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"Well your car was out of oil babe but I think I fixed that knocking problem and changed the oil and filled your wind shield wiper fluid back up and the anti freeze. Its chilly out so its better to be safe than sorry." he said kissing her, "And good morning, I made coffee, its in the pot on the counter." He was curious to how the video was doing but didn't ask. He didn't have facebook to look so he would let her handle that.

"Mom went to work again... I told her to take a day off.... I don't go in until Monday.They keep cutting my hours... I'm going to have to get a second job." He muttered sighing.

He pushed her hair out of her face, "I love you Cori.. I need you to know that and someday... someday soon I'll put a ring on your finger."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 272d 6h 14m 19s
Cori grinned as Kane started singing. He was a complete natural. She just watched him. She would never be able to love a human as much as she loved him. She could tell that he was staring right at her, the entire duration of the song, which made her blush

Once the song was over, she stopped recording. [b "And. Posted!"] she said. She placed her phone on the counter and walked over to him. [b "People are going to love it."] she said. She leaned up and wraooed her arms around him. [b "I love you so much."]

The next morning, she woke up when Kane got out of bed, but she rolled over and went back to sleep. She was completely exchausted. Between going to school, working at the pharmacy, and waiting tables on the weekends, her plate was full. She groaned when she woke up because the sun was shining through the window on her face. She slipped into her hoodie and shuffled into the garage.
  Cori Lynn / BooBear96 / 2y 272d 6h 17m 45s
“Let’s start with just singing...I’m not confident enough in my playing to do that just yet, maybe later on.” He said grabbing one of the bar stools by the counter and sitting on it. “Tell me when your ready baby.”

When she nodded he smiled, “Hey Ya’ll I’m Kane Brown and I’m going to be singing Check Yes or No.” he muttered before he started to sing. It was obvious he was ignoring the camera and singing right to Cori but on film it looked like he was singing to the camera. It only took one take. When she wasn’t filming he looked at her, “You think people will actually like it?”

The next morning Kane was up early. He made a pot of coffee and headed out to the garage and pulled her car into it. He needed to change the oil and check out that sound she said it was making. As soon as he started it he heard the knocking but hoped a change of oil and a tune up would fix it. He was wearing old jeans and an old t shirt from high school. Usually he wore a hat but today he didn’t. He was in the air conditioned garage. He knew that no one would be up this early but he left the door to the house open in case Cori woke up and wanted to join him.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 272d 16h 45m 12s
Kane was thinking about this way to much, overthinking. Just like he always did. That was one of the first traits Cori had found out about him. He said he wanted to make their first day perfect, but then it kind of crashed and burned, hence the overthinking. It was still her favorite memory. [b "Thank you. babe."] she said sofly. While she had been picking up extra shifts, she still didn't have enough to buy a new car. Right now she was driving a 2007 Nissan Altima, and it was almost on its last leg. She would have to figure out how to get a new one sooner than later.

[b "Thank you, Momma Brown."] she said. She grinned when she mentioned Cori already being her daughter. [b "Nothing will ever take me away from you guys. Y'all are my family."]She looked up at Kane when he finally mentioned the video. [b "Lets go it in the kitchen. It has a lot of light."] she said as she ran into Kane's bedroom to grab her phone. She looked down and seen his guitar. [b "Do you want to just sing or actually play?"]
  Cori Lynn / BooBear96 / 2y 272d 16h 57m 5s
“Sweetheart what if no one likes what I do? What if I’m a failure? Do you want me to work at FedEx forever just delivering boxes...what kind of life is that? I can’t even afford an engagement ring for you.” He said staring at the floor. He was beating himself up because he was afraid people wouldn't like what he did. Everyone knew he wanted to purpose but money was always tight and no matter how hard he tried to save something always came up like his or her car breaking down or the dryer breaking and needing a new one and necessities came first. "I'll look at your car in the morning baby, change the oil and check out that noise you were hearing on the way down." He said kissing her and sighing. His mother spoke up, "Kane trust Cori, she knows what shes talking about, your a great singer. Remember your senior year she talked you out of going in the army...because your a big baby. After pizza I'm going to get a shower and head to bed, Cori you know your welcome to stay and welcome to anything in the house really, your family. Someday you will be my daughter... I hope thats soon... who am I kidding you have been considered my daughter since you two started high school."

Kane wanted something to change... something had to change. He had to provide for her man... she was already his everything and he knew she knew that but he wanted her to be able to show off her engagement ring and be proud that he was hers like he was proud she was his. Kane took a big breath and said, "How about that video?" He knew that maybe nothing would come from it or he might get a show here and there singing but he didn't have high hopes for the singing thing even though it was something he wanted in his life. He didn't think he was good enough for people to actually like and listen to his music. Cori was his inspiration for everything and the one person in his life that kept pushing him to be better than what he was. She actually believed in him. His mother did too but Cori saw something in him that he didn't see but he loved her even more for that.
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Cori smiled and nodded. She headed into the living room with him, phone on hand. She was already making him a facebook fan page. [b "I should be finished with this in a few minutes, so hurry up and eat."] she said. She looked over at Momma Brown and grinned. [b "I finally talked him into letting me make him a fan page and all that."] she said.

[b "Of course I got your favorite, don't I always?"] she asked.
  Alexandria Mariè / BooBear96 / 2y 285d 13h 2m 12s
Kane nodded, "You handle that and we can eat and then record it." He said kissing her lips gently. "Your going to run out and tell my mom that I finally caved aren't you?" Cori and his mother had been his supporters through everything. He had even auditioned for a singing show when he was 19 and only got past the first round.

"You handle it all and I just sing... I can handle that part." He muttered going into the kitchen to get some pizza. He could smell it. "Babe you got my favorite." he said smiling. Kane put two slices on a plate for her and two for himself and turned around and slid the plate in front of her on the island counter where there were bar stools to sit.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 286d 8h 24m 57s
Cori looked at Kane and just sighed softly. [b "You already know what I'm going to say."] she said. She grinned when he finally caved in. [b "YAY!"] she said. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Planting soft kisses all over his face. [b "You will not regret this! I promise."] she said. She jumped down and grabbed her phone. [b "I'll handle and create everythig. Don't worry."] she said.

She nodded when he asked about the song once more. [b "Defineitly check yes or no. Once people find out about you, we can get you doing mroe covers and then your owns songs."] she said.
  Alexandria Mariè / BooBear96 / 2y 286d 8h 30m 42s
"Babe... don't talk like that... you pick for me... anything you want me to sing... for you." He said finally caving in. She had been asking him to sing on camera for over two years now and he was just very shy about it.
He always sang Check Yes or No for her because it got a giggle out of her and he loved it.

Kane looked up at Cori, "Babe... if you believe I'm meant to do this... then I believe you." He kissed her gently. "Your handling the posting and the page and whatever it comes with... you know I don't even have a facebook... I'm not good with social media."

He picked up his guitar and said, "Check Yes or No? do you want me to play it or have a track? I'm not the best guitar player because I taught myself but I really want to do this for you."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 286d 8h 54m 22s
Cori looked at him and just sighed. [b "You have what, like three or four songs written now yourself? I'm telling you, Kane. You need to let me record you doing a cover of something. I can edit it, and I know it'll go viral."] she said. She smirled softly as he pulled her closer to him. [b "I missed you too."] she said softly. She placed her hands on his chest. [b "Pick a cover, and let me record it."]

She shrugged when he mentioned dinner. [b "Don't worry about it baby."] she said softly. [b "I've been picking up extra shifts at the Pharmacy."]

[b "You will be the best musician ever IF you just let me post a video of you online. Kane. You were meant to sing. I don't know what else you want me to say. You never listen to me anyway. I don't know why I'm even wasting my breathe.
  BooBear96 / 2y 286d 8h 58m 34s
"I can't get the damn song right." He said kissing her lightly and resting his hands on her waist and pulling her to him as he stood up. "I missed you... its been a whole week... longest week of my life." Kane said that every week but it was always true. He hated that they couldn't afford their own place but he took what hours he was given during the week and it wasn't much. Just enough to scrape by and pay for his truck payment and cell phone and he managed to put a little back but it was no where near enough for their own place or even an engagement ring for Cori.

"Your sweet, thank you for dinner baby, you know you didn't have to do that but I appreciate it. Mom has been working late, I worked a double shift yesterday because they gave me the hours which never happens." He said holding her. "I love you... "

Kane picked his guitar up off of the floor, "I know... its just frustrating, I mean I want to be a musician but I'm not getting anywhere." Kane was an amazing singer but he couldn't get any traction.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 287d 7h 43m 38s
Cori Lynn was twenty years old, living in South West Georgia. She was currently in school to be an LPN, though she wasn't sure if that was what she wanted to do anymore. She was dating Kane Brown, the guy she'd begun dating in the seventh grade. They'd been together ever since. She was only able to see Kane on the weekends, since she had classes Monday through Thursday. She usually stayed the nights with him on the weekends. She knew he wanted to get their own house, but right now they just couldn't afford it.

She shut the door, after taking the boxes from the deleviery man, and smiled at Momma Brown. [b "Momma, I brought dinner over. Kane said you had to work overtime today."] she said. She placed the pizza, and salad on the counter. [b "Pepperoni and Sausage pizza, with a salad."] She heard Kane and just sighed. [b "Seems like he's not in the best of moods."] she said. She grinned and headed into Kane's bedroom. [b "I ordered dinner."] she said softly.

She sat down on the edge of his bed. [b "What's wrong?"] she asked. She looked over and seen that his guitar was in the floor. She bent over and picked it up. [b "You shouldn't leave this in the floor.. You'll step on it and break it. Then you'll whine and complain to me."]
  Alexandria Mariè / BooBear96 / 2y 287d 7h 51m 34s
Kane threw his guitar on his bed for the third time today in his mother's small house in Georgia. "I can't get that damn song right." He said frustrated. He knew his girlfriend was coming over but he hadn't noticed that she was already there. They had been dating since they were in 7th grade. She had been with him through everything and now he had a goal... a dream to be a musician. He had taught himself guitar and started writing his own songs. Mostly about her but this song wasn't working well. She had tried to get him to post some videos on facebook and youtube but he wasn't too sure about it. The thought of failure scared him.

He plopped down on his bed and laid back and put his hands on his face. Hiding. Just writing this song was stressing him out. He was 22 and just getting started with his career... he had just figured out what he wanted to do. He had a part time job but he needed a better one and he knew that if he ever wanted to move out of his mother's house. She had raised him by herself and it was only him, his mom, and his grandmother in their entire family. He never met his dad.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 287d 8h 59m 53s

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