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Kane nodded and kissed her and muttered, "cuddling sounds like something I could get behind." He kissed her again the next morning and after their escapades he watched her go before leaving with her father.

Finding the perfect ring had beed a challenge, 2 hours and probably 200 rings later, the jeweler brought him one that was different and he loved it. The ring was both rose gold and platinum, not silver, it had 18 small diamonds running around the band with one large heart shaped one in the middle with pink diamonds on each side of it. "its perfect." Kane muttered as the jeweler showed it to her father. The price would shock anyone but Kane didn't bat an eyelash when it came to Anna. He wanted this to be absolutley perfect. Her father wiped a tear, "Kane... I never thought my daughter's engagement ring would cost more than the house she grew up in but here we are and I see how much you love her... don't mind me getting emotional about letting my only little girl go." Kane hugged him and muttered, "I never had a father... never even met the man... but if I could choose, I'd choose you because I see how much you love your daughter." Her father hugged him, "I'd be proud to call you my son." Kane let out a sign of relief, "Soon you will be able to." He texted Anna's mother, "Anna is a lucky girl isn't she? Kane is good to her... "

After the jeweler polished and shined the ring before placing it into the box, Kane and her father went and got Subway for lunch and brought it back to the house to eat it. When the girls and Max got home, Kane and her father we're out in the backyard messing around on the quads and laughing. Kane had hidden the engagement ring in his luggage so she wouldn't go looking through it until they had to leave Nashville and by then the ring should already be on her finger.

Two days later... two days of absolute bliss and happiness. Kane had never been happier in his life. He loved spending his free time with Anna, writing songs with Max in the living room and watching funny movies. "The concert is tonight." Her mother said looking at her as they made breakfast. Kane was still upstairs snoring. "Kane said you had sound check to go to today? Are you two going to be singing together tonight?" She asked scrambling some more of the eggs.

Kane woke up and sighed, realizing that Anna wasn't beside him once again. He didn't bother with a shirt this morning as everyone had seen him shirtless when they lounged in the pool. Wandering downstairs he walked into the kitchen, seeing only Anna and her mother awake.
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Anna was feeling like she was interrupting something when she had walked into the studio. Her parents smiled and her father just stared at her again like she was rolling around on the blanket when she was little. It was when he was about to get emotional when he looked at her like that, but he didn’t say anything. He gave her a hug then both her mom and dad walked out claiming they had to go get changed before the movie was to start. They wanted to get comfy.

When they left, she wrapped her arms around them. “What have you said to my dad? He seems to be looking at me weird now.” She said, giving him a kiss before he was to leave and go change and order pizza. She shrugged her shoulders. “Anything is fine baby.” She said, moving away from the studio and heading down to the movie room where she walked down the stairs, looking at the wall that was covered in DVDs, looking at which ones she would pick out for the family to watch. There were many different generations of movies here, and all in alphabetized order. She liked the organization.

Her fingers were tracing over the movies when her brother came up and poked her sides, causing her to jump a little. “You brat.” She said, giggling as she continued to look. Max, of course, picked out action movies such as Fury and Captain America. Krista was more for the romantic comedies like sweet home Alabama and Switched. It was different opinions and different likes. She pressed her lips together, moving away from the wall of movies and walked toward the seat, grabbing the controller and trying to figure everything out before Kane was walking in. His pjs clung to his hips and all she wanted to do was rip it off of him. Letting him take control and pull up Netflix, she leaned back into her seat, curling up to his side as best as she could.

When he spoke of the video, Max piped up. “That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it. She better not be stripping though.” Anna rolled her eyes and shook her head. “No! It’s not that type of song!” She said, giggling and started playing it off her phone. It was her ringtone, and her text tones…she loved it so much…When he texted her it played. “Your lips, your eyes, don’t want to let go…” She couldn’t help herself. She loved his voice so much. “Her ringtone held the chorus. “You’re fire, I’m lightening we’re burning at the core, falling and crashing.” She couldn’t help but love it, every second

When she finished playing it Max was already chomping down on his popcorn and clapped his hands. “I love it bro. It’s going to be a hit.” He said and Krista was already dying. She was texting so fast, but then stopped when Anna looked at her. “Don’t post it just yet…” Anna said and Krista nodded and put her phone down.

“Lets decide on a movie.” She said and her parents walked in and they sank down in their seats. She looked over, unsure if it was just the reflection of the light s and the darkness messing with her eyes, but she could have sworn that her dad’s eyes were watery. Like he had been crying, but she didn’t ask.

When he offered her some popcorn, she took some in her hand. “Of course darling. I never turn down popcorn.” She said and giggled, popping a few pieces in her mouth. “I love you.” She whispered, leaning close to his face where she gave him a soft peck on the cheek before they got serious and settled on a movie.

It was close to the end when Anna had fallen asleep, leaning against him. She was tired and worn out from the exciting day that she was passed out when the movie had finished and the credits were rolling. When she noticed that there was movements, she opened her eyes and looked at him a little embarrassed…”I totally missed that last half…” She whispered, wiping her face, making sure there was no drool on her face.

She walked with him upstairs as she noticed that everyone else had gone to bed. Cleaning up some, she walked with them into their bedroom and she pulled the sheets back before she slipped in between and laid down, feeling the softness of the sheets against her face when she pulled him close to her. “Come on baby. Come cuddle.” She said softly, a smile on her face.

It felt like a short night when they were waking up. So many decisions were going to be made that day and she just wanted to relax with Kane in bed, but then she wanted to go shopping for the dress for the CMAs. Next morning, she was rolling over, kissing Kane’s chest softly before kissing up to his neck, trying to wake him up. “Good morning sweetheart…” She whispered against his skin as she ran her fingers across his chest, letting her nails drag along his skin, catching every crevice and curve of his muscles when she crawled on top of him, running her fingers across his shoulders before leaning over him and waking him up with a kiss. “How about I have you before we go separate ways so you can go hang with my dad while I’m shopping with mom and Krista?” She whispered.

Later on during the day, they were consulting with different stylists and fashion designers that were in town due to the concert and their offices having a place here in Nashville. She was traveling all over the city, and never having been there, they were running all over getting lost and she was having fun hanging with her mom and almost sister in law.

It was a great girls day.

Lace, satin, and fitted dresses, she was trying to find the perfect one. It was going through many different stylists lines before she had come across a royal blue satin dress that had a slight poof. The sweetheart neckline emphasized her chest in all the right ways with a deep plunge at the center. She was a little nervous, but as she slipped it on, feeling the slight train scoot across the floor, she pulled on the edge and looked in the mirror. “This is the one.”

She said and talked to the designer. It was one of her newest designer dresses and she was going to name it after her. She clasped her hands over her mouth. “No way!” She said and grinned happily. It was when Ace had walked into the room, as she had told him that they were going to look at dresses the next day. He didn’t take any time at all to find a flight and get out here. When he walked in, she twirled and he was immediately taken over. “Yes, darling. Yes, yes, yes.” He said and started speaking of what they could do with her hair and makeup. And he was going to get accents so then Kane could match her since they were going to be performing together.

Her mom kept texting and she was curious. “What are you doing mom?” Anna asked and her mom kept pulling the phone away. “Go away daughter. It’s to your father.” She said with a smile. Anna just shook her head and she went back to looking at the dress simply in love with the shape and train of the dress.

Later that night they were meeting for dinner when she looked at her father over the dinner table. “How was golf today Daddy?” She asked. There were a lot of exchanging of glances, but her father didn’t skip a beat. “It went great baby girl. I got a birdie on a couple, but Kane wont the entire thing. He practically knocked it out of the park.” He said, laughing a little.
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Kane smiled, "Thank you Mr. Markee... It will be. We have 7 more months on the tour and then what time it will take to plan it... I love your daughter... will you go with me to get her ring when she goes to get her dress?" he asked her father before seeing Anna coming down the stairs. "Hey darlin'" he muttered seeing her in her pjs.

Kane smiled, "I need to go and change myself... and order the pizza for everyone. What does everyone like?" He asked her, her mother, Max, and her father. "My favorite is Hawaiian pizza or canadian bacon but I'm not picky when it comes to pizza."

Ten minutes later the pizza was ordered and Kane came downstairs wearing his black flannel pjs pants and a t shirt from a venue he had played in Michigan. "Has everyone started looking for a movie?" Kane had netflix on the screen but he also had a whole wall of dvds. "First thing I unpacked because I'm really into movies..." He also had a video game system set up in the corner but he only played that every now and then.

"Did Anna tell you that shes going to be in my music video for the song I wrote about her? Has she played you the song? Its my new single." He asked everyone as he started to pop some popcorn at the popcorn station in the corner of the theatre room. "We're shooting the video in Georgia next week in my hometown... I think at an abandoned hotel..."

He knew this would be the first Anna was hearing about where but he had wanted to surprise her. Kane loved surprising her. "Babe would you like some popcorn?" He asked pouring popcorn into a container. "Theres different salts to sprinkle to make it different flavors." Kane also had a cotton candy machine that had came with the popcorn maker but he had never used it. He wasn't one for sweets. He liked salty savory things... but every now and then he could be seen eating a box of little debbies like they were going out of style.

The next day when Anna went to look at dresses with her mother and makeup artist, Kane and her father left to "Golf" or at least thats what they had told the girls when in reality they were going to a jewelry store. Kane had set up a meeting with a jeweler who was going to show him some engagement rings.

"Sir, Anna deserves the world and I want to do right by her and get her a ring that she deserves. Thats why I asked you to come with me... I know you haven't known me very long but I want us to be friends, not just future in laws...." Kane muttered as he parked the car outside of the jewelers. It wasn't your normal jewelry store... this was private... appointment only jewelry.
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Anna was laying on the bed, doing a happy dance as she was super excited to be singing with not only Kane but in front of so many people. She had dreamed of these days to happen, and now that they were, she could barely breathe. It was nothing but dream after dream coming true. Finding the man of her dreams to singing on stage at the CMAs. In front of so many young girls that had once been like her self watching older women singing their heart out on stage and she would sing along with their songs and she would have hope in her heart that she held on to all these years.

Now it was only a matter of time that she would be standing next to those women who had sang for her when she was younger. She would be in the same room and she would be able to meet them! She shook her hands in a celebratory motion and she giggled to herself before she got up and pulled on her pjs and looked at herself in the mirror. The sudden movements to get dressed had made her a little nauseous and she had emptied her stomach of a few more drops of tea. It burned her throat and she leaned against the wall for a second, trying to breath. Her stomach clenched and her throat burned and her head felt like it was swelling. What the hell was going on?

She pressed her lips together as she ran a cool cloth over her head and she wiped her lips. Straightening up her pjs, she walked over and brushed her teeth. Taking a deep breath, she went to the restroom, afterfinishing with her teeth, seeing a few drops of blood. She lifted a brow and shook it off. It’s just her period coming soon. She thought to herself as she went on with her business.

Her father looked at kane as he had taken them into the studio. He wondered what this was about, but the moment that he was starting to speak, he could hear the words coming into his ears and leaving the other ear…he didn’t want to hear it, and he couldn’t speak really. His stomach had dropped as it was all coming at him super fast. His little girl was growing up from the baby rolling around on the blanket to the woman that would be walking down the aisle to the man that she claimed to love. He looked at the man and he wasn’t sure if this was right…it wasn’t that long and did they really know each other?

He looked at his own wife, remembering how they were when they had gotten marry. It was a middle of the day, middle of the thought when they had gotten married. He had told her that he wanted her in his life forever and she agreed there and they were to be married…He remembered having this exact talk with her own father and he was just as nervous as the man standing in front of him.

He could see sweat building up on his forehead as he was tying to explain himself to the parents of the woman he claimed to love and Anna’s father couldn’t speak. He was still in shock really…to think that he would be giving his daughter away to someone…She was always his baby girl…

Her mother was looking at Kane, eager to watch the two get married, but still she was nervous for them. And Anna’s father spoke up. “This promise is going to be difficult when you are going through tough things…It’s not going to be all rainbows and smiley faces. This will take compromise and dealing with all of her shit.” He said. He wasn’t going to be sugar coating what marriage was like.

He pressed his lips together and fixed his hat on the top of his head and looked at him, looking at the man that spoke so highly of his daughter and he knew how great she was. She was upstairs, they could hear her as she scuffled around. “Kane…”

Anna fixed her hair into a bun and ran another cool splash of water over her face before drying her face and slipping on some lotion. Some face care would make her feel better before she went down stairs. It was about time when they would be watching the movie. She wondered if anyone had picked one out. She remembered that Max was heading toward the theater room the moment that she brought it up and her mom was going along with her, showing her what she had bought from the store.

Scuffling around, she put things back in her bag and straightened up the bed before she started walking down the stairs to meet with her family.

“I agree if it will be a long engagement…”
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Kane quickly finished with the pool guy and came inside, "Mr. Markee, can I talk to you and Mrs. Markee alone for a minute?" he asked smiling. He pulled them into the studio and shut and locked the door. "Sorry just a precaution so Anna doesn't walk in on our conversation and this room is sound proof... I wanted to talk to you because as you know Anna and I haven't been together very long but theres no one else I want in this world. Shes my everything. With your permission and blessing, I'd like to ask Anna to marry me at the Nashville show, that why ya'll can be there and someone can distract her this week so I can go pick our her ring.... I just... I love her so much and I'd love to make her my wife." He said letting out a breath that he didn't know he was holding.

He heard Anna upstairs in his room above them and waited on her parents to speak... to say something. "I mean if you do give me your blessing... please I want to surprise Anna so please keep it hush hush." Kane was dead serious. He loved Anna. "I want to ask her and we can have a long engagement or a short engagement... anything she wants. I only want to make her happy and keep her safe... Mr. and Mrs. Markee.... I'd die for your daughter."

Anna's mother didn't say anything but had tears in her eyes and nodded, hugging Kane tightly. "Take care of Anna, shes special... but so are you." Kane smiled, "Thank you... does this mean I get to call you mom now?" He hadn't had someone to call mom in years... he missed his mother but Anna's mother had treated him so nicely... she reminded him of Anna but only a little older. He could see where she got her gorgeous looks from.

Kane turned to Mr. Markee, "Sir... may I have your permission to marry your daughter?" he asked. Kane didn't know what to think. He had one parent's permission but the other hadn't said a word this entire conversation. If her father said yes, Kane wanted to steal him away and take him ring shopping with him... so her father knew that Kane would only pick out the best for his daughter.

Anna's mother hugged him again and said, "You and Anna are a special pair." Kane blushed a little, "Thank you ma'am but Anna is the special one...beautiful, smart, talented... I don't know how I got so lucky to call her my girlfriend and I hope soon I'll be able to call her my fiance and then my wife... and sir I know this is a promise I can't take back and I don't intend to." He said turning to her father again who still hadn't said anything. Was he in shock?
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“You’re famous. They probably are sending you a million dollar check for being awesome.” She said, a smile coming across her face as she walked over, her tea in her mug in her hand. It was warm to the touch and she sipped it slow, feeling her stomach ease from the pain that it was feeling. It was weird. Cramping. It was too early. “They send welcome packages? I thought that was just a myth.” She said, opening up the box, seeing all the goodies. She pulled them out one by one and smiled when she saw the hoodie. “Hey babe, I don’t have to steal yours anymore.’ She said, setting down her drink and holding up the hoodie to her chest and did a small circle dance before setting it down.

“Mugs are the best….for coffee and tea. Mostly coffee though.” She said, focused on the other things…the hat…”I could always use this one, but I like stealing your hat baby.” She giggled and went through more, reading the certificate that she laid down softly besides her pile of physical materials. “This is awesome! Oh my geezus, momma and daddy are going to be thrilled!” She threw her hands up like she didn’t know what to do with them and then laughed at herself before setting them down and looking at her things when he was opening his envelope. She was tracing her mug and sipping her tea when he was looking through the papers, whispering something about an invitation.

She was in the middle of a sip when he had yelled excitedly about going to the CMAs. She looked at him and coughed on her tea when she looked at the invitation, coming near him. “What? What are you…” He finished what he was saying and her eyes got super big.”

“NO WAY!” She screamed and wrapped her arms around his neck, giggling as he spun her, giving her a kiss at the very end. She wrapped her legs around his waist for a second before releasing him as he set her down. “Oh my gosh!!! Kane! This is going to be awesome!!” She felt her stomach do a few flip flops and she turned around when she heard the garage door, eager to tell her parents the good news. Kane had come up behind her, wrapping his arms loosely around her, jolting her in certain areas as he did so. However, he was her home…She leaned into him as he spoke and she looked at him as her hands encircled his on her mid drift.

“That sounds wonderful. With all the commotion, I’m pretty sure that my parents will want to rest and not have to worry about anyone’s attention but them.” She said softly, kissing his cheek as he was speaking about the video and she laughed nervously. “I’m excited, but I’m super nervous. Don’t you have to be all sexy in those videos? Like lingerie? I haven’t watched many music videos but from what I remember the girls have to be skanky.” She glanced at him. “I’m down for you to be seeing that.” She giggled and looked ahead when her parents and brother were walking through the door setting their stuff down.

“Traffic was terrible. I mean come on.” Her dad complained and Anna was just sitting there sparkling with excitement. He looked at her and smiled back at her. “What is going on baby?”

“WE ARE SINGING AT THE CMAS!” She screamed, holding up the letter.

Her mother reached for the letter and jumped up and down with her. “Our baby is going to be singing with Kane at the big show!” Her dad gave her a hug. “I’m so proud of you baby.” He reached for Kane and pulled him into a hug. “I’m proud of you too.” He said as he hugged the man of Anna’s dreams and she clasped her hands in front of her face as tears of joy escaped her eyes. Her brother gave her a hug and swung her around. “This is awesome sister! You get to walk the carpet!!!” He said and Krista was jumping up and down as well super excited.

After a few more celebratory screams, Kane had seen the pool guy and walked outside, leaving them inside. Her mom’s worries were something that made her smile sympathetically. “I’m sure he would love that momma. He hasn’t had family in a long time, so I’m sure being apart of ours would be something that would be good. I’ll let him know. And yes mom, I will need a dress!” She said, giggling.

“Maybe we can steal away and go shopping some time this week and you can help me pick it out.”

Krista was looking at the invitation and a few other pieces from the letter. “Well I don’t think you’ll have to pick out a dress for yourself. There are designers here that want you to wear their lines.” She said, handing her the pictures and invitations to wear their clothing. Anna’s eyes got wide. “Well then. This is awesome! Ace is going to help me.” She said and immediately pulled up her phone, calling Ace.

He answered on the first ring.

“Hello baby, how is Nashville?” He said.

She let out a small shriek. “I GET TO SING IN THE CMAS!”

He let out a holler and screamed in celebratory with her. “That’s awesome baby!”
“Yes darling! I need you my fashion guru here with me while I’m deciding lines to wear and I of course need you for my hair and makeup. I’m not going anywhere without you.”

Ace let out a swooning sound. “You make me blush. Just tell me when and I’ll be on the next flight out there and we’ll get together to figure this all out.”

She smiled and set a few more dates in his head and she hung up, smiling. “Okay, let’s cool down for the night.” Her mom shook her head. “You’re too excited.”

“I know momma! But I’m ready for a relaxing night in. Come on, we can go to the theater room here in a few minutes and watch a movie. There are reclining seats and everything in there. I’m going to go change first though.”

She walked upstairs, going into the bedroom to pull some of her pjs on and she was sitting on the bed only in her robe looking at her phone for a second when she set it down and laid back on the bed with her robe falling open. She was going to be singing at the CMAs. She was going to perform in front of thousands of people and millions others watching the show! She smiled and held her hands to her lips as she couldn’t keep it together. She closed her eyes and squeezed her hands together, thinking this was all a dream and she was going to wake up still in the same small town working in the clinic with no future…

But when she opened her eyes, she was still there, on the bed in her robe. A CMAs performance star, and one who was deeply in love with the man who would be singing beside her.
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Kane chuckled, "Mine is more like an envelope..." He watched her open the box and smiled, "its your welcome package to the Country Music Association." Inside the cardboard box was a CMA coffee mug, a certificate, a hoodie, baseball hat, and various smaller promo items like pens and things. "I forgot about getting that, I still use my mug on the bus." He said and kissed her cheek as he grabbed his envelope like package. Ripping it open he noticed it wasn't an item but an invitation.

The card was fancy with gold on the border with a outline of a CMA award. "This looks like an invitation..." He opened it and read it out loud, "The Country Music Association invites Mr. Kane Brown and Ms. Anna Markee as guests and performers for the Country Music Awards and CMA Fanfest." Fanfest is a concert in downtown Nashville that spans 3 to 4 days and has many artists. It shuts down half the city and makes traffic horrible. Kane smiled, "BABY WE'RE GOING TO THE CMAS!" Kane went every year but he had never received a formal invitation... but he had also never preformed on the show.

He picked her up and spun her around as he kissed her... "We're going to be singing together at the CMA's darlin'!" He smiled and heard the garage door open, "Your family must be back." He grabbed a note off the fridge, "Said they would be back soon."

Kane hugged her again but this time from behind. "I love you... we should order pizzas and just all hang out and have a movie night in the theatre room. I just want to be lazy with you." They had had an exciting day. "You can even play your song for your family... and we can tell them about the video. I have to talk to Mark tomorrow about which city we're filming it in but it'll have to be done within the next two weeks. Maybe when we're in Georgia for those three days." Kane saw her parents out of the corner of his eye and smiled, "Babe why don't you tell them the good news?"

Kane handed her the invitation and smiled. There on the card in gold and black lettering were her and Kane's names. This was very real and it was exciting and surreal at the same time. Kane had done this all before but not with the person he loved most.

He headed outside when he saw the pool guy was there after she told her family and her mother smiled, "Does this mean you'll need a dress for that awards show?" She sighed and asked, "I know its a heavy subject but does Kane actually have no family? Would he like to be a part of ours? I mean I know you two are dating but he can call me mom if he wants?" She was being nice and trying to help.
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Anna was simply astonished as she walked out of the bathroom, stepping into the booth just as Kane had put the headphones on and was enveloped in the song that he was about to sing. She wasn't sure what he was about to work on and she was curious as to which one he was going to put out. His eyes met hers as he spoke those beautiful words that made her smile. Never in her life had she had someone single to her let alone write and sing a song for her that was about her. She felt her cheeks fill with blood as the heat had returned but in a good way. She felt her stomach tighten and she leaned against the wall as sheistened remembering the words that he had started telling her.

Pressing her lips together, she watched hin ad he sang. Such emotion, such truth that no one could deny. He was feeling what he was singing and it was beautiful. She couldn't dare look away as he held her attention and her heart at the same time. She couldn't hdlp but grin, feeling so proud of the man that she was able to call hers. Blown away want even a good term or even a good saying for how she felt when he had finished. He was out of bresth a little when he had come out of the booth and immeduately he came up to her calling her his fire. She smiled, feeling the connection now. "My lightening ..."

As thet left hand in hand they walked out to the car and he was sweet enough to open the door for her. She slipped inside and they were talking about the signing when he mentioned the song on his phone that he claimed was hers. She reached for the device, opened it up and press play in the email listening to the song again and hearing just as muvh as emotion as she could see in his face during the recording. She touched her chest and smiled at him before squeezing his hand with her own. "I don't know his i deserve you in this crazy world but i am forever grateful " she said. Her eyes traced the pattern of the trees as they drove and she was finally starting to feel brtter.

"Will you be in the video. ..".

She looked at him, tearing her vision from the trees when she bit her lip. "Are you sure you want me in it?" She was worried as to what he was expecting. she wasn't sure how she even looked in front of a camera that was rolling. Pressing her lips together she nodded after taking a second to think about it. "it saves me from being jealous of the girl who would be in it " she said, a gigglr escaping her lips.

As they pulled up to the house she could see the packages on the front porch. She got out and was walking towards them when she glanced back at Kane. "Are these the packages you were talking about?" She asked as he picked ghem up and carried them inside.

For the moment it was just them in the house. she wasn't sure where everyone else was but she was grateful to be alone with him for a moment. He looked at her, rubbing circles on her back when he asked how she was doing. she nodded and rubbed the back of her neck. "Yeah, I think its just the spinach. it might have been bad. " she frowned, lulling down some of the tea he talked about and she looked at hin as she warned uo the water in the sink.

"I wonder what is in them?" She,said putting the rest of the warm water in the microwave to officialky get it hot. While it was warming up, she walked over, using a knife to open the tape and she pulled apart the card board, curious as to what was in the box.
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Kane took his place in the booth. He was about to record Thunder In The Rain. “This is the song I wrote for you Anna.” He muttered into the mic before they started to record. The track the band had recorded started playing behind him and only people in the mixing booth would hear the track as he sang.

When Kane sang he stared right at Anna. "You lips, Your eyes... don't wanna let go.. your skin on mine... I'm losing control, Hear the rumble in your chest, Feel the wind coming off your breath...Your curves ain't slow me down, Ain't nothing gonna stop us now” Kane took a deep breath as he sang," Your Fire I’m lightening we’re burning at the core. Falling and crashing girl were a perfect storm.” He locked eyes with her and smiled as he sang. He couldn’t disguise the emotion that he had for her in his voice. Every word he sang was the truth. When the song ended the producer was speechless. “I think we got that first take.” He muttered in awe of what he had just witnessed.

Coming out of the booth Kane took her hand, “My Fire...” he muttered kissing the back of her hand with a smile. Before he pulled her Into him for an enveloping hug. He was in love with this girl. The producer smiled, “Kane I’ll send you the rough tracks like usual.” Kane nodded, “thanks Bruce.” Bruce was an old man that looked like he had seen better days in the music business but he was here and still producing Killer songs.

Kane held her hand all the way to the car and the whole drive home. “You were amazing Anna...” he muttered waiting on her to say something about the song that he had written for her the first night that they had met. “I meant every word of that song...I’d you want to plug my phone in you can listen to it again. Bruce emailed it to me and there’s no password on my phone babe go ahead.”

It was her song. Even if he released it or not it would always be hers but it was going to be his next single. “Babe will you be in the video with me? It’s only right since I wrote the song for you and there wouldn’t be the chemistry there if they just hired a model for the shoot...and honestly it makes me feel awkward doing things like that .” He was opening up to her a little more here and there and he loved having someone to tell everything to.

Pulling into the garage he parked and said, “There’s our packages on the front step, you head inside and I’ll get them.” The package addressed to Kane was small but Anna’s was larger but they were both from the Country Music Association.... kane never got mail from them.

He stepped inside and sat the packages on the kitchen island. “You feeling okay?” He asked and rubbed soothing circles on her back. “You looked a little green there in the studio. I bought some of that tea you like darlin, it’s in the cupboard.”
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Anna smiled as she leaned against him, already pulling off her sweater that she had acquired to his cold house, leaning forward to him, her shirt slowly rising as he spoke about the Jacuzzi being dirty. She frowned slightly, but she found home in the next option that he had given her, implying she could have him in the shower. Her eyes sparkled and she leaned into him, pressing her lips against his before she pulled away, walking toward the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind until she was bare, standing at the edge of the walk-in shower turning on the steaming hot water.

When he had come in, she leaned slowly against the cold tile, feeling some warmth from her hair that had cascaded down her shoulder and some down her back to keep her slightly warm as her skin bubbled up with goosebumps from the coolness of the tile. She ran her fingers down her middle, watching his eyes before she giggled and climbed into the shower, pulling him in with her the moment that he was free of his clothing .

Their lips reunited and bodies satisfied once again…

The next morning, it didn’t take her long to wake up with the excitement of signing for her new label that morning. She stretched in the sheets, feeling her naked body lay against Kane’s. She curled closer, feeling his steady breathing as he was still sleeping pretty deeply. She ran her fingers over his chest, feeling the chiseled muscles underneath and all she wanted was more of him against her, but she wouldn’t disturb the man she loved in his sleep if she could help it.

Moving slowly, she pulled her body away from the bed, walking bare to his closet where she pulled on one of his hoodies and grabbed a pair of his boxers before she opened the door slowly and walked down the stairs until she was in the kitchen. Her mom was already up looking at the news and reading the newspaper when she walked in. Her smile brightened a little bit as together they decided to make a few eggs and bacon to get them ready for the big signing that morning. She giggled and helped pull out everything and seasoning for the eggs.

About an hour after cooking, she was pulling off the final set of bacon, eggs, toast with some French toast and spinach egg mix for herself when she could hear Kane come booming down the stairs. She smiled when he came over, thanking her for the breakfast. She ate lightly, sure not to eat too much because of her nerves that were starting to build up. She smiled and kissed his cheek, finishing her meal while he spoke to her mother before she disappeared to slip on decent clothing and do her hair and makeup real quick.

Pulling on a black cut off shirt with her ripped skinny jeans, she pulled on her black keds and slipped on one of Kane’s plaid shirts as a cover and ruffled her hair. Doing a quick concealer over her face and spritzing some eyeshadow and mascara over her face, she was ready to go in a matter of minutes before Kane was clicking his keys in his pockets, reminding her that they had to go.

Driving up there, she was quiet. Unsure as to what to say, or how to act. She was nervous as to what was good for people when meeting her and what was bad. She was over thinking things in her head and all she could do was sit there and take it all in. especially when they were walking into the studio and people were already there standing…waiting for her to come over to speak to them. Kane had paused with her, telling her not to be nervous and that they were going to love her or they wouldn’t be doing this, but all she could do was look at him, squeezing his hands in her own. [b “Thanks sweetheart.”] She whispered, hoping that she could hold it together for the time being.

Meeting Mr. Brown, she smiled and held out her hand which he graciously took in his own. [+red “Good morning. Thank you for taking your time out to come and see us and let us give you the good news about your contract.”] She smiled in response and nodded as she came closer as they directed her to the table. People that Kane had already knew were starting to et close to Kane, asking about new releases and new songs that he has been able to come up with as well as some songs they had come across they would like him to sing.

It wasn’t long until she was signing the dotted line and initialing in other place sthat she was officially with the label company. Kane was taking as many pictures as he could for her mom and she was forever grateful, but she wasn’t sure how to take it still. She wanted to jump around and let her emotions take hold, but then she wanted to remain cool and collected.

After signing, she walked over to Kane, feeling his arms loop around her and her safe place becoming reality with his touch in a matter of seconds. She sank in and closed her eyes for a second, her heart racing a million beats a minute until he was finally able to speak to her, bring her back and keep her just as excited that their first release was going to be What ifs…

[b “Thank you baby. Thank you for all of this…bringing me here, the opportunities, my family…thank you.”] She said, feeling tear scome to the brim of her eyes, but she stopped it when their new signer was coming in to wanted them to sing their new duet to hear what he had to work with.

She reached out for his hand and squeezed it before they were to go into the booth and start to sing while she played the guitar. With that being the acoustic sound, she knew that the professionals would be able to come up with drum beats and additions of other guitars to make it have a little more deeper feeling than just the plain acoustic tone.

After they had finished, she smiled, holding her hands against her lips for a second but when she had gotten up, she felt a little dizzy. Catching herself for a minute, she smiled and rubbed her forehead feeling a little nauseous. Pressing her lips together, she smiled at Kane and sqeeuzed his hand. [b “I’ll be right back.”] She said, walking to the bathroom quickly but steadily until she was in the bathroom where she emptied her stomach of its contents…all of her breakfast.

She cleaned her face and her lip and leaned heavily against the tiled wall, trying to cool off from the heat that overwhelmed her face and she wondered why she was vomiting. She shook it off thinking it was probably bad spinach and she moved away from the wall, collecting her thoughts and fixing everything on her face and making sure that nothing had gotten in her hair as her food flushed down the toilet.

Returning, Kane was already in the booth…a different song playing…One that she had never heard of before.
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“Thank you honey.” Kane muttered when she touches his shoulder. Ur was hard to tell people how alone he was but he managed and the night continued with the jamming and somehow he had won her father over it seemed.

When Anna mentioned that it was time for bed, Kane nodded. “Jacuzzi is dirty until tomorrow but I do need a shower Babe.” He muttered gesturing to the shower in the master bath big enough for two. “If your gonna strip for me darlin...” he muttered pulling her into his arms.

The next morning Kane woke up to the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen downstairs. He glanced at the clock it was 8:20 in the morning. He sighed and looked around for Anna and realized she wasn’t in bed anymore. He sighed and pulled on a shirt as her family was there. “What smells so good?” He said his deep booming voice echoing down the stairs as he descended them.

He was wearing joggers sweatpants and a t shirt from a club he had played. “Thank you for making breakfast.” He said to her and her mother. “We have that meeting at ten Anna, then we will be back here. I’ll make sure to take pictures of her signing her Deal Mrs. Markee.” He promised. He knew he would only be allowed in the room because he was already signed. These were secretive meetings discussing deals and new singles. Kane had to be hush hush himself.

After the wonderful breakfast Kane quickly got dressed for the day. Wearing his jeans, black r shirt, brown leather jacket. And black hat along with his brown boots. Usually you didn’t mix black and brown but Kane didn’t care. Kane stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting on her. He had his keys in his pocket. “Meeting the managers there baby girl.” He said smiling when he saw her coming down the stairs. He was very sweet to her and anyone could see that.

When they finally reached the meeting Kane took her hand smiling, “Don’t be nervous Darlin’, I promise they love you or you wouldn’t have gotten this meeting.” Kane led her inside and the secretaries smiled. “Good Morning Mr. Brown.” They said in unison. Kane nodded and tipped his baseball hat to them before getting into the elevator with Anna.

Soon she was signing her contract and Kane was snapping pictures like a proud boyfriend. He couldn’t wait to post that his girlfriend was finally signed to RCA Song with all of her talent. “Congratulations baby.” He said hugging her right after it was all said and done. “You got a deal...your on a label and your first release will be our duet...I’m so proud of you.”
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[+red “I hope not.”] He said, looking back at the food. He was certain that his daughter was not going to marry someone who wasn’t going to treat her right. He was certain in that aspect. It wasn’t until they were bringin the meat in and eating dinner when they were enjoying each other’s company. The stories were continuing to pour out around the table and Max was filling in just as much as her mother.

[b “It seems I am surrounded.”] She said, feeling kane’s lips pressing against her cheek. She giggled and squeezed his hand underneath the table. He was a champ for pulling through this and going through all this torture, but then she knew it was her that was getting more torture than him. He was just hearing it all.

She shook her head with a giggle when her parents had continued through the stories, going through her younger years when she couldn’t even remember to walk up to the teenager years when she had faltered on stage and had had her mess ups. Laughing, practically crying from the amount of laughter that spread over their lips and their stomachs hurt from the amount of exercise it was getting from all of their jokes.

[+green “Anna, you brought this upon yourself.”] Max chuckled and Anna rolled her eyes with a smile on her face.

[b “There are times where I would agree with you, but this time isn’t one of them.”] She said, sticking her tongue at him before she looked at Kane when he asked her if she had really almost hit cows. She slowly nodded…[b “The brakes were iffy on the gocart and we were set off for them in our course….”] She bit her lip. [b “But no animal was harm in the making of the film.”] She said with a giggle.

When her father asked if they were going to meet his family and he had to say that he didn’t have much family. She squeezed his hand again and wrapped her arms around his, leaning against his shoulder. [b “You got this babe.”] She said softly, rubbing his arm softly before releasing to finish the meal. Her and food were not kept from each other for very often. It was the reason why she had to keep regular routine in the gym.

After dinner, her and her mother walked out to the living room together and they sat down near the fireplace. She could hear Kane and her brother talking about playing and her mother clasped her hands together. She was always excited when Max had decided to play, it was always her favorite time of hers. Anna squeezed her mother’s hand as her father sat in the recliner with his mixed drink in hand. She simply shook her head and smiled at him, something she felt she did quite often, but she loved him more than anything. He knew that.

She leaned back, crossing her legs in her lap, smiling at the man of her dreams jamming in a stool sitting next to her brother playing on the guitar beside him. Krista had taken a seat with a wine glass in her hand, smiling just nicely. Messing with the ends of her hair, she smiled at Kane as he sang. Even with her mom poking her, whispering that he was singing just to her, she knew. She could feel it with their eye contact, but all she could do was blush and smile. She had never had someone just sing to her, and have everyone around just disappear.

Even her family had just faded away when she looked at him.

Kane invited her to sing with him and she smiled, coming up and pick up the guitar from her brother. [b “I’ve been thinking about the beat and sound for the song baby. And I think I have the perfect fit.”] She said, fitting it to the right pitch before they were to start singing…

Through out the song, she was hitting the notes, stringing along the best that she could to keep up with the somewhat fast song. Their voices as always meshed beautifully together. His deep tones versus her lighter and higher pitched tones. She was strumming along, going with the song as she could feel her heart racing faster and faster in her chest as they sang together. This was the life. She was finally happy. Nothing else in the world mattered, and it was only going up from there…There were people who wanted to see them fall, who wanted to doubt them, but in that moment, everyone around her was pushing for them to succeed, for their relationship to work. She was going to make this work.

He was the one…

[b “What if I was made for you, and you were made for me…”] She sang softly, looking into his eyes the biggest grin on her face that she could have ever felt. She had gone through many things in her life, but this feeling, this feeling was the best one that she could ever imagine.

The moment their lips came together after the song, she knew it then….Right in that room with her family surrounding her and the man kissing her lips, blurring every sad emotion that touched her heart that she had met the one… It was no doubt in her mind that time, she didn’t know what hit her now, but it was in that moment, she was sure. She had never been so sure in her life.

Their lips broke and she just looked at him, tracing that big smile that he always had on his face and she giggled when he had turned back to her parents and told them they were going to sign her to the label tomorrow. Her parents were ecstatic and they shared a few hugs, but it was nothing compared to the party inside of her heart that she was having from knowing now that she had found the one that she would call her hers forever.

[b “It’s exciting.’] She said, giving Max back the guitar as he wanted to jam a little bit more. They played for the rest of the night jamming and singing different songs and playing different games. Each minute, Anna couldn’t help but steal a glance at the man who sat beside her, joking with her family, messing with her brother, and enjoying sitting there, taking all the crap that her dad was giving. It was a miracle really. She smiled as her mother yawned heavily. It was already midnight by the time they were done tuckered out. [+red “It is time for bed.”] She said, yawning again. Her father yawned as well, already having finished his drink. They were retiring to bed when Max and Krista were going to continue to look around the guitar room when she looked at Kane. [b “Do you want to join me in the hot tub?”] She asked, looking at him.

[b “Or should we retire to bed?”] She said, pulling on his hand to get him to stand until they were walking up the stairs to their bedroom and her bag was already opened. She had pulled her bathing suit up to the top when she had come to use the restroom earlier.

She leaned in for a whisper, her hand traveling down her chest as she spoke. [b “Either way, you get to watch me strip. Whether it’s for bed or for the Jacuzzi.”] She said smiling, leaning in softly.
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“Sir I wouldn’t dream of taking that promise back. She’s my everything, everything is ever want or need.” He said to her father. “I mean that, she’s my whole life. That first night we met it was like electricity and just looking at her took my breath away.” He muttered as they finished the steaks.

Once they were back inside and eating, Kane chuckled, “Darlin should I take back the offer of my garages being open to your use?” He joked. He kissed her cheek and continued eating and listening to their stories. “Did you really almost hit cows?” He asked still laughing. Then her father asked when they would meet his family. “I’m sorry sir it’s just me...my mother and nana passed away.” Her father nodded, “I’m sorry about your loss.” Kane nodded, “Thank you sir.”

After dinner Kane and Max got talking and decided to jam a little in the living room with everyone watching them. “You know Body Like a Back road?” Max asked him as he strummed the guitar. Kane nodded, “I know it well.”

They sat down on the stools and Max began to play one of Kane’s many guitars. Kane Sang, “Got a girl from the south sideeee...got braids in her hair....every time I see her walk by, bought fell out my chair. I got her numberrrrr took me like six weeks... we go way back like Cadillac sets. Body like a back road driving with my eyes closed I know every curve like the back of my hand. Doing 15 in a 30 I ain’t in no hurry...Imma take it slow just as fast as I can.”

Her mother nudged her as they played, “his voice is so smooth...and it’s like he’s singing to you sweetie.” Kane chuckled when they finished and said, “Anna why don’t you come sing with me baby?” Her father nodded. “Yeah you two should sing together.”

Kane smiled, “want to do the song we’ve been working on that no one else has heard yet?” He asked her. What if’s was still a work in progress but it was their song and he knew her father would appreciate the line about him changing her last name. As they sang Kane smiled, “What if one of these days baby I go and change your name...what if I loved all the what if’s away.” Her father watched them.

It became apparent to her parents that Kane was dead serious about Anna and wanted everything that goes along with being with her. Good and bad, he was ready for it. He kissed her when they stopped singing and her mother asked if they were going to record that and Kane nodded. “We’re going to talk to the label tomorrow after Anna’s meeting. She’s getting signed tomorrow and I couldn’t be more proud.”
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Anna had smiled at Kane when he was putting stuff on the moving belt when they were checking out. His comment about her dad liking him made her shake her head with a smile on her face. [b “He’s not that intimidating, babe.”] She said, and there they were off to load the car up with the help of one of the grocers. After loading up, they pulled out and headed home. [b “I’m looking forward to tonight. It should be fun.”] She said. [b “Again, thank you for letting my family stay here the week while we are preparing for the show.”] She said, leaning across the middle of the car to kiss his cheek.

When they got home, and pulled everything out. Kane explained what all they had got. Him and her dad pulled together the steaks and seasonings before walking out, but not without a kiss to the forehead or some form on her skin. She smiled and closed her eyes for the short period of time his lips were on her skin and she let him go, watching him as he slipped outside to grill the steaks with her dad.

Glancing at her mom, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. [b “You googled him? You actually did your research? He must be worth something if he has gotten your attention momma.”] Her mother simply shook her head, peeling some of the potatoes before they were going to mash em up and season them. [+red “You know I’m right.”]

Anna couldn’t help but smile, shaking her head again. She wasn’t sure what to think about it all. She was happy, she knew that he was what she wanted, but she wasn’t sure about how it was coming together…Her heart was still trying to hold back from feeling everything, and her mind was trying to find every dark hole that could make this all seem logical… It was at a wall, that led to another wall. She was trying to get through this until she would finally come to the end of her own mind’s maze to realize that maybe this was true…and not just a publicity stunt…

Her dad was rubbing some seasoning on the steaks before holding a tenderizer to help soften the meat. It was in the middle of tenderizing one of the steaks when Kane had spoke words that he never thought he would hear.

[i I'm going to marry your daughter someday... with your blessing of course sir.]

It was before he could say anything when Anna came up behind them, giggling as she looked at her father narrowing her eyes to make sure that Kane wasn’t getting too much trouble. In that moment, her father looked at her and could only see the baby girl that was crawling along the blanket with a goofy face as she played with her toys. All he could see was her small life growing in an instant and there she was in a grown young woman. Anna lifted her brow, knowing the look that her father was giving her. She rolled her eyes and giggled. [b “Daddy, don’t look at me like that.”] She said, gave them both one final hug before she disappeared back inside the house after figuring out where Max was.

[+red “That’s my little girl.”] He looked at him as they were laying some of the steaks on the grill, letting the fire sizzle the new meat. He sighed heavily and exhaled deeply. [+red “I know I was just giving you the talk and whatever, but marriage… That’s a promise you can’t take back.”] He said, looking down in the fire, still picturing the baby girl on the blanket, unable to look into the future as he couldn’t handle that just yet.

They went back to grilling the steaks and Anna was searching through the house, trying to remember where everything was before she was lost. It wasn’t hard to find him when she could hear her brother’s guitar rifts and his deep voice singing. She smiled and slowly walked up to the door frame of the guitar room, seeing the beautiful room laid out with all of the guitars hanging up on the wall in just the right ways. There were some shiny, some matte colors, there were some with signatures on them, and others with Kane written across them. She smiled, letting her fingers graze along the wall until her brother looked up and saw her.

[b “Hey sis.”] He said in between words of one of Kane’s songs.

Anna smiled and did a weak wave. [b ‘Dinner will be ready here pretty soon broha. I thought I’d come get you before you get too attached to the guitars in here.”]

Max already shook his head. [+green “Well you’re too late for that.”] They both laughed and Krista was looking at something on her phone. [+green “There are already stories up on line about you and Kane together with us at your place. They’re obsessed with your relationship.”]

Anna inhaled and exhaled slowly. [b “I didn’t think they already knew that you guys were here. Soon they’ll be knowing when I’m about to shower or take a breath before I do.”] She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as she leaned against the wall with her foot up. [b ‘Either way, let’s have fun tonight. Come on and come eat. The steaks are almost done, and the fixings are almost done.”]

Max set the guitar in the guitar stand and got up, reaching for Kristas hand as they walked together to the kitchen hand in hand. Anna walked behind, sneaking a photo of the two holding hands as they walked away and she smiled to herself. Reaching the kitchen, she helped her mom set the table with what they could find in the boxes and she peeked outside, seeing Kane and her dad laughing about something. [b “I’m hungry.”]

It wasn’t until they were sitting down to eat when she was cutting into her meat when her dad decided to break out the embarrassing stories. [+red “Okay Kane. Since we are in your house and Anna is your girlfriend…”] He paused for an unknown reason and looked at Anna for a second. He blinked and then continued. [+red ‘You get to hear stories from when she was little naked in the bath tub to when she was running through a fence with a gokart.”] Anna felt her face getting red.

[b “Don’t listen to them…”]

[+green “Oh, that was fun. And you almost hit our herd of cows.”] Max piped up.

[b “It’s never ending…”] Anna continued to eat, going red in the face. [b “With these stories, don’t let them fool you. I am a good driver.”]
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"Everyday of my life unfortunatley but luckily they're the nice kind... I haven't ran into the horrible kind of paparazzi yet... you know the kind that chase you or get right in your face... at least they try to keep their distance." he said driving them back to his home.

Before he knew it they were at the store, 'So your dad seems to like me some..." he muttered as they got the groceries they would need for their stay in Nashville. He ended up buying 3 boxes of Cheezits for the sole reason that he claimed he could finish a box during a movie. They were one of his favorite snacks besides Doritos. He would end up taking one of the 3 boxes on the bus again. They had a long tour ahead of them.

When they arrived back at the house and unloaded, her dad had found and fired up the grill, "Thank you, the steaks are in one of these bags and Anna got drinks and we got chips and everything. There is something for everyone... and a watermelon." They had also grabbed two gallons of sweet tea because Kane went through it like water. "Make yourselves at home... There is a pool but the pool guy is coming tomorrow to clean it as well as the jacuzzi and then everyone can get in it... its on the left side of the house in the patio area..."

He found the steaks and seasonings that they would need and set them out as well as the steak sauces. "I'm going to grill with your dad." Kane said kissing Anna on the forehead. Once he was out of ear shot her mother smiled, "You and Kane are pretty serious aren't you?... Hes a good man, I might have went home and googled everything I could about the boy. No family, came from nothing, gives money to charities multiple times a year. Helped Habitat For Humanity build houses... Hes something else... and hes in love with you Anna. I've only ever seen that look of pure true love once before in my life and that was with your father."

Kane was outside with her dad grilling the steaks. Laughing, trading stories, and of course Kane got the boyfriend talk from her father. He asked Kane his intentions and Kane was honest, "I'm going to marry your daughter someday... with your blessing of course sir." Anna seemed to crash the conversation, asking her father if he was terrorizing her boyfriend, "No darlin' hes just teaching me how to make my steaks better... that can't hurt anything but my waistline." He said and kissed her cheek. Her father laughed, "Like you have any problem with that Kane...."

Kane nodded, "Yeah Max is in the studio guitar room. I left him there when he saw the guitars and said he would be in there awhile, and his fiance is in the kitchen helping your mom." "Steaks should be done soon sweetheart, could you let everyone know... we can eat inside or out theres tables both places. I'll leave that up to you." he said flipping the steaks. Her father watched him and whispered to her, "This one I like... and his steaks might be better than mine."
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