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Kane held her and whispered, “Anna...Darlin... we can you know.” He has his hands resting on her hips. She was perfect and he never wanted this moment to end. When she snapped a picture he chuckled, “technology...it baffles me...I’m not great at social media and I’m not a celebrity...normal guy remember.”

He held her to him and kissed her, letting his tongue roam her mouth for the first time...well the first time he could remember. He held her to him tight, it felt so right and perfect. Kane reached for the condom box and kissed her neck, “I won’t hurt you....I promise.” He said with a little smile. Kane was careful, gently holding her moving her...he took his shirt off first and they melted into each other.

A few hours later Kane laid on the bed in the back of the bus, “that was intense and amazing and I can’t believe your actually mine.” He muttered kissing her temple. Even though he was so much taller than she was and towered over her, they fit together perfectly. Kane knew he had said I love you during their escapades but he wasn’t sure if Anna had heard it....she seemed to him been in her own little world.

“I’m going to take a shower.” He muttered to his beautiful girlfriend and pointed to the small shower on the bus...”then we can watch something funny.” He let their lips touch one more time before he pulled himself out of bed. His clothes had been forgotten... there were no boundaries now...she had seen and felt everything. Every tattoo...every muscle...every scar...he belonged to her now and no one else.

When he was done with his shower Kane took a towel and wrapped it around himself and went to look for some sweats. He was rummaging around in his bunk that he had shoved his suitcase into. “There they are.” He said finding a pair and slipping them on, not bothering with underwear.

“How are you feeling?” He asked her, he wanted to make sure she was okay and he hadn’t done anything to hurt her. Kane had tried to be gentle. He sat down beside her and intertwined her fingers with his, “you have all of me....” he muttered and pulled her into his lap again, “I don’t need it anymore, I love you and I’m yours.” He said knowing she was paying attention this time.

Kane didn’t need to question it, he was in love with her, anyone could see that. “God damn your beautiful...I’m a lucky man.” He said smirking. He had his hands hold her waist once again and pulled her to that she was straddling him and facing him, “I mean it Anna...I’m yours...there’s no going back, I love you so much.”
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As they walked up into the bus, the place being a wreck from all of their activities, she was moving stuff around on the bed when she decided that she wanted to touch Kane. She wanted to be near, she wanted to feel him in her arms as there was a slight possibility that this was all a dream and it was going to be different if she somehow opened up her eyes and she was in a different time. Her lips had pressed against his back as he was setting stuff down, having already slipped the milk in the fridge as he clarified for the milk to be in the fridge and the other snacks be where they were accessible for movie time.

She giggled when she asked and he had come back with those perfect words. He turned around and there she was moved to set on his toes and there, dancing in the middle of the bus…in the middle of the living room with no music at all, they were dancing together, her toes standing on his feet. She felt as if she was smashing them but he didn’t seem to mind as they moved over the carpet. She smiled, loving the way they moved and she had stepped off of his toes to twirl and she leaned against him again. He was a good dancer, but she could feel that he wasn’t as confident about it as she initially thought.

She leaned up and wrapped her arms around his neck, focing his tall frame to bend down to her lips. She smiled and kissed him more, her body leaning into his, feeling every inch collide of his muscled and toned frame collide with her own as she wanted him, but when she pulled away, as if to speak her phone buzzed. She gave him a quick kiss and then smiled at him. [b “You’re lucky it is my mom and I have to respond or I would have continued that kiss…”] She giggled returning the message to her mom [i Thanks mom. Will do. Love you.]

[i Now Miss Markee...what kind of movie were you in the mood for, we’re driving all night and most of the day tomorrow so we will watch more than one. Or maybe we can break the Xbox out at some point and play.]

She giggled as she crawled into the bed of pillows as she searched through her laptop on the many movies that Netflix had to offer them. She smiled as he grabbed a bag of Doritos and jumped in with her after plugging her computer up to the tv and there they could look together to see what movie would satisfiy them.. She had flopped over some from his jump and she giggled, rolling back to him and stole a chip from the bag before she draped a leg over his own and leaned back to look up at the tv feeling her phone buzzing about the channels.

They flipped the channels and there it was on Enews with pictures of them on stage together. There was also pictures of them walking out holding hands. She blushed and she looked back at him and her phone had buzzed again to look at her profile to see how many followers she had. It was an ihstant amount of people that she had seen like her photos and want to follow her. Her eyes widened with the amount of attention that she was getting. [b “Wow…So this is what it feels like when you dtart dating a celebrity.”] She giggled, looking through some of her old photos. [b “Some of these are embarrassing.”] She said as she leaned back against him.

[b “Smile babycakes.”] She said lifting the camera as a selfie looking at them both. She leaned up and kissed Kane on the cheek with a smile and snapped the photo. [b “Greatness.”] She chuckled and turned over to her tummy and there she wrote in the caption. [b “Movie date on the tour bus. Perfection.”] She said, adding some emojis and tagging Kane in the picture.

[b “What would we do if we didn’t have technology.”] She said, trhwoing her phone to the side as she wrapped her arms loosely around him. Then she giggled, as if she was answering her own question. [b “Well…there are plenty of things we could do…”] She whispered, running her nails over his back. She was comfortable laying there and having fun going through the movies, wondering what to watch. [b “Let’s watch something funny. Or perhaps scary then you’ll have to deal with my pillow hugging, always screaming at the jumpy parts self.”] She said, smiling at him as she wondered which one he was going to choose.

[b “And about the xbox? Get ready my darling. I’m going to be handing your ass to you on a silver platter!”] She said, giggling with her determined threat. [b “I have xbox at home and growing up with a brother, you learn to play.”] She said shrugging her shoulders as she sat up, her frame reaching for some of the chocolate before she rested back on the bed, looking through the movies.

Her eyes peeked over at Kane, and she couldn’t help but smile. He had stayed there with her during her crazy ex…he pushed him up against the wall after he threatened her, and together they stood on stage, singing with their hearts, with a chemistry that they were obviously not trying to hide from one another. He was comfortable…rested with some worry as she could already tell there was stress in his shoulders, but she hoped that it would ease over time as they spent the night watching movies and playing xbox, pushing out the rest of reality and living in their own personal bubble and world.

She ran her fingers over his back again, feeling the toned muscle underneath, her lips together in silence as she traced his body with her eyes. Beautifully carved and just that much more amazing…The night bfore in the hotel, she wished she could remember it…And a part of her wanted to feel the real thing in her sober mind…

She had to gain control of herself.
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Kane smiled adding a pack of condoms into the pile, they could never be too safe right? When she jumped on his back he let out a laugh and held her as her drummer took a picture. “You know he’s sending that to your mom.” Kane said smirking as they gathered all the snacks and candy they would be able to hold for awhile.

He gave her a piggy back ride to the bus and kissed her as he sat her down. “Yes baby milk goes in the fridge and snacks go in a pile for movie time.” He sat some bags on the counter and shut the bus door as Ron got into the drivers seat.

Kane felt her small arms wrap around his torso and smiled, “Darlin’ I’ll always want to dance with you...music or not.” He said turning around and taking her in his arms. His hands resting on her waist. He had picked her up a little and sat her bare feet on top of his. “There now we can dance.” He muttered kissing her neck as they moved. Kane wasn’t a great dancer but he tried...he could do a few moves that he picked up here and there but nothing outrageous.

He held her and this time her phone buzzed. It was her mom at this hour, “we just got home and just got the picture of you and Kane, crazies, bring him home when you visit.” Kane didn’t read over her shoulder, that was her private phone, just because he didn’t care what she saw on his phone didn’t mean he didn’t respect her privacy.

“Now Miss Markee...what kind of movie were you in the mood for, we’re driving all night and most of the day tomorrow so we will watch more than one. Or maybe we can break the Xbox out at some point and play.” He asked smiling and hooking her laptop up via cable to the TV in the lounge now bed area. “See it’s on the tv now.” He said smiling and grabbing a bag of Doritos and jumping into the pile of pillows.

Kane stopped his mind from wandering as he watched her. She was gorgeous. He kept thinking of marriage and the future and life when they had only known each other a few days. He was getting ahead of himself. Suddenly her phone buzzed again, it was her drummer, “Turn on channel 24 on your bus TV.”

“Why does he want us to turn on channel 24?” Kane asked but changed the channel and his eyes widened when he saw it. “Kane Brown and Anna Markee Dating?! Country’s IT Couple.” Was sprawled across the screen on Entertainment Tonight. Her phone buzzed again, “Check your followers superstar.” Was the message. Kane had almost 3 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, now Anna was close to a million. Kane had followed her the night they met.....now so did a million of his fans that were now her fans.
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Holding there, sitting in his lap, she smiled at him, feeling his skin warm against hers. Her heart was beating ast in her chest. This was something she had never felt before, this urge, this need to prove that she could be something more than in the past. She wanted to be better. Not only for herself but for him. He was already pushing himself to get farther in life, and now, there together, they had the opportunity to move on with their life together.

[i You are my happiness…my rock…the one person in this world who knows how to make me smile.]

She smiled at him, feeling his lips hit hers and she responded back, holding him closely to her before he released her and started to open his heart to her. She looked at him, finding her eyes falling to their hands as he spoke,. Behind her lids she could see someone trying to abuse a young boy who knew nothing more than the life that she was given. She held on to his hands, sqeeuzing them lightly in her own. She could feel the pain as he spoke and she whispered softly. [b “I’m so sorry to hear that and that you had to go through that.”] She said softly. [b “It’s always when we think things are falling into place that things like this happen…It might not stop, but trust me you aren’t going in this alone. We can take care of this together. ]

When Ron came on the speaker and said they had only this one stop to get snacks and other necessities, she laughed and she climbed off of him. He gave her the go to grab his phone and his jacket. She did just that and slipped on her slippers and together they walked in hand in hand after she put on his jacket over his flannel that hung on her frame. She slipped on her beanie, letting her hair fall over shoulders. Slipping on her shades, she wasn’ t sure she was going to see, but coming into view and she got the thumbs up from Kane, they entered the bus station and it was bigger than she expected.

She walked in and they split. It wasn’t long until she grabbed a box of needed birth control and grabbed a few pieces of chocolate and Gatorade for the road. She could see when she found Kane with a gallon of sweet tea, chocolate milk and some Doritos. She shook her head and laughed a little harder than normal. She came up to him and took the food from him and carried it up to the counter before running and jumping on his back. [b “Let’s raid the candy aisle.”] She said, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

[b “Captain, I see a big much needed chocolate with my name on it. Carry on!”] She said with a giggle. Kissing his cheek, she smiled at her drummer who just shook his head at her and held up his phone. [b “Captain! There is a camera upon us! We must be magnificent.”] She giggled and smiled, leaning her head back as they were walking in the chocolate aisle.

It wasn’t long as they raided the candy, sweets and salty items of the store that they checked out and soon were gathering up on the bus. Walking out of the gas station, she had gotten off his back and they walked out together. She was holding some bags and she entered the bus first. The bed was a mess and her laptop was sitting there half closed. [b “Better put that milk in the fridge before it spoils.”] She said as she slipped off his jacket and slipped out of his flannel, wearing just her leggings and her lingerie bralette.

She draped the flannel on the chair as well and she came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his back as she couldn’t reach his neck because of her height. [b “Do you wanna dance with me?”] She said, slipping out of her slippers, leaving her in her barefeet.
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"Fire and lightening." He said smiling and kissed her hard, it was like magic. His lips on hers did a number on him. He sighed, "I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt, theres no feelings there for her... just a lot of hurt I'm trying to leave in the past... she is absolutley crazy." He muttered as she laced her fingers through his.

Kane held her and said, "You are my happiness... my rock... the one person in this world who knows how to make me smile." he said and kissed her again. "I've been through alot and I know that sounds cheesy but before I was even in music.... .I don't know who my dad is or where he is and from what my mom said I don't want to meet him and I had multiple step dads... one that almost beat me to death and the scar on the back of my neck is proof of that... and every one of my friends other than Trey is dead or behind bars... it was just the way I grew up and now... I'm making something of myself and everyone comes out of the woodwork..even exes." He took a deep breath and kissed her again. He didn't want to stop kissing her. He groaned in protest when the bus halted to a stop and Ron came over the intercom, "Last gas station stop for 400 miles... get what you need or don't get it at all."

Kane nodded, "I think that means condoms and snacks in Ron talk." He muttered kissing her again, "My jacket is there, you can wear it baby, I'm just going to slip on my slides, boots are too much for me right now." His eyes were still red as he grabbed his wallet. "Take my phone babe." he said handing it to her, "I have nothing to hide, whats mine is yours." He said and headed toward the front of the bus taking her hand and pulling her along with him.

Once they were in the gas station... which was more of a travel plaza. Kane let out a sigh of relief seeing the place empty and the cashier was a man probably in hi sixties. He put the hood of his jacket down and smiled, "Deserted, we're safe." He saw some of her band get off the bus and waved to them. He was feeling better with her around. "Get anything you want babe." He said looking at snacks. He grabbed two big bags of Doritos himself and a half gallon of chocolate milk.

He looked at the snacks and ended up with combos pretzels as well. Kane liked salty snacks and sweet drinks, thats just the way he was. He was about to ask her what else they should get when he saw a gallon of sweet tea. "Mine!" He called out like a little kid. This was the Kane Brown no one got to see... and he was all hers.
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She shook her head a little bit as he started to remember. She touched her forehead feeling stupid. [b “Never listen to the drunk me saying it’s okay, ever again.”] She groaned and leaned against him for a second. She wasn’t sure as to what was going to happen then. It was a toss up in the air, but she knew that she would find out in a couple of weeks when her period was due..

As she was grabbing her laptop, she heard him answer the phone and immediately it was being thrown down the hallway, she heard the thump as it hit the ground. She grabbed it quickly and walked over to where he was. He had finished pulling out the bed and she had grabbed a couple of their pillows from the bunk when she looked at him and before she could even ask he was already telling her who it was.

[b “An ex? Well…I wouldn’t be surprised. She saw you with someone else…and of course that is when they come around. “] She said, trying to be smooth as she crawled onto the bed with him. The phone had begun to buzz down the hall and she glanced back at it, but she could see that he was hurting. When he spoke of what she had done to him, she heard the phone buzz one more time and when she had pulled away, she took a deep breath and went to grab the phone.

It rang once more and she answered it. [b “Hello. Hi Kelly, I’d appreciate it and it would be in your best interest to stop calling.”] She tried to speak, but she cut her off. [b “Oh yes, I know you would like to talk to him, but I’m taking care of the mess you made. And he’s pretty happy, so I think you should leave things well enough alone. You made your bed and now you need to lay in it. Have a good day and good life, Kelly.”] She hung up and turned off his phone before she returned to his arms.

[b “I know you don’t need me to save you as you can do that yourself, but I’ve dealt with enough crazy exes to know how to deal with them.”] She said softly.

She curled into his arms and kissed his lips. [b “I’ll never leave you because of a crazy ex, just for the record though that if she shows up and something is there, I can’t promise I’ll stay…”] She said with a smile. Kissing his lips, she traced her fingers down to the back of his neck where she pulled him closer. [b “But I know that will never happen.”] She said in between kisses as she pushed away her lap top, stretching out the sheets before she climbed into his lap.

Sitting there, she smiled, breaking the kiss, she traced his face with her fingertips. [b “We all have our issues and past problems. We have made mistakes and have our own regrets, but know that I’m here to deal with them with you for a very long while. “] She said, a smile curving into her lips as she stopped below his chin. [b “Now, baby, she’s done. She won’t call back again, and if she does, she has bigger balls than I thought, but that’s beside the point.”] She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. [b “let’s not dwell on the past. We can do that some other time or while we sing songs that were originally written about them, but think about this, we can use this as our strong point. Our building point.”]

Sitting back in his lap, still straddling his waist, putting her fingers up to trace his face, wiping away the tears. [b “We all have at least one. I’ve known one to actually call me and break glass. That was weird. He’s no longer around and he’s married now so there’s that.”] She shrugged her shoulders. [b “My point is that I want you to know that I’m here to help you get through problems like these. I’m not stepping aside. You’re mine now, and I’ll take good care of you.”] She said softly, leaning in to kiss him once more, her body arching into his.

Running through her fingers to the back of his neck again, she wanted more of him again, his kisses were like air. She needed them otherwise she was sure that this was going to be all a dream and he was going to disappear and she was going to wake up alone in her bed..hoping to get a call back about a show. But now, she was in the arms of a man who had shown her over and over again that he wanted to be with her and take care of her.

Now it was her turn to win him over and show that she could do the same for him.

[b “Remember I’m fire and you’re lightening. We can make it.”] She said, remembering the words he had told her when she was feeling unsure about things. She hoped it would work as well. Her hands traced his chest until she ran her fingers to his arms and followed them down to his hands and there she laced her fingers through his and she held them up, kissing his fingertips before setting them down in their laps.
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"I honestly don't know darlin... but I know we didn't have a condom... I remember telling you that and then I remember you telling me it was okay." He muttered looking at the ground, "It'll be okay... I know it will." He pushed the thought from his mind and sighed when she suggested a movie and relaxing.

"Yes we will get those at the next stop and not have to worry about it but whatever movie you want to watch babe is fine." He said pulling out the bed when he heard her mention his phone that was ringing. He answered it knowing few people had his number, "Hello." He said into it and heard that voice that he never wanted to hear again. He hung up the phone flinging it down the hall of the bus. He didn't want to hear her voice, he had spent weeks trying to forget her and what she did to him. Kane was happy now and in love with Anna, why in the hell did she think she could ruin that by calling him?

He finished pulling out the bed and went and picked up his phone and sighed, "That was my ex... I don't want anything to do with her and I have her number blocked so I don't know how she got my number." It was ringing again. He shook his head, "I'm not talking to her. I'd rather smash the damn phone than talk to her." It was obvious that the girl had broken him and broken his heart. Lied to him and cheated on him and most of all used him for his fame. "I broke up with her when I caught her cheating on me and she has the nerve to call me now when I'm happy... finally happy for once in my life." He said on the verge of tears. The big strong man was about to break in Anna's arms.

"I'm not allowed to be happy am I?" He asked no one in particular but spoke out loud. "Every time I think I'm happy something comes along and tries to take it away from me... first that scumbag and now her." Kane was never one to say something bad about someone and he was holding back calling Kelly a bitch now. Anna shouldn't have to deal with this. She shouldn't have to put his broken pieces back together.

Kane's phone buzzed again, "God damn it." He muttered frustrated and ignored the call once again. Kane couldn't hold it back anymore, he broke and let the tears fall. "Sweetheart I'm sorry you have to see me like this." He said hugging her to him. His phone buzzed again and he tried to ignore it. He didn't want Kelly to ruin the only thing in his life that he loved. "Promise me she won't scare you off... you gotta have one crazy ex right?" he said trying to make a joke but he was still upset about it.
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Kane had pulled her into his lap the moment that the managers had left. She smiled at him when he began to talk words, words that had been touching her heart since the moment that she finally let him in. She touched his face as he already began to speak saying that he was going to take care of them, but what really interested her is the part when he said that he was working on a song just for them. She looked at him, wondering when he had wrote the songs.

She climbed out of his lap and pulled her legs up to curl up as he went to get his notebook out of his bag. On the bunk, she watched him look through his bag to get the worn notebook, one that she had had in her hands before but she couldn’t bring herself to read even the other song that he had written and wanted to show her, but this one, he wanted to show her and sing with her.

She touched her hand to her forehead as she rubbed it softly. [b ‘You have so much faith in me, baby.”] She said softly, looking at him as he came to sit back next to her, saying that they didn’t need to sleep in the bunks anymore. She looked down, seeing the pull strings that would help it pull out into the bed. She nodded. [b “I jut hope it’s comfortable.”] She said, looking at him as he flipped through the pages.

He was set on singing with her and her head was pounding she wasn’t sure if she would be able to produce the right sounds, but he was set on moving things along. She giggled a little bit as he assured her that it was a work in progress. As he started to sing, his voice raw and passionate, and speaking words that she could only feel in her heart. The fears that she never really talked about but definitely thought about when considering a relationship…It was all the questions that she asked herself.

[i What if I was made for you and you were made for me…]

She sang softly with him, glancing back at the paper to help remember the lyrics.

[i What if this is it, what if it’s meant to be? What if I ain’t one of them fools just playin’ some game.]

She bit her lip as she was falling for him harder at this point. His creativity was driving her crazy and she was feeling so many emotions at her, but she continued on.

[i What if I pull you close, what if I lean in? And the stars line up and it’s out last first kiss? What if one of these days, baby, I go and change your name? What if I loved all these what ifs away?]

He spoke, looking at her so seriously as he spoke of singing with her and having his label sign her. She smiled at him, touching his face. [b “I didn’t see this happening either, but yes, look at where we are now. “] She said and he pulled her close to him and Ron had opened the door and brought them their food. As they had started to eat, he pointed out that he had hickies on his neck and chest. She set down her food and reached to see the hickies on his chest and neck by pulling his shirt to the side. She pressed her hands to her face as she nodded. [b “I tend to do that…”] She whispered and something told her that they didn’t use ptoection.

[b “Uhm…I think we might have…I don’t know though. I know that when I get tipsy I get frisky…I remember the tub and being sexy with you then…nothing. I just remember waking up naked with you.”] She said. [b “Did we have protection?”]

She said, her eyes tracing his as she was taking some food, going slow as her stomach started to realize that they might have had sex, but didn’t use protection…

[b “If we didn’t…did you…finish inside?”] She said, unsure about it all.

She pressed her lips together as she touched her face. She wasn’t sure as to what she could do. [b “We’ll just go with that we didn’t…and that we’ll get condoms at the next gas station stop, so then we don’t have to worry about that.”] She hoped in her heart that they didn’t…She couldn’t’ be a mom…She would freak out…

[b “you and that sweet tea though. I know just what to get you.”] She said , a laugh escaping her lips as she leaned against him. She tried to keep it light but still, in the back of her mind, she would have to keep an eye on her period that would show up within the next couple of weeks….

She continued to eat her food and when she finished, she set it aside in the trashcan. [b “I hope that I’m not going to regret eating that later. “] She said as she leaned back against him. [b “How about we go aheard and pull out the bed and watch a movie or something. Don’t we have a few hours before we reach the next stop?”] She said before she heard his phone buzzed.

[b “I’ll grab my laptop and find a movie. You can check your phone.”] She smiled and kissed his cheek.

[+blue “Hey Kane…It’s Kelly…”]
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"You are my everything... already I can't picture my life without you." He said pulling her into his lap as the managers left the bus, "What hes wrong about is you don't have to worry about anything already... anything you need or your family needs consider it done... I'm not trying to flaunt money or anything I just like taking care of those who are important to me." He held her for a few more moments before kissing her neck, "I want to show you the song I was working on for us since they want us to sing together and if we can knock out two recordings in Nashville, then it will give us an extra day off later on..."

Kane got up grabbing his song book out of his backpack he had shoved in his bunk and then said, "You know we don't have to sleep in these bunks now... this lounge pulls out to make a full size bed and since the bus is just us...bunks can be storage." He said sitting down beside her. He flipped to the page that had What Ifs scrawled across the top in his scribbled handwriting. "Its a work in progress so any ideas you have feel free to run them by me he said as he started to sing acapella."

Reading the lyrics he began, "You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you? What if I find somebody else and I don't need you?
What if this goes south, what if I mess you up?
You say what if I break your heart in two, then what?
Well I hear you girl, I feel you girl but not so fast... before you make your mind up I gotta ask."

He stopped himself, "The chorus would be both of us." He showed her the lyrics and started to sing again, "What If I was made for you and you were made for me? What if this is it, what if its meant to be? What if I ain't one of them fools just playin' some game? What if I just pull you close, what if I lean in? And the stars line up, and it's our last first kiss What if one of these days, baby, I go and change your name? What if I loved all these what ifs away?"

Their voices meshed so perfectly, Kane didn't continue. "Wow... when I started writing this... well I came up with the idea when you told me no that first night.... what if? and it spiraled from there. Now I know what my what ifs are and I can't believe your my girlfriend....babe... if we sing this for the label and record it... they'll have no choice but to sign you because you are amazing. I mean your voice is a powerhouse and I can't even measure up to it." He held her close and sighed as Ron came on the bus carrying their Mcdonald's orders. "Thanks Ron, I owe you." he honestly wasn't up to getting out and socializing after last night.

Kane's hangover was brutal and he knew Anna's had to be as well. When Ron left he smiled and asked, "Did you see the love bites you left on me last night? Sexy as hell but babe... Do you think we?" He asked not even finishing his thought before taking a drink of his sweet tea. It was his weakness.
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As he was walking around the hotel room and she was sitting there in the bed, the sheets wrapped around herself, she felt herself pleasured but then she wasn’t sure how to really remember it. The champagne had blurred her thoughts and she wasn’t sure if they had gone that far. She pressed her hand against her forehead feeling dizzy and nauseous. Pressing her lips together, she pressed her fingers to the sides of her face and she had asked what had happened last night and all he could do was come up and give her a kiss and tell her that he couldn’t remember much either.

She took in a deep breath as well as she could without wanting to throw up, but she knew that she had to get herself together. She moved the best that she could as she got dressed, dawning Kane’s flannel and he complimented her saying that she looked good in his flannel. She smiled and walked with them out of the hotel through the back so that there wasn’t going to be fans, but instead as they packed up the busses, they were faced with protestors…Only in the south…as they were bad mouthing kane because of his black heritage.

She knew that he was half and half, but that is what made him beautiful to her. Anna held her jacket tight around her waist as she helped him load stuff, but the more that they stayed out there, the harsher words that were said…

[+red “White does not belong with black. They are should be separated as always.”] One man screamed at her direction. [b “You are a whore for wanting anything to do with this scum!”] Anna looked at the man and she could feel Kane’s hand encircling her arm to protect her and pull her away. Instead she let her lips fly. [b “How dare you judge another human being!?”] She screamed, Kane having to pull her back by the waist.

[b “Your beloved bible teaches you to treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated yourself and not to judge as only God himself can judge. Read the damn lines, you hypocrite bastard.”] Kane had to pull her away and into the bus and Anna felt herself heated as she threw her jacket off her shoulders and on to the couch as they walked in. [b “How dare they say those things to you?”] She said. [b “This is stupid. This is ridiculous. Ugh, I wanted to rip his throat out!”] She said, straightening out her hair as she pulled off her beanie. [b “They have no respect.”] She was having a fit as she walked toward the sink in the bus and washed her face slightly to cool off. After dabbing the towel along her cheeks, she walked out and sat down.

[b “Mcdonalds is fine.”] She said, asking for a croissant and a hash brown with apple juice was what she wanted. She would have to eat it slow as she was feeling the adrenaline from yelling at the bastards was wearing off and she was feeling sick again.

She curled up beside him and inched her away underneath his arm as she wrapped her arms around his waist and draped her legs over his and looked up at him. [b “Those people who were yelling at you are unhappy with where they are in life, so they tear down people who are more successful than they are. You bleed the same color they do, it just takes brains to see that and clearly they don’t have any.”] She said, curling into his side and burying her face in his neck .

The bus hadn’t even moved, but people were coming onto the bus after a moment of quiet between them. When she looked up her manager looked pleased. [b “I’m okay with that. I’m not trying to captilize on our relationship though…”] She said, looking at her manager. He simply shook his head. [+red “Whether you want to or not honey, it’s show business. Anything regarding your relationships coming from tweets, and whatever those hashtags mean, everything can be used to get money. Soon you won’t have to worry about anything. People will want to be you and Kane. You guys are the next relationship goals.”]

He shook their hands and walked out, leaving them alone again and she looked up at him. [b “I’ll stand beside you and together we can face those hypocrites. You are worth more than opinions of people who are stuck in one place.”] She said, touching his cheek, feeling his skin underneath her fingertips. It was warm and she couldn’t help but lean in and give him a kiss.
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Kane chuckled and said,”You’ve met my manager and he’s full of surprises but let’s get back to that slow torture you were talking about.” He said with his hands on her waist.

The next morning as he got dressed and got up he sighed seeing love bites or hickies all over himself. They had done the deed last night. When she asked him what happened he knelt down and kissed her, “Babe I don’t remember much...too much Champagne happened that’s for sure but we know now that one bottle has us both done.” He kissed her and finished getting ready before turning to see her in his flannel. “It does fit you perfectly...and like I said before you look good in my shirt.”

Kane brushed his teeth with his Super mario electric toothbrush and smiled, “what there’s nothing wrong with super Mario...I might have a game system on the bus.” When she mentioned food his stomach growled and he nodded, “Let me text John and he will escort us and our bags to the bus and then we can find somewhere to order from....I’m not really up to being mobbed this morning and we were on entertainment tonight news love.”

Soon John and Kane were pulling the luggage out of the hotel’s back entrance and were met not with fans this time but protestors...calling Kane every name under the sun for someone who was colored..or black. Kane ignored them until they started yelling at Anna, “babe ignore them please...come on.” Kane was used to the ridicule...he had even been teased in school because of what he was. He was mixed and some people in the south had old school ideas and values and being mixed was looked down upon.

One the bus Kane sighed and pulled her close to him, this time not for her...but for him. She was his rock right now. He couldn’t help what he was or who he loved. “McDonald’s okay?” Ron asked over the loud speaker and Kane nodded, “is that okay with you?” He could get his sweet tea and a breakfast sandwich and a hash brown and he would be good to go.

Kane sat down on one of the benches in the back of the bus...it was more like a couch made into the bus and he took his hat off throwing it to the other bench across the bus...”I’m sorry you had to deal with that....I thought people had gotten used to me but apparently not and they don’t like seeing me with someone as beautiful as you apparently...I can’t lose you Anna...you mean so much to me already.” He held her as he heard the bus door open. It was their managers.

Hers sat down smiling and Kane’s stood, “Listen we need to know what your plans and intentions are for you relationship and if we should capitalize on it?” Kane looked confused, “what are you trying to say?” Her manager spoke, “you two singing together could sell millions of albums...what do you say?” Kane looked at Anna and said, “if she wants to then I’m in.” Her manager nodded, “Good man.”
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The note that was placed on the champagne made Anna a little nervous as she held it up and shook her head. [b “That man surprises me all the time.”] She said, sighing heavily as she let it fall down to the floor as he had kissed her neck. She opened up the bottle and let it fizz a little before she poured the glasses. She finished her first glass of champagne, and she poured herself another , feeling the champagne already down in her toes by the end of the middle of her second drink. She smiled as she leaned into him. [b ‘it’s bubbly. I like bubbly wines and champagnes. It can be good, but the dry stuff is difficult.”] She made a ew face and then giggled as she had more champagne and made more for him.

[b “have another drink baby.”] She said, leaning in for a kiss. She was the definition of a light weight, and it didn’t take much of the right stuff to keep her going. Moving to her own beat, she walked bare foot into the bathroom and turned off the water before she stripped herself of her clothing except for lingerie and she could hear Kane’s reaction as she had done so.

[i Are you trying to kill me…in that tub…wearing that…drinking champagne…if you wanted to kill me there are easier ways.]

She held up her glass and kicked a bare leg up out of the water, splashing some. [b “Oh no darling. If I had wanted faster death, I would have just fully stripped, but I’m into the slow torture.”] She said with a giggle as he climbed in there with her. It didn’t take long for her to drink more and find herself straddled over his waist. She had set her glass down, feeling the effects only a few drinks in. She giggled, enjoying his kisses as she was splashing in the water. As the champagne officially sank into her body, she slowly let the liquid over take her mind.


The next morning, she was feeling Kane’s lips on hers. She wasn’t in anything and they were tangled up in the sheets. Her head pounded and she felt that everything was super loud. She didn’t want to get up. When he whispered that it ws noon and they needed to get up soon, she opened her eyes but soon found them closed again as he kissed her more, pulling her closer to him. She wasn’t sure as to what happened last night, she couldn’t remember. When she was still trying to take up, she shifted in the sheets, her body aching from what she didn’t know, but she pulled her sheets up to cover her chest.

[b “What happened last night…”] She whispered, wondering what had happened. She knew that she was naked, but she wasn’t sure as to what else happened. Her eyes traced his frame, the light was a little bright and she touched her forehead lightly, feeling the pain. [b “I need advil.”] She said groaning as he asked if she was okay. From the room as she looked around, the room was destroyed. Her bra was hanging off the lamp, she couldn’t find her underwear anywhere visibly from her status in bed, but she was also seeing her boots spread in the bathroom.

[b “I think maybe we had a rodeo, and my bra was the lasso.”] She said, running her fingers through her hair as she tried to move without feeling nauseous. She pressed her lips together and moved slowly and with purpose until she was standing with the sheet draped around her and she reached for her bag, pulling it toward her. She gripped some underwear and pulled it on before grabbing her leggings and pulling them on over her waist. Grabbing a tank top, she looked at him and slipped on the flannel that he had laid on the bed and slipped on her riding boots with it, completing the look.

When he walked around and came back into view, she held his flannel tight around her small frame. [b “It fits perfectly.”] She said and released it, pulling on a beanie and grabbing her bra from the lamp before she scounged for more of her clothing and shoved it in her bag. [b “Let’s try to eat food and get out of here.”]

She brushed her teeth real quick and then she stuffed her stuff in her makeup bag and zipped it up walking out. Her stomach was achy and she wasn’t really wanting food, but she knew that she would need to eat to feel better later on in the day. Their next stop was in Jackson. Mississippi, right in line that in a few weeks they would be in Memphis then onto Nashville..

Soon they were going to be on the bus and she was already getting calls from her boss asking if she had liked the champagne. She had told him thank you and that because of it she was not feeling well. He had only laughed before telling her it was a consequence of the job. She chuckled unsarcastically and hung up the phone as she was still feeling hung over.
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Kane chuckled and said,”no I didn’t, is there a note?” He held her waist and saw a small card by the champagne, “To Kane and Anna, May all of your ups and downs be in bed.” It was from her manager. Kane shook his head, “your manager has high hopes....but I’m not pressuring you into anything.” He muttered kissing her neck before she went to pop open the bottle.

In all seriousness it had been awhile since he had been with anyone and he wasn’t prepared even if she wanted to....it would have to wait. Kane kissed her and said,” I didn’t know you were a champagne drinker...I still have to see you with wine but that can be when we are alone with no cameras.” He took a drink of his glass of champagne and whispered in her ear... “would you like me to join you in the jacuzzi.” He could wear his underwear.

When he saw her strip as she walked to the bathroom he groaned, “Anna...are you trying to kill me...in that tub...wearing that...drinking champagne...if you wanted to kill me there are easier ways.” He muttered stripping his shirt off before losing his jeans and sliding in the tub with her.

The next morning Kane woke up in bed holding Anna close to him. He didn’t remember much of what happened last night...way too much Champagne...that was for sure. All he remembered was telling her that he didn’t have condoms...he hadn’t planned for this. He didn’t know if they slept together or not but she was in his arms. Kane glanced at the clock, “Anna baby wake up its noon and we leave on the bus at two...we should get up and get some food and get packed and back on the bus.” He said kissing her lips, not wanting to pull away just yet.

Last night Kane had turned his phone off and he knew that Anna had done the same with hers. He kissed her again and again, showering her in kisses to wake her up. “Get up beautiful.” He muttered getting up and pulling on his sweats. Judging by the room, they had had a hell of a party themselves last night. “Anna...darlin’...” he muttered coming to her side of the bed... “are you alright princess?” He didn’t want to hurt her and if he had done something wrong he wanted her to tell him.

Kane made a mental note to buy condoms as well as Mountain Dew and Doritos before they got on the bus....in their careers they didn’t need a baby just yet and hell they had only been dating one night...Kane wanted to be careful. He went around the room gathering his clothes and finding his boots. He laid his flannel on the bed that he was going to wear and didn’t know if Anna would want to steal it or not.
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She sank into his kiss, she wanted nothing more to feel more of him with the kisses. Her body had curved into his movements, but soon he was pulling away smiling at her as he laughed about being called cheese ball and being cheesy yet again by claiming that he hoped it was their last first. She smiled and shook her head but he was soon holding her cheek, kissing her again, pressing those beautiful full lips against her own. His arms pulled her closer and she curved into him as if she needed him for air to breathe.

When he pulled away, his arms loosening only slightly, he looked at her saying what every girl wants to hear. She blushed and shook her head as she buried her face in his chest. And it was perfect timing as he spoke of having cheesy pizza with a cheesy boyfriend. She giggled and nodded as they went to see what all they were given when he had ordered the pizza. The food laid out and it was a teenage dream. She laughed as she looked at everything. Plastic plates and cups for the mountain dew. She shook her head as she held her hand up to her mouth in complete shock. [b “You’ve outdone yourself.”] She said smiling at him. They sat down on the bed and they were continuing to look at the food.

[i I want to post a picture on Instagram…you posted one…but I’m yours now…]

All she could do was smile as she pushed his phone in his direction. [b “It’s been going crazy, but let us post something and then we can turn it off and turn off the real world until tomorrow.”] She said as she scooted closer to him . She smiled for a picture and let him caption how it was before she pulled him closer for another kiss before she got up and started reaching for the pizza. [b “Babe, you’re great but I want pizza.”] She said as she pulled a couple of slices on to a plate and poured herself a cup of the mountain dew. [b “And you have outdone yourself because I love Moutain Dew too. How am I going to deal with you stealing all my favorites?”] She growled as she giggled, taking sisp of the carbonated drink.

As they settled in and she leaned against the pillow and they were eating, she looked at him when he spoke, that deep voice catching her attention quickly. [b “If you were to tell me that when we first met I’m not sure if I would have believed you.”] She said as she took another bite of her pizza, enjoying the taste of both flavors that he had ordered. She was not picky when it came to food. She was enjoying sitting here eating pizza, discussing this with him, but she wasn’t sure how this could last…Her eyes traced over his face as he spoke and he had kissed her cheek. She leaned into it giggling softly.

He was eating his pizza when he broke into the topic of Christmas. It was a few months away and she shook her head with a smile on her face when he was speaking. He looked so desperate to have a Christmas she nodded. [b “You know, you are the first man who after just started dating me was already planning Christmas. It’s only July darling. But I am very much attracted to your want to spend so much time with me. It’s like a breath of fresh air…”] She said softly. It was all the right things. It was all the right moves, how could this be possible? So fast….Did it really happen this fast when you met someone that could possibly be the one?

As they enjoyed their pizza, she sank into the blankets enjoying being near him. It had been a while since she had been able to just relax with someone without the pressure of having to do anything. She looked downward as she finshed her plate and she set it down on the night stand taking one last sip of her drink before she straightened up.

[b “I think I might sink into that Jacuzzi.”] She said as she got up, stripping herself of her jacket, hanging it on the door as she walked by it. Letting it hang there, she walked over to the tub and turned on the steaming water and let it begin to fill before she walked out, noticing some champagne that was sitting in ice next to the tub . She reached over and picked it up. [b “Kane, did you order this too?”] She questioned as she walked out into the room. [b “Why would you have champagne?”] She asked.

She was curious as to the reason why the man would have ordered champagne as if he already knew that she was going to say yes. Some would be flattered, but she wasn’t sure as to why he would have champagne unless he was planning on getting some whether they were going to be dating or not…

What really was his intentions?

Her eyes looked at him and her heart was beating fast in her chest and her breath was shallow, but she waited, waited to hear what he had to say. Maybe he had ordered it after she had said yes? She didn’t notice it before? She ran her fingers through her hair and looked back at the cart seeing the wine bottle opener there. She pulled the glasses out and walked over to him, setting herself in his lap. [b “Either way, we can pretend to be fancy and drink some champagne to celebrate, huh?”] She said as she opened it, letting the bottle fuzz after it popped. She laughed, as someone of it had got on her boots and legs, giving her a little cold chill. She smiled and poured glasses for them both before setting down the bottle and she looked at him, draping her free arm around his neck. [b “To us, baby.”] She said, hoping that this wasn’t short lived.

The tub was almost full and the bubbles were beginning to overflow. She finished her glass and looked back at him, pulling off her shirt as she walked backwards toward the bathroom, and stripping off her cut off jeans and boots and socks before she turned off the water. She left herself in her lingerie and stepped in, feeling the hot water surround her cold feet. She climbed in, letting out squeals as she sank down into the hot water. [b “It feels so good. You were right.”]
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Kane melted into her lips, the kiss was effortless but so perfect at the same time. Like breathing... “I know I’m a cheeseball but hopefully...fingers crossed that was our last first kiss.” He kisses her again, letting his hands fall to her waist and pull her closer to him, pressing against him. “I can’t believe I get to call the most beautiful girl in country music...my girlfriend....honestly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.”

He held her and smiled, “cheesy pizza with your cheesy boyfriend?” He asked and walked toward the pizza that he had pre ordered. Two pizzas, one just cheese and one sausage and pepperoni along with a 2 liter of Mountain Dew. “Mountain Dew is my favorite pop and I didn’t know what you liked other than my Doritos so I tried...but there’s pizza and a jacuzzi...and I want to post a picture on Instagram....you posted one so I feel like we should take a picture and just put the caption as that check emoji and write yes because well it might have been cheesy but I’m yours now.”

The video was already online and going viral. People were tagging them left and right. Even her family was texting it to her. Kane had a few friends in Georgia that he had known his entire life, one was Treyvon or Trey that made music videos now and he was going to ask him to direct and film the video for his new single that he was going to record in Nashville. Everyone was buzzing about the new couple and they had only been officially a couple for maybe thirty minutes but Kane was already happier than he had ever been with Kelly or his high school girlfriends who had cheated on him and left him in the dust. Come to think of it he had never been with a girl that hadn’t cheated on him. He knew Anna was different. They had both been hurt and were saving each other.

“By the way I know I can handle you...you handle me better than anyone ever has...my mom used to tell me I’d never find someone that would be able to hold me down because I have a wild soul and a country heart.” He said as he slid two pieces of pizza onto a paper plate, “it ain’t fancy but that’s okay...first dates don’t have to be fancy.” He said kissing her cheek again. “Not to get off topic but your mom asked where I live and I said Nashville and she said maybe a Nashville Christmas wouldn’t be too bad....babe I haven’t had a family Christmas since I was 12 years old and my grandma was around....I know we just started dating but you can tell your mom that I’d like that a lot.” He knew Christmas and the holidays were months away but he was hoping since the tour would be coming to a break then that maybe they could have a Christmas at his house.

Kane had lived in his house maybe a month before the tour started and he had never invited his ex there. When he left he still had boxes to unpack but she would see that when he showed her the house. It wasn’t your normal house, it was a mansion and Kane wanted to share it with her....maybe get a dog. He sighed, he was getting ahead of himself...they had just started dating and were eating pizza in a hotel in New Orleans for their first date.
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