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So I have an idea where what happens when Elsa comes across a child with powers just like hers does Elsa reach out to her or does she turn the child away? This is more of a mother and daughter relationship or a teacher and student relationship nothing more. I am willing to play two OCs one being the girl with the powers and a love interest for Elsa if you want one not mandatory. This can take place with the events of Elsa being queen or we can say that Elsa is immortal and fast forward in present time. I can do either or. I can rp on here or I can rp through email I will probably faster through email because of the alerts I can get but I will try to check the rp at least every few hours if we don't have a schedule.

Major rules for me:

NO ONE LINERS I like to post a lot so please don't give me a one-liner.

Tell me if you want to leave or if you are going to be away so I won't spam you wondering where you are. I usually will give a person a week to respond if I don't hear anything I will send you a pm.

This is not first come first serve I will lock this thread when I have a person but if you see this and want to rp send me a PM.


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"You said eat not rest there is a difference." Choal pointed out as he sighed wondering if he should tell her as the darkness annoyingly told him yes. Choal sighed as he refocused "They actually might not be. Diamond actually wanted to learn about how to get out of these situations and Andy joined thinking I was going to teach her to use her powers to do so." Choal confessed.

"Soooo what you taught Diamond not to you know set off an eternal winter when she wasn't near Elsa?" Kristoff asked him as Choal rolled his eyes.

"I told the kids to keep each other calm. The less Diamond's powers acted up the more information they could gather from their surroundings."

Inside the castle, Diamond was so over the waiting game as she took a deep breath and looked at the lock. "I think I can make a key out of ice." She whispered "I never tried it before so it might not work."
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Her eyes narrowed as she spotted Choal walking up onto the deck of the ship. [b “Aren’t you supposed to be resting?”] she asked. [b “Choal. You honestly can’t think that I give a damn about what other kingdoms think of us! They kidnapped our children. Anna and I are doing what any mother would do!”] she told him. She quickly shook her head. [b “No. I don’t know what you’re not telling me. But you’re already weak. I’m worried about you. If.. If something were to go south in there, I could loose you. And that’s not a risk I’m willing to take.”]

She sighed softly before looking at Anna. [b “This is a rescue mission. All I care about is getting Andrew and Diamond back. Let’s get them home to Arndelle and then we will figure out how we want to react.”]

She looked up as the castle came into view. [b “All I want right now is my daughter and nephew. We will make sure the Weasel pays for this. But I want to get them home. Safe. They’re probably scared out of their minds, Choal.”]
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Choal didn't lose he would surrender in a graceful retreat but he did not lose. That changed being involved with these sisters and he now understood Kristoffs look of shock when he would question the sisters. Choal ate the main meal but took the apple up to be by Elsa's side he knew this topic was going to get his ass kicked but he wanted to make sure Elsa did not get blood on her hands. "When we get there I'm going to make the Duke's men vanish. You and Anna can have your piece of them but I will dispose of them. We can't have the other kingdoms believe you were the cause even if you had a reason."

Kristoff shook his head thinking Choal was a dead man "We all go. Why do you insist on taking care of them?" He asked with a raised brow.

Choal sighed "Because it is the best option. Elsa cannot give the final blow or she is playing into Weasel's hand of being a monster. You and Anna can't do it because once again he will play it as Elsa made you do and thus all three of you become the monster. If I do it people don't ask questions because they are afraid to ask questions. He can say I was made to do it till the cows come home but at the end of the day there are too many stories attached to my name for them to think I did this unprovoked so he would only be hurting himself."
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Andy looked at Diamond and watched as she summoned a snowball out of thin air. Wow! [b "That's amazing! I didn't know you had progressed so much with your powers."] he said. He nodded when she mentioned Elsa and Choal [b "They'll all be here soon."]

Elsa took ahold of Choal's arms as she watched him take a few deep breaths. [b "What did you do?"] she asked. She wrapped her arms around him when he kissed her forehead. She nodded when he said he knew where they were. [b "Let's go. But you're rest. I can use my powers to get us there faster."] she said. [b "Anna. Take Choal below deck. Make him eat. Kristoff. Tell the Captain we won't be needing his services this go around."] she said.

She held onto Choal as they walked onto the ship. Anna indeed argued with Choal about eating, but he was no match for her. Elsa made sure no one was watching before she gusted up winds under the sails.

[b “Kristoff. I know you didn’t think much of Choal when he first arrived... But he means a lot to Diamond and I...”] she shivered [b “Would you go talk to him? See if he would tell you anything at all really? I have a feeling he’s hiding something and I’m usually right. Send Anna back to me.”]
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Diamond looked at Andy as she summoned a snowball for him to eat "I know it's not food. But the water will fill you up and if you have to use the restroom that means they will have to let you out to use it." She said to him weakly as she bit her lip "I want Mama and Choal." Diamond said as she got up to stretch her legs making snow steps to see if she could look out the door window.

Choal took a few deep breathes to steady his breathing before joining the royal family on the dock just in time to hear Elsa asking her sister what happen. He sighed before kissing her head softly the smell of the fresh mountain air soothed the burning in his lungs and brought him back from the dark place his powers rested in. Choal said the only thing that would distract Elsa "I know where the kids are let's go get them."
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Anna nodded as she listened to Choal. She had no idea what he was going to do, but she knew he wasn't just a normal mortal like she was. [b "I can distract them."] she told him as she ran down to speak with the captain and crew.

She shivered slightly as she felt a gush of wind. She looked back at up at Choal, he was dark. But they were moving so fast. They were practially almost to Arndelle!

Andy groaned when he heard the cage slam. [b "Could you be any louder!"] he said as he came to look around at the new room. Food. His stomach was rolling. He was starving. [b "I wish Mom and Aunt Elsa would hurry up."] he muttered.

Elsa was pacing in the castle. As soon as they had gotten back she had ordered the Dock Guards to keep an eye out for Choal and Anna's ship. [b "If they aren't back at dusk, I'm going to get the children myself."] she said as she paced. As soon as they were in sight, she was to be found. Shadow was resting, they had a stable hand come and check her over. It wasn't as bad as they looked.

It seemed like hours had passed before she was summoned by a dock guard. [b "Kristoff! They're back."] she called as she took off running for the dock. [b "Choal!"] She ran as hard as fast as she could.

[b "Choal."] she said once again as she came to the docks. [b "What happened?"] he looked weak. [b "They've taken the children.. Shadow was injured."] she said. All her emotions were rushing to her. She wanted to scream and sob, but she knew her powers would grow uncontrodablle if she let herself feel all that. [b "Anna. What did he do?"]
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Choal knew this was a bad idea but he knew how to make the ship go faster. "Keep the crew away." He said before going to the side of the boat and gripping the railing he shut his eyes. Darkness came from his hands and traveled into the water below and suddenly it was like the wind was pushing them from behind the problem was it was going to be draining and Choal knew Elsa would probably kill him if she found out.

Diamond woke with a start as the door to the caged opened and slammed shut the cage had been moved to a lavish room in a cabin and Diamond was looking at everything around. On the floor of the cage was food for them but Diamond wasn't going to eat any the food offered it could be poisoned.
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Anna entire body froze when she heard what the Duke had planned. [b "Choal.. Elsa won't stop. If something has happened to Andy and Diamond, Elsa won't stop until she gets them back. You know that."] she whispered. She started yelling at the Captain. [b "Can you not make this damn ship go any faster! I order you!"] She knew this was a bad idea. She shouldn't have left. But then if she hadnt of come with Choal... who couldve. [b "We need to get back home now."] she begged.

Elsa looked at Kristoff. Her eyes were dark. [b "The minute we make sure Shadow is okay, I'm joining my wolves."] she muttered. [b "Don't even try to stop me."] Once they had secured Shadow on Sven, they headed back for the Kingdom. [b "We're gonna get them back, kay? You don't have to worry... Choal will be back soon."] she told Shadow. She knew the wolf had done everything she could to protect the children. [b "They mustve been spying... We couldn't have predicted this."]
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Choal got Anna on the ship and started to give military orders before turning to Anna. "He had orders sent to kidnap the kids." He said seriously as if he were focused on something else. "We are going to get them before heading back we can't risk Elsa getting to the Duke's men first. The Duke is going to use Elsa attacking his men as a way to start a war and to prove she is dangerous." Choal explained his powers were itching to escape and a part of him wanted to use them to shove the ship across the water.

Kristoff ran over with the Duke's things as well as the children as Shadow howled at them they broke off. Kristoff put a hand on Elsa shoulder "Come on we need to get back to the castle for Shadow. They will find them."
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Anna stepped back as she listened to Choal speak to them. He seemed more... elegant? No that wasn't the right word. Authoritative. Yes! That was it. He seemed to be in his element, so she just let him do all the talking. She was staring off into space when she snapped back and heard him say she would be leaving. She didn't argue. She knew it mustve not been good if he was wanting to leave that quickly. She took his arm and walked, sped walked with him. [b "What happened?"] she whispered.

Elsa was pacing as she heard Kristoff still rummaging through the bag. She froze when he told her to make snow wolves. [b "I...I've never done anything like that."] she said softly. [b "I don't know if I can."] She sighed softly as she walked a little farther away from the group, into a clearing. [b "Feel it."] she muttered [b "Feel it all."] She raised her hands and moved them around. Moments later, five wovles apeared. [b "Kristoff!"]
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Choal was in his general mode as he spoke it was probably the most he had ever spoken as he sighed. "Then Princess Anna will be leaving." He said offering his arm to Anna. He was tense and walking fast towards the boat. "We need to get back to Arendale now." He said helping her get on the ship.

Kristoff kept digging through the bag and found the plans "Good Girl Shadow." He said to her rubbing her head softly. He looked up at Elsa "Make snow wolves. Shadow can't track them but wolves can't give them this and something of the kids and the wolves are bound to find them as we get reinforcements."

Diamond hugged him tighter as she shut her eyes her chest really hurt from the dust in the room, but she knew they had bigger problems.
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Anna was about to pop off and argue with the wanna be lord before Choal took up for her. She grinned slightly as she stepped back. Choal would handle this; she need not intervene.

Elsa looked down as Shadow rubbed her head along her leg. [b “What is this? Kristoff.”] she said as she quickly tore the little pouch apart. She felt fire run through her ice cold body as she she found a crest, small flag and coins. [b “These are Weselten coins.”] she muttered. [b “That slimy duke has them!] she screamed. Her eyes were red. She stood up and move a couple of feet away from their group. [b “I’m gonna kill him.”] she said, pacing. [b “He gives them one tiny scratch and I swear I will cut his head off myself!”]

Andy smiled weakly as Diamond curled into his. [b “I’m your big cousin brother. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”] he whispered. He nodded as he heard her speak again. [b “We stick together like they do. Always.”]
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Choal nodded true to his word escorted Anna and she played the convincing actress to the Duke's Advisor before he stops her. "Princess Anna does not need to tell someone below her status of the life she has lived bring your duke or we will take our information elsewhere."

Shadow whimpered shutting her eyes nuzzling Elsa opening her mouth and let the bag roll out of her mouth a little pouch in her mouth that she had ripped off of the man's body before he had struck her down.

Diamond nodded to him as she curled into his body shaking "Andy I'm glad you told Mama about me in the kitchen." She said to him softly as she knew it had been a rough start but they were family now. "We stick together like Mama and Aunt Anna?" She said looking up at him.
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Anna's heart melted when Choal said he was going to ask her sister to officaly let him court her. [b "I know she will say yes."] she said with a grin. [b "Now lets hurry and get home so you can ask."]

Elsa looked at Kristoff and rolled her eyes. She was angry, upset, heartbroken, all at once. This wasn't helping her control. She looked down at Shadow and she felt herself soften slightly. [b "I know I can find them."] she muttered. She looked at Kristoff and simply nodded with a sigh. [b "We still need to get Shadow back to the kingdom."] she said as she rubbed the wolf's back. [b "Everything is gonna be alright.. We're going to get them both back."]

Andy looked at Diamond and gulped. He had to figure out a way to calm her down. He reached over and placed his hand ontop of hers. [b "You're gonna be ok. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Aunt Elsa is going to find us. You know that. Just breathe in and out.. 'kay?"]
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Choal smiled at her softly "I want to ask if she would let me properly court her." He said to her "Hence the bracelets I want to shower her to have a handmade gift." He said rubbing his neck.

Kristoff sighed "Elsa I can't let you go at this alone lets go get my family they should be able to send for someone in town or at least get us better of idea of where the kids are." He said to her as Shadow whimpered licking Elsa cheek burying deeps into the woman's arms to keep her still.

Diamond looked at Andy and touched it softly holding it tightly "I'm scared." She told him her lip trembling she was trying hard to be brave but now that she was losing control she knew that she could end up hurting Andy and she didn't want that.
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