A Princess' Resurgance

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This is just a personal roleplay for me and me alone. I'm creating this as a place to roleplay with myself, basically.

Anyways, this is a Link x Mipha ship for Breath of the Wild. That's about it, besides that some of you will most likely find this to just be a pile of cringe. Don't request to join, as I have already said this is for me alone. However, if you want to read this once I start posting, feel free to do so.


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After a long bout of silence, Mipha could hear...sobbing. She looked down, around the base of Vah Ruta. No one was there...no one at all. "Strange..." She mumbled to herself as she continued to search around the mechanical elephant, still finding nothing. The woeful crying of...whoever was crying...had to have a source. However...where was this source?

A small vision inside of the young princess' mind soon began to show itself out of nowhere, popping up in her head and ears like how an Octorok would emerge from the ground. The vision was of...a man. No, it was more than that. It was...a warrior...a knight...a strong being of determination. However, one aspect stuck out above all the rest. In the vision...he was the one sobbing. After looking a bit closer in her mind, she realized who the man really was. "Link..." Mipha whispered to herself solemnly, sighing afterwards and wondering what to do.

"Where is he?" She inquired the vision in her head. Almost as if it heard her every word, it began to show more of the reality of things. Link...the Champion...was at the Temple of Time itself. He was...kneeling before a large statue, resembling the Goddess of the land...who was known as Hylia. This 'Hylia' was also the one who was even allowing Mipha to see these visions...so this must be something extremely important.

The raspy, almost unused voice of the Champion in the vision seemed to emanate through the Zora princess' ears like he was standing right in front of her. However, she still knew that this was only in her mind...although it was definitely real. "Help me..." He had said quietly, praying to Hylia. "I need guidance...a sign...anything...that will hep me through this hell." Link said through tears, trying to hold his composure at a decent enough level. Whatever had happened to him to cause this dismay and sadness must have been utterly horrible.

"Why..." Mipha started, pausing for a few more seconds to put her thoughts together into an adequate form. "Why are you showing me this?" She asked, communicating to Hylia and trying to seek answers. However, there was no vocal reply from the Goddess. Instead, a strange glow surrounded the Zora princess almost instantly. "W-what?" She stuttered nervously, but still with the gentle tone of voice that she always had when speaking. Soon, the glow left...and was gone entirely, along with the vision of Link. Something now felt...different. Mipha couldn't exactly figure it out...until she looked down at herself. Didn't [b she] used to have a slight glow, even before Hylia had done whatever she did? Yes...she definitely used to have some sort of illumination that came off of her. However, where was it now? What had happened to it?

After putting the pieces together, Mipha truly realized what happened. "Wait a second...am I alive?" She asked herself, with the only other one to hear being Vah Ruta. Previous of everything that had happened, the Zora girl had been murdered by a malicious scourge. She had only been a spirit for all these years, sitting atop the mechanical elephant and keeping faith in the good of the world. The Champion in her visions-Link, of course-had somehow been revived after 100 years of being dead...and he had saved her spirit from being forever trapped. However, her spiritual glow was now...completely gone. She could truly [b feel] herself again...and she didn't know why.
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The Zora princess lightly stepped across the top of an ancient machine. "Vah Ruta..." She had said with a gentle voice...one that couldn't be matched. "How was it like...being possessed and all?" She inquired out loud, conversing to the creation she was standing upon.

Upon closer inspection of the machine, it could be known that it was modeled after an elephant. If observed even closer than that, it could also be noticed that a strange energy was flowing through each crevice of its design. What was this energy? Well, it wasn't energy at all...it was life.

The mechanical elephant, which was the 'Vah Ruta' that the Zora princess was referring to, lifted its large trunk and let out a blasting roar that could shatter the sky itself, almost as if the clouds were made of glass. Afterwards, it lowered its appendage back to the position it was in earlier...back towards a castle in the [b far] distance.

"Oh...I see." The girl stated with a slightly quieter voice than usual. "I will not pry any more than you desire, my friend." She sighed and looked out over the land, going quiet once more and waiting for something else to happen.
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