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It was cold. So, so cold. I shivered violently as I watched blood trickle out of one of the cracks in my skin. [i I might as well give up now...] I thought. As my eyes started to close, I heard faint voices calling for me. I struggled to get up. "Furen! Rene!" My voice was weak as I tried to move. I fell, my legs giving out as my eyes closed. My breathing was shaky and shallow, and I doubted that I would ever move again. I really am a failure, I couldn't even save my moms...My mind went through my memories, from being adopted to when I had killed that man. As it did, I felt a human hand shake my shoulder. I was unable to move. I heard his voice, as well as Rene's, as I was lifted. I wanted to fight, to get up and keep running, but I couldn't move. There was red around were the gills on my neck were, and many of the cracks on my skin were bleeding. My colors were much paler, and my shaking was still as violent as before. As I lost connection to my senses, I could only hope that Furen and Rene could save me.
  Cookie / RamaAmor / 1y 12d 12h 3m 51s
Furen and i were trapped in a cage of bodies. Humans were a curious species, always wanting to know things they didn;t need to know. We were stormed with question. WHat happened? Was that blood? Trying to move through the crowd was next to imposable. And it was only made harder as men in uniforms started to show up. Furen had taken the rope off of me, but my hands, and his, were restrained by the men in blue uniforms. I could hear clicking as siver bracelets were put on our wrists. I watched as one man felt Furens body. The humans only watched. To me, it looked like these men could treat other humans the way they treated me. The man's hands went over Furen a few times. I saw that his gun had been taked. Then one of the men tried to do the same thing. I was not about to have yet another man feel me up, or rape me, or even so much as touch a single bit of my fur with the intention of hurting me in some way. The sky grew darker and darker. As the man tried to grab my wrists t try and put the metal bracelets on, i faught back, pulling my hands out of his grasp. Bearing my teeth and claws, i pounced on the man. With a hard smack, i felt him hit me in the face, sending me flying to the ground. There was going to be a knot there in the morning, but right now, i didn't care. Getting back to my feet quickly, i tried to attack the man again. "RENE!" Furen yelled, trying to get my attention. "STOP! PLEASE!" I couldn't hear him over the sound of my own anger. Swinging my claws, i tried to reach the man. From behind me, another uniformed man tackled me to the ground. I flailed, trying to land a blow somewhere on the men. Furen was still yelling, but i coudln't hear him. I had three men on me, each trying to hold me down. There was a prick on my neck, almost unnoticable, then i started to feel sleepy and weak. Moments later, i blacked out. When i started to wake up, i was laying on something soft, fabric covered my body. I opened my eyes, but the light was too bright, it hurt. Protecting my eyes, i see Furen, sitting in a chair in the room with me, on the other side of the room. Starting to move, trying to sit up, i felt like my head was going to slpit open. I layed back down. Furen got up and walked over to me. I felt him put a hand on my head, scratching me behind the ears like he was so good at doing. Gradually, the fog on my mind lifted and my headache subsided. Sitting up, i looked arund the room. Since i was in a bed, with Furen near by, i thought we were at his cabin, that all that had happened was just some kind of wierd dream. But now i saw that that wasn't the case. There was one bright light in the center of the cieling. The walls were grey stone. There were no windows, and one side of the room was just bars, showing simialar rooms on the other side. Feeling an itch on my neck, i rub a paw on my neck to scratch it. I fely a bump, like an insect sting. Furen noticed it and looked at it. "Tranquilizer," he said under his breath. "Tran-qui-what?" i asked him. Iv'e never heard of that before. "Its something to make you sleep," Furen answered. "You were putting up one hell of a fight." So that fight was real? I looked at Furen, scared. "Where are we?" I ask him. "Holding, we are charged with the murder of that vendor." Wait, murder? The humans think we...A man in a blue uniform walked up to the bars of our room. I instantly tensed up, ready for another fight. Furen put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed lightly. I relaxed my body. The door to our room was opened, and we were lead to another room. It was small, the walls and cieling were white. All that was in it was a table and a few chairs. The man sat in one of the chairs and we sat across the table from him. I was still in shock that all that bad stuff had actually happened. The man asked us what happened, and i heard Furen speak. I just sat there. I heard Furen say something about a shark furry running into town, covered in blood. He never actualy used Cookie's name. After taking some notes in a small notebook, the man lead us down a hall and out of the building. Furen put the colar back on me, loose as always. I walked behind him, mindlessly. It was dark, it was late. The moon shone brightly overhead. It was mostly full, so it wasn't too hard to see. Furen lead me back to where the stall was that i was atacked in. The smell of death stil hung in the air. I covered my nose with a paw to try and not be able to smell it. Furen looked somber, concerned. "Rene, we need to find Cookie, and fast." I looked at him. "Think you can smell her?" He wanted me to try and find Cookie? He lead me in the direction Cookie had run. I tried to smell Cookie's scent, but there were so many other things in the air. The salt water, humans from the day before. I tried my best to locate Cookie's scent, leading Furen all along the beach. "COOKIE!" i heard Furen call out. I call for Cookie as well, my voice nowhere near as strong as Furen's.
  rene / rocksanne / 1y 13d 5h 15m 38s
After the spotlight was taken off of me, I was extremely quiet as we moved through the market, looking for a vendor who had clothes my style. Though we didn't find any, we found the closest possible thing, and I picked out some outfits. Everything seemed to be going rather well...until we had gone to pay. I tried my best not to hiss at the man who had offered to cut the price at the cost of Rene's happiness. Honestly, the cat girl was like a sister. My moms would have loved to have met her, as well as Furen. I regretted not standing behind her, though, as she was lassoed by the perverted man and taken before we could get her. By the time either Furen or I had gotten there, he had already locked the door. I yelled and screamed, wanting to see him in fear. Wanting to see him [b bleed]. I didn't bother shaking away these thoughts, as Furen and I finally opened the door. I was both scared and furious as we were brought to a checkmate. I gave a murderous smile as Rene kicked him where it hurts, and lunged at the pervert, pinning him to the wall. My tail knocked Furen's gun towards him as I yelled. "NEVER HURT RENE AGAIN!" I bit the man's shoulder, ripping off his flesh before breaking his spine and ripping out his throat in one bite. As I finally calmed down, I could only look around in shock at the murder scene. "I'm sorry..." This was all I managed to say as I ran from the scene, still covered in blood. I ran for the beach, if anyone was there, one of my moms would be. As night started to surround me, I hid myself and tried to sleep, already missing the beds Furen had given us. What had I done?
  Cookie / RamaAmor / 1y 15d 3h 31m 7s
With our lates debacle over, we rejoin the sea of humans and furries. We wonder around, looking for a stand that might sell the clothes Cookie wanted. It wasn;t summer, so finding beach clothes would be slightly difficult. Bodies justled us was we walked. As the day got later, the growd grew. Soon, the market was almost solid with bodies. This was too much for me. It was too crowded, too loud. I wanted to leave as soon as posable. I could hear myself whimpering in fear. Cookie and Furen must have heard me, because they looked over at me. "I don't like it here..." i said in a weak voice. "We're almost done, Rene. I promise." I wanted to believe Furen, I really did, but in my paniced mind they were just empty words. Soon, we find a stall selling clothes. While the vendor did not have the beach clothes Cookie wanted, he did have shorts and t-shirts. furen let Cookie choose a few sets of clothes. Rene chose to just look around. She was content with the clothes Furen gave her, and didn't want to as for too much from a man that treated her so nicely. We went up to the counter so Furen could pay for Cookie's clothes. After adding up everything and giving Furen the final price, the vendor took his first look at us. First he looked at Furen, then at Cookie, then myself. I saw a glint in his eyes, one that made my skin crawl and my fur to stand on end. "That will be $35, good sir." Furen pulled out a wallet from one of his pockets and started to pull money out of it. The vendor stopped him. "You know, if you give me half an our with your pussy cat there, you can have the clothes for free." My jaw dropped. I knew humans were dirty pervs, but using a furry for payment, was there no end to what humans can do? Furen was trying to act calm, but i could see the anger in his eyes, he was starting to get to his limit. He threw the clothes at the vendor. "If that's how you do buisness, we will shop somewhere else." With a huff, he started to lead us away. I heard the vendor chuckle. "I don't think you understood me, sir." I could feel the slime in his voice, coating my skin like a film. "I want your pussy cat, and i always get what i want." There was a moment where we started to walk away. Then, i saw a rope go over my head and around my arms. They were pinned to my sides. With a jerk, i was pulled from Furen, my leash slipping from his grasp. The guy had lasoed me! I tried to fight back, but it was pointless. He was too strong. I was pulled over the counter. By this point, Furen and Cookie was trying to reach for me. I screamed for help. I didn't care who, just SOMEONE help me. Furen and Cookie jumped over the counter after me, but t was too late. I was pulled into a back room, and the man closed the door behind himself, even locking it. A moment later, i could hear them yelling for him to realase me and that they were banging on the door. The vendor wraped the rope around me, now my arms were uselessly tied to my sides. I yelled louder, at the top of my voice. The others started to bang on the door harder. With a shove, i was forced to the floor, i landed hard on my back. I whimpered in pain, the wind knocked out of me. I looked up at the man, fear in my eyes. He looked down at me with a hunger i've never seen before. The man layed on my body, almost crushing me. He was too heavy for me to move. Now i was REALLY stuck. I felt a hardness through his pants. 'Please,' i thought to myself, 'not again, please not again.' Then he said something that made my blood turn to ice. "I find furries have a very complex, interesting taste." He licked my cheek and smiled. "Please!" I begged the man. "Please don't!" Next thing i knew, i could feel the egde of a knife on my throat. "Shut up!" he commanded me. I instantly became quiet. "One more word, and i'll slice you from your head to your feet." I tried to struggle, find a way to get free, but i was trapped. I tried to wiggle free, but i just couldn't. The tip of the knife traced a line on my neck. A trickle of blood started to form. Right was the vendor was preparing for a second pass on my neck, the door crashed open. Cookie and Furen stormed into the room. They had managed to ram the door open. Assesing the situation, Furen pulled out his loud, silver thing again. "GET UP!" he yelled at the vendor. I was scared beyond my wits. The vendor stoot up, pulling me with him. Holding me beween Furen and himself, i could feel the knife on my throat. The others saw the blood on my neck. 'Let her go!" Furen yelled, his voice shaking in anger. Cookie looked livid. "Take one step closer," the man said, "And your pretty little pussy cat gets a nice neck tatoo." The two men and Cookie were in a stale mate, each looking at the other. Furen kept the silver thing pointed at the man. "Drop the gun," the man commanded. "DO IT!" Furen dropped the silver thing, which i could only asume was the gun thing the man was talking about. "Kick it over." Furen did as he was commanded, using his foot to knock the gun in the direction of the man and myself. Silence filled the room. A thought suddenly occurd to me. My arms might have been tied, but my legs weren't. With a quick jerk, my let went up the man's legs and kicked him, hard, between the legs. The suprise and pain caused his grip on my to loosen, just enough for me to wiggle my way free. Cookies reflexes were much faster then Furen's, and she was on the man before he even fell to the ground. She knocked the gun back into Furen's direction, and he picked it up, pointing it again at the man. She also had an arm pressd against the man's neck, pinning him to the back wall. There was a scream of pain as Cookie took a bite out of the vender's shoulder, blood flowing free. In a frenzy, she took a bite of the man;s neck. Cookie was now in a feeding frenzy. "How DARE you," she roared through a mouth full of the man's flesh, "hurt Rene!" There was a squelch as she took another bite of the man's neck, this time breaking his spinal cilemn. He slumped, lifeless, to the floor. He and Cookie were covered in blood. Furen and I could only watch in shock. Cookie was still in her frenzy, but there was something in her eyes, was it pain? Sorrow? With blood dripping from her mouth, she quickly left the room, the shop, the town. The sun was starting to set by this point, siloeting Cookie as she ran in the direction of the sea. We tried to go after her, but some humans had heard the nise and were seeing what was going on. All they saw was a blood covered furry run from town. The crowd blocked us from being able to go after Cookie.
  rene / rocksanne / 1y 15d 6h 31m 52s
I was actually enjoying the market, to be completely honest. It was a fun walk, and it reminded me of when me and my moms would go to the beach markets. It was sad that it had become another reminder of what these beasts were doing to us. Blanca, the great white, would always boast about how much of a fighting spirit I had. We had been seperated when they took us. I [b need] to find them. I stopped as I felt tugging at my neck. Rene was leading us somewhere, as I caught the same smell of fish. Makes sense. I tried to hide a smile when he had bought food, and chuckled as Rene devoured her fish. I savored my food. "Almost as good as mami's..." I mumbled, remembering my other mom, Terra. I finished when I saw a man walk near us. It was easy to ignore him checking me out, but when he touched my breast, I finally snapped. How dare he! I growled as I heard Furen compare me to a daughter. How nice, I'll say thanks when I'm not insane. As we got up to leave, the darn pervert touched me! I whirled around, my pupils bright red. Furen and Rene tried to hold me back, but I was out for blood. I smacked him square in the jaw with my tail. I huffed as I stared into the crowd, locking eyes with a older female black-tipped shark with a broken leash...mom? My eyes returned to normal, and I was taken away by Furen and Rene before I could say anything.
  Cookie / RamaAmor / 1y 18d 6h 3m 58s
The sun was starting to aproach its highest point. The air wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm either. The crowed before us was stagering. People moved back and forth in a sea of bodies, some trailing a furry or two, and they didn't look anywhere as happy as we were. Many were brused up, or had healing cuts on their bodies. "Its going to be ok," I heard Furen say. Guess my fear was showing on my face. I was from a small, humble village. This was just...chaos. Too many bodies everywhere. I tried to stay calm as Fure lead us into the crowd. Some people moved out of our way. Many of the furries looked at us with a pitifull, defeated look, almost like they were begging for help, but scared to ask for it. Im walking next to Furen, Cookie is on his other side. Men pass by me, and make no effort to hide the fact that they were checking me out. I could feel their slimy sight on my body, going up to my chest and down to my hips. One man even had the nerve to put a hand on my ass, even giving it a rub. I jump, ready to sink my claws into his eyes. Putting a hand on my shoulder, Furen stops me. "Its not worth it, rene. Just let it go." Let it go!? Let it GO!? Easy for him to say. HE didn't have to watch as man after man raped him like i did. Furen scratches me behind the ears. That destracts me just enough to forget what i was mad about. It felt good to be touched with affection and not lust. As i tilt my head into his hand, enjoying his touch, i caught the scent of fish on the wind. I pull at the leash in that direction, trying to lead Furen to it. Walking through the crowd, we come up to a fish stand. All kinds of fish could be seen for sale. My mouth waters at the sight of HUGE tuna. I couldn't help but stare. Furen chucles at me. Cookie had said she wanted suchi, so i look at Furen. I don't say anything, but just look at him with a wanting look. He scratches me behind the ears again. I let out a pur, then emediately blush. After hagling with the fish monger, we walk away with a few bags of fish. Skirting the side of the market area, we find a place to sit. "Why don't we have lunch?" Furen said with a smile. I'm more then eager to start eating my fishy treat, but i notice that only me and Cookie actually had food. "What about you?" i ask Furen. "I'll be fine," he says with a dismisive wave of his hand. "Eat up, you two earned it." Without a word, i excitedly rip open the bag, reveiling a large, juicy tuna Furen had goten for me. Peeling the skin back with a claw, i feel for bones. As i pick them out one by one, i toss them to the ground. With the fish being thoroughly deboned, i sink my teeth into it. I take bite after bite till the fish is gone. I lean back a little, content. Once Cookie finishes her meal, we walk back into the crowd in search of clothes for Cookie. Its not long before trouble starts to brew for us. A man walks in front of us, looking me and Cookie over. "My, what have we here?" he said, Walking right up to Cookie, he held his hands up, clearly trying to cop a feel of her chest. You could see the hatred on her face, but the guy was either blind or stupid, or both. Cookie bared her teeth. Furen tried to defuse the situation, standing behind her, putting a hand on her soulder. "If i'm not mistaking, your touching the breats of my furry." He sounded so formal, so casual, just as he did when he shot the other guy yesterday. Cookie was shaking in rage so bad, i could see her move. "That is just like feeling up my daughter, and we all know you don't feel up peoples daughters." Wait, he said we were like daughters? As in we were famaly? Furen aplied a little pressure to Cookie's shoulder. "ome on, Cookie, this guy is not worth our time." He pulled us away from the guy, but as Cookie turned around, the guy reached out and spanked cookie right on her ass. That was too much for her. She reared on the man, her face murderous. "Cookie!" I call out. "DON"T" Even Furen is trying to pull her back. We get between her and the man, trying to guide her the other way. It worked, but not before she lashed her tail out, smacking the male squarely in the jaw. By this point, a crowd had formed. The humans looks curious, the furries look like they were seeing a ray of hope. Here was a furry who wanted to fight back! Slowly, we calm Cookie down and get her out of the spogtlight she was in.
  rene / rocksanne / 1y 19d 2h 12m 7s
I snore a lot. It's a problem, I know, but I can't fix it for now. I'm surprised I didn't wake up crying, since I had dreamed about the beach house I lived in with my great white mom and black tip mom. I woke up last, which wasn't a surprise, and looked at the clothes on the edge of my bed. I tried on the ripped jeans and blue summer shirt. It was tight around my stomach, so I used a claw to cut it, turning it into a crop top. I smelled food, not the sludge served at the trading post, [b food]. I walked over, letting out a loud yawn. I started eating as Furen asked us about ourselves. I was silent, not wanting to answer. "I'm Cookie, I'm 18. That's all you need to know." wasn't giving up information easily, as I continued eating. As he mentioned my old home, I tried not to cry. C'mon, I'm strong, strong people don't cry! He took our plates once we finished, as Rene started talking to me. She smelled...different. I tried not to laugh as Furen caught her whispering, though he didn't know the topic. So that was what the smell was! As he asked what we wanted, I just thought of sushi and some nice beach clothes. Funnily enough, I prefer wearing little clothing, even after those dumb cages. I tried not to bare my teeth as he put my collar on, happy it was loose on my neck. I happily watched him fill the thermos with water as we left, soon arriving at the town market. "Oh boy..." I mumbled, watching the crowd of humans and collared furries.
  Cookie / RamaAmor / 1y 22d 3h 27m 12s
I looked at the bed that Furen said was mine. Before i climbed in, i returned Furen's coat he was kind enough to let me use. Furen takes his coat back, hanging it up on a hook. I pull the blanket back and climb into the bed. The blanket was warm and the sheets soft on my skin. This was heaven after being in a small cage for days. I shut my eyes, ready to fall asleep when some motion catches my attention. It was Furen. He was changing from his day clothes to some sleeping clothes. Pulling them from his bag, he set them on the dining table. I watch as he strips off his clothes, all of them. With one eye open, i watched him. His skin was fair but tanned, his body had a fit, healthy look. I could only blush when he took off his pants. Furen must think we were both asleep. Casually, he gets into his night clothes. Going back into his bag, he fetches more clothes, two sets of clothes actually, and sets one set on the end of our beds. With a yawn, he goes to his sleeping bag and gets in. The air was soon full of the sound of snoring from both Cookie and Furen. Soon, I fall asleep as well. My dreams are filled with the image of Furen, sometimes clothed, mostly not. We were just about to embrase each other when i was woken up by the smell of cooking food. Slowly, i come to my senses as i wake up. I could smell bacon, eggs and toast. I start to stir, getting up and out of bed. Furen looks over at me. "Good morning, Rene. Did you sleep well?" His voice was kind, like he actually cared what i had to say. "Yea," i say with a yawn. "That was the best i slept in days." Furen chuckled. "I couldn't imagine being stuck in those cages, personally." He turns back to his cooking. I look over at Cookie, who was also starting to wake up. Now that i was out of bed, i walked over to the clothes Furen had set out for me. I look at them, They were just some jeans and a t-shirt, but they were still clothes. Thankful, I put the clothes on. They weren't a perfect fit, but they would do. With a clatter of plates, Furen buts some food together for us to eat. Placing two plates on the table, he puts a fork by each plate. "There you go," Furen said. "Eat as much as you want, I have plenty." I walk over to the table, and I see Cookie doing the same. I sit at one of the plates and start to eat. It wasn't tuna, but it was still food. Cookie sits at the chair next to me. Furen makes himself a plate and sits across from us. He eats a little. "So, he says to us. "Tell me about yourselves." I speak up first. "Well, there isn't much to know," I say shyly. I turn to Cookie, hoping she could say something. The silence is strong, almost deafening. I poke at my food, not sure what to say. Furen clears his throat, and start to speak, breaking the silence. "Well, you know my name, Furen. I'm a wonderer. I move from town to town. I like to explore, see things, meet people. One place i want to go to is the Furry lands." I feel my heart sink at the mention of my old home. My emotions must have crept to my face, cause Furen said, "I understand, Rene, humans can be quite cruel, only thinking of themselves." He smiled, trying to make me feel better. "But all that is in the past. You can live happily with me. I will take care of you, and miss Cookie." We eat a little more. Soon, all our plates were empty. Furen picks them up and cleans them at the sink. "He's really nice," I say to Cookie. I look over my shoulder at Furen. He was still doing the dishes, plates and silverware clanging together. I lean closer to Cookie and speak in a hushed tone. "And he's good looking, too. I mean REALLY good looking. I saw him while he was changing clothes. I thought i was going to..." It was at that point that Furen came back over to use. "What are you two talking about?" I pull back from Cookie, a blush coloring my cheeks. "Nothing," I respond timidly. Furen only smiled/ "I have to go to the market, and im sure you two would like to stretch your legs a little." I smile, Being able to stretch my legs, and not be craped in a small cage sounded amazing. "That does, however," Furen continued, "mean you two have to wear your collars. I don't want you to, but that's how things are here." My ears droop at the thought of the collar, but to hear that Furen doesn't like it cheered me up a little. "I'm going to get changed, why don't you two think of a few things you want." After getting some more clothes from his bag, he goes to the bathroom to change. I was actually a little disappointed that he wasn't going to change in front of us, that meant i wouldn't get to see his good looking body again. While I waited, I though about what I wanted. More tuna was the first think that came to mind. Maybe some clothes and a cat toy, if i could get one. A few moments later, Furen returns from the bathroom in hos day clothes. "You two ready?" He retreaves the collars from by the door, placing them on our necks. "Have you thought of anything you want?" I voice my thoughts. Furen just nods. "I can do that." I listen as Cookie does the same. Furen nods again. "Not a problem," he sayd. "OH!" he says suddenly. "Almost forgot." Handing our leashes to us, he goes over to the sink and fills up a thermos with water. "We don't need Cookie to dryout while we are gone, that just won't do." Gently, Furen takes the leashes back from us, leading us to the door and out of it. Once the door was locked, was walked into town. One thing i noticed was that Furen putt the collars on a lot looser then the man that sold us. I didn't feel like the collar was choking me. Soon, we reach the town market.
  rene / rocksanne / 1y 22d 8h 42m 34s
I calmly followed the man, surprised that he was leading us so nicely. I listened intently as he introduced himself. It was as if he thought of us as equals. I smiled a bit as I introduced myself. "I'm...I'm Cookie." As we walked, the day grew colder, I watched as he gave his coat to Rene. This guy must be an angel, he's much better than any human I've seen or heard! I denied using his shirt, however. I was startled by his respect, as I looked around the cabin. I listened intently as he spoke of how we could run, but would be caught. I may be a bit rash at times, but I am not stupid. I stayed still. As he opened the tuna cans, I couldn't help but drool, and neither could Rene. Sure, tuna, was nowhere near as good as sushi, but I couldn't complain. I ate slower then Rene, trying hard to savor it and not wolf it down. I stopped as I noticed my arm, adrenaline suddenly rushing through me. Furen and Rene's voices were incoherent as I panicked. "Water! I need water!" I chugged the water Furen gave me, watching the crack fade. I just stared as I realized the two beds were for us. This guy is definitely an angel. I walked to my bed, lowering myself onto it. Despite this being a small cabin, I felt like a millionaire. I went out like a light.
  Cookie / RamaAmor / 1y 23d 2h 59m 1s
The man lead us by our leashes. He was kind enough to walk at a pace that was comfortable for us. He then started talking. "My name is Furen, Furen Dor─źna. I live right here in town. Well, more like the edge of town. And what are your names?" He looked at both of us, patently waiting for us to answer. Timidly, I manage to say, "I'm Rene." In a shaky voice, Cookie told Furen her name. We started to walk again. The sun was starting to set, and the air was starting to cool. I started to shiver a little. Then something happened that surprised me. Furen took off his coat and gave it to me. Thankful, I put it on. It smelled like a human, but i ignored that for now. At least it was SOMETHING i could wear. He even offered his own shirt to cookie. We walked a little more, till we reached a log cabin. Leading us to the door, Furen unlocked it and let us in. He was the last one to enter, closing the door behind himself. The inside was just one big open room. In one corner was a kitchen area. Another corner was a dining table. On the fa side of the room, a small area was walled off, I could only assume it was a bathroom. Finally, in the last corner was two beds, neatly made. One had what looked like a hiking backpack next to it. The beds looked so comfortable after spending days in cage. Turning to us, Furen took the collars off of us. "Your free to go, if you want. You know where the door is. Feel free to run for it." He motioned to a window in the room. Outside was a wide open field. "However, if you do try to run, you will be captured again, and as you know, many people around here aren't as nice as i am." Furen waited to see what we would do. I didn't move, nor did cookie. "Good," Furen said as he realized we were not going to flee. "I'm sure you're hungry." Walking to the kitchen area, Furen looked through the cabinets and pulled out some cans. When the first one was opened, the smell of fish filled the air. It made my mouth water. We were hardly fed, so the tuna smelled like the best food in the world. Opening a few more cans, Furen put the tuna into two bowls, putting a spoon in each one. Offering one to each of us, I take one and start to eat greedily. It tasted so good. My food soon disappeared, some of the juice was on my chin. I wipe it away with a paw. I turn to Cookie, to see how well she was doing. She had eaten some of her tuna, but her focus was on her arm. There was a crack on it. "Cookie...whats...?" I ask. Cookie does not answer. By this point, Furen had noticed the rack too. "Cookie, whats going....?" He didn't get to finish his question. In a panicked voice. "Water!" she said. "I need WATER!" "Cookie," Furen said in a calm voice, "I have some water, its going to be ok." Going back to the kitchen, Furen takes a cup from a cabinet and fills it was tap water. He then gave the cup to Cookie, who drank it was fast as she could. Slowly, the crack faded. By this point, it was dark outside, a sliver of moon could be seen through the window. "Its late," Furen said. "You two have had a long, hard couple of days." He walks over to the beds and motions for us to follow. "Cookie, you can have this bed." Furen motions to the bed on his let. "Rene, you can have the other one." A bed? just for us? I'm amazed at the offer. Furen ruffles through his backpack and unrolls a sleeping back, setting it up against a wall.
  rocksanne / 1y 23d 8h 24m 34s
I watched as the young cat introduced herself, and reached through the bars of the cage. I was going to touch her, comfort her, when one of those goddamn men grabbed her. I could only yell and watch as he tried to do to her what they used to try to do to me. I felt horrible as I cursed and yelled. I immediately went quiet as another man appeared, killing the first in three shots before buying Rene. I looked at her, sorry, as the unbelievable happened. He bought me as well! I was forced out of my cage, given a collar attached to a leash as they tied my hands behind me. I tried to keep a brave face, but...I was terrified. I looked at Rene, obviously scared. I gathered my courage, and bit at the leash, eventually freeing myself. I ran for freedom, but I didn't last very long, as I was detained and thrown to the ground forcefully. My new leash was reinforced, and there was no escape. This was a nightmare. I missed my family and friends. My head fins lowered as I continued walking, keeping my head up. I hope he's as nice as he seemed...
  Cookie / RamaAmor / 1y 23d 9h 17m 44s
I looked over at the furry in the other cage, our eyes met. Hers were so full of life and fight. I'm sure mine were dead, defeated. When asked who I was, the question just echoed around in my head. In order to cope with what was going on, I was always in a daze. But the aura around the shark furry was able to lift the fog, just enough for me to understand I was being talked to. "Who..am I?" I asked stupidly. Finally my battered mind got meaning from the question. "I'm Rene...I'm a cat." Suddenly the furries mood changed when she noticed the marks on my chest. "Yea...I'm fine," was all I could say. I wasn't really fine, but what else could i say. But there was something else, a feeling in my chest. What was it? Hope? Did hope still exist? I wanted to get closer to my sorce of hope. Shifing over to that side of my cage, all I could do was stare. But I wanted more. I wanted to TOUCH her, just to know that she was real. I slide my paw between the bars of my cage, but before Cookie could even reach for my paw, the door to my cage was opened. I looked to see who it was. It was a man, and he had an evil smile on his face. A whimper escaped my thoat, I knew what was coming, the same thing that always came. Before i knew it, i was pinned to the ground and couldn't move. The man lowered his pands, and what I saw only terafied me more. His shaft was so big! I whimpered again. I was so small, only 13. I watched as his shaft got closer to my body. I could feel its tip pressing against me when there was a sudden BOOM. It took the man by suprise, and he freed me just enough to put my paws over my ears. I looked in the sorce of the explosion. Another man had a hand over his head, some silver thing in it. "Put one hand on her," he said in a comanding, but gentle voice, "and I will shoot you, and i don't miss." The man that was holding me to the ground only laughed. I could feel his tip start to enter me. I screamed, it was all I could do really. Then, there was another BOOM, and the man groaned in pain, rollong off of me. There was a red spot growing on his shirt. "You BITCH!" he roared in a film of blood. "You shot me!" The man with the silver thing walked over to the man, standing over him. The silver thing was pointed at the man's head. "You should have stopped like i told you too. With that said, there was a third BOOM, and the man's head exploded in blood. I was too shoked to move. The man looked at me. "How much for the cat?" he asked the man running the sale area. The third man regained his composer, seeing a chance to make some money. "A young, healthy specimine like her? 75." The man with the silver thing walked over to the other man, and handed him a green piece of paper with a 100 on it. "Keep the change." he said. The man's eyes brightened apon seeing the money. Grabbing something off of a table, the third man walked over to me, and put it around my neck. It was a collar, and atached to it was a leash. Clearly I was not going to be able to run away. The kind voiced man erged me to walk away from the sale area, but all i could do was pull back. I didn't want to leave Cookie. She was a light in the darkness of my situation. With a sigh, the man that had my leash gave the man another piece of paper with a 100 on it. With that, he went over to Cookies cage to put the collar on her. He didn't look happy to do it, unlike when he put the collar on me.
  Rene / rocksanne / 1y 24d 3h 11m 0s
I could barely remember the night I was taken, it was just a blur. I was so happy swimming with my family and friends, my tailfins gliding through the water. Now, I was caged like a wild animal. My feet still hurt from the walk, and I had scratches on my body, some older than others. I snapped and hissed at one of the men walking by. I have seen what they've done to others, and I refuse to be some toy! I snapped as I was taken out of my cage, my tail whipping madly, I managed to break one's leg, causing the others to throw me back into my cage. My speech was a blur of curses as I tried to stop the bleeding scratch on my right arm. I felt a pair of eyes stare at me, as I turned my head to see what seemed to be a cat. We locked eyes, two strangers with similar stories. This continued, until I finally got the courage to speak to her. "Hello, I'm Cookie. I'm a cookie cutter shark. Who might you be?" The fins on my head lifted slightly as I noticed her skin. They had made her one of their toys! "Oh god, they've...are you okay?!"
  Cookie / RamaAmor / 1y 25d 1h 56m 0s
Everything changed when the fur nation was attacked. Humans stormed out town, burning down our houses. A lucky few were killed. Death would be far better then what we had coming to us. It was late at night, and there had been a bang on the door, then a crash as it was broken from its hinges. I was pulled out of my bed before I know what was going on. One human held me still while another looked me over like a man examining a cow or chicken. "She looks good," the man said with a nod. "Book her," he commanded the man holding me. He ripped off my night clothes. I was terafied. They looked me over, writing down something in a book. Using corse rope, my paws were tied behind me. The night was cool and I shivered slightly. More residents of my village were rounded up, just as I was. And thus we began the long trip to the human part of the land. The humans had horses to carry them, we were forced to walk the distance. Blisters soon formed on my hind paws, and where the rope bit into my wrists. After what felt like forever, we reached a human settlement. It was clear what this one was for, it was for the trading of us furries. There were a few buildings that humans could sleep in. All we got were cages. We were trapped like common animals. We weren't even given blankets to fight the cold of the night. I slept curled into as small a ball as I could, trying to stay warm. My days were full of humans walking by me, some let me out of my cage, but only to look me over, or feel my chest. Some braver ones even raped me. We were seen as nothing but an item, a toy. We had no rights. After a particularly rough session of rape, with multiple men, I was forced back into my cage. Alone, and hopeless, I stared to cry. It all felt so hopeless. Was this my life now? Some humans laughed at my crying. They see us as animals, but we would NEVER do something like this. THEY are the real animals. My chest hurt from being grouped too hard. There were even marks on my skin. Little did I know I was not going to me alone much longer. There was a scent in the air. It smelled like...hope. Looking around, I saw another furry in the cage next to mine. That smell was coming from her.
  Rene / rocksanne / 1y 25d 2h 13m 2s

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