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Elsa looked at Choal and smiled softly when she heard him say she should’ve gone with Diamond. [b “I’ll be joining her in a moment. I just wanted to hear everything the doctor has to say because sometimes you struggle to follow orders.”] she said.

The Royal Doctor looked him over and was pleased to tell them that it was nothing major. It was a through and through. He would be sore for awhile, but he would make a full recovery. He had left Elsa with pain killers.

[b “Clean up. I told Diamond we would eat dinner with her in her room.”] she said softly before she kissed his cheek and headed down toward the children quarters. [b “Diamond?”] she asked as she opened the door. [b “I can take it from here, thank you Lady Sofia.”] she said. She helped Diamond into her pajamas and smiled weakly. [b “What were you two doing when they caught you?”]
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Kristoff picked up his son "Andy you did just that and Sven is keeping Shadow from breaking out of her bed." He said kissing his son's head "You and I can take a trip to see Grand Pabbie tomorrow and see if he can give us some answers." He suggested.

Diamond looked scared but nodded to her mother she wanted to pout and try and get her way like she had seen other little girls do. But she was going to be Queen one day which meant she couldn't be so childish. She held onto Lady Sofia tightly as they walked.

Choal sighed as the doctor began his work offering Choal pain killers which he denied simply because he didn't trust his powers. "You should have gone with Diamond I would have been fine."
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Elsa looked at Kristoff and she had opened her mouth to speak but then stopped herself. Kristoff had a point. Until Diamond and Choal came along, she thought she was the only one in the world with powers. That obviously wasn’t the case. [b “We find them and give them sanctuary in Arndelle.”] she simply spoke.

[b “Choal you don’t need to carry her. You’re already weak.”] she said as they walked. She knew there was no arguing. Diamond wasn’t just hers, she was apart of Choal now as well. He just had a better way of hiding his emotions and feelings than she did. She was surprised to see that the royal doctor was already at the gate waiting for them. [b “Choal has to get checked out and then he will come to you room.”] she said sorry. [b “Lady Sofia will help you get cleaned up while I make sure Choal is ok. How about we have dinner in your room? Just the three of us?”] she said before she kissed the little girls cheek and passed her to Sofia’s, her maid, open arms.
She followed behind Choal and the doctor as they headed for her quarters.

[i “Momma, I’m sorry. I just wanted to show Diamond Aunt Elsas Castle. I didn’t know those mean guys would grab us.... Where is Shadow?”] Andy said as he walked beside his mother. [i “I tried keeping Diamond safe...”]
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Kristoff looked at Elsa "That is not what I meant. Say we protect our family from the weasels but what if there are others out there that are like you three. What is going to protect them?" Kristoff asked softly. He decided to keep his mouth shut the rest of the trip and when they got to the castle he went ahead to get the doctor.

Diamond just wanted a bath she really wanted to forget about the whole thing. She was tired and she also wanted to stay with Choal who had other ideas. Choal had despite being yelled at carried Diamond in his arm as he walked off the ship. When he saw the doctor he let out a sigh and handed her to Elsa.

His heart broke when he heard her whine "I'm just going to get checked out go with your mother and I'll stop in with food when it's over." He said smoothing Diamond's hair back.
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Elsa nodded as she heard what Choal had to say before he fell asleep. [i Family]. They were a family. Weseltown was going to wish they’d never set foot in Arndelle when they were finished with them, that was for sure.

She glared at Kristoff when she heard his statement about Choals powers. [b “I knew he had them. I just didn’t know they were that strong and capable.”] she simply said. [b “When you found out that I had powers, you thought I wasn’t safe. And now you live in my castle.. Choal is apart of this family just as much as you.”]

She looked over at Diamond and smiled softly before she took her out of Choals arms. [b “Choal is safe. He would do anything to protect us. I know that now. I think everyone knows that.”] she said. [b “Mama is so glad that you and Andy are safe.”] She rubbed Diamonds back softly as she cradled her close.

The ship docked in Arndelle a few hours later. The guards had been set on high alert. Choal seemed to be doing better after he rested, but Elsa still had her arm wrapped around his good side as they walked toward the Castle.
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Diamond sniffled slightly as Choal cradled her close. A part of Choal was so happy the little girl still wanted to hold him after what he had done. He was so happy to have her safe in his arms and he kept a tighter grip around her to make sure she knew he was fine. "They are going to wish they hadn't messed with this family," Choal whispered before going to sleep.

Once he was fully out of it Kristoff decided to bring up the elephant in the room. "So Choal has powers too?" Kristoff said looking at his wife and Anna. "What you honestly can't tell me you are not a little bit surprised by this?" Kristoff said as he took his son in his hands.

"He doesn't like them." Diamond whispered, "I summoned Ice wolves to help Shadow early and Shadow told them that he didn't want us to be scared of the darkness." She said when she had finally stopped crying. "But it is Choal he isn't scary, he safe." Diamond said looking at her Mama.
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Elsa nodded as she listened to Kristoff after he had looked at Choals arm. Whatever he was pissed about earlier was now out the window. [b “Things are going to change. We cannot keep all these secrets from the kids anymore.”] she said, mostly to herself. She followed behind Choal and Kristoff as they walked below deck, ready to catch either one of them had they lost their balance.

Her heart broke into pieces as she seen Diamond sobbing in Annas lap and Andy sitting next to them. She watched as Diamonds eyes lit up when she seen Choal. It was seconds later and she was in his lap. [b “Choal is going to be just fine, D.”] she said softly as she sat down on the bed. [b “We’ll be back home in a few hours and then we’ll get a hot meal and you three are going to bed early.”]

Her mind was racing. Weseltown had orders to shoot her. They had orders to shoot the royal children. This was a fight, and Weseltown was not going to win.
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Kristoff shook his head at her "No it went right through his shoulder he should be fine." Kristoff told her as he made sure to put pressure on the wound as Choal grunted in pain as he nodded to Kristoff a thank you. Kristoff wanted to point out that he was behind Elsa with the bed rest but he always knew that Choal wasn't going down with a fight. "Come on let's get him below deck to sleep."

Choal nodded weakly as he tried to get up on his own as he summoned his powers to give him a boost and Kristoff caught him as he put him over his shoulder and lead him down the steps to where Anna and the kids were.

Diamond cried on Anna "They tried to shoot Mama." She cried weakly as she looked crushed "Choal got hurt." Diamond continued to sob.

"Choal is going to be fine," Kristoff grunted as they got him on the bed to rest as he sat up slightly.

"Diamond you and Andy okay?" Choal asked as Diamond ran over to him to hug him tightly he did his best not to flinch as he brought her into his lap and let her cry on him.
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Diamond was shaking as she watched the blood pour out of Choals wound. [b "Is Choal going to die?"] she muttered as Anna ushered them below the deck.

Anna looked at Kristoff and then quickly nodded as she took their hands and headed down below. Weseltown had shown that they were willing to do anything to keep the children and they didn't need to be in plain sight.

Elsa was trying to keep her body from shaking as she listened to Kristoff and nodded as she jumped up to get the firstaid kit. [b "Once we get this wrapped, you're on bedrest, got it."] she said through her teeth. She choked back a sob as Choal told her didn't want to loose her. [b "I was trying to get an ice shield up, but I couldn’t. I was frozen. They had guns and all I had was magic powers.."] she whispered as pushed his hair back from his face. [b "We got the kids. Their below deck with Anna and some guards."]

The ship itself was now off the coast of Weseltown. With the way it was going, they would be back in Arndelle within night fall. [b “I’ll send for the doctor as soon as we get inside the castle.”]

[b "Shh Shh Shh."] Anna said as she pulled both of the children to her after Diamond started to cry. [b "We shouldn't have lied to you. It's okay. You're safe now."]
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Kristoff seemed to shake off whatever stupor he was in and looked at Anna "Take the kids below deck." He whispered to her as he ran over with the first aid kit. "Help me get his shirt off?" He asked Elsa as Choal went to move and Kristoff and Elsa had to grab him "That was for Elsa to answer not you." He said as they got it off it and he began to work on the wound.

"I was thinking I didn't want to lose the most beautiful woman and her child." He grunted as Kristoff wrapped the wound his words were slurred he was exhausted and he just wanted to shut his eyes for a short while. "The kids....we got them right?" Choal whispered to Elsa as if their safety was the only thing stopping him from passing out.

Diamond turned to hug her Aunt Anna and started to apologize "I'm sorry, I'm sorry we thought you were going to see the mountain and wanted to go as well!" she said crying.
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[b "Come my babies!"] she cried as she ran toward the children. She heard Anna and Kristoff screaming from their ship. [b "Get the ship ready!"] she screamed before she froze when she seen a guard aiming his gun for her. [b "Choal!"] She screamed as she wrapped her body around Andrew and Diamond. She was frozen, she couldn't move. Weseltown had orders to shoot. They were planning on murdering Andy and D.

She felt something move from underneath them. Andy and Diamond wearing holding onto her for dear life as something was pulling them back toward the ship. Her eyes followed the clouds when she realized the cloud was coming from Choal. Her throat felt like it was closing up when she realized that Choal had taken the bullet that wasn't meant for him. [b "Take them!"] she said as she all but shoved the children into Anna's arms as she reached to pull Choal up on the ship. [b "I'm here. We've got you."] she said as she pulled on him. [b "What the hell were you thinking!"] She looked back as she cast a gust of wind to give them an extra boost out of the port.
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"Mama!" Diamond yelled as she ran faster her legs were hurting and her lungs were killing her but her mom was right there she was so close. Suddenly there was a guard off to the side with a gun. "MAMA!"


Choal shot his fingers out and there was a wall of darkness that encased them but he was sweating and panting hard. "BACK TO THE SHIP!" He yelled as Elsa seemed to have frozen in her spot. Choal with a wave of his hands had them all riding a dark wave as they were thrown on the ship's deck.

"Mama!" Diamond cried weakly as she hugged her mother tightly as she cried on her mother's shoulders. The Captian was booking it out of the port. Choal panted roughly he felt something warm and wet on his shoulder as he shut his eyes he was too exhausted to look though because his only thought has he just exposed his powers to the woman he loves.
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Elsa looked between Choal and Kristoff for a few moments before she spoke again. [b "Everyone is just stressed and overly tired."] she started [b "Let's just get the children and then we can go home and rest."]

She walked over and rested her arms on Choal's shoulders as he helped her down off the ship. They didn't have time to lower the plank. [b "Thank you honey."] she said as she felt the dock below her feet. [b "Thank you for everything."] she said as she cupped his cheek for a moment. She looked up as she sensed the shadows around them and then heard men screaming that the kids escaped. [b "They got out!?"] she said. She took off running for the Castle.

Andy held Diamond's hand as they ran. He used his free arm to pump more speed. [b "Diamond! That is one of our ships! RUN!"] he yelled as he looked behind them and seen a guard. [b ""Go... Wait is that Aunt Elsa!?"]

Elsa could've cried when she seen the children come into view. They had soldiers behind them. [b "Come my babies! Go to the ship!"] she said as she casted out ice shards to freeze the soldiers to the dock.
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"We don't need any heroes Kristoff if you can't handle your temper do not leave this ship." Choal snapped in his general voice as if he were speaking to a soldier who had gotten on his last nerve. His shadow flickered on the ground he could feel the darkness singing.

Jumping down he offered a hand to Elsa and helped her down holding her for a second longer than he normally would before he kept moving forward hiding them with the darkness that they wouldn't be caught. He extended the shadows only slightly so people wouldn't take notice as he stops hearing the guards start yelling. "The kids escaped shut everything down we can't let them get away!" The man yelled as there was a storming of foot soldiers running above them.

Diamond smiled at Andy and his excitement as she took his hand and they ran. She could risk them sliding out of the area because that would be more noticeable. However, the second they got outside she spotted a new boat in the dock. "Andy look!" She said pointing at the ship's flag. "Come on!" She said as they bells rang in alarm.
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[b "They thought that they werent safe because we haven't exactly hid that Arndelle has threats! They know that! They aren't stupid."] she said. She shivered as her body shook and she just glared at Kristoff. [b "Our children are not stupid. We can whisper as much as we want, but they know that Arndelle has enemies."]

Anna moved closer to Kristoff as she could sense his anger growing. He didn't get upset about a lot of things, but the children were his life. Everyone knew that.

Elsa looked up as Choal spoke and she just nodded. She reached out and placed her hand on his arm with a weak smile. [b "Diamond knew from the moment we met that Arndelle would one day be hers and she wanted to be able to protect them as I have. Andrew knows that, and for whatever reason he thinks he is her protector. Choal is right"] She looked up as Weseltown docks came into view. [b "We're here."] she muttered.

Andy watched as Diamond worked her magic, literally. She was amazing! He would never ever doubt her again. [b "You did it!"] he whispered excitedly. [b "You did it. Lets get out of here!"] he said as he kicked open the door. [b "Go!"]
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