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So I have an idea where what happens when Elsa comes across a child with powers just like hers does Elsa reach out to her or does she turn the child away? This is more of a mother and daughter relationship or a teacher and student relationship nothing more. I am willing to play two OCs one being the girl with the powers and a love interest for Elsa if you want one not mandatory. This can take place with the events of Elsa being queen or we can say that Elsa is immortal and fast forward in present time. I can do either or. I can rp on here or I can rp through email I will probably faster through email because of the alerts I can get but I will try to check the rp at least every few hours if we don't have a schedule.

Major rules for me:

NO ONE LINERS I like to post a lot so please don't give me a one-liner.

Tell me if you want to leave or if you are going to be away so I won't spam you wondering where you are. I usually will give a person a week to respond if I don't hear anything I will send you a pm.

This is not first come first serve I will lock this thread when I have a person but if you see this and want to rp send me a PM.


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Anna entire body froze when she heard what the Duke had planned. [b "Choal.. Elsa won't stop. If something has happened to Andy and Diamond, Elsa won't stop until she gets them back. You know that."] she whispered. She started yelling at the Captain. [b "Can you not make this damn ship go any faster! I order you!"] She knew this was a bad idea. She shouldn't have left. But then if she hadnt of come with Choal... who couldve. [b "We need to get back home now."] she begged.

Elsa looked at Kristoff. Her eyes were dark. [b "The minute we make sure Shadow is okay, I'm joining my wolves."] she muttered. [b "Don't even try to stop me."] Once they had secured Shadow on Sven, they headed back for the Kingdom. [b "We're gonna get them back, kay? You don't have to worry... Choal will be back soon."] she told Shadow. She knew the wolf had done everything she could to protect the children. [b "They mustve been spying... We couldn't have predicted this."]
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Choal got Anna on the ship and started to give military orders before turning to Anna. "He had orders sent to kidnap the kids." He said seriously as if he were focused on something else. "We are going to get them before heading back we can't risk Elsa getting to the Duke's men first. The Duke is going to use Elsa attacking his men as a way to start a war and to prove she is dangerous." Choal explained his powers were itching to escape and a part of him wanted to use them to shove the ship across the water.

Kristoff ran over with the Duke's things as well as the children as Shadow howled at them they broke off. Kristoff put a hand on Elsa shoulder "Come on we need to get back to the castle for Shadow. They will find them."
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Anna stepped back as she listened to Choal speak to them. He seemed more... elegant? No that wasn't the right word. Authoritative. Yes! That was it. He seemed to be in his element, so she just let him do all the talking. She was staring off into space when she snapped back and heard him say she would be leaving. She didn't argue. She knew it mustve not been good if he was wanting to leave that quickly. She took his arm and walked, sped walked with him. [b "What happened?"] she whispered.

Elsa was pacing as she heard Kristoff still rummaging through the bag. She froze when he told her to make snow wolves. [b "I...I've never done anything like that."] she said softly. [b "I don't know if I can."] She sighed softly as she walked a little farther away from the group, into a clearing. [b "Feel it."] she muttered [b "Feel it all."] She raised her hands and moved them around. Moments later, five wovles apeared. [b "Kristoff!"]
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Choal was in his general mode as he spoke it was probably the most he had ever spoken as he sighed. "Then Princess Anna will be leaving." He said offering his arm to Anna. He was tense and walking fast towards the boat. "We need to get back to Arendale now." He said helping her get on the ship.

Kristoff kept digging through the bag and found the plans "Good Girl Shadow." He said to her rubbing her head softly. He looked up at Elsa "Make snow wolves. Shadow can't track them but wolves can't give them this and something of the kids and the wolves are bound to find them as we get reinforcements."

Diamond hugged him tighter as she shut her eyes her chest really hurt from the dust in the room, but she knew they had bigger problems.
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Anna was about to pop off and argue with the wanna be lord before Choal took up for her. She grinned slightly as she stepped back. Choal would handle this; she need not intervene.

Elsa looked down as Shadow rubbed her head along her leg. [b “What is this? Kristoff.”] she said as she quickly tore the little pouch apart. She felt fire run through her ice cold body as she she found a crest, small flag and coins. [b “These are Weselten coins.”] she muttered. [b “That slimy duke has them!] she screamed. Her eyes were red. She stood up and move a couple of feet away from their group. [b “I’m gonna kill him.”] she said, pacing. [b “He gives them one tiny scratch and I swear I will cut his head off myself!”]

Andy smiled weakly as Diamond curled into his. [b “I’m your big cousin brother. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”] he whispered. He nodded as he heard her speak again. [b “We stick together like they do. Always.”]
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Choal nodded true to his word escorted Anna and she played the convincing actress to the Duke's Advisor before he stops her. "Princess Anna does not need to tell someone below her status of the life she has lived bring your duke or we will take our information elsewhere."

Shadow whimpered shutting her eyes nuzzling Elsa opening her mouth and let the bag roll out of her mouth a little pouch in her mouth that she had ripped off of the man's body before he had struck her down.

Diamond nodded to him as she curled into his body shaking "Andy I'm glad you told Mama about me in the kitchen." She said to him softly as she knew it had been a rough start but they were family now. "We stick together like Mama and Aunt Anna?" She said looking up at him.
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Anna's heart melted when Choal said he was going to ask her sister to officaly let him court her. [b "I know she will say yes."] she said with a grin. [b "Now lets hurry and get home so you can ask."]

Elsa looked at Kristoff and rolled her eyes. She was angry, upset, heartbroken, all at once. This wasn't helping her control. She looked down at Shadow and she felt herself soften slightly. [b "I know I can find them."] she muttered. She looked at Kristoff and simply nodded with a sigh. [b "We still need to get Shadow back to the kingdom."] she said as she rubbed the wolf's back. [b "Everything is gonna be alright.. We're going to get them both back."]

Andy looked at Diamond and gulped. He had to figure out a way to calm her down. He reached over and placed his hand ontop of hers. [b "You're gonna be ok. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Aunt Elsa is going to find us. You know that. Just breathe in and out.. 'kay?"]
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Choal smiled at her softly "I want to ask if she would let me properly court her." He said to her "Hence the bracelets I want to shower her to have a handmade gift." He said rubbing his neck.

Kristoff sighed "Elsa I can't let you go at this alone lets go get my family they should be able to send for someone in town or at least get us better of idea of where the kids are." He said to her as Shadow whimpered licking Elsa cheek burying deeps into the woman's arms to keep her still.

Diamond looked at Andy and touched it softly holding it tightly "I'm scared." She told him her lip trembling she was trying hard to be brave but now that she was losing control she knew that she could end up hurting Andy and she didn't want that.
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Anna looked at Choal as she listened to him. She didn’t exactly understand what he meant by he wanted her sister to be in a good ish mood when he asked her something. [b “What are you going to ask her?”] she asked.

Elsa sat down as Shadow limped over to her. [b “Come here girl.”] she said softly as the wolf laid her head in her lap. [b Diamond and Andy have been taken... Shadow and Sven wouldn’t let them go off on their own.”] she muttered. She was doing everything she could to hold everything back. She wanted to just scream and let go, but she knew she needed her emotions in check. [b “We need a wagon... How are we going to get Shadow back? She doesn’t need to walk. Do you think she could ride across my lap? Or on Sven?”] she asked Kristoff as she rubbed Shadows head. [b “Choal will be back soon... We’re going to get both of them back, ok?”]

She looked up at Kristoff and nodded. [b “Put Shadow on Sven. You go back to the Castle, get someone to help Shadow. Then find people to help look. I’m not leaving until I find them.”] she said. She leaned down and hugged Shadow. [b “I know you tried.”]

Andy looked over at Diamond. Her powers were going CRAZY. [b “Aunt Elsa and Choal, and Mom and Dad are going to find us.”] he mumbled as he reached for her hand. [b “Hey Baldie... What exactly do you think is gonna happen when our family finds out it was you that kidnapped the prince and princess?”]
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Choal looked at her he was the picture of stone as he nodded that he too wanted to go back. "Nothing is going to happen to you. Your sister would freeze me otherwise and I would like her to be in a somewhat pleasant mood when I ask her something." He whispered back trying to soothe her worries.

Shadow was limping as she laid her head on Elsa she had a deep gash on her back leg like it had gotten stuck in something Sven wasn't looking too switch either as he was frantic. Kristoff grabs hold of Sven as he looked him over for injuries. He looked at Shadow's leg and he was worried "Elsa Shadow needs medical attention. We need to go back to the castle and get more people to help look for the kids." Kristoff said to her as Shadow growled wanting to keep looking but could barely lift her head off of Elsa.

"Damn these brats are such a head ached the one keeps freezing everything they other won't shut up!" The one guard said rubbing his head. Diamond glared and dropped another snowball on his head. "I thought these damn cuffs were supposed to conceal her powers." He growled. Diamond looked at there uniforms and is like "Take us to the Duke of Weaseltown and I will freeze everything just like mommy." She threatens with a glare.
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Anna hater the though of Weselten. She had actually, physically being there even more. [b “I want to go home.”] she whispered to Choal as they walked through the hall of their small castle. It was indeed a small kingdom. They just had some of the richest softest cloth in the world, but Arndelle still wasn’t trading with them, they would never again. Not if she had anything to do with it.

Elsa was numb. Not physically, but emotionally. Choal and Anna were who knows where, and now Diamond and Andy were nowhere to be found. [b “I promised Anna I wouldn’t let anything happened to either one of them. I promised them both that we would all be okay!”] she said with a loud scream at the end. She couldn’t control this. She was emotionally unstable. [b “They wouldn’t leave the trail. Andy knows better.”] she asked as she listened as Kristoff let out a whistle. Nothing... wait. [b “Kristoff. That’s Shadows howl!”] she said as she took of running, skating on the ice that was creating in front of her. [b “They we’re here. That’s Andy’s horse... Sven, Shadow?”] she froze when Shadow came walking up to her, her head was down. [b “Shadow?”]

Andy was furious. [b “Are you stupid or somethin?’”] he yelled [b “Who kidnaps the Prince and Princess of Arndelle? Do you know who my aunt is?!”]
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Choal blushed slightly as he nodded as he walked with Anna through the gates and he automatically looked at the army it was pathetic. Choal was pretty sure he could take them all out alone but that was going to mean he was drained for a bit and he wasn't sure if Anna was really okay with him.

Kristoff hop off his horse as he looked at the tracks "I have human tracks." He said to her as he found it odd "But nothing on Sven and Shadow. Weird Sven wouldn't have left them and Shadow would have eaten him if he so much as though about doing." He said as he let out a whistle seeing if that would get any response.

Diamonds' head hurt and Andy yelling mean things weren't helping it. "I don't think it is Weasle town, Andy. I mean they don't look like weasels do you guys have pet weasel or maybe you trade in their fur?" she asked them tilting her head.
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The trip to Weselten went well. She was surprised when Choal told her about his powers. They were quite interesting. She knew she was different, maybe that’s why he clicked so well with Elsa and Diamond. [b “Just being here makes me nervous.”] she muttered as their shipped docked. [b “In and our right?”] she didn’t want to stay here any longer than they had too. [b “We have babies we need to get home to.”] she said with a soft smile, referring to Diamond and Andy.

Elsa shivered as they went up the mountain. She hasn’t been here since the night of Coronation day. [b “So many things have changed.”] she muttered to herself. She kept her eyes open, praying that the children would appear in front of them at any given time. It was a long ride, she had forgotten how long. [b “Kristoff... That’s Diamonds cloak.”] she muttered as she all but jumped off the horse. [b “Diamond? Andy?!”]
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Choal smiled "I'm the one that is happy to have met them." He whispered pulling out two dark colored bracelets he had wanted to give them to them before he left but had lost the nerve. He sighed putting them back in his pocket he would give them to him when they got home and decided he would test something "If there were others with powers would you give them the chance?" He asked leaning against the rail.

Kristoff looked at Elsa "They will be fine. I taught Andy what to do in the woods and how to get to the trolls when in danger. We both know how well Diamond can survive now that she has control she can build them shelter. Plus Sven and Shadow are with them. If they get to the castle then Marshmallow and the Snowgies are there to play with them." He said to her trying not to admit his own fear.
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Anna listened to Choal and smiled softly. She could tell that he really cared for her sister and Princess Diamond. [b “I’m really glad they have you.”] she said soflty. She couldn’t help but giggle with her next children. [b “Bless those maids hearts... We were so adventurous as children... Now I think our children are even worse.”]

Elsa was frozen as she listened to Kristoff. Sven and Andrews horse were gone... Shadow was gone. [b “I’m going up there.”] she said as she looked at Kristoff. [b “This is my fault. Our children are so adventurous and carefree. I should’ve known they would’ve wanted to go see the Ice Castle... I should’ve told them the truth.”] she said. She took a few deep breaths as she felt herself getting overwhelmed. [b “Go tell the Stable hands to ready two horses.”] she told one of the maids. [b “Kristoff, go get dressed. I’ll get Olaf.”]

After they had dressed in their winter clothes They beaded up the mountain to her ice Castle. [b “I should’ve brought them up here sooner. They always asked.”] she muttered as they rode. [b “What if something happens to them?”]
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