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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian smiled when Wrench said that they could go get the food. She didn't mind at all after all it gave her a chance to stop at her own house and grab anything truly important. She didn't feel safe leaving any of her work where someone could get their hands on it. Hearing Sitara bring up the DedSec hangouts she nodded her head. [#9c70b2 "Sure, I kind of want to stop at my house I have a few projects and things I want to grab." ] She said as she stood and moved to stretch her arms over her head.

Slipping into her shoes and grabbing her gun that she'd set next to their bed she slid it into the back of her jeans as she followed Wrench out of the bunker. It was easy to follow Wrench's directions to his Garage and she pulled in once the door was opened. Sliding out of the car she smiled when he said he'd fix her car as soon as his arm had healed. [#9c70b2 "It's no problem; plus I could help I wanted to tear apart the motor and replace a few parts anyway. I guess it's a good excuse to do that once you're healed." ] She said as she smiled and followed him out to his truck.

Hearing what he said she couldn't help laughing softly. [#9c70b2 "I can defiantly drive a stick." ] She said as she slid into the driver seat. When he brought up the hangouts she nodded her head and pulled out onto the road as she let him guide her to the first hangout. When they pulled up she hummed as she noted the few cars parked out front of it. [#9c70b2 "Think the owners of the cars are any of the members?" ] She asked as she glanced over to Wrench before she slipped out of the car and let him lead the way into the hangout.

She was carefully to keep a hand rested on her gun as she looked around the hangout. There were only a few people inside and she looked them all over quickly. Okay so she was still a bit wary of new people and she carefully stepped closer to Wrench's back her free hand moving to gently take a hold of the strap of the sling he was thankfully still wearing. [#9c70b2 "No one stands out to me..." ] She said quietly though her eyes stayed on the people who had all turned to look at them. Thankfully most looked relieved to see Wrench since everyone had seen the news story labeling him a terrorist.
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Wrench popped his neck. [+red “Yeah somewhere new would probably be best. Although I am sure the girl at the coffee shop will grow worried.”] He teased Vivian. He looked around seeing everyone typing on their computers. [+red “Man I was really out huh?’] He grabbed his injured arm, which was starting to hurt again. [+red “Fuck man.”] He sighed again.

Wrench patted one of Vivian’s cats on the head as they walked over his legs and laid down. [+red “Me and Viv can go get some food and if you want we can swap vehicles at my garage. That way I can work on your car and we can drive around in something that is not so obvious.”] He laughed nervous.

Sitara nodded. [+purple “Can you swing by and check on some of the public dedsec hang outs? I am worried about our people. The channels have been a lot slower.”] She turned her computer over and showed him their page. Wrench sighed fearing the worst. [+red “Okay. I will let you know what we find out.”] He nodded.

Wrench scooped up the cat the was on his legs, holding it in his good arm and slowly stood up walking over to Josh and placed the cat in his lap. The cat laid down happily. Josh sat there nervous. Wrench laughed. [+red “Keep a eye on the little guys for Viv okay?”] He laughed then turned to Viv. [+red “You ready?”]

The made there way to Wrench’s garage first. It looked like Blume did not even both with this place, or they never found it. He nodded as he pushed a button on his phone opening up the door, so Vivian could pull in. [+red “We can take my truck. Its parks on the other side. He jumped out of the car and walked over to his work space and dug around grabbing some pills just laying around. He threw a pill back and swallowed hard. [+red “Once my shoulder is better I promise to fix your car!”] He nodded as they walked out together and to his truck.

The walked up to a red Chevy. [+red “I know its not as nice as Jordis car back at the hide out, but this is less conspicuous.”] He jumped in the drives seat. Then paused. [+red “I just realized I won’t be able to drive. Can you drive a stick?”] This made Wrench unconformable. He didn’t even let Marcus drive his cars, let alone this truck. He took a deep breath and stepped out walking over the passenger seat. He made sure to lock the garage up before Vivian pulled out on to the road. [+red “Lets go check on the members first then get food.”]
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

As everyone got ready for bed she made sure there was no way for her cats to get out before she quickly set up a litter box for them and let them both out of their carrier. She felt bad with all of the traveling that she'd done with both of them these past few weeks. She knew that there would be a few more trips for them yet. After all she'd need to go back to her house at some point. It was probably best if she sold that house and found another closer to the bunker since it seemed like this was where they would be setting up their home base for a while.

Yawning she smiled when Wrench brought her a beer and took it from him as she opened it and took a big sip from it as she sighed. Looking at the others she smiled as she raised her bottle just slightly. [#9c70b2 "To the down fall of Blume." ] She said softly smiled when Marcus repeated the toast while glancing over to the others who quickly did the same. Once her beer was done and everyone else except Wrench was settled Vivian curled up on her side of the bed quickly joined by both cats who curled up near her.

The next morning Vivian woke early and moved carefully from the bed. She hummed when she saw Wrench's mask sitting next to the bed and carefully moved the pillow she'd used so the others couldn't see his face when they woke up. She didn't even think to take a peek herself. Instead she quietly moved around the others and fed the cats. By the time the others started waking up she was settled back down on her side of the bed with her laptop on her lap and a can of soda settled next to her.

Feeling Wrench moving she smiled and waited until she heard his modulated voice before she turned to glance to him smiling slightly. [#9c70b2 "Maybe somewhere new?" ] She offered knowing that going to the same few places had been what had made it so easy for Blume to follow them and find almost everyone's homes. Sure they hadn't found her's, but Jordi had followed them there and had most likely told them the address it was better safe then sorry she'd be moving for sure. Maybe she'd find a little flat since it was just her.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 128d 22h 31m 6s
[+red “Really it’s no big deal.”] He flattened the sheets out on the pullout bed. [+red “I can cuddle up with Josh on his super small cot.”] He nudged Josh and laughed. Josh blush slightly. [+green “You really should sleep on the bed. For your shoulder.”] Everyone nodded and agreed with Josh. [+red “Fine. Fine.”]

Wrench walked over to the fridge in the corner happy to see it was fully stock, but less happy with the type of beer. He shrugged and grab enough for everyone, well except for Josh he grabbed him a soda. Wrench walked over and plopped down on the bed. He dug around in his pocket and took out a few pills. He dusted them off before popping them in his mouth and took a swig of the beer. He made a unconformable face.

Wrench stayed over as far as he could so Vivian had most of the bed. The pain killers slowly started to kick in after everyone had already fallen asleep. He made sure his phone was up on high so he could hear if someone set of one of the alarms. He curled up being sure not to lay on his hurt arm. He was now looking at Vivian. She was peacefully sleeping. Wrench sighed and slowly took his mask off. He set it down next to the bed and rolled back over facing Vivian. He smiled to himself as he looked at her sleeping. He reached over his hand shaking and gently push a strand of hair from her face.

Vivian moved slightly causing Wrench to pull his injured arm away fast. It was a good thing the pain killers has kicked it. Wrench sighed and closed his eyes. He slowly drifted off to sleep. Wrench moved in his sleep, he eventually ended up pressed agents Vivian’s back. It was one of the best nights of sleep he had in a long time.

When Wrench had woke up the next morning everyone else was already away. He jumped up grabbing his mask and putting it on fast. He laid back down and sighed. [+red “What we doing for breakfast guys? I am starving? Should we go to the usual spot?”] Wrench grabbed the sling and slipped it back on and laid back down.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian couldn't help the laugh when he brought up masturbating with the sling. [#9c70b2 "Try the other hand I'm sure it works just as well." ] When he put on the sling as asked if she was happy she smiled and nodded her head. [#9c70b2 "Very; lets get back Josh and Sitara." ] She said as she slid into the driver seat and headed back to the bunker. Now that were wasn't a person in her trunk and they were mostly safe she found herself driving a lot safer than she had on the way to Bella.

When Marcus spoke up about Bella Vivian couldn't help smiling. [#9c70b2 "Yeah she's the take no prisoners sort." ] She said as she turned onto the off ramp that would get them to the bunker.

Once they made it back inside the bunker Vivian yawned slightly. While she usually wasn't tired yet she found with all the stress of the past two days she was ready to get some much needed sleep. Hell she might not have bags under her eyes if things stayed like this. Watching everyone interact and settle into their new HQ she couldn't help the big smile that spread. Moving over to join them she watched as Marcus threw Wrench's shoes out of the bunker taking the smell with them.

When Sitara brought up her and Wrench sharing the pull out couch she blushed and quickly looked down to try and hide the slight pink tint to her cheeks. When Wrench said he'd sleep on the floor though she looked up at him. [#9c70b2 "I don't mind sharing." ]She offered up though it was quietly spoken she knew they'd have heard her. She really didn't. Sure the thought of sleeping next to him had her heart rate picking up it wasn't like anything could happen they'd be in the same room as their friends.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 139d 19h 55m 53s
Wrench looked the other girl over. He shrugged. [+red “You are buying!”] He yelled as the girl drove off. Wrench flinched once again as he went through the same pain as before. He looked at the sling and sighed. [+red “But Viv! How will I masturbate with that thing on!”] He laughed hard and grabbed the sling. He slid it around his head, getting tangled for just a moment. He finally got the sling on and looked up at Vivian. [+red “Happy now?] He laughed as they all got back in the car.

[+blue “Man that Belladonna chick was pretty intimidating.”] Marcus laughed as he leaned back in the back seat. [+red “She seemed alright.”] Wrench stretched his good arm behind his head. It was starting to get late. It looks like they where going to be spending the night on the bunker. Hopefully Josh and Sitara where safe and finished the cleaning.

They pulled up and everything seemed just how they left it. If the cameras caught anything he would have got a text. They all walked up to the bunker together. Wrench punched in the code with his good arm and they headed in. The place looked completely different. In the short time they where gone Sitara and Josh managed to get everything up and running. It even smelt better in there. [+red “Damn guys!”] He gave Josh and Sitara a high five. [+green “Hey guys.” We got Kiki up and running.”] Wrench pinched Josh’s cheeks. [+red “You amazing bastard.”]

Out of the corner of his eye Wrench spotted a couch. [+red “Fuck yes”] Wrench plopped down hurting his already hurt arm. [+red “Son of a bitch!”] He moved off the arm. He kicked his shoes off. There was a slight smell coming from his shoes. [+red “Sorry guys, I have had my shoes on for way to long.”] Marcus walked over holding his nose. [+blue “Why don’t we put these outside, man.”] Marcus picked up Wrench’s shoes and tossed them outside. [+red “Hey man if someone takes my shoes you owe me a new pair!”] He pointed up with his good hand.

[+purple “There are three more cots.”] Sitara paused for a moment. [+purple “Wrench, fold that couch out into a bed. Looks like you are going to have to share with Vivian.”] She smiled to herself. Wrench perked up. [+red “Um, I, Um. I can sleep on the floor Viv you can take the pull-out sofa.”] Wrench got up and started to pull the bed out with one arm. Josh walked over and helped.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian was glad that both had come with her and as they pulled up she left the car running and hopped out of the car. Seeing Bella she moved over and smiled when the other girl pulled her into a hug. Vivian let out a small off when she was pulled in though her own arms wrapped around the other girl. When they heard the commotion Bella smiled and let go of the other as she pulled out her blade and moved to where Jordi and Marcus were. [#9e4b00 "Now look here stranger you make such a fuss in my car on the ride to Chicago and I promise that you won't be making any noise at all when I drop you off." ] She said a smirk in place to show she meant ever word.

Vivian followed Bella over to the others and frowned when Wrench said he'd torn his stitches. [#9c70b2 "I'll take care of it once we send Bella on her way with Jordi." ] She said knowing that if it was bleeding that badly she needed to take care of it before they left. [#9e4b00 "Still playing doctor huh Viv." ] Bella said as she helped Marcus toss Jordi into the back of the van she'd stolen to transport Jordi. Looking him over she sneered at him. [#9e4b00 "One fucking noise on our trip and I cut out your tongue. Kay?" ] She said before she slammed the doors shut behind her.

Vivian sighed and smiled at her friend carefully. [#9c70b2 "I text you the location you are taking him to; you should be able to open the garage with the code I sent you. They know you are heading their way." ] She said watching Bella nod her head half heartedly. [#9e4b00 "Yeah yeah yeah. I know the drill well enough. When I get back you better come out for a drink with me it's been ages. You could even bring your two friends." ] She said as she glanced over to Wrench and looked him over before she turned and with a wave was hopping into the van and quickly leaving.

Vivian shook her head when Bella was gone as she moved to grab the medkit from the back seat where she had put it. Quickly unwrapping Wrench's shoulder she carefully removed the torn stitches and carefully sewed him back up. Just to be on the safe side she pulled out the sling she had in the medkit and stared him down. [#9c70b2 "Put your arm in this and don't argue you can wear it for a week and take it easy with your arm before you do some real damage to your arm." ]
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 139d 21h 55m 1s
Wrench nodded agreeing to go with. [+red “Josh, Sitara I am putting this place on lock down. No one in or out except us. And I want you guys to stay in here.”] Sitara nodded holding Josh’s shoulders. Wrench went around and set some traps and small spy cams outside. He Walked to the car and tried to help put Jordi in the trunk, who was still unconscious, but was forced to sit in the car while Marcus did all the work. He crossed his arms and sighed. [+red “You know this is just a small flesh wound! I am not broken.”] He laughed as the others got in the car.

Vivian started talking about some of her past. Wrench listened intently. [+red “We have all done things that we are not proud of.”] He looked down, not ready to go into his past just yet. [+red “You know none of us are going to judge you.”] His mask flashed. [+red “Shit we all know Marcus did some shit when he was younger, and you wouldn’t believe the things Sitara has done. But that’s the point. It’s the past.”] He smiled under his mask.

They pulled up under a bridge, and just in time. Jordi had woken up and was banging around in the back seat. [+red “This is like a scene in some mod movie.”] Marcus and Wrench laughed. They let Vivian get out first and walk over to the other car that was parked. As soon as she gave then the go ahead Wrench and Marcus got out and walked to the back of the car and popped the trunk. Jordi bolted up and tried to make a run for it. He didn’t make it vary far before Wrench tackled him down. [+red “Come on you little ass hat.”] Marcus walked over and helped Wrench up who winced at his shoulder. He already managed to rip the stiches. [+red “Man.”] Wrench grabbed Jordi’s broken nose that Wrench gave him when he knocked him out. Jordi yelled as Wrench popped it back into place. [+red “Shut up man.”] He ripped park of Jordi’s suit and tied it around his mouth to keep Jordi’s mouth shut.

They walked Jordi over to Vivian and the other girl. [+red “Sorry about that.”] He held his shoulder as Marcus escorted Jordi. Wrench looked to Vivian. [+red “Sorry Viv. Ass hole made me rip the stitches.”] He let go of his shoulder. The palm of his hand covered in blood. He just laughed.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian easily agreed to go with Josh out to the car. She could only imagine
what they might so to Jordi to get him to talk. Grabbing her laptop bag she headed out to Jordi's car with Josh trailing behind her. Signing softly she moved to pull out her laptop as she opened it up and hacked into the GPS in the car. Looking over the locations she frowned. It seemed he'd been following them everywhere they'd gone. It was something they would need to be a bit more careful on. [#9c70b2 "Doesn't look like there is much..." ] She said softly as she offered the laptop to Josh to see if he could get anything off of it that she had missed.

Walking back in with her bag hang on her shoulder she heard Jordi and frowned. She'd known by putting her name on the shutdown of Blumes system would put a big bounty on her head. [#9c70b2 "Wrench its okay." ] She said softly as she moved over to join all of them around the now unconscious Jordi. [#9c70b2 "I'm sure I have a friend that could take dear Jordi to my uncle. He won't be a problem after that." ] She said as she pulled out her phone and started messaging her friend.

It only took a few minutes for her to get a message back that simply listed a price and place to transfer Jordi into his care for the journey. Turning her phone so Wrench could see the location near the edge of the city she chewed on her bottom lip lightly. [#9c70b2 "If you or Marcus want to ride with me we can meet her there in an hour." ] She offered knowing she'd have to be there or her friend would run. What could she say Belladonna was jumpy and only dealt with people she knew.

Once they'd decided who was going she helped load Jordi into the car since she refused to let Wrench help lift him for fear of him tearing the stitches in his arm. Once she was settled in the car she glanced over to Wrench who was settled next to her in the passenger seat. [#9c70b2 "So... I should just let you know incase Belladonna brings it up. I kinda made my money selling foriegn goverment secrets to the US goverment. Belladonna was my partner and the face of our little operation. We both made our money and got out, but Bella transitioned into asset retreval a year or two ago. Not that she'd get involved with Blume, but she does help track down or even deliver people to others for the right price." ] She said softly as she kept her eyes on the road. She was slightly worried about what he'd think about what she'd done in the past, but she hoped he wouldn't judge her for it. She'd been young and rebellious. Plus she'd needed the money she hadn't wanted to live off of her family money.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 143d 23h 20m 22s
[+red “Son of a bitch!”] He groaned as Vivian pulled the bullet out of his shoulder. He let out a sigh of relief when she pulled it out in one piece. [+red “Fuck man.”] He cleared his throat as Viv finished patching him up. Josh was still standing in the corner. He was areally shaken up. Marcus and Sitara where over with Jordi.

[+red “Thank you.”] Wrench smiled under his mask as he looked up at Viv. He stood up and carefully put his cloths back on. [+red “Your Uncle had dealings with Jodi before didn’t he?”] Wrench walked over to Jordi. He looked back at Josh. [+red “Josh why don’t you take Viv and go strip his car. I know a nice car like that has a GPS. Maybe we can find something useful.”] He smiled and waited for them to leave.

Wrench turned back to Jordi. [+red “Okay. Where did we leave off?”] Jordi sat still no fear at all, this just made Wrench madder. Marcus pulled Wrench back. [+blue “Keep your cool man. We need him alive.”] Wrench nodded, then looked to Sitara. [+red “I had the others leave cause its going to get messy. You may want to leave as well.”] Sitara shook her head. [+purple “I am not going anywhere.”] Marcus and Wrench sighed. [+blue “Okay.”]

Marcus and Wrench both walked back over to Jordi. [+red “Are you going to start speaking?”] Jordi just laughed. Wrench laughed with him then pulled his pocket knife out. [+red “You have some pretty legs there.”] Marcus just watched. Wrench took his knife and stabbed in right on the top of his knee just behind his knee cap. Jordi let out a loud yell. [+blue “Are you going to give us some name?”] Marcus asked waiting to give Wrench the signal. Jordi said nothing. Marcus nodded to Wrench. Wrench started to pull the knife forward. [b “Fuck! Stop!”] Jordi yelled. Wrench stopped. [b “Listen I don’t have any names. All I have is a number! Its in my phone. In my back pocket. There should also be a routing number that they used to transfer money to my account. Its all in my phone.”] Jordi caught his breath.

Wrench pulled his knife out of Jordi’s leg. He cleaned it off on Jordi’s white blazer and then put it back in his pocket. [b “You kids will end up dead, you know that right? I am not the only one after the bounty on your heads. There is a especially large bounty on that pretty little thing.”] Jordi nodded his head as Josh and Viv walked back in. Wrench looked up at Viv, then in a rage he turned around and punched Jordi so hard he passed out.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Rushing back into the bunker Vivan blew her bangs out of her eyes glad that he'd sat down in the chair closest to her. Setting her first-aid kit down she opened it up and pulled on a pair of gloves. The bag held just about anything you could need down to a few mild pain kilers. She'd never had to use it before this so it was still just a neatly packed as the day she'd packed it and placed it in her trunk.

Shaking her head to get rid of the thought she looked up when Wrench said she'd have to dig the bullet out. [#9c70b2 "Okay, okay I've got this." ] She said softly mostly to herself. Pulling out the forceps She glanced up to him before she carefully moved to dig the bullet out of his arm. It was the part she was most scared of doing. Thankfully she found the bullet easily and pulled it out of his arm and tossed the bloody bullet on the table next to her bag.

It seemed like it wasn't bleeding as bad as when it first happened so she grabbed the needle and thread and carefully stitched the wound shut. When it was secured she snipped off the extra thread and quickly put a generous amount of neosporin over the wound and wrapped it with gauze and medical tape. When she was done she let out a shaky breath as she focused back on Wrench's mask. [#9c70b2 "All done." ] She said softly as she offered a shaky smile. [#9c70b2 "I'll change the gauze and tape tomorrow." ] She said softly as she pulled off the gloves trying to ignore the slight tremor in her hands as she started to pack everything back into the first aid kit.
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Wrench let out a long moan. [+red “Thanks Viv.”] He nodded and walked over grabbing the carts before she left. He placed them down on a table and pet the top of there heads with his fingers. He looked over at Josh. [+red “Hey don’t look so worried!”] He pushed Josh softly. Then looked over at Marcus. [+red “So what do you think we should do with him?”] He pointed at Jordi as he picked up a nail gun.

Marcus grabbed the nail gun from Wrench. [+blue “Maybe no nail gun. Yet.”] He smiled and placed the nail gun off the table. [+red “Fine, fine. No fun.”] Wrench looked up when Vivian walked back in. [+red “Marcus can you watch him while I get patched up.”] Wrench walked over to Vivian and sat in a chair near her. He then pulled the tape off his bullet wound. He then took his vest off then his sweater and under shirt.

Wrench rubbed his blonde-haired head and blushed a bit under his mask. [+red “You are going to have to remove the bullet, it didn’t go all the way through.”] He poked the hole in his shoulder and groaned. He looked up at Vivian as she dug around un the first-aid kit.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian took the cat carrier when Wrench made it over to where her and Josh were hiding. Nodding caefully she took the keys from him. She grabbed his wrist though before he could turn from them. [#9c70b2 "Don't get yourself killed Wrench." ] She said softly before she turned her attention to Josh as she moved to grab his wrist so they didn't get seperated. Once they were out of the bunker and in the car on the road she called Marcus. She was shaking slightly as she drove hands gripping the steering wheel just a tad to tightly.

[#1519ef "Hey Viv we are on our way to the bunker now. Shouldn't be to long." ] Marcus said when he answered his phone. Vivian let out shaking breath when she heard that Marcus and Sitara were at least on their way to the bunker. [#9c70b2 "Thank god... we ran into some trouble. Jordi showed up; Wrench got me and Josh out, but he's still back there. I'll take the next turn around and meet you both there." ] She said chewing on her lip when she heard both Marcus and Sitara curse. [#1519ef "Yeah we'll be there soon, just sit back a bit from the bunker just incase you need to get out of there." ] Vivian nodded and quickly took the next turn around and headed back towards the bunker.

Her heart was hammering away in her chest and while she wanted to be worried and let it take over everything she had Josh with her and she knew he was bound to be just a shaken up as she was. [#9c70b2 "It's going to be okay Josh." ] She said softly trying not just to convince him, but to also convince herself.

Pulling up a good distance from the bunker she sighed most of her attention on the entrance. Thankfully Marcus had driven like a mad man himself and it wasn't to long before he'd pulled up next to them. Sliding out of the car Vivian kept her gun in hand. [#9c70b2 "That's probably his car over there." ] She said softly as she nodded to a nice looking white car. It was a good sign it meant he hadn't managed to kill Wrench and get away. Letting Marcus lead the way down Vivian stayed close behind him. Keeping the cat carrier in one hand she still had her gun out just in case.

Seeing Wrench though she couldn't help the relief that flooded her as she quickly set her cats down and moved to pull him into a hug careful of his shoulder. [#9c70b2 "I was so fucking worried." ] She said softly before she carefully let him go and took a small step back. She wasn't sure if this was still a good hideout for them, but that could wait. [#9c70b2 "I have a hospital grade medkit in the trunk of my car... Let me just grab that so I can take a look at your shoulder." ] She said as she quickly left the other four in the bunker.

She was so relieved that Wrench was okay. Sure she'd hoped he would be, but Jordi was dangerous and she'd seen that he'd managed to shoot Wrench. She didn't know how things were going to get any better, but she knew for sure that she was going to a gun range as soon as things were settled here.
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Wrench looked up when Vivian yelled. [+red “Huh?”] The shine of the gun caught his eye and he tried to move fast but got hit in the inner shoulder. [+red “Son of a bitch!”] He dropped down. [+red “You guys get hidden! Call Marcus!”] Wrench rolled when another shot went off and missed him. Wrench pushed himself up and grabbed something out of his pocket with his uninjured arm. It was a small smoke bomb. He threw it where Jordi was standing, and it went off.

Wrench ran to the corner and grabbed the cat carrier and Moved them away from the smoke. He set them down the grabbed his injured shoulder. There was a lot of blood coming out. Jordie must have hit a artery. He groaned and picked the cats back up. He ran to where the other two where hiding and placed the cats there. [+red “You guys need to get out of here.”] He handed Vivian the keys. [+red “I’ll keep Jordi here.”] He paused and grabbed his shoulder again. He cleared his throat when he saw Vivian looked at the bullet wound. [+red “Don’t worry about me. I need you to take Josh and the hard drive and go!”]

Wrench stood up at the smoke went down. He pulled a gun from his back and pointed it. A shot went off missing Wrench again. Wrench shot and hit Jordi in the leg. Jordi dropped. Wrench ran over and kicked the gun from his hand. He pointed his gun at Jordis head. [+red “Don’t fucking move!”] Wrench grabbed some rope that was laying around and with pulled Jordi up tying his arms behind his legs. He set Jordi down in a chair. He did not take his eyes off him. He grabbed some duct tape and taped Jordi to the chair. He ripped off another piece of tape and placed it over the bullet wound.

Wrench walked over to Jordi. [+red “Okay you are going to tell me who hired the hit. I know it was Blume, but I want names.”] Jordi just laughed. Wrench punched him hard breaking his nose. Wrench pun around with his gun out when he heard feet. It was Marcus, Sitara, Josh holding the hard drive and Vivian with her cats. Wrench sighed and lowered his guns. [+red “Oh hey guys!”] He waved then grabbed his not duct taped covered shoulder.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian nodded when Wrench brought up the fact that Aiden and Clara had already left. [#9c70b2 "Yeah he was ready to be back in Chicago." ] She said as she lifted the cat carrier and followed Josh to the car. Slipping them into the back seat next to Josh she settled into the front seat as she placed her laptop bag in her lap.

When they made it to the run down lot Vivian slid out of the car and looked around when he told her the hide out was in a bunker she hummed softly. [#9c70b2 "One entrance or do you not know?" ] She asked not to sure how she'd feel about them only having one route of escape. Grabbing her cats so they weren't left trapped in the car by themselves she followed them down into the bunker. When Wrench busted the key pad to get them in she shook her head just slightly, but she followed him in as her nose scrunched up just slightly. [#9c70b2 "I see what you meant; this place stinks." ] She said as she set the cat carrier down in a safe corner.

Digging in her bag she pulled out a pair of gloves and smiled. She was glad she prepared for just about anything. [#9c70b2 "Might as well get to it... This place is going to take a lot of TLC." ] She said as she pulled on the gloves and moved to start cleaning up. It was easy to fall into cleaning as her mind wandered. She wondered what trouble they might get themselves into next. She also wondered what kind of measures they could take to better protect this new hideout of theirs.

Jordi had found it all to easy to follow the beaten up car to what he assumed was a back up base of theirs. He was all to glad that he hadn't left after handing Vivian over. After all the price on all of Dedsec's heads had doubled. Humming he watched the three head into the bunker as he relaxed back in his seat. While Vivian and the boy he knew what they would do the masked hacker they called Wrench was an unknown and it seemed from what information he'd gathered he was dangerous. He hadn't seen any weapons on them, but then again he hadn't seen Vivian's gun until she'd pulled it on him. Better safe than sorry; if he could take out Wrench fast Vivian and the other were easy.

Plan in mind he shut off his car and slip out checking his gun he made sure he was ready before heading down into the bunker. It would be simple and fast if he had his way all three wouldn't even know what hit them he'd be in and out and collecting his money before he knew it. Finding the door opened to allow him access he couldn't help the widening of his smirk. Keeping to the shadows he crept into the room as he looked around making sure he knew where they all were before his attention turned to the masked man who had his back to him. Linning up his shot he couldn't help but smirk as he pulled the trigger.

Vivian couldn't thank her lucky stars enough that her cats had meowed and she'd looked up towards the door. [#9c70b2 "WRENCH MOVE!" ] She shouted as she pulled her own gun from the hem of her pants as the sound of the first gun shot rang through the bunker. Lining up her own shot she pulled the trigger. Hell if she knew if she hit him, but she moved to quickly grab Josh as she moved both him and herself behind what little cover there was.
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