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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian took the cat carrier when Wrench made it over to where her and Josh were hiding. Nodding caefully she took the keys from him. She grabbed his wrist though before he could turn from them. [#9c70b2 "Don't get yourself killed Wrench." ] She said softly before she turned her attention to Josh as she moved to grab his wrist so they didn't get seperated. Once they were out of the bunker and in the car on the road she called Marcus. She was shaking slightly as she drove hands gripping the steering wheel just a tad to tightly.

[#1519ef "Hey Viv we are on our way to the bunker now. Shouldn't be to long." ] Marcus said when he answered his phone. Vivian let out shaking breath when she heard that Marcus and Sitara were at least on their way to the bunker. [#9c70b2 "Thank god... we ran into some trouble. Jordi showed up; Wrench got me and Josh out, but he's still back there. I'll take the next turn around and meet you both there." ] She said chewing on her lip when she heard both Marcus and Sitara curse. [#1519ef "Yeah we'll be there soon, just sit back a bit from the bunker just incase you need to get out of there." ] Vivian nodded and quickly took the next turn around and headed back towards the bunker.

Her heart was hammering away in her chest and while she wanted to be worried and let it take over everything she had Josh with her and she knew he was bound to be just a shaken up as she was. [#9c70b2 "It's going to be okay Josh." ] She said softly trying not just to convince him, but to also convince herself.

Pulling up a good distance from the bunker she sighed most of her attention on the entrance. Thankfully Marcus had driven like a mad man himself and it wasn't to long before he'd pulled up next to them. Sliding out of the car Vivian kept her gun in hand. [#9c70b2 "That's probably his car over there." ] She said softly as she nodded to a nice looking white car. It was a good sign it meant he hadn't managed to kill Wrench and get away. Letting Marcus lead the way down Vivian stayed close behind him. Keeping the cat carrier in one hand she still had her gun out just in case.

Seeing Wrench though she couldn't help the relief that flooded her as she quickly set her cats down and moved to pull him into a hug careful of his shoulder. [#9c70b2 "I was so fucking worried." ] She said softly before she carefully let him go and took a small step back. She wasn't sure if this was still a good hideout for them, but that could wait. [#9c70b2 "I have a hospital grade medkit in the trunk of my car... Let me just grab that so I can take a look at your shoulder." ] She said as she quickly left the other four in the bunker.

She was so relieved that Wrench was okay. Sure she'd hoped he would be, but Jordi was dangerous and she'd seen that he'd managed to shoot Wrench. She didn't know how things were going to get any better, but she knew for sure that she was going to a gun range as soon as things were settled here.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 17d 3h 14m 39s
Wrench looked up when Vivian yelled. [+red “Huh?”] The shine of the gun caught his eye and he tried to move fast but got hit in the inner shoulder. [+red “Son of a bitch!”] He dropped down. [+red “You guys get hidden! Call Marcus!”] Wrench rolled when another shot went off and missed him. Wrench pushed himself up and grabbed something out of his pocket with his uninjured arm. It was a small smoke bomb. He threw it where Jordi was standing, and it went off.

Wrench ran to the corner and grabbed the cat carrier and Moved them away from the smoke. He set them down the grabbed his injured shoulder. There was a lot of blood coming out. Jordie must have hit a artery. He groaned and picked the cats back up. He ran to where the other two where hiding and placed the cats there. [+red “You guys need to get out of here.”] He handed Vivian the keys. [+red “I’ll keep Jordi here.”] He paused and grabbed his shoulder again. He cleared his throat when he saw Vivian looked at the bullet wound. [+red “Don’t worry about me. I need you to take Josh and the hard drive and go!”]

Wrench stood up at the smoke went down. He pulled a gun from his back and pointed it. A shot went off missing Wrench again. Wrench shot and hit Jordi in the leg. Jordi dropped. Wrench ran over and kicked the gun from his hand. He pointed his gun at Jordis head. [+red “Don’t fucking move!”] Wrench grabbed some rope that was laying around and with pulled Jordi up tying his arms behind his legs. He set Jordi down in a chair. He did not take his eyes off him. He grabbed some duct tape and taped Jordi to the chair. He ripped off another piece of tape and placed it over the bullet wound.

Wrench walked over to Jordi. [+red “Okay you are going to tell me who hired the hit. I know it was Blume, but I want names.”] Jordi just laughed. Wrench punched him hard breaking his nose. Wrench pun around with his gun out when he heard feet. It was Marcus, Sitara, Josh holding the hard drive and Vivian with her cats. Wrench sighed and lowered his guns. [+red “Oh hey guys!”] He waved then grabbed his not duct taped covered shoulder.
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 17d 4h 11m 32s
[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian nodded when Wrench brought up the fact that Aiden and Clara had already left. [#9c70b2 "Yeah he was ready to be back in Chicago." ] She said as she lifted the cat carrier and followed Josh to the car. Slipping them into the back seat next to Josh she settled into the front seat as she placed her laptop bag in her lap.

When they made it to the run down lot Vivian slid out of the car and looked around when he told her the hide out was in a bunker she hummed softly. [#9c70b2 "One entrance or do you not know?" ] She asked not to sure how she'd feel about them only having one route of escape. Grabbing her cats so they weren't left trapped in the car by themselves she followed them down into the bunker. When Wrench busted the key pad to get them in she shook her head just slightly, but she followed him in as her nose scrunched up just slightly. [#9c70b2 "I see what you meant; this place stinks." ] She said as she set the cat carrier down in a safe corner.

Digging in her bag she pulled out a pair of gloves and smiled. She was glad she prepared for just about anything. [#9c70b2 "Might as well get to it... This place is going to take a lot of TLC." ] She said as she pulled on the gloves and moved to start cleaning up. It was easy to fall into cleaning as her mind wandered. She wondered what trouble they might get themselves into next. She also wondered what kind of measures they could take to better protect this new hideout of theirs.

Jordi had found it all to easy to follow the beaten up car to what he assumed was a back up base of theirs. He was all to glad that he hadn't left after handing Vivian over. After all the price on all of Dedsec's heads had doubled. Humming he watched the three head into the bunker as he relaxed back in his seat. While Vivian and the boy he knew what they would do the masked hacker they called Wrench was an unknown and it seemed from what information he'd gathered he was dangerous. He hadn't seen any weapons on them, but then again he hadn't seen Vivian's gun until she'd pulled it on him. Better safe than sorry; if he could take out Wrench fast Vivian and the other were easy.

Plan in mind he shut off his car and slip out checking his gun he made sure he was ready before heading down into the bunker. It would be simple and fast if he had his way all three wouldn't even know what hit them he'd be in and out and collecting his money before he knew it. Finding the door opened to allow him access he couldn't help the widening of his smirk. Keeping to the shadows he crept into the room as he looked around making sure he knew where they all were before his attention turned to the masked man who had his back to him. Linning up his shot he couldn't help but smirk as he pulled the trigger.

Vivian couldn't thank her lucky stars enough that her cats had meowed and she'd looked up towards the door. [#9c70b2 "WRENCH MOVE!" ] She shouted as she pulled her own gun from the hem of her pants as the sound of the first gun shot rang through the bunker. Lining up her own shot she pulled the trigger. Hell if she knew if she hit him, but she moved to quickly grab Josh as she moved both him and herself behind what little cover there was.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 17d 3h 58m 29s
[+red “So your Uncle already left then huh?”] Wrench was mostly making a statement but he was also asking. Wrench looked to Josh and nodded. [+red “Ready to head out then?”] Josh nodded and grab his things. Wrench did the same. He looked around the house one last time before heading out and locking up behind him.

Wrench turned the radio on low and looked over at Vivian who was sitting in the front seat next to him. [+red “I will fix up your car after we get the new hacker space up. Ill take it back to my garage.”] He paused [+red “That is if they didn’t ruin that to.”] He cleared his throat and continued to drive to the new Hacker space. They pulled into a rundown empty lot.

[+red “So this place is in a bunker.”] You could hear the joy in Wrenchs voice. He stepped out and helped josh with his things. [+red “When you get down there you go ahead and get KIKI up and running.”] Josh nodded and headed to what looked like a raised manhole. Wrench looked at Vivian. [+red “While he is getting that set up I guess its up to us to get this place in shape and get it ready for everyone.”] He nodded and headed down the ladder into the bunker. Josh stood at a door trying to unlock the key pad. He turned to Wrench. [+red “Step aside.”] Wrench walked over and smashed the lock panel. The door opened fast. [+red “I’ll put a new one on and send everyone the code.”] Josh nodded and walked in.

Wrench shook his head as he looked around. [+red “Damn this is going to take forever.”] He sighed and pulled a trash bag out of one of the bags he was holding. He started throwing beer cans and old food into the bag. [+red “Once we get this place all cleaned Sitara will do the decorating. That’s kinda her thing.” He laughed as he used a pen and picked up someone’s old undies. [+red “Man these people are nasty! Did they have sex parties in here of something?”] He scrunched up in nose under his mask and threw the undies and the pen in the trash.
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 20d 11h 48m 59s
[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian settled back down with their little group as they all talked and just enjoyed the night. Hearing Wrench bring up how he thought things were going to go to shit again she couldn't help humming softly. [#9c70b2 "Well if it is going to either way why worry to much about it. We'll be ready when it happens." ] She said as she stretched her arms over her head.

Aiden followed Clara over to the table as he relaxed looking up the the sky turning to talk to her every now and then. [#3b6aa5 "Clara you don't have to thank me for anything and you'll never have to go back there again." ] He said as he moved to carefully slid his arm around her to pull her closer to himself.

[center ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

The next morning had Vivian out for a run around the grounds. She hadn't been able to sleep and being in the house with so many people had been a bit to much for her. She'd grabbed her head phones and phone and gone for a run. Coming back in the front door she smiled when she spotted Wrench and Josh in the kitchen. [#9c70b2 "Sorry I thought you guys might sleep a bit longer. Let me just go pack up everything and get the cats ready for the ride." ] She said as she used the towel around her neck to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

With that said she head up stairs and quickly packed everything away after she'd changed and put the two cats in the carrier. She wasn't sure, but she was figuring she might see about a new house closer to where they were moving their hide out. Shaking her head she headed down stairs and set everything near the door. [#9c70b2 "Ready when you guys are." ] She said a moved to quickly make herself a cup of coffee as well.

Once they were on the road she rolled the window down and stuck her head out as she hummed softly. [#9c70b2 "Maybe we'll have at least a few more peacful days ahead of us before things get dangerous again." ] She said as she pulled her head in the window and looked to the other two with a smile. She couldn't be sure where things would take them now, but their little group would stick together and make it through she'd make sure of it herself.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 32d 2h 46m 6s
Wrench looked at Vivian. [+red “Oh, sorry.”] He laughed and stepped aside. He looked over at Aiden and Clara. [+red “You guys should come outside and hang before you head out.”] He paused for a moment and looked at Clara. [+red “DedSec would be happy to have you back.”] He turned back around and walked out the door.

He paused when he saw Sitara. [+red “Truce?”] He held out his hand. She narrowed her eyes at him. [+purple “I guess. For now.”] She shook his hand then walked back over to Josh and Marcus. Wrench sighed in relief.

It was starting to get late. Mostly everyone had already headed in for the night. Wrench laid out in a lawn chair and looked up at the sky. He sighed. [+red “Man shit had been crazy. I keep feeling like shit is going to go to shit again.”] Sitara looked over at Wrench. [+purple “Shut up with that shit.”] She laughed. [+purple “We took down Blume man. Just be happy.”] Wrench nodded.

Clara now outside with Aiden and the others. She did not leave his side. She sat next to him on the picnic table. She looked over at him. She paused for a moment. [#f6b6ed “Thank you for everything Aiden.”] She looked down at her hands on the table. [#f6b6ed “It’s still hard to believe that I am out of there. I am scared to even blink. That when I open my eyes I will be back in that small room.”] She let out a sigh and then stopped talking.

[Center ~~~]

The next morning Wrench woke up in an actual bed this time. Not in the living room. He rubbed his naked face. It was nice to sleep with out the mask one. He had slept in the living room for the past two nights. He stretched and popped his back. [+red “Today is going to be a busy day.”] He could already hear Sitara and Marcus talking down in the living room. They must be getting everyone ready.

Wrench made his way down, putting his mask back on. And just like he thought there was Marcus and Sitara getting everyone ready for there flights. He looked around. Vivian must still be sleeping. He nodded. [+red “You guys need any help?”] He walked over to Marcus. [+Blue “I think we are good man. We are about to head out. We will meet you guys at the new Hacker space.”] Wrench nodded.

Josh walked down the stairs holding all of his things in his arms. [+green “I am ready to get to work when you are.”] Wrench nodded. [+red “Just waiting on Vivian and then we are good to go.”] He paused. [+red “And I think Her Uncle and Clara are still sleeping to. Unless they left last night.”] Josh shrugged his shoulders. Wrench sighed. [+red “I guess I will go pack up my things real fast.”] He went back up to his room and threw all his stuff in a bag. He headed back down and made some coffee as he and Josh waited for Vivian to wake up.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian nodded when Sitara mentioned them bringing Josh with them to wipe the system while they cleaned up. It was a great idea and meant she wouldn't have to worry about looking over the system herself. [#9c70b2 "Sounds like a plan we can head out tomorrow when you and Marcus head out to the airport with the other hackers." ] She said with a nod of her head. It was a bit strange making decisions with a group, but she knew she'd get used to it. They all had a say in what they decided on and how they went about doing things.

Vivian had eaten a few chips as she cooked so she wasn't in to much of a rush for a burger of her own. Watching everyone she blinked when Wrench brought up her going in to bring her uncle and Clara so of the burgers. She smiled and nodded her head. [#9c70b2 "Sounds like a plan." ] She said as she made them both a burger and hot dog each. Carrying the plates into the house she set them down in front of them before she settled down into a seat of her own with them.

Aiden took his own plate when Vivian offered it to him. He could tell that she wanted to talk, but clearly couldn't figure out how to phrase her question at the moment. While he waited he took a bite of his burger a brow lifting just slightly in question. [#9c70b2 "I need to know about Jordi Chin... Is he likely to come back after us?" ] She asked as she looked up from her hands to her uncle. [#9c70b2 "Do we need to be prepared for him to come after us again?" ] She asked as she settled her hands on the table.

When she brought up Jordi Aiden sighed and set his burger back down on the plate. [#3b6aa5 "It's possible; if they offer him enough money he will defiantly come after your little group again. With how you guys took out Blume and the fact that with everything stacked up against them they won't be able to deny the truth or hide it. There are going to be a lot of angry millionaires who will throw money away for the chance at tearing your group apart." ] He said just being honest. If she was going to continue working with DedSec he wanted her to know that it was going to get dangerous.

Vivian sighed and nodded her head as she looked down to her hands which she'd clutched together tighter. [#9c70b2 "We'll be ready for him and anyone else next time they come after us." ] She said with a small nod of her head before she looked up and smiled just slightly at Aiden.

Wrench coming in pulled her attention to him as her smile softened just slightly as she shook her head. [#9c70b2 "Nope; you're not interrupting anything." ] She said as she moved to her feet and quickly hugged her uncle before she stepped back and glanced to the door. [#9c70b2 "Hope you aren't planning on staying in here I'm hungry after all." ] She said as she slipped past him and unlocked the door as she headed over to get her own burger now that everyone else had eaten.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 36d 4h 41m 42s
Sitara nodded as she took a bite of her burger. [+red “That sounds perfect. Take Josh with you, he will work on whipping Prime_8ight out of the systems there and get us up and running.”] Josh grabbed himself a burger. [+green “I will make a back up of any files they have. Who knows they could be of use.”] Sitara nodded at Josh as they walked over to the table with the chips sitting on it.

After he saw everyone had their food Wrench made himself a burger and got a hotdog. He pulled the mask up over his mouth and took a big bite of his food, then a sip of beer. He looked around at everyone eating and laughing. It was hard to believe that food and good company could make these people that have been threw so much actually smile. He looked in and saw Aiden and Clara. He looked at Vivian. [+red “Why don’t you make them a plate.”] He pointed in to Vivian’s uncle.

He watched as Vivian Made food for her Uncle. She looked so pretty with the sun hitting her fair skin. He could feel his face getting red and warm. He shook his head and eat the rest of his food and put his mask back down. He walked up behind Sitara and paused for a moment before throwing her in the pool. The splash hit Josh and Marcus. Sitara popped up out of the water. [+purple “I am going to kick your ass!”] Sitara yelled then laughed.

Sitara got out of the water her cloths and hair dripping wet. He ran at Wrench. [+red “Ahh!”] He yelled and ran the other way. They ran around the pool before Wrench ran inside and locked the door. He pointed at Sitara on the other side of the glass and laughed at her. [+red “Haha. Not fast enough.”] Sitara narrowed her eyes and flipped him off. He laughed again then turned around to see the tree looking at him. [+red “Oh, sorry. Hope I was not interrupting anything.”]
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 39d 13h 36m 27s
[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian followed everyone out back and moved back over to the grill to check on the food. Humming she pulled off a few of the hot dogs and moved everything around so it all got cooked evenly. When Sitara brought up a hideout they'd stolen from Prime_8ight. Hearing Wrench say it stank she couldn't help humming. [#9c70b2 "If smell is the only problem than thats not to bad; we could all clean it up and I'm sure the smell will fade." ] She said as she closed the grills lid to keep in the heat.

When Josh brought up Jordi she sighed and shook her head. [#9c70b2 "Not a clue what happened to him... once they paid him I assume he left." ] She said as she turned her attention to Marcus and carefully took her gun back with a bright smile. [#9c70b2 "Thanks." ] She said as she quickly slid it back into its place at the back of her own pants she really needed to get a holster for it. [#9c70b2 "I don't know if he'll bother us again... well unless moneys involved." ] She said as she sighed softly. Jordi was someone her uncle knew much better than she did, she'd have to ask him about Jordi before he left.

Vivian glanced over when HaDoC and Ray came over to talk to Wrench, but when it seemed he was just letting him know he was leaving her attention turned back to the food as she took a sip of her beer. It was good that Sitara was talking with all the hackers while she was okay with them being here large crowds still set her a bit on edge. Not that she'd tell the others that.

AS she took the food off the grill she smiled when Sitara told her that she'd gotten the hackers plane tickets for where they all wanted to go. [#9c70b2 "That's good; if you and Marcus can get them all to the airport I can have Wrench here show me to the hide out you mentioned and get started on cleaning it up?" ] She offered since she didn't really want to be anywhere near an airport that was way to many people.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 47d 13h 16m 27s
Wrench shrugged and laughed slightly. He grabbed the chips and started opening them for everyone. Everyone headed outside Wrench and Marcus carried the chips out and set them on the picnic table. Sitara and Josh carried out the condiments and a few cases of beer. Wrench nodded. [+red “It would be good to get them all out of here. Just get where they want to go and we can handle the rest.”]

Sitara walked over to the group that was over by the grill. [+purple “We do have that place we took from Prime_8ight. It needs a lot of work done but its off the raider.”] Wrench sighed. [+red “Man that place smells like ass! Like bad porn man.”] They all laughed. [+purple “Yeah but it’s all we got right now.”] Wrench nodded. [+red “Then that’s where we will go, once we get all these people gone.”]

[+Green “What happened to Jordi?”] Josh looked over at Vivian then looked inside at The Fox sitting at the table with the punk looking woman. Wrench put his hand on Josh’s shoulder. [+red “Don’t worry man, we won’t leave you like that again.”] Wrench looked over at Vivian. [+red “Josh raises a good point though, what did happen to him? I know I didn’t see him.”] [+red “Oh, I think Marcus too your gun!”] Marcus nodded and pulled out Vivian’s gun from the back of his pants. [+blue “Here you are.”] He handed her the gun.

Wrench watch Vivian flip the burgers and hotdogs. His stomach made a odd noise, he laughed and placed his hand over his stomach. [+red “I guess I am hungrier then I thought.”] He looked over to see Sitara being the Mama Hen she was, she was talking to all the hackers. HaDoC seemed to be tired of all this. He walked over to Wrench. [+b “Hey man, Ray agreed to take me where I need to go so we are going to head out.”] Wrench looked over to Ray. [+red “Thanks man, for everything.”] They high fived as a Ray and HaDoC walked back inside, they talked to Aiden for a few moments then Ray and the other were gone.

Wrench looked back at Vivian. [+red “Well, I guess that takes care of one hacker.”] He laughed as he held the tray for the cooked food. They food was gone just as fast as Vivian put it on the tray. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Sitara walked over. [+purple “So I talked to everyone and got them tickets for where they need to go. We will be taking them tomorrow at noon.”] Wrench nodded. [+red “Yes mother.”] He laughed as Sitara got herself a burger.
  Wrench / hach1k0 / 47d 14h 31m 54s
[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Aiden smiled just slightly when Clara asked if she could stay with him as he nodded his head. [#3b6aa5 "Of course you can. I was going to ask you if you wanted to stay with me." ] He said with a small shrug of his shoulders. He hoped that being back in Chicago would be good for Clara and unless something huge came up he could use a bit of a break himself.

[center ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

When Wrench and Marcus got back Vivian hummed and moved to take some of the bags from both of them as she turned her attention to going through them though at Wrench's mention of getting swarmed in the store she couldn't help laughing softly. [#9c70b2 "Don't worry it all should blow over once the next big thing comes along." ] She said as she picked up the bags with all of the hamburgers and hot dogs. She'd already got the grills going while they'd been gone so she could start cooking when they got back. Grabbing the large tray she'd found she opened the hot dogs and hamburgers and stacked them on it so she could carry it all outside.

When that was done she threw away all of the trash and headed out to the backyard where the large grill was. Setting the tray down she carefully started putting everything on the grill as she double checked that there was enough for everyone. Once they were on the grill she went in and grabbed herself a beer as she sighed softly. [#9c70b2 "I've already talked with a few of the other hackers most that I've talked to want to get far away from here for a while." ] She said as she leaned against the counter. [#9c70b2 "We also need to think about a new main HQ..." ] She said after a moment since the police had raided the one under the game store. [#9c70b2 "Oh and before I forget do you guys know where my gun wound up?" ] She asked since she'd left it behind when Jordi had taken her to Blume.
  Vivian / Ukimaru / 48d 5h 59m 39s
Clara grabbed the plate from Aiden with a smile. [#f6b6ed “Thank you.”] She sat down next to him and took a bite of the pancakes. It felt so good eating real food, it felt so good being just near Aiden again. She took another bite then looked at Aiden. [#f6b6ed “When we get back to Chicago, can I stay with you?”] She didn’t want to admit but she was scared to go back. She was just scared.

Wrench made himself a plate and stood in the kitchen as there was no place left to sit. He lifted up his mast slightly and took a bite of his syrup drenched pancakes. His eyes flashed. [+red “Oh man these are good.”] He took another bite. [+red “I can try to help but I am much better at burning food.”] He laughed as he finished his pancakes.

[center ~~~]

Wrench and Marcus pulled up to the store to get lots of food and lots of beer for the BBQ. They stepped into the big grocery store and right away could feel the whispers, it was nothing Wrench was not used to, but this felt different. Wrench grabbed a cart and followed Marcus around the store as he grabbed arms full of hot dogs and premade burgers. Next, they went and grabbed chips and dip, then a bunch of potato and pasta salad. Last thing to grab was the beer.

They headed up to the register when a few girls came walking up to them. [+green “You are the guy from the news!”] Wrench looked over at Marcus. [+red “Uh.”] Before he could talk more people came up to them. Wrench pushed Marcus forward. Marcus took the hint and started to pay for everything as more people came up to the. [+green “It is him! You are part of Dedsec!”] Wrench and Marcus grabbed their things and headed to the car fast. Some of the people even followed them out to their car. One woman grabbed Wrenches arm. He pulled away fast and got in the car. Marcus threw everything into the back and jumped in and sped off.

They got back to the house and Wrench just sat in the car for a few moments then got out to help Marcus. They walked in and put everything down. [+red “I need a fucking beer after that.”] He grabbed a beer even though it was warm and chugged it fast. Sitara looked over at them. [+purple “What happened?”] Wrench put the empty beer down. [+red “We where attacked by a bunch of coupon clipping morons.”] Wrench laughed slightly. [+red “One even followed us out to the car and tried to grab me.”] He paused for a moment. [+red “They recognized me from the news.”] He sighed and leaned on the kitchen counter and Josh and Sitara laughed at him.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]

Vivian turned when she heard Wrench coming into the kitchen as she flipped one of the pancakes. [#9c70b2 "We'd appreciate the help after all there are so many people to feed." ] She said as she glanced to the pancakes to make sure they weren't over cooking. When he left she couldn't help glancing to her uncle. The small smile on his lips had her glancing down to the frying pan again. Thankfully he kept what ever thoughts he had to himself and they continued to cook in mostly silence only broken up by occasional small talk.

When Wrench made it back down stairs she couldn't help smiling when he got down plates for everyone who was there right now. There were so many people who they'd need to help make it home and away from Blume. [#9c70b2 "Honestly I slept better than I have in a while." ] She said as she took the pancakes out of the pan and set them on the growing stack of pancakes. AS everyone started filing down into the kitchen following the smell of food she finished the last of the pancake batter and leaned against the counter near her uncle. [#9c70b2 "So I'm sure you are heading back to Chicago, don't forget to stop and let mom know I really am okay. I'll call her, but she probably will still worry." ] She said getting a chuckle from him.

[#3b6aa5 "I'll stop there on the way back home and let her know." ] He said with a small nod though his attention caught on Clara when she came down into the kitchen. It had been a surprise to wake up to her curled up in bed with him. It had been nice he'd almost just stayed in bed to wait on her, but he'd been hungry and a cup of coffee had sounded to good to pass up. Glancing to Vivian he saw her smile and couldn't help shaking his head as he grabbed his own plate and the one he'd made for Clara and walked over to her as he offered her the plate. [#3b6aa5 "Good morning." ] He said as he shifted just slightly.

Vivian shook her head and moved to settle down at the table with the others. Taking a bite of her own food she hummed when Wrench brought up a cook out and nodded her head though she glanced to Marcus. [#9c70b2 "I can cook though I wouldn't say I'm that great. A BBQ is a good Idea though; it's a nice way to help everyone relax and open up a bit more." ] She said as she took a small bite of her pancake. [#9c70b2 "You both can help me though it's going to be a lot of cooking for everyone here." ] She said with a bright smile as she picked up her coffee cup.
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Clara looked at Aiden. She leaned back in her chair and sighed. [#f6b6ed “Back to Chicago huh?”] She paused for a moment. [#f6b6ed “It’s not like I really have any where else to go. Heh”] She laughed slightly and nodded. [#f6b6ed “Plus we both know you can always use my help.”] She smiled and pushed his shoulder.

Wrench stretched out in the chair. He was so tired and really needed like a year off. He looked over at Vivian who was passed out on the couch, he laughed softly as she snored softly. He could only imagine how tired she must be. He closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

Clara tossed and turned in her bed. Every time she closed her eyes she was scared she would wake back up in that place. She sat up and let out a small sigh. She walked out her room and stood in the dark hallway for a moment before opening up another rooms door. She stepped in softly and looked at the bed. Aiden was fast asleep. She walked over to his bed and softly laid down next to him and pressed her body close to him. She finally was able to fall asleep.

[center ~~~]

Wrench yawned and stretched when he could smell coffee and bacon. [+red “Man that smells good!”] He stood up and walked to the kitchen. [+red “Oh but I do not.”] He laughed and smelt his pit. [+red “Ill jump in the shower then I can help if you want.”] He headed up to the main bathroom and took a fast shower. He walked down stares in a black beater and some skinny jeans. His mask flashing and hair still wet.
Wrench walked back into the kitchen and started grabbing enough plates for everyone as people slowly started coming down stairs. He looked over at Vivian and smiled under his mask. [+red “Did you sleep well?”] Next, he grabbed some cups for everyone. [+red “I slept like the damn dead.”] He laughed.

Clara slowly opened her eyes and sighed a sigh of relief. She was still in the big summer home. Aiden must have already gotten up. She stretched and stood up. She looked outside. It was a beautiful day and so nice to feel the sun on her pale skin. She smiled to her self and grabbed one of Aiden’s shirts. She smelt it before slipping it on over her tank top. She felt safe for the first time in years. She opened the door and could hear laughter and smell food. She walked down into the kitchen and smiled when she said Aiden cooking.

Wrench handed plates of food to everyone as they came down. Marcus was the last one down. [+red “Hey after breakfast we still going to go to the store and get stuff, right?”] Marcus nodded as he took a bite of his pancakes. Wrench looked over at Vivian. [+red “BBQ today? Marucs said you can cook.”] He laughed throwing Marcus under the bus.
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[center ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ]
Marcus nodded when Wrench brought up that it would also be something nice for everyone to get a nice meal and relax. [#1519ef "Sounds good lots of food and lots of beer. It should get everyone feeling at least a bit better." ] He agreed as he took a sip of his beer. When Wrench said that Vivian was the total package he couldn't help laughing softly as he lightly smacked the others shoulder. [#1519ef "Yeah shes pretty great." ] He said as he watched the other walk into the living room and settle down in the recliner he'd been found in just this morning. He was glad that both Wrench and Vivian were getting along so well. It made it that much better when he knew that they both honestly liked each other.

Aiden tucked the blue print into his bag after he'd looked it over. It didn't seem to hard to make. Glancing around he couldn't help but to find Clara settled at the kitchen table. Moving over to her he settled down at the table with her. [#3b6aa5 "So tomorrow night I'm thinking about heading back to Chicago... Would you like to head back with me?" ] He asked as he watched her. He wasn't sure how she'd feel about heading back, but he was ready to head home and relax just a bit himself before he moved on to the next big company or gang he wanted to take on.

[Center ~*~*~*~*~*~ ]

The next morning when Vivian woke up she smiled and curled into the blankets as she slowly woke the rest of the way up. Hazel eyes opened slowly to look around the room as she yawned. A cup of coffee sounded great and it was that thought that drew her out from under the blankets and towards the kitchen. Starting a pot of coffee she smiled at her uncle when he was the first one up. [#9c70b2 "Good morning; coffee is almost done." ] She said with a nod towards the coffee maker. She wondered how they were going to get all of the hackers somewhere safe, but if she thought about it it wasn't to hard to get them all flights where ever they wanted to go.

When she had herself a cup of coffee she headed up to the room she'd picked for herself and took care of her cats making sure they were okay a spending just a bit of time with them. When her coffee was done however she took a quick shower and changed her clothes from the ones she'd worn all of yesterday and last night. Leaving her wet hair down she headed back down stairs to see Aiden already starting breakfast. [#3b6aa5 "Feeding everyone is going to take some time why don't you come help me?" ] He asked as she glanced over to her with a small smile. [#9c70b2 "As long as you let me do something other than buttering the toast." ] She said as she moved into the kitchen and started to help him with breakfast for all of the people in the house. Pouring herself another cup of coffee she hummed as she waited for the pancakes to be ready to flip.
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