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Josh nodded. [+green “I can put together a list of things that we could use.”] Sitara looked over at the computer. [+purple “Damn. Well we could also use some to help spread awareness. You took Blume down but that does not mean we are safe just yet. People need to know what was done. And this place in general could use a upgrade until we know its safe for us to actually move back to our own places.”] Wrench also nodded then noticed Viv Yawn. [+red “Why don’t you take a nap. We are all going to be here when you wake up and we can talk about it then.”] He eyes flashed a smile although he was still full of rage. He gently took the laptop and helped Vivian get comfortable. He put a soft blanket over her not taking no for a answer.

Wrench sat next to Viv until she was finally asleep, her cats curled up next to her. He pushed her hair put of her face and smiled under his mask. He took a deep breath and looked up and Bella and whispered. [+red “Can we talk really quick.”] He noted Bella give him a look. [+red “Please.”] He stood up and walked to the back away from everyone. On the way back there, he grabbed Vivs papers from the hospital. He looked up at Bella as she stood in front of him. [+red “Listen, I’m sorry.”] Her stood there in silence for a moment. [+red “Now that that is out of the way.”] He handed Her the papers. [+red “I don’t want to put Vivs information out there without her permission, but I didn’t know who else to talk to."] He paused for a moment. [+red “The things that she went through. I can’t take this!”] He balled up his fist trying not to cry. [+red “I couldn’t do anything for her.”] He took a deep breath. [+red “What do I do now?”] He looked up at Bella his mask flashing.

After there talk Wrench walked to the bathroom. He figured it would be a good time to shower. He had not showered since he was in the hospital with Viv. He locked the door behind him and took off his mask. A few tears ran down his face. He shook it off and turned on the hot water. He stripped down his closed and jumped in the shower. He stood there for what felt like forever. [+b Knock, knock.] Wrench jumped. [+blue “He man. Viv was looking for you. I guess she wanted to ask you something.”] Wrench pulled back the shower curtain. [+red “What’s up is everything okay?”] He was about to jump out of the shower when he heard Viv’s voice.

He unlocked the door at her request. He stayed in the shower. As Viv stepped in the steamy bathroom. His face grew flush. He stumbled over his self when Viv shyly asked Wrench to help her shower. [+red “Uh, I mean I can. But wouldn’t you rather have Bella help you?”] His face getting redder.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian nodded her head when Wrench told her they'd get food after they picked up her medication. Standing carefully when they made it to the truck she was really thankful that Wrench helped her into the truck though even that caused a small hiss of pain to leave her as the movement pulled on her stitches. Looking to him when he brought up his shoulder she couldn't help reaching out to touch his finally healed shoulder. [#9c70b2 "I'm glad its finally healed properly." ] She told him as she slowly fastened her seat belt. When he threw the wheel chair into the back of the truck and speed off she couldn't help the smile and laugh. She'd make sure to donate some of the money she'd kept from Blume to the hospital once she got settled in front of her computer.

Vivian was glad once they were through the drive through her burger and fries were the first thing she went after a happy little hum leaving her as she devoured her food. When she was nearly done eating she took one of the milder pain killers she'd been prescribed. Shifting in her seat once she was done eating she moved to settle her head carefully on Wrench's spike cover shoulder. As they talked she was really glad that nothing turned the conversation to more serious topics. Once they were on the road back to the bunker she hummed softly rolling down her window so she could enjoy the fresh air. When the pulled up she couldn't help smiling when she saw everyone rush out front to greet them. God had Vivian missed all of them so much. They might not be blood related, but this was the family she'd chosen and it meant so much to her.

Vivian undid her belt and carefully slipped free from the car. Seeing the wheel chair she did put up a small fight over it, but she was out number and after a few moment she sat down in the wheel chair and let Wrench push her into the hacker space. Seeing the pull out bed already set up for her with some soft looking blankets and pillows she turned her eyes to the others. [#9c70b2 "You guys didn't have to but thank you." ] She said as she let Wrench help her into the bed it wasn't but a few moments later that both her cats had joined her on the couch meowing quite loudly until she pet them. Looking up she nodded the kiss to her forehead had a small blush forming on her cheeks, but it also caused an awful thought to form in her head. Would he still want her if he knew? Shaking the thought she watched him head out before her eyes turned to the others in the room. [#9c70b2 "Think you could being me my laptop?" ] She asked a smile forming when Bella showed she already grabbed it having figured she would want her computer.

By the time Wrench was back in the bunker Vivian had already logged into her computer and was typing away. Looking to Wrench when he say down she turned her computer so everyone could see the account she'd pulled up. The amount of money shown in the account was obscene. [#9c70b2 "So this is some of the money that is left from Blume... I sent everyone who was held captive by them a good chunk and this is what's left. I want to donate some to non profits, but I'd like to use some to upgrade security here as well as build a few more servers for us to use. What do you guys think?" ] She asked covering a yawn with the back of her hand. Looking to the others she heard both Marcus and Bella curse over how much money Blume had actually had to spend.

[#9e4b00 "Fuck if they'd spent even a portion of this they could have literally bombed you guys off the map." ] She said as she ran her fingers through her hair. Marcus nodded and leaned back in his seat. [#1519ef "We could use the upgrades and I like the thought of giving the rest of it away there are a few good non profits we can give the rest of that money to when we are done." ] He said as he looked to the others wondering what they thought.
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Wrench smiled down at Vivian under his mask, holding her medical papers in his hands. [+red “Well let’s pick up your medicine from the pharmacy first then we can get you what ever food you would like.”] His mask flashed with joy. He was so happy to be leaving that stuff hospital. I hated showing there. The nurses always came in at random times. He stopped at the passenger side of his truck.

He opened the door. He helped Viv very carefully. [+red “Don’t rush it. If anyone knows how it feels to pull your stiches out its me.”] He laughed and pointed to his now healed shoulder. After getting her in and comfterble he tossed the wheelchair into the back, the nurses tried to stop him, it was the hospitals wheelchair, not there’s to keep. He ignored them and put the papers in the arm rest and sped off.

They pulled through the pharmacy drive through then headed to whatever fast food restaurant Viv wanted. [+red “Order what every you want.”] He nodded then after her ordered his own food. He paid and handed over the bag of food over and put the drink in the cup holder. He pulled over in the parking lot. [+red “Let’s eat here. I don’t want to have to get food for the others as well.”] Her laughed and took a bite of his food.

They ate making some light small talk. He avoided all the questions he wanted to ask. He didn’t want to bring up anything unpleasant. He chugged his drink and they drove off back to the hacker space. When they arrived, everyone rushed outside they greeted them all with big happy faces and open arms. [+red “All right. All right. That enough let’s get her inside”] He grabbed the wheelchair and urged Viv to get in even though she wanted to walk.

When they finally got in He made sure she was comfortable. Everyone had already set up the place nicely and cleaned it. They pulled out the couch bed for Viv and got a bunch a new pillows and blankets for her. Wrench got her in the bed, he lifted his mask a bit and kissed her forehead. [+red “I’ll Be right back. I left some stuff in the car.”] He nodded at Marcus and headed out the door.

Wrench jumped back in the truck and grabbed the papers the doctor had given them. He stepped out and slammed the door. He dropped one of the papers. [+red “Damn it.”] He picked it up and a word caught his eye. [b Miscarriage.] His eyes widened. He read over the paper. Most of it was just a bunch of medical talk but, he got the gist of the paper. He grew with rage as he imagined the horrible things that she went through. The man was already dead, and he just wanted to kill him again. He needed to calm down. Viv had just gotten home. He took a deep breath and put the paper back with the others in his hand and headed back in.

He walked in and everyone was smiling and laughing away. Wrench went straight the to fridge and got a beer. He sat in the chair between Viv and Marcus. He didn’t say anything. He was still trying to calm down and stop his brain from thinking about it. He popped open his bear and took a big swig.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian returned each hug with a one armed hug of her own though Sitara's words had her looking over to Wrench again. She didn't think anything he'd done would make her mad after all she had hurt him in a way she never wanted to. He'd opened up told her how he felt and she'd flung it back in his face the next day. Sure she hadn't wanted to, but in her mind it didn't matter she didn't know if there was anyway to make it up to him.

Time went to fast and at the same time it felt like no time at all before everyone, but Wrench was shooed out of the room. Looking to him when he started to apologize she shook her head quickly as she squeezed his hand. [#9c70b2 "Dont apologize Wrench. I'm just glad you were all safe and as far from Blume as I could keep you... I dont know what I would have done if they'd gotten you too." ] She said as she tried to keep her eyes open. When he asked if it hurt she chuckled softly. [#9c70b2 "Honestly I couldn't tell you; they have me so drugged up my heads spinning." ] She said with another yawn her eyes falling shut on their own. When nothing else was said she quickly fell asleep fingers still laced with Wrench's as she slept.

It was two days later that she was being released sitting in the wheel chair she nodded as the nurse went over with both her and Wrench how to care for the wound. Thankfully Wrench had gone to the bathroom when the doctor had brought up the fact that she'd lost the pregnancy the day before. She hadn't known what to think except thank god he wasn't in the room. She didn't want him to know what Richarson had done shit she didn't want to know what he'd done to her either. Pushing the thought to the back of her head she looked to the other hacker when he was handed her paperwork and told they were good to go. [#9c70b2 "I want something ridiculously greasy and bad for me. Wanna hit a drive through on the way to the hacker space?" ] She asked as the rolled out of the hospital towards Wrench's truck. Eyes turning up towards him she smiled ignoring the twinge of pain from her stomach. She needed to take another pain pill soon, but she was putting it off she didn't like how they muddled her thoughts.
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Wrench did not let go. He would never let go again. He didn’t even let go as the doctor checked the bandages. Wrench watched trying to see how bad Viv was really hurt. He knew she wouldn’t tell him how bad it really was. [+Red “You did good. You did real good. Rest now. I will be here. Always.”] He squeezed her hand tight.

Sitara walked up next to Vivs bed. She smiled. [+purple “I am so happy to see you again.”] He laughed. [+purple “Sure you never thought I would be happy to see you.”] She leaned in so no one else could hear her but Viv. [+purple “Go easy on him okay. He has had a extremely hard few months.”] She leaned back up and smiled at her. Josh walked up next. He awkwardly patted her shoulder. [+green “Good job.”] He gave a weird smile and walked away. Finally, it was Marcus. [+blue “Hey ass hole.”] He smiled at her. [+blue “We will have all the beers you want as soon as you are better. But for now, rest up.”] He gave her a loving smile and a soft hug.

About twenty minutes before visiting hours came to a close T-Bone and Clara finally got there. They had gone back home to fix a few things when they had got the call. Clara came running in and ran straight for Aiden. [+pink “I am so glad you are okay!”] She hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. His face grew a bit red. [+blue “Yeah I Am fine.”] T-Bone waited back and smiled at them both. [b “Good to see everyone is okay.”] He looked at Viv. [b “Well for the most part anyways.”]

The nurse came in and asked everyone to leave. Aiden left with Clara and T-Bone after he gave Viv a kissed on the head. [+blue “I will be back in a few days after I take care of things at home.”] They rest slowly left. Marcus followed after Bella. Wrench still did not say a word to Bella, they did not even make eye contact.

The doctors pulled up a small cot so Wrench could lay next to Viv. He sat on the cot not laying down and not letting go of her hand. [+red “I’m so sorry Viv. I should have been there. I should have done something.”] He looked down and sighed as a nurse came in and made him move so she could check all her vitals and once again checking the bandage. Wrench glared when the nurse pushed on Vivians bandage. He sat back down next to her again. [+red “Does it hurt to much?”] He reached his hand back out to hers.

Vivian soon fell asleep and Wrench just sat there looking at her. Making sure she was still breathing. He laid down next to her and faced her. He moved her hair out of her face. Her head turned towards him as she smiled in her sleep. He smiled back under his mask. He slipped his mask up and kissed her cheek. He slowly fell asleep next to her. Waking up every once in a while to make sure she was okay.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Waking up in a hospital bed wasn't so bad Vivian found as her eyes slowly opened. If she didnt know better she'd think she hadn't been shot at all. Feeling a hand in hers Vivian turned her head towards the modulated voice she'd know anywhere. Smiling a dopey some what drugged up smiled she squeezed Wrench's hand lightly. [#9c70b2 "Hey guys." ] She said softly voice a bit rough though it was Aiden who had been in the room before even the others that offered her a drink. taking the cup from him she took a small sip and sighed. relaxing back into the bed she fought to keep her eyes opened hand moving to her side to find the gauze that was wrapped around her stomach. [#9c70b2 "This isn't how I wanted to see you guys again after all of this..." ] She said eyes moving back to the others as she watched them all trying to lighten the mood a bit. [#9c70b2 "I pictured a lot of drinking and partying and happy faces not these worried ones. I'm okay... Really okay." ] She said as she turned her eyes to Wrench watching his mask with interest zoning out for a moment or two before she shook her head.

The doctor came into the room before anyone else could speak he paused when he saw the large group but turned his eyes to the woman laying in the bed. [b "Miss. Pierce I'm glad you are awake. Are you feeling any pain or discomfort?" ] With she shook her head no he continued. [b "We'll be keeping you over night to monitor the injury and make sure the vein doesn't rupture if it all looks good by tomorrow you can be on your way home. If you need anything you can push the red button on your controller and someone will be up to help you. Other than that visiting hours are over in an hour a person may stay with her if they like, but the rest of you will have to clear out." ] He said simply before he checked her gauze and IV before he headed out to deal with other patients.

It was Bella who spoke next as she moved to steal one of the chairs in the room settling down as she moved to touch the others girls knee. [#9e4b00 "I glad you made it out okay." ] She said softly only to be rewarded with a smile and a small laugh from the other girl. [#9c70b2 "I'm more than okay I slayed a giant you guys. Cut off the head of a poisonous snake I did." ] Vivian said nodding her hand still holding tightly to Wrench's. She didn't want to admit it, but she was scared this wasn't real she'd dreamed similar dreams to this on bad nights at Blume and the touch grounded her let her know she wasn't dreaming. Yawning she looked back to the masked man next to her. [#9c70b2 "If I fall asleep you'll still be here when I wake up right?" ] She asked him quietly though she knew the others had heard her anyway.
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Wrench sat on his couch in his garage. He didn’t go to the bunker much anymore pretty much just stayed in his garage tinkering away. He took a sip of his beer and music played in the background. It had been so many months since Vivian left. It had been two months since he found out the truth. As hard as it was to not do anything he sat back. He wanted to go in guns blazing and just kill everyone to get to her. He would have killed anyone just to get her back.

He stood up and headed over to his bench and started taking apart a computer tower. He jumped when his phone rang. No one called much but Sitara and Josh to check in on him. He let it ring a little while longer then sighed and put down his tools. [+red “I’m fine Sitara. You literally just called yesterday.”] There was a huff in his voice, but that was cut short when he heard the voice on the other end. It was not Sitara. He froze, hearing what was said on the other end. [+red “I am on my way!”] He hurried up and jumped in his truck.

He pulled his phone out and quickly called Marcus. To his surprise he actually answered. He was still pissed about what happened with Bella. They had not talked much. He took a deep breath. [+red “Bro! Aiden just called me; Viv is in the hospital with a serious bullet wound. I am on my way there now! I’ll meet you there.”] He hung up quick and sped through the stop lights.

Wrench pulled into the hospitals parking lot. He ran in and yelled at the lady at the front. He demanded she tell him where Viv was. [b “I’m sorry sure. You will have to wait. She is in surgery right now.”] Wrench paced back and forth. [+red “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”] He stopped back at the desk. [+red “How much longer? Is she doing okay?”] The lady looked up at Wrench as he was in a panic. [b “I am sorry sir. You will have to wait. The Doctor will be out here when they are ready.”] Wrench through his head back. He took a deep breath and sat in the waiting room.

The others got there shortly after he was sitting in the waiting room. He was bouncing his leg nervous. He looked up at Marcus. They didn’t say a word they just hugged. After a touching bro-mance they both sat down. They all sat down in silence. Wrench and Bella did not say a word. Sitara rubbed Wrenches back to try and calm him down. Josh sat there in silence.

The doctor finally walked out. [b “She is now in recovery. You may see her.”] They all stood up and moved fast almost knocking the doctor over. He tried to stop them, but it was to late. They all piled into the small recovery room. Wrench pushed his way to the front. He looked down at Viv laying in the bed just barely opening her eyes. He grabbed her hand. [+red “Hey there.”]
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]


Sitting back in the chair Vivian let her head fall back as she laughed. It was over she had finally managed to drain their accounts right down to the last penny. It hadn't been easy, but Blume investors were as good as penny less and the company had been at a deficit for nearly a year now. There was no way they were coming back from this. Turning to the guards who if she was honest she'd already bought off with Blumes own money. [#9c70b2 "Tell the others to bring my uncle up here and give me the pistol you brought." ] She said taking the gun from him with ease. Checking that there were bullets in the clip she nodded. [#9c70b2 "If I get out of here in one piece the rest of the money will be transferred to your accounts by next week." ] She said simply her eyes turning to the door when it opened to show the other two guards and her uncle who had only been two floors away. turning to the computer she smirked as she punched in a long string of code. Hitting enter they could all here the servers she built groaning as they suddenly came to a stop. It was like a weight lifted off her shoulders they couldn't use her work anymore.

Turning she met her uncles eyes and couldn't help smiling when she saw nothing but pride. [#9c70b2 "Let's get out of here and back where we belong." ] She said as she took his hand the guards leading the way out. It was a surprise to find Richardson waiting for them a gun in his hand as he glared at them eyes mostly focused on Vivian. [b "I knew you'd make a break for it eventually, but I didn't think you'd manage to do this much damage." ] He growled out gun being raised to aim at Vivian. The moment she'd seen him her own hand had fallen to her gun hidden at her back. [b "You are going to pur every last penny of their money back." ] He said as she watched him noticing the crazed look in his eyes. They were dead either way. She knew he'd been close to the edge when she'd first met him, but now Richardson had snapped. [#9c70b2 "I wont touch another mouse keyboard or monitor for Blume." ] She said simply drawing her own gun and firing almost right after he pulled the trigger on his own gun. They both fell but Vivian was the one still breathing.

Aiden froze for a moment when twin gun shots went off eyes turning towards Vivian who fell backwards into him. Catching her he cursed as he hand came away from her side cover in blood. Looking over to Ricardson he was glad to see he was dead but his eye went back to Vivian who he lifted into his arms. Rushing out of the building he busted open the windows of the first car he saw and unlocked it setting her in the back seat. [#3b6aa5 "Its okay Viv I'm taking you to the hospital." ] He said when she whimpered in pain at being set down. Climbing into the driver seat he hacked the car and got it started. [#9c70b2 "Is it that bad?" ] She asked keeping pressure on her stomach though lifting away a hand she found it covered in blood and she knew getting cold and weak wasn't a good sign. [#9c70b2 "If I dont make it you watch out for them for me." ] She said pressing her bloody hand back over her other hand. [#3b6aa5 "Dont even talk like that Viv." ] Aiden hissed out as he slammed the petal down to the floor. [#9c70b2 "I'm not going to leave if I can help it but I'm getting cold and sleepy... just call them when we get to the hospital... call Wrench first. I need to see him." ] She said as she looked to the window colors of passing buildings blurrying her vision.

By the time they got to the hospital Vivian was incoherent, but she'd still been awake. Finding a phone he dialed the number she'd rattled off hoping that it really was Wrench's and that he answered. Aiden's eyes trailed back to the doors they'd wheeled Vivian through moments ago. She had to be okay she had friends who needed her after all.
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Wrench jumped back in his truck throwing the bags of weapons and bombs in the passenger seat. He sat there for a moment and took a deep breath. [+red “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”] He yelled as he hit his steering wheel over and over. He ripped his mask off and leaned his head on his steering wheel and just cried.

He took a deep breath and whipped his face and slid his mask back on. He started his engine. His phone went off in his pocket. He just ignored it and pulled out. He drove not exactly sure what to do. He drove up to a cTos power station. All of them where heavily guarded since there last attack. A guarded walked up to his truck. [b “Can I help you?”] The guard looked Wrench up and down. His phone still going off in his pocket. [+red “Uh, no. Sorry, I just got turned around.”] He nodded and pulled back out.

Sitara walked back and forth. [+purple “I can’t reach him. Fuck.”] Josh typed away on his computer. [+green “His phone is still on. I will get his location.”] Marcus walked back in with Bella. Sitaras head turned fast. [+purple “He is already hurting! And you have the nerve!”] Marcus stepped up. [+blue “Sitara stop. She may have been a little harsh on him but I think he needed to hear it.”] Sitara rolled her eyes and turned around pulling her phone back out. [+green “I found him.”]

Wrench parked in an ally way. He just sat there and let out a long sigh. He finally pulled out his phone out of his pocket. With a broke voice he answered. [+red “Yeah. I’m fine. I’m just going to spend the next few days in my garage. I just need time.”] Before Sitara could say anything, he hung up and turned his phone off. He drove back to his garage. He pulled in and got out and walked over to his bench. He began tinkering away.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Bella was beyond stunned when Wrench told everyone they had slept together. The red forming in her cheeks was not shame though. It was anger let no one tell you she had patience because it would be a damned lie. [#9e4b00 "Yeah we slept together so fucking what? I've slept with quite a few people in my life." ] She hissed out eyes dark and dangerous. [#9e4b00 "Do you feel better? Is your latest tantrum over? Good let me lay out some facts for you. You didn't have any faith in Vivian to start with. Must be to good to be true so the minute she says she's leaving for Blume you latched onto it just another person who didn't really care about you huh Wrench? Well guess what Jack ass she loved you and you might never see her again and when you do she might be in a fucking bodybag. You let her walk out because you don't know a damned thing about her. But she knew you. She knew you'd chase after her so she made sure you wouldn't." ] She said getting closer to him her finger digging into his chest. [#9e4b00 "If you had used that brain you've left rotting this past two weeks you'd have seen the look in her eyes and known she didn't want to go, but she had to. Maybe she didn't trust you to sit back and wait for her to come back. Maybe she knew you'd make a rash decision and get yourself and everyone here killed." ] She said voice dipping down a few octaves as she watched him tears forming in her own eyes.

[#9e4b00 "I might never see my friend again and instead of trying to help her some how I sat back to be here for her and for you." ] She said voice breaking just slightly at the end. Turning quickly before her tears could fall she stormed out of the bunker. Hands moving to dash the tears from the edges of her eyes she cursed loud and long until her lungs gave the last bit of air and she tapered off into silence. Feelings weren't really her thing; sure she had them, but they were always buried; hidden behind a smile and fuck it attitude. She knew Vivian could be killed by Blume, but saying it out loud had triggered an awful pain in her chest. She didn't want to face that fear in the light of day.

Feeling a hand on her back she turned to face Marcus eyes drifting to the point where Wrench had spun tires leaving. [#9e4b00 "I said too much..." ]She said though she shook her head hand moving to wipe away a few more tears. [#9e4b00 "Fuck... I couldn't help it. Viv... She's all I have she is everything. I thought her being a home body was such a good thing. She was always safe. Now things are so different I feel like she doesn't need me and she certainly doesn't need him fucking up what ever she's doing right now by being an idiot." ] She said eyes turning to Marcus's chest as she took in a deep breath calming herself before she met his eyes surprised when there wasn't hate or anger written there.
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Wrench looked Bella up and down. [+red “What the actual fuck! I could have done something! I could have fucking helped her! You all could have!”] He pointed at everyone through Bellas arms. [+red “And you! What the fuck! What the fuck was last night even?”] Marcus poked his head up. [+blue “What are you talking about?”] Wrench laughed. [+red “Oh, last night. Isn’t it obvious.”] Wrench looked at Marcus then back at Bella. [+red “Your precious little Bella here is what happened. Right in my garage.”] Marcus pushed past Bella. [+blue “What the fuck are you saying.”] Wrench knew he would regret what he was about to say later, but that was not going to stop him now. He wanted to hurt everyone. Like he hurt. [+red “I fucked her okay! I fucked her even knowing you liked her!”] Marcus pushed Wrench back. [+blue “What the fuck bro??”]

Wrench ignored Marcus and walked closer to Bella. [+red “Why are you even here anyways? You knew Where Vivian was and did nothing! You are such a shit friend to Vivian and to us!”] Wrench was taken back by what Bella said following his blow up. [+red “Fuck you all man! Fuck this shit.”] He flipped them all off and stormed out and jumped in his truck before speeding off. Sitara looked over at Bella.

Clara looked around. [+purple “Well fuck man.”] T-Bone looked around and cleared his throat. [b “That is one angry man. Is anyone worried that he will do something stupid?”] Sitara sighed. [+purple “I don’t think he will do anything to jeopardize Vivians safety. Our best bet is to let him cool off.”] Josh shook his head. [+green “I’m not sure about that Sitara. He is angry. Blind angry.”] Marcus nodded and agreed with Josh. [+blue “Wrench is not going to think twice he is going to start taking Blume members down one by one until he finds her.”] He sighed. Even with how mad Marcus was he still cared for his friend, best friend.

Wrench pulled into his garage. He stepped in and kicked a chair over. [+red “Fuck!”] He looked over at his couch in the corner. He walked over to it and grabbed a half empty bottle of whiskey and dumped it all over the couch before throwing a lit match on it and burning the couch. He stood there and eventually watched the couch’s fire die out. He walked over to a bookcase and pulled a book out and opened it revealing a code pad. He punched in some numbers opening the bookcase up. It was a arsenal of weapons. Most had already been taken but there where a few small handguns. He grabbed them and a few homemade smoke bombs.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

When Wrench started to sway to the music Bella hummed along a single finger waving along to the tune. Being pulled up to dance with him she smiled and laughed trying to fall into sync with the others dancing. [#9e4b00 "Your going through a hard time I've got your back." ] She told him honestly though the hug and both of them falling over wasn't expected. Looking up at him when he ripped off his mask the only think she saw was his eyes. Such a pretty color, but hazy from the drinks. Him kissing her wasn't expected and she knew being total trashed was why she kissed him back.

[center *~*~Time Skip~*~* ]

Waking up to Wrenches panicked voice had her sitting up hand moving to rub at her temple. When her clothes were tossed to her she looked down to find that she was indeed naked as the day she was born. It took a moment, but hazy memories came back to her as she started chewing on the inside of her cheek. Standing she quickly got dressed eyes turning to the slightly tense set of his shoulders. [#9e4b00 "Fuck man I'm not letting you convince me to mix liquor and beer again." ] She said as they moved out of the garage. She could see where he was upset, but it wasn't like to truly meant something to them. In her eyes it was just a casual fling with a friend and it wasn't like her and Viv hadn't hooked up in the past on lonely nights.

Watching Wrench head out with Sitara twisted a knife in Bella's chest. What could she say he'd grown on her kinda maybe just a little. She knew the news would tear him up all over again, but it had kept him away from Blume. It had kept him safe and that more than anything was their intention. They couldn't help Viv at the time, but they had done what she'd asked of them. Turning her eyes to Clara and T-Bone she nodded her head eyes turning to Marcus who was looking over the information Sitara had handed them with the other two. It wasn't much hardly anything except where Blume resided now and all the weapons that had been spotted being carried by their guards. It was a clear message. No in fact it was a neon fucking sign hung for them and them alone. [b 'BACK OFF.' ] Well her and Sitara had understood.

When Wrench came in she moved to intercept him. [#9e4b00 "I knew too but the rest of them didn't. I sorry, but to be honest there is not a damn thing we can do. Look at the information we have gathered. The only thing we could do was what she asked and that was keep YOU as far from Blume as we could." ] She said standing between him and the rest of them her arms falling across her chest as she stared him down.

[center Vivian ]

Days she found passed quickly with Blume it was really all the same. She'd even taking to timing them in her head. Work on the servers from the moment she woke up breakfast came two hours after that. Back to the servers until lunch and then; well she tried to erase these parts of the day from her mind. It was good though she had almost all of the information she needed from it. That was worth it in her mind Blume and all of them would burn and she would be the one to set the fire. Richardson though she wanted to watch him die. Shaking her head she focused back on the computer screen in front of her eyes skimming the screen. It was in their servers somewhere the last big donnor of Blume and when she found him it would be game over for Blume.
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Wrench walked into the once familiar place. Last time he was here it was with Vivian. He sighed then shook the thought. He laughed when she said the place smelt. [+red “Well, what do you expect. It is a garage.”] He kicked some of the trash on the floor that was left behind. He looked around the place, pretty much empty. He smiled and put on the radio, he turned it up pretty loud.

Wrench stood there for a while swaying back and forth, he slowly turned his sway into a dance. He turned the music up even more and started to dance more. His eyes flashed as he laughed at himself. He danced his way over to Bella. He grabbed her arms and pulled her up to dance with him. [+red “You know I want to say thank you for helping me through this. I know.”] He paused for a minute as he danced. [+red “I know I have been a waist of space for the past few weeks.”]

He pulled Bella in for a hug but ended up falling down on top of her landing on the couch behind them. He looked down at her. With out thinking her ripped off his mask and threw it behind him. He looked down at her as she did not look away. Again, with out thinking he kissed her. Deeply, deeper than the sea. He kissed her with all his might and when she kissed back, he slipped his tongue in her mouth.

~Time Skip~

Wrench woke up before Bella. He bolted up quick to see that his cloths where off him and on the floor. He panicked as he saw his mask on the floor. He got dressed quick seeing he had a bunch of missed calls and text. [+red “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck man!”] He slid his mask back on and shook Bella. [+red “Hey get up! We have to go! We fell asleep, among other things.”] He tossed her cloths to her.

Once they where both ready they bolted out the door and down to the bar to get in the vehicle and drove quickly to hide out. The ride was awkward and quiet. Neither of them said much of anything. They pulled up and just sat there in silence. [+red “Sitara is going to hang us!”]

They walked in and saw the extra two people. [+red “Oh. What is going on?”] He looked around. Marcus looked at him then looked at Bella. Marcus was not dumb. He could smell the sent of sweat anger and regret. [+blue “What is going on with you two.”] Wrench stumbled over his words. [+red “Um, nothing. We passed out at my garage.”] Sitara looked over at Wrench.

Sitara stood up and walked over to Wrench. [+purple. “We need to talk.”] Wrenchs heart stopped as he looked back at Bella for a second. [+red “Yeah sure. What’s up?”] She looked around then looked down. [+purple “I think you should step out with me.”] Wrench nodded and headed out with her.

Sitara took a deep breath. [+purple. “So, Wrench.”] She paused. [+purple “Okay. So.”] Wrench sighed. [+red “Just come out with it.”] She nodded. [+purple “Okay. Okay. So, Vivian.”] Wrench perked up hearing her name. [+purple “She didn’t leave my will. Blume was black mailing her. They have her Uncle. Witch is why she left. They have her now as well.”] Wrench didn’t say anything.

Wrench balled up his fist and punched the wall outside the bunker. He knuckles now bleeding. [+red “What the fuck! And you knew?”] His rage grew. [+purple “I’m sorry Wrench.”] A tear dripped down her face. Wrench stormed inside leaving Sitara out there. She slowly followed him in. Wrench started to throw shit as soon as he stepped in. [+red “Did the rest of you fucking know?”]
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Bella sighed softly, but let him take the beer back from her. Well if she thought about it there were much more dangerous things he could be doing at the moment than drinking. He was spacey the rest of the day until he finally fell asleep drunk as a skunk. Bella hoped they did find Viv soon or he was going to kill himself with alcohol poisoning.

When Wrench came back from his shower Bella smiled at him glad he'd agreed to go out with her to the bar. it wasn't much but it was better than him sitting here in the bunker going crazy. The craziest thing to her was even in his fits of anger he had yet to break anything of Vivian's and she had caught h I'll m once or twice cuddling Vivians large black mancoon Odin or sleeping with both Odin and Freya who was her white manncoon. She supposed they were both very good comfort and they had been a little lost with out Vivian the first week. [#9e4b00 "Good we both could use some fresh air." ] She said as she led the way to her car and headed out to the bar they had met at before.

Rolling up to the bunker Clara looked to T-Bone it was so quiet and from what she had seen before these weren't a quiet group of people, but T-Bone would know better. He shook his head it wasn't quiet normal they always at least had music going. Punching in the code on the pad he found that it worked and they were both able to head down into the bunker. Seeing just three of the five it was T-Bone clearing his throat that brought their attention to their quiet entrance. [b "So kiddies where are Wrench and Vivian?" ] He asked watching them though before the others could speak Sitara stepped forward and offered them what little bit of information her feelers had found. [#890cc0 "Wrench is out with our new... friend getting drunk. Vivian is with Blume I think my people found their building... but no one was going to get close to check with how armed they are." ] She said carefully.

Clara for her part started cursing loudly as she ran her fingers through her hair. [#bd0cc0 "I knew something was fishy with him missing I felt it in my god damned gut. Ray how the fuck are we supposed to get them both out of there?" ] She asked as she snatched the papers to go over them carefully.

It was Marcus who spoke up for himself and Josh who didn't understand though he had a good idea and his eyes turned to Sitara fire burning in them suddenly as the pieces connected. [#1519ef "Are you telling me I've watched Wrench falling apart over her betraying us and instead she's a prisoner of Blumes with her uncle? What the fuck Sitara I mean we all keep secrets but this is fucking huge what if they've hurt them huh? Me and Wrench both promised we'd keep her safe." ] He shouted though he stopped when he heard Josh jump slightly next to him when he shouted. [#1519ef "You message them to come back and you better tell him what is really going on when he gets here Sitara." ] He said before he turned to the two new comers showing them over to the large table in the corner where they could lay out everything they had and go over it.

When their phones both went off Bella blinked once or twice before she saw what it said. the urgency was clear, but she was drunk enough that it didn't matter there was no rushing her without them getting in an accident. Texting a quick okay like Wrench she moved to stand both of them leaning on each other for support as they swayed. Hearing him bring up his garage she smiled eyes turning to the other. [#9e4b00 "Fuck we should get back but there is no way I'm going to be able to drive right now. Your garage it is Lightbright lead the way." ] She said as they headed out. it took twice as long to get there mainly because they were both trashed and tripping over either their own two feet or each other at times. When they made it to the garage Bella collapsed into the beaten up couch tucked into the corner. [#9e4b00 "Fuck it smells like motor oil in here." ] She muttered as she turned her head to watch the other. She was honestly just glad he was in a better mood even if they were both way to drunk.
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Wrench shook his head. [+red “No Joe for me. Makes me have the shits. Beer is my friend”] He took the beer back giving her the coffee in return. He was fully intent on being drunk and staying drunk. She sighed and looked at his shoulder. It was finally healing. Even with him refusing to wear the brace. He laughed a bit to himself. Thinking about how he got this for saving her. Some nights he would stay up and start working on something his bench, then in a fit of rage would just smash it. He would cry at night when everyone was asleep. He would sit and drink while they slaved away. Witch of course made him feel even worst but he just couldn’t bring himself to help.

The next two weeks pretty much went of the same. Wrench drinking, everyone lecturing. They all tried to convince him to stop. He just refused and sat on his ass and drank beer and ate burgers. Every once in a while, took a shower and put on clean cloths. Luckily today was one of his shower and clean cloths days. Witch was good because Bella had asked him to go to the bar with her. Her reasoning was, if he was not going to stop drinking, she was at least going to get him out of the bunker and around other people.

Wrench sighed. [+red “Fine. I guess a little outside air would be good for me.”] He shook his head, water flying from his just showered blonde hair. He pushed him self up from the couch. No longer having any pain in his shoulder, it was all healed up. Nothing left but a scar. Kind of like his heart. He walked with Bella out to her car. He had been day drinking, so he was not going to drive. Bella made a few jokes and Wrench would laugh but not make his own jokes back.

They got to the usual bar and sat in their usual spot. Wrench ordered a few beers and some fries. He sat back in the chair and ate a few fries. He looked up at Bella every once in a while. He couldn’t help but wonder how her and Vivian had met. He didn’t see a lot in common among the two of them Bella was very in your face and Vivian was a bit shyer. But then again opposites attract right.

Clara typed away on her computer as T-Dog stood behind her. [b “Our best bet is to check with Vivian.”] Clare turned he head. [+purple “Yeah I would if I could get ahold of her. Her signal goes dark in San Fran just like Aiden’s.”] T-Dog grunted. [b “Well I guess we know where we are heading.”] Clara nodded. [+purple “Okay I’ll pull up the address Aiden gave us for Vivian in case of emergency.”]

Clara and T-Dog rode in his truck all the way to San Fran. It was a long and bumpy ride. Clara on her computer the whole ride there. [+purple “It should be up around the corner.”] T-Bone nodded. He saw a small well-hidden door. He nodded and pulled into the so-called driveway.

Wrench and Bella had already taken down quite a few beers and even some specialty cocktails. Wrench finally laughing and joking around. Wrench and Bellas phones both chimmed at the same time. It was a message from Sitara. [i[+purple “Hey when you guys can I need yall to head back this way.”]] They both texted back okay and stood up. That’s when they realized just how drunk they really were. They laughed at one another as the stumbled. [+red “My garage is not far from here. We can go sober up there.”] He laughed as he slurred his words.
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