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[i I was asking you if you’d be my girlfriend…I didn’t even think about it…it just happened.]

The man was a piece of work…a work that she had wanted to be a part from the moment that she met him. Her eyes traced his face as he had said it so casually. She shook her head, laughing nervously as she looked up at him. [b “I’m a handful. I’m not sure you really know what you’re getting into.”] She said, leaning back against the table, letting her hair fall behind and graze the table with its length. She was really going to be dating Kane Brown. If you were to tell her a few months ago that she would be dating Kane Brown after the days of a first gig with him, she would have laughed and called you crazy.

Now, here she was, he was grabbing a jacket, unknowing that it was hers as he tried to fit his arms in the sleeves. She helped him out of it and slipped it on over her shoulders. [b “Yeah, I can’t have you ripping the stitches on my brand new jacket with those muscled arms of yours.”] She flirted, as she leaned close to him after he had put on his jacket. [b “If you really think you’re up to it, Kane…then yes.”] She whispered at the end of her sentence. She was meaningful in her words. If he could handle her, if he could handle her issues, then she would be beside him to handle his issues and fears.

[i I meant everything I said, no one is going to hurt you anymore, I don’t know what happened before but I’m not like that jerk.]

She shook her head and smiled up at him. [b “No, Kane. You are far different than him.”] She said, feeling that he was different. His mannerisms were different, his attitude was different, and she wasn’t scared that he could tip and become a complete wreck in a minute. He wasn’t unstable, he was her rock. She knew that at this point everything looked perfect and everyone had their imperfections, but after the hell she had been through, she was sure that she was strong enough to handle him, to handle anything this life was going to throw at her that had to relate to him.

He grabbed her hand and together they were going to head back to the hotel when he mentioned saying bye to her family. [b “Oh my geezus. Yes.”] She said, rolling her eyes dissing herself inside. As they headed that way, he grabbed another bag of Doritos and she couldn’t help but steal some more from his bag. She giggled and took a bite of the chip as she made moaning sounds. [b “So good.”] She groaned and looked at the door as they were walking toward it before he spoke of them in nashbille and of the store that had a big bag of Doritos. [b “I will probably have to hide that. I can’t have you eating all of them without me.”] She narrowed her eyes as she stole more from his bag with a laugh./ [b “no judgment here babe.”]

[i Showers..;jacuzzi…pizza…big comfy bed…and I get to share it all with you…]

She blushed and shook her head, hitting his arm. [b “Don’t look at me like that you cheese ball. You’re so cheesy…”] She said. [b “You know, because Pizza is cheesy. Greatest stuff on earth.”] She laughed and smiled at him.

Oh…How she was getting caught in the natural feelings that this was producing. She shook her head inwardly as they walked out into the small crowd that was her family and she wrapped her arms around her mother. Looking at her parents and giving them hugs, she knew they were worried if she was going to be okay. Touring was always being on the go, never staying in one place for very long., but it was a price that she was willing to pay. After she said her goodbyes, she took a few more pictures with her parents and brother before the two headed back to the hotel.

Reaching the elevator and escaping the mob that was in the lobby, the two and John stood there, taking a breather. [b “Does that ever end?’] She asked and she had a feeling that she already knew the answer by the time they reached their floor and a couple more people were standing in the hallway, as if they were trying to catch a view of the newest country power couple. They walked into the room and she looked back at him.

[b “Thank you again for today, for tonight, for the pizza, and now thank you for already putting up with my past.”] She said, her arms encircling his waist. She was short, but it didn’t take her long to wrap her arms around his neck and lean up on her tip toes to press her lips against his…
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Kane smiled wide when he heard her say yes. His night couldn’t get better. After the show they had another meet and greet and Kane was signing things and taking pictures left and right. When the last fan left he picked up the sweet tea he was drinking...his fourth cup today and smiled, “I was asking you if you’d be my girlfriend...I didn’t even think about it...it just happened.” He said smiling.

He had his tour jacket draped over the back of the chair and he grabbed it to put it on not realizing that he had grabbed hers. “I think yours is a little too small for me.” He muttered realizing that his arms didn’t even fit in the sleeves of the jacket. “So...what do you say Anna...will you be my girlfriend and go out with me?” Tonight has been the best night of his life even after the ordeal today and all the media news outlets and social media’s were buzzing with Kane and Anna. “Country’s Power Couple?” A few used as the headline but Kane hadn’t even read them yet.

Kane shrugged off her jacket and smiled, “I meant everything I said no one is going to hurt you anymore, I don’t know what happened before but I’m not like that jerk.” Her mother had let it slip that she had dated him but that was all that Kane knew and he didn’t need to know anything else other than he loved her. “Let’s head back to the hotel.” He said grabbing her hand and smiling.

Kane couldn’t wipe that smile off of his face if he tried. He had fallen hard and fast for this girl. “Let’s say goodbye to your family first...” he muttered knowing that they were waiting on them just outside the room. Kane grabbed another small bag of Doritos and chuckled, “I like Doritos what can I say.” He had eaten probably six of the small bags during the meet and greets.

“In Nashville you’ll get to see where I live and then we can actually go to a store and buy a big ass bag of Doritos to put on the bus...and some more snacks that you like too and by then we will need to do laundry and stuff.” His laundry was already piling up in the bus. “Showers...Jacuzzi... Pizza...big comfy bed....and I get to share it all with you.” He muttered kissing her cheek again.

He had been holding back asking her anything but when they sang it had just came out. Kane Brown wanted to date Anna Markee and the world knew it now. He couldn’t hold it back any longer. Seeing her family he smiled and urged her towards them, her mom was smiling wide, “Anna...I’m so proud of you...and I know you and Kane will do great together.” Kane stayed back letting her say her goodbyes.
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Anna had walked out on stage, seeing the amount of people that had filled the venue. So many people and the moment that Kane came out, they all rushed out to be there. She glanced back, holding her guitar in her hands as she began to play Check yes or no along with the band. A smile on her lips, she felt the nerves just fall away. He walked up behind her, touching her hips and she handed her guitar to one of the stage hands as she glanced back at Kane.

Everyone was video recording, taking pictures, putting everything on social media. They were singing together, the words falling so easily as he looked into her eyes as he sang. They had looked at the crowd and soon, she was grabbing his hand wanting to dance with him. The crowd had erupted as the two were falling harder now for one another and they were able to watch it all play out.

He had given her toast, announcing to the rest of the crowd that they were going to be on tour together for the rest of the time, and the more they sang, the closer they got. She was ecstatic. Feeling sweat touch her forehead as she sang, she was coming to the edge of the stage touching the hands of the audience that she could reach and she was walking back to Kane..

[i How about it Anna,..check yes or no?”]

She looked at him and back at the crowd as they erupted as she wasn’t sure as to what he was hinting at. The girls in the audience were screaming and they were holding up hearts and signs saying they loved Kane and Anna. She smiled and ran her fingers through her hair as she looked out into the crowd as Kane left. [b ‘He sure knows how to make things interesting, how about Kane Brown! The man and star of it all.”] She clapped with the rest of the crowd.

She smiled at him from the side of the stage. She blushed hardcore and looked out into the crowd. [b “He’s great isn’t he?”] She aid and the crowd yelled and hollered. You could hear the girls screams more than anything and she glanced down at her family standing on front row. They were smiling and clapping, her mom wearing her new shirt with her daughter’s face on it. She giggled and looked back at Kane for a second.

She was taking deep breaths as she glanced at the crowd as they had a new sign up asking Anna if she was going to say yes or no? She looked at the girls who wrote it on there. [b “Kane, they are asking me to answer your question.”] She said. Shaking her head and holding her hand over her mouth as she grinned like an idiot, she pointed at the girls then looked at Kane. [b “Yes. Kane. I say yes.”] She said and the crowd erupted and before anything else could go on, her band started the music.

And this was the way that everything was going to start. It had begun on stage, and things were happening so fast on this stage. So many emotions were coming over her, but she was having such a great time and a rush of adrenaline as she continued to sing her song s…finishing up her set.

The crowd was singing along by the end of her songs and they were cheering her on as she finished up her last long. She was on cloud nine as she walked to the edge of the stage where Kane was where he wrapped his arms around her. She smiled big time as she squeezed him tight and he spoke of later that night and what their plans were.

[b ‘I’ll stick up here.”] She said, in the midst of emotion everything was slow as she looked up into those beautiful eyes. She grinned. [b “I’ll be waiting.”] She said as she watched him head out on stage. He had done everything right. She was still holding out, but she wasn’t sure as to how much longer she was going to hold her heart out from the love that it desperately wanted to feel.

She leaned against one of the speakers and she smiled when his deep voice had boomed over the set. It rocked her soul just as much as her heart. Her family had come up to congratulate her for her great set and while Kane was singing, her and her brother were dancing and twirling to the music. She was happy. Even though a few hours prior she was worried that jake was going to ruin everything, but despite everything, she was still standing and everything was okay again. He was taken away and they were going to be fine. And this was the one of many shows, and she was so excited to get the tour officially going.

After the show, there was another meet and greet with fans and they stood in the spot they were before the show. People lined up and they were going to meet Kane and Anna, some had asked about his question and a few were excited for them two, but Anna was still just in shock that he had even said anything. She could feel the chemistry between them, but she wasn’t sure about anything. Her eyes had traced his face and when it had finished with the last picture with the last fan, she looked at him. [b “Clarify what you meant, check yes or no. I think I was just agreeing my life away, but I wanted to hear it from you…”] She said, leaning against the table that was set out so fans could have their stuff signed.
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Kane listened for his cue and walked out singing. The crowd erupted in screams and cheers. No one was expecting Kane and Anna to sing together because Kane Brown had been a recluse the whole start of this tour...depressed and detached from everyone else but it seemed that anna had pulled him out of it. The audience swayed as they sang along with Kane and Anna.

Kane came up behind Anna as they sang together, putting his hand on her waist, “Do you love me...do you wanna be my friend...and if you dooo... don’t be afraid to take me by the hand...if you want to...I think this is how love goes...check yes or no.”

People were snapping pictures left and right and taking video. They loved it. Kane smiled as as the music played in the break in the song he spoke, “I’d like ya’ll to give it up for Miss Anna Markee and her band, they’ll be joining us for the rest of the tour...isn’t she great guys?” He asked and the crowd cheered louder.

Kane smirked and started to sing with her again... “now we’re grown up and she’s my wife...” he sang and heard her pick it up, “still two kids with stars in our eyes...” Kane thought as he sang, maybe someday she would let him in. Until then...he would do whatever he could for her. Spotting her family in the front row he smiled and as the song ended he went to Anna and said, “How about it Anna...check yes or no?” The crowd erupted in a roar.

“Give it up for Anna Markee, New Orleans!” Kane said as he walked off the stage...leaving Anna to think about his question. Kane stayed on the side of the stage watching her during her entire set and cheering for her. When her Set was over he wrapped his arms around her once again, “you did amazing....like I said by show two you’ll be an old pro.”

He had his in ears in and his microphone was in his back pocket while the bands switched things out. “I got you some water and if you want to watch me there’s a chair here for you and your family can come back stage or they’re in the pit and there’s space for you there but I don’t know if that’s safe with all the fans down there.” He muttered still holding her. “An hour and we will be going back to the hotel and I already ordered pizza for us there and it will be in our room when we get there.”

Kane had tried to think of everything so she would be relaxed. He knew today had been stressful for her and also him, losing someone he had just met who already meant so much to him would have crushed him. He had been depressed before and she saved him. She saved him as much as he saved her.
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[i I’m just going to change and I’ll come to your dressing room, I meant what I said no one is going to hurt you.”]

He had reached for her, leaning forward to press those full lips against her forehead. Her heart was easing slightly, but it was crazy all over again with his actions. This man wasn’t going to stop. Every time she turned around it was another sweet gesture, it was another pro reason added to her pros and cons of dating a country star….She was still shaky, unsure if this was because of Jake or the concert. She pressed her lips together, looking up at him. He was gorgeous, and he was going to steal her heart, but she was so stubborn and didn’t want to let the clutches not be hers at this point…She was scared.

She let him go and she walked into the dressing room and sat down, feeling her moms touch on her shoulder as she had come to check on her before exiting and talking to Kane.

[i I will take care of her…] He had said so easily.

She was able to hear a little bit when he was talking to her mother… but it slowly faded and it turned to mumbles. Everyone was falling for Kane and they had only really known each other for a few days. She sat heavily in her seat as Ace himself even spoke highly of him. She giggled and rolled her eyes. [b ‘I’m just getting all the boys attentions today.”] She giggled, hoping to laugh off these nerves and fears that were still covering her mind. Her fingers were twitching as she looked at the set. Picking it up, she was trying anything to calm her shaky hands.

They were going to sing check yes or no and then it was going to be just her for her set before they moved on and it was Kane. At least from what she got from the small piece of paper telling her as to what she was going to be doing.

She wass itting in the chair for a few more minutes as Ace worked his magic. He was already working on a miracle wither watery and puffy eyes. It didn’t take him any time at all to fix every inch of her face and making it into pure perfection. She smiled into her reflection completely blown away like she was always when Ace had done her make up. It was as if she was having a complete transformation when Ace caught hold of her. She smiled and gave him a hug when she stood up and walked behind the wooden dress divider where only part of her shadow could be seen. She was changing into another pair of shorts, slipped on her rodeo buckled studded belt and put on another shirt that she had felt she didn’t sweat like crazy in.

Kane was walking back in and laid on her couch, laughing that now they were going to share the dressing rooms. [b “I need room for all of my costume changes.”] She giggled as she was changing on the other side of the divider. [b “The couch is just a perk.”] She sassed as he went on to tell her that the first song he was going to go out there with her. It was going to be check yes or no.

Throwing the other shirt over the top, she slipped the plaid cover over her shoulders and she walked out to grab her good luck Ariat angel boots. The memory foam encased her foot and she felt happy again as she bounced her curls around. The cut off jeans that she wore showed off her somewhat tan and toned legs. Year after year she had tried to keep her body in tip top shape because for the career she was getting into, you had to look oyour best, and she felt her best lifting weights. Smiling at him as he had complimented her. [b “You are one of a kind.”] She said, giggling as she looked at the mirror again.

Saying she was ready, she was walking out with him and he was trying to calm her down by speaking through everything, giving her the assurance that she was going to be okay and that if she needed anything they were going to get it for her. She was not overwhelmed by the fact that she was attacked anymore, but her heart was full that so many people were already worried about her so quickly after meeting her. She bit her lip as she looked at Kane, coming to the edge of the stage. People were already holding their posters and some were already going crazy when they saw her and Kane standing at the edge getting their microphones together.

[b “Thanks Kane. Let’s do this.”] She said shakily. Her stomach was in knots, and she was feeling everything coming together, and soon she was going to be standing, singing with him…

When he brought up the bath and bed, she nodded. [b “Yes…I’m going to need that.”] She said softly and shook her head once more to fluff up her hair before she looked back at him. [b “Okay, for freeeeedoommm!”] She laughed and walked out into the spot light feeling the crowd erupt into screams, whoops, and hollers.

The music was already beginning to play and she started to come in with her guitar in her hand. [b “New Orleans!”] She said softly, letting the mic carry her voice. She smiled as she played her guitar, fitting in with her guitarist easily, recognizing the song as she glanced back,. As she was waiting for Kane.
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Kane nodded at Anna’s request. “I’m just going to change and I’ll come to your dressing room, I meant what I said no one is going to hurt you.” He kissed her forehead and as soon as Kane was out of ear shot Ace smiled. “Did you catch you a country boy...a sexy one at that.” He said giggling. “I saw you post and what he said on it, that man loves you Anna, I heard what happened and what Kane did....I know your shaken up but Kane is something special.”

Kane was about to cross the hall when he was met with Anna’s mother. “I will take care of her...Mrs. Markee...I haven’t told Anna yet but I love her and after what happened today I feel like she needs to know that I’m not going anywhere and I’m not going to hurt her....she asked me to leave my door open because she’s still scared. I’m going to come out with her and do a song to ease her nerves a little...she was shaking at lunch.” He sighed and hugged her mother and she nodded, “Her father and I know you’ll take care of her...she said your sharing a bus...FaceTime us...I just got an iPhone and am learning how to use it plus we would like to see you both.” Kane nodded, “we will I’ll make sure we do.”

Excusing himself he headed to Anna’s dressing room and plopped down on the small couch. “You got a couch, damn, all I got was a chair and a mirror... yep your officially sharing your dressing room...not like I was going to leave anyway.” He said joking with her. “First song Anna, you go out there and the music will start and I’ll follow behind you...show all those people how amazing you are.” He looked up at Ace, “Welcome to the tour man, I’m sorry we didn’t get a proper introduction but I’m Kane.”

About twenty minutes later it was show time. “Deep breaths Anna, you can do this.” He said rubbing her shoulders smiling. “Your family is in the front row, security is doubled and that scumbag is in a jail cell....you are safe...and I’m not going to let you fail.” He said handing her her own microphone. “The Band is filled in and if any moment you don’t feel okay...I’m going to be right here on the side of the stage. I will help you or save you...whatever you need.”

Kane hugged her tight, “remember after the show that big comfy bed and that jacuzzi is waiting on you and we can sleep in the bus pulls out at 2 tomorrow afternoon so just deep breaths and we will get through show one and by show two you’ll be an old pro.” He smiles to her band. They seemed to understand that after what happened he was just calming her down....being her safe place.
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Anna had been looking through her facebook feed, having not seen the comment that was made on her page just yet. It wasn’t until she was scrolling through, seeing some of her friends getting married and some having kids when she was interrupted by the man who had stolen everything from her …

Her eyes lifted as she was speaking as if they were another fan. She was way wrong. Her eyes had dilated and she was trying to step away. He had reached for her, trying to be soft at first before he was whispering things like she was his and that no one else could have her…She was frightened yes. She was like a lost deer in headlights. Everything had happened so fast. The way that he gripped her she was going into emotional shock as her mind reverted back to the scene that had played out a few months ago before all of this had even come into existence…

[i “How dare you?” He screamed. She was standing there in his doorway. The rain was falling and it was soaking her to the bone. They were living together and he was kicking her out. She could barely breathe. This wasn’t happening…”Let me back in Jake. I didn’t do anything.” He shook his head, tears rolling down his face, or rain…she couldn’t tell. “You were cheating on me. With him. I saw you.” She shook her head. “I was giving him a hug. It was his wedding!” She said, crying out and he just shook his head, pushing her away, her body landed on the edge of the stairs and she had fallen down a little bit. Her lungs struggled to breathe as the amount of pain that shocked through her. She had heard something pop but she wasn’t sure. Just knew that everything hurt and she couldn’t move. ]

He was reaching for her at this point, holding both of her elbows, telling her that he was sorry and that no one else could save her. The doe was finally lost, but sane enough to scream as she tried to push away, scream for Kane to get his attention before anything else were to happen. She shook her head and soon she was on the ground when Kane had come up and grabbed Jake by the neck pushing him harshly up against the wall. John had gotten the officers there quickly and Kane was saying something to Jake that she couldn’t hear. She was trying to breathe. She was trying to keep consciousness. Her eyes traveled on the floor as soon Kane was wrapping his arms around her and keeping her standing. She leaned heavily into his arms, tears falling down her face as he assured her that everything was going to be okay and that he wasn’t going to hurt her anymore…

She watched Jake get carried off in handcuffs and soon the officers were asking her questions. She nodded to their questions, unable to really speak. She was scared, she was lifeless practically, she was in shock. So many memories of the same feelings had come flooding back and all she could think about was the hazel eyes staring back at her and it going black like she was never going to wake up again. Every blink was like a nightmare. She held onto him tightly as they walked her away and he assured her that they were going to be able to get something to eat with her family and relax before the show.

[b “That…sounds…nice…”] She said, shakily still to his comment about the Jacuzzi tub. She wanted nothing more than to sink into a thing of water, but embarrassed enough that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to come back up.

That’s what they did. They went to the restaurant and she sat next between her dad and Kane. Each of them in some sort of fashion with their hand on her. She held on to Kane’s hand and her father’s arm rested around her shoulders. She was safe, but her body was still shaking…and not just because of the attack but nerves were starting to set in.

When the lunch was over and they had to go and get ready, she walked with Kane to the dressing room. [b “Thank you…for back there. Taking care of me and taking care of my family….This is what I wanted to protect you from…He’s crazy…I’m sure if you would have waited any longer, he would have pulled his gun…”] She ran her fingers through her hair, still shaken up…She wasn’t sure if she could breathe just yet.

[b “But now we have to get ready for the show…”] She laughed nervously. Opening up her dressing room door which was right across the hall from his, she left it open and there her makeup artist was already setting up for her. [+green “Baby! Are you okay? I heart about what happened!”] He said reaching for her as she walked in. Glancing back at Kane, she smiled. [b “I’ll keep my door open so you can keep an eye on me…And plus I’d like to keep you close by…”] She said honestly.

She was worried that Jake would have gotten away or would have worked magic with having connections to get him out…she was worried about every possibility known to man, but at this point she knew that she had a show to get ready because in show business, the show must go on…

Anna squeezed his hand before she walked into her dressing room and sat down in the chair. Ace was already moving to removing all of her efforts to have a good look that had been ruined by Jake’s accident. He was going to make her look like nothing had happened, but during the time that she was getting ready, her mom had come in and was touching her shoulder. Ace immediately perked up. [+green “So this is your sassy momma, you keep talking about?”] They all laughed and she was starting to feel better, and her mother was staying close. [+blue “I wanted to come and check on you before we find our seats. I love you baby, and we will watch your and kanes performance. Everything will be okay.”] She said squeezing her hand. She nodded and waved her goodbye before her mother peeked in at Kane’s dressing room that was open. [+blue “Please take care of my daughter…”] She said, worried out of her mind.
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Kane made a face when she stole one of his Doritos but smiled, she was perfect. “Remind me to request some of these for the bus.” He said holding up the little bag. He looked at his phone as he scrolled through Instagram and saw her post. He liked it and commented, “Day 1 Of Forever.” Soon he was talking to John about lunch and the rest of the day when he heard Anna scream.

“The hell I can’t.” Kane said coming up behind the man as soon as he heard Anna. In one motion Kane grabbed Jake by the neck and slammed him into the wall and held him there. Jake might have a military background but Kane was pure southern country boy...he didn’t even work out...he was just that strong. Kane towered over Jake, “don’t touch her....don’t even look at her.” Kane said to the man on the floor. John had gotten the venue police who were coming into the room.

“Miss did this man grab you? And try to kidnap you like the witnesses say?” One of the officers asked her as Kane came up behind her gently wrapping his arms around her to comfort her as Jake was put into handcuffs. He had a purple mark around his neck where Kane had grabbed him. He wasn’t a violent person but when someone threatened something he loved he could stand his ground.

Kane was standing ready to make his statement after her. “When she yelled for me I just wanted to protect her, the most he has is a few bruises. I could have done worse to him.” The officer nodded, “Miss would you like to press charges.” Kane looked to her and said, “My lawyer can take care of it, restraining orders, the whole deal.” He said giving the officer the name of his lawyer.

Another officer came in and told them, “the suspect had weapons in his car, he had planned this and maybe much more, he will be going away for a long time. Unregistered guns, a plan....this man was a psychopath.” Kane nodded and turned to Anna, “Anna...Let’s go get some lunch with your family and calm down after this ordeal...he’s not going to hurt you any more.” Kane muttered hugging her again.

He didn’t know it but her mother was snapping pictures of the two. She turned to her husband, “if Kane hadn’t been there...our little girl would have gotten hurt.” She was beside herself. Kane took Anna’s hand leading her to her family, “John will handle it and you and I are going to go relax with your family and eat cheesecake and wings and gumbo until we can’t move anymore.”

Kane had no idea how she was feeling but he knew she had to be scared. He wasn’t going to let her out of his sight the rest of the day and night. Suddenly he was thankful that they had to share a room. “I know what you need....a jacuzzi soak back at the hotel after the show.” He was just trying to think of things that would relax her. She was so small and that guy could have really hurt her and he didn’t even want to think about that possibility. She was safe now and with him, that’s all that mattered.
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[b “Very much so surprised.”] She said a giggle escaping her lips as she dug her hands in her pockets of her jacket. When the little boy had come in with flowers, she had taken the flowers and together they took a few shots before Kane had told the little boy to give Miss Anna a kiss on the cheek. She leaned into the little boy so he could get her cheek and then she giggled as she touched Kane’s back as they took another photo of that. Kane had given the little boy a high five as they walked out of the room, leaving them to stand by themselves while other ffans took pictures.

He was settling down in his seat and eating some Doritos, which she had stole a chip when he opened it while taking a sip of his sweet tea. A giggle escaped her lips as she turned around so she could eat them without spitting them out from laughing when she would steal from him. Pressing her lips together, he was looking at his phone when it was blowing up with notifications about the article, she leaned in when he was showing her the pictures of them that were placed on the website. She arched a brow and listened to his comment. She shrugged her shoulders and pulled out her phone. [b “Well come on homeboy, let’s show em we are having a good time.”] She said. Lifting her phone up, she snapped a selfie of them two, and she was smiling at the camera. There she posted it online labeling it, [i And the tour begins. <3]

She smiled and posted it before she looked at him, stealing another chip from the bag when he suggested grabbing food before their actual set. [b “yeah, that sounds good. My dad and bro can eat still. I’m not sure about my mom and Krista but we’ll find out. I hear they have good wings here. I’m always down for wings or gumbo!”] She smiled and took a few sips of her water when she saw John come up and pull Kane away for a second.

She was sitting there holding on to her phone when she heard a few footsteps come up. [b “Oh I think we are done with the photos for right now---“] She looked up and looked right into his red tinted hazel eyes.

[+red “Hey booboo, you look great…”] He said, smiling as he came closer to her. She stood up from her seat and looked at him. [b “Jake, what are you doing here?”] She asked and he looked at her as he took her hand. [+red “I’m here to get you back boo. You’re mine…remember? I know what happened in the past, but please forgive me.”] He said, his hand moving up to her elbow.

She shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes as she jerked her hand away from him, but he continued to hold on to it. [+red “You are not getting away from me this time. You are mine.”] He said. [+red “If he thinks that you are fair game, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.”] He said. She let out a whine as he started squeezing her arm. [b “Jake stop. Please leave. I don’t want you here.”] She said, trying to pull her arm away. She glanced back at Kane, but he was busy with John still looking at stuff. She had to get away, but the moment that she was looking around, no one was really paying attention to them. They were all paying attention to their phones and he was whispering so they couldn’t really hear anything of what he was telling her.

[+red “If you scream, I will hurt you.”] He said. She shook her head and pushed him away. [b “Get away from me Jake!”] She screamed, tears falling down her face now. He held on to her, holding both of her elbows now squeezing them hard, his breath reeking of alcohol as he tried to lean in to kiss her. She tried to get away from him, even swung her head forward to stun him, but his military background was able to catch the moves she was going to throw.

[b “Kane!”] She screamed, pushing Jake away the best that she could.

[+red “Kane can’t help you.”] He said--
  Anna Markee / AWritersLove_ / 2y 151d 21h 21m 30s
"Was my face surprised?" Kane asked smiling, "I've never had a little girl steal a kiss before, most are too excited to even tell me their names." Kane rolled his eyes when he heard Anna mutter, just a regular guy.... he was just a regular guy. He pushed people through until the last one... a little boy. Kane watched him give the beautiful flowers to Anna, "Little man your giving me a run for my money... looks like I got competition but I don't know how I can compete with flowers. " He said smirking before he picked him up. "Give Miss Anna a kiss on the cheek." Kane whispered and the little boy leaned over and planted a kiss on her cheek. Kane couldn't help but let out a laugh after the picture was taken. "Thanks Buddy." he said giving the little boy a high five as he headed out of the room. A few fans were left staggering behind in the room and taking pictures amongst themselves.

Kane turned around to take a drink of his sweet tea and waved at her family who seemed to be having fun, "We just have to wait until John comes to get us so we can head back to your family." He muttered taking a small bag of ranch Doritos from the snack table and putting them by his sweet tea. Kane scrolled through his phone before he found an article that was being tweeted to him repeatedly. "Anna... look at this." he said showing her the pictures of them at the VIP table from the other night. The headline read, "Kane Brown's Mystery Girl?" Kane sighed, "What people won't do for a story, it even had to be someone invited because there was no press at that party." He shook his head trying to calm himself down. He wasn't one to get angry or mad easily but that irritated him. He was actually trying to make her his and things like that didn't help. "Should we at least selfie and set them straight that your not a mystery?" Kane muttered chuckling and saw John out of the corner of his eye. "Lunch with your family? I'm getting hungry and I've heard this place has good food before the shows start." The house of blues was notorious for their food and hot wings.

Kane turned his back as a man approached Anna. John had and eye on them but was discussing the lunch plans with Kane and Kane was telling him to make sure there were enough places at the table and that her family didn't have to pay for anything tonight. Anything they needed that wasn't covered by the venue was on him. He didn't need Anna to know that though. He wasn't flaunting what he had, he was just making sure her family had a great night.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 151d 21h 49m 59s
Anna was in the midst of letting Kane meet her family when he had whispered about meeting Max’s fiancé. She couldn’t help but laugh as she squeezed his arm. He was definitely in for a treat meeting her family. They were one dysfunctional family, but they were one that she loved. One that made her who she was. Dedicated, goofy, and persistent. She smiled helplessly as her parents were talking with Kane and it wasn’t long before her mother was getting approval of him. Kane was taking it rather well and even called her sweetheart. She giggled and shook her head. [b ‘You’re in for it, Kane. Don’t get her started.”] Her mom shook her head. [+red “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”] She laughed.

As he pointed out that the passes were good for the whole tour and that they were able to get any merchandise they wanted. Her parents were immediately getting tshirts. [+red “I’ll add this to the blanket Anna. It’s coming close to being finished!”] She said holding up a couple of different shirts that had her name and lyrics on it. She touched her chest with her heart so full from all of the emotions running through it, she leaned against Kane for a second before Jess had reached out and given her a jacket with KB on it and her name. She pulled it over her shoulders and modeled it for a second. [b “I love it.”] She said, and looked at him, thinking she’ll probably end up stealing his anyways.

Her mom and dad took a picture with her and then she got one with her brother while she was on his back throwing up the rock on symbol and her tongue sticking out. They were fun to be around and her childhood was never boring growing up. She smiled as she walked with kane toward the fans that were starting to line up. He had spoken there was only supposed to be a set number of people but more had lined up than 12…She pressed her lips together as he took her backstage, leaving her family to stand with food and hang out while they went to do the meet and greet.

She walked with him, still wearing her jacket, feeling the breeze from the airconditioning keeping her cold. It was when the first one came in that her heart just melted. The little girl was so happy as she ran in and gave Kane a hug. The moment that he got down to her level and started talking that she couldn’t help but smile. Her stomach was tying itself into knots as she had always dreamed of having kids, but always focused on her career, she didn’t know that she would ever have time or meet someone who would stick around long enough to have kids with…

She pressed her lips together as he had picked her up and the little girl’s mother looked at her and urged her to get into the picture. She leaned in and smiled brightly and right before Kane was going to put her down, she looked over at Anna and reached over and gave her a big hug. She hugged her tight then whispered in her ear. [b “Give Kane a kiss on the cheek. He loves kisses on the cheek.”] She said and the second that she was done speaking the little girl giggled and kissed Kane right on the cheek then got down and ran toward her mom. [b “Miss Anna told me to!”] She said.

Anna looked at Kane with a blush in her cheeks. [b “I hope she got that on photo, because your face was priceless.”] She gleamed and sat back down on the stool for a second when the next group of girls who came in. They were a little older, but she could see the nervousness on their faces. [b “Just a regular dude.’] She said, looking at Kane then eyeing all the girls looking at him as she slowly shook her head. They took pictures and said how big of fans they were before wishing them luck at the show tonight and that they would be on the front row.

Her mother looked at Max, hitting his arm. [+red “Shhh, be quiet. She’ll figure it out. I just know she’s still having problems with Jake. You know how he’s come by the house demanding to know where she is.”] She said, a little worried. Knowing how public she was now, a mother worried for her daughter more than anything now.

Jake stood at the sidelines of the meet and greet. His hazel eyes watched her hazily. Through alcohol soaked breath, he watched the love of his life flirt with another man in front of him. Standing there under a different name and different dress, he had to make sure he was normal enough to stand there. He was going to wait until after the show…or perhaps while she was in her dressing room…She would fall for him again…She would be his again. He wasn’t going to lose her to this maniac…

Anna was focused on the fans coming in, and her favorite had come in carrying flowers. “He insisted on getting flowers when someone told him that Miss Anna was going to be here with Mr. Kane.” The mother said as the little 7 year old walked in. His hair was parted to the side and he was wearing a bow tie and striped pants and white shirt. He looked like a little clark kent. She giggled and took the flowers from him as she leaned down to his level and smiled at him. [b “Thank you so much for these. Would you like to take a picture?” ] He nodded and ran over to Kane where he tugged on his pant leg before reaching up with his hands. “He doesn’t speak very much, but I’m glad that he is taking a liking to yall. This is making me so happy right now…” The mother said, her eyes staring at her little boy who was asking to get into Kane’s arms so they could take pictures.

Anna walked over, holding the flowers up to her nose smelling how good they were and she smiled as she came to stand next to them.
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"Yeah I'm stealing your sister for a few months... maybe more if she'll let me." he said whispering that last part. Anyone could see it in Kane's eyes that he was in love with that girl but hadn't said it and couldn't just yet.... the time wasn't right and again, he didn't want to scare her off. He just chuckled and hugged her brother's fiance, "its always nice to meet a fan." He said smiling. She hugged tight that was for sure. When Anna stole him away to meet her parents he let out a sigh of relief, "You weren't kidding about his fiance." He said in a whisper to her.

When her dad hugged her he smiled, he was happy her parents could be here tonight. "Passes are good for the whole tour guys so any show you can make it out to your welcome at." He said as she was talking to her father. When her mother hugged him he blushed a little... "Hear that sweetheart I'm cute.' he said looking to Anna. "oh and I got a seal of approval... Anna you can't argue that." He was playing along with her mother and she seemed to be loving it.

As soon as food was mention Kane chuckled, "theres enough food for an army back there and they push the meet and greets through so fast I never get a chance to eat it so help yourselves and anything you want from merchandise just talk to Jess." He said pointing to a brunette woman probably in her thirties, "She can hook you up." Jess nodded, "Yes I can, and speaking of hooking you up... Anna, I have something for you."

The girl crossed behind the table and handed her a tour jacket, it had the Kane Brown KB logo on the back in silver sparkle thread and in the same thread on the breast on one side, it read Anna. "Your very own tour jacket..." He said smiling. Her mother looked at it, "Wow so official." Kane chuckled, "We match now and you don't have to steal mine." He joked with Anna as he picked up his sweet tea and started the walk backstage to meet and greet.

Kane saw the line and groaned, "They said 12 people, not 30... well I guess I'll be here a little longer than I thought I would... feel free to hang out... but Anna... your doing this one with me.. this is your first time doing this."

Kane showed her what would go on before the first fan, a 6 year old girl was let in. Kane knelt down to her level and talked to her. She was adorable and her parents were stepped back and taking pictures. "Shes been talking about this for weeks," The little girl's mother said as she snapped more pictures. Kane smiled, "Sweetie do you want me to pick you up for your picture?" The little girl nodded quickly and jumped into his arms. Kane chuckled, "Aren't you adorable." The mother went to snap a picture and stopped, "Anna you are amazing we saw the videos from last night, will you get in the picture with Kane and Daisy?"

Anna's brother turned to her mother as they watched, "How long do you think until Anna caves and loves him as much as he loves her? Its obvious..."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 151d 22h 41m 15s
After speaking with Drake, her drummer, she felt a little more at ease. He knew what to do if anything came down to it. A smile peeked out as they came to meet Ray their sound engineer. She shook his hand and together they were standing next to the front of the stage. Some people were starting to gather as people were coming in, at least those who had passes. [b “everything will be fine.”] She said, assuring him as well as herself in the process…. They had pulled up stools for them to sit in and she put in her ear plugs, wondering when to start before they got the thumbs up.

[i It started way back in third grade]

[i I used to sit beside Emmylou Hayes]

[i A pink dress, a matching bow, and her pony tail]

[i She kissed me on the school bus, but told me not to tell]

As they sang…she looked at him, her voice syncing with his. His low voice hit the low notes and her higher pitch sounds echoed perfectly with his. She tapped her thigh and went on to sing the song. And the longer they went, the more that they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. She smiled, blushing deeply ass the music continued.

[i Do you love me, do you wanna be my friend?]

[i And if you do, well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand]

[i If you want to ]

[i I think this I how love goes, check yes or no…]

She smiled and let her voice carry out into the audience and she looked at Kane, giving him a small wink and making a check sign with her fingers before leaning back slightly and helping him finish up the song, letting the vibrato sink through. When they had finished, she heard Drake’s voice come up behind them. She laughed and nodded, holding her hand over her mouth as she couldn’t believe how great the set was and that was just a sound check. She couldn’t help but be more nervous being on stage and feeling these feelings in front of everyone…And she wasn’t sure how it was going to go if a certain pair of eyes was going to watch her and how they were going to feel when she was crushing hard on the man who was singing with her.

As they handed their mics off and their ear pieces, Kane helped her down and she gave him a hug and together they walked up to her parents after getting their drink. She just needed water and while he was enjoying his sweet tea, she smiled as she released him to drink the water that was handed to her. The moment she was finally able to breathe, her older brother came up and picked her up and spun her around. [b “Broha!”] She screamed and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and wrapped her legs around his waist. He squeezed her tight before setting her down. Her brother was taller than her, A little more stout and ready for a fight than her tiny little frame. Their matching freckles and darkish hair marked them to be blood. She gave a hug to her brother’s fiancé and smiled when she could see her franticness when she saw Kane. [b “Kane, this is my brother Max and his Fiance Krista.”] She said, letting them get introduced. [+blue “So you’re the one that is stealing my sister for the tour. She is very excited for this opportunity.”] Max said, smiling as he lifted his hand out to shake his hand before retreating. Max also rolled his eyes as Krista, a stout framed girl let her hand out. [+blue “It is so awesome to meet you! I am such a big fan!”]

Anna smiled and looped her arm around Kane’s. [b “Just a few more introductions then we’ll get to that meet and greet.”] She said as her brother and his fiancé stepped aside and her daddy and momma came up beside them. [b “Daddy!”] She screamed as she released Kane and wrapped her arms around her father, a grey haired man with a Texas Rangers hat on. His wrinkled face smiled big as he wrapped his arms around his little girl. [+red “Hey baby girl. We are sorry that we couldn’t make it to the past show.”] He said. She kissed him on the cheek and wiped her eyes. [b “I’m just glad you can make it Daddy.”] She looked to her momma. [b “Hi momma. I missed you.”] She said wrapping her arms around the smaller than her tiny frame. [+red “Hi baby. I missed you too. Now let me meet Kane. I’ve heard so much about him from girls at work.”] She said, laughing a little. Turning around, she looked at Kane and went to stand beside him. [b “Kane, this is my mom and dad. The one who dealt with my weirdness from the start.”] She giggled. Her dad piped up. [+red “From the very moment you were born. She was a weird one yes. I don’t know how you’re going to put up with her for the next few months. Nice to meet you.”] He said, lifting his hand out to shake his hand. Her mom came and gave him a hug and she looked back at Anna giving her two thumbs up. [+red ‘Yep I approve. He’s cute.”] Her dad looked at his wife and shook his head. [+red “I’m cute too.”] Anna giggled and looked at all of them. [b “Well we have a meet and greet to go to, welll Kane does and he invited me. You guys can follow us and there will be food that you guys can attend to.”]

Her brother smiled. [+blue “Hell yes. Let’s go.”] Her father smacked his brother on the arm. [+red “I’ll race you.”] Max laughed and just clasped a hand on his dad’s shoulder and together they walked in the direction Anna pointed. [+red “Always after food.”] Both Krista and her momma said.

[b “I apologize now. They are a handful.”] She said as she looped her arm through Kanes as they walked toward where the fans were already starting to line up.
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Kane smiled, "Well we can practice that cover I mentioned, Check Yes Or No... It can be my last song, a way to introduce you to the tour and give the audience something new... maybe we can make a habit of it if it goes well." He said putting his in ear monitors in. "Our sound engineer is Ray, Ray makes us sound good, without him we wouldn't be here." Kane muttered looking to her drummer talking to John the security guard. "Is something wrong?" He asked concerned.

Ray spoke up, "Kane, Anna, mics are hot, if you want to check a couple songs and make sure everything is good so I can set your levels then we will be done here." Kane gave him a thumbs up and asked Anna, "Kinda putting you on the spot with this one but you wanna give it a shot?" He asked smiling.

Anyone in the building that was watching them could see the spark they had... the chemistry. He noticed a couple come in and another come in just behind them. The woman looked like an older version of Anna so he assumed it was her parents and her brother and his fiance. His drummer counted them off and they started the song.

Kane had been singing this song since he was 3 years old when it was released. The lyrics rolled off his tongue like he had written them, which he hadn't. They ended up switching off vocals and lines, the song just seemed to flow and they did the choruses together. Their voices intertwined echoed off the walls of the club. When the song was over everyone in the crew and both bands stopped to clap and cheer.

Her drummer was smiling, "That was amazing... you and Kane... theres something special there... I won't let Jake interfere, I told security and he has his picture and is going to alert the venue and staff. He is not to get in the door." Ray gave them a thumbs up that they were done and Kane hopped down off the stage and waited on Anna. Taking her hand and helping her down.

A waitress from the club came and asked them both if they needed anything. Kane nodded, "Can I get a cup of sweet tea to go?" They still had to go to the meet and greets but those were only backstage... honestly he didn't want to spill his drink all over himself, especially in front of Anna. He was more cautious of her and his actions around her. "Anna would you like a drink?" he asked as he saw her parents coming over to them and then whispered, "They can come to the meet and greet too... theres food and everything back there for us so they're welcome to it."
The same waitress brought him his sweet tea and he took a sip through the straw... "Southern Sweet Tea, ain't nothin' like it no where else..." he said with a smile.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 151d 23h 42m 9s
[i Finishing up the new single and working on something for us to sing together…I’ll let you know when I have more but right now it’s a work in progress….Just an idea at the moment and I don’t want you hearing it and thinking its bullshit so I want it to be good.]

She felt her cheeks burning with blood as he was already coming up with something they could sing together. [b “I am flattered. I never have had someone that was so confident in my singing they would want me to sing with them in a duet.I like this. I wanna read it whenever you think it is good enough then.”] She was gathering her clothes as she had glanced up at him, her hair falling down from her shoulder. When he said she would have to show him her tattoos, and asked about the anchor. She simply smiled. [b “it’s an deer antler and fish hook. I know it can be a little confusing. It’s small…”] She said, holding her clothes against her chest smiling at him. [b “It’s kind of you’re going to have to show me all of yours, Though you are very generous when you walk around with your shirt off.”] She giggled and closed the door and cracked it so she could let out steam and change at the same time.

While she was in there changing, she listened to him about Mark dropping off the tickets. [b “It’s his fiancé, but same thing I guess.”] She laughed as she pulled on the rest of her clothes after putting on lotion. [b “I have a permanent VIP pass? I didn’t know we had to have one. So many things I didn’t even know.”] She said as she ran her fingers through her dry hair, putting some mouse in it just to style it before fixing up her makeup.

She hadn’t talked to her manager for the past couple of days, and now they were talking she assumed he already knew the news…She bit her lip, knowing that he was going to be a little mad that they didn’t talk and she wasn’t the one who would break the news. She finished her eye make up and brushed on some concealer that would really finish her make up touch before she walked out, looking at him as he was still working on some things. He handed her the backstage passes as well as her VIP pass and he spoke they were going to be the last ones there. She shook her head. She didn’t like being late, but she’ll have to get used to it this one time.

As she said that they were coming before the show and she wasn’t sure what he was going to be dong, he had come up to her promising that he was going to make time to meet her parents and brother. How in the world was she getting so much attention from this handsome man, going to sing center stage in the front of thousands, and then be able to have the man meet her family…All in the matter of time…This was fantastic news. She felt her phone buzz in her back pocket and she hesitated to look at it. She didn’t want to know what [i he] had to say…

As they talked about the show, she was already starting to get a little nervous and he offered to help comfort her on stage by singing with her. This was a dream come true. Never ending…This man was always surprising her. Most would be able to look past the concealer and not really want to ask questions, but no, he faced it head on and wanted to make sure she felt saf.e…When really, he should be protecting himself…He was the one she was worried about. [b “That sounds wonderful. I love that song.”] She gleamed. She would be okay.

Her arm was looped around his as they made their way into the elevator. Reaching the lobby, it was never ending screams. She ducked her head but that didn’t help the fact that when she had glanced up, she saw him. In a hoodie with a ballcap and sunglasses on. She knew who he was…He didn’t have much to hide with his Ohio State hoodie on…She pressed her lips together and they slipped into the car together. She glanced backward and saw him standing there on the sidewalk while Kane apologized. She shook her head and tried to control her breathing..

[b “The perk of being famous huh?”] She said, trying to cover up the fact that she was hyperventilating…

After a mile or two down the road, she was finally able to calm down enough to where she could breath normally. Her stomach was still in knots, but when she arrived at the venue she felt those nerves just turn into butterflies. There was already a crowd at the venue, but they made it through just how they did at the hotel. Stepping inside the House of Blues of New Orleans, she saw the stage and the boys already beginning to set up. She smiled and walked up to the band, giving them a hug. Her drummer was the last one she gave a hug to and the moment he stepped back, was the moment that he held up his phone. [+blue “Jake is here isn’t he?”] He asked. It showed a picture of the exact man that she saw at the hotel…

She nodded, holding her hand up against her lips. [b “He text me…”] She whispered. [b “He’ll hurt Kane if anything happens between us…He’ll hurt anyone who touches me…”] She said softly and her Drake shook his head. [+blue “He won’t touch anyone. I’ll tell the security to keep an eye for him.”] he said and gave her another tender hug before releasing her. [+blue “Come on, we have a show to get ready for.”] He said, urging her toward Kane.

She walked over to Kane. [b “Sorry, he was updating me on something.”] She said fixing her hair.

[b “How shall we check this thing?”] And the moment that she spoke she was handed headphones and a mike that would connect to her shirt.
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