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Elsa looked up and dropped the ice when she realized Choal still had a hold of the leader. [b “I’m sorry!”] she said. She watched as he pulled the Prince away. Her eyes narrowed at the leader once more. All she seen was red when she heard the leader admit to beating Diamond. [b “Silence.”] she said as ice appeared on all sides of him. [b “I suggest you bite your tongue. General Choal kept you alive so I could kill you... Wouldn’t it be shame if I let him do it instead? You wouldn’t know what was coming.”] she muttered.

She was mostly quiet on the ride back to The Princes kingdom. Her head was running a mile a minute... She had assumed that Diamond had been mistreated during her time at the circus, but tonight it was proven. She couldn’t stop from wondering why everyone called Choal the Demon... He wasn’t a Demon. She was brought out of her own thoughts when she heard him talk about children. [b “If all children were quiet and shy, the world would be boring. Diamond was very shy at first... look at her now... I miss her.”] she mumbled.

When they arrived at the Kingdom, she was furious as the King would not let her tell her own side of the story. She didn’t rescue the prince, Choal did! Why wasn’t the King listening to her? Did he not speak English?

The ride home was long and cold. [b “I’m just wondering why they called you a Demon... you aren’t one.”] she said as she looked over at him from her Horse. [b “What did the King say to you last night.... You never let me look at your face... I’m doing that the minute we get back to the Castle.”]
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Choal was going to protest but then he thought it was probably in his best interest to keep his mouth shut. When she started throwing ice he remained still so not to be hit. She trusted him so he wanted to show her that he trusted her. "Can I sit the sack of fat down and then you can target practice at his face instead?" He asked amused as the Prince made an 'ew' sound. Choal drops the man hard walking over to the Prince and yanking him away to scold him. The leader looked at her "That brat found you impossible we made sure to beat the idea of meeting you out of her every time she heard your name-" The leader was cut off as he coward before the Queen.

It was a long ride back to Choal's kingdom mostly because Prince Tom refused to stop complaining about the whole ride back. Choal sighed as the boy fell asleep "This is why quiet and shy kids are a damn blessing." Choal said rubbing his neck. When the got to the kingdom it was as if Choal had predicted what would happen. Elsa was given full credit for the rescue and when she protested the old King seem furious and demanded Choal's presence privately. Choal later sent a message to Elsa they would leave in the morning to return to Arendelle.

He greeted her that morning he looked stiff and it took until they were far away from the kingdom for him to ease. "About the name the circus was calling me I hope you were not too put off by them."
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Elsa looked at Choal, she was unamused by this words. She knew he was used to this, this was his life, his job. But she didn’t like the fact that he was putting himself in danger like when she was perfectly capable of helping. She nodded when he swore that none of them would harm her. [b “I know you won’t let anything happen to me, General Choal. I trust you.”]

She watched amazed, as the bodies fell. She couldn’t even see Choal, her eyes were searching but he was no where to be found. Why are they calling him the Demon of Darkness? Choal wasn’t a demon.

She ran to the opening when she seen the prince walking up the hill. [b “Hello.”] she said. She couldn’t help but grin when Choal answered for her. [b “My name is Elsa, Queen of Arndelle.”] she said softly. She looked at Choal and sighed in relief when she realized he wasn’t badly hurt. [b “I’m going to look at that when we get back to the Castle.”] she said, talking about his cheek. Her eyes hardened when she seen the Leader of the Circus. [b “So you’re the man that held my Diamond captive.”] she said as she sent a slice of ice his way, inches away from his throat.
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Choal smiled at her "It would not be the first time." He said with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "Maybe I just want you to not see a cold-blooded general?" he said to her as he straightens up. He ditched his cloak and looked at her. "Elsa you may think you see the shadows moving and you would be right but I swear by my sword they will not harm you." He told her as he took off and right before her eyes he melted with the darkness.

One by one he took the lights out of the camp and soon screams were everywhere. "The Demon! The Demon of Darkness is here!" was sung as the prince sat there looking unamused. As he began to watch the bodies fall around him. The Prince stood and huffed as he climbed up the hill complaining that the general killed the fun where he went. "Who are you?" The Prince asked when he finally saw Elsa.

"Queen Elsa, she outranks you and can overpower you so choose your words wisely Prince Thomas and I might reconsider what I report to your father and the King," Choal said coming up the hill with the leader gagged and slightly injured. Choal had a slice to his cheek but other than that seemed unharmed.
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She gasped when Choals arm snakes around her waist. She nodded as she held his other hand up, signaling for her not to talk. She shivered as she lavished in the feeling of his arms. Her eyes widened when they focused on the valley below them. The circus campsite was down there. The trolls had indeed turned them around!

Her heart stung as she watched the fox try to escape. She listened as Choal told her that he would go down and rescue the prince. She quickly shook her head. [b “Let me go down with you. We can rescue him together and we leave together.”] she begged. [b “I can’t just let you go down there by yourself... What if they sense you? You’d get taken too.”] she knew it was no use. Choal would not let her come with him. She would end up waiting at the clearing to grab the prince.

[b “Be careful.”] she begged. [b “The leader is mine.”]
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Choal put his finger to his lip and gently grabbed her and brought her over to show her. Just down below them was a campsite that was filled with the circus that they had been looking for. "They Trolls did good work turning them around." He said to her whispering in her ear as he gripped his dagger tighter when he heard laughter. "That is the prince," he growled and it was no surprise as to why he was so upset.

The Prince was sitting with the leader a whip in his hand lashing out at a small snow-white fox that was trying desperately to escape his wrath. Choal felt anger swirl in him as his dagger look to have grown slightly but he took a breath and pulled that anger in. "I'll go down and remove the Prince can you get him far enough away. I'll bring you the leader for him to be held responsible in your kingdom but the rest of them are not making out of here alive."
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Elsa nodded quickly as she listened to him. [b “Of course, of course. I’m sure you live a very busy life.”] she stated. Diamond would be crushed when he left with Shadow, but if she knew one thing about that young girl, it was that she was tough. She perked up when he said he had a lot of jobs near the border. [b “You’re welcome anytime, General. I known that we would all love it if you and Shadow visited. Especially Diamond.”]

She giggled when he brought up Anna punching Hanns. [b “I can just tell you that she got to him before I did.”] she said [b “When I found out what he did to her... I wanted to kill him..”] She wasn’t proud of those thoughts, a Queen should never have those kind of thoughts. [b “But Anna wouldn’t let me. She wanted him sent back.”]

She watched as Choal grabbed his dagger. [b “What was that?”] she whispered as she dismounted her horse. She followed closely behind him.
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Choal gave her an uneasy look "It is not abnormal for me to have multiple orders going at one time. I think I go back to the kingdom for at least three days a year." He said rubbing his neck. He was thankful his jacket was high enough she couldn't see the scar that wrapped around his neck like a collar on a dog. "I do a lot of the jobs close to the borders if it is alright with you I can pop in whenever I a little less than a day away from the kingdom to say hello." He suggested as he moved the topic on to happier things like her family.

"Oh, so your sister is the one that gave Hans that black eye about damn time someone had." Choal laughed it was a deep laugh like he was not used to laughing as he shook his head. "He wouldn't have lasted very long here. He is too used to his kingdom's people bending over backward when he demands it. Your people bend over backward because they adore you both." Choal said with a small longing in his eye then his head snapped up as if he heard a sound. Choal got up with a dark dagger in his hand going to check out the sound.
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Else looked at Choal and simply nodded when he told her about Shade. [b “Thank you for allowing her to stay back then... I’m worried that Diamond will be anxious while we’re gone.. but hopefully she’ll be okay with Shade.”] she said simply. She seen his calm smile, she thought that maybe he had experienced that first hand.

When they were in the Forrest, she asked him about his own kingdom and she listened closely. [b “That means you have to travel a lot?”] she questioned. She looked over at him as she heard he had already received new orders. [b “You have to leave as soon as we rescue the prince?”] Her heart stung, she couldn’t understand why. [b “Diamond will be upset, I’m sure.... I guess we all thought you would be with us for a little while longer.”]

The young woman looked forward, not wanting the man to see the look on her face. She hadn’t expected that he would have to leave so soon.. She was playing it off as it would just be Diamond that was upset.. but apart of her would be too.
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Choal shook his head at her "Shade wanted to be with Diamond. Besides, think of it as another being that Diamond can lean on when missing you. Shade a wolf she built for the cold she can calm Diamond down if her powers act up. She has been known to be more therapeutic then threatening." He said with a calm smile as if he were remembering a scene.

When they got out to the horses he noticed how the horses seemed spooked of him. He checked to see if any of his shadows were freaky and calmed them as he got up in the saddle. As they began their trek through the forest he gave her all the information he had to offer. When asked about his kingdom he sighed "It is a heavy military base kingdom. Weapons and war are all that people know about it. That is about all I can tell you because I'm away so much everything is different when I do return. I already have orders to leave again waiting for me when we return with the Prince. " He spoke.
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[b "Anna, you know better than anyone that I am perfectly capable of handling myself."] she said. [b "I've come so far since that night. I'll be okay, sister."] she said as she began pilling fruits and breads into two seperate satchels. [b "I told Diamond that I would only be gone for one night... If this takes longer than expected, I need you to promise me that you'll make sure she is ok, that she doesnt try to run..."]

She nodded when the General had said that Shade was still asleep with Diamond. [b "You don't want to take her with us?"] she questioned. Even though Shade made her nervous, it was obvious that she had indeed bonded with Diamond.. She wondered wha would happen when the General and Shade left go back to their own kingdom. [b "The horses are ready to go."]
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Anna wasn't comfortable she trusted her sister well enough but she was not to sure about this general as her and Kristoff sang the same old tune tell Elsa to take someone with her. As that General showed up Anna walk up and glared "If my sister gets hurt you-"

"Your sister won't be getting hurt in this trip Princess Anna. Queen Elsa and I have talked about this already I assure you if things go south your sister is to take the the Prince and come back for reinforcements." Choal said as he looked at the strawberry blonde glaring at him. As he looked over her head to Queen Elsa "Shade has made herself comfortable with Diamond I would suggest we leave before the children wake up." He said, Choal had on his military uniform and was deck out with strange weapons and once they got into the woods he would have to convince the Queen to his other plan. He could already tell this was going to be a long trip.
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Elsa hardly slept that night. She couldn’t stop thinking about the Prince and then her mind wandered to what Diamond mighbr had to go through when she was with the circus. That was enough to send her over the edge. But she was able to keep her anger back. She didn’t need to go through one of her episodes right now.

She woke up early, she found Anna was already in the Kitchen with Kristodf when she walked down the next day. She didn’t know what they would run into, so she wanted to make sure they had enough supplies.

[i “I would feel so much better if you would just take even a couple soldiers, or even Kristoff”] came from her sister. [i “I agree. We don’t even know this General. What if he’s working with the circus and they just want to capture you?”] said Kristoff.

She couldn’t help but smile. She knew they would both worry about the next few days, but she needed someone she could trust to govern Arendelle while she was gone. She needed someone she could trust to keep Diamond. [b “I know you’re worried. But Diamond, Andy, and our kingdom need you more than I do.”] she simply said.

She looked up when she heard footsteps. [b “Good morning General.”]
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The General shook his head "I'm sure that you and I will terrorize them enough. I just don't know what they did to Diamond to stop her powers from killing them that is why I made that my condition." He said brushing off his legs. As he straighten himself he looked at the Queen "There will always be someone out there who will blame her powers for her position. It is important that she grows up knowing that she is not defined by her powers." He said as he bowed to her again.

"We leave at Dawn. Get some sleep Queen Elsa you will need it." He said with a wave and as he walked away it was like watching someone melt into the Shadows.
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Elsa looked at Diamond and smiled softy. [b "I bet you and Andy could talk Olaf into going ice skating while I'm gone. What if I froze the pool before I left? We could do it together! You could show General Choal how powerful you are my dear."] she said, trying to take the young girl's mind of herself leaving.

[b "You and Shade go find Andy. I bet he's picking off the sweet table as we speak."] she said. She put Diamond down as she went running after Andy.

She looked back a Choal and nodded softly. [b "Dawn."] she agreed. She chuckled when he said he had heard she didn't have a problem with the cold. [b "I guess that's how you could take it General. One might also say that I do my best work in the cold."] she said with a twinkle in her eye. [b "It's important to me that I know that Diamond won't be ridiculed like me.."] she told him. [b "Not that taking down the Circus is going to do that, but I'll sleep better knowing he isn't out there anymore."]

She shook her head when he told her his condition. [b "Should I ask Kristoff to come? Or maybe even some of my soldiers?"] she questioned. [b "I want to rescue the Princess.. But I won't leave you General."]
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