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Kane kissed her and listened to her words... why was he supposed to be forgiving her? Wasn't he the one at fault? She had been upset with him.... he had thought she had broken up with him. It had been killing him on the inside. Kissing her again and watching her lock the door.... he smiled and then he felt her hand on the back of his neck pulling his face to hers. "If you forgive me... I forgive you... I love you more than anything and I never want to be without you darlin'..." He let his hands find her hips and rested them there... they were going to have a baby. How the hell were they going to do this?

"We can handle this... we can be parents... we can be the best parents that this baby could have... I already love our baby so much... more than I thought I could ever love something I've never met." He muttered kissing her again. Commitment... the word echoed through his brain and he nodded, "I asked you to marry me... there was never a time limit on that even though your dad did ask that it be a long engagement... but now... he might think otherwise with Baby Brown on the way." He walked to her and gently let his hand caress the side of her stomach. "You will have the best doctors in Nashville... we can shorten the tour... the last leg of dates hasn't been announced yet.. I can call those off and we can be finished in two months... you'll barely be showing..." He said looking into her eyes. "We can keep this private if thats what you prefer... or we can announce it and make a big deal out of our baby."

He knew he couldn't wait to tell people that he was having a child with the love of his life but he knew at the same time she could feel completely different but it was up to her... this was her body... she was carrying their child. She had the decisions on her shoulders... he was just there to make sure she was alright and not in it alone. "I'm not going anywhere babe... if thats what your worried about. Your stuck with me... and honestly I hope our baby has your smile." He muttered planting a small trail of kisses from her neck down her shoulder.

"I don't have any family to tell... you and this baby are my family Anna... I will do anything for you." He said looking into her eyes, his icy blue eyes full of worry. He didn't know how she would react to all of this... or how her parents would react to all of this... her father would kill him.. he was going to be furious... at Kane. "I'll marry you any day any time Anna.... I'd fly to Vegas tonight and marry you."
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Kane was the last person that she wished to hurt in the world. He was the one that looked into her, and pointed her out in the middle of the room and wanted to give her life. He believed that she had something to do in life, that she had talent enough to get by in this world and make a mark. Last night had been rough, she was completely in the dark when it came to know how to handle all the emotions of just finding out that she was pregnant.

She wasn’t sure how to be happy, she wasn’t sure how she was going to give a life to a baby while she was still trying to make one of her own. And now, as she walked through the hallway to Kane’s dressing room. He was already in there, as she had watched him walk in only a few minutes before. Slowly she opened the door and walked in to see him standing there. The moment his eyes turned and looked at her, she could see the happiness mixed with sadness. She was the reason for both, and she didn’t like that she was the reason for the sadness, or the way that he was speaking to her now with that specific tone.

She shook her head and let tears fall down herself as she walked up to him, cradling his face in her hands as she looked up at him. “You were always mine. We were never done. Baby, you should be forgiving me. I took it way too far.” She whispered, meeting his lips with her own. She needed him, to feel him, to touch him.

She pressed him up against the counter next to the mirror before she stopped him. For a second, she broke the kiss, walked over to the door and locked it. She turned around and walked back to him, her fingers tracing down his chest again until she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Baby, I’m so sorry that I said those things to you. I don’t want you to ever be away from me.” She whispered, running her fingers over his face, holding the back of his neck before she pressed her lips against his again.

“Do you forgive me?” She whispered, leaning into him.

Anna was worried herself to be the mother of a child and give it a good life. While she did have a good family, she was always worried that it would be too much for her children, or even for the man whom she married. They were a lot to handle, but they were lovable.

It was quiet where they were, the moment that the door was locked and not open, many people knew not to disturb the artists. They were in their own small, very small world. It wouldn’t last long, but it was long enough for them to finally get a breather from pleasing the world with their talents. “How are we going to do this?” She muttered.

“How are we going to raise a child in this time of atmosphere where we sometimes lose track of time, and have too many obligations?” She whispered, moving to sit up on the counter. “If we are going to do this, if we are going to be parents we need to make the commitment to do so….”
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"I love you more darlin'." he whispered as he kissed her back before watching her walk offstage... after everything that had happened over the last 24 hours... he had needed her to say she loved him.

"How ya'll doing Atlanta?!" He screamed into the microphone and the crowd mirrored him even louder. The show went flawless... he even smiled, catching glances of Anna at various places in the venue throughout his set that night. When the show ended Kane handed his in ear monitors and microphone back to one of the stage hands that had helped him put them on and headed to his dressing room, getting ready to grab his bag and head towards the bus.

Kane was stopped a few times in the hall for pictures with VIP fans and winners of radio station contests here and there. Everyone was questioning why the couple weren't together and even the crew had been confused when they didn't sound check or have lunch together but when they had sang What If's onstage that night... no one questioned it anymore. They had found each other again.... but they had also never fought before and this was a big life change that was about to take place for both of them.

Internally Kane was freaking out. He didn't know how to be a dad. He had never known his biological father and he had had step father's over the years... abusive ones.... One of them had almost beat him to death when he was six years old. He knew he would be a better father than that and he was ready for kids... he couldn't wait to have kids with Anna but the fear in his mind was... what if he messed them up? There were no do overs with children... what if he made them cry? or said the wrong thing? Held them wrong? There was so much to learn and that scared him.

Almost to his dressing room he sighed and opened the door before shutting it behind him and grabbing his backpack that he used for going from the bus and into the venues. His permanent VIP pass attached to it that read, ARTIST- KANE. Hearing the door open again he turned around seeing Anna... today had been hell without her.. every time he wanted to do something or say something he had turned to look for her without even thinking and she hadn't been there.

"Babe... I'm sorry about how I acted last night... I just... I want to keep you safe and make everything alright... and hearing you crying last night...it broke me... because I was the cause of those tears.. what can I do for you to forgive me? Take me back?" He asked looking into her eyes, his blue eyes, sad.
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It was weird doing everything alone. Eating, getting dressed, doing sound checks alone. There was even some of the meet and greets were even separated. The weight of the ring on her hand was heavier now, but she was still trying to get used to the fact that there was a living human inside of her. She was trying to keep herself focused, she was keeping her head down and focusing on her life…trying to talk herself out of all the horrible thoughts. Her mother had been blowing up her phone, and her father had sent her a few texts. She had just sent back that she was okay, just busy.

She kept to herself, checking everything out, going on stage where she was making sure everything sounded good, and it wasn’t until she was going back stage to get ready, she had seen Kane in a quick glance before she closed the door to her dressing room. Her feelings were numb…It was weird being without him…Her smile had been gone…and she was still getting nauseous, but now she didn’t have him to rub her belly and make her feel better. She was exhausted all the time and all she wanted to do was cuddle…

Her mind was still full of all the different ways that this could go…Kane said that he wasn’t going anywhere, but that wouldn’t stop him if someone else came along…She cleared her own throat as she was getting ready, throwing on some clothes that Ace had pulled together for her that would help her feel good while she was feeling bloated and nauseated. Slipping into the loose fabric, she put a small belt around her waist and fluffed up her hair once more before she walked out of the dressing room and headed on stage.

She didn’t see him watching her during her set, she was just trying to make it through the night the best that she could. She was trying not to think about too many of the plan changes that were going to happen…Finishing up her last song, a lot of people were looking forward to Kane’s set and she glanced to the side seeing the stage manager tell her that she was going to announce What ifs.

She hesitated for a moment, but as she looked out into the crowd, she saw that the crowd was excited to see Kane. She nodded and soon she was announcing Kane’s entrance. The song began and soon he was coming out, his eyes meeting hers.

They sang their mutual song and she followed suit, hitting all the high notes that paired beautifully with his. “What if the sky falls or the sun stops burnin’. We could worry about them what ifs til the world stops turning. Or I could kiss you, what if you liked it. We we ain ‘tnever gonna know unless we try it.” His arms were around her waist and his hand was resting on hers their eyes both looking at the engagement ring. She smiled and leaned against him for a moment until she was pulling away, her hand enveloped in his as they were finishing up the song..

“What if?”

She said softly, finishing looking up at him, her fingers on his chest. “I love you.” She whispered

She gave him one solid kiss before she walked off stage, leaving him there so he could do his set and she sat there on the side stage and she crawled up on one of the side stages and sat there, kicking her legs, snapping videos of the performance. Walking down to the DJ and sound booth, she took a video of the performance getting shots of the crowd as well as Kane’s face on the big screen.

After the rest of the show, she walked back to backstage, going to find Kane..
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Kane stood there in shock, what was she talking about? Her dreams weren't crushed... she would still have her record deal... yeah they didn't plan a baby but one was coming and they couldn't do anything about that. He was snapped out of his reverie by the bathroom door slamming. Kane sat in the back of the bus, his eyes heavy and full of tears. It was an hour before Kane fell asleep sitting there, bawling his eyes out. Only waking up when he heard the bathroom door unlock and watched Anna crawl into a bunk.... she had been crying he knew that... and she was upset and it was all his fault. It was his child that she was so upset about.

The next day in Atlanta... they did their sound checks sepratley... ate lunch sepratley... did everything... separate...it was killing Kane. Anyone could see that there was something wrong with him. They just didn't know what. He didn't have anyone to tell... all he had in his life was Anna and she wasn't even speaking to him. Their dressing rooms were across from each other and she hadn't let him in... he didn't know how to get through to her again.. He loved her but she acted like everything was over now... when it didn't have to be. They were engaged but they weren't acting like an engaged couple... it was driving him crazy.

Watching her walk out on stage, he stayed on the side out of sight... he knew if she saw him at the beginning of the show that she would break... He only came out at the end of the set when she announced their duet... What Ifs... grabbing his microphone he walked out waving toward the crowd... painting on a faux smile for the fans... when in reality their situation was eating at his subconcious. He looked to her with sad eyes as the music began and he began to sing first.. " You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you....What if I find somebody else and I don't need you.
What if this goes south, what if I mess you up, You say what if I break your heart in two then what..." He took a deep breath before continuing... this song fit their situation more and more with each line he sang. "Well I hear you girl, I feel you girl but not so fast...Before you make your mind up I gotta ask?" Kane looked into her eyes before he sang the next part, "What if I was made for you and you were made for me? What if this is it, what if it's meant to be? What if I ain't one of them fools just playin' some game?" He had his arms around her now and the crowd was screaming and loving it, "What if I just pulled you close, what if I leaned in? And the stars line up and it's our last first kiss. What if one of these days baby I'd go and change your name?" Kane held her hand and touched her engagement ring next, "What if I loved all these what ifs away?"
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This was all happening way too fast. She wanted to hide away. She wanted to bury herself in a dark space where no one would see her but she had things to do, places to be, and shows to sing for. Her eyes looked up at him for a solid moment until she was moving away from him as he continued to ask questions about the baby, where it would be born, what they would be doing during the tour. It was all coming at her way too fast.

She nodded to his responses. “I’m not sure how to answer your questions.” She said, her eyes falling to the ground as she removed her hands from his skin. His thumbs were still tracing her hips, trying to calm her down. At one time it would work. At one time it would change things, but there was a bigger obstacle for them now and he was taking it as if it were a piece of salt on a clean slate as if there was nothing else stopping them.

Everything was a blur. She felt nauseous, she felt dizzy. It wasn’t long when everything was rushing into her head. Her cheeks filled with blood as she pushed him away. “Kane, it’s not that easy” She screamed, tears streaming down her face. She walked away, her chest heaving. “You can’t just expect it to be that easy. It’s not like that. Your dream isn’t being crushed. Having a child is going to ruin everything.”

“I’m not ready to be a mom. I’m not even grown myself. I can barely keep my own life straight, what do you think is going to happen when I have to bring a child into the world and try to be its guide?” She cried, her eyes filled with tears.

“Don’t come near me Kane.”

She walked into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her before she melted into the floor. Her stomach was in knots, she could barely breathe and all she wanted to do was crawl into a hole and pass on to another life…

She stayed in there for a few hours, barely even moving to come out for anything. She pressed her lips together as the tears had begun to dry on her face. She ran her fingers over her cheeks, wiping her eyes for the thousandth time. Her eyes were swollen and red. She was taken apart, she was falling apart.

Taking in a deep breath, she wasn’t sure if Kane was still out there or not, but she was exhausted. Moving to stand, she opened up the door and walked over to the bunks where they had already stored some of their stuff. She pulled some of their bags down and she climbed into the bunks, moving in between the sheets. She didn’t even bother to look at the living room or the front end of thebus. She just wanted to hide from the world and sleep.

She fell asleep quickly and didn’t wake up until later that night when they were arriving here pretty soon at their next show. She didn’t say anything, barely even a word. She didn’t even answer her mom’s phone call. She didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Getting dressed for the show, she slipped into her dressing room, closing the door, not letting anyone else in but Ace. “What’s wrong darling?” Ace asked, running his fingers through her hair. She didn’t speak for a little while, still a little numb from the news.

“I’m pregnant Ace, and everyone is acting like it is all butterflies and rainbows.”

He didn’t even make a sound, he just worked on her hair, understanding that she didn’t want to hear advise, or converse, she just wanted to sit there in perfect silence. It wasn’t but an hour afterward that she was walking out with her hair curled and her dress hitting the ground. She carried her guitar over her shoulder and she walked up to the stage, waving to some fans and taking a few pictures with others. Her mouth was smiling but her eyes were not.

She walked out on stage, and had asked that her and Kane not sing together in the beginning. She would sing with him in the end, but by then she would be in a better mood…
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Kane hadn’t said anything yet when she stood up and walked to the counter. He was still listening to her when she started to cry. Getting up and coming behind her to wrap his arms around her again, still not saying anything he kissed the spot on her neck he always kissed. He knew it relaxed her and she needed to relax right now. “Don’t start crying now darlin’...I’m not going anywhere.” He didn’t know why she would think that he would run but they were young and their relationship was fairly new and they were expecting a baby now. Everything was just starting and as much as he was scared about it. Kane was excited.

Turning her around to face him while she was still in his arms he gave her a smile. “We’re having a baby.” He let his large hands fall to her hips, his thumbs resting on her flat stomach that wouldn’t be flat for long. “Darlin’ I’m not going anywhere. I love you and I already love our baby....it’s going to be hard but we can handle this. We have the tour to finish and we can always take some dates off of it...I want you to see a doctor back home in Nashville if that’s alright with you...I mean our baby will be born in Nashville right?”

On the outside Kane was taking this very well...better than expected but on the inside subconsciously he was freaking out. He had wanted kids someday in the future but he didn’t have the plans for that to happen right now. Anna wasn’t in fully moved in with him but they were engaged to be married. “I know we’re not married darlin’ but that’s okay...we will get married and you’ll have the dream wedding you want...I wouldn’t even suggest we marry while your pregnant...I want you to have the wedding dress you’ve always wanted.” He kissed her forehead gently and looked into her eyes. Inside he was screaming he didn’t know what to do, he never had a father....what If he messed his kid up?

“We Play Atlanta tomorrow and Oklahoma on Friday and we have two days off...you and me should fly to Texas and tell your parents about Baby Brown. Take a couple days spend some time with the family and decide how we’re going to do this. I don’t want to tell your managers until after your parents know and we have you moved to Nashville. Once the managers find out then the press finds out and we have to have a plan and be prepared for all of that.” He said looking to her. He was trying to think logically but all he could think about was in a few short months, he would be a father at 25...she would be pregnant over his birthday month.
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Anna walked out of the bathroom, her voice carrying over the bus and soon Kane was coming up to her and wrapping his arms around her. Her immediate reaction was to lean into him and feel his warmth. She was comforted in his embrace and she didn’t want to let it go. So many worries ran through her mind as she looked up at him for a moment. Her eyes traced his face, hoping that the news won’t chase him away…or have the awkward shotgun wedding…

Her medicine hadn’t kicked in yet so she felt a little nauseous and has been over the last couple of days. He was definitely noticing as he continued to try, but she wasn’t sure how to break the news without confirmation…The phone call made her queasy even more, but what made it absolutely worth it was the look in his eyes as he told her to sit down. His voice was soothing, and she was always wanting to hear him talk more.

She nodded and together they walked over to the couch and they sat deown. She ran her hand over his knee, taking a deep breath. “I’m not sure how to say it…” She whispered, feeling his arms still around her, still she was in her safe place. It was still there, she was still here and it wasn’t gone just yet…


She took in another deep breath, looking at his face as a soft smile came on her face. She touched his face and tilted her head to hit his. “No one else but the doctors office knows, but I’m pregnant.” Tears were falling down her face. She wasn’t sure how to take it. Her cheeks were flushing with blood. So many things were rushing through her head. She wasn’t sure how he was going to take it.

“That’s why I’ve been sick…I thought I had gotten my period a couple of weeks ago, turned out that it was just spotting…Everything is changing…” She whispered.

“I’m not sure how you’re going to take it…I’m not sure if you’re going to leave…” Her voice continued to carry on. She was worried, she was scared. Everything was coming at her really fast, her growing career the growing baby in her stomach, everything. Her eyes met his as she waited for his answer.

Was he going to move away ? Was he going to stay near her? Was he going to be excited?

“I haven’t told my parents yet.” She said, her eyes carrying over his face again. Within a moment her face dropped and she looked down, wanting to move away. She ran her fingers through her hair as she got up, walking away from him. She leaned against the counter, her eyes filled with tears.

“I’m not sure how this is going to work. We are on tour…We aren’t even married…I am just starting…And everyone is acting completely normal about this.”
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“Yeah babe?” Kane asked hopeful. He knew she hadn’t been feeling well the last few days and had kept to herself, only letting him hold her when she was in bed. She barely kept down any food and that worried him. They were leaving to play a show in Atlanta tomorrow night and he didn’t know if she would be up to it the way she was feeling. Standing up Kane went to her and lovingly put his arm around her waist, rubbing her back with his large guitar playing hands.

“Are you alright?” He asked seeing her face. She looked a little green...seasick even...if they had been on a boat. Walking slowly to the back of the bus Kane pulled her down beside him. “Sit darlin’ it might help.” He knew she got dizzy sometimes as over the last couple of days she had said it and sat down quickly and at random times. Kane thought it was because she wasn’t eating but she was...it just came right back up. The crew had even quarantined themselves away from her because they were afraid of catching whatever stomach bug she seemed to have. Kane was too stubborn for that though. He stayed by her side making sure she was alright. The only thing that seemed to stop the throwing up was the tea that he made for her every morning now.

“What’s going on darlin’?” He wondered taking her hand, looking green and nervous at the same time worried him. Holding her hand Kane toyed with her engagement ring on her finger, he took her hand while holding it and pulled it to his face kissing the back of it. He didn’t know what to expect her to say or what she was even going to say. Was she breaking up with him? Was she horribly sick with a disease? He had heard her phone ring before but thought nothing of it, now the possibilities and scenarios were echoing through his subconscious mind.

He sat there wearing his camouflaged jogger sweat pants and Georgia Bulldawgs tee shirt that he loved wearing to bed, waiting on his fiancé to tell him some news. News that he didn’t know was the most important news of his life. Kane was 24 years old and finally engaged to a beautiful girl. Some would say 24 was too young to be married but Kane thought that they hadn’t found each other soon enough.

Still holding her hand Kane took his other hand and gently and lovingly pushed up her chin so she was looking at him at eye level, his icy blue eyes looking into hers. “Darlin’...I don’t know what it is that you want to tell me but I can see your struggling to, your my best friend, you can tell me anything.” He muttered looking at her hopeful.
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Anna stared at the doctor, her eyes unable to focus. All she could hear or even sense by that matter was that she was pregnant. She felt her heart drop to her stomach. She felt her feet and toes slowly slip into fading numbness…This was really happening. Tilting her head, she glanced downward at the test he had handed her on a napkin…The double line right there..put there by the amount of hormones rushing in her system…She ran her fingers over hsr stomach…This wasn’t happening…

It was as if she was alone in that moment, she didn’t hear her phone buzz with kane’s response, she didn’t even hear the doctors advice until he was handing her the pamphlets. She pressed her lips together and shook her head when she saw the words with adoption and abortion. She couldn’t do either of those things, but she was scared out of her mind now that she would have a child…

She handed him back the pamphlets and she looked at him, hearing that she get on prenatal vitamins…that she take care of herself now and congratulations to her and Kane. She nodded simply and he smiled at her, shook her hand and then walked out of the room…She was there, left alone in the room while the words sank into her system. Sitting on the examination table, she looked back and picked up the pillow that was on the edge and she pressed the covered plastic fluff into her face where she let out a small scream…

Tears ran down her face, one after the other…She wasn’t sure how to take it. That she was happy…that she was sad, that she was completely exiliterated to know that she was carrying his love child. They weren’t married, they weren’t planning on this…but all she could think about why hadn’t she known this sooner….

She wiped her face, cleaning it up in the mirror they had there and she gathered her wits together before she left the doctors office and just like she had asked, it was pretty much empty, giving her ample time to get out and head home…Instead though, she ran her fingers over the steering wheel. Her stomach was churning, her cheeks were flaring, her throat was tightening. Before she could get out of the parking lot she had to stop and puke into a trash can that wasn’t too far from her car.

Wiping her lips, she walked calmly back to her car and looked up on her phone the nearest pharmacy and began driving after sending Kane a message saying that he was sending her home with some medicine and that she would be home soon… All she wanted to do was be by herself in that moment, she knew that Kane would be happy…She just wasn’t sure how to take it yet…

Her eyes focused on the road the best she could until she was reaching the pharmacy and there she pulled into the driveway. Wiping up her tear stained face again, she walked inside to come to a few fans. “Uh…hi.” She had said, slipping the piece of paper across the table. “We are such big fan! Especially of you and Kane.” They said, looking at her with stars in their eyes.

“I would offer to take pictures…” Immediately Anna was surrounded and she was taking selfies, forced to smile anyways…Soon they were posting it and she was getting her prescription. Paying for them, she walked out and sat in her car for a little bit, more tears escaping her face…When people knew that she was pregnant…they would want even more photos…They would cross boundaries…

Headed home, it wasn’t long until she was pulling up to the busses. In her prescription bag, she had to hide the prenatal vitamins as she didn’t want to get Kane’s hopes up just yet until she was getting the results of the blood test to confirm.


A couple of days later, she was brushing her hair, having already taken her vitamins and the medication to stop her vomiting when her phone started ringing. She wasn’t sure where Kane was and she had been slightly avoiding him for the fact that she wasn’t sure how she was going to take the fact that she was pregnant…but the moment it was confirmed, she would tell him…


“Hi, is this Anna?” The happy voice on the other line answered.

Anna set the brush down and leanedagainst the wall. “Yes, it is, how are you?”

“Oh I am fantastic, I was told to give you a call based on your blood test results. It’s a positive.”

She melted to the floor and nodded. “Thank you.”

“Congratulations and have a great day Mrs. Future Brown!”

Then the line went dead… Anna dropped her phone for a moment and looked down at her stomach. She let her legs fall against the cool floor and she sat there, unable to breathe…She really was. She really was pregnant…

Gathering her wits and feeling her cheeks get hot and flushed again, she walked out of the bathroom, feeling her stomach tighten as she did so. “Kane?”
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Kane heard her mention her mother and father and chuckled about the drama with her daughter being on tour with Kane Brown. "I'm not that bad am I darlin'?" He asked and kissed her forehead, "Alright, no pizza for you." When she mentioned maybe he should check on the video and go out with the guys he nodded. "As long as you go to the doctor, I want you to make sure your okay." He said rubbing her back gently as he held her.

It was another hour before Kane was around and ready to leave. Trey was picking him up to show him the finished video and give it to him on a USB flash drive so he could show Anna later. Kane kissed her and watched her leave in the rental car. He knew she loved the car so giving her a chance to drive it while they were in Georgia was nice. While he waited on Trey, he gave some of the guys a call, most were already in Atlanta for the next show, hanging out, getting drunk, seeing the sights. Kane had been to Atlanta more times than he could count so he made sure to tell them the best spots for food. Kane loved food and every place they went he made sure to find the best food.

Soon Trey showed up in his Jeep, "Man pizza and a music video, its been awhile since we actually hung out." Kane nodded, "I know, Anna isn't feeling well so she suggested it and I am more than down to hang out for awhile. " Trey nodded, "That girl of yours... man shes smokin...shes even out of your league and I can't even touch your league." Kane chuckled, "Damn right you can't and she is... I got lucky with her... shes my everything." Trey nodded in agreement, "I know I edited this video and the way you look at her is something man." They drove to the pizza place and ordered, while they were waiting on their food, Kane took pictures with people and sighed some autographs. Just as the pizza was brought to their table, Kane texted Anna to check in, "Everything alright Darlin'?" He asked her in a text.

In the doctor's office Dr. Slone looked to her, "I am advising you to get some prenatal vitamins... and I understand this may be a shock to you... but a baby is a blessing." he said in his southern accent. "I have to give you these options... but I advise against them." He said handing her pamphlets for adoption and abortion. "I will prescribe you a pill for the morning sickness to try and illeviate that but I cannot guarantee it." He said scribbling the name of a pill on his prescription pad. He handed her the prescription and said,"Thank you for coming in Ms. Markee and congradulations to you and Kane."
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“Tea would be great.” She said, feeling nauseous all the way down, from what it felt like, in her toes. Her head ached, her body was tingling, and all she wanted to do was heave nothing into the toilet. The contents within her stomach had been gone hours ago, but she still felt a little sickly. Pressing her lips together, she let him make her a few pieces of toast and the tea when they crawled into bed together. His fingers were cool to her skin but she didn’t care. She liked it. His touch was soft and graceful over her tummy, leaving happy circle trails amongst her skin. She was comforted by the feeling. Leaning into him and sipping on her hot tea, she clanked the band of her ring along the sides of the cup ever so often.

A few kisses here and there it wasn’t until she was passing out in his arms that she realized how dead tired she was. She was exhausted and she didn’t know why. Falling asleep was as if she was snuffing out a candle stick. Painful, but easy. It was hours before she stirred and it was when Kane had moved to make her more tea and toast when she groaned again. The toast had begun its journey back into her throat and there she was heaving the contents up in the toilet. Reaching for a rag, she slipped some cool water on it and pressed it against her forehead.

It took her a few minutes to recover and when she did, she pulled herself out of the bathroom, walking over to Kane who he suggested that she go and see the doctor or the medic. She nodded her head. “Yeah…I can’t be like this and it be contagious.” She groaned as she climbed back into bed for a moment and there she was out again, falling asleep from the amount of exhaustion. It wasn’t but another hour before she finally stirred and moved to get up and get dressed.

“She is doing good. She was gossping about the girls at work and the drama that she was facing now that her daughter is on tour with Kane Brown…” She giggled a little bit, trying to help herself feel better with a smile instead of wanting to keel over and die. Running her fingers through her hair and then over her clothes, she pulled on some shorts and pulled on a sports bra to find her chest was really sore to the touch. She opted for a bigger sports bra and made the best of what she could. She had never had this painful of breasts before.

“Daddy on the other hand is dealing with a humungous project with one of the counties in the big city. Their tower systems have been down and they are wondering why. He’s having to be in constant contact just to tell them I told you so since they hadn’t been paying attention to what he had put in a proposal a few years ago. Ain’t nothing but drama.” She smiled. “But they miss us and hope to see us soon.”

She crawled back into bed for a second, feeling tired and nauseous again, she needed to sit down. With her eyes tracing his face as she sipped on her tea, she watched it lit up when he had spoke of when they were going to get married. She smiled and looked down at her tea for a second. “I am not even sure. I’ve been so worried about my food staying down I haven’t given it much thought.” She paused for a second. “I do want a spring, perhaps even an early winter wedding.” She leaned into him. “I just want something cool and not too hot, but something comfortable. Something where people could enjoy themselves and dance, and sing, have a grand ol’ time.” She smiled and closed her eyes for a second, feeling them heavy before she opened them and set her tea down.

“I’m not sure about Pizza…” She whispered, feeling naseous at the thought. “Why don’t you catch up with the guys and check to see if Trey has the music video ready while I go to the doctor. I’ll text you what they say and then if need be we can pick up my medication at the Walgreens.” She smiled at him.

Giving him a soft kiss, she urged him to go and have lunch with the guys to check and keep tabs on them as they were traveling. There were instances where they were getting a little crazy with the alcohol, but she just wanted to make sure they were all safe, and she knew that Kane could do that. She, herself took the rental car from the busses after calling to get an appointment with special requests that she wouldn’t be too bothered by people. The doctors office said they would be able to comply.

When she arrived, the lobby had been quiet and with very few people. She filled out paper work in a room after having to take a urine sample test as mandatory new patient status. She was away from people, in the quiet. She was sane. Filling out the paper work and pulling out the required insurance information, she finally stepped out and handed it to the receptionist and soon she was getting all the questions asked. How her stomach was acting up, any certain times of day, or anything like that.

After the nurse took her blood pressure, they drew a blood sample that they said would take a day or two to process for something that she wasn’t even aware of. She went through with it anyways, just wanting to make sure all her bases were covered and that she was going to be okay. She definitely didn’t feel like it that was for sure.

After waiting for what felt like forever, she had sent a text to Kane saying that she would be seeing the doctor soon when the doctor had come in, his hands around a clip board and something else she couldn’t quite see with the way that he was holding it. He introduced himself as Dr. Slone. She smiled, feeling welcomed as he asked her how the tour was and being just engaged as he had kept up with what was going on in the small town they lived in. Everything was fine until he got down to business.

“So I have heard you have been vomiting, your breasts have been a little sore and you are nauseous at certain things now? When was the last time you had your period?” She gave him the dates and he had calculated it. She pressed her lips together, hoping that he wasn’t pointing at something that she didn’t really want to hear in that moment.

Her eyes traced his old gray ones. “Uhm…So is it a 24 hour stomach bug or something? Or just a stomach bug in general that I just got the really bad case of?”

The doctor smiled and slowly handed her the something that he had been holding. “Well. As of right now, that says you’re pregnant.” He said.

Her stomach dropped. “What?”
“Well yes. All these signs and symptoms have pointed toward that and your urine test confirmed that, but I had them take a simple blood draw from you to make sure. It will come back within one to two days, and that will tell us if you are or not. Urine can be tampered with and could be based on how your levels are at this point since you have been so sick.. The blood test will be a for sure positive, almost 99 percent.”

“So…repeat that to me again…” She whispered.

“You’re Pregnant Anna.”
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Kane had stripped down and was just wearing his joggers now. They had had a long day and the bus would be parked there through tomorrow. He kissed her and nodded, "Yeah honey... are you feeling alright? Do you want me to make you some tea?" He knew tea might help her stomach.. "tea, cuddles, and netflix?" he asked hoping it would help.

Kane made her a cup of hot tea and handed it to her before crawling into the bed beside her and holding her, rubbing soothing circles on her sides and her stomach. He would do anything for this woman. He noticed she was wearing her ring again and smiled. He loved seeing her wearing that ring. She was the one thing in his life that he was the most proud of.

The next day Kane woke up and noticed she was still stick. "Darlin' maybe you should go to a doctor today or at least see the tour medic... I would feel better if someone checked you out... if you have a stomach bug you can get medicine for it..." He said kissing her forehead. He was just glad he hadn't caught whatever she had but he still hated seeing his fiance unable to eat and throwing up all the contents of her stomach at any given moment.

Trey had texted him that they would have a rough cut of the music video that afternoon and they would be able to watch it. Kane texted him back that that was okay and he would just have to let them know. Going to the front of the bus Kane made her another cup of tea and some toast, hoping that she would be able to keep it down. "Here darlin' try this." He muttered handing her the tea and toast. Kane was a worry wort so this was really worrying him.

Kane laid back in the bed beside her, sipping his coffee and asked, "How was your mom, you said she said Hi and I said hi back but you didn't say much else... and your dad?" Kane was always so concerned and since they were his only family too now, he had a right to be.

"Darlin'... have you thought about when and where you want to get married? I know it'll be a small wedding but I can't wait to be able to call you my wife." He said leaning against her. He was still in his joggers. "I know you haven't been feeling well but would you be against pizza for lunch? We can order it and they will deliver it to the buses or we can go into town and get it and maybe go to Walgreens and load up on snacks for the bus for the rest of the tour, maybe find a couple movies and they have that eyeliner you said you were out of. "

Greenwood, Georgia had just gotten a Walgreens not too long ago, the first mass retail store in the area and the town loved it.
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Leaning back on the car, she made funny faces into the camera as he took pictures of her. It felt so right, being with him, joking around, she didn’t know that this was all for a video as they were unknowingly being recorded. She pulled him close for a second. “I love you baby.” She had kissed his lips, under the spell of this man as he smiled at her with that big grin. They took a few shots, a few with her hands around his shoulders as he leaned between her legs and they were looking into the sunrise.

It didn’t take them long to finish it as Trey was calling quits to recording and they were just hanging out for a second before directing the video to be taking a different turn. She smiled at him, pulling herself off the car, taking a second glance back and just dying inside. She wanted the car. Pressing her lips together, Kane came close to her as he wrapped his arms loosely around her telling her that she had an hour or so to herself while they worked on his singing scenes. “I might check in with my parents baby. Let me know when you need me.” She nodded and threw her hair up in a bun and gave him a quick kiss before walking back to the bus with a smile on her face.

As he was recording the actual singing parts, Anna had pulled her phone from her pocket and called her momma. “Hey momma.” She said. Her mom squealed on the other side of the phone. “Theres my girl. How is the video shoot going?” She asked. She told her all about it and how much fun she was having meeting all the people that were apart of his label. She walked up into the bus, twirling the hair that had fallen down from her bun as she looked at herself in the mirror. Fixing a few things from the short period of time, she fixed some flaws as she spoke to her mom, gossiping about the girls back home until she heard Kane knocking at the door and slowly making his way in.

“Gotta go momma. I’ll call later.” She said. “Momma said hello Kane.” She smiled as she hung up, listening to their advice about not wearing the ring. She looked down at it and nodded. “Yeah that would be a good idea.” She said and set it safely back in the box where she set it in the safe just to make sure that it was completely protected. “I am not losing that baby.” She said with a smile as they walked off the bus and he offered her to ride on his back. She nodded and hopped on, feeling his muscles ripple underneath his shirt. She kissed the side of his neck as they walked. “Mmmm My man is handsome…so strong…so sexy.” She whispered kissing along his shoulders before letting out a small giggle.

As they came to the hotel again, she hopped off and they got back to work recording the pool scenes. They had her leaning against the fence, tilting her leg and leaning her head back. She was looking at Kane the entire time, trying to block out the fact that she was on camera as all she wanted to do was be sexy for the man that she loved.

It was moving into the pool after she was stripping herself of her top that she had over her lacy bathing suit top. Fixing it slightly, she walked into the pool and let her arms sway along the top of the water. It was slightly warm but it still tickled her skin with a cold tinge. She smiled at him as she tried not too move too much until he was carrying over the mattess and she laughed. “No way!” She said, and soon she was floating on the mattress when he was jumping in.

Letting him crawl up, she smiled at him and let him lay down where she took the opportunity to kiss him.. “You are amazing.” She giggled and pulled the sheets up. “But you are goofy.” She said as she messed with the sheets until he moved to sit up and pour water out of his boots. “Oh babe, make a boot waterfall!” She laughed and leaned back against the mattress laughing until she was crawling into the water with a small flip and there they had walked to each other in the water.

Her eyes were matched with his and all she could think about was the day that she would be able to kiss the man and seal the deal on their relationship and make it permanent. With a smile on her face, it was soon their time to get out of the water. She crawled out, grabbing the towel they offered and she wrapped herself in it and looked back at Kane. “Now I’m cold.” She said with a smile. As she walked, she felt a little dizzy and the urge to go to the bathroom. She excused herself and relieved her bladder figuring out tht the bleeding had subsided…. before coming back to find Kane again. “Dizzy spells…I’m not sure about this.” She smiled at him for a second and shook her head, dismissing thoughts.

It wasn’t until they had got back to the bus when she felt sick to her stomach…”Oh gosh.” She ran to the bathroom, emptying the contents of her stomach again. She cleaned her mouth the best she could without feeling the need to throw up again and she pressed her face against the tile that was along the wall for a second.

Coming from the bathroom after feeling a few more dizzy spells, she stripped herself from her clothing and wrapped herself in a robe. “Baby, come rub my tummy please.” She said feeling a little nauseous again…
  Anna Markee / AWritersLove_ / 1y 237d 21h 43m 37s
Kane chuckled and grabbed his phone, taking pictures of his beautiful fiance sitting on the hood of a bad ass car. He didn't know Trey was filming but these scenes would be great for the music video. Trey smiled, hating to interrupt them. "Pool and rain machine are ready, we're going to shoot you Kane, alone on the stairs and just inside on some stairs, you have an outfit change for the outside scenes." Kane nodded, "That means you get to take a break." he said to Anna smiling, "Go get some breakfast or just relax on the bus... anything you want to do Darlin'." Kane was sweet or he tried to be, most people called him a southern gentleman.

Trey smiled, "Okay Kane, on the stairs." Kane nodded taking his place as Trey yelled, "PLAYBACK!" The song blared through the speakers throughout the property and Kane lip synced to the music. It was about an hour before they were done shooting those indoor scenes and he needed an outfit change and then they had the outdoor stair shots and then the pool shots. Kane was looking forward to the pool shots. He knew it would be a lot of fun.

Walking back to the bus to change, Trey followed him. "Anna..." He asked up into the bus, not getting on it, just asking a question, "Make sure your not wearing your engagement ring for the pool shots, we wouldn't want you losing it." Kane nodded, "Good idea Trey." Kane hadn't told anyone how much her engagement ring actually cost but it was more than some people's cars. Kane had only wanted the best for her. He would always only want the best for her.

Soon he was changed into different jeans and a long sleeved t shirt that had rips made into it. The stylist was making sure he looked good, looked like a country star in her opinion. Kane didn't care either way.

Kane led Anna off the bus, stopping at the bottom step to get her to ride him, piggyback style, "Hop on and I'll carry you." He muttered smiling. Kane loved this girl. Anyone could see that. Trey was filming them the whole time even though they didn't know it, hoping to get some candid shots for the video.

The pool scenes fell together easily, Kane even threw the mattress into the pool so they could float on it. Soon he was laughing and floating on the mattress with her, pouring the water out of his boots... luckily they had been from wardrobe and they weren't the boots he loved and wore everyday of his life.... he probably needed to buy a new pair since he had had his current pair so long but he was lazy. "Babe my boots are filled with water," He muttered laughing.
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