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[b “You and all of your fancy things.”] She said, giggling at him dismissing everything that he needed to hang up. There were plenty in those boxes that he needed to put up, and maybe she thought she would help him between sexy sessions. Her mind was elsewhere when he talked about getting his dream car and that the cars that were in the garages were open for her use. She shook her head. [b “I don’t want to impose.”] She said softly, looking to the side as she was looking around in the studio before they were walking out to the garage. She could see all the cars there and all the different toys that he was talking about.

[b “My brother likes 4wheelers, but my mom and dad are against it, mostly because they are old.”] She laughed and ran her fingers over the seat of one of the toys that he had sitting there as Kane pulled out the escalade. Stepping away, she pulled herself into the escalade completely overwhelmed by the niceness of the vehicle before she continued her conversation. [b “So the only one who you will be having fun with and tearing up your yard will be me and my bro. I’m not sure how fiancé will take the fact that you have all these motor vehicles. I’ve never seen her on anything at the ranch.”] She said, looking ahead as she crossed her legs, trying not to get any scuff marks on the dash as she did so.

[b “Yes, My bro would love to see the guitar stash you have hiding. He might even play some of them. Perhaps you and him could play a little bit tonight. He can show you how he plays and he can probably even play some of your songs, or other covers you’re so good at singing.”] She smiled, squeezing his hand in her own.

It wasn’t that long of a drive as they finally pulled up to the airport. They were able to get in and see her parents and brother and fiancé come out of their terminal without much trouble. Helping them get their bags, Anna paused, pulling her mom into a hug. It hadn’t been that long being apart, but she was excited to have them there again. Getting a kiss on the cheek from her dad, she hugged them close. [b “I missed you.”] She said to both of them. Her parents smiled and squeezed her hand. [+red “We missed you too baby.”] Momma said, looking at her daughter as they let her go as Kane was reaching for their bags, pulling it over his shoulder and together they walked to the car.

[+red “Fella, yes. Steaks sound wonderful. Let’s see how you can cook.”] Her dad piped up, touching his stomach. Anna laughed at her daddy before looking at Kane with a grin. [b “Get ready. Diner, driveins and dives are about to become your next favorite show when you’re with my dad and all of his recipes.”] She shook her head and giggled as she took the keys from him, catching them easily in the air as she pressed the buttons just right to get the automatic start going while they were walking out to cool the car off.

She walked with her bro who looped her arms through his as they walked. [+green “How are you liking Nashville?”] He asked. She looked up at him and leaned against him. [b “I love it here. You’re going to love Kane’s place, Max. He’s got a guitar room, a studio, and toys like 4 wheelers. You’re going to have fun while you’re here.”] He only laughed. [+green “That only sounds like danger especially if he has alcohol there.”] He laughed. His hearty laughed filled her heart and she squeezed his arms. [b “You are not allowed to do anything stupid that could get your hurt.”]

[+green “No promises. You know that.”] Krista said, giggling. Max glared at her before smiling because he knew that she was right. Anna just shrugged her shoulders and walked on, opening the doors for everyone as Kane helped her dad load the bags in the trunk before they were able to leave. It wasn’t until they were leaving when there were flashes of cameras in their directions. [b “Gosh Darnit.”] Anna said, feeling the flashes on her face. She lifted her hand in front of her face and she reached for Kane’s hand during the flashes of the paparazzi before they were able to get out of the terminal parking garage. [+red “Well that was eventful. Do you face this all the time, kane?”] Her dad asked, looking out the window, seeing the group of people that were gathering behind them.

Anna looked at him and nodded. [b “Unfortunately…”] She said softly.

She leaned her head back, laughing as her parents were deciding to tell embarrassing stories and they weren’t even back to the house yet with alcohol in their hands. After getting home, Anna helped them get their bags inside and into their rooms. [+red “Me and your dad are going to settle in and wash up. And I think Max and Krista are going to take a look at the garage if you want to head up to the store.”] Her mom said, clasping her hands over her own. Anna smiled and kissed her mom on the cheek. [b “Okay Momma. We’ll be back soon.”]

She grabbed Kane’s hand and moved their way out to the car again. It was quiet, and everyone was distracted. She pressed him up against the car, pressing her lips against his for a moment. [b “I think they really like you. Especially if my dad is willing to cook with you. Usually he insists on cooking. All of it.”] She said, squeezing his hand. [b “Let us go and we can run and get food. Make sure we get jalapenos. If you want my dad to like you, make stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos. “]

She smiled and together they went to the store, traveling through the aisles, trying to stay out of people’s way. There people were familiar with the couple already. Stars lived here, they were a normal occurrence. She felt grateful when the people who worked there were able to help them have a safe and fun grocery shopping experience.

Later on that night, food was spread over the counters. Her and her mom were cooking in the kitchen and her father was outside showing Kane different things on the grill. [+red “And this is what you do when you want to smoke on your grill, as well as use it to charr your meat.”] He said, going on. Anna blushed as she looked out through the window, glancing back at her mom before she went back to cutting up the vegetables they were to have there that night. [b “I feel so bad for Kane.”] She said and her mother laughed. [+red “Yes darling, I feel the same.”] Together they laughed and she continued to go back to cutting vegetable s.

Pulling herself away from the cutting, she washed her hands and walked out to the backyard where the grill had been all set up. [b “Daddy are you terrorizing my boyfriend?”] She said. Her father looked at her and shook his head. [+red “Not at all darling.”] She rolled her eyes and gave Kane a hug. [b “Have you seen Max?”]
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Kane chuckled, "Yeah maybe you can help me with those boxes... some of them are my gold and platinum records I need to hang up in the hall... so theres not much in those boxes." When she saw the escalade he chuckled, "Theres more cars and toys in the garage and the pole barn out back. I like cars and when I first started I bought my dream cars... your welcome to drive any of them and there are quads and dirt bikes in the barn, do your brother or your dad ride? Your brother will get a kick out of the guitar room. Its by the studio and houses all 57 of my guitars... I can't play well but companies hand them to me for events and photo shoots and I've kept them all... I even have my baby guitar from when I was little and my grandma got it for me."

He drove the short distance to the airport dancing in his seat and holding her hand. "I want you... all of you tonight... as well... its a good thing the guest rooms are on the other side of the house... but it all else fails the studio is sound proof." He said and kissed her as they got out to find her parents.

No one was really paying attention to them in the airport, she had been right, they were all too tired to care. Traveling did that to you. Kane looked at the arrivals board and found their terminal. "Gate 17 F." He muttered as they wandered through the airport finally finding the terminal and seeing her brother and mother standing there. "Did you bring your fiance?" he asked her brother with a smile and then saw her behind him, "hey Darlin'." He muttered hugging her. He knew she was a fan and got a kick out of it and it made Anna laugh.

Her mom and dad hugged him as well, "Well I have the car outside, can I help ya'll with your bags?" he asked picking up a few of their stray bags. He tossed Anna the keys, "Babe you can unlock the car so I can load these... is anyone hungry? Pizza can be ordered and get to the house after we do or Anna and I can stop at the store and pick up some food and I can grill some steaks?" It was honestly up to them. Kane was good with either. Going out really wasn't an option because of who they were but he was trying to give her family some good options.

Pulling into the garage Kane smiled and said, "Welcome... there are 7 guest rooms, pick any you'd like..." He wasn't sure how her family would react to his home, "Please excuse the boxes I had just moved in before the tour started and I didn't have time to unpack fully and Anna and I were here for maybe an hour before we came to pick ya'll up."
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Anna was standing in the foyer. It was plain and open. There were boxes on either side of her and there were things spread everywhere. She wondered if he even had [i any] time to unpack at all. He said he had only been here a few weeks before they left, but she wasn’t sure how much stuff he actually had. Still holding the photos in her hand, she ran her fingers over the glossed paper, leaning against the wall. She traced their faces softly, a smile on her own as she wanted to be this happy..She wanted to live with the love of her life and have babies playing in the front yard. She felt her own stomach twinge with hope.

[i “Babe, I’m in the studio, come down the hall, last door on the left…my keys were in here.”] He had called. His voice echoing from down the hall.

Looking up, she walked steadily toward the room that he had directed her to, passing down the hall. Her feet skipped slightly until she was standing in the door way with the photographs in her hand. She leaned heavily against the door frame and she looked at him sitting in his fancy studio. He was handsome and all she loved to do was look at him. If she could do it all day, she would. With a simple smile, he had asked her what she had in her hands and she walked forward, letting him take it from her. [b “It’s the photos I had found in the boxes upstairs in the attic I guess. I was peeking through each door and found the stairway up there. It was homey up there.”] She said.

She wasn’t much for believing in ghosts, but she felt something warm and happy up there. Pressing her lips together, she wrapped her arms loosely around his body as he looked at the photos, his lips parting to explain that the house had been abandoned for the past few years and the family that owned it before was possibly the boy sitting on the ground in the photo. She smiled to herself, and there, he spoke of her exact thoughts when he looked at her. His smile made her a little weak in the knees.

[b “Yes, I would like that.”] She said softly. Her interests always lied in the historical things. She loved going to museums, reading the backgrounds of different objects. She liked looking at objects involved in war, especially clothing that the men and women had wore…As the times changed, the clothing always changed as what they needed. It was just simply fascinating to the female.

She leaned into his kiss, unwrapping one arm from his body and touched his cheek with her palm. Addicted, she needed as much as she needed oxygen. Smiling and blushing a little bit when he pulled away, he spoke of the boxes that she had mentioned about. [b “Well, first things first, we need to go through your boxes baby.”] She said. [b “I was standing in your living room and foyer, there was nothing but boxes.”]

Letting him finish, she giggled and shook her head. [b ‘You’re just my big handsome man…They can’t handle your muscles.”] She said, lightly squeezing his arms. With her parents in mind, she nodded when he had checked the time. [b ‘Yes, you lead the way. Please drive. I get nervous in big city settings. Especially airports.”] She said, tucking her phone into her pocket and walking out as he had grabbed the keys following quickly behind.

Together they walked out to the garage. She found her lips parting a little wider than normal… [b “The escalade?”] She whispered. Her heart was racing as he backed out in the beautiful white escalade. [b ‘Oh baby…you have excellent tastes.”] She said, crawling into the front seat, feeling the leather under her rear and her body just sink in. She smiled, smelling the new car smell. [b “Oh geezus…so nice. I can’t do anything in this vehicle. I feel like I’ll break it.”] She said, looking around. Her family was not poor, but definitely not rich either…They were going to shit bricks.

As he climbed in, he said something about a delivery. With a smile, she rolled her eyes. [b “Well I wonder why smart one.”] She said. [b “It’s not like we’re not the talk of twitter right now, but I am excited to see what it is that they got me. I’m not used to such gifts.”] She said, crossing her legs and leaning back into the seat. Slipping on her aviators, she glanced at him, her fingers running through her hair. A habit.

[b “My parents are going to flip baby. Your place is so nice…even with all of the boxes.”]

She was playing DJ as they drove to the airport. Every song at least one of them knew it and was dancing and enjoying each other’s company. Playing his own music, Anna played Kane’s songs, dancing in her seat, laughing as she loved hearing his voice. With a simple smile on her face, she pulled on her seatbelt and leaned forward to press a quick kiss on his lips, her free hand resting between his legs. [b “I want you tonight, in every sense of the word, sweetheart.”]

Pulling up to the airport, they parked and went to go find her parents at their terminal. Getting out of the car, she laced her fingers through his as she looked up at him, leaning in for a kiss. [b “Let’s be quick. Hopefully everyone is too tired to notice that we are here.”]

At least she hoped…
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"Babe I'm in the studio, come down the hall, last door on the left... my keys were in here." he said peeking his head out the doorway. He noticed her carrying something that he hadn't seen before. "Whats that?" He asked curious.

Kane had had the last room made into a studio and the rest of the house was nice but it had been remodeled on the inside over the years. The house was over 100 years old. It had been a plantation at one point but with the rennovations and pool and jacuzzi added. You couldn't really tell unless you knew.

He looked down at the photographs in her hands, "These aren't mine... must have came with the house. Like I said I haven't lived here long. When I bought the place they did some rennovations for me like the studio and fixed the pool but no one had lived here for about 5 years and before that it had been in a family since it was built. The old man died in a nursing home and this had been his house when he was a kid... I was told that when I bought it. I got a very good deal but the rennovations made up for that... that must have been him." he said pointing to the little boy playing in the photographs.

Kane smiled, "Maybe someday we can take our own picture like this... put them up together... it was their house first after all. When the construction crew was rennovating they found a few things in the backyard like a key and some civil war buttons in the dirt. This place has a history and thats one of the reasons I wanted this house and not a new house. Preserve some of the history instead of tearing it down. All the moulding is original and the stained glass one in the living room is original and one of a kind. It was apparently custom made for this house. We Put the studio in, fixed the pool, new roof, new floors, paint... they did alot but I love this house and I'm happy that someday... maybe soon I will get to share it with you?" He said asking her in a statement and a question at the same time.

He kissed her and heard that there were more boxes. "We should look through those boxes sometime this week. See what else we find. I know this was part of the underground railroad, the closet under the stairs has a crawlspace that goes to the basement in it, I checked it out when I bought the house. Barely fit but I made it through." Kane was tall but not abnormally tall. "Must have been some small people." He kissed her again and looked at his phone, "We should go so your family isn't waiting. Theres plenty of extra rooms and I will give you all the grand tour when your family gets here."

Kane led her to the garage and flipped on the light and the switch that opened the garage door. He had his cars and toys in here. "We're taking the Escalade, theres enough room for everyone and their luggage... oh and theres supposed to be a delivery tomorrow for you from Sony/RCA, I got the shipping notification on my phone since its my house. They seemed to figure you'd be with me... They're not wrong."
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In the midst of everything, she was about to flip…The heels as they were laying on the floor looked as if they were there put there by someone who had just taken them off…She pressed her lips together, her heart racing in her ears and in her chest. She could feel the thumping in her chest with every step that he had been taking up those stairs. It felt like years before he had walked in and immediately started cleaning up things, saying that it was things that he had thrown around because it was Kelly’s things…but yet she had never been there…Was she planning on moving in?

Her eyes looked at him as he was picking up the things, her eyes staring at the lingerie that was now finding its way into the box along with the heels that had been so delicately placed on the floor. Pressing her lips together, she didn’t say a word. She just stood there, her bags against the wall of the doorway…Her feet frozen in there, she couldn’t find herself to move very much. She could only picture him in the midst of tears and rage throwing shit against the wall and she was frozen in terror to realize that Kelly had really ripped him apart on the inside…

She bit her lip slightly as she watched him finish putting things into the box that looked related to the woman and she followed him silently to the back of the garage where he lit things on fire. The immediate heat that spread up from the fire made her front warm and he came to wrap his arms around her waist from behind and together they looked into the fire…the flames that would signify officially everything was done with Kelly… her things burning and his eyes free of tears from her. She looked back at him when he was saying enough of the sad things…the sad events and what she actually wanted to do. He had hit it though, exploring would be nice, but she couldn’t find herself speaking with he let her go and she was left cold due to the fire fizzling out and the contents burned and into ashes.

She sighed slightly and looked back at the house. [b “Exploring would be good…”] She said, her eyes glancing back at his when he came up, his arms circling around her again. His lips were against her skin and he said that in the futre it would be there house if she wanted it. A smile made its way on her face, feeling herself warming in other places when he did that. [b “I would like that baby.”] She said softly, hugging him close until he suggested that she go and explore while he went to go look for keys and he slipped away from her. She followed him back into the kitchen and there she disappeared through down to the hallways.

As she walked down the hallways, she dipped into room after room, her feet carrying her slowly down until she came to a stairwell that led to a stairway that was hidden from the main hallway. She walked up, taking slow steps on the creaky stairs and she came up to the tip top of the house, a small balcony in front of her. There was dust, things stacked on either side in boxes and she wondered if they were Kane’s since he had just moved in.

She ran her fingers over the boxes and she looked inside, finding pictures, many pictures. She picked up the thick paper, feeling the heaviness of the ink that were on them and she stared at them, seeing pictures of young children that she didn’t know. She saw what she thought were their parents with them, smiles and she could practically feel the love between the parents when she flipped to the next photograph seeing them smiling at each other standing in the doorway of the very house.

Her fingers traced the photo and she set it down, moving through the next few memories someone had left behind and she found trinkets, young horses and toys that she assumed was for the children and then she came to the bottom. Setting everything back, she looked around seeing many more boxes laying around. Dust had begun to form on them, a thick layer as she walked around. Running her fingers through her hair, she glanced around, finding a tall mirror. She smiled and covered the mirror back up and walked over to a circle window that was there. She could see the backyard and the acreage that Kane had acquired with the mansion.

It was beautiful.

Pressing her lips together, she pulled away from the window and walked over to the box again, lifting the lid and picked up the photograph. [b “I bet Kane would love to see this.”]

She smiled and took the photo with the couple standing in the doorway and the picture of the family with their children playing in the front yard, it was beautiful, and she wanted to make memories just like this…

[b “Kane?”] She said, coming back to the foyer after getting lost on a few turns. She wondered where he was as she carried the heavy stock photos in her hand waiting for her prince charming to pop up so they could leave to pick up her parents.
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"Yeah babe?" he asked from the kitchen where he was putting the things from the bus fridge into the actual fridge. He hadn't wandered around yet, their bags still sitting by the stairs in the foyer. He walked to where her voice was coming from, "Problem?" He asked concerned as he wandered up to his room. Seeing the heels and lingerie he sighed, "Yeah, not what you think it is for sure... like I said I just moved here and I was unpacking before I left and well Kelly had pissed me off and I happened to open a box that the movers had packed and her things were in it... I was furious and I smashed that perfume bottle against the wall... threw it everywhere.... I had every intention of burning it all in a fire... still do want to burn it but I ended up going on the tour earlier than suspected so it stayed where it was. She hadn't even worn this stuff but thats the past and trust me theres no future with that. I would add her to the burn pile if I could."

Kane muttered picking up the heels sighing. "I'm sorry you had to walk into the aftermath of my rage... I'm not a mean or violent person... just you know when sometimes you've had enough? Thats there I was." He took an empty box off of a pile and started shoving everything into it. "Want to start our days off by having a bonfire and burning this?" He asked showing her the box full of things. Kelly had messed him up. "Just to ease your mind, no she doesn't know where I live and no shes never been here.... other than me your the first person that has been here."

He wandered out through the kitchen to the backyard and past the jacuzzi and pool, and behind the barn and extra garage. He had paid to have this house built. Everything was perfect... even the tiles in the pool made his logo in the bottom. Kane dropped the box on the ground and took a book of matches that he had grabbed from the kitchen and lit one, dropping it in the box. "That felt good." He said wrapping his arms around her waist. "I don't hate people...ever... but I hate Kelly.... wish I would have never met her...." It was obvious that he was getting upset. He shook his head sighing, "Enough of the heavy darlin' whats the first thing you want to do? Actually explore the house? Theres a studio in it....state of the art....and a movie theatre... I had this house built... if you can think of it. Its probably here or I thought about putting it in here." He watched the box fizzle out and threw the contents into a trash can.

"This is my house... maybe someday... if you want... someday soon... our house." He said kissing her neck. He knew they had to go get her family at the airport. "Let me get our bags to our room and you can explore while I look for where I put my keys." He had cars and toys in both garages and the barn.
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Anna looked at him, listening to the amount of cheese falling out of his mouth with his romantic words. She crawled over to him and kissed him hard for a moment. [b “You and your loveydovey words drive me crazy, but the more you talk, the more I fall.”] She whispered, her eyes looking into his as his shirt had decided to ride up a little bit, showing the curve of her ass just slightly. Her boy shorts were terrible at covering.

[b “Your turn darling.”] She said, looking at him, biting her lip a little bit as she let her curly hair fall slowly down her shoulder as she leaned back.

Later on, She was sitting next to Kane, smiling at her drummer, watching him gleam as she brought up that he would have time off to do whatever he wanted. [+green “I’m sure Carrie would love to hear that. She’s been worried with us on tour and at the first stop with Jake coming by.”] He specified and Anna pulled her leg up and leaned against it, resting her elbow on her knee. [b “Jake won’t be seen again.”] She whispered and she let her eyes falter as they fell down to look at the table.

Getting the subject changed, Kane was lightening up the mood with asking about his kids. She smiled and let her drummer pipe up as he pulled out his phone, showing him his screen saver of a dark haired young boy with his arms around his little red headed sister, sitting on a bale of hay in plaid. [+green “I have a little boy and a little girl, Kyle and Annie.”] He said, his smile a little brighter when he was talking about them. [+green “Kyle is thirteen and Annie is eight.”] Anna smiled at her drummer as she glanced at Kane. [b “They are beautiful and so sweet. I love them both.”]

[+green “According to Carrie, Annie hasn’t stopped singing Anna’s song since they watched the show online together. Annie kept pointing at the screen saying she wanted a love just like Kane and Anna.”] Anna couldn’t help but blush and look at Kane with her big green eyes. He was handsome, that charming smile and goofy personality pushed her over the edge and made her say yes. He was a dork…but a dork that she wanted to keep forever.

After the food had arrived and they were finishing up talking about kids, she watched Kane devour the plate and she couldn’t help but giggle when he was looking at her when the pie came. His eyes had traced her healthier food choice and he had just shook his head, probably thinking something cute in his head like she didn’t need to eat healthy. The pie looked delicious, and she wasn’t against trying it as she lifted her spoon after him giving her the green light. [b “I’m not going to say no to pie that looks like that.”] She said, smiling, taking a piece with her fork.

The moment the food hit her tongue, she was in heaven all over again. She groaned and took the plate from him. [b “Get your own piece. This is mine.”] She laughed, swallowing the beautiful piece of foodwork.

It wasn’t until they were done with the pieces of pie, they were leaving the restaurant happy and full when he put his hat on her head after giving her a sweet and pie laced kiss and turned around telling her to hop on. She smiled, looking behind them as her drummer was recording things already. [b “Okay!”] She said, smiling when she hopped on his back and wrapped her arms loosely around his shoulders giggling as he carried her to the bus. When they reached the bus she leaned down and gave him soft neck kisses, her fingers curling around his muscular arms. [b “Damn, I am one lucky woman to call you mine, dork.”] She giggled and he had set her down when they got on and he smoothly pressed her up against the wall, invading her mouth with his kisses.

She melted in his arms and wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. [b “Darling, I am falling for you so hard each moment.”] She said in between kisses. She wanted him more and more, heat was filling her body and it ached with need. When he had pulled his lips away to speak to her, to ensure her that he had never felt this way for anyone else, she smiled and traced his face with her fingertips. [b “Your actions tell me that every minute of the day since you’ve met me.”] She smiled. [b “Don’t ever change Kane. I want you for you, goofiness and all.”]

She had leaned in to kiss him again, running her fingers down his chest, pulling him closer to her for a moment…oh how she wanted him.

After a few days of movie dates, more sexy truth or dare cards and enjoying nights together, they were finally walking into Nashville. When the bus had reached his place, she walked out with her bag and makeup bag in tow when she felt her jaw drop at the scene…It was gorgeous…columns in the front…exquisite landscaping in the front…she had fallen for a celebrity…and she was still getting used to the fact of all the nice things that were coming along with that too.

She wasn’t sure how to feel as she listened to him, hearing that she needed to grab everything she was going to need. After carrying her things inside and seeing boxes, she could see for his explanation about finding things. [b “Well…that means I’ll be able to help you decorate.”] She smiled at him, walking out to the bus to grab her guitar, notebook, and small things like chargers and headphones and laptop.

Once she felt comfortable with getting everything, Ron and the bus had taken off and they were left there to hurry and set their stuff up quickly before running to the airport to grab her parents. However…walking into the house, she smelled perfume.

[b “Kane?”] She said, wondering as to where he was. She had lost him when she was gathering things in the bus. Walking forward and up to the stairs, she walked to what she thought was the master bedroom and there…she found lingerie laying on the bed…and high heels on the floor like they had been worn.

She dropped her bags, wondering what the hell was going on…He said that he didn’t live there but 3 weeks before they left for the tour…she called for him again. [b “Kane!”]

She walked up to the lingerie, picking it up. Lace everything, completely see through, red in color and she was confused as to why it was there…[b “Don’t jump to conclusions Anna…”] She whispered.
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Kane looked at her smiling, “one opportunity I wish I would have taken....I don’t really have one because I say never regret anything in life because at one time it was exactly what you wanted...but if I could do something differently to change something? I don’t know...I have everything I’ve ever wanted right here in this bus.”

At the diner later that night Kane had his arm around her, “Yeah just one show and if you want to go back you’ll have six free days. We’re the ones who will be working more of those days but we will have time to hang out with your family.” He said to Anna. Turning to the drummer he smiled, “You have kids? How many?” He asked curiously.... the topic was interesting to him as he was 24 and most of the people his age that he knew already had kids or were having them. He shook the thought out of his mind, he had just started dating Anna. This wasn’t the time to think of things like that.

Soon their food came and Kane ate quickly, he was always starving. He had ordered a piece of blueberry cheesecake and said, “Babe you have to try this.” He inched the plate closer to her. From just being around her, he knew she was careful with what she ate and he didn’t understand why. She was gorgeous, she didn’t need to diet. “Come one take a bite or five.” He ate with a fork in one hand and the other hand under the table on her thigh.

When they were finished Kane kissed her and put his hat on her head, “Hop on.” He said smiling. He was going to give her a piggy back ride to the bus like he had before. When they boarded the bus Kane gently pushed her back against the wall attacking her mouth with kisses. “I love you Anna.” He muttered and then locked his ice blue eyes with her own, “I mean it...I love you...I’ve never felt like this in my life.”

A few days later they arrived in Nashville and Ron was going to drop them off at Kane’s house so they could get his car and head to the airport to pick up her family. “Get everything you need, I mean if you need something we can always buy it but I mean like chargers and your makeup stuff you like...and that perfume that smells really good that I like.” He kissed her forehead as they pulled into the drive. “Thanks Ron see you in a week.”

Getting off the bus Kane carried their bags and sat them on the ground. He lived in a mansion....it wasn’t in the town of Nashville but still close enough that you could see the city lights. It was beautiful. “I hope your family is ready to relax and hang out for the week...there’s a jacuzzi and pool in the back and I’ve lived here a total of three weeks before the tour started so if you can’t find something chances are I can’t either.”
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Anna wanted to move, she wanted to dance, to grind…her eyes sparkled as she had looked up at him as he was looking down at her. Speaking of the night life, he wasn’t interested in going out and that’s okay. She smiled as she brought up the small card game that she had bought behind his back for future fun. [b “Well apparently it’s supposed to be just as dirty as what cards against humanity can be, but a little more fun.”] She said, moving toward the bed, stopping just before where she felt his arms touch her hips, hitting just at the hip bones, making her damp in certain places. She bit her lip when he kissed her neck as he said that he was going to shower.

[b ‘Sounds good, I need to take off this make up while you do that.”] She said as she set the card game down and moved toward the sink, grabbing some eye makeup remover and face wash with a rag that she could wet and not use up the water while he was in the shower. Wiping her face and washing it clean, she spread some lotion over her face after drying it, feeling her skin breathe. She’d shower after the game, if things didn’t get too serious. She blushed at the thoughts.

When she had finished taking off her makeup, she had been straightening up the bed and their things around it, organizing some things so everything wasn’t just in piles. She wanted some organization before things really get going with whatever game they decided to choose to play. Whether it was a game between the sheets, or on top. She wasn’t sure as to which option she would like better.

She was slipping into something more comfortable which was his tshirt and her boy shorts and was rubbing lotion on her legs when he had come out, his chest bare from fabric, and his body smelling of body wash. She smiled, scooting back to the back edge of the bed when she pulled up the card game. [b “I have to get it all set up.”] She said and he had followed through, speaking of what they could do in Nashville. She smiled as he had put some stuff up and came near her again when he offered for them to play twenty questions before playing the truth or dare. She shrugged her shoulders, tucking the cards back into the box and she pulled a pillow to sit behind her back.

[b “Hmmmm…okay.”] She said, her lip turning in as her teeth covered it slightly, the motion she used to think. It was a moment before she finally thought of something to ask him. [b “Darling…”] She asked, moving to get on all fours as she looked at him. [b “If there was one opportunity you wish you would have taken, but never had the chance to, what would it be?”] She asked, leaning to one side, letting her legs fold to the opposite side.

She was curious as to what answers he would say. She wanted to know about him, about the outlook he saw on life, while a part of her wanted to hear in explicit detail of what he thought about her, but until then she was going to stick with more intellectual questions.

It was hours later and they were leraning much more than they had bargained for. Still laying against her pillow, with her bare legs tilted up and crossed, she heard his question about her being hungry. It was late in the night and her stomach growled. She had agreed and put on a little more decent clothing. Slipping on a pair of straight jeans and converse, she kept his shirt on and a jacket before they came to the stop where the restaurant was. It was almost dead, and they didn’t have to worry about too many people saying too much to them.

Sitting and examining the menu, she wasn’t sure what she was going to eat. [b “Eggs and spinach. Can’t have too heavy of stuff.”] She said, health reasons related. Anxiety and too much unhealthy food would lead to ulcers quickly. She leaned into him, kissing his arm for a second when her drummer had come in and sat in front of them. She giggled at his comment and nodded. [b “Ecstatic.”] She said. [b “Just fabulous.”] She smiled at him. [b “Have you heard from your wife and kids?’] She asked, curious about how they were doing.

[b “They are doing great, went to bed hours ago. The wife has been working on school projects and helping the kids out.”] He laced his fingers together and she saw stress on his face. [b “I do appreciate you coming on tour with me. I know that means you are put away from your family. Perhaps during the week we are in Nashville, you can go home for a few days and surprise them.”] She was always trying to think about her band members and their families as she hioped that one day she would have a little one of her own to look after…

Little did she know…

[b “We only have that one show, don’t we?”] She asked, glancing at Kane.
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"Believe it or not Darlin' I'm not one for clubs but that sexy truth or dare sounds like something I can get behind." He said kissing her neck, "Showers first? I'm soaked." he was dripping sweat from the show... "and by the way you wear my hat better than me."

Kane took a shower quickly, wanting to know what this sexy truth or dare game entailed. He came out wearing his sweats and said, 'Okay babe, tell me about this game." he didn't bother with a t shirt and his hat was hanging on the hook by his bunk along with his jacket. "We can go out in Nashville... I can show you Broadway and take you to the places I love and started out playing in for change." Most everyone in Nashville played for change, you never got paid, it was tips or nothing. "I remember one night I got a hundred dollar tip from a middle aged women because I danced on the bar.... being 18 and not really supposed to be in that bar, I did what I had to." Kane held her close to him. He was still worried and stressed out but she helped him forget all of that.

Kane thought about his past, his love life, and some things he wasn't too proud of. "First lets play 20 questions, you can go first... a way to learn some more about each other and maybe get a laugh along the way." He had so much that she didn't know. Most of it was just silly teenage stuff but some of it was dark and he hoped she never had to know that kind of stuff. He needed to protect her from that.

Getting to the next city was a short drive and they arrived within a couple hours.... there were actually some 24 hour restaurants and Kane was excited to eat. He pulled on a shirt, it was just a plain black t shirt and reached to put his hat on but put it on her head instead as he slipped on his boots. "Breakfast at 1 am in the morning, tour life, ain't nothing like it."

Walking into the truck stop he stopped and pointed to the magazines... tabloids on the stands by the door. They were on the cover of every one of them. An older woman seated them and took their drink orders. Kane was in the corner of a booth and pulled Anna to him. "What are you going to get babe?" he asked looking at the menu. Country Fried Steak, Biscuits and Gravy, and a sampler breakfast were the options that he was trying to decide between.... "We should get a piece of pie before we leave." he muttered kissing the top of her head as they sat there.

Her drummer sat opposite of them. "Didn't know you two we're so in love... its good to see you both happy." Kane's bout with depression had been very public and now he was the complete opposite of that. He was a happy man and very much in love.
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[b “I can’t wait.”] She said as he proposed her parents and family stay with them since they had room at the house…She hadn’t been there, or even Tennessee by that fact. She was excited not only to see Kane’s house, but to see the place that Kane called home. She smiled, leaning in to him and gave him a kiss before she was stolen away to go on an interview.

Running near the end of the interview, she was sitting in the chair, completely aloof that Kane would come and party crash it as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, giving her a kiss on her neck. She giggled, feeling his lips tickle her. The interview had just smiled, as the photographer with the radio station snapped photos of the two, the interviewer continued to ask the question about what Kane thought about their future. When she looked up at him, her cheeks blushing already, she smiled even bigger as she kissed his cheek. [b “Ain’t nothing but a cheese ball over here.”] She giggled.

The interviewer wrapped it up and was packing to leave when she shook their hands as well as Kane. Together they thanked them for the interview and hoped they would enjoy the show. Smiling as they left, she wrapped her arms around his waist and he had looked down at her, going through the entire process of their week they were going to be spending in Nashville. She smiled, sqauealing in delight when he picked her up and spun her again, giving her a blurring kiss that made everything stand still. She giggled when he put her down. [b “I am excited for all of those things. To hear your new single, to record it, and to sign with you on the label, oh my geezus, it’s a dream come true.”] She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. [b “I’m a princess.”] She laughed, noticing her band members were coming up after setting up for the show.

[b “He is always a handful. I’m not!”] The drummer rolled his eyes to her comment as they knew that was a lie and she smiled, leaning into Kane as he had squeezed her ass when he had called her a handful. She stuck her tongue out in his direction then pulled away, taking his hat with her. She smiled, and put it on her head backwards and looked up at her. [b “I think I pull this off better than you.”] She winked, snapping a pic with it so she could post it later.

She returned to his arms and gave him back his hat when he spoke to his band talking about the cover that he was wanting to sing tonight. She wondered what it was as she was already being called backstage to the dressing room to do a makeup fix and do her hair. Staying in her high waist shorts and cut off tank top with his flannel wrapped around her waist and converse, she had walked out on stage, clapping her hands to one of her newer songs, [i Gunfire]

As she sang, she kept glancing over to the side to see Kane standing there, her number one fan. She had smiled, strutting up to the front during one of her dance routines that she had rehearsed with dancers where she could touch the hands of the fans that were up front. From where Kane was standing, he could see every hip shake, turn and stomp that he could handle. As the shows went on, they were finding it easier and easier to incorporate different things into the sets to makesure that each show was as different as the last one.

When she finished, she was hot and sweaty, but he still came up and gave her a kiss and a good job clap on her ass before he came out singing pull it off, her favorite song of his that made her want to dance. Knowing that her man was sexy, she had spoke with some of the fans that were back there waiting to talk to him after the show and she had started dancing while he was singing. Watching him dance, she hooped and hollered when he had made a sexy move. She was on cloud nine.

Giggling, she smiled and held her hands together as she wondered what he was doing when he had spoke to the crowd that he was going to do a cover. His words made her blush and she could hear the girls beside her sigh in jealousy as he spoke that the song was for her and it was dedicated to her. She held her hand to her mouth as she couldn’t believe it. This was really happening. She was really falling in love with the man that was serenading the crowd as well as to her…

He had gotten up in the middle of the song and came and grabbed her to pull her on stage. She walked out with him with her hand on her mouth as she was so ecstatic. Standing in the middle of the stage, he held her close, pulling her into a dance…and she looked up at the man of her dreams as he made everything else disappeared with him there. And everyone could see how everything was disappearing for them as he sang to her. By the end of the song they were chanting for him to kiss her and she looked at him and then out to the crowd with a grin on her face. [i Lets give them what they want darlin’.] And there he did. He kissed her until she was melting in his arm. Her hips tilted into his and her hand was fallen weak and there they looked like a sailor and the navy woman kiss on times square. The crowd had cheered and they had broke the kiss and she shot a fist into the air. [b “Hell yeah!’] She said with a giggle.

She let him finish his set after saying goodbye to the crowd and they had finished their meet and greet with fans, they were to have a day off the next day before they head off to their next destination, Memphis Tennessee. Then by the end of the week they would be in Nashville and there they would do the signing and she would be able to hear Kane’s initial thoughts when they had first met and had their first day together.
As they were walking out,. She held onto his hand and she looked up at him as they went to the tour bus since there was no hotel for them that night. She climbed on in and when she was taking off the flannel around her waist, she looked up at him and smiled. [b “So while you were finishing up your set, I was looking up stuff to do during the night time around here and I want to go out. And it is already close to 11 now…that means people at bars are pretty much drunk and they won’t really recognize who we are…And we can explore this city.”] She said. [b ‘I want to show off my man, and I want to dance…and not the two stepping kind.”]

It was an offer and she wondered if he would take it or if he would want to stay in and have another movie night which she was completely okay with. [b “Or we can stay in and play truth or dare. I bought the sexy game at the gas station behind your back.”] She giggled, leaning into him.
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"They can stay with us while we're in Nashville, theres plenty of room at the house." He offered smiling and then it turned to a frown as she was ushered to her interview. Kane finished his own interview a few minutes before her so he decided to crash hers. He knew she couldn't see him coming up from behind but hers was a video interview and the camera could see him.

Kane wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed her neck gently, "Hey Darlin'." He said smiling. The reporter smiled, "Kane... what do you see in the future for you and Anna?" Kane let out a breath and said, "I don't know what the future holds but I know that Anna is in mine." With that the interview was over and he shook the reporter's hand and took Anna's in his. "You can tell your family they can stay at the house while we're in Nashville, we will be there a week, a show, recording, and your signing... this is big news Anna... your going to be on a label." He picked her up and spun her around again and chuckled before he saw her drummer behind her, "Hey man." He said waving. Her drummer smiled, "Keeping Kane busy?" He asked Anna, joking with her. Kane chuckled, "Yeah shes a handful alright." He winked at Anna and let his hand fall to her ass, gently squeezing it.

He had his arm around Anna as he spoke to his band as well, "I want to do that cover tonight we talked about backstage." Later that night at the show, Anna was amazing. Kane stayed on the side of the stage the entire time and what she was wearing was driving him crazy. He would have to tell her that it was his favorite thing she wore. When it was Kane's turn to go on, he went out and opened with Pull It Off, dancing a little because he knew Anna was watching. His dancing made the girls in the crowd scream.

"Alright ya'll we're gonna slow it down for a song... a cover that I guarantee you all know." He said sitting down on a stool in the middle of the stage. He even knew Anna didn't know he was doing this song. "This song is for my girlfriend... ya'll saw her play and sing, shes one of a kind and I wanted to sing this for her... so Anna... this is your song baby."

Kane began to sing, Let Me Down Easy, as a cover and the crowd was swaying and singing along with him. He got up from his stool mid song adn went ot the side of the stage, grabbing Anna's hand to dance with her. One hand on her waist and the other holding the mic.. "If I fal.... can you let me down easy.... if I leave my heart with you tonight? Can you promise me girl your gonna treat it right.... if I fal... can you let me down easy?" He said singing right to her. The audience was in awe and started chanting KISS HER KISS HER KISS HER. Kane chuckled and said into the mic, "Lets give them what they want Darlin'." he leaned and kissed her hard, the cameras putting them on the big screens on either side of the stage.
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Anna was all for staying in bed and cuddling. She was up for making love another few times even, but all she truly wanted was to be next to the man that had meant so much to her. The one that had protected her, the one that had given her a breath and a side to lean on during her moment of weakness and a shield to keep her from the one that could hurt her the most and that had known all of her weak points. He was there during the beginning, and they were only starting out…She knew this was the honeymoon phase and things would change over time, as she had been in years long relationships and she knew that things could change, but she wanted something now that wouldn’t change. That she could still look at him and feel the same jaw dropping feeling that she felt now…

And she had a feeling she could with him.

Her eyes traced his face, her fingers traced his jaw, and her leg lay draped over his own, her body molded into his side. She was comfortable and happy there, laying in his t-shirt with him in her arms. And it wasn’t long until she was falling asleep in his arms, not even caring that he was snoring as she was too tired to care. A smile pulled at the corner of her lips when she had opened her eyes a couple of hours later. She dawned, leaving him in the bed and she went to go shower, just like he had, wanting to be ready for when they reached the next venue that night.

After the shower, they were within an hours range of the venue. Changing into a cut off tank top and her high-waist shorts, she tied his flannel around her waist and slipped on her converse, letting her brunette curls fall down her back naturally. As she was tying her shoes, she had glanced at Kane, hearing his concern about the possibility of her band members being upset about them being together. She shook her head immediately. [b “Most of them were pushing me toward you. At first I was the one that was worried because I didn’t know you.”] She smiled, hoped to assure that things were going to be fine. She knew that he was worried about the protesters and that they were in the south where even a mixed man couldn’t date a white female. People were terrible in these parts, and were unrelentless about what they wanted to see in their public figures.

Well…to be honest, Anna didn’t give a shit.

Now, as they were walking into the venue, fans were already beginning to line up. They were gathering, holdin their phones up in their hands, shooting photos, taking video and screaming for them to look at them. They all wanted to see the new couple, but John and a few other men were there to safely escort them in to the venue and together they stood in the room, getting orders as to where they were supposed to be. Anna knew she still needed to be makeup ready and Ace was there to take care of that while they were talking. It didn’t take long and Ace was a magician with taking over her face and emphasizing her features.

As their managers had come in and Anna was leaning into Kane, trying to calm his nerves. It wasn’t really working, but she was trying anyways. The mangers were excited about something as they were practically bubbling with good vibes the moment they had walked in. A smile on Anna’s face grew wider as they spoke about where they had to be and that Sony had called, talking to him in Nashville, and there they were going to discuss signing bonuses with Anna. [b “Are you serious?”] She said, ins hock that she was going to be signed. She was going to be on label!

She hopped into his arms, and he had swung her around, giving her a kiss that again melted everyone and everything away. She was happy, but she was even more happy that the man by her side would be there to help her through and let her know as to what she needed to do and how to get to where they needed to be. Her cheeks were burning when she pulled away and he set her down. She giggled and pulled out her phone and she had to call her parents quickly with the good news.

The phone picked up on the second ring. [b “Daddy! I got the gig! Sony is signing me in with their label!”] She could hear the excitement over the phone as her brother and fiancé were over for dinner with her parents and together they had all screamed once her dad had told them. [+green “Good job baby! We can be there in Nashville and celebrate when you get all signed in!”] She smiled, loving their support. Giving them loves, she hung up and smiled at Kane. [b “They’ll be in Nashville to help us celebrate our signing.”]

She smiled, tucking her phone away and soon she was being pulled away to sit in a chair on stage for an interview.

[+green Anna Markee! How does it feel to not only being on your first big tour, but to be dating a hot country star, Kane Brown?”] The interview had said.

Anna had laughed at her enthusiasm and she was blushing while she spoke. [b “Yeah, its official and it all feels like a dream. Kane is amazing, everyone we have been working with is amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. Not only for my career, but meeting Kane was probably the best thing that ever could have happened to me.”] She said, her cheeks glowing bright red.

The interviewer smiled at her. [+green “You’re blushing like super bad.”] Anna couldn’t help but laugh and look around, holding her hands to her face. [b “Yeah I am. I mean, who else wouldn’t be super excited? I get to sing alongside a great man as well as hold his hand at the end of the day. Like I said, it feels like a dream come true. A princess in the making.”] She said, smiling.

The interviewer asked her about the many different things they were going to be doing and they discussed their future plans, She wasn’t sure how to answer that. [b “Our future is to see how this tour goes. We are still learning about one another, but we are growing stronger everyday.”]
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Kane nodded, “I’m sure this is right.” He kissed her again and smiled. Could their time together get any better? He groaned seeing the sheet drop again, “you will kill me with your beauty love.”

He didn’t care what else they were going to do all Kane wanted to do was lay there with her and forget everyone and everything else existed. He kissed her gently laying down on the bed.

A couple hours later they were pulling into the next venue. This time they didn’t get a hotel and had to sleep and change on the bus. He kissed her sighing, “your Band knows we’re together now....are they going to have a problem with it?” He asked as his mind flashed back to the protestors in The other city. Kane knew some people didn’t like him or what he was or what they were doing. He had his fingers intertwined with hers and sighed again, that stress was still there and he wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was that Kelly had scared him by calling and threatening his relationship that he had started with Anna.

As soon as they stepped off of the bus, fans screamed and cheered. “Anna Anna Kane Kane!” They screamed trying to get the attention of the couple as they were ushered into the venue. John was right behind them protecting them and said, “Joint dressing room tonight you two and there’s food in there.” Kane nodded, his stomach growled as if on cue. “I am starving and I’m not sure what I’m even wearing tonight.” He said looking to anna. She was always gorgeous and looked beautiful in anything she wore.

Fans were trying to sneak a glimpse of the couple and his manager came in the room, “Kane you have an interview in the dressing room in a half an hour and Anna, you have one as well with a radio station out on the stage, they’re coming here to ask you questions....oh and Sony called Kane, you have a meeting in Nashville.” Kane nodded, “they’re signing Anna aren’t they?” His manager nodded and said, “they want to discuss her signing bonus with both of you.” Kane turned to Anna, “Baby your getting signed.” He said picking her up around the waist and spinning her around. “This is amazing and they’ve seen how talented you are...Sony RCA baby just like me.” He knew she would probably want to call her parents and tell them the good news.

An half hour later Kane was talking to a reporter on the couch in the dressing room and her manager was escorting her to the stage. Kane being overprotective had sent John with them as well. He didn’t want any repeat incidents like the other night had been. The reporter asked him the usual questions and then asked if he and Anna were dating and Kane nodded. “Yes she’s my girlfriend...your the first Magazine that’s asked so yes it’s official she’s mine and I’m hers.” The reporter smiled and said, "Kane Brown is officially off the market... shes gotta be something special to be able to say that."
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Anna was lost in her own little world when he had reached for her after taking the picture. She was busy looking at the phone, paying attention to the screen and other people’s lives that she was once in when she had begun to speak, wondering what they would be without technology. She was making her own little thinking sounds, do deee doing to the silence between them when she had thrown her phone to the side and was immediately entranced by the way that his hands had circled her hips, bringing her closer to his muscled frame.

She giggled as he kissed her, his hand reaching for the condom box they had put just on the side of their newly made bed and she let him, she was going to be able to fully experience him in a new way, well at least a way that she would remember…He had whispered, kissing her neck that he wasn’t going to hurt her. She giggled, purring in response. [b “Darling, don’t let me hurt you with my nails.”] She said, feeling aroused just from his kisses along her collar bone.

She felt the warmth as he had removed his shirt and things carried on from there. She was forced to keep quiet just because she didn’t wan to be too loud and make it even more obvious what they were doing. Nails embedded in skin…sheets tangled…unsteady breaths…She was a sweaty and uncontrollable mess when they had finished and he had pulled her closer.

The hours they spent…she was feeling a little sore and satisfied at the same time when he had kissed her more, telling her sweet words…She had even heard him say that he loved her during the act. She wasn’t sure how to feel, how to descrihe the feelings that were rushing through her mind. Yet the words were said at just the right time…because she had finished not even a second later…She blinked away the thought as he kissed her temple and had pulled away going to shower in the small bus bathroom. She nodded and let him go, watching his bare ass walk away from her and she moved her hand underneath her head as she pulled the sheets up to cover her chest. [b “That’s my sexy man!”] She giggled as he disappeared into the bathroom and she laid back down, her head back on the pillow where she squeezed the sheets to her chest.

She had made love with him…and it was more than that…It was mind blowing, feelings that she had never experienced before… It was more than she could have ever imagined having…No wonder he was speaking the words he was…Each touch was mesmerizing, just the right pressure, hold…[b “Gah…yessss.”] She said, stretching her sore legs as she did so. She closed her eyes feeling weary from the amount of exertion he had taking from her during their many episodes.

It wasn’t long before she heard him rustling around when she opened her eyes, watching him dawn sweats, covering up the gloriousness. She giggled as he came over to see how she was feeling. She smiled and looked up at him as she sat up, letting the sheets fall, leaving her exposed for a kiss. [b “I am feeling perfect.”] She whispered.

She was placed in his lap, her bare self wrapped in his arms where she felt the most comfortable and free at the time. He smelled like body wash and a hint of after shave. She wanted to run her fingers over him again and feel everything all over…She took in a deep breath as he angled to have her straddling him. Reaching for his white tshirt, she dawned it on her shoulders and let the fabric cover her naked self as he professed what he was feeling.

She leaned closer to him, feeling his hands on her hips, hitting just the right spots at her hip bones to get her going again. [b “Kane…I know what I’m feeling is nothing like what I have before, but I don’t want to rush into things…I want to make sure this is right…”] She said softly, leaning forward slightly, running her fingers over his bare chest and traveling up to his face where she pressed her palm to his skin. [b “You mean so damn much to me…I’m not letting you get away from me. Not letting you slip through my fingers.”] She whispered, her free hand taking his hand in her own and pulling it up to her lips and there she again kissed his fingertips, down to his knuckles and the light kiss on the rose tattoo that he had there before she pressed his palm against her face.

[b “Now, I better go shower before I take advantage of you again.”] She giggled and removed herself from his lap, reluctantly though in case he wanted to. [b “And baby…I like it rough.”] She winked at him as she walked away knowing that he could be watching her. She knew that he was going to take care of her during their time together, during the moments of weakness, but when it came to that, she was for a little tough love…
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