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"I'm killing you? Your the one killing me... those curves... Anna... you don't know what you do to me." he said as she went into the bathroom.
When she came out he nodded, "Finishing up the new single and working on something else for us to sing together... I'll let you know when I have more but right now its a work in progress. Just an idea at the moment and I don't want you hearing it and thinking its bullshit so I want it to be good." He said looking up at her.

"Your gonna have to show me some more of your tattoos... like your anchor, whats that one for?" He asked with a smile. His newest tattoo had been the rose that covered his entire right hand, and it had hurt the most but it was for his mother, her name had been Rose. He watched her head back to the bathroom and sighed, she would really be the death of him. He looked in the mirror and noticed the crack in the door. He told himself to look away but he couldn't she was so beautiful... every inch of her.

"Mark stopped while you were in the shower, I have your parents and your brother and his wife's passes.... oh and your permanent VIP pass... gains you and only you access to the tour bus and even my dressing room because for some reason... I don't know why... Mark seems to think it was necessary and he was talking to your manager on the phone when he left." Kane said holding up her VIP All Access pass and handing her the ones for her family. Kane always had his attached to his backpack so he didn't lose it.

Hearing her mention sound check he nodded, "Yeah the car is waiting for us downstairs by the lobby, the bands are already there apparently we're the late ones today but in my defense we have a meet and greet to go to and they get to come back and shower then... I will meet your folks before the show, I'll make time I promise and I thought of something we could do tonight. Its your first show officially on the tour and I know your nervous... how about I introduce you....and we can sing Check Yes or No, do a cover and get the crowd going for you." he wanted to make sure her first show was one to remember in a good way.

Walking down to the elevator and taking it to the lobby Kane heard the fan girl screams, "Shit they found us... well, stay by me and duck into the car first." He pulled her close to her as they walked and navigated the screaming mob. John the security guard was doing his best to hold them back. Screams of KANEEEE and OMGGGGG could be heard in the mob. Kane protected Anna and once he was in the car shook his head, "I'm sorry sweetheart, sometimes that happens."
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Laying on the bed, she couldn’t get the thoughts of her being fire and he was lightening out of her head. She wondered what it meant, but she still had a smile on her face either way. When they had walked in, and she ran and jumped on the bed to lay there and feel the softness underneath her, she waited until she heard his boots hit the floor before the soft movements of feet padding across the floor before she braced herself to come and lay nect to her. However, the force of the landing caused her to move and roll out before coming to roll back and land against him with a thud.

When he spoke, she felt her breath hitched and soon she was taking her time pulling away as he started talking about the sound check within an hour and a meet and greet. She smiled as he had invited her. [b “I would love to go. Maybe as a pro, you can show me how its done. I’m bad at meeting people.”] She said with a giggle. As she leaned up and straightened up her shirt, she was seeing that he was searching through his own bag that he pulled and set up on the back. Started to pull up her jeans and taking off her book, he said that he would shower first and it would be quick. She smiled and nodded, letting him go as he walked into the bathroom which he started to call out what it all had.

[b “My parents will be here 2 hours before the show. You’ll be able to meet them after if you aren’t able to before.”] She spoke as he asked from the bathroom.

She followed him in to see for a second before she closed the door so he could shower. It was beautiful yes, and she was sharing it with Kane Brown. She was officially on the tour and their first show was tonight and everyone was going to be there. Including the one she dreaded on seeing. She bit her lip as she was pulling up her own bag, remembering the clothes that her artist had put in there. Every single pair of underwear was lingerie. She shook her head as she went through all of the lace until she was saw her cut off jeans. She pulled them out and grabbed her lace top that she was going to wear, leaving her lingerie on top, she was fixing everything and pulled out her makeup bag when he was coming out in his towel and nothing else.

She blushed as she looked back at him. [b “Kane…”] She whispered as she straightened herself up and pulled off her sweatshirt, leaving her mid drift bare,showing again a hint of a feather tattoo coming up on her left hip. [b “You’re killing me.”] As she brushed past him, she started unbuttoning her pants and pulling off her belt and threw it on the bed, barely missing his body as she did so. She giggled and closed the door.

Walking toward the shower, she stripped herself of the rest of her clothes and slipped into the already steaming shower. Letting the water run down her body, she washed her hair and shaved her legs to wear her shorts that night. Leaving herself hairless, she straightened back up and leaned against the wall of the shower to take a quick breath before she moved back into the water, rinsing her face once more before turning off the water.

As she stepped out after drying off as best as she could, she felt the warm tile under her feet. She was lucky, her toes were freezing the moment that they stepped out and now that she was walking on the warm tile, she smiled a little bit more. Taking a quick brush through her hair, she sstraightened her towel and walked toward the door, unlocking it slowly.

When she walked out, he was looking at his song book. She smiled and ran her fingers through her wet hair, scrunching it up some as her other hand held her towel tight against her. On her right foot, she had an antler and fishhook heart along the top. Her shoulder tattoo with the flowers were now full view. She tightened her grip on her towel as she walked over to the bed where all of her clothes were, the lingerie laid on top.

[b “Are you writing anything else?”] She asked as she picked up her clothing and held it against her chest. She knew that they had to go here pretty soon, and she couldn’t take long. [b “I won’t be long. I just have to blow dry my hair.”] She said softly as she grabbed her shorts and plaid shirt that was a button down and lingerie.

Walking toward the bathroom again, she closed the door until it was slightly open. As she did so, she set her clothes on the counter and turned away from the mirror and pulled on her lingerie underwear before she turned around to put on lotion. Little did she know that he could see through the crack and look into the mirror to see her in her lingerie. She put lotion on her legs and then slipped on her clothing and ran the brush through her long hair again before she grabbed the dryer and blow dried it.

Letting the natural wave come to her hair, she fixed her make up to have a natural tone. Earthy tones covered her eyelids. Running the eyeliner across her lid and putting on a few coats of mascara and a sheer set of lipgloss, she was ready to go. She sprayed some perfume that she had in her bag before reinvestigating her look again. She put on a pair of pearl earrings her mother had given to her and she buttoned up her shirt the rest of the way untl she was comfortable with a little bit of cleavage.

[b “I’m ready when you are.”]
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“I don’t know maybe you’ll laugh more than your used to.” He said when she asked what she was going to do with him. “But remember fire and lightening.” He loved seeing her smile and if something he said could bring that smile to her face. It made him even happier than he had been before.

Kane chuckled and kicked his boots off and shut the door jumping onto the bed beside her almost sending her flying off the other side just from the sheer force of his jump. Sometimes he didn’t know his own strength or in this case weight. He smiled at her, “this is absolutely perfect but we should get showers and change because we have to have soundcheck in an hour and then lunch at some point and I have a meet and greet with some fans that won a radio station contest. Do you want to go with me?”

He wanted to include her with things because with her talent he knew someday she would have meet and greets of her own. He sighed, “I’ll shower first.” He said unzipping his suitcase and digging to find some socks. His suitcase was a mess. He wasn’t very organized.

“Okay I’ll be quick maybe ten minutes and then you can go, when are your parents getting here?” He asked heading toward the bathroom. “Woah Anna look at this bathroom.” The bathroom was huge it has a shower, a toilet, a jacuzzi tub, and a sauna room. “This is the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in....wow.” He smiled and took his shower quickly. Coming out he was wearing a towel tied around his waist. “Your turn, the floor is heated.” He said running another towel over his hair. He didn’t have much to work with in the hair department but it didn’t really matter. Kane also didn’t think about just being in a towel in front of her. They were sharing a room for God’s sake, they had to either share a bed or he was sleeping on the floor or in the chair tonight. He wouldn’t leave a lady to sleep on the floor. What kind of man did that?

His phone was buzzing off the hook, asking when they were coming for sound check and he texted back, 45 minutes. He wanted Anna to have time to get ready and he wasn’t in a hurry, they had gotten there a little early. Kane looked at the basket that the hotel had put out for them. It was full of candy and brownies as well as a blanket and hat.

Kane quickly got dressed and looked for his boots that he had kicked off and put them back on before plugging in his phone for a little while. He glanced at his song book and adjusted some lyrics in the new song before hearing the click of the lock on the bathroom door.
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This man was going to be the death of her cheeks with how much she was smiling. It was never ending perfect words. He didn’t have to try that hard to make her happy and now with every look, she was resisting more and more from falling…She couldn’t yet…She had to hold her ground, but her patience was wearing thin. [i You are more talented than you give yourself credit for.] She shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair in time when she felt his lips touch her cheek. She felt the fire underneath his lips on her skin and she wanted to turn and kiss him right then and there.

She stopped though and just smiled as he himself was nervous and said they should get changed as Ron had come over the speakers. After dealing with her messages and having a small breakdown in the bathroom, she hoped her makeup would cover her mini episode, but it clearly didn’t. She pressed her lips together as he asked her why she was hiding her face and the moment that she looked up into those beautiful eyes. He was immediately trying to calm her down. Yet, in her head she was still on autopilot. She couldn’t let him get hurt. She was already getting too close to him and his movements were not helping. Everything was perfect and everything he said was in perfect timing.

[b “I can’t, Kane. Not right now…”] She said softly…She want4ed to say it. She wanted to kiss him and feel okay…She wanted to melt into him in that moment, but she had to stop herself. She couldn’t risk his life like that. When he lifted her hand and fist bumped hers, she couldn’t help but laugh. [b “Oh my geezus. Kane. I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.”] She said and held his hand after they bumped.

He began to explain who his body guard was and that he wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her. She nodded her head and went on, not able to really speak much more. She was grateful that he was paying so much attention to her, but she didn’t want to try too hard for something that might not last… [b “thank you kane. You really don’t have to do any of this…”] She said as they walked toward the exit of the bus.

He had grabbed her hand and together they walked toward the restaurant. [b “We can see about it. Gotta see if you have anything good for me to sing with you for.”] She winked at him and giggled, being sarcastic. She smiled at him, but she knew that she needed to protect him. Yet, his guards would see somet4hing coming right?

They would protect him…

As they sat down and he again was going to try and protect her with his words, she only smiled and looked at the menu as they sat across from each other, but her appetite was gone. She bit her lip for a second. Her drummer looked at her as she walked in. Her eyes met his and he could already tell there was something in her eyes and it didn’t take him long to signal that they would talk after breakfast. She had nodded and sat next to Kane and the rest of her and his bands as Kane tried to make conversation with them. Once ordering, she ordered pancakes and a single egg and bacon and water.

[b “He does snore loud. Kept me up all night.”] She said, sticking her tongue out at Kane before laughing. Pulling up a knee, she got herself more comfortable as she fixed her hat where she rested her elbow on her knee. Leaning into her hand, she smiled at the crew and glanced at Kane, yet she kept an eye on the outside…in case he would show up at any time…

Later on after breakfast, they were back on the busses and it was very short ride to the hotel. Bagging her stuff up, she walked inside the hotel as they checked in and when the door was opened and they were entering the suite, she couldn’t help but run and jump on the bed. There she laid with her boots hanging off the side of the bed. [b “it’s so comfortable! Kane, getover here and feel this.”] She said, tapping the side of the bed beside her. There she closed her eyes as she waited.
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"They're crazy if they don't sign you, your more talented than any other new artist I've seen, you have a recommendation from me since I'm bringing you in... and your more talented than you give yourself credit for." He said leaning forward and kissing her cheek without thinking. It felt so natural and right. Just then Ron interrupted, "Yeah we... should get changed." He muttered.

Kane the buttoning his jeans when she came out and he saw the redness in her eyes. "Hey... hey don't hide your face... is something wrong?" he asked worried. Even with the makeup Kane could tell that Anna had been crying. "If something is wrong you can tell me... if your nervous or scared about something.... I'll even introduce you to the security guards when we get to the venue... its okay." he said hugging her. He was wearing a soft t shirt and his hat was on his head now, not backwards. "Listen.... whatever it is thats bothering you... I'm here.. your band is here... we won't let anything happen to you." He took her hand and made a fist and fist bumped it with his, "Your fire... I'm lightening... together..." He said and stopped himself and made a boom noise when they're fists collided, "remember fire... and lightening..."

Parking Ron called out over the intercom breaking up the moment, "Tables waiting, back room, Kane, Anna, John is here to escort you there." Kane nodded, "John is my personal security guard and hes really nice, hes a big guy but don't be scared of him, hes a teddy bear." Kane slipped on his Timberland boots and found his jacket, "Remind me to get you your tour jacket from the merchandise girls, they told me yesterday they were making jackets for you and your band with your names on them..."

"I can't wait for you to hear the new single... maybe we can sing together someday... I mean If your nervous it might ease those nerves a little." He said smiling as he took her hand to lead her off of the bus. "Also if you want or need anything else from merchandise just let the girls know and they will get you your sizes... same with your parents and brother and his fiance... anything they want... and they're passes are with Mark my manager. You will meet him at breakfast, hes tough but he gets the job done." Kane walked off the bus to meet John and introduced him to Anna. "You have any problems with anyone, you tell John, he will set them straight."

Walking into the Denny's, Kane and Anna were led to the backroom where both of their bands were already seated and looking at Menus. He still had ahold of her hand as he led her to the end of the table where there were two seats across from each other. Kane pulled her chair out for her to sit in like a true southern gentleman before taking his own seat. He could feel eyes on them. Her band was watching them like hawks. He smiled at Anna as a waitress gave them menus.

Kane was silently praying that even if they recognized him that they wouldn't say anything. He didn't want this to be any more awkward than it already was. "Did you all have a nice trip on the other bus?" He asked her band, hoping everything was good. "Apparently I snore louder than I thought I did," Kane mumbled toward Anna's direction with a smirk. The waitress came to take their orders and Kane ordered biscuits and gravy with a glass of chocolate milk. He loved chocolate milk.
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[b “Well then I guess you won’t regret me coming with you, if I can make a good pot of coffee.”] She took a sip of her cup of coffee, letting the liquid fill her veins and give her a little of energy. Sitting down on the coffee, she curled up in the blanket that was draped over the back and she looked at him when he came to sit beside her. Still shirtless, she could feel his head against her bareskin that was exposed in her tank top. She could practically feel the electricity between them but she just focused on her coffee, hoping that her face wasn’t turning too red, to the point of him noticing…

[b “You’re snoring was a little louder than you think.”] She said, nudging him with her elbow.

The mention of breakfast, her stomach growled in response and she nodded. [b “Food sounds amazing right now.”] Then she could see some weariness on his face when she tilted her head a little bit. [b “You don’t seem as excited. Are you worried about something?”] She asked, wondering if it was because people would recognize him. Perhaps that was a main worry that a lot of celebrities had…She bit her lip for a moment until he changed the subject and was asking about her writing as he gazed at her notebook before he went and grabbed his own black leather tattered notebook.

When he came and sat beside her again, she took the notebook from his hands, feeling the wear on it’s pages before she could even open. She was scared to open it and read it. She felt as if it was his diary and she would be breaking into him within these torn pages. A part of her wanted to rip it open and see if he had any songs that would fit her…but then she just shook her head inside. It was too soon. She was crazy. Nothing was written about her… [i They’ll be blown away…I was…] She blushed even more, but she stayed gazing at the notebook she held so delicately in her hands. She never stopped smiling since she had woken up and she was sure that her cheek muscles were going to be able to lift more than the terminator by the time the end of the tour came around. She was pretty sure about that. Pressing her lips together and finally gained the courage to look at him. [b “You really think your label would sign me?”]

She knew that connections were everything in this world, and it was drilled into her head at a young age to be nice to everyone because she wasn’t sure who was going to be the one who would be giving her the next opportunity, but this was completely different. Her eyes traced his face as she hoped that soon she would be able to look at him and know what he was thinking, but she wasn’t to that point yet. IT was only a matter of time though if they got any closer to one another. It was like a day dream when he parted those beautifully shaped full lips to produce words that said that the new single was on the last two pages, and that he had wrote it last night in his bunk.

She was hesitant to read it. Her heart was jumping in her chest as she wondered what it was about. [b “I might wait to read it. I don’t want to ruin it…”] She said, a soft smile pulling at the corner of her lips again. She ran her fingers over the worn pages, her fingers slow to open it. [b “Are you sure you want me to read it?”] She asked, a little nervous to read it and feel crazy because it wasn’t about her.

She was crazy to think that the man was going to write something about her.

[b “Gah…I’m going back and forth. A piece of me wants to read it because I’d be the first to know, but then I want to listen when you record it.”] She smiled, giggling at herself.


Her phone started buzzing and going off in her bunk. Rising from the couch and uncovering herself, she walked over and grabbed her phone, recognizing the sound…Her iphone was buzzing and playing the lost iphone sound. Pressing her lips together, she pressed okay to get the message off her screen and she could see the many messages from the one who haunted her in her dreams as well as in real life.

[+red I know where you are booboo. I’ll be at your show tonight.]

She took in a deep breath, feeling her heart race more and more in her chest. She felt like throwing up. Her hands got shaky, but she had to act normal. She was going to be okay. Nothing would happen to her….Even the cute nickname that he called her still rung within her heart. She exhaled deeply and moved through the messages for another couple of seconds reading everything he was sending her. [+red “I saw pictures of you with him. If he comes near you, I don’t care how famous he is, he’ll be dead.”]

She pressed her lips together and set the phone down. Ron called over the speaker. [+green “We are getting close to Denny’s if you guys want to change..”] Anna set her phone down, looking at Kane. He was going to be her safe place. She had already seen that…but she couldn’t let him get hurt…She couldn’t let this happen where he could possibly end up dead…

He was military…He knew what he was doing and she knew that if he wanted to do something, there was nothing to stop him.

Pressing her lips together, she reached through and sorted through her clothes. [b “I’m going to change into something decent. I’ll be back.”] She smiled, moving to step into the tiny bathroom to change. There for a second, she held her mouth closed with her hand. Tears ran down her face and she felt her body shake uncontrollably. Slowly she fell down to the floor in the tiny bathroom and there she curled there for a minute until she was able to gain control of herself. She had to make sure he was okay. She had to make sure that nothing happened to him.

She thought that things had changed. He was shipped off another tour, and he was done with her. He had cheated, abused, and moved past her. She had changed her phone number and made sure that he couldn’t find her. And now that her face was plastered everywhere with Kane…surely he found her.

She got up and washed her face, pushing away the tears and hoped that a little mascara and concealer, the redness of her tears would be gone. She changed into jeans, pulled on her boots and slipped on a tshirt and pulled on her A&M sweatshirt over that. Putting up her hair, she slipped on a ballcap and walked out of the bathroom.
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Kane smiled hearing about her tattoo, “I have one for my mom like that and I have some space saved for the future at home point for something similar.” He had just met the girl and he didn’t want to scare her and tell her he wanted his nonexistent kids footprints tattooed on his back shoulder with their birthdates. Most girls thought guys didn’t think about things like that but Kane did. He had saved space just for that.

The next day when he got up he sighed, “I didn’t mean to scare you sweetheart. When she laughed at him about the coffee he sighed, “well you made the coffee pot work, that’s amazing in my book.” He found a mug in one of the few cupboards the tour bus had, it was a CMT mug, and he poured himself a cup of coffee. “I haven’t had a good cup of coffee in a long time.” He muttered hearing her talk about his snoring.

He chuckled, “I didn’t say I didn’t snore, I said I didn’t snore too loud...” he said sitting down across from her. “Are you hungry? We have time to stop for breakfast.” As if on cue his phone started buzzing with texts. “Seems like the guys have already decided we’re going to Denny’s once we reach New Orleans.” Kane knew that he would be recognized even by the staff. There was no hiding his blue eyes and tattoos. He sighed, “what have you been writing?” He leaned forward and got a glimpse of her scribbled writing on the pages before he stopped himself and went to his own bunk to get his song book. It was black leather and tattered and torn. He didn’t tell her that last night in his bunk he had written a song about them and they’re day together in houston. Thunder In The Rain. He was going to record it when they got to Nashville.

“I know your not signed but we’re going to my label when we get to nashville, I have to record my next single and if you have an EP to hand them....or if you’ll play for them...they will be blown away... I was.” He said handing her his song book. “Go ahead and flip through it, the new single is on the last two pages...I uh....I wrote it last night in my bunk.” He said a little bit shy. Kane was never shy but around her it seemed to come out.

He wanted her to read it, connect the dots from yesterday, but he knew when he recorded it in nashville and she would be there...she would know it’s about her. Emotion in his voice was something that he couldn’t control. He was falling for this girl, who in one Day was already his best friend, he had to hold back or he would fall in love with her...and scare her away. All he wanted to do was tell her that whoever hurt her wasn’t going to hurt her anymore.

Kane wasn’t a mean person, most people would describe him as the nicest guy you would ever meet. He wasn’t trying to scam her over or use this tour to get in her pants. He genuinely liked her.
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[b “Well, sometimes I feel like she has no boundaries. So maybe I wont have to watch the footage of a woman chasing you. It will happen in real life.”] She said, a smile on her face. Slowly shaking her head, [b “And maybe I will or won’t stop her.”] She giggled, messing with the man and his obsessed fans. If the night they met perfect wasn’t proof of having fans that always wanted to be near him, then she was sure that she would see it in the line of cities they were going to be in playing.

[b “That’s good to hear. You always hear horror stories of the main act never wanting anything to do with the openers, or even announce they were all equals. It feels good that there aren’t level differences. That will give confidence to a lot of us who are always feeling insignificant.”] She smiled, feeling grateful that he wanted to share the tour with her and her band. In the back of her mind, she hoped it wasn’t so then he could get a piece of her then leave her in the city…stranded/

She smiled when he complimented her tattoos. She touched her ink with her fingertips and she blushed. [b “Well thank you. Me and my cousin had worked on it together before she passed. We were going to have matching, but she didn’t make it to the date we were going to get it on…So I got it by myself…”] She said, pulling down a little bit of the lace fabric on her shoulder and at the swell of her breast, roman numeral numbers. [b “So to incorporate her, I have her birth and death date here. Close to my heart, where I want her.”] She smiled and released the piece of fabric back to place.

The next day, traveling through the rain covered city, seeing all the lights reflect in the puddles, he had given her his hoodie. The moment she pulled it over her shoulders, she felt warm and safe. It had smelled like him and his cologne and she wanted nothing more than just to stay in it forever. She had never grinned so much in her life, but she felt bad taking his clothing when he was cold too. To make up for it, she had stayed near him, running from awning to awning trying not to get too wet and when they reached the busses, she had heard the soft mumble that she looked good in his shirt…

Never had her face been so red when she pulled it off and handed it back to him…

Now, as she sat with her guitar in her hands, her fingers playing softly over the strings, singing softly as she could, she had stopped to write the lyrics that she had come up with when she heard the thump, in which she jumped slightly. Holding her chest with her pen still in hand, she took a deep breath. [b “Damn you Kane, you scared me.”] She giggled and straightened herself up and set her notebook and guitar down.

When he informed her that they were going to have to share the hotel, she nodded. [b “That’s fine. I’m sure we can manage.”] She smiled and picked up her coffee cup which he surely went to comment on as he frowned at the possibility there wasn’t enough for him. She rolled her eyes innocently and got up from the couch, walking past him, their shoulders brushing slightly. [b “Yes, there is enough for you. I made some even up for Ron upfront driving the bus. He looked weary. I’m not sure if there is much left after how much he needed.”] She giggled. And over the speaker as soon as she finished her words, Ron’s voice boomed. [+green “I heard that.”]
She laughed and looked at the coffee maker. [b “Sorry!”] She said and she glanced at Kane’s bare chest and she felt her heart skip a beat…This man wanted to kiss her…and had been so nice to him…She pressed her lips together, trying to focus on the coffee maker. [b “Uh, so yeah…the coffee maker was not plugged in…And the on switch is on the back which is weird.”]

[b “But yes, there should be enough for you.”] She said. She held her glass tightly in her hands as she leaned softly against the counter. Her sweat pants hung loosely on her hips and her mid drift peaked and there were more tattoos on her hips that were peeking through. Before too much could be seen, she fixed her pants and moved back to the couch where she had been sitting, pulling the blanket over her legs and leaned heavily against the pillows.

[b “So you know how you said you don’t snore loud? You lied.”] She giggled.
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"Define unique?" He said as she spoke about her brother's fiance. After the band was told and cheers had errupted. Kane found Anna hugging him, she was in his arms once again. "You earned the oppurtunity but I'm happy to be the one you share it with... no one is better than anyone else on this tour, all equals, theres no opener or superstar, this is our tour not just mine. Plus we have alot of time to compare tattoos... yours on your neck is already more beautiful than anything I have. " Kane said with a smile.

The next day as they walked around Houston, Kane felt more and more attracted to her. Both physically and his soul. This girl had something that he was stuck on. They acted like best friends and had only known each other a day. Kane knew this tour was going to be one for the record books with her. When it had started to rain, Kane took off his hoodie and handed it to her. "Can't have you catching a cold." he said smiling. His sweatshirt was big on her but in Kane's eyes she had never looked more beautiful.

Reaching the tour bus and getting out of the rain was a feat in itself but he chuckled, "Darlin, you look good in my shirt." He muttered shaking the wet rain out of his hair.

The next day on the bus, it was raining outside again but thats what happened in a southern spring. Kane had slept in unintentionally but he woke up and checked his phone as he laid in his bunk on the tour bus. Hearing her strum and sing a few lyrics. She was so good at writing and singing... he was happy more people would hear her.

Snapping him out of listening to Anna, he got a text telling him there was a mess up with the rooms in the hotel. He sighed, he would have to tell Anna. Pulling open the curtain on his bunk he stepped out and his feet hit the floor with a thump. He wasn't a small man. He was wearing camo sweats and no shirt as he looked at his phone again. "Anna... " He muttered looking for her and not having to look far. "The hotel messed up the rooms so there are only 3 and we needed 5. I have to add you to the bands group text so you get these too but someone is going to have to room together. Looks like our bands have already bunked together so that leaves you and me... my room is a suite and theres room but sharing a bathroom... I guess it wouldn't be much different than on the bus." he said answering his own question.

"Are you okay with sharing?" He asked adding her to the group text so she would get all the information as well. Kane looked up at her, he had sleepy eyes and stood there in his shirtless glory. "I smell coffee? You got that coffee pot to work?" Kane had been struggling to get that thing to work since the tour started. "How I thought it was broken? Is there some for me?" He asked with a pout.
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She laughed innocently as he said he would get her wine. She shook her head quickly. [b “Wine, on a moving bus…would not be a good mix.”] She laughed even harder as she began to picture herself doing things on the bus as it moved with a wine glass in her hand. Having already moved her hair to the side and her tattoo peeking out on her shoulder, she calmed down and stopped laughing when he noticed it and asked about it. She glanced to her shoulder. [b “I have a few, but I have them in hidden places. This one is a roots system with magnolias, daisies, sunflowers, and some bluebonnets growing from them. An intricate piece of work, but my most prized.”] She said honestly as he looked at her with those mesmerizing eyes.

She had to hold back. She wanted to jump right on him and kiss him. Her whiskey directed mind was pushing her to do so, but her sober mind still had control. She wasn’t going to make any sudden moves. She couldn’t set herself up for failure again. Barely surviving, she knew that if she did, she would be a wreck later tonight with regret…

[b “Oh yes!”] She fist pumped a second the moment he broke the news of having video evidence of the women chasing him. She could only smile and push a soft palm on her cheek from the slight pain of smiling too much. However, the moment was shared and they had mutual feelings when it came to physical attraction, but she had to hold back and she was grateful that he understood. He began to explain why he was doing what he was doing and that it wasn’t because that he liked her but for her talent. She giggled and nodded, finishing her drink. [b “Thank you, Kane. I appreciate your willingness to be considerate of me and having me on this tour. It means a lot to me. You have no idea.”] She said with a smile.

As they sat there, and they were on his guitar playing practices, she smiled when he asked if they woiuld ever meet. She smiled and felt a little energy running through her veins as she started talking about her brother. [b “Well now that we will be on tour, the next stop wherever that might be…my parents and brother with his fiancé will more than likely be there. They will love to meet you. Especially my brother’s fiancé.”] She said and slowly shook her head. [b “She’s unique.”] She shook her head slowly and laughed a little.

As they were talking about telling the band, she looked at him when he looked at her a little nervously as he spoke about the awkwardness of his question. She simply smiled and squeezed his hand as they stood up from the VIP section. [b “I apologize. I’m just still getting over someone else and they had a big piece of my heart. And I don’t want to lead you on to something that won’t last. Wouldn’t want to waste your time.”] She said, her eyes dropping to the floor as she took steps down the stairs until they were walking over to the group.

Returning the smile to her face, she liked that even after the question and her rejection, he was still focused on spending time with her. Persistant and she knew that if he kept this up, she wouldn’t be able to hold up long. Coming up to the group, she smiled, letting him break the news as she had opened up for him. The band had erupted the moment that he had finished his sentence. [+red “YES!”] Lacey wrapped her arms around Anna and together they jumped for a second. [b “You’re touring with KANE BROWN!”] She nodded and she hugged her band members then saved a last hug for Kane. [b “Thank you again for this opportunity.”] She said as she slowly released him, looking up at the male. Handsome male at that.

A few days later….

Anna was looking at the gray skies as the bus traveled on wet roads, navigating through traffic, pushing through small cities that knew who was coming through. Curled up in her sweat pants and tank top, she sat comfortably with a cup of coffee in her hands. They were going to be on the road for a few more hours before they were going to be reaching their destination.

It was early in the morning, she had gotten up before Kane had, and she was enjoying watching the cars pass by. Drinking some coffee and already having washed her face, she sat down on the comfy couch and looked down at her very worn notebook that had all her lyrics in it.

Running her fingers over the worn pages, she could see all the entries of some of her feelings during the times that she had written these lyrics, but now she was happy, and they were reaching New Orleans here soon and it was going to be her start on the tour with Kane. She smiled at the pages as she leaned back and looked up at the ceiling with a goofy smile on her face as she remembered the goofiness that had happened the day after he had told her that he was going to keep her on the tour instead of taking the other band. They had walked around Houston in the city and enjoyed each other’s company. They goofed around, walking into different shops, enjoyed some sweets and played in the rain while they were looking at the fountains.

It was a fun time and she hoped that she wouldn’t catch cold.

Grabbing her guitar, she settled back into the present and picked up a pen that she had tucked into her notebook.

[i You gave me a piece of your heart]

[i I wasn’t sure about it from the start]

[i It was broken, torn to shreds]

[i Yet you looked at me like I was meant to mend it]

She paused, having written some of the songs. Having a small melody in her head, she wasn’t sure how the lyrics were going to play just yet. Messing with the strings, she got lost in making a sound, quiet enough not to disturb, but enough that it was a soft lullaby for the cab. Rifting through some old chords, she remembered her brother showing a few of his and she tried to remember the fingerings…

It was a mess…
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Kane chuckled, "Remind me to get you a bottle of wine at some point on the tour, I need to see that." He noticed her tattoo when she moved her curls, "You have tattoos too?" He asked with a smile. Kane was covered in tattoos, even his neck had some. He had started getting them at 14 years old and never stopped. He still had some room left to work with.

As they talked Kane felt like he had known her forever even though they had just met. He laughed again when she asked if there was video evidence. "Yes there is video evidence, I'll show it to you sometime, I'm sure they were nice women but I was not in the mood to be fondled by a woman I didn't know and if someone turns down pizza they have issues." He stirred his drink in his hand and took another sip.

Kane felt like he was holding his breath after asking her that question... it was like his heart couldn't hold out waiting. When he heard no, he almost broke. He was disappointed but he could handle it. Kane had handled worse. "I have issues too and if you wondering if thats why I asked you on this tour, its not.... I just happen to think your a beautiful girl and we get along very well and its rare for me to feel this comfortable with someone. I know you said no but I have faith things will work out in the end. Just know I like you... maybe more than I should just meeting you... but your on this tour because of your talent." Kane smiled when she talked about her brother and his mother,his mother was gone but she was right, she was always there watching. "Will I get to meet your brother sometime?" Kane had no siblings or even half siblings. He was the only one left of his family.... he was alone.

He listened to her talk about her band members and how two of them had kids and would have to plan accordingly. He just nodded, focused on her as she talked. "Let's tell them then, and I hope my question didn't make this awkward, I want to kiss you and you want to kiss me and its not the right time but someday it will be. I'm a laid back person, no stress, no pressure, if it happens it happens."

Kane took her hand, helping her up and out of the VIP booth, "Who shall my tell first? and I'm still showing you Georgia." He asked and then noticed the middle aged man staring at them. "He is your drummer right?" He asked gesturing in the drummer's general direction. Kane smiled taking her hand as she spoke, starting to tell her band the news. He stepped in, "I offered Anna, and her band the opening slot on the rest of the 9 month tour and if it goes well, the European opening slot, we leave in two days."
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[i I try to be nice to all of the fans, but some cross lines.]

She had nodded in response as they were still dancing around the floor. They were pretty much the only ones twirling around the dance floor, but that didn’t matter to the woman. Her eyes traced his face. His angled jaw was perfectly shaped to fit his handsome smile and she wanted to continue to see it there.

The beats were beating with her struts and each move, each twirl, each spin, she felt her heart feeling more and more comfortable with what was happening in the present. She wasn’t thinking about the past. She was simply dancing away the memories, and enjoying the time making new ones, but she knew it would be short lived as they were already coming to an end to their dance.

His comment about her drink made her smile. [b “This small thing can handle quite a bit. However, if throw a bottle of wine in the mix, it goes south.”] She giggled and took the drink from him as they had found their spots on the comfy seats in the VIP section. Her eyes looked around and she never imagined herself sitting in a VIP section…never had she actually had to. She wasn’t that famous. But now, sitting with Kane, and seeing all the wandering eyes from others who were attending, she could see why they needed a separate section.

Letting him wait a little bit before she would part her lips and produce a question, she watched him out of the corner of her eyes. He was intently watching her, seriously interested in what question she had to ask and it was something that she hadn’t seen in a very long time. Leaning back on to her free hand, she took another sip before she spoke and his answer to the very question made her break a little. [b “That’s incredible. Such faith. I am sorry for your loss though, it must still be hard on you. I couldn’t imagine it…”] She gazed to the side for a second remembering her family. Her folks at such short notice were unable to make it, but she would give them her schedule once she gave them a call about her new tour.

She reached for his hand, returning to the present moment, and gave it a soft squeeze before releasing it. [b “I’m sure she is right there.”] While she had spoke, she lifted her hand and touched his chest with her fingertips. Underneath her skin, she could feel the roughened edges of musculature and she couldn’t help but gulp a little bit which she smoothly covered up with taking a drink and pulling her hand away.

She leaned forward again and fixed her curls to sit on one side of her face, revealing the tattoo peeking from underneath the lace on her shoulder. [i I’ll show you Georgia…] Her smile was small, but it was genuine. It was so heartwarming just to hear his words and never had she had someone speak of even just a few weeks ahead in her life. Pressing her lips together and fidgeting with the end of her dress, she looked into his eyes once more as he complimented her guitar playing. [b “That was my brother. All those chords and rifts I am able to pull off is because of him, but I would love to help you. We’ll make it work again.”] She smiled, feeling hopeful that this wasn’t just a big ol mess waiting to happen.

In her heart, she wanted to reach out and just grab him to claim a kiss on his lips, but her mind held her back. Memories of these exact feelings for someone else reminded her that there was always an ending…She had pictured hazel eyes staring back at her, standing in the middle of the street…Yelling, screaming, saying anything to hurt one another. She remembered the things that were said, the ugly things he had called her, and the way that she felt…So broken…She blinked heavily, having faded out for a quick second. Her smile returned to her face as he brought up pizza.

[b “If anyone says no to Pizza, you better damn well run. Faster from those 12 year old’s moms!”] She said as she sipped on her drink, feeling much more encouraged to be herself. [b “Okay, dude, I have another question for you.”] She said, a smile on her face, the sparkle in her eye as the whiskey was setting in, a little more than she expected. [b “Is there video proof of you running from moms? On youtube?”] She laughed. [b “Because I think we should play it on repeat.”] She grinned and shook her head, running her fingers through her hair. [b “I am of course messing with you, but seriously though.”] She giggled. [b “I’m sorry…I get giggly on whiskey.”]

After asking the question, she was sipping on her drink when he asked if she lived around here. She shook her head. [b “I am actually 6 hours north in a very small town that you probably have never heard of.”] She said, a smile on her face. [b “So yes, I’m at the hotel just down the street, whatever we could get at the last minute. It’s a little rugged, but the view is nice of this little park with dumpsters.”] She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. [b “I’m just happy to be here, more than anything.”] Pulling out her phone from her boot, she let him put his information in and she slipped it back in after calling his phone. [b “Just had to make sure you gave me the right one.”] She winked and giggled again.

Returning to seriousness, she listened to his question and she glanced toward her band who were laughing at something someone had said and she pursed her lips as squinted her eyes for a moment. [b “I think we should tell them! Mostly because my guitarist and drummer have kids, so they need to prepare for that.”] She said a smile on her face.

She was focused on how she was going to break it to the band they were going to be on tour when he broke the silence, asking to kiss her. The whiskey had settled in, and in her heart she wanted to, but her mind was still halting her big time… She paused, biting her lip as she suddenly felt a little nervous, more so than she had earlier. [b “Kane…I do…but I have to say no…”] She said….Was that this was about? If he scored, then that is the reason why he would keep her on tour?

Her eyes traced his and she hoped she could see something but she stopped. She couldn’t tell or even read his face. She didn’t even know him that well, and she was finding herself doubting everything that was felt…

She wasn’t sure what to say next as she had just turned him down…and she wondered how she, not even that impressive star turned down a famous celebrity…She pressed her lips together as she wanted to explain…because that what whiskey does. Needs explanations. [b “It’s just I have issues…and plus, I’d rather not be like that in front of so many people…And I just met you…You’re a nice guy, I admire your strength and ambition…I just can’t….Please stop me before I make a fool of myself.”] She slowed as her eyes searched his face.

She was no longer the confident, couldn’t give a fuck type girl…Whiskey wiped her to the side of her soft and giggly naïve girl…Bleh. She knew she should have drank beer.

[b “Come on, let’s tell the guys.”] She smiled and stood up. [b “Then we can check on the pizza. I’m starving.”]

She knew the guys were going to flip. Her drummer had been watching her, like a brother, the entire time she was speaking with Kane. He was a middle aged man who watched over her like a brother, perhaps a daughter. As he was always the one keeping tabs on her with her father while they were gone. And her dad constantly reminded her every time she called.

[b “Hey guys! I have some news.”] She looked beside her, hoping to have Kane there to help her break the news and surprise the boys with the information of their plans for the next 9 months to be on tour.
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"You'll learn to pick up on my cues don't worry and I try to be nice to all of the fans but some cross lines." Kane muttered and let his hands roam around her hips as they danced. He didn't know why but this felt so natural to be with her and be dancing with her. While they were dancing he didn't notice anyone else in the room. Everyone else was a blur but Anna. What was happening to him? Kane heard her mention him having a specific age of fans to interract with and nodded letting out a booming laugh, "I have a specific age because teenagers like to grab and chase you and usually around 12 they're scared when you pull them up on stage to dance... sometimes their moms get up there and I run like hell."

He held her waist as they danced. She was so small compared to him. Kane wasn't super tall or anything but he wasn't short. At 6 foot 1 he towered over her small frame but not in a menacing way... Kane was anything but rude or mean and scary. He was a gentleman after all. Ordering their drinks was quick, "Whiskey sour... a strong drink for such a small girl." He said with a chuckle.

When the song ended and they were in the booth he smiled at her as she thought about the question she wanted to ask him. Holding her drink in the air as she thought. He knew she was trying to prolong her amount of time to ask like people did in movies but he just thought it was adorable. She was making him wait... keeping him interested and it was working. Hearing her question he nodded, "I love Georgia, its my home. I grew up there, long summers, short winters... okay theres not much of a winter. Went to school and worked my ass off to get out of there and my Junior year in high school, we were homeless and my mother sold everything we had which was her class ring and a few pieces of jewelry that my grandmother had given her and we moved to Tennessee because she believed that I would make something of myself in music. She lived to see it but passed last year." Kane said taking a drink. He never knew his father... didn't even know his name but that was fine by him. What his mother had told him of his father... he didn't want to meet the man. He had beaten his mother and when she found out she was pregnant at 19, she had ran.... his dad didn't even know he existed and for that he was happy.

Kane sighed, "We play my hometown in a month... I'll show you Georgia, we have three days off as per my request. I'll show you my Georgia, not the tourist things you see on movies or on tv. My best memories were getting shaved ice on the corner and taking my friend's trucks out mudding or riding four wheelers through the mud and going home and my mother scolding me for ruining everything I was wearing. Broke my hand one summer doing that, thats why I don't play guitar on stage. My hand just doesn't work the same anymore but you... your playing was impressive, I mean I can play some but nothing like you can. Maybe you can help me learn again? I mean we will be sharing a bus." He smiled at her, again when he saw that she was smiling. This girl would be the death of him.

Taking another drink he looked up into her eyes and smiled... maybe blushed a little. Hell she made him blush like he had made her blush. What was wrong with him? For the record every time she blushed he thought it was the cutest thing that he had ever seen. Rosy red cheeks and that giggle sent his heart over the edge. If she smiled at him again he might just lose it. That smile.... he knew right then he would do anything to keep that smile on her face. You know how they say that sometimes you just know.... Kane knew he would marry that girl someday.

A waitress came by the table snapping Kane out of his reverie, "Can I get you two something to eat?" Kane nodded and looked to Anna, " Pizza?" He questioned hoping she was as hungry as he was. He hadn't eaten anything since lunch and it was past midnight. As the waitress left he asked another question, "Are you from around here or are you staying in the hotel tonight? Here let me give you my number so you can get ahold of me tomorrow."

Kane had no intentions of taking her back to the hotel with him but the more Jack and Coke's that he drank the more cloudy his judgement was becoming. He wasn't that kind of guy. He had never had a one night stand or sleeping with a girl he just met and he didn't want to start now but every time he looked at her, he wanted to kiss her more. His ex girlfriend echoed in the back of his mind... she had used him and he didn't want to get hurt again. Anna wasn't like that, right? He had offered her a spot, she hadn't asked for it. God he had it bad for this girl. Out of the corner of his eye he was his drummer smirking. Anyone who knew Kane, knew when he liked someone... and he really liked Anna.

He was hoping that Anna hadn't noticed how nervous he was or how awkward he was when he liked a girl. "Should we tell your band together that they're on the tour? Or should you leave that as a surprise?" He asked and then stopped himself. What was he about to do? He could ruin everything by saying this but he had to. "Anna, I'm sorry this is going to sound crazy but do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you?" That might have been the most forward and awkward thing that he had ever done but he had to know. There was a tension or a spark in the air that he had to confront.
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Anna watched the girl that was clearly expressed to be the girl that was in his song “Pull it off” get a little nervous as he had glanced at Anna before he had started to speak. When the fan was getting her hopes up, but looked calm and collected while she stood there in her cut off jeans and Kane Brown shirt, she was sure that the wannabe country girl was going to dance with the singer…Tan legs always had a way of shaking a man’s mind… She blinked heavily, dazing out for a second as she pictured something from the past…Her stomach tied into knots and glancing at her drummer when he motioned for her to dance with him, she was going to say something, anything to distract her from her current thoughts, he spoke.

[i I’m sorry sweetheart, I already promised this beautiful girl beside me that I would dance with her..]

Anna’s eyes widened and she smiled gratefully, feeling more beautiful as ever. The fan frowned and nodded her head, not willing to start a scene. She could tell as the fan walked back toward her friends that she was a little heartbroken. She felt his hand encircle hers and together they walked out to the dance floor and he pulled her close, holding a hand and clasping the other around her waist. The two of them half-stepped around the semi circle dance floor in the middle of the room. His words made her giggle as she looked into those darling eyes. She shook her head. [b “It’s no problem at all, but I didn’t catch your cue…so forgive me.”] She said as they continued to make their way around the floor. His explanation as to why he said no made her smile…maybe a little too much. [b “Older than 12…wow. You have a specific age.”] She laughed. [b “That must mean that the ‘regular’ guy lets himself get chased by teenage girls stealing his hats and spanking his ass.”] She let her head lean back as she let out another soft laugh before she met his gaze again.

He twirled her before bringing her in close again, and she felt her breath stolen from her lungs as she was inches from his lips with her own. She smiled heavily and touched her hand to his chest and leaned back a little bit when he started to speak. [i the fact that you’re gorgeous is a bonus]. She felt her cheeks just flare and begin to burn with the amount of time she was spending it smiling. He had a way of making her smile, and she hoped to keep it that way, fun and light. Everything was happening so fast and it would go real bad if they were going to be bunking together…

[i Are you from Texas?]

The question was always something she had heard. She didn’t have much of a Texas accent from what she understood, but it was always a question she was asked. Another twirl…When she came close to him, she smiled. [b “I am. Country roots are what my boots are planted with.”] She giggled and as the song was getting closer to the end, she heard his proposal to sit and talk and set up plans for tomorrow, she nodded. [b “Sure, sounds great. Though, I’m pretty sure the alcohol is free for you darlin’.”] She rolled her eyes goofily. [b “I mean, if you flirt with the bartender, you can work getting free drinks. With you though, all you have to do is smile. I mean…that’s what happened to the girl on the first row I’m pretty sure.”] She laughed, squeezing his arm as the song came to a close and together they walked off the floor, hand in hand.

Coming up to the bar, she still felt her hand in his. Blushing, she didn’t remove it quickly. There she was savoring the feeling of a warm and roughened hand that made her heart just melt… [b “Whiskey sour please.”] She said easily, leaning against the bar slightly. The first drink was starting to warm her toes. She knew that if she had a couple of more, she would be more frisky than she was feeling now…But he didn’t know that and she had to hold it together!

Coming to the table, she sat down and fixed her dress, having already removed her hand from his. His question for her to inquire him, she could only smile and take a long sip. Setting it down slowly, she looked around dramatically and then looked at him, going with the known question that many people probably asked. [b “How was life in Georgia? I’ve always wanted to go there to visit an original southern state.”] She said, a smile as she leaned in slightly, her elbow on her knee as she had crossed her legs.
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Kane chuckled and said, "I don't know if a pillow will stop my snoring but you can try, I'll talk to Mark when I get back to the hotel and I'll give you my personal number, just don't give it out." Kane listened to her talk about the show and how a girl had fainted in the front row, "Yeah... that happens, I'm honestly not sure why... I mean I'm just a regular guy."

His thought was cut short by the fan dressed up to meet Kane and her fan girling friends. He took a quick swig of his drink and listened to her and glanced towards Anna, hoping she would save him but he couldn't wait to answer the girl any more. "I'm sorry sweetheart, I already promised this beautiful girl beside me that I would dance with her.." He said as he took Anna's hand and led her out onto the dance floor and whispered, "I owe you one.... sorry for taking you by surprise like that but last time I danced with a fan that was older that 12 years old. Well, she took my hat and spanked me and chased me around so I owe you for getting me out of that situation."

When he finished what he was saying he realized the compromising position they were in as they danced. "I'm usually not this forward but I meant what I said, you are a beautiful girl and I'm happy to have you on my tour, not for your beauty but for your talents... the fact your gorgeous is a bonus." He knew this business was brutal and if you didn't look a certain way, they tore you to shreds in a matter of minutes. Kane had dealt with that himself as he was half black and was raised by his single mother in Georgia. He lived in Nashville now since most of his work was there.

"Are you from Texas?" He asked as they danced. "After this song let me buy you a drink and we can go up to one of the VIP private tables and talk about the tour more, get to know each other. Tomorrow is my day off and yours too but after that we head to California for a week of shows." When the song ended he took her hand and led her back to the bar. "What would you like to drink Sugar?" is accent was thick and everything he said sounded sensual but that was just Kane. Sugar, Honey,Sweetheart, and Baby were things he called girls he was dating... girls he liked... it just slipped out with her and he couldn't stop it.

Kane ordered their drinks and the bartender told him that they would be delivered to his VIP table. Kane kept ahold of her hand and led her up a few steps to the VIP area. Not many people were up there and most of them were his band. "So... any questions for me?" He muttered and flashed her a smile.
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