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The knight smiled, breathing heavily as he looked at Marissa. "Good night, sweetheart." He said as he soon dozed off as well.
  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 13m 39s

Marissa was breathing heavily as she fell asleep on Ezekiel's chest.
Ezekiel chuckled again, starting to take off his clothing and tug at hers wantingly. "C'mon now, these don't need to be on you~" He said as he continued to tug at her clothing.

  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 16m 38s
Marissa smiled flirtatiously, still making noises. "Always~"
Ezekiel continued for a while, still rubbing her tail as he asked her a question. "You ready?~" He asked, winking an eye.
  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 25m 43s
Marissa became louder with speed, laying on Ezekiel's chest when her arms became tired.
"Well, that worked~" He laughed, then went back to rubbing her tail. Soon, he had picked up speed a little bit and was rubbing it faster than before.
  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 29m 22s
Marissa flinched as she let out rather loud noises, gripping Ezekiel's shoulders tightly.
Ezekiel chuckled lightly as he breathed heavily for a few seconds. Then, he snuck his hand behind her and started to rub her tail.
  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 32m 35s
Marissa continued until she was obviously tired. "Your turn~" She smiled.
Ezekiel made more pleasureful noises as she moved on top of him, and his blush seemed to get a little bit deeper.
  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 36m 5s
Marissa only broke the kiss for air, pushing Ezekiel onto his back and sitting on his waist. "Enjoy~" She began to continue what she had been doing before the kiss.
The knight kissed Marissa passionately as well, letting his tongue out like usual to make the kiss better.
  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 41m 23s
Marissa turned to face Ezekiel and kissed him passionately, putting her legs around his waist.
"Well, I like it that way~" He said with a smirk as his blush deepened, and he made more noises.
  Ezekiel Kadoe / AskTheStaff / 291d 46m 6s

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