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Elsa smiled weakly as she listened to what Diamond had to say. She knew this day would come, but she hasn’t planned on it being so soon. Why did children have to be so cruel? [b “That’s just... outrageous.”] she told the girl. [b “You’re my daughter no matter what. You’re the Princess of Arndelle. And if they do not agree with that, then they are not welcome and I will certainly tell their parents that.”] she said.

She rolled her eyes as she listened to Choal speak of Prince Normal. [b “Regardless of who is mother is, and how smart he is, that doesn’t give him the right to speak rudely to the Princess. She’s the Crown Princess... Do they not realize that she’ll rule one day?”] she questioned. [b “She is so bright, and nice, she wouldn’t hurt a fly unless she absolutely had too.. Why can’t Children be nice? I don’t know what to do. I didn’t have to deal with this growing up... No one knew I had powers back then.”] she said. She thought after Choal volunteered to teach her self defense. [b “Would you?”]
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Diamond looked down as Choal picked her up so Diamon would still be looking at her mother's face. "The other Lady's and Princess said I wasn't a real princess because you adopted me. That it doesn't make me one of them. Andy said I had my thinking face on and came over to cheer me up with Prince Norman. Prince Norman said if I smiled I would feel better and look better to show the world it didn't matter. He threw the snowball because he wanted a snowball fight." She whispered as Choal was silent on the matter as he let mother and daughter go he stayed down with Shadow trying to cool his anger when he looked up at the woman he was in love with.

Choal sighed "More what those Princesses and Lady's said instead to start the whole thing. I think Prince Norman just didn't understand really he is not the smartest and I have heard his father saying those exact words to his mother. She was of lower status like me so the weight of the crown was heavier on her brow. I think Norman got his messages mixed up. Still a brat." He huffed as he looked at her "I could teach her self-defense but it wouldn't do much if she is too shy to use it."
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Elsa smiled weakly as she seen the little girl walked out of the pitch black corner, with Choal right behind her. [b “What is this that I hear about Andy getting in a fight with Prince Norman? What did he say to you?”] she asked.

Later that night, after Diamond was already in the bed, she was headed to the Front Lawn, she had a sense that Choal would be down there with Shadow. She didn’t know why, but she had a sense.

[b “I thought I would find you down here.”] she said. [b “I’m still fuming over what Prince Norman said to Diamond... I’m at a loss on what to do. I know she has her powers, but she’s so afraid to even use them...”]
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"Oh, this happened before he came out so that is why I punched him. Dia hasn't left his side since and the other kids do not want to go near him." Andy said as he looked at his mother. Anna shook her head she couldn't exactly scold her son for standing up for his cousin so she just took his hand thinking about how a lesson on how not to get caught would be needed. "Alright." She said and let her sister go.

"Over here, Mama!" She yelled as Choal had taken off his outer jacket and spread it out like a blanket for them to sit on with Shadow draped over both him and Diamond as she smiled "Choal was naming the stars." The little girl said as she pointed up and sure enough, the corner was just dark enough and the surrounding walls block most of the light from the party which means there was a clear view of the stars above.
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Elsa chuckled as she heard her sister. She knew that meant something bad had just happened, or that Andy was in trouble. She followed behind her sister. [b “Kristoff can’t stop grinning.”] she said with a grin herself. [b “It must not be that bad.”]

She frowned as Andy told them what had happened. [b “Where is Diamond now? Was Choal not outside?”] she questioned. She knew that it was almost time for everyone to sit down and eat, but Diamond was more important. [b “Anna, tell the staff they can start serving our guests. I’ll be back shortly.”]

She picked up the front of her dress and whisked away to the Balcony. [b “Choal? Diamond?”] she questioned. She smiled weakly as she seen Diamond in the corner. [b “Dia?”]
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Anna smiled at Elsa softly realizing that her sister had fallen for a man she barely knew. Anna wanted to tease her about but the joy on her sister's face and new niece's face weren't worth the tease. "I can see how peaceful Diamond is with him and that is worth a lot." She said to her sister smiling at the picture of the two on the balcony. "Uh-oh," Anna said turning to see Kristoff walking towards them with a hand on the back of Andy's next. "What happened?" Anna asked them as Andy huffed.

"Our son inherited your right hook apparently." Kristoff stated as Andy huffed again "Prince Norman said that Diamond would be cuter if she smiled more and teased her for not smiling and giggling like the other girls." Andy said and Kristoff looked at Anna like this is our son. "Diamond was just sitting there ignoring him and he went to throw a snowball at her so I punched him."
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Elsa was beaming as they walked through the halls of the Castle. She still couldn’t believe that Choal had came back. She knew Diamond had missed Shadow and Choal as well. Probably more Shadow, but they wouldn’t tell Choal that. [b “I think having Shadow around again will help her too.”]

She watched as Choal walked through the Ball Room and then headed outside to the Balcony to eat with Diamond. She was glad that Choal cared for Diamond, that would make this situation all the more easier.

She turned to look Anna when she walked up beside her. [b “He came back... He said their was a mother and her little girl that he had grown attached too... Hes going to take citizenship of Arndelle.”] she explained. [b “I don’t think he’ll leave again, Anna... I wish you could’ve seen Diamond when she seen him and shadow.”
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Choal looked at Elsa as he held her hand softly in his rough ones. He mostly did it because he was used to killing with his hands and he was afraid if he didn't focus he hurt Elsa. "She doesn't like people staring at her. She'll overcome it, just like you did." He said as they began their walk to the ballroom he leaned down to avoid getting smack by some door decoration that was hanging a little too low. He looked at Elsa with wide eyes surprised by the kiss as he smiled "I had you to return to."

Choal walked to the ballroom to grab food for him and Diamond as he snuck more than enough sweets for the little girl. Walking out he nodded to Shadow who brought Diamond over and they sat and ate their meal in peace. With Diamond telling Choal which noble each of the children belongs too Choal made a mental note of which ones were missing to ask Elsa about later.

Anna walked up behind her sister with a smile "So tall, dark, and handsome returns..." She trailed off with a smile "I hope he stays this time you and Diamond were so sad without them here."
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Elsa walked over to the window with Choal and noticed Diamond was away from the group of children playing in the courtyard. [b “Anna had me... Until the night she got hurt... I- she was fast, I wasn’t.”] she explained [b I think Diamond is afraid that she would hurt one of them... I don’t know how exactly to get her away from that thought... I hurt Anna and I distanced myself for years.”]

She smiled softly as Choal spoke. She noticed that he didn’t want to leave Shadow alone either. [b “If you and Diamond would like to eat out of the balcony that is fine... I’d much rather have you at my side, but I know Diamond doesn’t like these parties... She really isn’t need until she’s introduced as the crown Princess..”] she explained.

She went to walk back to the Ball Room, but she froze in the middle of the room. [b “Choal..”] she said soflty [b “I’m really glad that you came back.”] She ran over and kissed his cheek with a blush before she ran out.
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Choal eyes grew dark and nodded "She is watching the other kids." He said softly leading her over to the window. "It is too bad Anna did not have a little girl to play with." He said to her noticing how Diamond had distance herself slightly as the boys played. "Not having a friend with the same status as you can be difficult." He mused as Nannies ushered the kids inside for dinner. Choal noticed Diamond not wanting to leave Shadow alone.

Choal smiled "Why dont we meet on the balcony I can get Shadow there she will be away from the guests so not to startle them." Choal said much like diamond he couldn't leave the wolf outside.
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Elsa grinned as she heard Choal say there was a little girl and her mother that he and a Shadow had grown quite attached too. [b “I swear. If you’re talking about some village maid that you met, I’m going to be very upset.”] she said softly. [b “You can’t leave us again... Not without saying goodbye at least.”]

She blushed softly and glanced down at the floor. She was nervous, Choals as giving her butterflies in her stomach. [b “I think it’s time that we return to the party... Else some Lady will start some horrible rumor about us!”]

She took his hand before she glanced up at him. [b “We should go fine Diamond. It’s time for dinner.. I’m sure you and Shadow are both hungry?”] she questioned as they walked out of the study.
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"Notice how I have been calling him King not father?" He pointed out to her sighing "My mother had powers like mine except she could never manifest them like I can. The King was afraid and wanted a weapon." Choal said as he looked at her as he smiled at her softly. "I think it would be for the best you see there is a little girl and her mother that we seemed to be attached to and I don't think Shadow would let me live it down if we left again." He said to her softly.

Downstairs Diamond was petting Shadows fur watching Andy and the boys play. She was a little nervous because she didn't know how to connect with the girls her age because they only cared about dresses and ribbons. Diamond wanted to know what the other kingdoms were like and if they had any customs. Biting her lip she sighed softly wondering how to talk to the other kids. So, she sat with Shadow petting her fur she gotten along with the bookstore owner son, William, but he had been sick recently and this was a royal event so the villagers would not have been invited.
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Elsa was shocked to hear that Choal was actually a Prince, though his Kingdom didn’t grant him that title. [b “He couldn’t have adopted you... Diamond is adopted, but I’ve already declared that she’s to take over my crown some day..”] she explained. [b “No offense, but your father seems like a complete jerk.”]

She couldn’t help but grin as he told her he wanted to make sure that he was actually wanted in her Kingdom. [b “I missed you.. Diamond obviously missed you. I have a feeling that she knew you would be back though... But of course I want you here.”]

[b “If you leave again... I’ll be heartbroken.”] she admitted. [b “Will you and Shadow taken citizenship of Arndelle?”]
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Choal smiled at her happy to have gotten some answers as he was happy to know she had wanted him in Arndelle. "I did not say goodbye because I knew I was coming back in a matter of weeks to say hello again." He told her as they moved to the study. "I had been thinking about leaving the kingdom since I was a teenager but you were the one that actually helps me make the final decision."

"You see I'm the heir to the throne. I'm the king's firstborn son but since my mother was a maid I was not allowed to claim the title of Prince. I was trained as a solider to be a general so that if the King never had another son I could take the throne as someone he 'trusted'. He had another son this time with his wife and my mother forgotten. I was still raised as a solider so I could pay back the debts through working in the army for the money he had already put into my training." Choal said.

"I left after bringing you home because I wanted you to think about if you wanted me in your kingdom. I wanted to make sure it was not out of pity or saddness but because you actually wanted me in your home."
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Elsa lavished the feeling of Choals hand as they moved to the dance floor of the ballroom. She knew everyone was wondering just who this mysterious man was. [b “You look a lot better than the last time I saw you.”] she whispered.

[b “I could’ve done something to help you though... You didn’t have to leave.”] she said simply. [b “I could’ve granted you citizenship to Arndelle.. I don’t understand why you left.. I was so upset with you. You didn’t say goodbye...”]

They danced for what seemed like forever. Not once did they stop, no one dared to interrupt the Queen and the Suitor. She froze when he all but said he had missed her. [b “I’m dizzy.”] she said with a laugh. [b “Anna. Won’t you call on the kitchen staff. Tell them to start serving the food... We’ll be right back.”] she said as she took Choals hand and all but dragged him to her study. [b “You and Shadow missed us?”] she questioned. [b “I was so upset... because I didn’t want you to go. I wanted you to stay in Arndelle with me... But you just left...”] she said softly. [b “Are you going to tell me the rest of the story or just stare at me with that stupid grin.”]
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