here."] ]
  Michael Aebrey / kyanydkwc / 1y 192d 8h 7m 35s
Ren tapped his fingers on his arm as he sat on the bed staring at the door his fingers now tracing over the scars on his wrist that his father has caused by tying his wrists that weekend he took advantage of him. Was it the first time or times after that? the boy really couldn’t remember but he knew it was because his father had tied him up and he struggled to get free.

He heard the floor creaking which forced him to crawl to the headboard his back pressed up on it when the male started to speak telling him that if he wasn’t on the bed he would get the cops involved and he didn’t want that so he stayed on the bed as he was told. Ren watched the taller male with beautiful blonde locks come through the door, his eyes tracing the males body seeing he held a gun at his side.

Rens eyes widened as his heart started to beat faster he would have most likely been safer with his Abusive father who took advantage of him everyday but now he would be killed or maybe this man would lock him up somewhere like he already was here in the room.

Ren snapped out of it once he started to talk asking him what gave him the right to come into his home and threw up. [b “Im sorry sir, k didn’t know this home was occupied. I thought this place was abandoned. I was going to be safe here away from my father whom touches me. And the reason I threw up was because, It was because… The air smelled like dead, something dead. I couldn’t hold it in. Im so sorry ill go clean it up if that is what you need me to.Just please don’t hurt me please sir.”] Ren spoke he didn’t move he just sat there.

Ren became too nervous and began to play with one of the holes in his rugged sweater he didn’t know what this tall man was going to do and he was prepared or so he thought. His bagged eyes now looked up to the mans face fear was clearly there while the man looked comfortable like it wasn’t the first time he has had someone locked in this room.

Why was he in this place away from the city no one around. Did this man have the same ides as Ren and moved away from someone bad, or did he just want to be away from everyone. [b I wont be of trouble, I just wanted to get away that’s all please.”] he let his head drop his eyes now looking upon the bed.
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[center Michael sighed in frustration. As much as he went over it, he knew he was fucked, and the little game he had been playing would come to an end very soon if he wasn't more careful. He had already let this accident happen. What if he had lingered longer at the bonfire? What if he had taken a detour on his way back? What if he didn't hear them when he walked in? What did they see when they came in that made them vomit?]

[center He had mulled over the thoughts for a few hours, going over in his mind the possibilities. He had to nip this in the bud and make sure that the boy was adequately silenced. But in order to do that, he'd have to do a bit of research. The bag he had picked up after cleaning the mess by the door hadn't yielded much information on who the boy was other than the name "Ren", but that didn't give him much to go off of. And just when he was so close to getting the revenge he had turned into this little game of the hunt he had made. He only had a few more to get, a few more to deal with...]

[center Given that his room was right above the spare room, Michael thought it best to check on his guest when the sound of movement became evident below him. He had a small spring in his step, the eagerness of getting started causing him to rush. He had to convince himself to slow down once he reached the landing to the main floor. He'd have to keep himself composed for a while. It helped once he heard the voice.]

[center It sounded like pleading, which Michael hadn't expected to hear so soon, although he didn't doubt the visible locks made that easier to bring to the surface. They would feel trapped at first, and pleading would usually come next. Michael wondered how long the boy had been awake before the pleading started, though without the life-or-death urgency in the voice he doubted it had been very long. That was when an idea came to him. Maybe he could make the boy beg to be quiet about it.]

[center Michael stopped before the door, the floorboards creaking before the frame. He had pulled out his gun, holding it at his side with the silencing barrel attached to it. Slowly, one by one, he undid the locks, leaving the last one up. [b "When I come in there, you better be sitting on the bed or I will get the cops involved,"] Michael called out, hearing the earlier pleads of not calling the cops. Clearly, the boy had some fear that he would get in trouble. Maybe for trespassing or something worse. Either way, he could use it to his advantage.]

[center Opening the last lock, he stepped inside, seeing the boy with his eyes locked on him. He had been watching the door, that much was true, and his tired eyes suggested the worry that could be going through his mind. But worry about what, Michael thought. That didn't matter too much, though. Holding the gun at his side and visible, Michael shut the door behind him, using a key to lock the door without taking an eye off the boy. [b "So, what gives you the right to think you could come in my house and throw up all over my doorway?"] Michael let his deeper voice carry the intimidation factor, while being curious for the answer. But he was on his guard. Any sudden movement and he'd make sure to shoot if need be.]
  Michael Aebrey / kyanydkwc / 1y 196d 11h 46m 49s
Ren wiped his mouth looking at the floor it was dark but the smell was there seemed to be stuck in his nostrils. The male went to stand straight but was unable to someone had grabbed his shoulder turning him around before he could even react he was hit with the butt of a gun.

Ren woke up a couple hours later groaning he held his head in pain. [b “What exactly happened?”] he asked sitting up looking around the plain and empty room. That’s when it hit him and he began to freak out he quickly rose to his feet becoming slightly dizzy he walked over to the window which was locked as was the door.

Ren walked back over to the bed sitting down looking at his hands trying to figure out why he was here what did the young abused male do to deserve to be stuck in a locked room. Ren finally figured out that it had to be whom ever he was hit over the head by.

The indigo haired male shivered pulling his legs to his knees he was captured yet again his wings were clipped right when he thought he was away and safe he got himself captured this time he was probably being held till the police got there.

He walked to the door knocking on it hoping someone was on the other side. [b “Please, if you can hear me I thought this place was abandoned please don’t call the cops, ill leave immediately ill never come back please. If you would just hear me out.”]

The boy walked back to the bed sitting there his eyes never leaving the door in case anyone came in with a gun he didn’t feel like being shot because he entered this persons home with out knocking. Ren then looked towards the window. [b If I am just being held here for the police why does the window have a lock on it, surly I would have woke up if they used power tools to secure the latches. And then they would need to go to the store…”] he looked around for his bag in which he couldn’t find it must be with the person who attacked him his only clothes.
  Ren Lovaas / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 197d 20h 39m 55s
[center Michael took a long drag on his cigarette, letting the smoke he exhaled blend with the smoke from the smoldering ash in front of him. He thought it a nice bonfire, although a solo one as usual. He didn't like doing these things in groups, as it ruined the atmosphere. He liked enjoying the moment alone.]

[center But now Michael was starting to get bored. He had had his fun, but now he was starting to get restless. He'd have to start the game over again and was never the biggest fan of the slow build up. He'd have to go looking for another game partner and hope they'd last longer so the bonfire wouldn't have to come quicker.]

[center Stomping out the cigarette beside the fire pit, he bent down and tossed the cigarette into the smoldering ashes, watching with little satisfaction as the cigarette dissolved. [i Maybe tomorrow,] Michael thought. Maybe he could start his search tomorrow before he had to go to work. The sooner the better, right?]

[center Pepping himself back up, Michael walked back to his house, hands in his pocket. Would he follow the game's pattern this time like normal or would he deviate? The possibilities were always endless, but the search was always tedious. He imagined it would be weeks before he could start the game again. But the wait was always worth it.]

[center Michael had been home only seconds before he heard his front door open. [i Shit,] he said, ducking into the doorway by his lower-level stairs. [i I knew I forgot something.] Michael had had a nagging suspicion that he had neglected to do something, and since he had left through his back door to go into the woods. Maybe he had been found out, or maybe the neighbors had gotten suspicious. Maybe he'd hear any moment the sound of a team sweeping the house, looking for him.]

[center And the first thing he heard was the sound of someone vomiting. [i Goddammit, something new to clean,] Michael thought with a small sigh of annoyed relief. It didn't sound like anyone who could be much of a threat, at least not at the moment. He crept towards the sound, pulling the gun he kept in his waistband. It was just down the hall to the front door...]

[center In the dark, Michael could see a figure hunched over by the door frame, breathing heavy, clearly unaware of his presence. As he lined up his gun, he thought that it could be quick. Just a quick shot to the forehead, but then he had another idea. Maybe the search could be over before it began. That would be ideal, and time saving. Creeping up closer until he was within reach, he grabbed the figure's shoulder, spinning him around and upright. With a quick motion, he brought the butt of his handgun up to the boy's temple with enough force to knock him out.]

[center Closing the door, Michael exhaled the breath he held. He couldn't really see who he hit, but he'd decide if they were worth keeping once he turned on the light. Lowering his gun, he reached for the light switch, illuminating the entryway of his house. Looking down, he frowned. It was a boy, probably a few years younger than him. He wasn't one to play his game with someone close to his age, so he figured this was a loss. He put his gun away and reached for the boy. He could set up another bonfire, he guessed, but he wasn't about to wait all night for the fires to go out. [i Tomorrow, then,] Michael thought to himself as he hoisted the boy over his shoulder. He carried him to the spare room and set him on the bed. Making sure the window was padlocked, he closed the door behind him, setting all the locks outside the door. There wouldn't be a way out unless he was let out. For now, at least.]
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[font “Letter” [center Olive green eyes stared at the alarm [I Two minutes until it goes off two minutes until the monster would be in here. Two minutes and I would be touched.] He thought to himself as he arose from his bed his blankets falling off revealing the newest mark that would be an addition to a new permeant scar upon his frail body.

He swung his legs over to the side standing up slowly as pain jolted up his body causing him to let a soft moan escape his lips. Ren’s face turned to a strawberry red while he quickly grabbed his clothes he only had a minute till the alarm went off only a minute until…

[b “Hehehe, oh stop it Richard. Don’t you think your son will hear us?”]

The unfamiliar voice rung through the halls. Ren let out a sigh of relief quickly gathering his things. He piled a pair of pants along with three different shirts in a small green side bag then grabbed an old ratted grey sweat shirt slipping it on once again feeling a spike of pain down his back. The young adult grabbed a pair of old jeans the cleanest pair he owned before exiting his room out the window.

[I Today he is entertained by a whore it is time for me to leave the only place I can go without him looking is there.] He though crossing the street. He waved down a taxi whom then drove him to a dark tree filled dirt road he gave him the last of his money pulling his bag over his shoulder tightening his hands around the strap of his bag.
Walking down the path the sky seemed to darken the deeper he walked but it was just the trees hanging over him. Deeper and Deeper the bushes began to take over the dirt road and he was close to his sanctuary, the Sanctuary where he would grow vegetables and live off the land till he died.

As he walked closer the wind blew towards him making his hair blow he breathed in smelling a coppery smell as well as a slight rotting smell making him gag. Ren drew closer and closer as buildings came into view he wanted to get away from the repulsive smell the first house he came to the male rushed into his hand up to his nose he immediately puked upon entering the home. ]]
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