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Rene looked up at the girl as she addressed her. Now that Ema was right in front of her, the smell was stronger. Keeping a paw in her nose, she looked back at the other girl. "Yea..." she says timidly. "Thank you," Rene added gratefully. A moment later, the bell rang and the teacher walked into the classroom. "Good morning, class," he said in greeting. "Everyone find a seat please." The teacher then began his lecture on history, or was it math? Rene didn't care. She was more focused on Ema, and the fact that she showed concern for her. With a quick glance, Rene saw that Ema was in the seat next to her's. Slowly, Rene shifted her desk to that side, her tail swishing back and forth through her chair. Once she was close enough to Ema, Rene started to paw at her, wanting her attention. A purr escaped from deep in her throat. When the pawing didn't work, Rene resorted to mewing and nuzzling. It felt so good to have a friend. Someone who was nice to her. She nuzzled a little more, claiming Ema as her territory.
  rocksanne / 1y 32d 10h 15m 57s
Ema scoffed. "As if a little mouse like you could actually do anything to me." While it was true that the girl was not a fighter, the boy in question had clumsy and weighted moves, so it was easy to catch his fist in her hand.

With a rough squeeze, she glared at him. "Why don't you go back to your cage and wait for feeding time, you disgusting rodent? I'm sure someone will want to play with you, but you're not worth my time."

With a huff, she turned to Rene. She seemed scared. "Hey, are you okay?"
  Emalee / _Ignis / 1y 33d 2h 35m 52s
The boy looked from the crying Rene to the other girl. "Why you..." he said, mad that someone had interrupted his moment of fun. Picking up a fighting stance, he balled his hands into fists. "Let's go!" he said. Rene looked up. Was someone standing up for her? She saw that the boys attention was on the other girl. There was a smell in the air, almost like death. It bothered her feline sense of smell. Covering her nose, she watched as the scene played out. The boy was now running to the girl, and he was swinging his fist, trying to strike her. Rene buried her face again. She didn't like violence.
  rocksanne / 1y 33d 5h 29m 54s
Emalee had a hard time making friends, but she didn't really mind. In her own eyes, her studies of Necromancy and dark magic was all she needed; if other kids knew what she did, she would be shunned.

At school, she appeared to be a normal, bubbly teenage girl. From time-to-time, students would try to approach her, but she'd just smile and wave them off. They weren't worth her time, though she wasn't unkind enough as to say it aloud.

Though, as she entered her class and heard a few of the boys picking on the Neko girl again, she grew irate. Though the girl was different, she had never been unkind or standoffish. In fact, other than her feline attributes, she appeared normal. So Ema put her foot down.

"No, I don't suppose she has caught any mice." The female's eyes glinted dangerously. "Otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you, you filthy rodent?"
  Emalee / _Ignis / 1y 33d 5h 37m 23s
A young girl of thirteen was walking down the street to her first day of school. In her backpack was a few notebooks and pencils. A bottle of milk could be heard sloshing around. The sun was bright and the air warm. Insects flew around her ears with a high buzzing. She swatted them away. As she got closer to the school, she saw more students, all happily chatting about summer time activities. As she walked by, more kids stopped and stared. She felt every eye on her. Rene went to a human school, but she was not human. Well, she was half human, half cat, a neko like her mother. Her father was a human. When Rene had been born, her father wanted her to grow up in the same neighborhood as he did, thus she went to a human school. "Hey, big ears!" A student called to her. Her ears drooped at being teased. One cannot hide being a neko, and it made her different. Since she was different, she was always teased. That's why she stopped riding the bus. Trying to cover her ears with her paws, Rene ran into the building trying not to be seen. Her long hair and skirt bellowed out behind her. Once she reached the room of here first class, she chose a desk in the very back. Settling into her seat, Rene dropped her bag by her feet. Her tail wrapped around her, and she held in in her paws stroking it, trying to calm down as tears built up in her eyes. All she wanted to do was go home. Suddenly, something hit her in the nose, breaking her of the spell she was in. Looking down, she saw it was a mouse toy. "Catch any mice today, big ears?" A student teased her. Swiping the toy from her desk, Rene buried her face in her arms, tears streaming down her face.
  rocksanne / 1y 33d 9h 25m 38s

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