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Choal raised a brow at slowing the training but he understood, he didn't want the girl to grow up knowing only of war like he did but at the same time he didn't want to break away because it could set her back physically. "Most of that look was because someone said that normal animals would hate her because she was a witch. A growl from Shadow and Sven silence them but if you are concerned why not have her attempt to make her own." He said to her as a suggestion "You made Olaf why not give her the challenge."

He halted at the mention of threats and tensed before sighing reining in his shadows. He couldn't let her see that demon as he looked at the moon "Him knowing about Diamond is not surprising in fact it probably insulted him more. A lot of the kingdoms allies are still doing trade with them so he would have gotten word through trade routes." He said speaking like a general as he sighed "The kids shouldn't be allowed into town. I will talk to the Duke my powers are not as well known as yours most do not know I have he will see me as a General that abandons his kingdom for something more. He will be nasty but I have ways to make him rethink touching you and Diamond."
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Andy’s birthday ball had went off without a hitch. Elsa finally had Choal as her escort, which is something she’d been pining for since he came to Arndelle. Andy got his own horse that he had been asking for since he had learned how to ride. She had sensed that Diamond was a little jealous because she still had learned how to ride, but they were so focused on her trainings with Choal and herself.

[b “I think we need to give Diamond a break on training... Did you see her face when Andy was given the horse? It took me a long time to learn because of my powers... They moved all of my body and I was afraid I would hurt my horse...”] she told Choal as they walked through the garden. Everyone had gone home, but the moon was beautiful tonight, so her had convinced him for a night stroll. [b “But Diamond is already so much more controlled than I was when I was her age.”]

She had something that she had been meaning to tell Choal, but she was nervous on what his reaction would be. Kristoff almost flipped his lid when Anna told him. [b “Arndelle has been receiving war threats.”] she said at last [b “The Duke of Weselten has been sending them for years now, but they’re getting more and more descriptive. He despises magic with everything in him, and somehow he found out about Diamond.”]
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Choal smiled at her softly as she got excited seeing the four children. "The boy comes with his father to repair the books in the library that need mending. It is how they met the boy found Diamond reading one of the books his father needed to repair and they struck up a conversation." He shook his head with a smile as if he were looking at a memory more than retelling something he saw.

"She met the boys sister when Andy sneaked her out for one of his outings with Kristoff. The girl is a spitfire like Andy so I think Diamond gravitated towards her because of that." Choal stated before his eyes flickered slightly as if he were coming out of that state.
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Elsa grinned as Choal snorted with laughter at her comment. [b “Thats very true... I’m sure between you and Andy himself, the poor girl won’t have a chance with a suitor.”] she said. Choal was indeed right, it amazed Elsa. The little boy who seemed very upset that they would have another child in the Castle, was now one of her greatest protectors. Between him, Choal and Shadow, the little girl was unreachable.

She giggled like a little school girl as Choal whisked her around on the dance floor. [b “I think you’ve improved... Have you been sneaking lessons that I don’t know about?”] she questioned. She watched as Choal kept his eyes either on the royal children that had upset Diamond, or Diamond herself. [b “She’s fine, Choal. Andy is with her, and I can see Shadow actually lurking in the corner.”] she said with a soft smile. [b “Our girl is protected.”]

She watched as some of the town children had gifted Andy and Diamond with books. Her heart swelled as Diamonds face lit up as a little girl who seemed to be her age sat down beside her. [b “We’ll have to invite them for dinner or something... Let the children play. Or we’ll have to start letting Diamond venture out... She asks all the time now.”]
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Choal snorted at her "I do like how you actually think any suitor will have that chance with Andy by her side." He said to her laughing as he ushered her down the steps and it was the truth. After the last party, Andy had become furiously protective of his younger cousin. Even now at his own party, the strawberry blonde was dancing his cousin away from the very girls that had teased her months ago.

Choal took Elsa's hand as they danced with the two before Choal seemed to shoot a glare at a group of royal children. They all stop shivering in fear as he smirked at them knowing the nightmares he could induce on them if they so much as had thought of hurting one of his girls. However, this event wasn't just royals as kids from the town were present as well. The bookkeeper's children were close to the prince and princess and he had never seen Diamond light up more than when they had given her a story book.
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Elsa has walked out last, but it was just enough time to see Choal swing Diamond around. They were a sight those two. Diamond was completely crazy over Choal. He was another constant for her, like Zelda had become. It was almost like mother like Daugter, as Elsa was star struck over Choal.. He hung the moon in their eyes.

[b “Oh my goodness.”] she said as she walked over closer to Choal as he held his arm out. He looked amazing. [b “Lady Quinn went above and beyond... Choal, I love it.”] she said softly. [b “I’ve never seen anything like it.”] She watched as Diamond and Andy walked down, and then Kristoff escorting Anna. [b “I hate to think about it... But in a few years, Diamond might have someone else to escort her besides Andy...”] she whispered.

[i “Queen Elsa and Sir Choal of Arndelle.”] one of the guards bellow. She smiled weakly as she glanced at Choal one last time. This was the first event that she had an Escort, the first event that she didn’t have to mingle with anyone she didn’t want.
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Choal smiled at her "Other than the tailor I think I am open for my queen and princess." He smiled at her softly as they walked. "I think riding would be great it would be nice for her to have a horse of her own plus she have something to take care of." They talked and Choal did as he promised and saw the tailor and was very hushed about the appointment with everyone. There was a reason though.

Choal smiled as he bent over and picked up Diamond swinging her around as she let out a delightful giggled. His suit was of the darkest of blues that was almost black with the mint and aqua stitching made it look as if Elsa and Diamond's powers were dancing across the fabric. "Diamond come on we are next!" Andy yelled as Choal sat her down and she grabbed her cousin's hand the butlers stabling the two fixings them before their announcement into the hall.

"Surprised?" Choal asked Elsa as he offered her his arm with a smile on his face as he knew that he had been when the tailor told him of her plans for his suit for the evening. "I hope you like it because the woman made eight more similar to it for the next few events."
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Elsa couldn’t keep the smile off her face if she had wanted too. [b “You’re very much right. Kristoff was worse off than you when he first got involved with my sister.”] she expained [b “I thought he was NEVER going to get used to the Tailored Clothes.. It was a big adjustment for him.”] she explained. [b “I try to understand... But this is the only life I’ve ever known. I’m kind of clueless when it comes to everything else.”]

[b “I don’t think she’s scared... I just don’t think she understands what you’re capable of.. Maybe you should show them?”] She wrapped her arm through his as they walked back inside the Castle. [b “What does your day look like tomorrow? I was thinking it would be a nice day for a ride.”] she said. [b “Diamonds been begging me to teach her how to ride, but I’m still quite nervous... Maybe after Andy’s birthday party.”]

Andy’s birthday party had came quite fast. It was like everyone had blinked and it was time. Diamond has been dressed in a light mint dress, while Elsa was in her signature aqua. She was quite excited for this party, unlike the last, she had an official escort.
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Choal looked at her and nodded "Then we will do that I will always be there Elsa. Even if you cannot see me I will be a part of the shadows looking out for you." He said to her as he held her close to him with a sigh. "Besides I'm at least used to the tightness of court clothes so I'm at least better off then Kristoff." He said as they began to walk back inside he looked at her.

"Speaking of I think your sister is starting to make the connection between my powers and the shadows. You do not think she will be afraid of them I would hate for that to happen."
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Elsa couldn’t help but smile weakly as Choal wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. If he didn’t want to be there with her, then he definitely wouldn’t have done that... right? She listened as Choal explained why he had been avoiding the tailor. He was right. They were always scheduled after or before Diamonds. It was just to keep the little girl busy. Andy had been busy training with Kristoff himself. Anna has been planning Andys birthday. Everyone was busy... But really the one Diamond always wanted was Choal. She shivered as she felt his thumb rub her cheek. She smiled softly as she glanced up at him.

[b “I... I didn’t think about it like that. You’re right. Diamond is gaining confidence, which I love, don’t get me wrong. But the poor child is nosey as can be.”] she said with a giggle. [b “If... If I took Diamond out myself tomorrow for training.. would you meet with Lady Quinn then? I’ll tell her that we want it a little loose..”] she explained [b “Or you can dress yourself. Whatever you like. I don’t care, Choal... I just want you by my side.”]
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Choal sighed he knew it was not demanded as he looked around before wrapping his arm around her waist and pulled her in. "I want to and will be there. I avoided the tailor because it was always paired with Diamond's fittings while you were at meetings." He said softly as he took a breath. "I did not want Diamond to see how bad it could have gotten for her had she not found you." He said rubbing Elsa cheek with his thumbs so she could look at him.

"I don't usually see tailors. I always bought off the rack and fitted it myself to avoid people asking questions about my past and my job. Diamond is gaining more confidence and with that, she is asking questions. There is no easy way to explain my scars and I did not want either of you losing sleep." Choal kissed her forehead gently. "Besides if those Dandies from the last party show up I rather have slightly looser clothes to show them not to mess with Diamond."
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Elsa watched as Diamond ran off into the Castle to find Andy. They had grown into the best of friends over the time that Diamond had been adopted into their royal family. [b "She adores you."] she said as she looked back at Choal. She couldn't help but chuckle as Choal questioned the cookies.

[b "Lady Quinn asked me why you hadn't been to see her yet... With Andrew's party coming up... I'm sure you can see why it's stressing her out.. Myself included."] she said. [b "Do.... Do you even want to come?"] she looked down toward the ground with a weak smile on her face. [b "I... I... I want you there... with me.. As my escort."] she muttered.. The queen was muttering, this was new. She hadn't felt this way before, and it honestly scared her. [b "But only if that's something you want... I don't want you to think it's a demand."] she said softly.

[b "I'm just confused. You all but said the reason you came back was because you missed us... And I told you I was so sad when you left... You didn't even say goodbye... Somewhere along the way, I fell for you... And I've never felt that way about anyone. I'm used to the suitors falling at my feet... and you don't. Which I love, don't get me wrong... But... damn it. You drive me crazy."]
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Choal was gentle with training mostly because he was afraid that his normal training methods would not suit the small Princess. However, they learned together what he and Diamond needed first it was just normal stuff to give her the basics of a normal child. The little girl still had episodes where her lungs would burn and Choal would make her stop even if she wasn't ready like now. "I think that would be a good idea." He said as Dai pouted.

She ran off anyways knowing if she didn't listen Choal wouldn't train her the next day then she would be sore. Choal looked at Elsa with a tilted head "Why do I feel like cookies aren't the reason you came out?" he asked her when she brought up the royal tailor. He flinched he had thought he would be able to get away with avoiding the tailor. "I've been with Diamond." He said pathetically which was not a complete lie considering whenever Elsa couldn't be with her Choal usually there. Choal sighed weakly at her.
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It had been two months since Choal had taken citizenship of Arndelle, and Elsa couldn’t have been happier. Things were going so smoothly now. He helped her with Diamond, especially when it came to training, while she had more experience with the frozen powers, Choal had more defense training. She wanted Diamond to be ready for everything, while she prayed she wouldn’t have to use it.

She had spoken to the royal tailor who told her that Choal seemed to be avoiding her, even though Andrews birthday party was coming up. [b “I’ll talk to him, Thank you Lady Quinn.”] she said.

She walked out on the balcony and seen Diamond and Choal training. [b “How do you feel about taking a break? Diamond, there are fresh cookies in the kitchen... I’m sure Andy wouldn’t be opposed.”]
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Choal sighed as he took her hand "Yes. But understand that there will be children out there that will see Diamond as nice and will overlook her powers. Elsa, they are children they will learn one day look passed their differences if corrected." He said cupping her cheek with a rare smile "You and I had our struggles if words are the only trama Diamond faces then we will be there for her." He promised as he began to walk back inside so Shadow could sleep with the Princess.

"Andy's birthday is the next royal event where those Princesses and Princes will be back. I will give you the names of the kingdoms that saw little to no problems with me having powers ask them to come with their children to see if a friendship can build there. It will also give Arndelle more trading partners."
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