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Night had swelling tears in his eyes until he heard someone's voice. He glanced over until he was being smothered in affection. He wiped his tears away as he trembled. The affection wasn't bad, but who was this lady?

He gulped a bit as he heard her say he was cute. Of course, he didn't care at the moment, due to all the pain he felt at the moment. He pushed his glasses up and looked at her with purple eyes [+blue "I-I don't know i-if i'm okay"] he says and wipes his tears away.

[+blue "A-and i'm Night.....but i'm called a monster"] he mumbles to her, his feet off of the ground because last time he did this was on the last day of school, a trap was placed at the bottom of his seat and he was caught in it until the janitor found him.

He also had his tailed curled up, because he didn't want it to be scratched, or scarred again. It hurt just enough with his ears. He flicked his ears slightly, trying to cool down the heat in them from the pain. He suffered to much, if only he wasn't a coward. If he weren't he would be able to tell the police....but that might nor happen.

You never find people like Night or Rene. So the humans tend to act rude and mean to tell them this is their territory, not ours. He sighed and laid his head on his knees. Keeping his head low so that he wasn't noticed by any of the bullies, like Oliver.
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There was a sound to Rene's side. A student getting into the desk next to hers. Tears still flowing down her cheeks, Rene peaked through her hair, and saw the other student. What she saw made her tears stop forming. The student ears...did that mean? But that was when she noticed how badly he was injured, his tail and ears full of scars. The bandage on his tail was red with blood. Rene got up from her seat, tear marks still on her cheeks. She pawed at the student, trying to get his attention. "Hun?" she asked him. "Are...are you ok?" There was a not of concern in her voice. No one deserved to be treated like this. Rene's sadness could be seen in her drooping ears. To try and comfort the male, she rubbed against him, nuzzling him, trying to be as sweet as she passably could. "My name is Rene," she said. Her tail swished from side to side like a metronome. Softly, Rene licked the boy's nose, wanting to show affection. "You're cute," she said, looking him over. Besides the scars, he looked pretty good.
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Night ran down the sidewalk, being almost late for school....again. This wasn't the first time this has happened. Since he always slept due to his narcolepsy and cataplexy. But since he got a new medication, that shouldn't happen anymore....hopefully.

He managed to get to school and ended up in the front, suddenly being pulled back by the hood as a much taller male grinned [+red "Well hey kitty! Where's your milk?"] the kid laughed. Night cowered slightly and hissed, batting at the kids face and go his cheek, but it wasn't that much of a wound.

Of course, the kid growled and dropped Night, which gave him enough time to scurry away before his tail was cut again. Night sighed and took his tail in his hand, examining the scars and recent bandages. How much he hated Oliver! That kid would do anything to make Night scared or even worse, pass out for hours.

The last time Night passed out for hours was last year, he has luckily been getting over his fear of Oliver. But the last time, he had passed out for 3 days. Much longer than he should have. Night wondered what would happen if he passed out this year again, would he never wake up?! What if he died?!

The thoughts made Night tremble slightly and he was introduced to three more people. Night flattened his ears and slightly sinked down against the wall as the three students started making rude remarks and he was suddenly introduced to a knife.

Night was left crying next to the wall [+blue "Monsters! All of you"] he cried. The students left Night with bleeding ears as three cuts were on his left one and two on his right. The students turned back and looked at him [+orange "Us monsters? Look in the mirror, mutt"] and they left.

[+blue "I'm a cat"] he whimpered and stood up, wiping the blood off of his face and wiping the dirt off of his close and he started walking to his class. Sobbing softly down the hall as his tail trailed behind him.

Once the whimpering neko stopped he wiped the tears away and walked into class. Looking around cautiously and sat down in his seat in the very far back, keeping away from any of the bullies as he got mean looks from females and males all together. He knew this for sure, this was going to be a hard year.
  Night {OOC} / NightSkyFox / 2y 56d 2m 39s
A young girl of thirteen was walking down the street to her first day of school. In her backpack was a few notebooks and pencils. A bottle of milk could be heard sloshing around. The sun was bright and the air warm. Insects flew around her ears with a high buzzing. She swatted them away. As she got closer to the school, she saw more students, all happily chatting about summer time activities. As she walked by, more kids stopped and stared. She felt every eye on her. Rene went to a human school, but she was not human. Well, she was half human, half cat, a neko like her mother. Her father was a human. When Rene had been born, her father wanted her to grow up in the same neighborhood as he did, thus she went to a human school. "Hey, big ears!" A student called to her. Her ears drooped at being teased. One cannot hide being a neko, and it made her different. Since she was different, she was always teased. That's why she stopped riding the bus. Trying to cover her ears with her paws, Rene ran into the building trying not to be seen. Her long hair and skirt bellowed out behind her. Once she reached the room of here first class, she chose a desk in the very back. Settling into her seat, Rene dropped her bag by her feet. Her tail wrapped around her, and she held in in her paws stroking it, trying to calm down as tears built up in her eyes. All she wanted to do was go home. Suddenly, something hit her in the nose, breaking her of the spell she was in. Looking down, she saw it was a mouse toy. "Catch any mice today, big ears?" A student teased her. Swiping the toy from her desk, Rene buried her face in her arms, tears streaming down her face.
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