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Mipha looked up towards her father as he began to speak, and she feared the worst. At first, it all seemed to be coming true. He was explaining to her that she [b had] failed everyone...and it made her cry even more than she had been a few moments ago. However...then the king made another statement, and she tilted her head in a slightly confused manner. "F-father..." She whispered gently, knowing no one heard her say it.

This was when King Dorephan started talking again, saying words that were completely different than his previous ones. He was...telling her that she had made a mistake, but the mistake was leaving. And before she knew it, the large Zora was hugging her tightly and she was wrapping her own arms around her father, crying once more. The Zora princess had no idea what to do...she felt both happy and still utterly ashamed in a way. The way she cried was a mix of gladness, but the king could sense the shame she still felt in herself.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 94d 8h 28m 27s
The king sighed as he heard the explanation of his daughter, shame was what made her escape. Shame on failing the mission so many counted on her. All was shame. Slowly he stood up and slowly walked towards Mipha with a straight imposing figure. "Yes, you failed your mission." He stated "You failed to carry out the duty placed upon you by Hyrule, the domain." Gasped were heard, was the king being serious? Why was he saying all of this. Even Link couldn't speak. "You failed everyone." Silence is the only thing that could be heard. The king lowered himself to one knee "That's what you would like me to say, punish you for failing but Mipha, my sweet daughter." He smiled patting her in the head gently. "You don't realize that you didn't fail."

He grabbed her by the shoulders "I know that you did your best, you've always succeded and never learned to fail. That's why you feel shame" He told her "The only thing you did wrong, was not coming home. Like I always told you, learn from your mistakes and don't make the same mistake twice." The king hugged her daughter, on the verge of tears. "I'm so glad you didn't die."

The kings wise words didn't go unnoticed, not even the crickets could be heard. No one could speak, no one spoke.
  Link / kirito / 1y 94d 14h 43m 39s
The Zora princess glanced around for just a second or two, taking in more expressions from many different individuals. However, the faces of her brother and father stood out more than any others. Suddenly, she felt arms wrapped around her tightly as she smiled. "I missed you, Sidon..." Mipha stated gently, as she heard everyone around them break into cheering and other happy noises. It was so heartwarming to her to see her family again, after 100 entire years.

She ended the hug with her brother, looking up at him with a smile before all eyes turned to the king. As he spoke, she slowly began to tense up. When Link interrupted her father, and she heard the Zora king's question, she knew she would have to tell the truth. Mipha could already feel herself losing composure internally, although she tried to not let it show from the outside. "Well...f-father..." The Zora princess said gently, but definitely loud enough for everyone to hear it well. "100 years ago, when I was m-making my way into Vah Ruta...right when Calamity Ganon had appeared..." She paused, looking around as she felt even more ashamed...before even saying anything that would make her feel as such. "A malicious scourge had sprung a trap...but I was lucky enough that this trap had been sprung early. Instead of trapping me inside, I ended up being booted out of my divine beast. I f-felt like I...f-failed all of you...and..." Mipha could hear herself stutter as she was losing her conformity, which was not a usual thing for her. The closest she would ever get to that would be tensing up, but this was worse. Much worse. "I h-hid away...from the D-Domain...for the past 100 y-years..." The Zora princess felt tears forming in her eyes. "I w-wasn't thinking s-straight...and l-left you all when I should have s-stayed to protect you..." There was another awkward moment of silence, as one single tear fell from her eye to the ground and made a tiny noise. "F-father...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." She went silent afterwards, and the only noises that could be heard were gentle sobs...coming from the princess herself.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 107d 4h 26m 11s
The king tried to stay serious but the love for his daughter could not be hidden. He was about to stand up and greet his daughter but was too late when the prince sprinted towards her and gently embraced her long lost kin. "Welcome home, Mipha." The townsfolk, who had followed them, broke out in a cheer. People started hugging each other, their champion was back, she did not perish as people originally thought.

The king raised his hand for silence, and the people became quiet. The king would speak.

"Mipha, how... when..." For the first time, the king could not complete a full sentence, just like everyone else he was shocked. But he took a deep breath and spoke. "Link, I do not know how you do it." He said "But not only did you free the divine be-"

"I'm sorry your majesty." Link interrupted "But this is not my handiwork." 

"Then, how are you alive Mipha?" The king asked, and all eyes averted to the princess.
  Link / kirito / 1y 109d 12h 6m 36s
Mipha was glad to have Link's support in this, and his hand on her shoulder helped her stay somewhat calm as she walked through the Domain. She listened to all the remarks of disbelief, but also heard all of the ones of joy. The opinions of the other Zora were quite various, which caused her to become even more nervous as she walked up the stairs to the throne room. How would her own father react to her return...if he even believed it was her? Then again, he was her father...so he'd [b have] to understand. Right?

As the Zora princess entered the large room, she could see her father's expression of pure surprise. The same goes for for the advisor...and another familiar Zora with an unmistakable appearance. He had walked up to her, being the first one in the room to speak. "S-Sidon?" Mipha stuttered unintentionally as the sound of her gentle words broke the silence. She wanted to go crazy, and run up to her younger brother. The Zora princess wanted to ask for forgiveness for hiding away from the Domain, and hug him. She wanted to do the exact same thing to her father as well, but knew she had to stay conformed. "Young brother...I missed you..." She said to the Zora prince, smiling lightly.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 144d 56m 0s
Link saw the faces of the sora as they came into view. Some of disbelieve, others of plain denial. Link placed a reasuring hand on her shoulder amd gave her a warm smile as they walked into the domain.

"Lady Mipha..." some said "Its not possible..." "its a miracle." "She's alive!" Different reactions trailed the place, all activities stopped, everything just stopped as all eyes were seeing Mipha. They kept walking up the stairs towards the throne room. Link let Mipha go first. As soon as her face was revealed the kings eyes opened widely, the advisor opened his mouth to speak but only muffled souds came out. Finally, the prince was the one that was able to speak. "Mipha... it can't be."
  Link / kirito / 1y 147d 5h 9m 18s
After letting a few seconds of silence pass, the Zora princess heard Link explain going back to the Domain...and then possibly helping him. "Of course I'll help you, Link." She said, a small smile growing upon her face. "I don't want to let you or anyone else down ever again." She said with confidence in her voice, although it still sounded gentle. "I'll follow you wherever you need to go to get this kingdom restored to peace, after we are done in the Domain." Mipha stated to him softly, yet still with that same determination that was in her.

Soon, she had started to lead him back to where he had come from...the Domain. They eventually reached the long and extended bridge, with arches over the top of it every foot or so forward. "I'm actually quite nervous...I do not know how everyone will react." The Zora princess said with a slight shakiness in her tone of voice. "I'm sure it will go alright, I just have an awkward feeling in my heart." She admitted, sighing and closing her eyes for a few seconds as they were about halfway across the bridge by now. Mipha could already see the Zora guards at the entrance noticing her. "Let's just hope everything goes smoothly." She stated as they finally walked into the Domain, with everyone staring at them.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 154d 4h 37m 39s
Link heard her with curiosity and it took his utmost attention. He understood why she did what she did. That kind of failure, when the whole of Hyrule is watching you and the duty placed upon you is not complete... you wouldn't want to face anyone again. He wouldve done the same, dissapeared, done whatever he could from the shadows. But thankfully, she now sees the wrong in her ways.

Link stepped away and smiled at her. "Well, let's go back then." He said bowing respectfully to her. "Once you're done, I do hope you'll come help me."

Link meant that, after dealing with the first beast he doubted he could do the rest alone. He would prefer having someone he could trust beside him.
  Link / kirito / 1y 154d 5h 11m 13s
The Zora princess listened intently as her old friend explained how he had fought the scourge inside of Vah Ruta. "So I was right...Vah Ruta is now free..." She sighed and smiled slightly, taking in the information. "That's why I could feel my connection with it restored..." She said afterwards, pausing once more for a little longer.

Mipha's face turned much more solemn than it had been before as she started to speak again. "Alright, I will tell you of how I survived all this time." She stated with a strong tone, although somehow still gentle at the same time. "This may not all make sense to you...as you do not have all of your memories. However, I think you will be able to comprehend most of what I am about to say." There was another pause as the Zora looked down and then back up at Link, a weird look in her eyes that hadn't been shown before that moment.

"On that day over a century ago...that very day that the other Champions had been murdered and you had allegedly died...an extremely lucky event had fortunately come upon me. When Calamity Ganon had suddenly emerged from the castle and began destroying everything in his path, I had rushed to my Divine Beast as soon as possible. The other Champions did the same, having to go through multitudes of Guardians and other monsters to reach their beasts. Ganon, having already come up with a clever plan, had already taken control of Naboris...Rudania...Medoh...and Ruta. When each of the other Champions had entered, he sprung his trap and unleashed a malicious scourge. Unfortunately, our comrades were all murdered." Mipha paused, finally. She had to breathe for a small portion of time, making sure to recall everything that she could.

"When I had gotten to my beast, however...Ganon sprung his trap too early. Whether a miracle or not, the forcefield that was meant to encase me inside of Vah Ruta to be unable to escape its scourge..." The Zora princess trailed off, closing her eyes and contemplating things once more. "Well, it had appeared just a second before I had fully entered the beast. Rather than trapping me, it seemed to produce a shockwave that knocked me completely away from Ruta. I didn't know what to do after that...while I was just swimming there in the water..." She sighed as her expression slowly darkened even more, although it was obvious that she was trying to hold onto her conformity and composure.

"I had felt...like a failure. I didn't want to confront my family after that...I felt like it was my fault for all of the death and suffering. I felt as if...I could have done so much more if I had just been a little bit faster." Each time Mipha paused, the situation seemed to be even more solemn with each passing second. "So I hid away. I found a secret place to call home for the past 100 years...so I wouldn't have to confront the Domain ever again. However, now that you are back...and now that I have contemplated things over...I believe it is time for me to be truthful. I need to go back into the Domain and show that I am alive...and that I can still be their princess." Mipha let out a long, held out breath as she sighed once again.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 156d 39m 49s
Link sighed, Mipha was right. For some reason everyone was counting on him doing it. It was his destiny, what the previous hero did along with the princess. He did hope his memories would come back, he did hope he could remember more. But right now that was important.

"I'm more interested im the how, not the why." Link spoke with curiosity. "The scourge I just defeated was not easy, all escape routes blocked, it was fight and had a very surprising range. Let alone the arsenal of attacks at its disposal. How did you get out of there? What were you doing the past 100 years." Dont be mistaken, link was very grateful on seeing her alive. He just wondered how she did it, did she try breaching the castle? Did she search for the others? Too many questions came up in his head. It wouldnt be good to bombard her right now.
  Link / kirito / 1y 156d 5h 14m 51s
Mipha listened to Link's words intently, making sure to take in everything that she could. Afterwards, she looked at him for a few seconds with a concerned expression. "So you don't remember everything..." She nodded slowly, understanding that he was being truthful in the situation. "Well...from the way you are describing it, it seems that you are slowly regaining those memories as time goes on." The Zora princess said gently, with a hopeful smile spread across her face.

"Maybe one day, you'll recall your entire past...and remember everyone else that held you dear. Urbosa...Daruk...and even Revali, to a degree...they all did care about you whether they showed it or not. You may not know those names now...but I hope you will be able to some day." She said faithfully, but still with the soft tone that made her voice her own.

"Everything you had been told, besides the part about every Champion being dead, is true. Zelda has been trapped inside Hyrule Castle for such a long time...it worries me to know that her power is waning and becoming weaker with every passing day. However...I do believe that you will be able to bring peace back to this land. Even without all of your memories, you're still the same hero I recall you to be." Mipha said with a smile once again, looking at her old friend.

The Zora princess blinked her eyes a few times, letting the slight solemnity of the moment pass before continuing. "You surely must want me to tell you of why I am still alive to this day...yes?" She inquired him, with a more serious look on her face than before.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 156d 23h 33m 26s
How could he answer? She was alive! She actually took the trident. "I remember somethings..." he sighed answering her question. She explained vaguley, very vaguley might he add, that she was alive.

His head dropped when she said he had perished. He didn't know if he had, everyome says a mortal wound but nothing else... "I... dont know to be honest." He told her "I lost my memory once I awoke at the shrin of resurrection. I remember some things about you, mainly... what you meant for me." He sighed scratching the back of his head. "Aside from that, I only know what I've been told. Zelda is in hyrule castle keeping ganon at bay, all the champions had perished, I am supposed to free all the divine beasts and beat ganon." He laughed at the thought. "Thats all I know.
  Link / kirito / 1y 156d 23h 46m 18s
Mipha watched as Link had noticed her and reacted. She could see the shock...and then the joy...in his eyes. After a few seconds of silence, he had extended his arm out with her trident in hand...giving it back to her. The Zora princess placed her own hand upon the weapon, gently taking it and placing it into her own grasp. "Thank you, Link." She smiled lightly as she said this with the same and familiar voice of gentleness that she was known for having.

After another bout of silence, Mipha spoke up once more. "Do you...remember me?" She inquired Link as she took her attention off of her Lightscale Trident and back onto him. "If you do...you must have a lot of questions." The Zora sighed and closed her eyes for a brief period of time, opening them again afterwards. "You see...I was never actually killed..." She admitted to him honestly, having her own self as the proof. "Throughout all this time that I've actually been alive...I thought you had perished..." Her voice had seemingly turned solemn as she thought of Link being dead.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 157d 2m 14s
Link walked across the path looking at the trident. Everyone was so fond of Mipha, they had respect, admiration, love. He didn't deserve a weapon like this. He was thinking on placing it on Vah Ruta as a sort of tombstone. So it would live forever, making everyone remember who she was and how she died, a hero.

Then, he heard a voice, a voice he thought he would never hear again. His elf ears streightened out as he looked up. And he couldn't believe his eyes, he couldn't even move. Link just stood there. Mipha... his oldest friend, the one who picked him up when he was down... the one who was always there for him. He openes his mouth to speak, to ask her so many questions, she didn't look like a spirit... she looked alive. But what came out of his mouth as he exctended his hand was "I think this teident belongs to you.
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As she continued to look out over her home, unaware of the ceremony for Link that was taking place, new thoughts began to enter her mind. How would her family, the advisers, and the civilians react to her return? Would they be happy...or angry? Mipha sighed and closed her eyes, going deep into her mind to contemplate these questions. She knew that she had made a mistake...and then she had made another by hiding herself from her own home. Maybe going back could fix all of this and return things to the way they were supposed to be.

Suddenly, a new figure walked out of the throne room of the Domain...and he was holding a very familiar weapon. "My Lightscale trident..." She said in disbelief. "It survived after all these years?" The Zora princess asked herself as she walked to a cliff that was much closer to her home. After closer inspection, she realized something about the man who had been holding her old weapon. "Blonde hair...those little earrings...on those long and pointy ears...and a Sheikah Slate on his hip..." She whispered to herself as the identity of the man dawned upon her even more. "That's...Link!" Mipha exclaimed, a smile spreading across her face as she jumped into the waters surrounding her home.

Deciding to confront her old friend...who was a little more than an old friend to [b her], at least...she swam to a waterfall close to the entrance of the Domain and ascended up it gracefully. She landed with a light thump and was already making her way towards a place on the path, soon noticing that Link was indeed going along said path towards her area. She knew that he would see her eventually...so she prepared herself to answer a lot of questions as he got nearer. "Hey..." The Zora princess said nervously, but gently to get his attention.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 1y 157d 2h 7m 26s

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