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Lukas laid in peace for just a little bit until his nightmare came thinking of his mother and sister but was awoken by the stinging sensation on his feet first it was small like being stung by a bee but then it felt as if acid was poured over his feet. Jolting out of bed he heard a voice saying sorry if it hurts. Lukas head spun as he laid there before getting up reaching out his hand for the albino pulling him to his face.[b “It just stung a little but you see the pain makes me slightly aroused, and you my sweet little rich boy…. You will be mine tonight.” The male spoke gripping his hair licking up Jihn’s neck pushing him down to the bed.

Lukas sat over the smaller male his face flushed panting leaning down letting the shorter male feel his breath brushing up against Jihns neck before softly biting him. [b “I told you that be careful around me I could be that killer going around, but yet you still took someone like me in knowing that I could easily take someone as slim and.”] he paused for a moment trailing one of his hands up his side biting his lip. [b “Slim and beautiful.”]

The red his slumped a little struggling to stay awake the alcohol to strong for him he laid his head on Jihns chest. [b “eh, Fuck forget what I said im tired and going to sleep here okay okay?”] he panted closing his eyes still awake listening to Jihns heartbeat.
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 190d 8h 15m 18s
The albino exuted the shower, and as soon as the door opened and steam rushed out, his eyes widened with a bit of excitement. The metallic scent...this scent of blood...Was his 'guest' bleeding to death in his home? No, Jhin wouldn't stand for someone dying unless by his hands and his alone. It wasn't fair if his toys died before he could play with them.
He dressed himself and climbed the large oak staircase to where the scent was strongest. The footprint trail only made him chuckle; how cliche. This was the room his 'guest' chose. Should he knock first, or just barge in?
The smaller stood there with his hand on the cold brass knob for nearly a minute. Its rude to barge in on people, but if he was hurt doesn't that change things? The male slid his hand off the knob and through his wet white locks, groaning quietly in his own frustration. Slowly, his hand returned to the knob and turned it slowly as to make hardly any noise.
There was the redhead, getting blood all over his arabiqn silk sheets. Irritating. The albino stormed over filled with anger, before stopping at the foot of the bed and glanced down at the redheads injuries. He sighed, calming himself down, and pulled the bench from the vanity and a firdt aid kit from the bathroom. The shards were easy to remove. He used the alcohol the redhead had almost finished and dumped it over the wounds.
"[b Sorry if it hurts.]" He muttered.
  / _Lost / 255d 8h 40m 32s
Lukas sat at the desk in the corner of the room taking small bites of the rare small steak and vegetables savoring every bite he didn’t know how long he would have to stay here and he knew it wouldn’t be free. Things pondered his mind as he thought about what he would have to do. As the tall male finished his food cleaning off the dishes he left his room roaming down to the lower floor looking to see if the male was here.

He walked into his dining area not seeing the male around but seeing a chocolate cake looking around not seeing the Albino around so he helped himself to a slice using the fancy silverware. It has been years since he sat at a table like this let alone eat a piece of cake or anything besides noodles. Lukas then stood up taking his dish to the kitchen dropping the dish midway kneeling down holding his head as the plate broke a piece splintered off as it broke imbedding it into his cheek. As he held his the face of his mother and little sister continued to appear he was out of his medication, no he had just left it in his home.

Without Lukas’s medicine his memories of his mother and sister flash before him. The male was already almost out and his pills are very hard do come by so Alcohol was the next best thing. He stood up his face emotionless as he searched for the booze cabinet finding a bottle finding a place against the wall sliding down before looking at the broken plate and the foot prints of blood toward himself.

He didn’t feel the pain from walking in the glass his mind was now blank. The red head chugged down the bottle as he heard someone come in traveling to his room without coming in the kitchen the taller male staggered to his room before the Albino knew he was down there he left a bloody footprints to his room where he just collapsed on the bed the alcohol rushing through his body he mumbled his sisters name over and over
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 310d 21h 56m 9s
The male sat, as always, alone in his dining room. The table could easily seat twenty. Yet no one but him had sat in these chairs. He stared blankly down at his fancy tableware and grand meal; a salad, a roast, chocolate cake, all things almost nonexistant since the market crash; he was unhappy with where he was now. The only person that fought back against him was now staying in his home. This couldn't work out.

Frustrated, the male quickly stood, bumping his knee on the edge of the table. He cursed as he stumbled around trying to make the pain go away, and all the sudden stood straight and had a face with no emotion. He was bored. Time for a performance. No need to tell his guest he was leaving; it was a big enough place he'd never see the other surely.

Jhin left his giant house and returned to the streets, finding a victim rather quickly. He took his anger out on him. Torture. He [i never] tortured his victims. Usually just slaughtered them. First, he tore off the male's finger and toe nails. Classic. Then he ripped out all of his teeth. Set his hair on fire. Then injected him with Hydrogen Peroxide. See, hydrogen peroxide makes the blood clot. Fast. So much that blood can not continue to flow and the person will very painfully suffer a heart attack, while wherever the chemical has travelled burns. Again bored with his victim, he posed the male with a thorny rosebush that littered the city, shot him in the head, and returned home, covered in blood.

He immediately went to shower.
  / _lost / 319d 10h 24m 43s
Lukas yawned looking back at the Albino. [#008888 “I don’t have much but I can give you enough for a night if this is enough.] He brings over a white envelope with his next months rent. [#008888 “Its all I got so hopefully its enough to rent your room out for one night.”] he spoke as he yawned again.

He chuckled as the male asked how did he know he would kill him as he slept. [#008888 “Well I mean look at you. I mean your about the same height but I doubt you could pin me down so easily your so small. But you never know, im heading upstairs.” He spoke his hips swaying as he walked up the stairs.

He looked around the suite like room immediately going to the fridge finding some meat and vegetables taking to the small kitchen like area and cooked him up a small meal for himself he was starving and the only thing he was able to eat at home was some noodles.
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 339d 22h 40m 29s
The albino looked unphased; almost bored; when the other pinned him to the wall. He stared right in to the other's eyes. He's clearly seen some shit. Dark circles, stress marls, anger lines, this ones face exposed all of his past and he didn't even know it.
Of course he knew his own blood would be beautiful on pale skin. Crimson always looks more vibrant against white. The redheads comment in such made the albino roll his eyes.
"[b Good choice. That room is modeled as a suite so you have your own bathroom and mini kitchen area too. The fridge has food and drinks, if you're hungry.]" He said, dusting himself off. "[b the showers take a minute to heat up. There's towels in there. What size clothes do you wear? Before the crash one of my workshops was a hemp cloth distributor. I have boxes upon boxes.]"
He then shot the other a dangerous look out of the corner od his eye. "[b I'll toss you the same question. How do you know I won't just kill you as you sleep?]"
Of course he wouldn't. That wouldn't be art. Too sloppy and pitiful a performance. The pain, the screams, that was the symphony he needed.
  / _Lost / 340d 21h 14m 26s
Lukas nodded as he watched the albinos expression as he saw the photos. to the red head it was like receiving candy from a candy shop without paying. These photos were gruesome but the male would treasure them, not because of the girls but because the male who visited him was the one who took them. It was evidence not even the law enforcement had and it made Lukas feel some what special. who else can get away from a murderer without being killed right.

The taller red head followed the albino, he did feel some what uncomfortable with going with the boy but he was fine with it what could he do murder him in his sleep? Lukas watched the male walk taking in the much smaller males figure. he was about to speak but was interrupted by the albino. [#008888 "I will take a room up on the third floor. ] The red head said softly looking at the stairs.

Lukas grinned and decided to play around with the albino or so he thought he was when he decided to push him against the wall his red eyes looking down on him. [#008888 "so you take me in and i showed you those photos what makes you think im not the killer myself trapping you into bringing me home so i can add you to that collection of photos, your beautiful skin would be perfect. you would definitely look alot better than any of those women in that collection. I wonder how your blood would look upon this beautiful pale skin...." he paused then laughed backing away. [#008888 Haha im just kidding, ima head upstairs you mind if i take a shower i smell like sweat."] he asked walking towards the stairs.
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 343d 22h 30m 24s
The albino's expression shifted to that of a crazed excitement for only a split second when seeing the photos. Yes, he was upset he'd have to make a whole new photo collection, but he was very thrilled to have allowed someone else a glance at his masterpieces.

He flipped through them quietly. "[b Truely gruesome. Horrific. I pity whoever stumbles upon these the next day.] He muttered, then rose from his seat. "[ b Come.]" The smaller led the male in to the back of the tavern, and opened a door that led to a cave. At the end of the cave was a ladder upwards, and once ascended, ome would be right smack in the center of the albino's living room.

It wasnt [i luxurious], but it definitely wss very nice. "[b Choose any bedroom you would like. Theres four on the second floor, and another three on the third.]"

He still was avoiding as much eye contact with the other as possible. This man almost trapped him, after all.

He sat on the couch, pulled out what appeared to be a cigarette, and lit it. It wasn't a cigarette, but a joint rather. Not surprising though, if one were to step outside the whole home is surrounded with marijuana and hemp plants.
  / _Lost / 345d 8h 5m 14s
[#008888 “Yeah I don’t feel safe there, I got a visit. The only reason I don’t feel safe is because I am still swirling from the Alcohol I drank pretty good stuff just cannot drink so much.”] he laughed at himself looking at the Albino who the barkeep who said he didn’t drink his stuff.

Lukas felt a little weird that the Albino wasn’t looking this way last time he had his eyes on him. The tall red head snapped out of it when the albino said he wouldn’t mind the company. He let out a laugh and nodded. [#880000 “I kind of left them here last time so I don’t have anymore. Oh I have something to show you.”] he took the pictures setting them face down on the bar sliding them over as the brawl went on outside.

[#008888 “I got these from my little visitor. I thought you might want to see, or will at least believe me if I showed you and told you about my little house guest. But ill take you up on that offer of letting me stay at least for the night.”] he grinned holding his bag close
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 12d 20h 9m 26s
"Dont feel safe?" the barkeep asked. Well ain't that interesting."

The albino was sitting right wjere he was when the redhead left, but his hair was slightly messy from taking off a mask.

The barkeep gestured to him. "Jhin almost always stays here until early morning. I don't mind, he doesn't drink all my booze on a tab. You either, so kudos to you for that."

The albino was looking away, refusing to look at the other. Honestly, none of his victims fought back. They all were too terrified for their lives and too busy begging to fight back. This terrified him. And thrilled him. This was going to be so much fun. His next performance would surely be dedicated to the other.

"[b I wouldn't mind the company, I guess. Just don't blow tobacco in my face.]" He muttered softly, his attention seeming to be on something happening outside.

The usual bar brawl; nothing to worry about. Just fun watching.
  / _Lost / 1y 13d 18h 48m 26s
As Lukas washed his face the masked man had already made his way of escape. Lukas began to rush over to the window and grab the male but he was to late the male slipped through the much to small window for him to make his way through. He sighed locking his window and made sure that the small balcony sliding glass door was locked.

His head began to pound now that the alcohol was leaving his blood stream. Lukas knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay there tonight so he would have to either rent a room for the night or he could go back to the bar. The tall male rubbed the back of his neck looking down at the floor noticing that the masked man had left the pictures.

The red head picked them up putting them in his jacket pocket grabbing the money he put away before all of this happened putting it in his bag before heading out. He didn’t bother locking the door since even if he did the mask man could get in with ease.

As Lukas wondered the streets his feet took him back to the Tavern in which he entered holding his head sitting at the bar. [b “Fuck, My head hurts. Old man your alcohol tore me up. Glad I was sober enough when I reached home though. Do you know any cheap places to stay for the night. Don’t feel very safe at home right now.”]
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 13d 21h 46m 12s
He adjusted his mask at the mention of it, slightly afraid the male was going to try and tear it off. Then the male ran to the sink. The albino began to chuckle, he remembered how much of Keki's home made moonshine the redhead had drank. He remembered drinking that much himself not long ago. It judt went down so smooth. That's why he started bringing his own drink; so he wouldn't die of alcohol poisoning by the end of the night.

Now seemed to be the perfect time to make an escape, but the larger told him not to. He sighed softly, glancing around the room to determine if he could find an easy getaway, but he didn't really have any good options. He slyly began inching over to the window, attempting to open it between the other's lurches.

When he finally got it open, the other seemed to have finished getting sick and was ready to stride over. Under the mask the male's eyes grew wide and he began to scramble to get out of the window.
  / _Lost / 1y 16d 18h 49m 29s
The tall red head continued to get closer as he backed him into the corner. [b “what do you mean beneath your talent, your just scared that you cant take me that I will be able to kill you before you can even touch me.”] he grinned slamming his fist into the wall by his head.

This man was a lunatic there was no way that he killed all those women he was just insane and tried to take credit for someone elses work but then this man tried to say he was going to be next. [b “See im already beautiful. Are you an idiot cant you see maybe that mask of yours is.”] he spoke before covering his mouth the alcohol wanting to come up

He ran to his kitchen puking in the sink the one thing he didn’t want to do was puke on his floors and if he tried to get away he could easily catch him. [b “Don’t you dare fucking move!”] he spoke only to puke once more wiping his face washing his hands.
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 18d 21h 4m 5s
The albino knew the male was right. He was so much smaller and very frail compared to the larger, if he was able to get close that could pose a problem. He sighed, resting his fingers on the bridge of his nose, shaking his head in disappointment.
"[b See, normally I would be more than willing to have a lovely dance with someone of your stature, but this stage...This stage is far beneath my talent. I was going to make you my next actor but I guess it will have to wait. As for that person at the bar, those hideous flies have no idea what they speak of when they mention my art. I would avoid listening.]" He had inconveniently backed himself in to a corner by not checking his exits first. He was trapped, unless he could be slippery. He did have quite the bounty on his head too...
"[b I do not just perform with prostitutes, no no no. Don't you dare think they are the only ones deserving of my spotlight. Everyone can be art. You will be soon too.]
He made a ticking sound, mocking a clock, for about eight clicks. "[b You will be poetry. You will be beautiful. You [i will] perform.]"
  / _Lost / 1y 19d 2h 40m 24s
Lukas kept his eyes on the intruder before letting the clip out of the weapon and not to his surprise the clip was empty so he dropped the clip putting the gun in the back of his pants. [#B22222 “Well that’s a relief, thought I was going to have to kill you and hide the body.”] he put his hand to his face his red eyes looking upon the masked figure.

[I Well if that’s how you live I am truly sorry.] Lukas ears perked and began to laugh. [#B22222 “Well as you can see by looking around. This place has no drawers, no closet, no space to put clothes so yes this is how I fucking live. As for you, I may not fucking kill you but ill make sure you have to stay in the hospital for a week or two.”] he spoke cracking his knuckles.

The male before him then spoke yet again before throwing down some pictures of course the towering red head knelt down to pick one of them up grinning from ear to ear as he stood up looking down on the smaller male creeping up to him slowly. [#B22222 “Ahhh, so you’re the one Killing all these Prostitutes, a Pleasure to meet you. There is a guy that I met today who would like ya. He began to get hyped up until the barkeep rudely interrupted us. To bad he will never get to meet you, too bad that no more Prostitutes will be killed by you. I will be a hero, maybe get enough to move out of this dump. A boy as small as you I can easily take you down im not fragile like these young hookers.”] he spoke getting closer to male watching his every step.
  Lukas / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 19d 3h 7m 42s

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