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[h1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ]

Vivian looked up at him when he asked if she had read anything in the file. Shaking her head she watched him as he read over all of the information. [#9c70b2 "Nah you asked me not to so I just pulled it up for you to look through. I mean it's not my place to go through that file." ] she said with a shrug as she watched Marcus come over to talk to Wrench. Yup they were just one big family and she liked that thought a lot.

She hummed as she thought about ways to delete the information and shook her head. [#9c70b2 "I mean we could delete it off of these severs, but there is no telling how many copies they have on back up servers... If I could get access to their main server room I could find out and maybe delete them that way, but I bet the security there is really tight." ] she said as she took her laptop back when it was handed to her. Opening it back up she dove into another project of hers as she chewed on her bottom lip.

When Sitara came down the stairs Vivian didn't hear her at first and when she set the coffee and food down Vivian startled just slightly. [#9c70b2 "Hey you're here." ] She said as she set her laptop to the side. [#9c70b2 "I wanted to talk to all of you." ] She said as she stretched her arms over her head. When everyone had settled and she knew they could hear her she fidgeted. [#9c70b2 "So I know Josh and Sitara were curious about who I am and I never told you Marcus..." ] She said as she moved to stand pacing just a small bit. Okay so she was nervous, but she pushed through and continued along. [#9c70b2 "So I know you found that my last name was changed, but it's not like I'm on the run or anything... My uncle is though. You all have probably hear or him. Matter of fact I know you've heard of him. My uncle's the man known as The Fox." ] She glanced around at all of them watching to see what they thought waiting to hear what they were going to say.
  Vivian / ukimaru / 2h 10m 49s
Wrench looked over and grabbed the laptop. They had everything. Where and when he was born up until know. All the different homes he was in when he was young, his real name, age, everything. He read over everything and looked up at Vivian. [+red “You didn’t read this did you? Is there a way to get rid of this and everything they have on all of us?] He looked over at Marcus.

Marcus put his hand on Wrench’s shoulder. [+blue “We will figure this out man. Don’t worry.”] He smiled, and Wrench nodded then gave the laptop back after closing out of all of his information. He slumped over to his work bench and started to tinker with things.

Sitara walked down the stairs holding a bag of food and some coffee. [+purple “Morning everyone. Sorry I am late, I had to make sure Blume new we where on to them.”] She smiled and placed the food and coffee down. Wrench turned around. [+red “Oh man that smells good!”] He grabbed the cup with is name on it. [+purple “The girl that likes you what there this morning. She made that just for you.”] She laughed and grabbed her own coffee. Wrench laughed. [+red “Yeah right.”] He turned back to his work bench.
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 6h 7m 46s
[H1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

Vivian made sure her security system was armed before she locked the door behind them. Humming when Wrench asked her if she was going to tell the others she glanced over her shoulder at him. [#9c70b2 "Yeah... I mean I'm still a bit scared of telling them, but I kinda don't want to sit and hide in the shadows anymore." ] She said with a smile before her attention turned to the road ahead of her.

Seeing him block the code she couldn't help chuckling. [#9c70b2 "No worries; I understand." ] She said as she moved to follow him down the stairs Humming she watched Wrench and Marcus. She could see what she could have here and it sort of made her feel just a bit warm and fuzzy. Glancing over to Josh she hummed and walked over to him as she dug around in her laptop bag. [#9c70b2 "Here not saying you have to use any of them, but their my old programs. Security, viruses, and I even think a few random bits of code I never finished." ] She said as she offered out a small key chain with quite a few flash drives on it.

She figured when Sitara got back she could tell everyone. It just seemed easier than repeating herself twice. When he took the flash drives Vivian moved to the couch and sat down ignoring the press of the he gun against her back. Pulling out the large laptop she opened it and turned it on. Tapping on the plastic she quickly logged in once it booted up. Pulling up all of the files she glanced over to Wrench. [#9c70b2 "Hey you said you wanted to see your file." ] She said as she lifted the laptop so he could come grab it from her.

She felt at home here; everyone was just like her and it helped greatly that Marcus was here too. It put her at ease since she'd gotten to know the other nerd really well. [#9c70b2 "Hey do either of you know when Sitara might get back? I kinda want to have a sit down with all of you." ] She said as she fidgeted just slightly. Sure she'd made up her mind, but still the longer she had to wait the more it would weigh on her.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 1d 23h 50m 42s
Wrench sucked down the rest of his coffee and jumped up. [+red “Are you ready, you are still telling the rest, right?”] Wrench followed out the door. He waved good bye to the kitties and stepped out. The sun was bright, and it was nice. Hopefully no rain today. Not that they would spend much time outside. He walked behind Vivian looking at his feet.

They walked into the shop and Wrench went first. He hid the key pad with his back and pushed in the code. [+red “Sorry. “] He looked back. He then sighed and walked down. He could hear the music that seemed to never stop. Marcus and Josh where the only ones there. [+red “Where is Sitara? She didn’t go alone did she?”] He looked at Marcus then Josh. [+blue “No she had someone come get her. She went to do some tagging.”] Marcus smiled then continued typing.

Wrench walked over to Marcus. [+red “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”] Marcus put his laptop down and held out his hands closing his eyes. [+blue “Last time you told me to do this you hit me with a huge dildo.”] They both laughed. [+red “As much as I know you loved that, this is even better.”] Wrench placed the small silver ball in Marcus’s hands. [+red “Okay, open your eyes.”] Marcus looked down. [+blue “Its pretty, what is it?”]

Wrench smiled under his mask. [+red “This my friend is going to change the game. You know how Blume has those new security scanners on there doors. Well this pretty baby will shut them down, not permanently but, it will give you enough time to get in unnoticed.”] Marcus looked up at Wrench. He looked like a kid that just got a new game system. [+red “The only thing is, is it has not been tested. Next time you are out give it a shot for me, will you?”]
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 2d 9h 26m 59s
[h1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

Vivian woke not long after Wrench though her first priority was a shower. After that she dug threw her closet and settled on a simple tee-shirt and a old pair of faded jeans. Tying her still damp hair up in a pony tail she stretched. Looking into the top of her closet at a small safe after a moment she pulled it down and unlocked it. Inside was a small pistol that her mother of all people had given her. Looking over the gun it took a moment for her to decide before she pulled it out and making sure the safety was on she slipped it into the back of her pants knowing she'd need to get a holster for it at some point.

Grabbing a coat to hide the gun she threw it on before headed down stairs. Seeing Wrench in the living room she smiled and moved to the kitchen make her own cup of coffee. [#9c70b2 "Awesome I was hoping that I'd smelled coffee." ] She said as she pulled down a coffee cup with a lid. Fixing her coffee she took a small sip before putting the cover on the cup. [#9c70b2 "I just need to pack up my laptop really quick." ] She said as she headed into the hidden computer room. Packing up her laptop and charger she hummed and after a moment grabbed a few of her programs that she'd saved onto flash drives. Who knew maybe the others could use the viruses and security systems. It's not like she needed them at this point she had created better.

When everything was packed into the large laptop bag she stepped out of the room and shut the door behind her. Taking just a moment to feed her cats and make sure their water was full she hummed before looking to Wrench. [#9c70b2 "Ready to go?" ] She asked as she tucked a loose curl behind her ear before she grabbed her cup of coffee. In all honesty she felt a bit better knowing that she wasn't going to hide who she was anymore. She was an adult and she was making the choice to let these people into her life. It was as freeing as it was scary, but she knew that one way or another she wasn't going to be able to stay in the shadows and out of the line of fire this time.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 3d 6h 33m 51s
Wrench waited till he knew she was gone and took off his mask. He rubbed his now naked face with his hands and let out a sigh. The cat jumped off, must have gone upstairs. He pulled his phone out of his pocket. [+red “Ah fuck that’s bright!”] He turned the brightness down and set a alarm. He wanted to make sure he got up before she did. He picked some music to play softly and fell asleep.

[b Bleeng.] Wrench yawned and woke up. He put his mask back on then walked to the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and took his mask back off. He look at himself for a moment and sighed. He splashed his face with some water then took a piss. Turning back around to wash his hands.

He made his way to the kitchen. It was odd to see so much food. He mostly ate out so there was little to no food in his apartment. Headed over to the coffee maker where everything was close by. He made a pot of coffee and pored himself a drink. More sugar then coffee. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a straw. He always had one with him.

He put the straw in the cup and walked back over to the couch. He let out a sigh and leaned back. He could hear movement upstairs. He pulled his phone out and sent Josh a quick text. [I [+red “Will be heading to H.Q soon. I have a new toy for Marcus make sure he is there!”]] Wrench put his phone back in his pocket and sipped his coffee threw his straw. He looked up at the staircase. [+red “Good morning. I did as you asked and left you some coffee.”]
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 3d 7h 19m 40s
[h1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

She nodded as she glanced up at him when he came over to look over her shoulder. [#9c70b2 "Yeah I can get you a copy of the file. No worries Wrench; I know what it's like not wanting anyone to know who you are after all." ] She said as she looked over the files and pushed his to the back of all of the information she had. [#9c70b2 "It's okay; it's probably better that you keep calling him The Fox, less likely you'll say his name around the others... So I'm going to tell them tomorrow. It's better if they know who I am and maybe I can help out with everything that's going on." ] She said as she stretched her arms over her head before she started to work on looking through all of the files Blume had.

When Wrench fell silent Vivian happily turned back to her own work as she sighed. It seemed Blume was getting dangerous and she'd even found a few contracts for fixers. One that had her really worried was Jordi Chin and she knew her uncle would find this information himself. When Wrench spoke up she hummed and made sure she was good before backing out of Blume's system. [#9c70b2 "Yeah I'm probably going to crash myself." ] She said as she hid a yawn behind her hand.

Standing up she stretched before moving to the linen closet to grab him a blanket and pillow like she'd promised. [#9c70b2 "They'll probably follow me to my room. The bathroom is next to the kitchen though it's only a powder room." ] She let him know as she moved over to the couch and offered him the blanket and pillow. [#9c70b2 "If you wake up before me you're more than welcome to anything in the kitchen and if you make some coffee make enough for me too. Any way good night Wrench." ] She said with a smile before she left him alone and headed upstairs to her room.

She made a call to her mom letting her know what was going on before she put her phone on the charger and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. When that was done she changed into her fuzzy pjs and curled up in bed. When Onyx and Sorin joined her she smiled and turned off the light as she curled up under the blankets and rather quickly drifted off to sleep.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 6d 7h 41m 35s
Wrench smiled under his mask when she walked in. Then he shook his head. [+red “No need to be sorry.”] Wrench watched over the girl’s shoulder at she sent the code. [+red “You where just talking to The Fox? Sorry I know you call him Aiden, but I feel like that is not showing him the respect he deserves.”] He chuckled

[+red “Sorry not trying to snoop.”] He paused and then turned around, then turned back to the girl. [+red “I know you are sifting threw the files but if its possible please don’t go threw mine, and when you get there can I see in detail what they have?”] He turned back around and went to the bench and started working again.

A hour or so passed. He was not sure he wasn’t looking at the time. [+red “Fuck! Its finished. I’ll need Marcus to test it but this should work.”] He held up a small round silver ball. He set it back down in the table and let out a yawn. [+red “Fuck I am tired. You think I could get that pillow and blanket?”] He walked over once again looking over the girls shoulder.

He fallowed her to the couch and this time taking his vest off before he laid down, even though he couldn’t pop a couch. [+red “Man this couch is nicer then my bed!”] A cat jumped up and laid right on his belly. [+red “Oh! I feel so blessed!”] He laughed and pet the cat.
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 6d 8h 27s
[h1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

Vivian had thrown herself into the system tearing down and rebuilding walls as she went. It was a bit difficult, but she was able to collect most of what they knew. It seemed that she wasn't as hidden as she wanted to be. She jumped just slightly when Wrench's voice was so close behind her and turned to answer him a smile forming when her phone went off. [#9c70b2 "Sorry, let me just get this." ] She said as she slipped out of the chair and left him alone in the room.

[#9c70b2 "Hey uncle... Look I'm going to just tell you now, Blume's got files stocked full of information. tons of pages filled with things no one should know. You might want to warn anyone who you know and I'll call mom tomorrow. It seems we can't stay hidden anymore and... I'm not going to just sit back this time either." ] She said as she stepped out onto the little porch off the back of her house. Hearing him sigh she chewed on her bottom lip. [#3b6aa5 "I tried to keep you out of all of this, but it seems that you've grown up while I haven't been around. Just choose your allies carefully and always watch your back." ] He said softly though Vivian could hear the strain in his voice.

[#9c70b2 "I will uncle. I'll send you the code to get into Blume's system... Just you be safe too I love you uncle Aiden." ] She said smiling softly when he returned the sentiment and hung up the phone. Sighing she headed back into the computer room petting Onyx as she walked past him. Once back in the room she shut the door and sighed softly. Looking to Wrench she smiled though it was just a bit strained. [#9c70b2 "Sorry." ] She said as she settled down in her computer chair and relaxed as she leaned back. [#9c70b2 "Anyway you asked about my computer and yeah I did build it; It took a good bit of time, but it was worth it."] She said as she pulled up the page her and her uncle used to send important data through and sent him the code to gt through the back door.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 6d 9h 3m 58s
Wrench looked down at his feet as they walked. He was nervous. Almost scared. He had never been to a female’s house before. And in truth he hardly went to anyone’s house. Non-the less as he kept getting to know her he kept getting a odd feeling. Like he wanted to spend time with her. And he hardly wanted to spend time with most people. But then again, she was not most people was she.

He looked up at her nice house. It was nicer then where he chose to live. In a small apartment in the middle of the ghetto. But that was where he felt comfortable. Granted all he really did there as sleep. The house smelt nice. He could smell it as soon as she opened the door. Just like she said things where knocked over. He couldn’t help but laugh.
He remained quit as he pet one of the cats that brushed up agents his leg. He was actually allergic to cats but that was not going to stop him from petting a fuzzy kitty. He wiggled his nose in his mask and followed to the hidden room. His “eyes” flashed. [+red “Wow.”] That was all the proof he needed that she really was The Fox’s niece.

He went over to the bench and emptied his pockets and started tinkering. He was hoping to make a device to shut down the security scanners, making walking in the front door to Blume and anything they owned just a little easier. [+red “Fuck.”] He whispered to himself as he worked. He couldn’t help but look over his shoulder at the girl and all he technology.

[+red “Did you build all of this yourself?”] Wrench stopped working and walked over to the computers. But before he could get a answer her phone went off and she excused herself. Wrench sighed and went back to his work. Pausing for a moment, then walked over to the second monitor with everyone’s information. [+red “Fuck, man.”] He rubbed the back of his head with his oily hand. There was so much information. How did they get it all?
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 6d 9h 30m 4s
[h1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

Watching him when he went over to his work station Vivian couldn't help shaking her head. [#9c70b2 "I don't care if you have something to work on then you are more than welcome to bring it with you, I'll probably be on my computer most of the night." ] She said as finished her coffee and threw the cup away. When he was ready to go she glanced back at the others in the room and waved quickly.[#9c70b2 "See you all tomorrow." ] She said before leading the way out of the hide out.

Once they were out of the store she stretched her arms over her head. [#9c70b2 "I don't live to far from here maybe a twenty minute walk if we go slow." ] She said as she slid her hands into her pockets. Okay so she was just a bit nervous having invited him to her home, but she felt a bit better having someone to walk with her. After everything that Blume had in those files she was nearly sure that she wouldn't stay hidden for long.

They walked in near silence and when they reached her small town home she unlocked the door smiling when she already heard her cats meowing at her. [#9c70b2 "So I'm going to apologize now, I'm sure they've knocked over most everything at this point so it's going to be a bit messy..." ] She said as she opened the door and stepped in holding it opened for him. Once he was in she turned on the light and sighed when she was right; photos and figurines were knocked onto the carpet. Shaking her head she left them for now and moved to a door nearly hidden in the living room.

Opening it she smiled when she heard the soft hum of her computer. Turning on the light she motioned to a work bench set opposite the massive desk that was littered with papers and held two huge monitors. Under the desk was a tower that she'd built herself. [#9c70b2 "Okay those are just some little projects I was working on I can move them and you can use the work bench I have tools and anything you might need to work on delicate circuitry." ] She said as she pulled a tool box from under the work bench. Once she'd shown him that she moved to clear off the work bench for him as she chewed on her bottom lip.

[#9c70b2 "Just let me know when you want to get some sleep I can grab you a blanket and pillow from my linen closet." ] She offered before she settled down at her computer and moved the mouse. When the computer came back to life she logged in and looked over the code that was streaming across the first monitor. Sighing she leaned back and pulled out her phone as she text her uncle asking if he could talk. While she waited for a reply she moved to open the back door on the second screen. She turned her attention to digging through their system to see if they had anything on her or her mom.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 6d 9h 56m 41s
Wench popped his head up. He could feel his cheeks getting warm. [+red “Oh, um. Yeah that would be sweet.”] He stood up and cleaned the dirt off his cloths. Marcus raised his eye brow at Wrench. [+red “Well if that is okay with all of you.”] Everyone nodded. Sitara smiled.

[+red “Just let me grab a few things.”] Wrench walked over to his work table. He grabbed some bits and pieces. He then smashed something open with his fist. [+red “Perfect!”] He gabbed something and put it in his pocket. [+red “Okay that should be all I need. [+red “When I come back ill have a new toy for your Marcus.”] Wrench smiled then walked over to the girl. [+red “Hope you don’t mind if I do some work. I promise nothing will blow up.”] He fallowed the girl out of the hide out.

[+purple “So Wrench and your cousin? That happened fast.”] Sitara looked over at Marcus. [+purple “I am pretty sure he has never even been in a girl’s house before.”] He laughed softly. [+purple “He is pretty pure when it comes to dating.”] Marcus laughed and looked up from his laptop. [+blue “Nah man, it aint like that. Well at least I don’t think so. We don’t know what happened on that coffee run.”] He laughed. Josh just tilted his head. [+green “They went for coffee.”] Sitara and Marcus laughed. Josh just shrugged and went back to working.
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 6d 10h 20m 37s
[h1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

Vivian chuckled just slightly when he told her she should tell the others. [#9c70b2 "I know I should... it's just a hard habit to break. Trust no one tell no one." ] She said as she ran her fingers through her hair. [#9c70b2 "Yeah I got you." ] She said as she grabbed the bag and cup carrier. Following him back to the hide out she hummed and set everything down next to what he'd carried back.

Grabbing a cup off coffee she hummed and took a sip as she watched everyone. It was a frightening thought that she would need to let these people know who she really was. Sighing she took another sip of her coffee. When Wrench plopped down on the air mattress and popped it she couldn't help chuckling. [#9c70b2 "Wrench I'll offer my couch up in trade if you'll walk me home. I can do more good on my own computer at home." ] She offered as she turned the coffee cup in her hand. Sure she could ask Marcus to walk her home, but then he'd have to come back here or head to his home on his own. Nah if Wrench was going to sleep any way she could come back with him tomorrow.

Turning to the others she smiled and inclined her head just slightly. [#9c70b2 "No offense I just have some things I need to take care of at my house; plus my cats wouldn't like me leaving them alone over night. I'll come back with him tomorrow and help out I'll even have my own laptop with me. ] She said as she smiled at them. Leaving also gave her the chance to call her uncle and talk to him about everything that was going on.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 6d 10h 59m 23s
Wrench sat in silence at the information the girl told him. He continued to sit in silence even after she was done talking. [+red “Well that certainly would explain a lot.”] His “eyes” flashed. [+red “I will keep this to myself, but you should tell the others. They will find out of their own. Eventually.”] The waiter walked over with two bags of food and two cup holders of coffee. [+red “Help me carry these?”] Wrench handed her a bag and a cup holder.

They walked out the store and headed back to H.Q. [+red “The Fox is very well known in all of DeadSec, and really all over in the U.S at least. Rumor was he was even dating a Deadsec member.”] He walked and let out a sigh. [+red “Thank you for telling me. But, I am keeping my secrets.”] He laughed.

The walked into the hide out. [+red “I come bearing gifts! Everyone stop and eat and drink!”] He placed the food and drinks on the table in the middle of the room. He grabbed his food and coffee and plopped on the couch. The others walked over and grabbed there usual. Wrench pulled a straw out and stuck it in his coffee. He had a sandwich on his lap. His stomach made another noise. He looked around to make sure the girl was not watching, he lifted the bottom part of his mask just above his mask and started to eat his sandwich.

Wrench stood up. [+red “Since I don’t want any of you knowing where I live, ha-ha. I am going to take a nap on the blow up.”] He stretched and walked over to the blow up and plopped down. [b Pssssshhh.] His shoulder spikes had popped the blow up bed. [+red “Well then, I take that back. I will be sleeping on the floor then.”]
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 6d 11h 22m 33s
[h1 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

Vivian knew she was going to have to call her uncle and let him know she'd also tell him the code when she called him tonight. It seemed things were just going to get more dangerous. Watching the group jump into action she couldn't help admiring them. While they seemed like an odd group they worked well together. [#9c70b2 "No I didn't read your name; I just glanced at the list." ] She said after a moment as she shrugged her shoulders.

When he brought up a coffee run she nodded and moved to follow him up the stairs.Hearing that he didn't want to drive she couldn't help smiling. [#9c70b2 "That's good you're a scary fucking driver."] She stated as she stuck close to him. She could admit that while he seemed strange she felt the closest kinship to Wrench. They were both trying to hide who they were. New city new names, hell he'd taken it one step further and hidden his face behind a mask. Letting him pay Vivian followed him over to the seats and carefully sat down next to him.

[#9c70b2 "It's not just for me... I mean yeah I'm hiding, but it's not like I'm the one on the run..." ] She said as she chewed on her bottom lip eyes looking to the near stranger as she watched his mask. [#9c70b2 "I'll tell you and just you." ] She said after a moment as her eyes turned down to her hands. [#9c70b2 "My uncle isn't just some code junkie or low key hacker... Even you guys have heard of him. I mean Marcus apparently had a run in with him." ] She said as she continued to watch her hands casting glances now and then at Wrench. [#9c70b2 "The Fox you all talk about has always been just uncle Aiden to me... When things went bad though and my brother died my mom was never the same and my uncle barely ever came around. When fixers started to show up at the house she did what anyone would do she ran and hid. New last names new homes and a new background to go with it." ] Pausing she took a deep breath as she turned to look at Wrench again watching him to see how he was processing what she was telling him. Not that she could tell anything he was thinking with the mask in the way.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 6d 12h 12m 58s

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