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[b "Diamond didn't always have me, Choal."] she explained [b "I think sometimes Diamond is still afraid that we're going to be separated, or that I'm going to get upset with her and send her away.. Which would never happen. But Diamond struggles to open up with me. She is so much like me it's insane... But that's why I'm glad she has Maria as a friend."] she told him. [b "I'll speak with Andy. I'm glad that he is protective... But a suitor wouldn't kill her."]

Her eyes lit up when she heard him say he wasn't against children. [b "I think I can handle you being overprotective with me if I get to have a bunch of miniature Choal's running through the halls."] she said with a huge smile. [b "I just miss Andy being so little. His fat cheeks... And I'm not getting any younger."] she said with a sigh. Sometimes she forgot that she wasn't Diamond's birth mother.. Until she started thinking about Andy as a baby. [b "How many would you be open too?"] she questioned as she snuggled her head closer to his. [b "I think I could handle an entire village of Choal babies."] she giggled.
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Choal sighed weakly "I am upset that she hid it from you. We have been through the dangers of other kingdoms the last thing we need is another Hans or worse my brother's kid fancying her." He stated his case as he shook his head "Andy being protective is a battle you and Anna can have with him. Because if you watch him he is his mother's son through and through." Choal huffed looking at her.

At the mention of a child of their own, he looked at her "It was never something I thought about but then again I thought I was going to die young." He told her honestly. "I'm not opposed to it but you are getting on me about protecting Diamond what makes you think I'm not going to hold back when you are expecting?"
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Elsa watched as Choal laid on the bed. She could sense that he was focusing as he was seeing through the shadows. [b "I'm sure he's an apprentice who is just starting out. Everyone comes to Arndelle to paint during the spring."] she explained. [b "The love the tree's and flowers."] She walked behind her dressing privacy divider to change out of her dress. [b "Diamond asked if you were upset about Maria helping the Prince send her the letters."] she said. [b "I think maybe you should talk to her.. I also think you and Andy need to lower the overprotectiveness, Choal."]

After she had changed into her sleeping gown she walked over and climbed into the bed. [b "So Diamond will be turning fourteen at the end of the year..."] she started as she snuggled into his side. [b "What do you think about children? Like babies.. Our own babies."] she mumbled as she glanced up at him.

They were getting married, but they had never had the children conversation before. Of course Diamond was heir to the throne, but she still wanted more babies running around the castle.
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"Yes, Mama. Choal isn't upset because Maria has been helping forward the letters from the Prince is he?" She asked as she smiled "I knew he was monitoring my mail since the kidnapping he has been doing it to Andy as well so I just overlooked it." Diamond said with a smile as her mother told her she loved her and she let the questions die. "Love you too."

Choal was already laying on the bed playing with one of his shadows getting information on that painter he had seen in the park. Nothing. They couldn't find anything on the painter and it worried him. He did not like that "I was gathering information on the painter in the tree from today's walk." Choal muttered as the shadow disappeared and he sighed weakly "Nothing. There is no record of him being in the kingdom to paint before and they lost him in the market." Choal muttered.
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Elsa had taken everyone by surprise when she annouced that she and Choal would be going to the King and Queen's Vacation Chatuea. Especially when she told them that Choal would be joining her. Anna seemed weary of the idea but she didn't say anything Diamond wanted to go with them of course.

[b "I promise we will take you with us next summer. I know you havent been before, but I need some time with Choal."] she told her as she tucked her into bed that night. [b "I think he has been stressing out lately more than anyone has realized. He seems to be on edge, and I just want to give him a break from the Royal life for a few days. You can stay here here and keep everyone on track, yes?"] she leaned forward and kissed her forehead. [b "I love you, goodnight princess."] She walked out and shut the bedroom door behind her.

[b "Oh you're already here."] she whispered as she walked into the Queen's suite. Choal was already changed into his pajamas. [b "I don't think you've ever beat me in here."] she said with a chuckle.
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Choal smiled at her "I would love them but I'm still leaving shadows behind to watch her." He said kissing her softly as he looked over and saw someone sitting in a tree drawing. This wasn't odd a lot of artists had been coming to the kingdom to be inspired by the Queen and her daughter what Choal didn't like was the fan clubs.

"Diamon needs protection she has a fan club with boys that want nothing more to brag about how they got to dance with a princess. And Diamond would think she would be doing them a favor." Choal muttered as he sighed. "Andy only scares the boys he knows away mostly by pointing out how they had teased her nonstop when she first arrived," Choal said to her with a huff. "Diamond is book smart with a heart of gold but she still is naive in some areas that could put her in danger."
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Elsa rolled her eyes. [b "Hans used Elsa. We were both young. Anna wanted love because I... because I wasn't there for her. I wasn't, Choal. I know I could've prevented Hans and everything that has happened sense.. But I can't change our past."] she told him. [b "But I can make sure that Diamond has a good life. That she gets to actually be a child, and if that means falling in love a little too early.. I want her to experience everything that I didn't.."]

She smiled softly when she felt him toy with the ring. [b "Of course I will marry you, Choal. I don't need a grand proposal or even a grand wedding... I just need a life with you."] she explained. [b "If I can make arrangements with Diamond... Would you accompany me to the Chatue?"] she questioned. [b "We can get a start on wedding planning before Anna gets ahold of it.. We can have alone time.. We can just be us. Not the Queen and General."]
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Choal huffed "Need I reminded you that the first Prince that asks for your sister's hand tried to kill you both?" He mused as he looked at her and the village. "She has always been popular she has a heart of gold and is dedicated to the kingdom. She is however completely obvious to romance." He said to her rubbing her head sighing weakly.

"And I don't know if that is because Kristoff and I really don't woo you and Anna we just surprise you." He said brushing his finger against the ring. "I did because I had too many people telling me to make a grand proposal and I knew that the only people I wanted happy about this engagement were you, Diamond, and myself. So Elsa will you marry me?" He asked her kissing her hand softly.
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[b "Choal."] she said. [b "He was not good on the training fields! He would've gotten himself killed out in a battle. He is best working under you and learning the ropes on the stragtic side of it. He's incredibly smart."] She smiled weakly as some of the villagers waved as they walked. [b "Diamond is a princess! She is going to be popular. They probably just want to be her friend. But they don't get the chance because you and Andy never let them get within ten feet of her if you're escorting her."]

She stopped when he mentioned letters. [b "What letters?"] she questioned. [b "A prince? Well... What kingdom is he from? Choal! You cannot shadow monitor her letters. That's a complete invasion of her privacy!"]

She sighed softly as she held onto his arm. [b "I think we should take a break..."] she froze when she realized how that sounded. [b "I didn't mean it like that! I mean like a break from the Castle... Especially before the word of the wedding gets out. Let's go stay at the summer chatue or something. You seem stressed... You basically just handed me a ring, Choal.."]
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"I never said she should take Matthew I didn't even want the boy you all demanded I get the boy as a secretary so he would get off the training fields." Choal said to her softly "She just to young to think of having a boyfriend same with Andy boy still doesn't understand what having a filter is." He pointed out as he wrapped his arm around her softly. "Besides she is far too popular amongst the boys for me to be comfortable with letting one near her. Especially, this one Prince that keeps sending her letters."

Choal flinched when Elsa asked what letters he sighed weakly "He was one of Maria's suitors from when she was a girl but they called off the engagement early and stayed in touch. Recently, he saw Diamond leaving Maria's home with Andy and says he wanted to get to know her. To be fair she told me none of this I had a shadow monitoring her mail for threats as she reads them. This Prince always has Maria send his letters with his own." Choal said suspiciously of the shady boy even though he had never met him.
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[b “I’m not saying he’s unpleasant. I’m just saying, make sure he is someone that you would be okay with spending the entire evening with... Make sure he is someone you could have fun with.”] she shoot Andy a look as she tried to wipe the grin off her face. [b “Andrew, language.”]

Elsa tucked her arm through Choals as she glanced down at her ring. [b “You finally proposed.”] she said simply. [b “You know Anna is probably starting to plan as we speak.”] she looked around as she felt the wind pick up. [b “It just got cold...”] It was summer on Arndelle. Why was it cold?

She quickly shook her head. [b “Choal, I can assure you that Diamond is going to get so bored of Matthew within an hour of the ball. I know he’s very intelligent. But he’s not the one for Diamond... He’s so dull, he lacks spark and adventure.”] she said. [b “But if you tell her she can’t, then she’s going to think that’s what she wants.”]
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Diamond shrugged her shoulder "He has never been unpleasant-"

"He so damn boring!" Andy complained loudly as Diamond threw a snowball at him for being too rude. As the two began an argument that resulted in another competition and an agreement to Elsa that they would be on time for their lessons Choal rose from his spot.

"She is too young. To be escorted by someone that is not an official." Choal muttered not approving of any of the boys that had tried to swoon his adoptive daughter. "Besides you saw her reaction she did not even realize Andy and I had been protecting her from unwanted attention," Choal muttered as they walked "She and Maria swoon over those fictional men that should be enough until she is 20," Choal added stubbornly.
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Elsa looked at Andy and Diamond but simply shook her head when they asked what that mean. [b “Well it’s no secret that Andy and Choal can sometimes a little over protective.”] she explained.

She couldn’t help but look down at her ring while Diamond and Andy went back to messing with their crossbows. [b “Matthew... would be a good choice I suppose. As long as you’re sure you want to spend the entire evening with him, my dear.”] she said. Matthew was a great strategist but he was no solider. That seemed to bug Choal more than anything with the new recruits.

[b “Choal let’s go for a walk down by the river.”] she said as she went to kiss Diamonds forehead. [b “Practice a little bit longer and than you and Andy need to complete your studies.”] she said. She looked back to say something to Anna, but she was gone. She was sure she had ran inside to find Kristoff and tell him the news. And possibly to get a Head start on planning.
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Diamond looked at Andy when her mother said he didn't make it any easier. "What does that mean?" She asked confused as Andy shrugged.

"Nothing, so if I'm being forced to ask Maria to this are you going to ask her brother?" He inquired as Diamond made a disgusted face.

"Rupert is a monk now and won't be attending," Choal said in reference to Andy's question about Maria's brother not like he had any part of Rupert wanting to take a vow of silence. He said as he kissed Elsa back. "I do not make things difficult the lads are free to come up to talk to their Princess." He muttered stubbornly.

Diamond rolled her eyes weakly "I'll probably just end up with Matthew." She said Matthew was Choal secretary he was a genius with pen and paper not so much a sword. He never seemed interested in Diamond. He was very logical and the only time Choal and he had butted heads was when Choal made him actually do drills with the other guards. Matthew was also the one dragged into replace Andy at events as Diamond's escort but he was also turning 17 soon.
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Elsa playfully rolled her eyes as she heard Diamond tell her that Choal was taking her into the Village so they could go to the bookstore. [b “Oh that’s nice of him.”] she said. [b “We will all go! I’ve been wanting some new books to read before bed.”]

She watched as the two teenagers went into a playful argument about Maria and just their dates in general. [b “ Oh stop. Andrew has never had a sweetheart before so he very well might be a little nervous. But Diamond, neither have you. Though your cousin and Choal don’t make it any easier.”]

She jumped when she heard Choals voice. She hadn’t felt him sit down beside her. Her eyes went wide as she noticed he had a ring in his hand. [b “Choal... What is that?”] she asked. She squealed when she heard him cal her his future wife. [b “Oh my gosh!!”] she screamed as she wrapped her arms around him. They both fell off the bench they were sitting on. She was giggling as she kissed him. [b “I love you.”]

Anna jumped up and down with delight. [b “A royal wedding!!!”]
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