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Melody had glanced around awkwardly for a brief period of time, before she heard the male speak up once more. He talked about her name, and she smiled softly. "To be honest, they did think really hard. I heard that they took hours of time just thinking of a name for me...and it's pretty surprising." She stated, looking towards Lase.

Soon enough, the male was talking once more. The disguised fairy continued to grin happily, glad to see and hear that this man seemed so much kinder than he appeared. "Well, I was planning on being on this side of town for most of tonight. You see, an old buddy of mine told me exactly what you just said. 'A lot of nice little hole in the wall places', just as you explained to me. That's quite coincidental." Melody said with a gentle laugh, as she tilted her head ever so slightly to the side in a cute manner.

Despite the awkwardness of her current situation, she actually found talking to this man rather enjoyable. He seemed nice enough, and had no problem talking to people. Of course, this was nothing like herself...since she tended to avoid other individuals for reasons she would never admit.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 1y 33d 15h 29m 54s
Well, this was slightly embarrassing. The fact that she had been in town for some time now and he never noticed was all the proof that his coworkers and family were right about one thing; he needed to get out of the house more. Between work and home, he rarely made time to go out and do things that required him stepping more than twenty feet of his house. It wasn't his fault by any means that everything he ever needed and craved was conveniently placed in the general area.

" Melody Frost. That's quite the name, I'm sure your parents really thought hard when deciding on it. "

However condescending that might have come out, he meant no real harm in it. It was a cool name and almost sounded magical. The idea of mythical creatures shoved itself to the front of his mind before he pushed it off again. Entertaining that would only prove to distract him again. Last thing he needed to do was live up to that blonde hair of his.

" I see though, not a lot of people bother with this side of town, since most people here are on duty for industrial work. It's nice to see a fresh face. "

No matter how delicate the face might be, no matter how misplaced she might look in a sea of workers, it was pleasant. Her last phrase was almost ego-boosting, causing the male to scratch the tip of his nose with an almost sheepish grin spreading on his face. Oh, please, he's not all that exciting...

" Ahahah- well, I'm glad you find that in fortune. Are you sticking around this side of town for long? There... are a lot of nice little hole in the wall places I could recommend to you. "

Platonically, of course. He didn't want to risk running her off because he was acting like he was trying to come on strong or something. That'd be even more awkward than the situation already came out to be.
  Lase Sonez / CR-Mars / 1y 36d 11h 29m 22s
The disguised fairy sighed gently, calming herself down a little bit. There was no need to overreact to talking to a human being, even if there was the chance he'd be out to hunt her for her wings. After looking over him, he actually seemed like a rather kind and honest person. Or at least mostly honest. Melody heard him speak of how he wasn't paying any attention either, and that it was his fault just as much as it was hers, if at all. Those words spoken by the individual soothed her tensions a bit, and she was actually able to smile towards him as she flung a bit of her hair back.

There were a few seconds of silence between both of them, as she wondered what the man was thinking. He had started asking her some questions, which many people had asked her before when she had first come into the town. That was a few weeks ago, but now there was someone who still hadn't met her yet? Strange. "Actually, I am new in town. However, I have already been here for a few weeks. Around three and a half, I think? Anyways...it's nice to meet you, Lase. My name is Melody. Melody Frost, to be exact." The disguised fairy stated kindly, knowing that she had been pulled into the conversation with this young individual before her.

"I had some time to myself on this fine day, so I had decided to walk around and explore any parts of the town I didn't remember very well. Or the parts that I hadn't been to at all, such as here." Melody explained, feeling the gentle breeze against any of her exposed skin. The weather felt quite nice, and it definitely aided the female in keeping a calm temperament. "Fortunately, it seems that I ran into you along the way." She said with a chuckle, as she looked into his eyes again.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 1y 39d 11h 45m 49s
The blue skies of his eyes panned over her a moment, listening to her babble out her excuse in a hurry. Gee, he really didn't mean to frighten her so much. Seeing her tense up like a rabbit who had run straight into a wolf almost made him feel bad about bumping into her in general. Most people weren't so jumpy over an otherwise innocent mistake, leaving him confused on why this person, in particular, was. Maybe she has social anxiety or something? That was a common thing in this day and age, he wouldn't put it past her. With an awkward shift of his feet, the male ran a hand through the back of golden locks, gaze adverting from her. If it was that he noticed the strange movement upon her back, he didn't show much reaction to it, nor seemed to register it as anything other than the wind. After all, the lazy breeze within the evening air could pose many movements of cloth and body. Feeling the chill of the air prompts this idea more, easing any worry that may have surfaced within his mind, had there been any in the first place.

" Ah- I wasn't really paying any attention either, my bad. "

With a turn of his hand, he's smiling at the young lady before him. Getting a better look at her, he's coming to the conclusion that yes, he does not know her. With that being resolved in his mind, there was nothing stopping him from engaging in friendly banter to get to know her better. After all, that is what you do as a local, isn't it?

" So, not to come off as too forward, but are you new in town? I've lived here a couple years, but I have never seen ya. Then again, I'm not the real sociable type, so that might just be me. I'm Lase, one of the metalsmiths in the town. I work on cars and machines. You know, the fun stuff. "

Fun for him, anyway. Most girls didn't hold an interest in such things and he's expecting no less of her. In all reality, he probably should have just let her go on her way. Be it fate or sheer stupidity that has kept Mr. Blondie in place, the world may never know.
  Lase Sonez / CR-Mars / 1y 41d 9h 43m 42s
It was only recently that she had been discovered. Well, not her specifically...but the race she belonged to. Even the thought of a fairy being real was strange, and unbelievable. However, from the looks of the female's own wings upon her back, fairies were as real as anything else could be. "Now if only I could go out like this and not be sought like prey..." She mumbled to herself, as she put on a sweater, concealing her pink wings.

Unfortunately, upon the discovery of fairies, greed overcame the human race...as usual. They began hunting the female's kind, stripping them of their wings and subsequently murdering their rather innocent lives. Now, due to this, the life of any fairy still alive was full of paranoia...and fear. This was no different for Melody, but she had found a way to disguise herself as a human. It worked adequately, and no one ever thought anything of her.

Pulling herself out of her deep mind, the disguised fairy accidentally bumped into a young male while she was walking along the pavement of her hometown. "O-oh, I'm sorry sir!!" Melody apologized quickly, hearing him start to say something before pausing and speaking once more. "I am alright, and it is my fault for us bumping into each other like that. I was lost in my thoughts, and wasn't paying attention to my surroundings." The female admitted, feeling her concealed wings flutter all of a sudden. Tensing up slightly, the fairy could only hope that her new acquaintance did not notice.
  Melody Frost / AskTheStaff / 1y 41d 10h 18m 11s
The streams of golden sunlight hit the bluebell orbs of a flaxen-haired male as he raised his eyes to the horizon afar. Sunset was not far off, signaling that the end of the day was at hand. A relief upon his shoulders, surely, as he had been slaving away wielding together metallic parts and gears for civilization's usage.
Rather, he was working on such things, it was nowhere near done. A job like this, for the ambitious young adult, was nothing more than an entry-level position. His dreams were much bigger, much grander than a small town like this.
The idea behind space travel not far off in the future kept his head in the clouds.

" C'mon Lase, there are enough things on Earth to worry about first. "

Muttering this to himself, the male ran his soiled gloved hands over his face, involuntarily smearing the grease of machinery upon his fair skin. Doubtful he'd realize this in any near future, yet this wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Translation?: No one would likely tell him of this either.
Mind wandering as he punched out his hours for the day, the blonde hummed along to an unheard song in his heart. If only he had some money.
Money would solve a lot of these little problems he had. These dreams in his soul could soar with just a little jump to his bank account. Lately, he had heard rumors of an old, ancient race being discovered, and with that, the idea of making quite the haul on their wings.
What was it again? Fairies? A part of him had a hard time even believing such a race existed in this world. Sure, in books of wonderlands and fairytales, but... This was real life. If he could not witness it with his own eyes, it was hard to hold a belief in its existence.
Yet... if it is true, then he too, would like to get his hands on such a thing.
With distracted thoughts swirling around his mind, he's not paying attention to his steps against the pavement, and before he knows it, he's running right into some unknown female-

" oh god- I'm sorry- are you- "

He didn't recognize her. Was she someone new in this place?

" Are you alright? I really didn't mean to bump into you like that. "
  Lase Sonez / CR-Mars / 1y 41d 13h 33m 27s

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