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Diamond shrugged at her mother "Choal wanted to escort me to the bookstore since my order came in we could all make a trip of it." She said as Choal walked in with a raised brow.

Andy rolled his eyes at her "Maria is only cute when you are looking." He muttered as Diamond snickered.

"You are just upset because she slapped you with an astrology textbook when you tried to scare her. Admit you just don't know how to ask her." Diamond pointed out.

Andy huffed "Choal hasn't asked Aunt Elsa!"

Choal was sitting next to Elsa with a raised brow handing Elsa a ring "Didn't know I had to formally ask my future wife to be my escort." He said casually as Diamond missed that time turning around to squeal as she tackled Choal in a hug that he finally asked.
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Elsa grinned as she watched Andy grimace as Diamonds mentioned Maria toward him. The two of them had the best relationship, but they were always picking on one another. They reminded her of her relationship with Anna when they were younger. She felt so proud as Diamond hit her shot even under the pressure of her Aunt asking her about a potential shooter.

[b “Diamond, Maybe you and I could go into the Village tomorrow? Just the two of us then. You can personally invite some of your friends!”] she said as she felt Choals shadows snake around her. He was looking for her. She shivered slightly.

[b “Ah Maria is adorable!”] she said after she heard Diamond explain that she was the Earls daughter. [b “If Diamond is to have an escort, then you need to have a girl on your arm as well Andy.”] she said.

She looked over at Anna and sighed. [b “Kristoff is probably going to come up with some extravagant way to ask you. I wish Choal would hurry up and ask me... I feel like a little school girl again, Anna.”] she said.
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Diamond smirked at Andy slightly "Yes I'm sure Maria would just love to be your escort, Andy." She snickered at him as he missed his shot "Ha! I get your truffles." she said to him.

"What about you Diamond has anyone caught your eye?" Anna asked the girl who unlike her own son wasn't phased by the question and hit the mark on the target. "And who is Maria?"

Diamond shook her head her ponytail still tied with her classic blue ribbon "No, but to be honest whenever we are in town and one of our friends try to ask me about the ball prep Andy or Choal always need me for something." She mused. Before she snickered "Maria is the Earl of Whitemarsh's daughter she usually comes to the castle to talk books with me when her father has a meeting with you and Mama. Andy has a thing for her." Diamond teased as Andy turned the shade of his mother's hair.
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Things had calmed down in Arndelle greatly. Choal was living in the Castle officially now. He was apart of the Royal Family... Even if he wasn’t married into it yet. Choal was still sneaking into her suite every night, even though they had been caught by Anna and Diamond more times than they could count.

She and Anna had been talking about the non existent engagement for months now. Though they were busy planning Andrews birthday party. Diamond has grown up into quite the little princess. She had learned their ways greatly, but she was so kind hearted to the villagers.

Choal had taken charge of the Army when General Lee retired. He loved it. He could make sure everyone was protected and that everyone was doing as they should.

[b “Andy, your Mother and I were talking, and we’ve decided that you have to invite your own sweetheart.”] she told him one day in the courtyard as he and Diamond were practicing archery. [b “Everyone is going to be coupled up basically!”]

The party was two weeks away so Elsa hoped that everyone had someone to attend with. They were inviting mostly people from the Village, but some other royals as well.
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"Fine." He said as he kissed her gently stealing a bite of the pastry before going back to setting up. "Quinn needs to stop ratting me out." Choal said with a sigh, "I eat when we finish training because someone has their daughter now hyper-aware of my meals and she thinks that if she doesn't see me eat I must not eat." Choal teased her as he finished up before walking back over.

"Besides I don't mind sharing a snack with her before she goes off to lessons." He said to Elsa before setting down checking Diamond's bow making a face. "I might need to work on summoning one for her." He muttered pointing at the rust stains. When frustrated Diamond's hands would accidentally release small bouts of ice on whatever weapon she was using causing the metal to rust faster or wood to split.

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Things had slowly begun to go back to normal. Elsa has hired more guards just to have each entrance and exit covered of the Castle, and now the guards were patrolling the docks and Town entrances and exits as well. Kristoff seemed to still be on high alert, as well as Choal. She could see that Diamond and Andy we’re still a little afraid, as they hadnt asked to go outside the Castle walls. Andy has only been out once with Kristoff when they went to see Grandpapy.

Choal had taken charge of the Army of Arndelle after they had gotten back. Her General didn’t like that very much, but she trusted Choal with everything in her. He wouldn’t let anything happen to Arndelle, or royal family. He had began spending every night in the Queens Chambers with her, of course he snuck in after everyone else had gone to bed, and then snuck back out before dawn.

Word had gotten out that Queen Elsa had a live in suitor. Some of the Soliders and staff had things to say about that, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t how things were normally done, but times were different. She had heard around town that people were thankful they were finally going to have a King again, which she didn’t know how she felt about.

Andrews birthday was coming up, so of course they were throwing a party. But this time they were selective on what other Royal families were invited, and it was open to everyong who was a citizen of Arndelle, especially the families that had children, that was Diamond and Andy’s wish. They wanted to make friends with the citizens. Andy had grown up since the events in Weseltown. He had made himself Diamonds protector.

[b “Good morning my love.”] she said as she walked down to the Archery field where Choal was setting up practice courses for Diamond. [b “How did you sleep?”] She asked as she set the plate of breakfast pastries down. [b “Diamond is still asleep, and Quinn told me you skipped out on breakfast this morning, like always.”]

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"You are her mother I'm below you always," Choal said as he pulled her blanket up to wrap around her body tightly as he sighed softly. "I'm just happy I was finally able to save someone for a change verse hurting," Choal said weakly as he brushed her hair.

Soon his eyes were shut as he had one armed wrapped around Elsa as he sunk down slightly falling asleep like this. He was in pain but he wouldn't take the medicine. He couldn't risk his powers being that loose in the castle. So he turned his body closer to Elsa and got comfortable he could do this he could make himself a family here.

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Elsa blushes when Choal curled up in her bed, of course it was only seconds later and she was curling into him. [b “Will you sleep in here tonight?”] she asked softly. It was against customs, against everything that had been drilled into her brain while she was growing up as a princess, but this was a different time now. She didn’t feel safe unless Choal was at her side. [b “Diamond adores you... You’re her favorite person on the planet.”]

She nodded slowly as she listened to him speak of his powers. [b “Diamond and I both grew up with powers, granted, ours are completely different from yours. But I think that helps.”] she told him.

She sighed softly as she cuddled closer into his good side. [b “Thank you for saving us today.”] she mumbled before she fell asleep.
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It was rough getting Diamond to go to sleep first they had both tried sitting on the bed with the girl. Then Shadow slowly nudged her way under the girl's arm to be cuddle and protected her. Little did Elsa know but Choal had his darkness reinforcing the windows to make sure they were fine.

On their way back to Elsa' room Choal nodded and decided to make another bold move. "How about we do both." He said as they made it to her room he moved to sit on her bed and had her curl up next to him. "Diamond is so easy to love just like you." He said to her softly as he brushed a few strands of her hair out of her face.

"Trust me no part of my feelings for you or her come easy. I honestly thought I was going to scare you with my powers or her. She is a kid she is supposed to be scared of the dark and yet here she is running to me with open arms."
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Elsa smiled softly as she looked down at the black pearls. She loved them. Granted they weren’t of her usual color choices, but they were of Choals, which made them so much more special.

After what seemed like hours, Diamond finally fell asleep. Elsa knee she was just scared to sleep, scared of what might happen when she woke up. But she was assured by Choal that Shadow would stay with her, and that he would check on her throughout the night.

[b “I never pegged you for the guy that would take on the role of a father so easily... When I first met you.”] she told him after they had exited Diamonds room and made their way back to her own suite. [b “I know you’re tired, and I know I ordered you to rest... But would you mind terribly to sit out on the balcony with me for a little while?”] she questioned soflty. [b “My mind won’t stop racing... I don’t think I’ll sleep at all tonight.”]
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"Bracelets Mama!" Diamond said excitedly as Choal smiled at the smart ass response that he knew was not meant to come off that way. Choal nodded and began to clip the bracelets on to her tiny wrist. Choal almost worried that when he let go it would break her. He watched as her eyes were so bright at the idea of having something from him.

Choal moved slightly to help Elsa with her's as he kissed Elsa softly "Your sister was a great deal of help reminding me you were still getting some letters that were not of the innocent nature. So I thought I would put a bracelet on your wrist to show that the Queen and Princess already have someone at their sides that loves them." He whispered to her softly. This was his way of making them official without the formal statements without all the fanfare. It was nice and subtle it stood out amongst their pale skin.
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Elsa smiled as she watched Diamond light up when Choal entered the room. [b “ Yes, Queens orders.”] she said with a smirk. Choal had changed, it wasn’t a bad change by any means. He just seemed liked he had gotten more settled into his role in her and Diamonds life now. He was more comfortable around them. She mainly ate in silence as she watched the two of them together. They just meshed well.

Her head had not stopped spinning since they had gotten back from Weseltown. She couldn’t shake the thought that they could’ve lost the children. She could’ve lost Choal.

She was sightly confused when he said he wanted to give these to them under different circumstances. [b “They’re beautiful...”] she said soflty as she gently lifted a bracelet into her hand. [b “What are they?”]

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"I promise Mama." She said to her as Choal came in she ran over to hug them tightly. Shadow licked the girl's face nudging her over to the table glaring at Choal as if to tell him to the same.

Choal rolled his eyes at the 'Queen's order' comment and his faithful wolf's subtle hints. As he sat down at the table picking Diamond up to hold him close to his chest. It was as if to make sure she was still there and he hadn't failed. "I'm not carrying her." He pointed out with his fork as Diamond did not seem to complain as she began to eat she didn't eat as much because her stomach was still hurting from the events.

Choal didn't force her but ate all of his meal adjusting Diamond so she could lean back more. The small child that he never would have dared carried before now seemed to be the only thing centering him from his spiraling thoughts. He reached into his pocket bring out the two bracelets the dark stones reflected him. "I wanted to give these both to you under better circumstances."
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[b “We shouldn’t have lied to you.”] she said as she began to brush Diamonds hair. [b “But I didn’t want you and Andy to be afraid.. Promise me that next time you two decide you want to adventure out of the palace,
You’ll tell an adult and then take one of us with you.”] she said. Not that they were going to be allowed out of the Castle for awhile. [b “Choal was getting checked out by the doctor. He should be here soon.”]

She looked up as Diamonds door opened and Shadow and Choal entered along with a maid who was carrying their dinner. [b “I told all of them that you’re not allowed to lift or carry anything for awhile.”] she said simply. [b “Queens orders.”] She watched as Shadow climbed up on the bed got comfortable in her normal spot at the footboard. [b “I think someone else was worried about you too, my dear.”] she told Diamond. [b “Thank you.”] she told the kitchen maid who had placed their dinner on Diamonds table.
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Lady Sofia nodded and bowed, she had just finished drying Dia hairs when the Queen walked in and had started to brush it. Diamond shank slightly "Andy said he knew the way to the Ice Castle and said that you had Marshmellow up there and snoogies." She whispered to her softly. "Where is Choal?" She asked her mother as her head popped out of the nightgown.

Choal huffed at Elsa as he went and cleaned up putting on more relaxed pants and a shirt before going and checking in on Shadow. Once he got her past Sven he brought her towards Diamonds room. He had attempted to catch a maid with the food saying he could carry it. "Being told he can't help carry things." He said as he entered the room with another maid who opened the door for him.

Shadow limped over and climb up on the bed curling up at the foot of the bed like she normally did the white bandages bright around her black fur.
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