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[h2 [center [Zilla+Slab Welcome to House Hollymore! ] ] ]
[h2 [center [Zilla+Slab House Hollymore specializes in helping youths with rare mental disorders, from schizophrenia to pyromaniacs and anything in between. We pride ourselves on high-quality service and pristine living conditions. We also provide schooling and other activities such as physical education and art classes. If you believe your child is in need of our help please call the number below or email us.
[b 555-3125] ] ] ]

[h3 [center [dancing+script 'IT'S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS' ] ] ]
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[h3 [center [dancing+script 'SOME OF US ARE DISAPPEARING.'] ] ]
[h2 [center [Zilla+Slab House Hollymore, at first glance, seems like an inviting home for youth with problems. The wait list is long and most of the time they only take a chosen few for the program. The program is extensive, so the minimum time at House Hollymore is 6 months, though it can go much longer than that. It's a perfect place for parents to bring their children who are in need of mental help... Right?] ] ]

[h2 [center [Zilla+Slab Wrong. House Hollymore, on the outside, seems like a great mental home for the youth. However, this is not the case by any means. In fact, it's not even a mental home. It's a research facility on children with abilities that can't be explained. They tell the teens they are mentally ill, and that their experiences of the paranormal are just figments of their imagination, a mental illness of sorts. They strain together any sort of fake diagnostic that fits with the ability, and presto, they have full access to the minds of these kids with grand abilities. ] ] ]
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[center [b [Zilla+Slab [size15 SO BASICALLY ] ] ] ]
[h2 [center [Zilla+Slab This story will be based on the teenagers that are going to House Hollymore. It's about how they have magical abilities but are made to believe that they are insane. You can choose if your character knows that they have abilities or if they believe themselves to be crazy. Your character can even have no abilities and was sent to House Hollymore by accident. I want this roleplay to be heart-wrenching with a bit of comedy thrown in there. ] ] ]
[center [b [size15 [Zilla+Slab THE LAYOUT ] ] ] ]
[h2 [center [Zilla+Slab House Hollymore will consist of three floors. The basement is where the more difficult patients are held. Padded rooms and no access to anything that could harm themselves or others. The main floor is where the kitchen, dining area, and living room are. The living room has two computers with no internet access and a few retro video games downloaded on it. There is a TV that plays cartoons and family television, though if you are good they allow you to watch the news. The upstairs is the living quarters and the bathrooms. Males and females are, of course, separated. There are separate bedrooms and bedrooms with roommates. Outside is heavily guarded and has a large gate around the property. In the back is another small building where the classes are held, and where the library is also. ] ] ]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/Imvgh0j.png]] [center [font "Arial" This was a lot more that Marlin bargained for. All he wanted to do was sneak in, get a snack, and get out but here he was not only having a conversation with another person but being [i touched] by another person. It had been so long since anyone had crossed the barrier the red head had put up. And this person crossed it without hesitation and did it so easily.
Marlin had a habit of messing with his unruly hair when he was nervous and it didn't help that he never brushed it. But having someone point it out was shocking to him. People usually didn't look at him and now they were. It was terrifying but also [i thrilling.]

Watching Oliver talk was mesmerizing for Marlin. The boy talked with his whole body and his presence was intruding but not alarming. He kept his eyes on the starlight-haired boy's lips as he spoke to him. His smile was warm and he seemed to genuinely mean whatever he was saying. Marlin obviously wasn't listening so he was startled when he saw Oliver come at him with a gentle hand. He couldn't process the interaction while it was happening. Having different fingers trailing through his hair was wild to him. Shivers crept up his spine making his neck crawl and he pale skin crawled with an electrical sensation. Normally if this had happened Marlin would have flipped and there would have been a messy scene, but for some reason the hemophiliac was caught off guard [i just the right amount.] A small smile kissed his lips as he watched Oliver throw the breaks on and back track as fast as he could.

The doctors at Hollymore called Marlin a 'wallflower.' He watched from a far and never experienced that seconds passing with people. Of course he did. He wasn't used to participating in life. When he was in his gang he was a used as a weapon and he liked that. Having a purpose made him feel more normal with his abilities. His gang treated him like a family member as much as they could a freak like him and his sister. But now that he was here, he was alone again. Did Marlin really want to let anyone in again?
[s Maybe.]

[b [#990033 "I was in a gang for awhile so I guess I had a nickname?"]] Marlin laughed. He had no idea why he was talking to Oliver but he couldn't stop himself now. [b [#990033 "They called me Aries. Outsiders feared the name so it isn't something 'friends' called me. Sharing a nickname with a War God isn't very inviting though is it?"]] He laughed dryly.
It hadn't taken Marlin long to get over his shyness. The whole interaction with Oliver crying for help to Laurel eased his nerves. They were very similar in that. Glancing at the tawny haired patient, he flashed a devilish grin. Her casualness was refreshing. It made him almost forget he was a prisoner.
[b [#990033 "Rough nights are just nights for us at this point."]] He mused cynically.
  |hollymore crush| / muta / 277d 58m 11s
[center [pic http://i67.tinypic.com/54100.jpg]

[font "Tahoma" The tap of a couple of Kaz's fingers was all it took to make the dark haired girl jump nearly out of her skin. Any other person might have found the reaction funny - the guard nearby certainly did - but Kaz just felt bad. Even he had picked up on the jolt of fear that had rushed through her body in that moment. She began to speak, but once she noticed the note he held out to her, she quickly began typing. She typed [i very] quickly, actually. So quickly that Kaz barely had time to scribble a note to let her know that while he could not speak, he could indeed hear perfectly fine. He was glad for the girl's - Molly's - accommodating nature, since it had been rather difficult to find on the outside.

Behind him, Kaz heard Wren's voice, talking about something in a rather conspiratorial tone. The pixie-like boy had taken to him immediately, despite Kaz's best efforts to stay in vague anonymity until he was more comfortable in this facility. According to all sources, Wren had been here in Hollymore for the longest amount of time out of everyone. Kaz wondered if he would be stuck here for that long too, or if he would be cleared to go back to society sooner. Would he instead end up like Maelynn, scarred by the actions of another resident here; scarred so deeply that he would recede back into his shell? Or would the worst happen... Ending up in the basement because of his fits, like whats-his-name . The thought sent a shudder down his spine. Even after only three days, Kaz had been informed about the basement and the horrors it held.

Kaz was pulled back to reality by Molly's voice, asking if he wanted to play a game with her. He gave an affirmative nod in return, accompanied by a bright smile and pulled up a chair next to the computer where Molly was seated. Pulling out his journal again, Kaz began to write:

[i I like games. Would you mind if I asked some questions while we played? Any information you have is probably more than I have.]

Kaz slid the journal over the desk to Molly so she could take a look and turned his attention to the computer screen, ready to learn this new game.
  ouroboros / 277d 13h 19m 45s
[font gentium [center Elaine, who had said good morning to Felix out of curiosity and friendliness, was rather taken aback by surprise at the boy's response to her greeting. Her surprise stemmed from the expectation that he would be "bad" somehow, having been locked away in the basement for such a long time. Nonetheless, she was pleased to see him smile and made certain to enlarge her grin back, ignoring the prickles at her fingertips--she was getting worked up, and it was filling her veins with fluid electricity. [i [#80aaff No, it's only a feeling. Like pins and needles. Not electricity,]] she reassured herself mentally as she stumbled to continue the conversation. Seemingly, she hadn't expected to make it this far in her encounter with Felix, and thus had not planned anything beyond the initial greeting.

Evidently, this issue was resolved rather quickly upon Felix's hand stretching towards her. She raised an eyebrow slightly, not sure whether he was going to ruffle her hair or strangle her; she decided to believe in the former.
The guard near them seized up and displayed his tranquilizer gun as though he were trophy hunting in the African Sahara, and Felix was a particularly large rhinoceros. When the guard spoke in a rather vicious tone, Elaine jumped on her heels slightly, having rarely been at the behest of staff's anger. Upon gazing over Felix's face, his nonchalance about the matter settled her somewhat and she let out a small--hopefully inaudible--sigh. It made her uneasy, though, being suddenly aware that there were guards watching their conversation, simply because of Felix.

'[b [#1a8cff I-it's okay,]]' she hurriedly responded to his excited apology. Felix's bubbliness was almost too much even for Elaine, his attention span apparently rather short-lived, at least from her point of view. This was familiar to her, the unending movements and constant change of topic. She hurried to keep up with Felix's trail of conversation leads, feeling her smile engorge even further at the strange expressiveness in his voice. Everybody else in the House was always so down and droopy, but this boy wasn't. Upon his sharing of his name, which she already knew but was too swept away by the conversation to admit to, she input, '[b [#1a8cff My name's Elaine!--]]' She was about to add [i [#80aaff but you can call me Ellie,]] before sullenly remembering that this was the nickname her friends and family had called her before admittance to House Hollymore. She would not taint the fond nickname with hospitals and insanity.

'[b Do they let us outside anytime?]'
This question caught Elaine off-guard. How could he not know? Had he really been in the basement that long that he had forgotten the schedules? '[b [#1a8cff Of course, with permi--]]' Elaine had her words cut off halfway through her response; '[b Why? Do you need to potty? Only good boys get to go play outside.]' [i [#80aaff Permission,]] she finished in her head.
The guard's rudeness made her frown; the taunting of Felix seemed rather unfair. Just because he had been naughty in the past didn't mean he was naughty now. All of them had done things that were bad, that's how they'd ended up at Hollymore in the first place. Anyway, he was out of the basement which meant he must have been good.
More "pins and needles" filled her fingertips, itching to escape. Elaine knew that if she didn't calm herself down, it [i would] escape her and she would have another fit. She didn't want to be medicated again, the thought of it made her queasy.
Rather than respond to the guard, who she knew would only report her behaviour to the nurses and get her in trouble, she stepped backwards. Looking around the room briefly, she spotted an empty table near the edge of the dining area, by the beginning section of the living area. She didn't usually like to sit there while eating, the living area being too loud with chatter to enjoy her meal, but it seemed a good compromise--it had an escape route, and perhaps the noise of conversation would ease her flitting nerves. Returning her gaze to Felix, she smiled meekly, eyes flitting between him and the guard hastily. '[b [#1a8cff Do you want to sit down? Over there?]]' Elaine turned and pointed to the table in question. Quickly, she rethought, though. Felix looked antsy, and she was uncertain whether he would want to sit down. But she was now convinced that he would not be allowed outside, and inside there was very little to do other than sit.
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][Noto+Sans [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/hGjpjzp.png]

It didn't take Oliver long to at least sense the unease radiating off the redhead, starting from the way he averted his eyes and the deepness of the flush on his face. He worried momentarily if he did something wrong to cause the nonverbal response and if he should scoot a little further away to give him more space. [#306388 [i But won't moving away also possibly convey a message of dislike?]] He ended up simply remaining in his spot, unmoving, the small smile never falling from his lips.

[#306388 [b "We can probably ask them for a brush?"]] he replied, making sure that his tone would sound accommodating, as he watched Marlin's fingers repeatedly run through his messy but seemingly soft red hair, setting most of it in place. His gaze lingered on a section that stubbornly remained stuck in a weird angle before, at the soft sound of an introduction, he looked at his face. So he [i was] Marlin.

When Marlin opened his mouth again, as he was about to say something more, Oliver waited, expression attentive. No more words came, however, so he took his turn to speak. [#306388 [b "Oliver,"]] he said, pointing to himself, [#306388 [b "You can call me Ollie too, if you'd like. That's what my friends outside call me."]] He grinned lightly. It's been a while since he heard them call him that, much less heard their voices.

His eyes wandered back to the tuft of hair that looked out of place on Marlin's head. Frowning a little, he reached out, using his own fingers to comb through strands of crimson hair thrice. His hair was actually softer than it looked. [#306388 [i Almost better than Pom-pom's fur--]]

His hand froze, Oliver's widening eyes blinking rapidly with the realization of just what he was doing. As if electrified, he withdrew his hand quickly, heat rushing to his cheeks, looking at anywhere but Marlin. [#306388 [b "Whoops, sorry! Habit! You missed a s-spot, so...,"]] he spluttered, forcing unnatural chuckles, both hands digging as deep as possible into his pockets. [#306388 [i SHITSHITSHITSHIT.]] He suddenly wished he really had the ability to stop time--he could just stop it for Marlin and rush backward out of the room then bury himself alive somewhere.

Before he could start [i really] planning his escape, he heard Laurel's voice, and he swore it sounded like the singing of an ensemble of angels. [#306388 [b "Laurel! Morning! Hi!"]] he greeted a little too energetically, both hands waving at her rapidly, his head filled with a continuous stream of internal screams, which stopped at the sight of the girl up close. [#306388 [b "Well, you do look..."] [i Like shit,]] his head supplied. He immediately shooed the word away. [#306388 [b "...tired early in the morning. At least we'd get better eventually, right...?"]] He offered a grin. That's what they're here for, anyway. [#306388 [b "Oh, uh... Have you met Marlin?"]] He gestured to the boy beside him, unease creeping back to his limbs.
  σℓινєя / shirairu / 280d 2h 8m 8s
Molly tried to give at least a polite nod to the people she knew as they came into the room, but with so many people coming in and out it got tough. Especially as the conversations got loud enough that she had trouble keeping up with the sound of footsteps. Still she did try her best to give all of her acquaintances at least a small acknowledgment, especially when it was someone that showed appreciation for it like Wren.

It was a struggle to juggle the tasks of manipulating variables in her game, tuning out the voices in her head, eavesdropping on the conversations around her, all while acknowledging her acquaintances, but she did her best. Her behavior drew snickering from one of the nearby guards that only got louder at Laurel's comment about the looks of the inmates. Their rude response was one that she would remember, but before she could say anything about it she felt a hand on her shoulder that sent her scrambling.

All she caught in her periphery was the sight of a silent skyscraper of a man that had her flail enough to tip over her chair. She managed to stop herself by slamming her knee into the underside of the desk and planting a firm hand on the table. An act that drew more snickering from the guard. All she could hope was that no one else had witnessed it.

[b “I'm alright, I'm okay,”] Molly managed to squeak out as she tried to catch her breath after the adrenaline hit. [b “You just s-.”]

She cut herself off as she noticed the page being presented to her. While she was keen to respond to a fellow newcomer she quickly switched to typing on the computer. There was no point in her happily introducing herself if Kaz couldn't hear her say it after all.

[I I'm alright. Sorry you surprised me is all. Nice to meet you Kaz. I'm Molly.]

This drew a note from Kaz that while he was mute he was not deaf. Still better to be safe than sorry, A-ha be damned.

[b “Alright let's try this again then. It's a pleasure to meet you Kaz,”] Molly said with the friendliest smile that she could muster after that embarrassing scene. [b “I'm Molly, and I'm fairly new here myself. So I may not be able to answer much, but I'm happy to do what I can to help.”]

[b “Um, would you like to play a game with me? It's turn-based and easy to learn.”]
  Hollymore / Tesla / 280d 3h 24m 58s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=PT+Sans]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Elliot was slightly take aback at how Maelyn spoke, since he had been lock away by himself for a good portion of his life his vocabulary was limited, though he had learned a lot since coming to Hollymore. The one thing that he couldn't quite get used to was the cursing, it was used left and right in this place and each time he heard something it left him speechless since he didn't know how to respond. He nervously looked around for a moment. Communicating wasn't his forte - he would much rather be in his room right now.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 An awkward silence seemed to fall between the three and Elliot began to fidget. What the heck was he supposed to say? [b [i "They probably don't even want to talk to you."]] The male glanced around the living area, his golden eyes landing on the unfamiliar guy he'd seen moments ago in the kitchen. He was talking with Marlin. Elliot was intrigued by the white-haired male. Who was he? Where did he come from? Was he new or had he been here just as long as him? He was half tempted to get up and go ask him, but he couldn't. [i [b "D'awww, poor Elliot doesn't have the balls to disobey orders. Pathetic."]]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Thankfully Wren began speaking so he was able to focus on that instead of the voice in his head. The other male seemed just as flustered as he was, it certainly wasn't easy talking to people who were supposedly mental. He wasn't sure if he wanted to talk about himself, he didn't have the most interesting backstory nor did he do much in this place. [b [i "Scaredy cat."]] Elliot was beginning to get annoyed, the voice was unnaturally vocal today.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 [i But it wasn't wrong.]]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 [b [#4B0082 "I've only been here for nine months."]] He said with a fake smile on his face. Nine months and he felt like he had only delved deeper into the madness that was his mind. [b [#4B0082 "I'm not sure what to think of this place, I'm only allowed up from the basement twice a week. I do know I don't like Martha..."]] He muttered the last part, he could see the unbearable red-head over by the basement door. When she caught him looking at her she gave him a smile that could match that of medusa's stare. [b [i "You know if you don't like her you could always have her kill herself. You've done it before."]]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]][center [PT+Sans [size15 [b [u Six months ago]]]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 [b [#4B0082 "You should shoot yourself with that gun at your hip."]] Elliot stood in one of the individual therapy rooms, the poor therapist that had been trying to help him was on the ground, the pen she'd been using plunged into her eye socket. She wasn't dead but she was close to it. In front of him was a guard, his gun pointed at Elliot. [b "Get down on the ground, now!"] he yelled. An unfeeling Elliot stared at the guard as if he was stupid. [b [#4B0082 "Why should i get down?"]] He asked, a small smile creeping over his lips. The guard shook the gun as he began to get more irritated. [b "Because I said so-"] The guards voice faded as his eyes slowly glazed over.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 [b [#4B0082 "You should shoot yourself.]] He said as if it was the most innocent thing to do in the world and not something that would kill the guard. For a few seconds nothing happened, then slowly the guard began to rise the gun that had been pointed at Elliot up to his temple. A few more seconds pass, you could physically see the struggle happening in the guards mind as his hands twitched. A few more seconds passed and suddenly a bang rang out and the guard dropped to the ground dead.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]
[center [PT+Sans [size13 Elliot shook his head as the memory played in his head, that wasn't something he didn't want to think about. As long as he played by their rules and did what they said than he wouldn't get hurt. He didn't want to go through the same punishment as last time. [b [#4B0082 "Ahh, I need to um....go over there."]] He made a lame excuse to leave the two. He felt like he was going to faint for some reason, his whole body felt hot. [i "I want to go back in my room..."] He thought as he walked into the dining area. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 He leaned his forehead against the wall and closed his eyes for a few moments, he wanted to be alone and not be bothered by anyone. Of course that was impossible in this place since up here he was constantly being watched, they all were. At least in the basement he was the only one in his room and for the most part it was quiet. Aside from the few conversations he had with his buddy next door.]]]
  [ツ] / Otter / 280d 17h 30m 9s
Wren flashed a friendly smile and a quick wave to Molly before she settled in to the computer. She was a quiet girl, but sweet; he had only known her for a little while, since she hadn't been here for long, but he had a good impression of her. She didn't seem like someone who'd spend much time in the basement. If anything, she might be one of the ones who got rehabilitated quickly, like the little redheaded boy--what was his name again? Martin?--'s sister, or the twins, or Damien, or Carrie, or all the others who'd left him behind through the years. No one had said where they'd gone, but it was obvious, wasn't it? They were the successful ones. They'd made it out.

Unlike him.

He recognized the thoughts before they started and stopped himself. No. There was no point in rehashing that whole--mess. He had to stay positive! If he just stayed positive, it would all work out in the end. A positive attitude could work wonders, after all.

One of the newer residents approached him and Maelyn, and he flashed the boy a smile. Elliot, wasn't it? The poor thing seemed to be forcing himself to be social, especially since Wren could barely remember seeing Elliot out of his room before. He was making a good show of it, so Wren pretended not to notice. If he could be a part of someone else's healing, then he wanted to do them as much good as possible.

It was why they were here. Why they were [i all] here.

He nodded in agreement with the both of them. Couldn't agree more. "Not that it's so bad to share our feelings, either," he said neutrally. It was an important part of the healing process, the nurses said, so he always did his best to try and take part.

Maybe next time it'd be him. Maybe they'd finally be able to declare him cured and let him out.

Maelyn flinched at something. Wren glanced over his shoulder in the direction she was looking to try and figure it out, and got his answer immediately. Felix, was it? How long ago had that happened? He'd been on another floor at the time, busy with a one-on-one session with the ever-indomitable Mrs. Anderson. They'd blocked off the floor and refused to let anyone near until they'd cleaned away the aftermath, but he knew something terrible had happened. His poor plants had all cried to him about the danger afterwards, their fear of cold and winter somehow mixed into their fear of death. And Maelyn had been there, right in the thick of it all. He couldn't imagine it had been good for her healing.

He glanced around the room, trying to think of something to take her mind off of it. "It's been lovely out," he blurted at last. "There's been plenty of sunshine outside. Everyone back in my room loves it." He grinned at both of them, then realized; he should probably clarify. "I--I mean, all the plants. I keep flowers, you know--surely you know? And the lighting tends to be bad. But it's good, recently. Been bright out."

Wren kept up the grin, but deep inside he was dying. How awkward was this? Dammit. He hadn't meant to start talking about himself. Argh! How did he fix this? Change the subject?

Inspiration struck from Maelyn's earlier comment, and his grin went from forced to almost conspiratorial. "Anyways," he said, leaning in, "what do you guys really think of the House? You've been here for a while--have you gotten used to it? I know the first few years are rough, but it's not so bad after a while." Once he'd learned to keep his mouth shut and smile, once he'd learned not to talk about his plants, everything had gone smoothly. These kids--well, they probably didn't have to worry about something weird like being able to talk to plants, but he was sure they had their own struggles.

It was why they were here, after all.
  Wren Fleurette / kaitoXi / 281d 15h 31m 55s
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/ZOddvr9.jpg]] [center [font "Arial" Before Marlin could escape human interaction he was stopped by a boy his height with opal locks of fluffy hair. He said something referring to Marlin's disheveled look but the kid didn't look much better. They locked eyes for a moment and Marlin didn't know what to do. Oliver's emerald gaze caught his in a staring contest and he was definitely losing to the angelic looking boy. Averting his eyes, he scuffled his feet and shifted his weight. Reaching a skeletal, bandaged hand up to his face and running his thin fingers through his messy hair, he licked his dry lips.

[b [#990033 "I uh don't have a brush."]] He stated as his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Marlin wasn't the best at social interaction but guys his age were his biggest issues. Growing up it was only him and Axel. The two were just kids. Living in a gang wasn't conventional but they liked it enough. Everyone was older than them so they really only had each other. He hadn't had any practice talking to people besides his sister. Everyone else seemed so far away from him.

Surveying Oliver, the red head had never actually noticed this boy before. He had seen him in group and they had spent mandatory time together but for the first time he was really looking. The snowy haired boy was actually beautiful. That made everything worse. Now he was self consious. Tugging at his sweater sleeves, he tried to hide his scars. He was a walking notebook covered in words scrawled into his skin. Usually Marlin wasn't ashamed of his looks but right now standing side by side comparing himself to someone else he was trembling. Running his fingers through his hair again nervously, he cleared his throat hoping Oliver couldn't tell he was freaking out.

[b [#990033 "I'm M-Marlin."]] He stammered quietly. It came out so quiet he wasn't sure if anyone even heard it. Opening his mouth to repeat himself he quickly stopped himself. Maybe it was better that way. Oliver could talk to anyone why would he stick around?]]

[p Sorry it is short, I am having writers block.]
  |hollymore crush| / muta / 281d 16h 40m 47s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Playfair+Display]
[center [Playfair+Display
Felix stood awkwardly near the sink, leaned against the bulletproof window that streamed in a bright light. The heat against his skin from the sun was kind, something he had missed out on while in the basement. A small smile crept onto his lips as he closed his eyes and let his [i slight ] freedom sink in.

[b “Good morning!”] A bright, cheery voice could be heard near Felix, causing his blue eyes to flutter open. He had to look down quite a bit to see who was speaking. A small girl with ginger locks stood in front of Felix, with a kind smile printed on her face. Felix flashed a large grin towards the girl, excitement bubbling up inside him. Finally, someone was here to talk to him.

[#008B8B “Hi there!”] Felix replied with a goofy grin, eyes glimmering with the hope that he wouldn’t mess up this exchange. He leaned downwards to inspect the girl, curious at who would talk to him. He wished he knew her name but it came blank, however, that was going to be the case when your only communication was with the guards that hated you. Not now though, this was different. Perhaps he could make a good impression on the girl and the others around her. Felix reached forward, the temptation to ruffle he girls hair too high. It looked light and soft, he just had to touch it…

[b “Hands off, [i boy,]” ] The guard nearest to Felix raised his tranquilizer gun, showing it off proudly. The man winked at Felix, taunting him. It didn’t frighten Felix but it did show him that they were willing to threaten him in public. That was something.

Felix threw up his hands in defense, [#008B8B “Sorry! Sorry!”] He winked back at the guard and started to chuckle before looking down at the female. [#008B8B “I’m sorry, you are just- Your hair looks [i super ] soft.”] His eyes fluttered around the room quickly before landing back on the girl. He wouldn’t tell her that she reminded him of a little doll. That was too much.[#008B8B “This is a little overwhelming, it’s like, WOAH, you know? Not used to this kind of shit. Anyways, I’m Felix, what’s your name?”] Felix was now bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. He was antsy and needed to do something. He eyed the door before looking back down at the female. [#008B8B “Do they let us outside anytime?”]

He knew the answer though, in fact, he knew exactly what Billy would say if he asked.

[b ‘Why? Do you need to potty? Only good boys get to go play outside.’ ]
  Felix Vogel / morbidity / 281d 17h 37m 58s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Playfair+Display]
[center Various faces, some new, some not, started piling into the living area, however, it was the first one that startled and left Maelyn speechless. She felt the fear ripple through her body as her eyes fixated on the imposing figure.

[+grey “Who the fuck let him out?”] Carry spat out the words as quickly as Felix entered and exited the area. Worry was written on her face as she floated in front of Maelyn, bloodshot eyes fixated on her. [+grey “Mae, you okay?” ]

It was too late. Maelyn felt a pain in her stomach as the memories came flooding in.

[h3 [Playfair+Display Just Over a Year Ago ] ]

Panicked screams rippled through the air as shards of what looked like glass shattered against the hallway floor. The air was frozen, every guards’ breath vapor and the marble floor acting more like ice than anything else. In front of the panting guards sat a male with icy hair with skin that matched. Around his head circled icicles that acted more like throwing knives. They flung at the guards with force as the various men tried to scatter. The perpetrator was angry, blue eyes flickering with fear and rage.

Maelyn sat with the door of the living area propped open slightly, her face stuck in the crevice as her eyes scanned and watched every movement the male made against the guards. She could feel the cool air on her skin but ignored her own shivering, too frightened and enthralled with the chaos before her. She watched as blood dripped from certain guards and her eyes widened in horror. The male had actually hit the guards with his icicles, stabbing them in various places. [i Holy shit. Is he going to kill him -] Somewhere in the middle of the thought, Maelyn was pushed forward, a small crackle of laughter behind her. It was the Zhao twins, who had no clue what was really going on. Maelyn braced herself as she fell forward through the door, her hands and knees crashing against the cool ground.

The rest of the memory was slightly blurry, however, what did came back was in small flashes. Maelyn remembered the cold floor vividly. She remembered the pain as someone struck her .head against the wall. Then his face, the fury in his eyes. Then everything went black.

[h3 [Playfair+Display CURRENT TIME: 9:53 ] ]

[b "You think we'll do one of those fun team-building exercises again? I always like those."]

Maelyn snapped out of her trance, turning to meet the familiar gaze of some of her ‘peers’ frantically. Scattered closest to her was Wren and Elliot with Laurel not far off. They seemed to be making small talk with her and the others.

[b “Team-building exercises sound pretty fun,” ] Elliot was now answering Wren which gave Maelyn time to steady her breath.

[#F08080 “I don’t really give a fuck what we do as long as we do something,”] Maelyn rolled her eyes before shaking her head. She had to be nice. Friendly. Especially if she needed to use them to get out.

[#F08080 [i Because that went well last time you tried it.] ]

[#F08080 “But team building exercises are definitely better than talking about how we feel about being here.”] Maelyn winced at the thought. Just a week ago they had to talk about how much they [i enjoyed ] House Hollymore and the process they were going through. They were only allowed to say positive things, and well, for lots of the patients at Hollymore, that was hard to do. Maelyn’s looked towards the kitchen and winced, not liking the fact that she could see Felix in the corner of her eye. She made sure not to look at him directly, eyes falling instead on Marlin and the ghostly figure behind him.

Maelyn wondered if Marlin knew Axel was there at that moment, beady eyes fixated on both him and Oliver. She leered over him in a protective stance, disfigured hands floating over his shoulders. Maelyn turned back towards the two males near her and gave them a weak smile. Although Wren had been there longer than Maelyn they never really talked, which was a pity because Maelyn had no clue what he could do. She knew nothing about Elliot either, however, she did know to keep a careful eye on him. Something about him was different. Odd.

[+grey “Ask them what they can know or what they can do,”] Carry whispered into Maelyn’s ear. Maelyn groaned before using a small amount of her energy to cast Carry away for a bit. She couldn't ask them anything like right now. They didn’t trust her.
  Maelyn Peterson / morbidity / 281d 17h 44m 38s
[center [pic http://i67.tinypic.com/54100.jpg]

[font "Tahoma" [b The First Day]

His mother had decided it was time. Time for him to go away.

"You're too horrible," she had said, "Too much for me to handle now." It made Kaz confused; he didn't think he had ever done anything terrible, but his mother was set in her ways. She must have seen him do it again. She hated when he did it. She thought it was unnatural, an occult thing. Of course, there was the possibility that it was, but Kaz didn't think so. He saw it as a gift, a gift from something, somewhere, to make up for his inability to communicate vocally. He had tried to convey this to his mother, but she had been adamant in her decision to send him away.

It was his first day at this new place; House Hollymore, his mother had said. Kaz hadn't had time to do research on the facility, but he knew it was a mental institution of some sort. It looked nice on the outside, and the inside was warm and inviting. The nurses seemed kind enough, the younger one seemed especially fond of him, and prone to physical contact. Over his clothes, of course. She didn't want to send him into one of his 'episodes'. Kaz had been left in the care of the nurses virtually immediately after he had arrived; his mother hadn't wanted to stay in his presence any more than she had to. Nurse Borkov had escorted him to his room, informed him of his new schedule, and left him to unpack both his physical and mental baggage.

[b The Third Day, Present]

Kaz's morning had started at exactly 5:47 A.M. He began his ritual of praying to the being that had bestowed upon him his powers . The ritualistic praying took precisely twelve minutes, as it always did, and left him approximately one hour and one minute until one of the nurses came to bandage him. So far, it had been a different nurse each day, but Kaz didn't much mind seeing the different faces. He settled into the makeshift reading nook he had created for himself on his first night here and took out the book that currently caught his fancy - The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne - and began reading.


The nurse was early, but not early enough that Kaz was unprepared for her. She took half an hour to completely wrap his upper body, which was quicker than the others. She, just like the other nurses had, wore gloves that reached up to her elbows to prevent contact with him. Despite the clinical atmosphere, she was kind to him, making a poor attempt at conversation. The nurse finished and took her leave, and Kaz began to dress himself, a white button up shirt under a dark blue blazer and matching pants, finishing the outfit with his dark leather gloves pulled tight onto his hands. Kaz grabbed his journal and The Scarlet Letter, then made his way to the dining room where he made himself a simple piece of toast with cinnamon sugar and a hot cocoa. He took his time eating, undisturbed in the corner, while listening to the other residents of the facility arrive and begin conversing in the living room. The thought of conversation with the others made Kaz more anxious than he would've liked, but he supposed it was unavoidable in a place like this. He finished his cocoa with a small exhale, placed his dishes next to the sink to be washed, and made his way into the living room with the rest of the residents. It seemed that almost everyone was already in conversations with each other, and Kaz knew that he was rather difficult to communicate with, so he approached the one person he saw that was not actively conversing with anyone, a girl with dark hair who he thought was named Molly. He wrote a simple greeting in his journal:

[i Hello, my name is Kaspian, but you can call me Kaz. I guess you could assume I'm new here.]

Kaz gently tapped the girl on the shoulder and, once he had her attention, handed her the journal, hoping that she wouldn't be put off by his method of communication.
  ouroboros / 283d 2h 21m 10s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[Abel [center

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/NJsjABb.png]]
[pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk97/Starfish711/1-a-TWP-BOTTOM-post-divider-branch1.png]

[size15 wнen yoυ тell мe ι'м a wrecĸ
yoυ ѕay тнaт ι'м a мeѕѕ
нow coυld yoυ eхpecт anyтнιng leѕѕ]

It was one of those nights where Laurel was left to her own thoughts to reminisce. It'd only been a few months since her father had discovered the extent of her alcoholism, and had decided to send her away. Lately, her nights were filled with sleeplessness and fevers due to the withdrawal. Normally she tried to avoid doing thinking about her past as she had nothing but bitter memories left to remember. Not to mention the shadows that she saw made her feel like a crazy person. Laurel knew she wasn't crazy. Perhaps she did need this to escape the demons of addiction, but she was too proud of a person to admit this aloud. She'd rather drink to forget. Despite her detox schedule, a generous bottle of cheap rum had found its way into her possession. A gift from a guard who she'd become close to in her short stay here. It was empty way before morning ever came.

By the time the electric lights flickered back to life, she already craved another bottle. Her head throbbed in protest of the bright lights, and as she pushed herself up into a sitting position, she fought back the urge to vomit out the contents of her mostly empty stomach. Dizziness and nausea worked in tandem, and her fingers moved up to rub at her throbbing temples. It felt as though everything were underwater, and she was fighting against the current just to move. “Fuck,” she cursed under her breath- rolling the empty bottle of rum under her bed to dispose of later. The last thing she needed was for one of the more snoopy guards to see it out in the open.

‘[i [#436CB9 Shower,]]’ Laurel thought quickly- forcing herself to her feet to gather clean clothes for her shower. ‘[i [#436CB9 I just hope I don't look as bad as I feel,]]’ The thought of food caused her stomach to churn violently. Since the start of her detox, she rarely ate, and when she did, a majority of the time, it came back up no matter how simple of a meal she'd eaten. In just three months, she'd already lost weight. She knew that drinking even every so often would only slow down the progress of the detox and make it a longer process, but she was more afraid to let the shadows thrive than she was of the hangover that a bottle would inevitably bring.

When Laurel was clean and presentable, she left the girl's wing of the House, and slowly made her way down to where the others were gathered. It was loud, and her head throbbed in protest. They'd all been here for far longer than she, but she had barely made an effort to talk to them. Laurel had hoped that she would be out of here before needing to socialize became necessary, but it didn't seem as though that were going to happen any time soon as her father insisted on her finishing the regiment before he would think about bringing her back.

“Team building exercises seem pretty fun,”

The brunette couldn't help but roll her eyes at that statement. ‘[i [#436CB9 Only if your team is worth more than a piece of wet cardboard,]]’ She thought internally. This ‘team’ was certainly not up to par. They were misfits and the mentally infirm. They'd be lucky if they could get anything done as a team. She kept her thoughts to herself- choosing not to offend the people that she desired to potentially make friends with just yet.

“[#436CB9 Rough night is a bit of an understatement for most of us I imagine,]” Laurel mused- a small, friendly smile pulled at the corners of her lips. “[#436CB9 We all look like we've had better days,]” Certainly the dark discoloration from lack of sleep under her eyes and the weight loss spoke for itself.

[size15 ι тold yoυ wнen yoυ aѕĸed
ι ĸnew тнιѕ woυldn'т laѕт
aт leaѕт ι coυld вe нoneѕт aвoυт тнaт
and now yoυ're тellιn' everyone нow ι only dιd yoυ wrong
ι gυeѕѕ yoυ never ĸnew мe aт all]
  -Solaris- / 283d 22h 29m 16s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][Noto+Sans [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/hGjpjzp.png]

With a sharp gasp for breath, Oliver bolted up from his bed, the back of his shirt wet with sweat, his trembling hands gripping on his sheets tightly. He blinked rapidly, the familiar white of his room that recently grew comforting greeting him this morning. [i [#306388 Another nightmare.]] He pressed the palms of his hands on his face, rubbing the sleep and tears away from his eyes as he took slow, heavy breaths in an attempt to calm his racing heart. [#306388 [i It's fine. You're fine. Everything's fine.]] With one large sigh, he gingerly moved away from his bed, feet sliding into the slippers he left last night. Mechanically, he took his blanket by the edges and began folding it, setting it on top of his pillow.

Breaths beginning to even out, he plopped on his bed, frowning a little at the floor, then at the calendar on top of the drawer he was provided. His parents told him that if he just played nice and cooperated, he should be out soon, but it felt like forever since then. 'Soon' didn't seem to be coming soon enough. Was he not cooperating well enough? Was he not nice enough? What was it that was lacking?

He shook his head, shaking the off chain of questions that were beginning to form in his mind. He needed a splash of cold water. Drinking the prescribed pills on top of his dresser and picking up some of his things, he stepped out of his room with a tired but cheerful smile sent to the assigned guard's way. [#306388 [b "Bathroom,"]] he said, voice still a little strained by his slumber. The man merely nodded in acknowledgment. The dull replies used to bother him a little---[i [#306388 Was the man disappointed in some way?]]---until he figured that maybe he's just a silent type. At least it's a small show of niceness, right...?

[#306388 [b ═════☩══✦══☩═════]]

Securing the small braids at the sides of his head with elastic hair ties, Oliver stared at his own reflection, satisfied with his appearance. There would be no traces of this morning's nightmare on his face, especially if he'd smile. He takes a deep breath, willing his thoughts to face the better side of things today, before he went out of his room again, making his way to the dining area where some other... residents were already having their meal.

The scent of food made him a little homesick; it was one of the dishes that his adoptive mother made for breakfast. People in the House were okay, but he'd rather walk into his home's dining room, take a seat beside their wooden, six seater table, greet his father fiddling with his laptop and his mother preparing their simple but delicious food. A painful thought came up in his head: what if they actually started to hate him, which is why they weren't keen on taking him back? [#306388 [i No, no. That can't be. Stop.]]

He plastered a smile on his face, also convincing himself that the day was going to go well. He greeted them in their general direction, before taking his seat, grateful for the meal that would satisfy his complaining stomach.

After finishing his meal and leaving his used utensils in the kitchen, grinning at the personnel he barely knew, he walked to the living area, where familiar faces were already lounging around. Maelyn, Wren, and Elliot were already caught in some sort of conversation and he wasn't sure if it was the sort of talk where he's free to just chime in. Molly was occupied by a computer. He's still not sure what to make of her and she seemed to be playing some sort of game, so he decided that it's probably best to leave her with the device.

Then there was Marlin, a boy he couldn't recall ever talking with. It must be boring to be just sitting alone, right...? It might also be a good opportunity to be acquainted with more housemates. Nodding at the thought, he took a seat beside the said guy, a safe half meter away from him, just enough to not invade his personal bubble. He leaned back, making himself comfortable. [#306388 [b "Morning,"]] he greeted with a rehearsed smile. [#306388 [i Topic, topic, topic.]] His gaze landed on the other's head. [#306388 [b "Rough night?"]] he said with a playful tone, pointing to his strikingly unruly hair.
  σℓινєя / shirairu / 284d 33m 52s
[font gentium [center Darkness met Elaine’s gaze as she opened her eyes, presumably in the early hours of the morning. She lay there for several moments on the stiff foam mattress, her eyes adjusting to the miniscule amount of fading moonlight and tawny sunlight filtering in to the room. Just as every other morning, there was a split second where she forgot where she was, expecting her mother or father to enter the room and gently caress her cheek to wake her up. Perhaps they would make her crumpets for breakfast—she loved those, especially with honey. As she rolled over on to her side, facing in to the centre of the room, she became rather sullenly aware of her situation once again. [i [#80aaff Bad Elaine. Don’t be sad about Hollymore. You’re here to get better, remember. It’s not a bad place,]] She reminded herself hastily.

Elaine knew that she had done bad things, and the nurses had told her that her mind was playing tricks in convincing her that she had abilities. She knew now that these supposed abilities were just figments of her damaged mind, and she needed to get better so she could go home to her family—she missed them, especially her mother, but she knew that such a reunion with her could never happen. Not after…

There was a humming in her ears then, like distant muffled buzzing of a bee swarm. It cocooned her, and there was a feeling of frightened anticipation that prickled at her fingertips. [i [#80aaff No, it isn’t real,]] she reassured herself, though hesitantly. The lights turned on, fluorescent white and full of electrical energy. The heat within her fingertips grew larger, and she clamped her eyes shut, convincing herself that this feeling was an illusion. A discharge of electricity sprouted from her fingertips and she clasped the thin polyester sheet atop the mattress, subduing it.
This happened sometimes when lights were turned on, or other electrical equipment. Elaine knew it wasn’t real, but that didn’t stop it from feeling that way. She knew not to mention it to the nurses by then, having been there for a year, or they’d give her extra medicine that made her feel all woozy for days. There was only so much medicine she could put up with in her pursuit for mental health, and if avoiding the bad medicine meant putting up with the occasional electrical outburst—[i [#80aaff Not real electricity, only my imagination]]—then she was okay with that.
She had very little control over the timing of the outbursts, but she was getting better at becoming aware of its onset and suppressing it, so she was off to a good start at getting better again; getting closer to going home.

Habitually, Elaine slipped out from the cheap woollen blanket draped over her slender figure and moved toward the thin plastic dresser built in to the wall. Atop the dresser, a small plastic container with several pills in her waited for her to swallow them. She did so with no hesitation, the action an enforced ritual of her mornings. There were only three drawers in the dresser, each containing a few pairs of different essential clothing items; undergarments, shirts, bottoms. Taking one of each item, she moved to exit the room. Opening the door, a guard met her gaze and held it for a moment before stepping aside and allowing her to move for the showers. Politely, as she passed, she said to him, '[b [#1a8cff Good morning sir, I hope you have a good day.]]' There was no response, as there rarely was, so she walked away feeling not-really-but-still-slightly disappointed.

[h3 ]
[center A warm shower had done her a world of good, ginger hair wet and loose around her face. Rosy cheeks from the heat of the steam were illuminated with a naïve smile as she entered the dining hall for breakfast, already having forgotten her morning terror with the lights.
Upon entering the open room, she began to look around at her fellow "inmates." [I [#80aaff No, don’t call them that. This isn’t a prison, it’s a healing-centre. We’re all just here to get better.]]

A large, barred off clock on the wall alerted her of the time; 9:45AM. She knew it to be Saturday the 14th of July from the laminated calendar stapled to the wall just inside the room, permanent marker crossing off the days as they passed. She wondered briefly if it was the nurses or the guards who ticked the days off.

Elaine’s smile faltered as her gaze wandered over the tall, broad male standing alone. She recognized him as Felix, the one they never saw. He was seemingly always in the basement, and the basement was for the disobedient ones. Elaine had only ever been in the basement once, and she shuddered at the thought of it. Though, Felix was out now, which must have meant that he was behaving well. She readjusted her smile at this positive outlook.

Despite knowing that she should steer clear of the boy to remain in good light of the nurses, she began to stride towards him, ever innocent and unaware of social nuances. '[b [#1a8cff Good morning!]]' She over-excitedly exclaimed, grinning to the point of teeth showing.]]
  Eʟᴀɪɴᴇ Pɪᴇʀᴄᴇ / TheCrow / 284d 12h 3m 15s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=PT+Sans]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 It was dark and it was quiet, two things that Elliot had grown accustomed to since he could remember. For a long time the silence and the shadows frightened Elliot but at some point they became a comfort. At least until some strangers came along and forcibly removed him from his room only to throw him in a small, padded room in the basement of their so called [i 'house']. Now his only comfort were the shadows that moved and spoke to him, they were probably the only thing keeping him sane. Little did he know that those shadows he spoke to were simply figments of his imagination.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Today was just like any other day for Elliot, he woke up in his dark padded cell and sat on the floor for awhile, watching things that weren't there slither and squirm around him. Time passed, though at some point something different happened. In the room next to his a boy was being confronted, or rather released to roam the house. He didn't know what his name was, they sometimes talked through the wall. The boy and the guy confronting him walked off, their footsteps receding into silence. He was alone again.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 [b [i "Pathetic."]] A voice echoed menacingly from the shadows. Elliot ignored it, choosing to slowly fall onto his side and bury his face into the padded floor. [b [i "You. Are. Disgusting."]] The voice insulted him, putting emphasis on each word. [#800000 [b "Why can't I be left alone?"]] He asked himself , he wanted to be left alone. [b [i "I want to know why you talk to yourself. I'm here, I'll talk with you so why not ask me something? I'm sure you have lots of things to ask me"]] It was as if it was taunting him, the one rule Hollymore gave him was to never ask questions. This thing, whatever it was, always tried to get him to break that rule. [#800000 [b "The reason I talk to myself is because I'm the only one whose answers I accept."]] With that he rolled over to face the wall and tightly shut his eyes, not that it made much difference since it was already dark in the room. [i "Go away please...."]]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Suddenly the door to his room swung open, light splattered across the floor and walls. Elliot stayed where he was, he didn't want to face that light. [b [#008000 "Get up, freak."]] Just as that boy had the terrible man that was Billy, he had to deal with the hellish Martha. She was a small, ugly woman who was surprisingly strong. Elliot was roughly grabbed by the collar of his shirt and jerked up, his golden eyes staring into muddy brown ones. [b [#008000 "It's social day. Let's go."]] Social day....every so often he was let out of his dark oasis and made to mingle with the other residents of the house. He hated it.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 He was dragged upstairs and pushed into the open hallway that led to the basement. [b [#008000 "Have fun!"]] That woman knew how much he hated being taken out of his room, it was like a game to her. When will he break? How long can he handle being in the light? Which eye will he try to gouge out? After awhile Elliot got to a point where he hated looking at the things outside his room. They were too bright. More than once he had tried to scratch at his eyes in hopes that the dark would come back. [b [i "Let's try the left one this time, you've been favoring your right lately."]] There it was again, constantly pushing him to the edge.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 The boy shuffled down the hall and walked into the living area where many of the others were lounging around. He gazed around for a moment, his eyes scanning each person there. Maelyn, he has spoken to her before but he thinks that she thinks he's weird, which is fair considering he outright pointed at a dog that wasn't there. Then there was Marlin, the fiery red-head scared Elliot so he stayed away from him. Wren, he was a nice boy and Elliot had no problems with him. Then there was....a boy that Elliot didn't recognize. Maybe a newbie? He didn't want to find out what kind of person he was, not yet at least, so he opted to just avoid him. Lastly there was a familiar dark-haired girl who sat at the computers, Molly. He hadn't ever talked to her and don't think he would ever attempt to.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Elliot made the decision to sit with Maelyn and Wren, plopping down in a seat near them and offering them a large smile. While out of his hole he attempted to play happy and chill, he'd been told by the nurses that people would think he was more inviting that way. Who cared about being "inviting?". He just wanted to go back into his little rabbit hole - but he had to be a good boy. [#800000 [b "Team-building exercises sound pretty fun."]] He said, trying very hard to make sure he worded things right. One question could mean a severe punishment on his end, that was something he didn't want to happen.]]]
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