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After a horrible and sexually abusive past, Tome has become prone to developing hives after being touched. He has developed a rational fear of being touched or even poked. He won't even let people get within an inch of him.

Especially males.

Although he is attracted to them, his fear has caused him many potential relationships.. and friendships. Many of his old friends have moved on, leaving him alone.

He enters high school changed; standoffish and cold, which he doesn't mind. That is, until one student named {Your Character} becomes interested in him and strives to get him over his fear. Tome finds him annoying and keeps his distance, which only makes this new 'annoyance' work harder.]]]

[size11 [b [u Rules~]]
Anime or Illustrative Pictures Only.
Mature RP ~ Meaning cussing, subject matter, ect.
Quality Posts.
Not romance heavy, more like fluff moments may happen. I prefer fluff nowadays.
Post when you are able to.
PM me if you must be away for a long period of time, want to abandon the RP, because you're no longer interested, ect. Don't leave me hanging.
Casual, fun RP.
You can make your character however you want. No skelly needed or sample post.]


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[center [size16 [Arapey This is why he wanted to stay in the classroom, to avoid what happened. He sensed something was going to happen, either from someone else bumping into him rather roughly or almost falling on top of him. He tried to shake off the feeling, but he couldn't at the moment. Kenta easily catched up to him, because he did eventually slow down his steps to avoid tripping on his own feet. Tome always tended to be somewhat of a klutz.

A small sigh escaped his lips when Kenta began to ask him questions. He never knew getting this juice was such an important thing. Although, he enjoyed getting them for his friends all the time. It makes him wonder if he was way too nice and taken advantage of. He didn't want to remember the past though. [#6e2020 "You really want to get me this juice, huh?"] He found it quite funny to be honest, since Kenta was making it too much of a big deal. Either way, they were wasting time. He wanted to eat the lunch he made or he'll starve for the rest of the day.

[#6e2020 "Let's just hurry,"] he said and made his way towards the vending machines. He already saw some of the juice boxes missing that quick. There was only one strawberry juice left. He guessed coming back was the best idea. [#6e2020 "We still have an hour or so left."]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans][center [Open+Sans Realizing what just occurred, Kenta jerked away, nearly stumbling on his feet, his hands stiffly by his sides once he gained his balance. He swore he felt the slightest of trembles from Tome when Kenta kind-of landed on him. Did the impact come too hard? Was it out of surprise? [b [#f1803b "Sorry, sorry! I was pushed! Swear!"]] he apologized, bowing repeatedly, maybe a little to frantically, afraid of being met with the same dark expression Tome wore when Kenta thoughtlessly grabbed his hand earlier. Looking at everything but his classmate, he crouched down and started picking up his bread, one of which was handed to him by Tome.

He caught Tome's murmured words, making Kenta look at him. He blinked rapidly, both relieved that he didn't seem to be pissed, and concerned with his stutter and the softness of his voice. He expected that they were still going to get Tome's juice so he followed the other boy in silence, willing himself that [i maybe] he had already been forgiven. Once he realized that Tome actually intended to return to their classroom, Kenta stalled in his steps, his worries resurfacing on his mind. [b [#f1803b "H-Hey, Tome, are you mad? Was it because I took too long? Or because I slammed into you?"]]

Tome was the first potential friend he had met in this school, and he didn't want to fuck up this early in the semester. High school was supposed to be a fresh start. [b [#f1803b "Or... did you just forget we're still getting your juice?"]] his voice turned more hopeful as he wished that his classmate was not, in any way, upset with what he had done or with him. [b [#f1803b "You went all the way there for that. You can't just forget about it!"]] Chuckles were forced out of his lips in an attempt to lighten the mood and to shoo away the panic his earlier words held.
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[center [size16 [Arapey Tome watched from the door, then looked back down at his phone. Usually, he'd be waiting for a text. Yet this time, his phone remained silent for the most part except for the texts he gets from his parents. What a sad little fellow he was. He looked at the time, wondering how much longer it would take. He placed a hand on his stomach, feeling it grumble. He was tempted to just buy the juice boxes himself, yet he'd let Kenta do it or he'll never hear the end of it. A loud sigh escaped his lips, pulling up one of his saved e-books on his phone.

Tome said nothing. He glanced down at the bread Kenta cradled. He shook his head. [#6e2020 "I never understand the hype of that stuff,"] he said. He ate plenty of it back in junior high. His friends always forced him to eat it, because he found nothing pleasant about some savory bread. He pushed himself from the door and placed the phone back into his pocket.

[#6e2020 "...?!"] Everything became like slow motion in his eyes. All of the sudden Kenta fell forward towards him. He froze, eyes wide as if the worst happened. An unpleasant chill ran down his spine, making him shudder. He pulled himself away and bent down to pick up the bread that dropped, handing it back to him. [#6e2020 "B-Be more careful please..."] he muttered. He decided he wanted to go right back to the classroom. Juice box is not all that important, especially with this crowd. He turned and walked away.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans][center [Open+Sans Kenta blinked rapidly at Tome's response, assuming that it was more likely that the other boy would prefer leaving him here rather than stay in a cramped area where there were too many people going around. Before he could really dwell on the thought, his gaze falling towards the ever-growing crowd of students surrounding the stall which sold his lunch for today. He sucked in a breath, then let it out shakily, before saluting to Tome playfully, a tight smile on his lips. [#f1803b [b "Then! I'll see you in a... while. I'm heading out!"]] With that, he rushed towards the sea of people.

Uniform disheveled and hair sticking out in several directions, Kenta, panting, finally reached the stall after being pushed around in the crowd of hungry people. There were only a few pieces of bread that he actually liked left on display, much to his panic. In a loud, clear voice, he asked for three different kinds of bread, his tone making a few people turn their heads toward him. He didn't care at the moment; he was more concerned about his grumpy, grumbling stomach. One of the people at the stall heeded to his request, and, after paying for his food, he squeezed his way out of the crowd once again, arms protectively cradling three packs of bread.

He spotted Tome around the same area where he left him, and Kenta felt extremely relieved that the other boy didn't lose his patience, waiting for him. Not wanting to make his classmate wait any longer, Kenta practically skipped towards Tome with an armful of bread, still looking like he just got back from a war. Just as he was about a meter away from him, a group of larger students passed by, the one closest to him telling a story with exaggerated hand and arm movements, accidentally pushing Kenta's back. Unprepared, Kenta felt himself falling. His hands moved on instinct---as his hard-earned bread fell on the ground, he grabbed on to Tome's shoulders for support, his face falling on Tome's chest.

[right [size10 ***Tell me if you want anything changed! ;u;]]
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[center [size16 [Arapey Tome stood there by the entrance to the cafeteria, but made no move to walk inside. Overlapping conversations and the groups of students crowding around to buy food made him shudder. He can't image being one of those misfortune students to be pushed around and bumped against for some food. He heard the bread was the most popular item than anything else. Well, he experienced it first hand when the last bread he got was snatched right out of his hand. A very bad day for him.

He heard looked over his shoulder at Kenta, who surprisingly catched up with him. He stood by the door, standing out of the way as the flow of students coming in never ceased. He wanted to hurry and get back class, so he can finish his own lunch. He leaned against the door and crosses his arms, not saying anything for a good minute, then sighed. He wondered if Kenta would stick to him now. He'll admit Kenta seemed like a nice guy, but he can't see them being friends. He can see him hanging out with the more talkative groups.

[#6e2020 "You better hurry,"] he said and pointed towards the increasing group of students without looking. He looked up and saw familiar faces, his old friends with some new ones. They exchanged eye contact, but that was about it. This darkened his mood a bit more.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans][center [Open+Sans [#6e2020 [b "Don't. touch. me."]] With a sharp intake of breath and a noticeable flinch, Kenta's smile fell for a second, but, though appearing more strained, it lingered there, his mind racing through possible things he could respond with. He blinked rapidly, gaze shifting back and forth to his hand and the dark expression on his classmate's face, his skin stinging from Tome slapping his hand away. He opened his mouth to apologize in a light but sincere manner , but Tome suddenly stood up and rushed out of the classroom, stuttering, with Kenta's eyes merely following him momentarily out of surprise.

His feet moved on their own, and soon he was on Tome's trail. [#f1803b [b "Hey, Tome, wait!"]] he called out, keeping his eyes peeled for Tome's figure as he moved through the hallways filled with students. He should apologize, but as minutes passed, it felt like he was losing the perfect opportunity to do so. Thankfully, one of the things middle school gave him was a developed agility, so he was able to efficiently sidestep the students that came his way and, by the time he caught up, he found himself in front of the cafeteria. With wide eyes and parted lips, he stared at the cafeteria and then at Tome. Kenta... didn't get lost. Did Tome know where it is all along, or...?

A huge grin was once again on his face and was about to playfully punch Tome's shoulder to call his attention and to start complimenting him, like how he usually does to people he's at least acquainted to, until the dark look on Tome's face flashed in his mind. His raised fist dropped to his side. [#f1803b [b "Did... Did you actually know where it is this entire time? This is just our first day so how...? Or do you just have a built-in GPS thingy that you immediately found it?"]] His eyes wandered off to the stall selling packs of bread, making him shudder at the crowd of people surrounding the stall. It's [i definitely] Japanese lunch time rush.

[#f1803b [b "Anyway! I'm gonna pick up some bread and... uh... you wanna wait here then come with me to the vending machines so you can pick out what you want or you wanna head back first...?"]] he asked, his smile now a little more hesitant now that he did something offending. Did Tome really hate being touched that much? Or was he like one of those characters from his brother's dating sim games where a certain affection or friendship level was required for skinship to be allowed? It actually appeared that he truly detested being touched
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[center [size16 [Arapey Tome continued eating silently and hoped Kenta would be on his way to get that juice he so badly wanted to buy him. He has never asked anyone to buy him anything, nor did anyone offer. He wondered why Kenta was so excited to get a simple juice box. At the moment when he thought Kenta walked away, he stood in front of him now, hands slamming on his desk. He only blinked at the reaction he got from his words. He tilted his head, wondering why it didn't work that way. Sure, he always went with his old friends, but Kenta and him weren't friends.

He sighed and closed his eyes. No way it could be hard to find a strawberry-flavored juice. This is has to be a forced way for them to just go together. Kenta is the one who offered in the first place; he didn't expect to go along with him for some juice.

[#6e2020 "Actually, I don't [i have] to do anything. You offered in the first place. I don't care about the juice really, but you seem too eager to buy me one,"] he said. [i Aah.. this is annoying..]

He kept it to himself though, because he didn't want to be label as some heartless fiend around here. Trouble is the thing he needed in his life. He placed his fingers on the side of his temples and rubbed there. He should just do it to shut Kenta up. He closed up everything and put it away for now, not trusting anyone in this class. He was about to stand up when Kenta reach out to him. His eyes widened and he roughly yanked his arm away, then slapped Kenta's hand away as his face darkened. [#6e2020 "Don't. touch. me."] He frowned. [#6e2020 "L-Let's just go..."] He exited the classroom rather fast and made it to the cafeteria himself.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans][center [Open+Sans Kenta inwardly cheered and mentally pumped his fists when his classmate finally responded to him. He had been almost fully convinced that the day will end with him being the stressed, time-confused loser who wouldn't even be acquainted with the people he's seated next to. He fished out his wallet and phone from his bag and pocketed them, making sure to zip his book bag close before completely leaving it. With a smile that was extremely brighter than his earlier one, he faced Tome, feeling way more excited about [s [Open+Sans getting lost in the school]] looking for the school's cafeteria and buying strawberry juice than it would usually be for the typical teenager. He was about to simply give his affirmation and make a temporary farewell when it dawned on him.

[b [#f1803b "Wait wait wait! That's not how this works!"]] He lightly slammed his palms on Tome's desk with a childish pout on his face, momentarily squinting at the other male before taking a step away. [b [#f1803b "You have to come with me to look for it for you to get your juice."]] He huffed playfully, crossing his arms across his chest. He was [i not] going to go out there, in rivers and seas of students, alone, looking like a lost newborn puppy. Upperclassmen might pick up on his 'clueless freshman vibes' and make fun of him behind his back!

His gaze dropped to Tome's boxed lunch, making his stomach grumble in envy. He really wanted to eat sweet egg rolls for today... Ah, he shouldn't get sidetracked. [b [#f1803b "I'm going to just buy some bread, then we'll get your juice, then we'll return here. Easy peasy! I doubt we'd even find any seats there, anyway...,"]] he mused. [b [#f1803b "I'll even buy you two---"]] he thrust two fingers to Tome, [b [#f1803b "---juice boxes if you come with me!"]] He'd probably get in trouble with weekly his budget for this, but he has already gotten this far to regret.

[#f1803b [b "C'mooon, you might need to know where it is in the future anyway~"]] he pleaded in a tone that sounded like a whine. To further emphasize his want for a companion in his search for the school's cafeteria, he grabbed Tome's sleeve and lightly tugged it to the direction of the door.
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[center [size16 [Arapey Tome forced himself to put the book away once class actually began. He thought back to what happened earlier that morning as time ticked on. After all what happened, he seemed to curl back into himself again. He knew he was outgoing and kind before, but his personality did a complete 360. Usually, one would go through their shy and awkward years before high school, not for him though. Everything was backwards. He once promised himself to make more friends as soon as he got into high school.

When they had breaks between subjects, he always went back to reading his book. Some students tried to approach him; his gaze scared them away. He didn't wear a glare or anything, his face was just void of any emotion. Reading definitely helped get him through the day and kept his mind busy.

At lunchtime, Tome placed the book down and all the students gather in groups to eat together or while standing near the windows, some even walked to the cafeteria and brought back food. This was the worst time for him to get up and use the restroom, because the halls would be so crowded. He shuddered at the thought. It's a good thing he knew how to cook, so he could make his bentos. He reached into his bag, then stopped when Kenta asked him to join him for lunch or that's what he assumed. He pulled out his bento filled with his favorites, a couple at that. He had a big appetite, but also very picky.

[#6e2020 "I never cared for cafeteria food, and I'm extremely picky,"] he said. [#6e2020 "Get me anything strawberry flavored.."]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans][center [Open+Sans Kenta gaped at Tome as he took his seat, blinking rapidly upon realizing what just happened. He turned his head to Mrs. Omani, who merely gave Tome a hard stare, her lips narrowed into a thin line, before she proceeded to discuss things they should know if they intend to safely stay in the school for the entirety of their high school lives.

Kenta zoned out during the first parts of her speech , staring at Tome with wide eyes filled with interest. Tome seemed like the type who did not care what people thought of him, and he [i definitely] made a statement with that introduction. Kenta decided to face the front with a hidden smile, arms crossed on top of his desk.

Lunch break finally arrived. Classmates who knew each other from middle school, it seemed, grouped together. Some also left the classroom to meet with friends from other classes. Kenta slouched in his seat with a sigh as he watched a few classmates depart the room. He forgot to bring the packed lunch he prepared the night before, he realized with a pout. His stomach grumpily grumbled, making him frown at it. [i [#f1803b Yeah, I know. Shut up.]]

He straightened in his seat and looked at Tome, gaze dropping to the book on his desk. [b [#f1803b "Tome, right?"]] he asked, tilting his head. [b [#f1803b "What are you reading?"]] he pointed to the book, [b [#f1803b "I noticed you've been reading that the whole day, so I'm guessing it must be really interesting. What's it about?"]] He smiled politely. He wasn't really much of a reader, as he has only read a few manga series and a few popular novels that caught his attention all throughout the story, but some of his friends who were actually readers get really enthusiastic when talking about books, and he liked seeing them that way. People's eyes sparkle whenever they talked about things they're passionate about, like his few book-reading friends, and he thought that maybe Tome would also be the type.

His pair of vibrant brown eyes followed after a few classmates who entered with arms full of packs of bread. Kenta's mouth watered, his stomach grumbling once more accordingly. [b [#f1803b "Wanna search for the cafeteria with me?"]] he asked Tome once again, half-expecting that the guy probably has brought his lunch or would just outright refuse, especially if he was starting to think Kenta's being annoying. [b [#f1803b "I could treat you to juice?"]] he offered with a hesitant smile.
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[center [size16 [Arapey [i Please don't have us introduce ourselves...]

One thing Tome didn't care about. As long as everyone knew his name, shouldn't they be satisfied? Who cared about what he liked to do. All what he liked to do was at home anyway. He raised his hand at the call of his name, luckily she looks up afterwards. His class seemed pretty huge for the most part, so roll call took a good few minutes. A terrible, foreboding feeling came down on him. Once he heard the very words he wished wouldn't be said, he continued to hide his face into his book and continued reading. He drowned out all the students who introduced themselves; he won't even remember half their names. He didn't really care, making friends was not on his to-do list this year, even though his old friends also went to this school.

He glanced over his book at Kenta, with his radiating aura that almost blinded him. He had a feeling this male beside him would make friends in no time. A lot of people are drawn to those with personalities like Kenta's.. or he assumed so. He probably already had friends.

When it came to his turn, an irritated sigh escaped his lips, because he wasn't up for that. He didn't want to do it. He placed the book down on his desk. Another sigh. [#6e2020 "I'm Tome,"] he said, not getting out of his seat, his voice monotoned with no enthusiasm whatsoever. He looked back down at his book and began to read again. If they didn't hear him, oh well, they heard his name during roll call. He had nothing else to say about himself, nor did he want to.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans][center [Open+Sans Kenta's first queries towards his classmate had gone unanswered, but he tried not to take it personally. He was probably too engrossed in his book to hear, and his voice must've been drowned by the chatter of their other classmates. No one he had gone to middle school with was in this class, much to his disappointment, so he really had no one else to speak to, other than the girl to his right who was already busily talking to another girl. His new life's difficulty had just been set a level harder, but he'll manage... somehow.

He would like to believe that his classmate was genuinely about to answer him, but their homeroom teacher arrived and simply cut him off. He sent the boy another grin before turning his head to face the front, thoughts of [i 'it's starting, it's officially starting!'] filling his mind. The woman announced that she was going to start with the roll call, and, as his surname started with words that cursed him with being one of the students called first in his classes, he had pictured himself last night what he was to do for the day to create a good impression. And yes, that included the roll call. He said [b [#f1803b "Here!"]] in an unnecessarily cheerful note and a grin on his face, to which their teacher raised an eyebrow before proceeding to call on the next student.

After everyone had been called, they were instructed to introduce themselves one by one according to their current seating arrangement. Kenta sucked in a sharp breath, rehearsing his introduction in his head once in a while as he tried to pin a name to a classmate after each one of them spoke. Soon enough, it was his turn. He took in another breath before standing up.

[b [#f1803b "Yo! I'm Aomori Kenta, sixteen years old, from Meikou Junior High."]] He paused. [i Shit. What comes next?] His eyes briefly scanned the room and stalled at the sight of a classmate who confessed to liking building mecha models. [i Oh, right. Something interesting.] He puffed up his chest and placed his hands on his hips, grinning proudly. [b [#f1803b "I [i always] score within the 95 to 100 range in karaoke!"]] Some classmates made noises of disbelief. [b [#f1803b "The karaoke master is free to be challenged."]] He grinned wider at the group from where he heard some whispers. [b [#f1803b "Let's get along for the following year!"]] he finished with a bow, before taking his seat and releasing a sigh of relief. At least that was over with.

He turned his head expectantly to the classmate who sat beside him, mouthing [i [#f1803b "You can do iiit!"]] as he silently drummed the sides of his fists on his table, hoping that he could ease his classmate's nerves, if he was even nervous in the first place. Well, a little encouragement wouldn't hurt, right?
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[center [size16 [Arapey Tome remained hunched over, hiding himself behind the book; at least his face anyway. The once peaceful silence became interrupted by the crowd of students beginning to make their way into the classroom. He wondered if they would ever get assigned seats or not. He liked his seat near the window, kind of away from everyone else. The middle of the classroom always seemed to be the most crowded, especially during breaks in-between subjects. At least he got to stay in the same class, except science which would be in the lab. Every time someone walked by, he shuddered as if he would be harmed any second.

Everyone eventually began to settle down; he sighed in relief when no one approached him. He wanted to start and end this day with no encounters. He didn't have a welcoming aura anyway. He did this with intention, of course to keep others away. Chatter had yet to cease until a louder one hushed everyone. All heads turned, but he remained staring at his book. All seat were taken except the one beside him. No one didn't want to sit by him, which was okay with him. He preferred if all the seat around him were empty.

Tome remained focused on his book, not worrying about the one who drew attention to himself. His shoulders tensed when the male student greeted him. He clawed at his book, not saying anything since he took the seat either way. He peeked over his book, glancing at the male, his face holding no expression. He hid back inside his book when he was addressed again, being asked a question. How could he know? He's just as new here as everyone else who's a freshman. He didn't respond, thinking Kenta should ask the teacher instead. His eyes widened when Kenta leaned over as he leaned back away.

This put him in an awkward position, because the nice thing to do would be to introduce himself next. [i Why isn't Mrs. Omani here yet...?] he thought. A bead of sweat dripped down his temple.

Suddenly, a loud slap of a folder hitting the desk grabbed everyone's attention. [b "Okay class, quiet down. I know it's exciting for you newcomers, but you'll behave when in my class. Got it? Now I'll take roll."]

Woah, she seemed feisty.

At least he'd be left alone for now. He placed the book down, finally revealing his face again. Slight bags were under his eyes from the lack of sleep last night, riddled with nightmares.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans][center [Open+Sans [#f1803b [b "I'm sorry I'm late!"]] A loud voice made heads turn to its owner in the classroom that was only half-filled with students. The teenager in question blinked at the room in confusion, while panting heavily with his shirt and hair slightly disheveled from the sprint he just subjected himself into. He looked down to his wristwatch, frowning, before turning his head towards the wall clock in the room.

Amidst amused looks and giggles he let out a loud, throaty groan. His older brother messed with him again. Why couldn't that guy just leave him peacefully before moving to his university's student dorms?! After heaving a sigh, he forced out laughter as a few pairs of eyes followed him step into the room.

Vibrant-colored eyes scanned the room for a free seat. Making a great impression on his classmates wasn't going so well so far---he would probably might as well be dubbed as 'the time-confused idiot.' He shuddered at the painful thought. He wasn't going to have a 'high school debut' or whatever per se, but he had decided that he was going to make high school fun for himself.

His gaze landed on a seemingly quiet classmate who was seated by the window. The guy with dark hair and equally dark eyes seemed a little detached from the class, but maybe it had only been the nerves induced by school's first day. He couldn't pinpoint exactly what, but something about him intrigued him . He, at least, didn't appear to be the type to tease Kenta for that little mistake.

He sauntered over. [#f1803b [b "Yo! Is this seat taken?"]] he asked as he placed his bag on the table's hook anyway and pulled back the chair. He took his seat and let out a relieved sigh, his body definitely needing the chance to relax after a morning filled with unnecessary adrenaline.

It didn't take long for him to end up slouching on his seat as the classroom got filled up with more students, his mind going through several worries and expectations on the school year. A concern came up on his head, and thought that maybe, his current seatmate worried about that thing as well, or at least knew what was truly going on.

[#f1803b [b "Hey, do you think we're required to join a club? Heard that's how it goes for other schools,"]] he asked, eyeing his dark-haired classmate with a small thoughtful smile. [#f1803b [b "Ah, I'm Aomori Kenta, but since you're the first person I met in school, you can just go ahead and call me Ken... or Kenta. Please take care of me, neighbor!"]] He leaned towards his classmate with a wider grin.
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[center [size16 [Arapey Tome stood on the grounds of the school, staring from outside the gates, hands clutched at the strap of his school bag. He stood there for a while, not moving an inch. Even though he wore the school uniform, some students looked at him like he was a creeper. He only gave them a cold look back. After another minute or so, he stepped inside the gates, walking distances away from everyone, almost off the path towards the doors. He hesitated at the doors, jumping out of the way when someone moved in close, frowning more. The palms of his hands were sweaty. He exhaled deeply and finally stepped inside, eyes wide. The halls were crowded as he expected on the first day, especially the office. Luckily, he had everything mailed to him in advance.

He had trouble slipping through huge groups of students. Tome held his breath and continued to use his slender and lanky form to squeeze through without anyone touching him. Once he got further away, everything became more spacious. He exhaled deeply and decided to look for his homeroom class. Room 4-C had to be upstairs, since this was a bigger building than what he was used to. No one seemed to be waiting for the teacher, so he approached the classroom and peeked inside. Only two to three students filled the room. Yet, this looked like a big class. Another unpleasant chill trailed down his spine as he swallowed hard, choosing a seat to the far left by the window.

He placed his bag on the hook and stared down at his desk, the sleeves of his uniform coat hiding most of his hands. He took out a book and started reading, trying to calm his frayed nerves. His old friends were attending this school as well, he hoped to not run into them. Hopefully, no one he knew goes here. It'd make things easier. He didn't want anyone to know about his condition. Be best to avoid them. Elementary and Junior High were tolerable, but high school is totally different.
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