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So I have an idea where what happens when Elsa comes across a child with powers just like hers does Elsa reach out to her or does she turn the child away? This is more of a mother and daughter relationship or a teacher and student relationship nothing more. I am willing to play two OCs one being the girl with the powers and a love interest for Elsa if you want one not mandatory. This can take place with the events of Elsa being queen or we can say that Elsa is immortal and fast forward in present time. I can do either or. I can rp on here or I can rp through email I will probably faster through email because of the alerts I can get but I will try to check the rp at least every few hours if we don't have a schedule.

Major rules for me:

NO ONE LINERS I like to post a lot so please don't give me a one-liner.

Tell me if you want to leave or if you are going to be away so I won't spam you wondering where you are. I usually will give a person a week to respond if I don't hear anything I will send you a pm.

This is not first come first serve I will lock this thread when I have a person but if you see this and want to rp send me a PM.


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"But what about the people what if I hurt someone or make the floor turn to ice and they fall down!" Dai said panicking as Olaf laughed waving his arms. "Then Andy and Anna bust out laughing and we get everyone laughing," Olaf said as Dai looked a little nervous but nodded if it made Andy laugh and his mom then it couldn't be too mean right? Dai smiled "Will there be strawberries and chocolate?" she asked her and when she got confirmation about those she was a little excited about the event. Dai hugged Elsa again with a smile on her lips "Thank you for picking me." She said softly with a smile on her face.

[pic]Outside the castle and the village walls was a camp where a grumpy prince was reading the invitation. Why because he was going to be attending as the Whitethorne Kingdoms most decorated General, not a prince. Not to mention that he had no interest in parties and gowns he much rather hunts the ones that stole several children including his nephew. Granted the brat didn't know Choal as his blooded Uncle but rather as the General that the king graciously raised. Choal almost wanted to snort the geezer did nothing but pay the right money to the right woman. "Well, then Shade to a party we will attend I guess." He said to his wolf who prompt by his legs thankful for the wolf's fur to keep him insulated.
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To say she was taken aback by Diamonds quickness to answer her question, was an understand. But she was delighted that the little girl had decided to stay!

Elsa couldn’t help but giggle as she realized that Diamond’s emotions were causing it to snow inside the room. [b “You’re my girl, Diamond. It’s you and I from now on...”] she whispered as she pulled the little girl closer to her. [b “I love you, my sweet girl.”] she felt the little girls jody shake, as she realized she was sobbing. She smiled and moved her hand up to run through Diamonds hair. [b “You have a home, and you have a family, a dysfunctional one, but a family. Forever.”]

[b “Diamond is very happy, Olaf.”] she said . She grinned as Olaf hurried into their hug. [b “Diamond is going to be the new Princess of Arandelle, Olaf. Looks like you’ll have another little girl to go on adventures with now.”] She looked down and see the look inn diamonds face. [b “Diamond... Anna and I are throwing a royal ball. We have invited families from the neighboring kingdoms.. We want to find out some information... about trading.”] she mumbled. [b “But were also going to introduce you as our princess that night.”]

She felt terrible about lying to Diamond, as they had invited people to explain how the little girl had been treated, but she didn’t want to scare her.
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Dai magic reacted before her words did as spirals of flurries danced around them as she launched herself into Elsa's arms. She was crying but nodding her head so fast as she burrowed as deep as she could into Elsa. "Yes!" She cried coughing as she choked on her tears she had never been asked if she wanted to stay somewhere in her life but she was getting that now she was getting a family. "I want this! I want a home!" She sobbed into her shoulder as she held on to her tightly so happy. A soft knock came and Olaf waddled into the room.

"Hey did you know it is flurrying inside the house-OH Hugs I like hugs!" He yelled running over and hugging the little family as she began to giggle as his snow tickled against her as she rubbed her eyes free of the tears. Dai as she looked at Olaf "Olaf I can stay! I can stay!" She said as Olaf looked confused "Wait were we going on a trip? Trips come after the party right?" Olaf said as he looked at them. Then Dai seemed to remember the party and looked at Elsa worried. Dai had adjusted to the staff and some of the family but she still was not too keen on leaving the palace without Elsa beside her.
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Elsa couldn’t help but smile when she heard Diamond ask her if she was in trouble because of the way she trained earlier, when she seen the nervous look on the girls face, she quickly shook her head. [b “No sweetheart, not at all. I think you’re doing wonderful! Considering when I was your age, I couldn’t do half as good.”] she explained.

She kneeled down in front of the little girl. [b “Diamond... If it’s ok with you, I would like you to live here at the Palace with me... As my daughter. As the Royal Princess Of Arandelle.”] she explained. [b “You reminded me s much of myself, and I would be terribly sad if you decided you wanted to leave... But the decision is yours. I want you to know that.”]

The only reason she was bringing all this up, was because the Royal Ball was in a few weeks, and if Diamond wanted to stay, she would need to be introduced to everyone then.
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Dai was so excited to be able to throw snowballs that far she was even hitting the target. And even started to move them a little farther back. He, however, at one point moved them too far and Dai could not reach them. But it was time for dinner at the point so both kids were ushered inside to get washed up before the meal. Dai was still nibbling on food but she was starting to be able to stomach more food and they were finally introducing sweets to the girl. They found fruit covered in chocolate was her favorite and the kitchen staff always a small bowl ready for the girl should she ask for a snack.

At the mention of talking after dinner, Dai looked panic what if the queen was tired of her or did not think she was training hard enough. Dai knew she would do anything just to stay with them. This was the first time Dai like having a roof over her head. Dai nodded in agreement as dinner went on with Andy chattering away. Towards the end, Kristoff took Andy to get him ready for bed and Dai got up to follow Elsa the room had been getting slightly colder from Dai's nerves throughout the dinner as she looked at Elsa "Am I in trouble for not getting the cans at the end of training today?" Dai asked meekly tugging on her jumper slightly.
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Elsa walked down to the makeshift target practice that Andrew had set up for Diamond. [b “This is very nice of you, Andy.”] she said as she had her eyes fixated on Diamond. Her heart soared as she watched what the little girl could do. She was only ten, and had this much power. She decided right then and there that Diamonds home was with her, who else could help the girl other than herself and Anna?

She and Anna stayed outside in the garden/courtyard with Andy and Diamond until dinner time. Kristoff walked in right as they were all sitting at the table. [b “Diamond, after dinner, if it’s ok, I have a few things I would like to talk to you about.”]

She was going to ask the little girl what she wanted, while she knew deep down inside of her that Diamonds best place was with her, she didn’t want to trap the girl.
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Andy jumped with excitement "Woot Ice practice!" He yelled as he went running as he kissed his mother's cheek before running off. Dai still flinched at the high volume of Andy sometimes but not too often as she looked at Elsa with a smile nodding her head. "Okay" Dai whispered to her as she hugged her before hopping down and running off after Andy.

Anna smiled at Elsa shaking her head "Looks like someone is adjusting." She teased her softly as she finished putting her signature on the document and was getting the envelope out to put the letter in. "Now if I can get Andrew to understand surprising people with Ice powers isn't the greatest idea we would be even better." She said to her. "I'm sorry we had to do this the slow way I know you wanted this to be over faster," Anna said to her sister as they began their walk to the courtyard.

Dai was standing there in her training clothes making little snowballs and throwing them at some cans that Andrew kept setting up for her. He had used the cans for target practice when he was allowed to play with his slingshot, however, after the third guard being hit in the head with an acorn it was taken away. Dai had a good arm through and her snowballs were becoming easier to make on command.
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Elsa knew that Kristoff, was indeed right. There was no way that she could just barge into a neighboring kingdom and demand to speak to their king about some circus. [b “Fine.”] she muttered. She called for Anna and soon their were on the great study, writing a letter to King of Corona. She requested his presence at the Arendelle Ball that was coming up quite soon.

It didn’t take long between the both of them to finish the letter. She looked up as she heard Andrew. She just smiled turned to look toward the doorway. Andrew and Diamond were both walking in. [b “That looking amazing on you, Diamond.”] she said softly. She seen that Diamonds dress was in resemblance of Elsa’s dresses that she wore now, they had an “Ice Queen” flare to it.

She smiled down at the girl as she walked closer to her. She reached down and lifted her up into her lap. [b “While it is quite boring, actually. We’re almost finished.. How about you go with Lady Elizabeth, and get changed. We’ll meet in the courtyard. I want to see what you can do with your powers.”]
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Kristoff looked worried "Okay that's a great idea." He said sarcastically as he rubbed his head "Elsa I have the trolls making it so they come to you. But think do you honestly think that Diamond is going to take our word that you will be back for her?" He asked her softly as he rubbed her head. "I haven't even found out if that man is actually her uncle I mean think about it Andy refers to Olaf and Sven as Uncle. Not to mention Ana will, in fact, kill us both if we leave her out of the loop." Kristoff sighed weakly he was skating on thin ice no pun intended and he was about to make it worse for her. "Besides legally you can't touch the Circus you can, however, contact their king from their country and invite him here to discuss the matter of how his subjects conduct themselves," Kristoff suggested to her. "Elsa be careful the Circus men aren't like normal criminals they will say we stole her so you have to make the first move with their king."

That's how it was done Elsa and Ana sat down to write the letter together while Andy's job was to help Dia learn about her new home. He wasn't happy that he had to be stuck indoors but he had soon turn it into a game. Dia was confused at all the business of everything that happened to her and one day she was being fitted for a new dress Andy was tugging her along. "Come on we gotta show Mommy and Aunt Elsa!" he said Dia didn't understand why she was just in a new dress. Andy pushed the doors open and he smiled at his mother "Mommy look they finished Dia's dresses!"

Dia hid at the door and peeked her head in "Pardon the intrusion." She stuttered obviously the other lessons were paying off as well. As she walked in she was nervous as Andy kept jumping up and down Dia chewed on her lip they had yet to get her to stop that yet but she wasn't leaving ice puddles anymore.

Anna smiled at Dia "It's so cute!" She said the had taken the idea of Elsa's old dresses by making them a lighter blue and stitched a snowflake pattern into the dress however instead of Elsa headband the maids had added a ribbon that Dia had taken a liking too. Dia walked over to Elsa and looked at her paperwork scrunching her nose "That looks boring."

Andy sighed and flopped on the ground dramatically "It is and it takes them forever to finish it." He exasperated.

Dia looked worried "Really?" She questioned she had been hoping to spend some more time with Elsa later she didn't like only seeing her in between lessons but the tutors said if she was good then Elsa would be sure to come to one of her lessons.
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Elsa's heart felt like it was being broken in half when she heard what the little gril had to say. She leaned down, now being eye level with the girl and listened to everything she had said. She smiled softly as Diamond curled into Elsa's lap. She wrapped her arms gently around her. [b "You never have to worry about being hurt ever again, Diamond. I'm never going to let anyone else hurt you."] she said. [b "And your uncle, will pay for what he's done."] she mumbled under her breath. She looked up when she heard a light tap at the door, glancing down, she seen that Diamond was asleep once more. [b "Rest, my love."] she said. She stood up, and placed he little girl back in bed. [b "I'll be back to check on you later."] she said.

She turned to face Kristoff, her eyes were black, her hands frozen. [b "Her uncle burned her with his cigars."] she mumbled. [b "You and Ana are in charge of the kingdom. I'm paying a visit to this 'Circus.. I can ride to neighboring kingdoms and find them."]
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Dia nodded weakly as she looked at her "Uncle gave me the burns. When we didn't do go money wise he would say it's my fault." She said to her weakly looking at her her eyes wide. "Uncle would have these huge brown things that he would light and smoke would come out. They smelt really bad and they cost a lot of money for him to get but he always bought a lot." She said to her. "One night after I was punished for not bringing in enough and I heard people talking about someone like me. So I escaped and made my way here." Diamond gave out another yawn as she curled into Elsa's lap. "I was still scared that it had been I lie so I just wanted to lay low and you had a lot of stuff outside when I first came so I only took what was needed." Dia yawned against her leg before her eyes shut again going to sleep little snowflakes falling as she breathed in and out.

Kristoff taps lightly as he waved Elsa out and he shut the door. "A Circus," he said showing her a flyer. "They used her as the main attraction and this isn't the fun Circus that we like either they are cruel use the Circus as a stunt to steal runaways. They have chased out of a town a few miles past the borders weeks ago they went West while Dia backtracked and went East. The trolls said there was a bad storm that could have sent Dia our way north instead making her follow the Eastern path." Kristoff said.
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Elsa peaked into the room before she walked inside. She was awake! She smiled and pushed the door completely open. [b "Good Morning, sleepy head."] she said. She chuckled when Diamond basically slid down from the bed. [b "The Doctor said we needed to let you sleep... So thats what we did."] she said [b "Kristoff had to take Andrew into town because he kept trying to wake you up."]

She bent down and looked into the girls eyes. [b "I'll never be mad at you, Diamond."] she said. [b The Doctor had to wrap your back up.. She said you had infected burns.. Can you tell me who did that to you? Or what happened?"] she questioned [b "She also said the your lungs were weak.. So we have to make sure you take it easy the next few days.."]
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The Doctor smiled at the Queen "It's no problem my Queen." She said to her as she stood up when she went to leave the temper began to drop in the hall and Anna looked at Elsa. "Go I'll see the Doctor out," Anna said to her as she nodded to the door towards Dia's room.

When Dia woke she was a stunning room and someone had cleaned and changed her clothes not only that but she smelt like medicine and she was wrapped up. The Queen was nowhere to be found and Dia was a little scared. The bed was so far off the ground for Dia she was a little worried about how to get down as she inched out from under the heavy covers. She was just getting out of the bed when Elsa came back in. Dia was caught half in the bed and half out of it looking at the older woman. "Why is it so late?" She asked in a really sleepy voice.

Her small body moved back on to the bed as she rubbed her eyes trying to wake up. "You still aren't mad at me for stealing food?" she whispered to her hiding in the blanket some worried this was going to be short-lived. Dia wasn't sure what all the things in the room were the room was so clean it made Dia feel like she was tainting everything by being there. She leaned into Elsa as she looked up at her to listen to her.
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Elsa smiled softly when she felt the little girls head curve into her neck. [b "Goodnight, Anna."] she said. This was her side of the Castle. Her bedroom, and then her old bedroom were housed on this part. Anna, Kristoff and Andrew lived in a different part. [b I'll never let anything else bad happen to you again, Diamond."] she said softly. She opened the door to her old bedroom, and walked over to the bed. She gently tucked Diamond in. She left the door open, and walked to her own room. She wanted to be able to her the young girl if she woke up.

The next morning, Diamond was still sleeping when the rest of the Castle was awake. It was harder than she thought it would be, keeping Andrew away. She was thankful that Kristoff offered to take him to town with him. She looked over at Anna and smiled. [b "I hardly slept last night, I was so worried about her."] she said. [b "Thank you for doing all of this.."]

Her head snapped up when the Doctor walked out of the room. [b "Thank you for coming."]
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Dia's head went right into Elsa's neck as she curled into the woman with a peaceful look on her face as she nuzzled closer. Anna smiled at Elsa she had been worried when Andy was little if her sister would ever pick up her nephew. The moment Elsa had held little Andy Anna knew her sister would be fine and seeing her now with that little girl curled up asleep on her chest just made Anna smile. "Good night you two." She said to her as they disappeared.

Dia woke up slightly during the walk but quickly fell back to sleep as she groaned holding on to Elsa's dress. She whimpered slightly at the brush of the woman's hand at the new bruises she had gotten during the tackle and chase earlier but there were older ones on her back as well. The next morning everyone decided it was best to let the little girl sleep in and keeping Andy away from the room had proven difficult so Kristoff took Andrew with him to investigate the girl.

Anna smiled as she looked at Elsa "I had the maids bring down some of your old dresses to fit her in the doctor is looking her over. I thought it is better seeing how scared she was yesterday the doctor look at her while she slept." Anna came over to Elsa with a smile "Well your old dresses minus some rather confining accessories." Anna said excited "Want to go see her?" Anna asked as they walked down the hall and the doctor came out looking grim.

"Your Majesties." The woman said Anna had made sure to get a female doctor in case Dia woke up afraid. They moved next door and the doctor sighed "She is very lucky she was caught last night." The doctor began as she took a breath "On her back, there were a few burns that were badly infected but I wrapped them and put a cream on them. Those along with her weight were my main concerns but with the proper diet, she should be fine. Her temperature a little low, however going off the medical journals documenting your growth, my Queen, it would actually be a fever for you both." The Doctor stated handing Elsa her notes as she cleaned her glasses "Let her sleep in today but I would try and start her on a normal sleep schedule when she does wake up. I would also keep an ear out for her lungs they sounded a little weak but that could be because of the infection and the way she had been living."

"And if her lungs don't sound better?" Anna asked worriedly the doctor smiled weakly.

"Then she probably has a minor case of Asthma that we can control." The doctor explained, "But rest and diet is key for now."
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