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[left [pic]]
[Center The world as you know it is gone. The Titans have been released from their cage under Olympus. While the gods still did not do anything to free Humanity from under the foot of the Titans they turned their backs and forced their children to deal with the Titans themselves. Left to fend for themselves the demi-gods of the ancient times have learned that their hide away camps and secret places no longer were safe. Forced to fight against the titans the children had held their own for a good while, however even they lost knowing they could never fully destroy a Titan without the help of a god to do so.]

[Center Jealous of the Gods the Titans did the unthinkable and walked among the humans for several centuries, even having children of their own as they walked across the surface. Many of these children did not survive infancy and this infuriated the titans even more, and so they began to wage war upon the earth to reclaim their lost realms. The world had lost the fight in but days the titans being to powerful for even modern day weaponry to affect.]

[Center Everything seemed to be at peace, The titans ruled in place of the Gods and no one dared question them. Anyone who did was swiftly dealt with and any rebellion was put down in an instant by the giants and creatures that now followed the Titans. If it wasn't the creatures that dealt with them it was the demi-Titans themselves that had survived infancy and into the teen years of life. That was until the Titans started a hunt for the children of the gods. Instead of killing the children however the Titans would force a group of twenty-four demi-gods to pair off and fight each other for survival and freedom.]

[center The games happen every three months, but the winners of the games get a few months without being hunted. As the games went on however the Titans grew bored and became fearful of their own children the Titans would occasionally throw in one of their own demi-children to fight. What no one knew however was as Time went on the Gods saw what was happening and blessed their living children with an unnatural thing.]

[Center The children of the Gods were blessed with more then one gift from their god parent, and as more children died in the arena more children would be born to the gods in secret. The Gods had grown fearful How will the new demi-gods who are given more then a single power from their God parent survive the games? How will they free themselves from the titans grip? Will they even free the earth from the Titans' Iron grip?]

[center [b The Arena]]
[center [pic]]
[center [ Arena link]]
[Center The Arena consists of a large island that is about one hundred and twenty-two square miles,. Its about 1/10th the size of Rhode Island. The Geographical build of the Arena is in the southern part of the isle is coast land, ranging from sandy beaches to a rocky shoreline. The rest of the isle's Cost is mostly Coral Limestone cliffs with two hundred feet drop at least to the water below if not the jagged rocks. The middle part all the way to the northern cliffs of the island is a savannah with dotted of a few fertile rolling hills. The southern lands are mountainous and reach far into the heavens above the clouds. Several lakes and rivers appear across the island. A rain forest being the most dominate part of the geographic. Taking up most of the islands western landscape with a small desert in its northwestern region. In the northeastern part of the island is marshlands. Dangerous and riddled with sinkholes and perils that are far beyond a mortal's ability to handle. Even a Coral reef just off the coastline.]

[Center [b [size20 Rules and Regulations]]]
[center 1. No God moding, absolutely none all the people here are Demi-gods it means they still are able to hurt one another.]
[center 2. Photos are to be real. Demi-gods and Demi-Titans are half human after all.]
[center 3. Posts length is long enough for someone to be able to answer to. So I don't need a storybook, but I would also prefer not having something close to a one liner. It happens we get very detailed in posts, or we get brain damaged and can't think.]
[center 4. Fill out and send me a skeleton in a PM, with the title of the PM as your favorite color]

[center [b Cast for skeleton]]
picture: A link to your photo
Puppetmaster: Who are you? Give me a link
Name: Last, First, Middle
nickname: what are you called? What do others call you?
age: How old are you? Would like to keep this adultish so 18+, Birth Month/Day
God Parent: What Deity is your God parent? This isn't limited to just one culture, be greek, roman, Norse, Egyptians, etc.
Parental gifts: What powers did you gain from your God parent?

[b [Center Cast so far.]]
[Center [h3 Colorful_insanity]]
[Center [pic]
[Center [b Puppermaster:] [ Colorful]
[Center [b Name:] Rune, Matthew Thomas.]
[Center [b Nickname:] The gold Rune]
[Center [b Age:] twenty-three (23), April 1st]
[Center [b God Parent:] Maahas, Egyptian God of war.]
[Center [b Parental Gifts:] superhuman strength, stamina, vitality, and resistance to injury.]
[Center [h3 -GIMME-]]
[Center [Pic]
[Center [b Puppetmaster:] [ -GIMME-]]
[center [b Name:] Makoto Hiraiji]
[Center [b Nickname:] Mako, The Jade Prince]
[Center [b Age:] Twenty-four (24) February 23rd]
[Center [b God Parent:] Ryūjin, Japanese Dragon God of the Sea.]
[Center [b Parental gifts:] Agility/dexterity, (aquatic) healing + regenerative properties, endurance, heightened awareness/perception.]]
[Center [h3 Tsumu]]
[Center [pic]]
[Center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Tusumu]]
[Center [b Name:] Astrid Eliza Lund]
[Center [b nickname:] The Winter Princess]
[Center [b Age:] Twenty-Two(22), July 2nd]
[Center [b God Parent:] Skadi - Norse Goddess of Winter, Bowhunting and Mountains.]
[Center [b Parental gifts:] Heightened reflexes and senses, Resistance to intense cold, Ability to drop the temperate around her as well as turn things to ice with a touch. Along with being a sharp Marksmen.]
[Center [pic]]
[Center [b Puppetmaster:] [ _White_]]
[Center [b Name:] Cordelia Joyce Andred]
[Center [b nickname:] Delia]
[Center [b Age:] 23, April 21]
[Center [b God Parent:] Andrasta The Warrior Goddess of The Moon and Divination]
[Center [b Parental gifts:] Divination , Regeneration , and Lunar Energy Tool .]


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[h3 Cordelia]
[Dancing+Script [size18 Cordelia's long blonde hair swirled around her face in the soft winds from the sea. She took a deep breath of the salty air and tried to ready herself through remembrance, and her blue ocean reflecting eyes closed. She had only won a single game, but the way she won is what impressed the spectators so. She had been in the forest towards the end of the battle, and was near its edge where the terrain changed and met with the first of many mountains this side of a curved coast. Though beautiful during the day; at night it was beyond compare and unforgettable, such is the way the night is. The sky was littered with the twinkling of colors all appearing white at a glance. The stars and planets forming images above of reds and golds that you could only distinguish if you stopped, stared hard and long, and truly focused. The deep blue of the sky was only shown by the waning moon which was seemingly stopped at a quarter. She recalled the moment as she listened and heard the crashing waves crest upon the shore, telling her the Island was getting closer. She relived the deaths in the Arena of her first game. The third death… Andre’s… especially. She had seen him and how he planned to come for her the next time around. She was three steps ahead of his true actions. She knew when to dodge, and then when to strike. Her partner Aleid for the game fell by his hand moments ago, and she had killed Andre’s partner before in almost the same instant. She divined Andre's actions as he killed Aleid.

The moon pushed out from behind the thin clouds, and though it was only a quarter moon, it still filled her and she felt it’s cool fluid light pour over her. She raised one hand hardly above her head and as she dodged his attack with a smile, one she regretted, she did also bring down upon him a long sword of purest blue and white light through his neck pinning him to the ground. She twisted and he twitched. A poor young man, so futile trying to strike directly for her heart even without her divination she could have seen him coming. She pitied him as well as herself, for she never rejoiced in murder, but she did in her own survival.
As much as she detested this sport, she opened her eyes again and fixed them on the Titan who was speaking and watched spittle fly from his lips as he did so. He explained new rules, and gave Delia the number of enemies, allies, and what strengths they had aside from ability. Gladly she noted they had none, then she sulked mockingly that she had none either. The ship breached land and everyone’s bindings were cut and removed. Atlas with his fire-filled heart and eyes read from a piece of papyrus aloud and in monotone. A harsh dirt grinding voice Delia thought.

[+red "Group fifteen shall consist of Matthew Rune, Eliza Astrid, Hiraji Makoto, and Cordelia Joyce".]

As her name was announced she stepped forward being the last of her group. All of them were standing there after being herded together. She took a measure of her allies. She had heard of the Matthew fellow. He’d seen at least six games and was a popular man, as far as whispers go. She was pleased to have some successful help. One other, she had only recognized because of Matthew’s own fame and that they had fought together once before, Hiraji. She’d have to watch him to see what it was he had to offer. The other a female Cordelia did not know, she studied her and made a few keen observations. She saw that whoever she was, she did at least have a hardness to her eyes. The girl looked kind and outwardly frail, but then, so did Delia; who knew not to trust a soft face with hardened eyes. [+aquamarine “I think we should talk about our tactics, but only after we find somewhere to lie in wait, you know… out of sight.”] Cordelia spoke up in a soft but sure tone in response to the girls own question regarding a plan.]]
  Cordelia Joyce / _White_ / 9d 3h 22m 42s

[center [size14 [Barlow [i Astrid - The Winter Princess]. Though having not won many games, the said female had certainly made a name for herself. Two games, that's all it had taken for spectators and other fighters to know of her prowess, to know that even though she looked like a delicate porcelain doll, she was a warrior that was able to kill without hesitation. Her first game was probably the most memorable, she was seventeen at the time. People betted against her. How could such a small and frail girl beat seasoned and tough fighters? Well, she certainly showed them, especially when she was able to pierce her partner's heart when she had learned of his betrayal. Astrid values loyalty and truth, she does not take kindly to being made a fool.]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow This time around, her third game, would be interesting. It was a game where all the players had already won at least once, a game filled with experienced and ruthless killers. She honestly had expected to be caught in the way that she had, her few months of being free were over and at some point, she knew she'd be thrown into another game. Admittedly, not one as interesting as this. She was a little upset though that she hadn't been able to finish the painting that she had been working on. Oh well. It would just have to wait until after she had won.]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow Astrid was being held along with a group of twenty-three others who were just like her, determined demi-gods and titans who were willing to do anything it took to win just a little bit of freedom. Amber eyes gazed around, taking in her surroundings and the people standing close to her. As she was looking a very large and ugly titan spoke up, speaking of some rule changes. Is would certainly be an interesting game indeed, much harder than the ones she had participated in before. But then again who didn't like a challenge? It wouldn't be fun if it was easy, and Astrid was always up for a challenge.]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow [b "Group fifteen shall consist of Matthew Rune, Eliza Astrid, Hiraji Makoto, And x."]]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow She lifted her head as her name was called. She didn't recognize the other three, but then again she hadn't been in that many games either. The brunette stepped towards where her group was gathering, looking at each one for a few moments. They were ushered onto the Island, she was beginning to feel antsy, there was no telling what would happen. People could immediately get hostile and go at each other, getting rid of the competition as fast as possible. She knew that she needed to get to a bow as fast as possible, that was her trade. No one was a better shot than her.]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow Many of the teams split up and got as far away from the middle group as possible, which in her opinion was the smartest choice, including her group. [#1E90FF "So, what's the plan?"] She asked, needing to know what to do. She wasn't all that great with giving orders or coming up with strategies. Being a leader, no. But tell her to kill someone or scavenge and she could definitely do that.]]]
  [ɢᴏᴅ] / Tsumu / 12d 4h 19m 13s
Matthew Thomas Rune was the name whispered in all the cages, for he never lost a battle with any of the games he had been in before. He even almost claimed a titan’s life itself from when it came down to when the Demi-gods were being hunted, however the Titan spared Matthew’s life being as he was not allowed to kill demi gods, only in the games were the demi-gods allowed to die now. While the Titan could have killed Matthew he knew that the boy would give the group a thrill every time he was put into the arena.

His first game Matthew was sixteen. He had won by the skin on his toes, literally. He had fought tooth and nail against twenty-four other people. Perhaps it was the constant back stabbing from his partner that nearly got him killed, but then again being paired with a Demi-God to Dolus the god of trickery doesn't help much. Perhaps it was his to trusting nature that had gotten him intro trouble instead. He had quickly learned of his partner's decision to be the single victor in the Titans' war games, and so left his partner while she slept.

It was a decision he didn't regret as his partner was silenced not long after as her throat was cut while she slept. Perhaps a haste decision on Matthew's part to leave, but fighting against a child of Aries would have been like fighting a sibling to himself. His God parent after all was Maahas, The Egyptian Sun Lion God of war. He also knew however that he would have to fight a child to one of the God's of War eventually, but for now he would avoid it.

Had it not been for the amulet his God parent gave him to be able to transform into a Lion Matthew probably would have died a few times, but he had saved himself. Transforming into a Lion and running around on the island many just figured he was a natural predator on the savannah at least that was until he came closer and the person could tell he was much larger then an Average Lion. He had torn out the throat of his last enemy in his first match and the only reason they claimed it as a Victory for Matthew was the fact that as the Titans looked onto the match he returned to his human form.

Matthew had been given a "break" of several months before being thrown into a match with new and old players. He had won his second battle royal in the Areana by convincing a demi-titan he was paired with to use his parent element of earth and kill them all by crushing their organs by increasing the gravity the earth put out. While it had killed his partner to do it on such a massive scale it had also done its job. Many called Matthew The Gold Rune after this as he didn't have to lift a finger because of it.

This was his Seventh game he would be in, but he also knew the Titans called it an 'all star' Game, which meant everyone in this free for all type of fight has won at least one other arena match. It also meant some other big planned things within the game itself besides the players being fellow game winners. Perhaps it was something more then that. Thinking back to how he was captured this time made The Blonde haired male slightly irritated with himself. The call of his Stomach finally beat out his sense of intelligence and the smell of food had taken him right into a trap.

He had sat down to eat but maybe a minute when a titan had snuck up on him and thrown a heavy net over his head and captured him. Of course they had made him unconscious, to do otherwise would be foolish and to say in the least Titans were not foolish, brutes maybe, but not foolish. Matthew had snapped out of his thoughts as a titan tugged on the lead rope that was around the boy's neck. Of course his hands were bound behind his back so he couldn't fight, and if he fell he would be dragged.

That was the one thing the History books were incorrect about. Titans were these Giant elemental like beings or giant beings at all. Even the gods were not huge statue like people. no instead they looked like normal human beings, only the Titans skin was a cracked gray color, Dark cracked and almost like a human's flesh had been burnt. A God was human in nature only they had a faint golden tint to their skin and had inhumanly strength. Both of course were powerful enough to take on one another, but they could not kill one another without the help of what is called an "Ancient weapon".

Of course anyone who knew history knew that an Immortal Weapon was a weapon forged long ago when both Titans and Gods were known only as the Immortals. Weapons forged on both sides of the war given to the warriors to fight each other. The Titans were the side that lost, and while they had the numbers the sheer power of the gods out matched even their forces.

Matthew once again snapped out of his head as the lead rope was once again pulled on and he staggered forward to stand now on a boat he guessed that would take the group of captives to the Island that would be the Arena. The male started counting heads that were on the boat. There were of course the typical number of twenty-four captives on the ship all tied up tightly in various forms so they could not escape or fight their captors. What however caught Matthew's eye was the fact they had a second ship just barely off the dock they were at now.

Hearing the harsh earthy voice of a male boom over the ship from the Quarterdeck where the stern was a male Titan stepped forward. [b "This year shall be different. As all of you have been told this shall be an 'all star' game. I am sure many of you have guessed that means that every single one of the people participating in this game has won previous games before, even potentially more then one. Its because of this we have also changed up a few things in the game."]

The man started stepping down the stairs as all the captives were searched and everything but their clothing taken from them. [b "The first new thing is that all participants will be in groups of four this time around instead of two. That means that four people could potentially win a game instead of just a pair. This also means any one of these twenty-four people could be your partner, or your enemies. That also means the other ship you see off the Bow also has twenty-four others just like you."]

Tapping his foot on the last step the Capitan came right up to the group which seemed to recoil back accept Matthew who just stared down the Titan as he looked at the male himself.. [b "The second is that all those partaking in the game will only be given the clothing on their backs and must fend for themselves for survival and anything else they will need such as weapons and such. While there are hidden caches on the island with such supplies in them."] turning around the Captain went on.

[b "You will also notice the Island is not any different this time, however many more dangerous things have been added to this game as well such as traps also randomly placed on the island, along with more deadly animals. This year the Titans have all agreed to place not only normal human known animals, but Mythical ones as well such as harpies, Gorgons, Nemphs, Sytrs, and many more."]

Looking up the Captian smiled. [b "Now we will land in but a few minutes and the Titan Atlas shall sort you into your groups."] Upon the landing it seemed the other ship had been informed of the same thing. Of course all the Captives were released from their bonds. A titan stepped forward with a piece of paper holding it up he called off several names in the same earthy tone as the first.

Upon looking at the paper Atlas called out to the group. [b "Group fifteen shall consist of Matthew Rune, Eliza Astrid, Hiraji Makoto, And x."] it seemed Atlas's eyes had a fire burn in them as he read off the names. To Matthew he knew of only one other person in his team. Hiraji Makoto, the Jade prince. The two had worked together in a previous game and had won as a team. It was Matthew's fourth game. They had won in a very brutal free for all between all the teams on the Sandy beaches of the Island. As his name was said Matthew stepped forward and off to the side so his group could all gather up just like the others had done.

Finishing the teams Atlas just let the paper drop to his side with his hand The Titan had seen all the groups had formed up. Stepping onto one of the ships he waited for a bit. As they were taking off he yelled out so the entire island and anyone watching could hear.

  Rune, child of war / Colorful_insanity / 14d 2h 40m 55s

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