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“Yes, the soak in the tub would be wonderful.” Anna said, walking forward. Her boots, even though having memory foam bottom made her feet all achy. She held her back as the growing belly was beginning to put a strain on her body. She was holding his hand as they walked away from the signing area, their full security around them. The flashing photographers that were trying to spot them on the way out was causing her head to hurt. She held a hand over her face as she leaned into Kane, hiding her face as best as she could. “Anything would be better than being sabotaged by these people.” She whispered.

Finally getting back to the hotel, they were walking into the suite, and she immediately kicked off her boots. Soon she wasn’t going to be able to take them off because her belly would be too big to bend over and take them off. She set them to the side as she walked slowly over to the bed, her hands on her belly while Kane came to sit beside her, holding her hand. “Yes baby, I would love to hear it, but I want a bath.” She said softly.

He had been a dream, he was making sure that she was well secured, and even her random cravings that she had in the middle of the night, he was the first to jump at the opportunity to get whatever she wanted. She smiled as she slowly stripped herself of her clothing and tossed it into the bag that they had for dirty laundry and she wrapped a robe around herself, tying it at the top of her bump. She walked toward the bathroom where she had started the water, enjoying some bubbles that were complimentary of one of her costume artists.

“I have to tell Maggie thank you for these bubbles. They help so much.” She smiled as the water poured into the bath tub and she started putting some of the bubble soap into the water, letting it fizzle up. Turning around, she walked back out into the bedroom area and she sat back down on the bed. “I would love to hear your song baby. Then you can dip into the huge bath tub with me and help me wash my belly.” She said.

She had been reading things like crazy, and each of the books that she read on maternity stuff said that the father should have contact with her belly and talking to her belly as much as possible. Since he made her happy it was always exciting to know that her mood when she was with him would make the baby happy. Every touch sent her chills, and recently it had been causing the baby to move and get all excited as well. She wanted him to feel it and enjoy it with her.

Pressing her lips together, she leaned into him waiting for him to start his song that he had written for her. She was excited to see how their baby girl was going to react to the song that he sung. She wanted her to jump all around and be just as excited to meet them as they were to meet her.

The little girl was so loved and she wasn’t even born yet.
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Kane's mind had been running a mile a minute during breakfast. While he was thankful for her parents being in their home in Nashville, he was still worried that they were upset with him as this baby girl had been very unplanned. He snapped out of his thoughts when Anna took his hand, he heard her say she wanted to go for a short walk and he nodded slipping on his shoes. He knew her father and brother could handle the painting of the baby's room but he had wanted to help.

Taking her hand as they walked Kane sighed, "I missed this... you...me... us." He leaned over and kissed her when they came upon the bench, "Yeah.. this was here when I bought the house...the papers said it had been here when it was built in the 1800's... its probably one of the few things about the house still original, other than the hard wood floors and the staircase..." He listened to her about how she had wrote part of the song about their daughter to him, here. "This is a great place to relax and clear your head thats for sure." He kissed her lips gently and said, "I love you Anna." By the time they got back into the house, her father and brother had nearly finished the painting, since the room had been white when they started it only needed one coat of the lavender purple paint. Kane had had no say in the color but he assumed Anna and her mother had picked it out while he was on tour... it seemed she had done a lot of things without him. What if she didn't need him? He worried about everything.

When the shows started up again, Kane was more protective of Anna, extra security was assigned to her and if fans were near, they had to respect them and their relationship. A meet and greet and signing today had nearly worn him out. They had met and signed things for over 500 people and taken the equal amount of pictures with people. He was tired and he was sure that Anna was exhausted, Baby Brown seemed to take a lot out of her.

They were in Florida tonight and Kane sighed, "Ready to go back to the hotel darlin'? The bus is waiting to take us there... a nice shower or soak in the tub and heading to bed sounds like a hell of a good time to me." He muttered putting his hands on her hips and let his lips connect with hers. She was his whole world, his everything. "I.. I wrote a song when you were in texas and I was on tour... and I think I'm going to release it as my new single... would you like to hear it baby?" He liked to share everything with Anna as he valued her opinion on music.
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Anna was a light. She was glowing, she was sparkling from the inside out. Shew as focused on getting her fiancé back into her life and now that they knew the gender of the baby, she knew they were going to be mnore content in decorating everything in their home. She was looking forward to decorating the walls of their home in pictures of them and their little girl. Starting from the bottom and moving their way up. She wanted to fill the walls from the floor to the ceiling in pictures of them, in collages of their faces because this was going to be her forever family.

Her eyes traced the side profile of the man she was going to call husband in a few short months, she knew that if they were going to get married that it was going to be a big thing. The tabloids were already going crazy with their baby gender announcement that she could only imagine the coverage that the wedding was going to get. However, looking at him now, she grounded herself in the moment. Her mother and him cooking and the smell of paint already setting itself in her nostrils. She knew that it was weak and she was going to be out of the house while they painted otherwise she wouldn’t feel good due to the fumes.

Her parents, her friends were already wondering about all the wedding planning and what they were going to do when their little girl arrived, she took a deep breath and slowlky just shut them out as she smiled at her mom, taking the pancakes. She ate her breakfast quietly before walking up to Kane after done eating. The night previously, she had spoken to her mom that she needed a private night with kane, perhaps a few nights with Kane while they were on a small break and weren’t preparing the next show.

“Baby, I want to show you something.” She had said, knowing that he was preparing to go work with her dad on the baby’s room. Her brother had already agreed to help her dad paint while she was going to steal Kane for a little bit. While she wanted to decorate, she wanted to relax for a moment. She wanted to be near him again and feel him in her arms. He had spoken that he was a wreck without her, and he had no idea the craziness in her head every day and night without him. She had smiled, taking his hand and walking toward the door.

During their time apart, she had walked the grounds of the property and she was enjoying the quietness of the place. “I want to take a walk.” She said, slipping on her shoes. “It’ll be a short one, I know you want to help my father with the painting but my brother will help him.” She said, soothing his more than likely full worries of being the perfect son in law.

The grass was starting grow taller, longer. The trees were starting to change to a deeper green and shades of pink spread through the flowers as they walked through the small trail that she discovered in the backyard that had its own private forest. She squeezed his hand as they walked. There was a small stream that bubbled through the small quiet area. Sticks were spread across the ground and the bushes were thick. They made their way through the small maze until they finally made it to the middle of the small area. The trees were dense and the sun above was peeking through the layers of branches and leaves above them. In the middle of the small place, there was an old bench that had different initials tied into it. “I found it while we were apart, and I spent a lot of time here, reading to our little girl and spending time with my bible here.” She said softly. “It’s where I wrote the small amount of lyrics for our reveal to you.” She reached for the seat and sat down slowly, holding onto his hand until he could sit down beside her.

“I felt we needed our space for a little bit. So much is expected of us as parents, as a couple, and musicians. This gives a little bit of a safe haven until we can get our thoughts together.” She said, smiling at him. She was so excited being with him again. She reached for his face and felt his skin under her fingertips. It was so good to be near him again. She felt her heart close to her again. She wasn’t cold and lonely, but warm and fuzzy. The smile was never ending and her cheeks were burning since the moment that she saw him on stage doing what he loved, singing.

“I missed you so much.” She whispered, looking into his eyes as she leaned forward, pressing her forehead against his. She loved him so much, she was so happy to have him in her life. She kenw that this was going to be a struggle but she wouldn’t want anyone else beside her helping her through this time. It was only a matter of time that they were going to have a little baby girl in their arms taking up all of their time.

During the next few weeks, Anna and Kane were still enjoying the shows. Anna didn’t sing in all of them or had her own set for a lot. She wanted to hold her strength, but she did attend every moment of Kane’s set as well as be apart of the fan photos sessions. A lot of people wanted to take pictures with their hands on her belly and with Kane beside them. A few just wanted Kane and others wanted both of them. It was a mix of requests, but Anna was just glad to be next to Kane laughing and joking around people who were coming up. They were signing everything and by the end their hands were cramping but she was excited to have the soreness. It meant that she was still relevant in the msuci industry.
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Kane had been so surprised and so happy to see her that he didn't realize that the tears were streaming down his cheeks already. When her song started he was a wreck... "We're... we're having a baby girl." he said dropping to his knees and cupping her small bump in his hands before planting a kiss on it right around where her belly button would be. The audience awed but Kane had almost forgotten they were there. When his tour manager came out and handed her two t shirts he was awestruck until he read the back of his. "Daddy... its perfect." He muttered to her and then saw the small shirt, she would be a daddy's girl... she already had him wrapped around her little finger and she wasn't even born yet.

Kane kissed her gently and said, 'I love you so much and I love our little girl... I've never been happier in my life." Soon the show was over and everyone was backstage. Kane's eyes still red from crying and he hadn't let go of the shirt or of Anna. It seemed that they had done a gender reveal and a pregnancy announcement all in one. No one in the public had known Anna was pregnant but now they did... the next day magazines and social media were littered with the headlines, "KANE AND ANNA'S BABY, BABY BROWN!, A DAUGHTER FOR BROWN!" Kane was still estatic and he and Anna as well as the rest of her family had flown back to Nashville.

"Darlin', how are you feeling?" he asked running his hand over her 16 week bump. They had awhile to go yet but that didn't stop his worry or his excitement. He could smell her mother making breakfast in the kitchen, pancakes and syrup with bacon. "I told your mom she didn't have to cook for us but she says its the least she could do and she said that the baby likes pancakes? I need to know these things... I missed so much already and I don't want to miss anymore."

Kane took her hand, intertwining his fingers with hers as they walked into the kitchen on a sunny Saturday morning. They didn't have any plans but her father seemed intent on painting the baby's room with Kane even though they had made no plans as of yet or picked any colors. "Hows the wedding planning going?" Her brother asked and Kane looked overwhelmed. He sat down and sighed. "The baby, the reveal, being surprised, the flight home, and now planning a wedding... its a lot." He said sighing again. He kissed Anna, "I don't know how you managed because I was a wreck without you darlin'." Kane held her hand and toyed with her engagement ring as her mother sat plates of pancakes in front of them.
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[center “What’s mine is yours…”]

[center “Every breath I take…” ]

[center “Every move I make…”]

[center “It might sound crazy…’]

[center “All my pain washed away in a blink of an eye…”]

[center “You saved me…”]

The words that he sang made her smile, tears welling up in her eyes even more. She held her stomach, holding his hand there on the swell of her belly. There it was their love child, the one that was already loved by so many people.

[center “Take this ring…”]

[center “Forever now…” ]

[center “Til death to us part…I take this vow…” ]

She held her hand against her mouth, the one that held the rock and she leaned into him more than anything. In the crowd there were lights, phone lights, and any sort of light that someone could produce. It was sparkling everywhere, and here they were enjoying the sound and the impact of how music could be on our hearts. As he finished, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his lips more. The crowd had cheered, loving the song. She smiled at him, wiping her face, still trying to keep the dignity of her makeup on her face. She giggled, “I’ll let you finish up your set…” She said into the mic.

She was starting to pull away when the crowd started cheering for her. And little did he know about the videos that she had been making to her fans and was specifically keeping him from seeing them while they were separated. She blushed and looked up at the screen behind them. “So I’ve also been doing some work of my own baby, I have something for you.”

Splashes and collages of pictures of their baby room was displayed as a song that the band already knew from her secret messages to them in the complete surprise to Kane, she held her mic up to her lips…the song from their little girl to her father…

[center The smell of Old Spice]
[center A flat cap on the dash]
[center Windows rolled down in the wind]
[center While birds fly past]
[center Singing along with the radio]
[center A little latitude]
[center Hanging onto that steering wheel]
[center Was the man who hung the moon]
[center Used to wrap my hands around his little finger]
[center Turns out he was wrapped around mine]
[center He said "you can be anything you want to in this great big world"]
[center But I'm always gonna be daddy's little girl]

She wanted to surprise him, she wanted to tell him so bad during the times that her and her mother had gone to the doctor. She was finally able to figure out the sex of their baby. It was a surprise, but she couldn’t have been happier, and she was looking forward to seeing their little girl grow up into a strong and intelligent woman with a father figure like him in her life. She smiled and touched her tummy as she sang as the words baby girl spread over the screen, telling them.

All the sudden, someone came walking out with shirts in hand. As she handed them the mic, she traded for the shirts and she pulled it open to show a shirt that said on the back “Daddy” With 18 for the year she was born, and she handed it to him . Also with 18, she opened up the smallest shirt of them all. “Daddy’s girl” with 18.

She smiled, tears still holding steady on her cheeks as she was excited to show him all of the baby stuff they had gotten for their little girl. At the very end of the slideshow and showing him the shirts, she reached for him and wrapped her arms around his waist, finding her place in his arms, exactly where she was meant to be.

Suddenly, the last video that she had made the day before she had come to see him play in his show. "Hey everyone! T-minus one day until Kane knows! I'm so excited to show him!" She held up the tiny pink boots and a few bows that had "Kane's #1 fan" on them in different colors. She giggled and she had set the bows down and it flipped to another part of the video. "Biggest secret of my life guys! Kane is going to flip. I can't wait to tell him! Shhhhh though! No one tell him just yet! Let's make this the #bestkeptsecret." And there little snippets of people saying congratulations, their own little videos with tips and funny things to remember when having a baby girl. At the very end, her very own parents looked at the camera.

"Come on Daddy! I know you have something you wanna say!" Anna had said in the background. Her dad laughed as she had told them they were having a granddaughter. "You're in for one hell of a ride, baby." They all laughed and the video came to a close.

She giggled, wiping her eyes one more time, feeling the wetness on her hands for a little bit longer as she smiled at the love of her life. "I love you." She simply said.
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Kane had been miserable on these tour dates without Anna. Even though they had been together a short time... being apart was hell. Every night he called her before and after the shows... some nights crying himself to sleep or just calling her to know she was okay... even at the most horrible times. He was a wreck and it showed. He had circles under his eyes... he needed to sleep... be relaxed... be with the woman he loved.

Tonight was South Carolina and he was happy it was the last show of the tour. Wanting to get back to Texas and get Anna so they could go and relax at his home... their home in Nashville and get her to see a doctor there. He had called her before the show... telling her how much he missed her and how much he wanted this tour to be over.

Usually Kane loved touring but without Anna now... and knowing she was carrying their child...he missed her even more. He wanted to be there with her. She was around 16 weeks and he knew she was showing now because she had told him over the phone...he had already missed so much of her pregnancy and he hated that...but he had to work and his work involved traveling and a lot of it.

Soon the show started and Kane started preforming. The show was going well and the band started What Ifs...Kane expected to be singing the song alone and thats when he heard her, Anna. Quickly he turned around to see her, tears welling up in his eyes already. "Hi baby." He heard her mutter and he couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. "Hi darlin'." He muttered kissing her lips gently. When the song was finished he pulled her into his arms tightly... then rested his hand on the side of her stomach... the side facing his drummer so the audience couldn't see. "I missed you so much." He whispered and then saw her family in the pit. "Ya'll surprised me...." He kissed her again and said into the microphone. "I've got one more song for everyone... its a brand new one... for my beautiful fiance."

Kane had been working on writing while she had been in Texas and he had written with his guitar player quite a bit on the bus. One song that came out of it was, Whats Mine Is Yours... a song for their wedding... and the one they were about to preform now. Kane began to sing and looked right at Anna as he did.

"Wasn't really looking when you caught my eye, Just another town, just another night...Didn't say much, I was scared for my life.
I didn't catch your number and didn't know your name...Tried to move on, couldn't help to think of you...And I knew that you'd change everything."
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Everyone was so excited for the baby, and there she was still having a bit of a panic attack about it all. She was going to be getting married and having a child all really close together. It was all going to be a whirl, but then she wasn’t sure about the wedding dress because by the time that they would have the dress ready, it would need to be altered again because of her growing belly..So many things needed to be considered. Her eyes had fallen on the ring that was on her left hand the next morning when her mother had come to ask her what she wanted for breakfast. With that specific order in mind, she told her mother and she laid in bed a little longer before getting out of bed and helping her mother after emptying the small contents in her stomach.

She walked downstairs, her father reading the newspaper, he had looked up saying good morning and her bnrother was already up helping her mother cut some stuff up and when she tried to help, he had told her to sit and take it easy. She shook her head, she had just found out and she wasn’t even showing. The only symptom that she had was the morning sickness and she wasn’t sure about any of the other stuff yet.

Her eyes traced the pinterest app as she sat at the table when Kane had come down and wrapped his arms around her and laid a soft kiss on her neck. She smiled, setting her phone down where she enjoyed being in his arms for the small amount of time before he was getting his food and starting to eat. The news about the video, she was excited to see how they were going to pull it together and how it was going to look. She remember laughing quite a bit during theshoot as well as drooling over the man singing in front of her.

After they ate, her and her mother were looking online as well as going out to stores to look at upcoming needed baby stuff with trying to hide it that it was for her at this moment. People were watching, paying attention to her every move, but she just got her things and together her and her mother walked out acting like it was for someone else. It would be a big announcement, but she wasn’t sure when just yet.

After enjoying the few weeks of relaxation, her heart was longing to have Kane back in her arms while he was finishing up the show. It had been a while since he had seen her and she was starting to grow a tummy and she was starting to show. Her body had changed quite a bit over the small amount of time they were apart and it was in her plan that she was going to surprise him at one of his shows. Their manager already knew, but everything was a secret around Kane. He was going to flip and she was so escited to see him.

It was a show finishing up in south Carolina near paris island, near the beach. Her plan was to show up in a lace dress tight enough to show her growing belly. She was going to come on during the middle of his set before he snag what ifs. He usually had been doing it by hisemlf, but letting the band members know that she would be singing too, it wasn’t until the night of that she was getting ready away from the scene, she was pulling up to the show, watching from a secret location until he was in the middle of his set where he was supposed to sing what ifs.

It wasn’t until he was started…

“You say what if I hurt you”

“What if I hurt you…”

“What if I find someone else and don’t need you…”

It was a few lyrics later when she was holding her microcphone close to her lips, singing on the side stage, singing out the words of their song. With her hair all curled in beach waves and her make up done, she walked out in the whitte lace dress that her belly was starting to show. She was holding her small bump, one that was surely seen in front of the entire crowd as her other hand held her mic to her lips, letting her voice carry over the crowd.

The crowd had cheered and she smiled with a big smile on her face as she walked out on stage, hoping to surprise the love of her life. “What if the stars line up, and this is our last first kiss…”

“What if I love all these what ifs away…”

The song carried on and she smiled, her cheeks starting to glow red with the amount of excitement coursing through her body. Their baby was kicking in her tummy the moment that she was close to him and holding his hand and seeing him. “Hi baby.” She said into the mic, looking at him as tears came to her eyes from the amount of happiness coursing through her.
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Kane hugged her father, "Sir with all due respect... shes always going to need you... and I need you too... I never had a father. I never even got to meet him. He died when I was two. My mother married when I was 5 and my step dad almost beat me to death because I wet the bed... so no I've never had a father." Kane sighed and took a step back, "I'm sorry sir, but I will take care of your daughter, I promised you that when I asked her to marry me."

Later that night in bed, Kane snaked his arms around Anna, "Darlin' I love you...Good Night." He muttered kissing her forehead gently. They slept like that all night before her mother knocked on her door the next morning, "Sweetie... what would you like for breakfast?" She asked Anna specifically since she knew she might be sick.

Kane held her as he snored. Her mother giggled, "How do you sleep at night Anna, he snores so loud... but hes easy on the eyes and such a gentleman." Kane woke up while everyone else was downstairs eating eggs and bacon with toast. "What smells so good?" He asked wrapping his arms around Anna's waist from behind and kissing her neck lightly, "Good Morning Darlin'."

Anna's father watched him and asked, 'can we look over those finances and the college fund today?" Kane nodded, "of course we can, I have my ipad and I can pull everything up on that when your ready." Her mother turned to her, "And you and I should look at more things for this baby and your wedding!"

Kane smiled, he had assumed the wedding was on hold now because of the pregnancy but now since her mother was so excited, he wasn't so sure about if the wedding was postponed or not.... there was a baby coming after all. "Anna... baby... the Thunder In The Rain video is being released on CMT today at 10 if ya'll would like to watch it." That was the video that Anna was in with Kane. He was excited that she would be able to share this moment, of seeing the video for the first time on television with her family.

Her mother took her hand looking at her engagement ring again, " I can't stop staring at it, its beautiful." Her brother nodded, "That thing is a rock." Kane smiled, "When I went ring shopping with your father, we looked at hundreds of rings but nothing stood out and we were about to leave when the jeweler showed me that one and that was it. I bought it and brought it home and started planning the purposal... I love you Anna." He muttered and kissed her lips gently. His stomach growled, "Breakfast sounds amazing."
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Anna looked at her mother. She was uncertain how she was feeling, she was nervous she was scared and she was all around shocked that she would be growing a human life in her womb. Her eyes carried over the words on the screen, there were names of babies, and there were tons of list of things that she would need as a first-time mom. It was weird to think of herself as a first-time mom, but never did she actually see herself being a mom. Looking up to her mama she was filing some paperwork that she was dealing with before they arrived all she could think about was how her mother raised her. There was a live that she didn't know because she was too young to know.

 Now she would be responsible for a life that was growing in her womb. The man that stood outside with their father was going to be standing beside her. She had no doubt that he would be with her during this process, but she was still worried in general for this new beginning. It was going to be life-changing, and she was not sure how the world was going to see her now that they had just begun their own relationship. They were young and naive, new to the music world and now they were bringing life into this crazy mess they called Show Business.

Her father was putting the steaks on and rubbing the seasoning on top of the meat when he glanced at the father of his grandchild. Still he was uncertain about how all of this was going to turn out, and he was worried that he was going to figure out being a parent was not as easy as he thought it was. His biggest fear was that the little girl in the house was going to be left alone with the young child to care for herself. As he, when he was young, was the child of a single parent." I know you have confidence. I know you have love. However I think that reality is going to hit you in the face really hard when you see all of the dark side of childhood really can be." Her father said.

" I do not wish any harm against you especially now that my daughter is so intricately designed into your life. I am just a father very worried about his daughter and how she is living her life that she had dreamed. I was oblivious to the fact that this one day would happen. Everything has come down to this and I don't think I'm ready for her to be officially be a mom. This would mean that she really does not need me anymore." He said, tears coming to his eyes.

" please forgive me for all that I have said. I said it out of emotion and out of worry.""

Anna was looking at all of the names of the different meanings for boys and girls, and staring at all the different names she was not sure which one would fit best. She knew it was too early to look at names but a part of her wanted to name the child that she was blessed with. Together her and her mom looked at different stuff that she was going to need as well as relaxation and supplements that she would need during the time that she was going to be home while Kane was away at the show.
 Later that night, she crawled into bed in her pajamas. " I don't know how this is all going to work and I'm scared." She said looking at Kane. Leaning back against the pillow she pulled the covers up and looked around. They were in her childhood bedroom and little did he know that so much was affecting her now. She was thinking about the memories that she had in this room, and so much of it was because of her parents. She was not sure if she could feel the shoes that her parents did.
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Kane listened to her father and brother before he spoke. Not wanting a repeat of what happened in the living room. They were young and her parents had every right to be upset... but this was their lives that they were talking about. Their child's life... he wouldn't risk that for the world. He nodded and spoke, "Sir, I respect you and your opinions and listen when I say that as long as I'm breathing Anna and our baby will be taken care of. They will never want for anything or go without. I won't allow it. I am even setting up a college fund for the baby tonight through my bank online. We are young and probably not ready for this but I can't wait. I love Anna and I've told you that before. My feelings haven't changed. Yes I'm in shock about this too and adjusting but I don't take threats toward my family lightly and if anyone thinks our child would be better off with strangers up for adoption or aborted then I don't want to know those people." Kane was young, yes, but he was a man who knew what he loved and would stand up for the people in his life that he loved.

Going back into the living room he sunk down in the couch beside Anna and pulled her so she was leaning into him as her mother spoke about baby registries and baby proofing the house. He knew they had a lot of work to do on the house back in Nashville and he had already cut the tour short. Only another month of touring and he would be hers fully except a show here and there. They were supposed to do a duet in Downtown Nashville of their song but by then she would be showing so he didn't know what was going to happen with that. All Kane knew was that this was his life and Anna was going to be his wife and the mother of his unborn child.

Kane kissed her cheek gently, "I told your dad I'm setting up the baby's college fund tonight, would you like your parents names to be on it in case of an emergency?" Kane would make it so only their child could get it out when he or she turned 18 but if something happened to him and Anna he wanted her parents to handle it. "Your dad and I can set it up together." he muttered looking to the older man. Her father nodded, "We can do that now, then I will start on the steaks for dinner." Kane nodded, "I can help you sir."

When the men were outside her mother hugged her again and said, " I know Kane will take care of you and the baby but sweetheart, how are you doing with all of this? Is there excitement? I know I'm excited to have a grandbaby." She was beaming... like she had been waiting on the day she would be a grandmother.
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Anna's face grew red when her father stood up from his chair. His eyes were like slivers as he spoke. She reached for Kane's hand as her father step closer to the both of them. Get out of the house he had said. Why? She looked at him and stepped in front of Kane immediately stopping her father from coming at them. She would not have this. "DADDY. I know you're mad at him but it was my fault too! We didn't plan for this. And we didn't know when he asked me to marry him. I didn't even know."

Her father paused. He didn't know what to say to her first. He knew that she was right, but he didn't want to believe it. His little girl was finally growing into a woman and she was having young ones of your own. "I know how it works Anna. You're too young for all of this. It's happening way too fast. I'm not letting you ruin your life!" His breath was harsh against his lips. He stared at the both of them was completely wide eyes. Her mother came to step aside and held his arm. There they stood for a few minutes and Anna finally looked at the both of them seeing the decision made in their eyes already.

"I am keeping the baby, and Kane will be my husband. No one is stopping that. A few weeks ago you were saying how great he was. Now that he is stepping up and taking responsibility. Don't punish him for doing the,same thing you would have done."

Anna stared at the both of them still both of them were quiet. Anna look back at Kane, she squeeze this hand and tried to breathe for a second. The silence between them was devestatingly long. Her eyes searched his until she looked back at them seeing her mother's hand spread between them. She took it as she held on to him closely. "Please daddy. I'm already having problems facing the fact that I'm going to be a mom, please do not make me choose."

Her father stared back at her. "I'm not going to baby."

"Kane is here for good. And he's going to be a great father. I'm going to take a few weeks off while he goes on tour. I need a support system..."

"AND we are here for you honey. We are never going to leave you alone." Her mother smiled, squeezing her hand. She smiled and her brother came up. "We will help too. Whatever you need."

Anna smiled and pulled Kane closer to her as she wrapped her arms around her family. Soon after, her parents were asking her questions about the baby and where they were going to stay. Her mom was already registering her for baby registries and her father looked at Kane, pointing him to follow him to his home office area. Her brother followed suit.

"Kane, I want you take care of my daughter and grand baby to the best of your ability. I may be holding my tongue in front of my daughter about what I say, but I will say this. I will not hold back on any punishment if you hurt my daughter. Or my grand child. I will not stand for it. You and I both know as men that they deserve a better life."

Her brother leaned against the window, watching the two of them. "Dad. I'm sure he's fine. He knows how much Anna is freaked out. He's probably freaked out. Threatening him is probably not helping either."
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"Your always going to be the one my sexy songs are about darlin'." Kane muttered in his deep southern drawl as he pulled her into his arms. "Your the only one my sexy songs are about and you can get new clothes and before you say it your not getting fat, your pregnant... theres a baby in there that needs both of us and I love you so much and I honestly can't wait to be a dad now." he said his icy blue eyes meeting hers.

A few hours later they were in Texas. Kane nodded hearing her say to worry about the bags later. It seemed her whole family was there... they were his family now too. "We thought we'd take a few days, our time off and spend it with family." Kane muttered hugging her mother before she moved over to Anna and hugged her. "We do have some news." Kane said nervously and reached for Anna's hand. Her mother raised an eyebrow, "Well?" Kane smiled, "Can we go inside? You might need to sit down for this." He said and looked to Anna as they walked inside, they hadn't planned how to tell her family about the baby but he knew they had to... it was driving him insane as he quickly wracked his brain to figure out how to say it.

Once her family was all sitting on the couch and in chairs in the living room, Anna's father spoke, "So son." he said looking right at Kane, his eyes almost burning a hole through him, "Whats the news?" He asked. Kane took a deep breath and squeezed Anna's hand reassuringly and began. "We are engaged and young and this was unexpected but welcome..." He said and took another deep breath, "We're having a baby." He muttered softly.

The look of shock on her family's faces was something that he would remember for the rest of his life. He had never seen someone make that face before. This was their grandchild.... they had to be a little happy right? Her father, whos face was pale, like all the blood had ran out of it, spoke first, "Kane get out." Kane looked at him confused, "Excuse me?" He asked politely. "Get out of my house." Her father continued, "You made me a promise when you asked for my daughter's hand in marriage, you said you would wait and now shes pregnant?" Kane shook his head, "This has nothing to do with that, like I said this was unexpected but welcome. I am not forcing Anna into anything, including a shotgun wedding, I won't. I want her to have the wedding shes always dreamed of, so no sir I will not get out of your house and I will not leave your daughter." He said with confidence. Kane had no idea where that courage had came from but he was thankful for it.
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“Everything will be fine, baby.” She assured him, her fingers tracing over his chest as they laid there together. His voice had soothed her worries despite so many of them. She was worried about the baby, about everything that had happened, the little bit of alcohol that she had had before she found out. So many questions had come to her mind, and so much anxiety from the small thing in her belly at that time was causing.

She needed time with her mother to keep her grounded.

Her eyes carried over to his as she leane dup and gave him a sweet kiss. It wasn’t long after starting the movie that she was out and sleeping. Her body was definitely exhausted from the amount of work it was doing over the small course of a couple of weeks. It felt as if it were taking double time and working extra hard just to make everything work correctly. And systems were doing their maintenance and needed to be cleaned out every 20 to 30 minutes. Her bladder felt as if it was constantly full all the time.

Snoring slightly from the amount of exhaustion her body was going through, she was soon awoken by the kisses of her love, sweetly waking her up from her slumber. “Baby…it’s so early…why did I do this to myself?” She cursed slightly, looking at the clock, reading the early time. They would have to be leaving soon and she didn’t pack her stuff like he had. She rustled for a minute before she finally groaned enough to pull herself out of bed.

Carrying herself over to her bag, a few clothes sets were already there. She smiled and finished packing up real quickly before changing into something a little more comfortable. Her clothes were still fitting, but she knew that soon they wouldn’t be able to fit as greatly as they used to. Her shoulders immediately slumped. “I’m going to get fat…” She whispered to herself, looking emotional toward Kane. ‘None of my clothes are going to fit, and…I’m not going to be the one your sexy songs are all about.” She pouted, pulling on her socks as she leaned against the side of the bed.

Later on they were pulling up to the airport and walking into first class. There wasn’t very many people who were on board with them and the crew. She felt a little more safe traveling with fewer people than with a lot. She felt a little more secure. As they boarded, she rubbed some oils on the back of her ears to help her possible nausea with her newfound growth in her tummy. She hoped that none of the urges would come. She could handle going pee every 10 seconds rather than throwing up every 10 minutes.

It wasn’t a long flight back to Texas. She had already alerted her parents they would be arriving today. Things were already set up, their car was waiting for them already warmed up for them when they arrived. Things were going smoothly. Walking out, letting Kane carry the bags as he insisted that she not carry a thing because of the baby she simply let him be and carried her purse through the airport. Walking outside and getting into the car, they were driving away before they were immediately consumed and surrounded by paparazzi. They were shouting things and asking them questions through the windows, but she just pulled her cap down and held onto Kane’s hand as they pulled out and were finally free of watching eyes.

“I hate it when they feel the need to ruin our personal bubble and shatter it…” She whispered.

It was still taking her some time to get used to the fact that the media would know everything about her life, and if she wasn’t good enough at hiding it that they would even be telling her how to be a mom…She took in a deep breath, she couldn’t think about that just yet.

A couple of hours later of driving, they were pulling into her driveway. Driving down the dirt road, passing the trees, she felt immediately at home before they even pulled up to the Ushaped house. Her brother and fiancés cars were already there along with her parents individual cars. Everyone was there, just as she had expected. Smiling, she hopped out and walked with Kane to the front door, hand in hand. “We can worry about the bags later.” She said as she walked up and opened the door, watching her Pyrenees mix, Daisy Mae come up to the door, immediately knowing who she was. “My Daisy! I missed you baby girl.” She said, immediately overwhelming her face with kisses.

“Mom, Daddy!” She said.

It didn’t take them long to be right there. Her mother was already wrapping her arms around her and reaching for Kane for a hug as well. “We didn’t think you would have time to come and see us with all the rest of the other shows. What’s going on sweet girl?” her mother asked, getting straight to the point. After saying hello to the rest of her family, she spoke. “We have some news.”
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Kane just nodded hearing her say she needed to wrap her mind around this... let herself get used to it and let her body get used to it. Hearing that she wanted to step back for a few shows, his smile fell a little but he nodded. "I don't want you overdoing it so I understand and I would love to go to Texas and tell your family... we will have to make the announcement that your not going to be on a few shows.... I'm going to miss you like crazy." He muttered as she wrapped his arms around her and pulled him closer to her, "Your going to be in Texas and then I have to return to the real world and work.... I do want you to take your keys to the house in Nashville....in case you want to go there for awhile while I'm playing shows. I know your body needs to catch up and get used to this.... but you will come and play with me eventually right? I might go stir crazy on that bus without you."

Once they were back in the hotel, Kane took a shower while she was booking airplane tickets. He walked out with his camo jogger pants on that he liked to sleep in and a t shirt that had the name of a music festival he had played recently on it. "I'd love to watch a movie and cuddle with you darlin'." He whispered pulling her into his arms, where she belonged. During the movie, Kane's large hand somehow found itself resting on her flat stomach but it was in a protective way. He would protect her with his life. This baby was important to him.. he wanted kids but he had never thought it would be this soon but now that one was on the way... he couldn't have been more ready to be a father. Even though he didn't have an example of one... well a good example. Kane had had step father's that were abusive and step father's that were alcoholics. He wouldn't do that to his kid.

The next morning Kane woke up like that, holding Anna in his arms, his hand on her stomach. "Darlin'.." He muttered hearing the iphone alarm. "I think that means we have to wake up to catch our plane to Texas." He said kissing her awake. "I packed up last night I just have to get dressed. Do we have time for breakfast? You and Baby Brown need to eat something... and I don't know when or where but are you going to see a doctor?" He was so worried even though he didn't have to be. He loved her and he knew she would take care of herself and the baby.

An hour later they were boarding the plane, first class... there were only 8 other people on the entire flight. Kane carried his bag and hers, not wanting her to over do it.
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Anna was overwhelmed with the news of the baby as it was. She was barely letting it get into her head that there was a living human being growing in her stomach, in her womb, in her oven. There were so many things to do, so many things to discuss, but all she wanted to do was look at Kane and know that he was going to be there. Each kiss they shared, he kept going on, he kept talking. His words meant everything to her and she knew that he was talking to keep her steady, to keep her calm and to assure her that she was going to be okay and well taken care of.

He didn’t even need to say a word for her to already know that.

She smiled, her fingers tracing the back of his neck as each kiss parted until she had looked down at her stomach, his fingers laying beside hers on the place where their baby would be growing. The smile was still growing on her face as he continued to go on about having the best doctors and that they could get married at any time and that there would be enough time to cut the tour short so then they could focus on their baby and their relationship. Everything could work out nicely.

Except she knew that this was his life, his career, his own baby.

Her eyes met his and she moved his hands and held them both in her own. “Slow down and catch a breath.” She said softly, her voice warm and collected as best as she could put forward. Her mind was already racing a mile a minute about what all they should be doing and that was getting stuff for the baby and getting everything situated, but she knew it could wait a moment. She needed to breathe herself and the words that came from her mouth were more to calm herself rather than him.

“We have a lot to do, but we are in the middle of the tour. I’m clearly not in the shape for this, but I want you to keep going. We have a couple of days before our next show. We can fly to Texas for a night and we can tell my family. We can celebrate, we can discuss of what is going to be needed and you can come back and do a few shows without me. I need to rest. I’m getting winded a lot easier and I want to wait a little bit before we tell the entire world.” Her eyes met his as she cradled his face in her hands.

“This is as important to me as it is to you, but right now, what we need to do is get back into the routine. Otherwise this entire thing is going to overwhelm me and I’m going to break.” She said softly.

She wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled herself closer to him. She wanted to be close to him as it had been all day they had been apart because she needed to think straight. She needed to realize that this was really happening and that there was nothing else she could do about it. She knew in her heart that Kane would be a great dad, and she needed to make sure she could wrap her head around being a mom.

Initially she was freaked out, and so many things were coming at her at once that she could barely handle anything that was actually happening. With a little bit of time alone, she could handle things and she could be in a better mindset.

Though she was unsure if Kane would go for that. Her eyes lifted to his. “You can stay with me for a couple of days, we can shop around play hookie and relax before everything starts going. Give me a little bit of time to cope with all the changes my body will be under going.” She said.

“I know it’s probably nothing that you wanted to hear, but I wanted you to know that if this is going to work, I need to be able to wrap my head around all of this. We can plan the wedding accordingly, but let’s just take it one day at a time. We will get married, we will be together, but let me take care of my body to prepare for Baby Brown.” She said softly.

An hour later, she was curled in bed, her arms surrounding a pillow as she looked at flights to Texas. She was comparing prices and looking at ones with fewest layovers and such and even looking at the jets as she didn’t want too many people knowing their business. They were going to take a small break tonight before they would get going early.

Her parents were already informed that they would be arriving the next day. Things were discussed but the official news wasn’t broken to them just yet. She wanted to be face to face with them before anything would be said.

Her worry was her father. He wanted to her succeed. He wanted to see her go far, and they weren’t married.They had been together a very short time. Pressing her lips together, she set her phone down. ‘Come on babe, I wanna watch this movie and cuddle. Come love me.” She said with a giggle.

She had booked their flights and she knew what she would take in her mind and it wouldn’t take her long to pack a bag in the morning. She was already starting to get organized in her head. Letting Ace know that she wasn’t going to be there for a few days, he decided to fly back home as well to take a few days break before he would come back as her stylists for the show.

Her best friends back home would want to know too, but she wanted them to meet Kane before she was to say anything.

So many things to do and all she wanted to do was cuddle with the love of her life and watch a movie.
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