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Kane had stripped down and was just wearing his joggers now. They had had a long day and the bus would be parked there through tomorrow. He kissed her and nodded, "Yeah honey... are you feeling alright? Do you want me to make you some tea?" He knew tea might help her stomach.. "tea, cuddles, and netflix?" he asked hoping it would help.

Kane made her a cup of hot tea and handed it to her before crawling into the bed beside her and holding her, rubbing soothing circles on her sides and her stomach. He would do anything for this woman. He noticed she was wearing her ring again and smiled. He loved seeing her wearing that ring. She was the one thing in his life that he was the most proud of.

The next day Kane woke up and noticed she was still stick. "Darlin' maybe you should go to a doctor today or at least see the tour medic... I would feel better if someone checked you out... if you have a stomach bug you can get medicine for it..." He said kissing her forehead. He was just glad he hadn't caught whatever she had but he still hated seeing his fiance unable to eat and throwing up all the contents of her stomach at any given moment.

Trey had texted him that they would have a rough cut of the music video that afternoon and they would be able to watch it. Kane texted him back that that was okay and he would just have to let them know. Going to the front of the bus Kane made her another cup of tea and some toast, hoping that she would be able to keep it down. "Here darlin' try this." He muttered handing her the tea and toast. Kane was a worry wort so this was really worrying him.

Kane laid back in the bed beside her, sipping his coffee and asked, "How was your mom, you said she said Hi and I said hi back but you didn't say much else... and your dad?" Kane was always so concerned and since they were his only family too now, he had a right to be.

"Darlin'... have you thought about when and where you want to get married? I know it'll be a small wedding but I can't wait to be able to call you my wife." He said leaning against her. He was still in his joggers. "I know you haven't been feeling well but would you be against pizza for lunch? We can order it and they will deliver it to the buses or we can go into town and get it and maybe go to Walgreens and load up on snacks for the bus for the rest of the tour, maybe find a couple movies and they have that eyeliner you said you were out of. "

Greenwood, Georgia had just gotten a Walgreens not too long ago, the first mass retail store in the area and the town loved it.
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Leaning back on the car, she made funny faces into the camera as he took pictures of her. It felt so right, being with him, joking around, she didn’t know that this was all for a video as they were unknowingly being recorded. She pulled him close for a second. “I love you baby.” She had kissed his lips, under the spell of this man as he smiled at her with that big grin. They took a few shots, a few with her hands around his shoulders as he leaned between her legs and they were looking into the sunrise.

It didn’t take them long to finish it as Trey was calling quits to recording and they were just hanging out for a second before directing the video to be taking a different turn. She smiled at him, pulling herself off the car, taking a second glance back and just dying inside. She wanted the car. Pressing her lips together, Kane came close to her as he wrapped his arms loosely around her telling her that she had an hour or so to herself while they worked on his singing scenes. “I might check in with my parents baby. Let me know when you need me.” She nodded and threw her hair up in a bun and gave him a quick kiss before walking back to the bus with a smile on her face.

As he was recording the actual singing parts, Anna had pulled her phone from her pocket and called her momma. “Hey momma.” She said. Her mom squealed on the other side of the phone. “Theres my girl. How is the video shoot going?” She asked. She told her all about it and how much fun she was having meeting all the people that were apart of his label. She walked up into the bus, twirling the hair that had fallen down from her bun as she looked at herself in the mirror. Fixing a few things from the short period of time, she fixed some flaws as she spoke to her mom, gossiping about the girls back home until she heard Kane knocking at the door and slowly making his way in.

“Gotta go momma. I’ll call later.” She said. “Momma said hello Kane.” She smiled as she hung up, listening to their advice about not wearing the ring. She looked down at it and nodded. “Yeah that would be a good idea.” She said and set it safely back in the box where she set it in the safe just to make sure that it was completely protected. “I am not losing that baby.” She said with a smile as they walked off the bus and he offered her to ride on his back. She nodded and hopped on, feeling his muscles ripple underneath his shirt. She kissed the side of his neck as they walked. “Mmmm My man is handsome…so strong…so sexy.” She whispered kissing along his shoulders before letting out a small giggle.

As they came to the hotel again, she hopped off and they got back to work recording the pool scenes. They had her leaning against the fence, tilting her leg and leaning her head back. She was looking at Kane the entire time, trying to block out the fact that she was on camera as all she wanted to do was be sexy for the man that she loved.

It was moving into the pool after she was stripping herself of her top that she had over her lacy bathing suit top. Fixing it slightly, she walked into the pool and let her arms sway along the top of the water. It was slightly warm but it still tickled her skin with a cold tinge. She smiled at him as she tried not too move too much until he was carrying over the mattess and she laughed. “No way!” She said, and soon she was floating on the mattress when he was jumping in.

Letting him crawl up, she smiled at him and let him lay down where she took the opportunity to kiss him.. “You are amazing.” She giggled and pulled the sheets up. “But you are goofy.” She said as she messed with the sheets until he moved to sit up and pour water out of his boots. “Oh babe, make a boot waterfall!” She laughed and leaned back against the mattress laughing until she was crawling into the water with a small flip and there they had walked to each other in the water.

Her eyes were matched with his and all she could think about was the day that she would be able to kiss the man and seal the deal on their relationship and make it permanent. With a smile on her face, it was soon their time to get out of the water. She crawled out, grabbing the towel they offered and she wrapped herself in it and looked back at Kane. “Now I’m cold.” She said with a smile. As she walked, she felt a little dizzy and the urge to go to the bathroom. She excused herself and relieved her bladder figuring out tht the bleeding had subsided…. before coming back to find Kane again. “Dizzy spells…I’m not sure about this.” She smiled at him for a second and shook her head, dismissing thoughts.

It wasn’t until they had got back to the bus when she felt sick to her stomach…”Oh gosh.” She ran to the bathroom, emptying the contents of her stomach again. She cleaned her mouth the best she could without feeling the need to throw up again and she pressed her face against the tile that was along the wall for a second.

Coming from the bathroom after feeling a few more dizzy spells, she stripped herself from her clothing and wrapped herself in a robe. “Baby, come rub my tummy please.” She said feeling a little nauseous again…
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Kane chuckled and grabbed his phone, taking pictures of his beautiful fiance sitting on the hood of a bad ass car. He didn't know Trey was filming but these scenes would be great for the music video. Trey smiled, hating to interrupt them. "Pool and rain machine are ready, we're going to shoot you Kane, alone on the stairs and just inside on some stairs, you have an outfit change for the outside scenes." Kane nodded, "That means you get to take a break." he said to Anna smiling, "Go get some breakfast or just relax on the bus... anything you want to do Darlin'." Kane was sweet or he tried to be, most people called him a southern gentleman.

Trey smiled, "Okay Kane, on the stairs." Kane nodded taking his place as Trey yelled, "PLAYBACK!" The song blared through the speakers throughout the property and Kane lip synced to the music. It was about an hour before they were done shooting those indoor scenes and he needed an outfit change and then they had the outdoor stair shots and then the pool shots. Kane was looking forward to the pool shots. He knew it would be a lot of fun.

Walking back to the bus to change, Trey followed him. "Anna..." He asked up into the bus, not getting on it, just asking a question, "Make sure your not wearing your engagement ring for the pool shots, we wouldn't want you losing it." Kane nodded, "Good idea Trey." Kane hadn't told anyone how much her engagement ring actually cost but it was more than some people's cars. Kane had only wanted the best for her. He would always only want the best for her.

Soon he was changed into different jeans and a long sleeved t shirt that had rips made into it. The stylist was making sure he looked good, looked like a country star in her opinion. Kane didn't care either way.

Kane led Anna off the bus, stopping at the bottom step to get her to ride him, piggyback style, "Hop on and I'll carry you." He muttered smiling. Kane loved this girl. Anyone could see that. Trey was filming them the whole time even though they didn't know it, hoping to get some candid shots for the video.

The pool scenes fell together easily, Kane even threw the mattress into the pool so they could float on it. Soon he was laughing and floating on the mattress with her, pouring the water out of his boots... luckily they had been from wardrobe and they weren't the boots he loved and wore everyday of his life.... he probably needed to buy a new pair since he had had his current pair so long but he was lazy. "Babe my boots are filled with water," He muttered laughing.
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The next morning, Anna was rolling over, her tshirt that she had stolen from kane all bunched up around her chest. She stretched slightly, hearing Kane’s sweet voice sink into her ear. He kissed her skin, waking her up softly with the touch. Her eyes opened slightly and she squinted at the light that was spreading over the room from the cabin lights being turned on. It was warm underneath the covers, but she had felt his body move away and the speaker turn on with Ron’s voice. She pressed her lips together and curled up tighter in the blankets.

“But babe…sleep…” She whispered softly, but at the mention of coffee, she paused for a second, contemplating. “Yes please.” She whispered and stretched, letting out a groan as she did so. She didn’t want to gert up but then she wanted coffee and to see what all of this music video business was all about. Her eyes opened for a second as she tried not to fall asleep when he came over and gave her another sweet kiss. “Hi baby. You should come cuddle…” She muttered before she knew that she had to get up and some were waiting for them.

She nodded her head and slowly crawled out of bed, fixing his tshirt over her body, letting it hang there as she went over to the coffee pot where beside it was the mug that he had filled up for her. She clasped it gently in between her hands and she brought it to her lips where she savored the small bit that she got before it would burn her tongue. Setting it down, letting the steam warm her hands as well as the warmness from the ceramic mug, she walked over to the mirror of the bus and threw her hair into a messy bun and washed her face.

She wanted her to wear those favorite high waisted shorts and bathing suit top. Slipping on her converse and a hoodie because of how early it was, she grasped the cup of coffee more as she came closer to him when he was done getting dress. His black jeans and tshirt fit him so well. She wanted to rip it off of him again. At the mention of his hat, she took it graciously after letting her hair down and slipped it on over her head. His lips against hers made her smile. She leaned into it, savoring the taste before they were heading out of the bus and there she could see food already lining up.

People were already gathering and she could see the amount of food that was cooked for them. Following behind Kane, Anna looked up at the man that he called Trey. “Good morning.” She said, waving slightly. Listening to Kane’s comment, she couldn’t help but giggle. She tapped him on the ass and looked at Trey as he explained the concept. It was supposed to be raining for them. And they were going to be pulling up in the fancy challenger.

When it rolled up, her eyes widened. “No way.” She said, holding her hand over her mouth. “It’s beautiful!” She said. The first take it was mostly her geeking out over the things in the car. She had to tone back her excitement when they did the next take. It was like slow motion in her head. Stepping out, she let him grab some of the bags. The sun was already going up as they were walking inside, her hand loosely in his.

Coming inside of the hotel room, it was basic, and it was something she was used to. Letting him set the stuff on the bed, the cameras had stopped and she wondered what his thoughts were on the video. She hoped that she was doing okay as they walked out and she saw the pool not too far from where they were. People were still eating and some were working on the cameras. She walked over to the stairs where the pool was in the background, her eyes looking around,. The grass had started to grow around the edges and Kane had said that it was closed down for a few years.

Watching them refill the pool, she looked at him as they were pulling them to video record more of the car scene. She sat on the hood as directed, her hoodie now off and sitting beside her, she was poking at Kane giggling. “You know…if I had popcorn I could totally throw this at you and hit you in the face.” She laughed, acting like shewas throwing something at his face for the fun of it. She liked joking with him. She loved being with him…

Everything was perfect…
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"That was nice of your parents... your mom told me to call her mom... and now shes in my phone as Momma." Kane said and chuckled, 'Yes pizza time and I'm starving. Best pizza in Georgia, hands down I will be eating this pizza for the next three days." He leaned over and kissed her while he slid two pieces of pizza onto a paper plate for her and two for himself. Kane wasn't picky but this pizza and garlic butter was his weakness and he would probably eat both of the pizzas... well what was left that she didn't want to eat.

After they ate Kane held her as they watched Netflix on the bus television. After today she had to know that he had no secrets from her. He was absolutley in love with her and always will be.

The next morning Kane was woken up by his manager knocking on the door, it was 4 AM and they needed to shoot the sunrise and the sunset. "Babe...I guess we have to get up." he said kissing her awake, "Do you want some coffee? I'm going to make a pot." Ron came over the loudspeaker on the bus and said, "Kraft Services are outside the bus, eggs, toast, bacon, breakfast burrito bar. Make sure you both eat." Kane nodded and pressed the call button, "Thanks Ron we will be out in a minute." He kissed Anna again. "Sweetheart, you need to wear your swimsuit and those shorts I like... lets go meet Treyvon... I call him Trey but hes the director and he claims he has a vision for this video and I trust him.

Kane quickly got dressed, making the pot of coffee and pouring her a cup as well. He was wearing black ripped jeans, and a black t shirt, a stylist was on set today and had put his outfits in bags. He had two to wear. Kane wasn't a big fan of the pants as they were skinny jeans and hugged his body but he wore them. No hat at all today either and that was irritating to him. "Babe... maybe you can wear my hat... I'm not allowed." He said kissing her as they walked off of the bus and he saw the food. His stomach growled.

Kane spotted Trey, "Trey, hey long time no see man... this is my fiance Anna and she will be our girl in the video today... so don't feel awkward if you want me to kiss her because thats not a problem." Trey laughed and explained the video concept to them and answered all the questions that Anna might have had. "After breakfast we're going to shoot as the sun comes up, Kane your driving Anna up to the motel and getting your bags out of the back before she leads you inside." Trey instructed them and Kane nodded.

The first scene seemed to go well. No hiccups and they only had to do it twice.
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The way he spoke was the way that all girls wanted to hear. Not just herself, but every girl deserved to be loved like Anna was loved by Kane. Her eyes sparkled just slightly as she spoke, her heart full and pumping joyously in her chest as she matched his movements and leaned in for a kiss. The way that he bit her lip made her smile and she returned it, letting her bite savor the taste. If he tried too hard, the playground would be blessed. She smiled even more at the thought and she squeezed his hand before she pulled away, watching his eyes as he never took his gaze from her…as if she was the only thing he needed.

“I’m glad they pushed you. That those few people who believed in you are now smiling and cheering you on. I want to be your number one fan, but I guess instead of that, I’ll just jump into your fan club of the ones that believed in you from the beginning.” She said softly. She watched him hop off and she followed suit, jumping right beside him, her arms encircling his arm as she leaned into him for a moment.

Looking at where he did, she heard his voice change slightly. The way that he stared at an off distance area, the cemetery as he explained was full of people that was related to him. She bit her lip and followed him, unable to really speak. In these situations, she was awkard and not used to comforting people. She squeezed his hand gently still holding on to them until they were standing in front of their graves..Each one with their separate pot of flowers and care. Compared to others that weren’t too far away, these were well taken care of.

She never really got that he had no one. She thought that one of these days something would pop up and he would have someone, but standing there beside him. They were there…but 6 feet under with their souls flying high above them. She pressed her lips together, tracing the words on their headstones. “I would have loved to have met them…” She whispered. “I bet they were all great.” She said softly and she could see the hurt just painting itself on his face. It was painful to watch him just remember everything in front of them and have no one there to share the personal memories and stories…She removed her arms from around his arm to around his waist when she smiled at him when he took in a deep breath and smiled at her, mentionoing food.

“I would like that.” She said, but before they left, she looked up at him holding his face in her hands after removing them from his waist. “They are very proud of you. All of them. Every single one of them are proud of you and will be next to you during every step of the way, baby.” She said. Glancing up athe beautiful sky, she was grateful that he wanted to show his life and share his memories with her. She was blessed to be standing next to the man who meant so much to her and wanted her just as much as she wanted him…forever.

Her eyes traced his face as she released them and took his hand. ‘Come on.” She smiled and as they walked back, she smiled when he mentioned the video. She shook her head, feeling blood rush to her face. “oh baby, I am so nervous about that. I’ve never been in a music video” She said honestly. “I may be your fire, but my ass will be on fire as something happens and I’ll be running away>” She laughed as they went back to the car.

Sitting back down inside, he drove them to the pizza place and they got their orders to go and headed back to the busses. It wasn’t long until they were getting back on the busses when she noticed flowers sitting on the table. She set her box down and walked over to look at the beautiful mix of roses, sunflowers and lilies. “Good luck this week. We love you both.” She said, reading the card aloud. “It’s from my parents. They are wishing us luck this week with everything going on.” She smiled, suddenly feeling the urge to go to the bathroom.

She excused herself from the living room and headed into the bathroom, feeling some cramping. After finishing up, she set the thought aside that her period was going to be starting, feeling a little nervous since they were going to be in the water tomorrow from what she understood. She’ll have to get some lady stuff next stop, she thought. Pressing her lips together, she finished up, washed her hands and slipped on some layers and walked out with a smile.

“Pizza time!!!” She smiled at him.
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"You'll always be my everything... from the way you make those noises in your sleep to the cute way you sneeze and everything in between. I love all of you... every little thing. Theres nothing about you that I don't love." He said kissing her lips gently, letting his teeth tug on her lip gently. It was true that since he was back home in Georgia, he had been less concious of his accent...and had stopped holding back. He hoped the twang in his voice hadn't scared her off too much.

"Darla was like an aunt to me honey... she means well and shes one of the few people in this town that believed in me. I was met with more laughs and more of being told that I would never make anything of myself than I have ever been anywhere else but this place is still home." He muttered hopping down off the monkey bars. "its kind of surreal that you picked this park because just on the other side of those trees is the cemetery, my grandpa, Nana, Mom, and my little sister are all buried there." Kane knew she had never told her about his sister. She had only died last year.

Kane took her hand not saying a word as he led her across the green Georgia grass to the cemetery. It was a small cemetery but it was obvious where his family was. Everyone else had small headstones and Kane had paid for flowers and new headstones for his loved ones. "Every week new flowers are delivered, I pay for the upkeep... but this is my grandpa's grave... my Nana's... My mom's... and lastly my sister..." He said staring at the graves. Each one read BROWN in big bold letters.

Kane sat down on a bench opposite the stones and said, "My sister died last year.... she went to college in Atlanta and one night walking back to her dorm she was stabbed six times, she was only 18... I had helped her get to go to that school, it was all she wanted." Kane had tears in his eyes but he was trying not to cry. He didn't want to bring Anna's mood down again... he had done that earlier. His life hadn't gone well... it seemed like he was cursed until he got out and started music. Music brought him happiness... it had brought him Anna.... and for that he was grateful.

Taking a deep breath he looked at her, "lets go get the best pizza in Georgia and watch some Netflix on the bus." He said hoping to liven the mood a little bit. "We have a long day tomorrow and I know I'm looking forward to having you in my video... I mean the song is about you...my fire..." Kane was a romantic at heart and when it came to Anna, he was a big ball of mush.
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“I believe it. I don’t think you would have lasted this long without some sort of education. Your Nana was right in that aspect.” She said, smiling as she twisted her hair in between her fingers. She listened to him as he spoke of his step father beating him and that she had gotten him taken to jail. She could only imagine what he must have went through. Her eyes traveled over his face. He loved with his whole heart, but even with his past where he could trust someone with his life and they were the one to beat him…that was courage. Father, mother, any type of guardian figure were the ones that most young looked up to protect them when they can’t protect themselves…Kind of difficult when they are the cause of all the problems…

She inhaled deeply as she squeezed his hand tightly in her own as they continued to drive. And despite the sudden down turn in the mood of the conversation, he had started singing Sam Hunt’s Body like a Backroad and all she could do was laugh. She felt blood rush to her face as she leaned back heavily into the seat listening to his deep voice serenade her. She smiled at him and jiggied her shoulders with him and shook her hips as best as she could in the sitting position until she noticed that he was slowing down and there he had leaned over. She smiled at him and held onto his face when their lips came together. She kissed him back until she noticed they were sitting at the gas station where he she expected his grandfather to have worked…

He motioned and started getting out of the car after saying that this was the gas station. She followed suit and closed the door softly behind her as she looked around. Everything was pretty dusty with hints of being swept here and there. It was nice either way and she was always good with the homey looking gas stations, felt like home, and there it was it was pretty homey here as Kane opened up the door for her and led her inside where he had immediately greeted Darla, someone who he seemed to know. The woman was excited to see him and peeking out from behind Kane, she smiled at the woman as she waved slightly toward her.

It didn’t take her long to explain her knowledge about Kane and all Anna could do was smile. She loved the twang…the accent, everything. She was falling in love with Georgia the longer that they were here. The tall trees…the beautiful scenery and the men they grew…She looked at Kane as he was speaking to the woman. She listened to his own accent hinting even more of his words more now than she had ever heard it. A smile perked at the corner of her lips as she looked around, seeing the moonpies that he had talked about and she felt her childhood just flush over her as she ran her fingers over the candies but she didn’t grab anything.

After a couple more minutes of chatting, they had walked out and she held onto his hand until she was racing toward the little park. He hadn’t even bothered to have chased her, but he wasn’t too far behind as they reached the monkey bars and she was standing on the taller side of the monkey bars and he was just hanging there. She pulled herself on the monkey bars and traveled somewhat smoothly over to him and hung in front of him where she lifted her legs and wrapped it around his waist as she reached for the monkey bars that he was hanging on and she kissed his lips softly. “Everything is harder when you’re younger. You’ve leveled up since then darling.” She unwrapped her legs and turned around and traveling back. Her arms were aching by the time that she had gotten back, but she continued to climb over the different obstacles anyways.

It had been a very long time since she had gotten anywhere near a park. She loved it when her nieces and nephews came around and they would go to the park but as they had gotten older, it was them going fewer and fewer times. Pressing her lips together, she sat on top of the tunnel and looked down at him, holding herself up slightly.

“So I’m your everything?” She asked, tilting her head slightly as she tapped the tunnel that shesat on top of, inviting him to sit next to her. “From my itty bitty feet to my tip top nose?” She said with a smile, touching her nose, kicing her legs out just slightly before she looked up.

It was in the afternoon and the sun was creating a beatufiul sunset before them and the trees were placed in just the right way that she traced the color with her eyes. Jades, turquoises and hints of peach colors hinted all across the sky in swift strokes. It was beautiful and nothing else like it. She was happy to be here, and to be with kane enjoying it all.
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Kane chuckled and drove her to his old school, “I was a straight A student believe it or not, my Nana would have beaten my ass if I wasn’t. She was a hard as nails old lady...actually a detective on the police force here in town for awhile. Got one of my step dads locked up for beating me...I almost died and she came home and had him in jail within a couple hours....I still remember that fight. He thought she was afraid of him but Nana always had a gun in her boot...kinda like I always have my knife in my boot...learned that from Nana, never leave yourself unprotected.” He muttered as he drove.

Picking one of the back roads that he grew up riding bikes and four wheelers down he smiled and started to sing, “Got a girl from the south side....got braids in her hair....everytime I see her walk by...man I bout fell off my chair....had to get her number...took my like six weeks...now we go way back....like Cadillac seats.” He looked at her smiling as he drove singing more, “Body like a back road, drivin with my eyes closed, I know every curve like the back of my hand....doin 15 in a 30 I ain’t in no hurry Imma take it slow just as fast as I can.”

He leaned over and kissed her stopping at a white brick walled building along the side of the road. It was the cold spot gas station with two gas pumps outside that had to be from the 1970’s, that’s the last time this town got anything new. He parked turning off the car, “Let’s go inside, my grandpa worked here and I spent many days as a kid sitting behind that counter drinking sweet tea and eating moon pies and listening to my grandpa and all his buddies and their stories. I even worked here one summer when I was 15.” He muttered holding the door open for her.

Kane looked over at the counter and sitting behind the register was a middle aged woman, who’s face lit up seeing Kane. Kane chuckled, “Hey Darla...it’s been awhile.” Darla smiled, “I never thought you’d come back to little old Greenwood, Kane.” He nodded and said,”I haven’t been back for awhile, Darla this is my fiancé Anna... Anna, this is Darla, she owns the Cold Spot now and she was very much like an aunt to me growing up, made sure I stayed out of trouble but if I was in trouble she tried to help me out of it.”

Darla nodded, “He was a good kid...never thought little Kane would not be so little anymore and end up a country star.” The twang in the woman’s voice screamed that she was a Georgia Peach. “But now you came back and you have a gorgeous fiancé....treat him well little lady, he was raised right and you won’t never find a better man than a Georgia country boy.” Kane nodded, “she’s my everything Darla.” Darla nodded, “exactly how it should be now if you two ever need anything while your here, I’m always here for you.” Kane nodded, “Thank You, we’re filming my music video out at the old motel tomorrow.”

After they left the Cold Spot they headed to an old park, one he hadn’t been to in ages. “I might be a little too old for monkey bars but I’ll try.” Kane said pulling himself up onto the top in one swift motion while laughing. “Why do I remember that being harder to do?”
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“We will definitely need to stop. I wasn’t expecting going swimming oddly enough.’ She giggled and leaned against him, taking the cup that he handed her graciously. Still in her towel, she smiled, taking sips from the cup and feeling the liquid fill her stomach and warm her even more from the inside out. As she drank, he spoke of the details of the music video and she smiled graciously. “I’m looking forward to it! I can’t wait to meet him.” She said, eager to do the video. It was going to be fun and she had never done a video before…she was just now getting used to all the label requirements and that was the selling of the songs both musically and visually through the music videos.

She smiled at him as he spoke of getting the location and she watched how he had brightened up talking about where he had come from. He kissed her gently and she watched the sparkle reach his eyes form his smile and she went to go search through her suitcase looking for clothing when he came up behind her and smacked her on the ass. She urged forward almost spilling her coffee when she set it down quickly and turned around to smack him playfully on the arm. “Kane!” She giggled and took him up on his offer when she dawned his tshirt and only that.

When he came closer to her again, he held her left hand and looked down at the engagement ring. It sparkled just like the diamond that was in the middle and she was happier than ever when he started to speak and hearing her new name come from his lips, she giggled and blushed. Pulling him closer, she felt his skin even through the thin fabric of the tshirt and she smiled at him. “I can’t wait to be your wife.” She said in return. She was falling harder and harder for the man and his gentleness with her.

Different than any other man that she had come into contact with.

Her stomach was in knots when they were finally reaching his hometown. Having changed into shorts, cut off tshirt and converse again with his flannel, they were settling up and he explained they were staying in the busses. She nodded and followed suit when he mentioned a rental car. She smiled at him and nodded eagerly. “Yeah! Show me everything! I want to know every piece of you baby.” She said, looking forward to exploring the small town with the love of her life, and she was sure that once people realized that he was home that this town wouldn’t feel super small anymore. With the amount of people that would know about the music video place…with even the rumors, she was sure that it would fill up just so people could see the newly engaged couple.

As they were getting into the car, she giggled as Kane was going back and forth with his manager. All she could do was shake her head. “You’re goofy.” She said with a giggle.

Soon they were traveling through the streets and pulling up into the trailer park, she could see the trailer that he pointed out and explained everything that happened outside of the trailer all she could do was imagine a little boy looking just like kane breaking his arm, getting into a fight and winning and him claiming that was it. She shook her head. “That can’t be it. Show me the gas station…I want to see everything baby.”

She wanted to know every part of him. She wanted to be apart of everything that he had lived whether it was for a second or for an entire lifetime. She squeezed his hand before she let him drive the vehicle wherever he pleased, she was there for the ride and to experience everything that he had had to offer. She knew it was a small town, but she knew that there were more memories than just that.

“You didn’t just go from day one being born, to breaking your arm, to getting into a fight…and that’s it.” She giggled. “Show me the backroads you used to take, show me your school, show me your life…I want to see more of your heart, scars and all.” She said, knowing there was more to the man that met the eye. There was more than just living it up and going from a small town boy to the man who was singing at sold out concerts on many different stages.

Taking one of the roads, she noticed a small park with lights and a few benches. “Come on, let’s take a walk.” She said softly, looking at the park. When they parked, she smiled at him and reached for his hand. “I bet I’ll beat you to the top!” She ran toward the playground that was in the center and she climbed up the small rock wall and she was giggling on the entire way, having just let go of his hand and ran forward. She wanted to let loose and it was just them….

It was a way to get out this pent up energy.
  Anna Markee / AWritersLove_ / 6d 6h 42m 45s
"Good Morning Darlin'" Kane muttered pouring himself a cup of coffee as well as one for her. "Georgia in a couple hours and we are filming the music video for Thunder In The Rain tomorrow. There will be a stylist but I wasn't sure if you had brought a swim suit for the pool scenes or not so we can stop and shop for one if you need to. We were going to use one of my cars for it but the label rented a sports car for us to drive up in and the director is one of my friends I graduated with... hes really cool but I haven't seen him in years." He said handing her the mug full of steaming hot coffee.

"I got the email about the location, its an old motel in my hometown, its been closed for years and its scheduled for demolition next month so we can do whatever we want to do. The label is having one room furnished for the shoot and the pool filled. Should be a fun shoot." He said kissing her gently. "You know you don't have to dig for clothes in your suitcase sweetheart, I like you just like that... but if you have to wear something... my suitcase is always open to you." He muttered gently swatting her bare ass.

Her engagement ring glittered in the light coming in through the blinds of the tour bus. "Mrs. Anna Brown has a nice ring to it... I can't wait to make you my wife." He said smiling at her. He was wearing his normal joggers that he slept in, they were just plain charcoal grey and he wore nothing else. "If you do happen to see socks for me, let me know because I lose those faster than anything. "

2 hours later they arrived in Greenwood, Georgia, Kane's hometown... where he was born and raised. They parked the buses near the closed down motel and plugged into the electricty and water. "We're staying on the buses tonight since Greenwood hasn't had a functioning motel since this place closed but... we do have the rental car is you want to see where I grew up? I mean I bet the trailer park is still here and the gas station my grandfather worked at and I grew up behind the counter... my whole family is buried in this town." He muttered holding back tears. Kane shook his head, he told himself he wouldn't cry, he was stronger than that.

Putting on a shirt, hat, and his boots. He stretched as he got off of the bus. His manager, Mark, tossed him the keys to the rental, "Don't scratch it Kane, but have fun." Kane rolled his eyes, "If I scratch it I buy it... how about that." he said holding the door open for Anna. Soon they were driving into the trailer court Kane grew up in. "That old brown trailer from the 1970's right there in the back... I was raised right there... broke my arm on that sidewalk... got in my first fight right outside it... I won... but thats it... this is where I came from."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 7d 5h 24m 14s
It was a rush of emotions. It was a rush of feelings and instincts that she was facing in the moment. He had reached for her and kissed her heard. Many people had gotten pictures of them sharing a kiss and the moment that she was sharing her ring with the world as she held it up looking at the man of her dreams as she did so. She was showing off the beauty that it was and she wouldn’t have it any other way. It was in the middle of the stage, in front of people that she didn’t even know, but it showed how much courage and how sure he was that he wanted her to be his forever. He wanted to let everyone else in the audience and those watching over the social media outlets and tvs that they would know that he was taken and she was officially off the market.

Who knew that this show…that this tour would lead her to her future husband?

After, in their dressing room, Anna was surrounded by her family. Her brother had given her a hug and his fiancé was hugging her tight before hugging Kane tight claiming how excited that he would be apart of the family. Her parents were awkwardly excited and she wasn’t sure how to take it. It was the both of them that had told her to go and pursue her dreams but not without a college degree. She had pushed forward and now she had been free to fulfill what she wanted to do, but standing with them now, having seen how fast their relationship had taken the next step she wasn’t sure how they were taking it.

Yet, however the way that they talked everything was going perfectly fine.

It was nice. She knew that she wouldn’t have to worry if they liked Kane or not. It was clear they liked him and had welcomed him with open arms. She wouldn’t have to face the awkward stories of her family not liking her husband. It would be the complete opposite, but it was always a fear that she had had growing up. As she never really got in with the best crowds.

Her eyes traced his face as they now were on the bus and they were lounging on their made bed. She was shaking still, still energized from it all and she was just letting the feelings set in that she was engaged. She was happy, she was in shock, she was excited, then she wasn’t sure how to take it all. Her eyes glanced up at him and she held out her ring. “Anna Brown…Anna May Brown sounds amazing.” She said softly, her voice was soft, whisper like.

She wanted to dance, she wanted to scream, she wanted to throw an entire celebration, but as she sat on the bed and he was lounging comfortably against the counter, holding her hand which he pulled her up slowly to kiss her knuckles with those beautiful full lips. She leaned into him. “I love you.” She whispered, looking up at him after he had voiced his concerns. She nodded sympathetically. “With the amount of time that we shared, it’s short and I know that we are going to have a lot of questions, but, baby, as long as you’re there standing beside me I’ll be the happiest woman in the world. Other people can judge, other people can critique our life, but me, I am grateful I have been ever so lucky to find the man of my dreams.”

She leaned in for a kiss, her fingers tracing down his bare chest, feeling the curves of his abs underneath the tips. It was rough…it was soft…it was hard…it was muscular….It was tantalizing and she wanted him in that moment. It didn’t take her long to show how much she wanted him…

Waking up the next morning, the bus was still driving to their next destination, she ran her fingers across his chest and sank into his arms a little more before kissing the soft crook of his arm. She kissed up to his neck and kissed his cheek once before she pulled herself out of his arms and walked nude over to the bathroom where she went to shower.

It was beautiful, she was standing in the bathroom looking at the ring that she now had so weirdly on her left hand. She was happy. She was happy to be with the man of her dreams, and now she was to be standing beside him for the rest of their lives. Pulling it off, she set it in a small container and went to take a shower and quickly after getting out of the shower, she slipped it back on, not ever really wanting to take it off. She dried off her hair as best as she could and walked out in her towel, sure to look in her bags for her clothing as she could smell the scent of coffee hitting her nose.

“Good morning baby.”
  Anna Markee / AWritersLove_ / 7d 5h 37m 59s
Kane smiled wide, she had said yes. He felt like he was in some sort of dream but noticed her mother crying happy tears down in the front pit section of the stage. When she held out her hand Kane slipped the engagement ring on her finger and pulled her in for a kiss. “I love you Anna.” Kane had timed this perfectly. They were in his home, her whole family was there, this had been a hell of a night already and he couldn’t wait to make her his wife.

When the show was over he pulled her into his arms again and kissed her. “You said yes.” He muttered and couldn’t stop smiling. This woman didn’t come with a warning, she would be the death of him. That smile, those lips, the way she moved along to the music. If someone else had gotten to her first he would have been heartbroken. If she had said no it would have killed him but she had said yes. She wanted to be his wife, she wanted to be with him now and forever and he couldn’t help but smile about that.

Seeing her family pile into the dressing room behind her he smiled and loosened his grip on her and let her mother hug her tight, “My baby’s getting married!” Kane hugged her mother as well and said,”thanks mom...and dad...” her father nodded, “I gave you my blessing and I know I did the right thing...treat my daughter well.” Kane nodded, “I wouldn’t have it any other way sir.”

Social media was exploding with their engagement, people were shocked as they hadn’t been together that long but when you knew who the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with was...you just knew and you didn’t leave anything up to chance. Kane wasn’t worried about social media though. He was just worried if Anna liked her ring or not or if she was excited to be Anna Brown and not Anna Markee anymore.

Soon they were on the bus heading to the next town. “Darlin....I can’t wait to marry you.” Kane muttered taking a sip of his Mountain Dew that he had gotten from the venue. He was sure that he had taken her by surprise tonight but he was so excited to marry her. It had been hard keeping it a secret from Anna but now he didn’t have to hide anything from her and she had the ring on her finger to prove he was hers.

Kane leaned against the counter on the bus, wearing only his sweats now after he had taken a quick shower. He looked amazing and he didn’t even work out. “I was worried you were going to say no and it scared me to death but I had to ask you.” He said grabbing her hand and kissing the back of it before looking into her beautiful eyes.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 8d 9h 43m 29s
The set was amazing. She was feeling every heart in the audience singing along and vibing with her music. She could feel their emotions running over her skin and she felt her skin goosebump up in response. She let her fingers guide her over the strings and her lungs carry her through the words of her songs. She let the emotions sink in with each and every word that she sang and she felt her body just full of a rush from the performance and going live in front of these people.

They were in Nashville.

They were playing in Nashville in front of other future stars, and stars that didn’t even know they were going to be stars just yet. Showing them a piece of her heart, she was fighting for her place in this music world, and here, singing against the mic, letting her body swing to the motion and her fingers play rifts along the strings. Her heart was thudding with the bass drum and she was feeling her heart beating through the pain that she sang about.

She sang through her heartbreak, and she sang through the beginning of her new love story.

These songs she sang, that she let the world see was her struggle through life, both her mistakes and her achievements. She was letting the world into her heart as she sang of her fears, her objections, and her thoughts of her situations she had been able to see and be apart of. She sang of heartbreak, she sang of love, and she sang of her stand in the music industry as a woman that was going to leave her mark in the country music world. She wasn’t backing down, she wasn’t going to fail, she would persevere and she would move up to claim titles, to claim a place.

It was at the end of her set when her eyes laid upon the man of her dreams coming on stage. She set her guitar down and she took a mic in hand and looked at him as he introduced them. She felt her heart racing even harder in her chest. She was standing in his arms for a second when he held her hand and kissed her cheek. She giggled just like the rest of the crowd as the song started. She was going to sing with him about what ifs…about the thoughts that ran through every girls head and every man’s mind during a beginning of a relationship. It was reaching every soul in the room and they were only at the beginning.

She sang along, matching his voice, hitting higher notes when he would take the low side of the song. She let her voice carry as they held hands until the end of the song, splitting to go and entice the crowd who were already in love with the song as much as they were. Her eyes carried over the crowd before they landed on him and she was falling even more in love with the big smile on his face by the time that they were finishing the song. She was sure that it was her time to leave and it was in that moment she was moving away from the stage, when he called for her back.

She looked at him and felt blood rush to her cheeks as he started speaking.

[i "Anna I love you, I will always love you and I always have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and dancing with you that first night, I knew that I would do anything to make sure I kept that smile on your beautiful face."]

She looked at him, smiling, shaking her head with the biggest smile on her face. She couldn’t contain it. She liked it when he expressed his love publicly, but she could feel her face just getting more red and she was looking at the crowd touching a hand to her chest when all of the sudden she heard the next few words. ..

[i Anna Markee, will you marry me?]

Her eyes went wide as she looked down, seeing the sparkle of the ring flash back at her. The lights were suddenly really bright and everything else that was there around them disappeared. She looked at him and shoved her hands up to her face and felt tears overwhelm her eyes. IT WAS HAPPENING!

She felt her eyes look at him and she nodded quickly. She could barely get the words out… [b “yes…yes…yes I will!”] She finally said and held out her left hand as he slipped the ring on her hand, standing up and she wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss directly on his lips. It was all a blur after that. She heard the crowd erupt into cheer and the clapping just echo in her ears but everything was just so much to bear that all she could hear was silence. She was just in the moment, pressing his body against hers.

He was going to be hers forever…

He had popped the question that as a little girl she always wanted to hear.

It was happening, and she wasn’t sure how to react really. Excitement, happiness…shock? It was all something running it’s course in her system as she pulled away, still shaking a little from the amount of excitement before she held up her hand , letting the camera zoom in on it for the whole crowd to see as she wrapped her right hand around his waist, pulling him close to her.

“Hell yes!”
  Anna Markee / AWritersLove_ / 8d 9h 57m 57s
Kane let ace trim up his hair and clean up his edges, "Yeah my dressing room is open babe, anything you need take it.' He muttered looking to Ace. As soon as Anna came back Ace was done with Kane. He didn't have much hair and what he did, hadn't needed a lot of maitence.

Walking hand in hand with Anna backstage he let the crew run his ear in monitors up through his jacket and then he put them in his ears and then grabbed his mic. "Go knock em dead babe... and remember your new song with me is being premiered tonight, your last song... I will come out and announce it."

Kane stood on the side of the stage watching her, being a supportive boyfriend. He waved at her parents from the side of the stage as he listened to the crowd singing along with her songs. Nashville crowds were some of the best in the country music business. They were very passionate about their artists and preformers. Anna was a natural out there when she got out of her own head and Kane was proud of her. He had just given her a little push, she had already had all the talent she needed to shine. This wasn't about launching her, this was real love.

Putting his hands in his pockets Kane toyed with the ring and soon it was time for him to go out and introduce her new song... the duet with him. "How Ya'll doing out there?" Kane said into the microphone as he walked out on stage. "We have a special surprise for you tonight, you'll want to be filming this one because this is the first preformance of Anna Markee's unheard new single... and what makes this even more special... is... its a duet!" He listened to the crowd roar and continued with a smile, "Anna and I are going to sing this song, ya'll tell us how you like it."

Kane took her hand and kissed her cheek as he motioned to her band to start the song. This was the first night so the song was in her set but they would switch off since they both sang the song. Some nights they might do it alone, who knew? The crowd was silent watching and filming what was happening onstage. Kane began to sing, "You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you? What if I find somebody else and I don't need you?
What if this goes south, what if I mess you up? You say what if I break your heart in two then what? " Kane hestitated but sang again, "Well I hear you girl, I feel you girl but not so fast. Before you make your mind up I gotta ask..."

The band built up the song and Kane and Anna sang together, " What if I was made for you and you were made for me? What if this is it, what if it's meant to be? What if I ain't one of them fools just playin' some game?What if I just pulled you close, what if I leaned in?
And the stars line up and it's our last first kiss! What if one of these days baby I'd go and change your name? What if I loved all these what ifs away?" The crowd roared in response to the song, they were loving it.

When the song ended Kane was grinning wide, "I'm glad ya'll liked that.... now for another surprise." He saw Anna leaving the stage as that had been her last song. "Darlin' don't leave just yet." He said leaning her guitar up on the stand. Kane turned to the audience and Anna at the same time, "Well as ya'll know, Anna and I have been together and I love this woman, she is talented, beautiful, smart, and lets be honest she puts up with my shit....." The audience awed and chuckled at the same time.

Kane took a deep breath and turned to Anna, "Anna I love you, I will always love you and I always have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and dancing with you that first night, I knew that I would do anything to make sure I kept that smile on your beautiful face." He smiled and said into the mic as he got the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee in one swift motion, "Anna Markee, will you marry me?"
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