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Soon enough, the class starts and the teacher starts writing some things up on the board. After a decent-lengthed lecture, he handed out some schoolwork for the class to do. After a little bit longer, Yuki finished her work and looked over at the clock. 'Still 20 minutes until class is over, huh...' She thought to herself as she turned in the paper and went back to her seat, her tail swaying back and forth slowly the entire time.
  Yuki Alayne / AskTheStaff / 1y 160d 23h 28m 58s
Gabi sighed in relief that the class was nice and understanding but the nekos in the school were a small rare sight and that's kinda scary. She paws at her school bag hoping the day goes on good for the both of them.
  Neko Gabs / Nightingale20 / 1y 160d 23h 31m 44s
Yuki sighed pleasantly and drooped her ears lazily for a couple minutes before students started to walk into the classroom. Luckily for both herself and Gabi, this was the one class where everyone was okay with them being nekos. Eventually, a teacher entered and it was obvious that everyone in the room were human. This made it more obvious of how rare nekos were in the school.
  Yuki Alayne / AskTheStaff / 1y 160d 23h 41m 22s
Gabi nodded as she kicked her feet happily at the fact she made a new friend! And on the first day! Nya~! What luck now she just has to get through classes.
  Neko Gabs / Nightingale20 / 1y 160d 23h 43m 58s
Yuki looked over to her new friend, watching her sit down. The white-haired neko smiled and tilted her head again. "I do believe that class should be starting soon, so more people should start to come in here any minute now, nya nya." She said nonchalantly and happily.
  Yuki Alayne / AskTheStaff / 1y 160d 23h 48m 8s
Gabi smiled as sat to Yuki's right. It was a good seat to see the board and be far back enoght to the door the perfect spot "Nya! Yay!"
  Neko Gabs / Nightingale20 / 1y 160d 23h 50m 27s
Yuki smiled and chuckled just a bit, hearing Gabi's request. "Of course you can, Gabi-chan!" She exclaimed happily as she sat down where she was supposed to. "Just choose one of the chairs next to me." She told the other neko as she pointed to her left and right, showing how neither desk was occupied.
  Yuki Alayne / AskTheStaff / 1y 161d 8m 10s
Gabi tilted her head cutely as yuki did and was very happy to have met her.While walking to class Gabi saw that there was barely any nekp students so seeing a fellow neko was a god send, "Yuki-chan can I sit next to you nya nyaaaa?"
  Neko Gabs / Nightingale20 / 1y 161d 11m 27s
Yuki watched as the other neko girl approached her happily and introduced herself. "Well, hello Gabi!" The white-haired neko said with a little grin, still both relieved and happy to see one of her own. "My name is Yuki, nice to meet you as well nya!" She stated, tilting her head to the side slightly as a welcoming gesture.
  Yuki Alayne / AskTheStaff / 1y 161d 17m 54s
Gabi smiled at the nice neko girl, she seemed just as relieved to see Gabi as Gabi was to see her! She skips over giving a toothy grin- "Nya! Hello I'm Gabi and I just transferred here today nice to meet you!"
  Neko Gabs / Nightingale20 / 1y 161d 20m 54s
Yuki heard a couple footsteps, not recognizing them like the other kinds of footsteps she usually heard when someone walked into the room. She raised her head and her ears curiously before seeing...another neko? She hadn't been expecting this at all! Maybe there would actually be someone who would be her friend, unlike most of the other students at the school. They utterly hated Yuki for being a neko, using her uniqueness as an excuse to bully her. However, now that she has seen another just like herself, maybe...just maybe...there's a little bit of hope. Yuki quickly got up and dusted herself off with her hands before looking over to the fellow neko. "O-oh, hello!" She said with a slight smile.
  Yuki Alayne / AskTheStaff / 1y 161d 24m 30s
Gabi walked into her new school with a pep in her step, she was happy to be going to a new school. She was a little worried about a few things, will people be mean because she's a neko? Will they tease her for looking like a little kid? Will she make friends? She hoped for the best as she walked into her new class to see another neko! Hope for new friendship has been saved!
  Neko Gabs / Nightingale20 / 1y 161d 28m 38s
Yuki was sitting in the corner of the classroom before the school day was supposed to start. Her tail was swaying slowly and her ears were drooped down over her face slightly, almost as if she was trying to hide herself. Unfortunately, her pure white hair almost always gave her away...and her being one of the only nekos at the establishment didn't help either. No one else was in the room yet...which was something that she didn't mind.
  Yuki Alayne / AskTheStaff / 1y 161d 35m 40s

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