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Promises, they're something that girls cling to for a very long time. Inulia and _____ have been friends their whole lives, they both began to get feelings for each other but then something tore them apart. A war, one of the things that Inulia hates the most, and it took her best friend from her. He was sent to the war with a promise to return to her before anything bad came to their little village. That was nearly two years ago, and she's still clinging to that promise.

As year two rounds the corner, their village is being attacked. The enemy are sick and twisted men who love death and anything that gives pain to others. As they attacked the village, they begin to kill the village people in terrible ways. This is the night that ______ comes home to see the attack underway. His only thought is to find Inulia and get her away from here. Where the story goes from there? They catch wind of some rumor about the attackers plans to wipe out anyone they can to gain power and for some reason unknown, their leader has ordered Inulia's capture and the death of her best friend.


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Ajeroe pulled an arrow from his quiver and aimed carfully at the mans head. He pulls the string and gave it a 15 degree angle and released the bowstring. The arrow went through the mans head and came out his mouth as the man fell to his knees and then his side. He turned around to see more men running at them and they were well armed. "This is lovely." He told himself as he jumped into the river and started to swim across to help Inulia. "We have to go now." He said as he sighed. He turned to see the first of the return force of a hundred plus men peak the hill.

"I am not going to have enough arrows to kill them all so I might just have to fight close." He laughed to himself knowing his skills sets. He was good with any weapons accept knifes. Such close ranger also made him feel vulnerable and almost weaker than his opponent. "Can you run?" He asked her as he looked at her with a quick grin.
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 75d 5h 26m 15s
Inulia glanced over for just a moment to see Ajeroe finish him off. She let out a relieved sigh just as she heard someone run out of the bushes at her. She turned her head in time to see someone running at her with a sword. She grit her teeth and brought the dagger up, blocking the attack just in time.

After that they struck at each other over and over, blocking and dodging. Neither of them seemed to be making progress though, they were matched in speed and strength for the moment, she just hoped he tired out quickly.
  Inulia / Islyn / 10y 75d 16h 12m 43s
Ajeroe saw the first of the men so he released the arrow and it flew into one of the mens shoulders. It knocked the man over but he got up and continued to run across the river. Ajeroe shot him again, this time in the head. Then her saw the rest. He fired off arrows and the men fell one by one until only one was left. He drew his claymore and walked towards the man. "Come on. You have pissed me off to no point." He said as he got close to him.

Ajeroe saw the man who had a blood thirsty look on his face. I'd be scared kid. You won't last long against me. He boasted. The man ran at Ajeroe and swung his sword at his head. "Oh really." He said as he ducked and jumped at him with all the power he could manage. The man parried the attack and kicked Ajeroe onto the ground and laughed. You are just a worthless kid that tries to make himself look good. The man grinned as Ajeroe swung high and it was blocked and then he slid his foot low and tripped the man. After recovering he shoved the sword into his chest.
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 77d 23h 6m 3s
Inulia had heard the scream and her head shot up and towards the direction she'd heard it. Although it was slightly painful, she scrambled to her feet and backed away a little, looking around carefully to see if anyone besides her friend was there, which she had a bad feeling they were.

Her hand went to the handle of a small dagger that she always kept with her, simply waiting to see if anyone was going to come at her or not. Instantly she wondered where Ajeroe was, was he alright? She could only hope so, if he didn't return soon she'd go look for him to make sure he was okay.
  Inulia / Islyn / 10y 78d 18h 19m 33s
He found a small plant and he grabbed it before he heard a rustle in the bush. "Who's there?" He demanded. He drew his twin shortswords and heard three deep voices. This is not going to be good. He thought as he turned and there was a small torch and some more men surrounding him.

He saw the glint of swords and then he heard a scream as someone jumped at him. He rolled and started to run because he wasn't sure who or what was attacking him. "What was that, or who?" He asked himself as he looked back and the men were following him. He crossed the river and drew his bow with an arrow and aimed for one to come out of the bush. He looked over at his camp and saw nothing over there but the hint of a fire and Inulia sitting next to it.
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 78d 18h 23m 33s
Inulia nodded a little, that sounded good to her. The faster she could be on her feet and moving better. Besides, she wanted to fight too so she had to be able to move around better. She sighed a little, a little upset that she got caught in the first place, but there was no changing that now that it was over and done with.

She sat by the fire and kept herself warm, holding her hands to the fire and staring into the flames. She'd always loved fires, they were so interesting to watch. Of course now when she looked at them she thought of the attack, but hopefully in the future she can get over that.
  Inulia / Islyn / 10y 78d 18h 33m 2s
"Yeah I am fine. Ill live at least." He said with a grin as he walked over to her and picked her up. "What about you? Are your feet feeling any better yet?" He asked as he looked around and set her by the fire. "It is a bit cold so stay close to the fire and try not to get burnt." He said. "I am going to see what I can find around here. Like maybe Aloe Vera plants or something to help your burns heal fast." He announced as he walked down the bank.

She is fine. She will have no problem. She is a big girl now. Stop worrying about her. He thought. Well worry, but not a lot. She should be safe. He pondered.
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 79d 19h 48m 26s
Inulia looked at him with a worried look from inside the tent. "Are... Are you alright?" She asked, clearly concerned about his wound. She hadn't noticed it before, it looked like nothing compared to a little burn on her feet. She crawled to the opening of the tent and looked at him, tilting her head a little.

It was still hard for her to accept that he was finally back, she finally didn't have to worry about him being in danger at the war. Nearly every day she'd worried about it, wondering if he was even still alive, some days it actually got her pretty upset to think about it.
  Inulia / Islyn / 10y 80d 7h 41m 55s
He felt her head touch his shoulder and he smiled lightly as he found a place along the river that had good view over the land and a place to stay hidden. He started to set up the tent and he felt a pain in his left leg. He looked to see blood gushing from a cut, maybe from a sword. He didn't know. He walked to the river and stuck his hand in the cold water.

"A bit cool but it needs to be cleaned." He told himself. He cupped his hand and pushed some of the water over the wound. He hissed a bit as he wiped away the blood and then put more water over the wound. "Oh yeah." He said as he picked Inulia up and walked her into the tent to let her sleep. He then built a small fire and continued to clean his wound.
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 82d 2h 27m 59s
Inulia nodded a little and looked around curiously. She too got a strange feeling from being in the village too, but she couldn't figure out what it was. She shut her eyes and leaned her head against him as he ran, calming down and feeling the weariness catch up to her, she hadn't had a great sleep obviously so she was super tired all of a sudden.
  Inulia / Islyn / 10y 82d 3h 50m 2s
"There's a problem though. I can't choose which is safer. They are both safe yet dangerous." He said. He looked around and sighed remembering the war. The first blood and the way he hide and ran and hide. Then the attack. He remembered hiding down low, at the base of a bushy hill and waiting. Just waiting for hours. Waiting until the call. "We will be fine in a tent somewhere. We could go next to the river." He said. "Would that be good with you?" He asked.

He smiled and looked around for a while silent. He just felt like something else was going to happen. He felt like the village wasn't alone. "Come on. I don't think we are safe here." He said as he picked her up and started to run. He had all the equipment they needed so he wasn't worried about that. He was worried about her.
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 82d 19h 7m 5s
"I wouldn't mind a star night sky, but in the end it really doesn't matter to me" She said with a small shrug. "Whatever you think would be safe enough" she said, smiling up at him. It was nice to finally have him back, and it didn't seem that he'd changed all too much, which eliminated one of her old major concerns about him being away at war for so long.
  Inulia / Islyn / 10y 83d 4h 47m 20s
"Your welcome." He said. "And if I would have know I could have kept you safe, with me." He said with a smile. "All now that I am home I won't leave your side. I pledge my service to you." He said with a grin and laugh.

"I am glad I am home though. Not in this mess but I am glad I am home." He announced as he lifted her and walked out of the tent that was beginning to fill up. "Where do you want to stay tonight?" He asked. "The hills are easy to defend. Arrows fly better downhill." He said as he looked at her.

<I have no problem. Its fine with me.>
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 84d 5h 27m 16s
~{ Sorry about the delay and the short reply }~

Inulia nodded a little and went into thought for a moment. Back to when he said he was leaving "I wanted to go with you from the very beginning you know, I wanted to help any way I could instead of being stuck at home" She said, watching as he helped her with the burns. Almost instantly it felt like they cooled down and she smiled up at him "Thanks, for everything" She said before kissing his cheek.
  Inulia / Islyn / 10y 84d 5h 34m 5s
"Some building up higher on the hill were in tact. I can go and see if anyone is in any of them." He said. "But we should stay outside the village in case another attack." He admitted. "I don't know. I am not the leader and he will instruct us on what to do." He told her as he sat her down and looked at the vile.

"Would you like help?" He asked as he took the vile and put the cream on her feet. He spread it around with his hand and sighed. This never would have happened if I were only fast! He yelled at himself in his mind. "Whats done is done and can't be undone so we must fine a way to recuperate." He said.
  Ajeroe Joshov / Ryan / 10y 84d 6h 11m 42s

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