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Yosuuke kept snacking on his cookies but then he heard Hiroshi takingnon the phone with someone. [i Someone is actually calling him? I wonder who it is. Family? He never talks about his family. Maybe a friend.] Yosuuke thought. He shrugs a bit and goes back to his cookie. Before he could finish it Hiroshi was already in the kitchen scolding him a bit about eating sweets so early in the morning. Yosuuke knee better but right now he wanted to break his rules a bit. “I can’t help it. I wanted to eat a cookie.” He said simply and finished it. As Hiroshi began to talk again Yosuuke felt a bit awkward since it seemed like Hiroshi didn’t remember anything from last night. [i Odd...maybe the alcohol made him forget. I don’t want him to forget.]

“I didn’t take you to my room. You never passed out. You went to my room and we cuddled for a little bit.” He said honestly. He stares at Hiroshi wanting to see his reaction but then his own cell phone begins to ring. It was on the couch so Yoh ran to it and began playing with it. “You better not break it...” Yosuuke said and rushed over to the kitten who was trying to bite his phone. Yosuuke answers it and a frown formed on his face. “What do you want?” He asked. “Is that some way to talk to a fellow demon?” Nao questioned. “How did you even get my number?” “Ayame. Anyway why don’t you get dressed and meet me at the park near your house?” “No.” “Oh Yosuuke, this is not how it works. Don’t make me threaten you.” Yosuuke sighs softly and runs a hand through his hair. “Fine. I’ll be there in a hour.”

After hanging up his cell phone he groans. [i I should just kill him and get him out of my life. He’s not going to leave me alone...I have to kill him.] He walks into the kitchen. “Sorry, I don’t have time to eat. I have some where to go so once I’m dressed I can drop you home.” Yosuuke said. He didn’t want Hiroshi to stay in his place. He knew the male would go snooping around to find things about him and that was something he didn’t want. “Thanks for the offer though.” Yosuuke walks off to his room and closes the door. Yoh began to meow and paw at Hiroshi’s foot since he was hungry. He was begging to be fed.

Once in the shower Yosuuke washes his hair and relaxes under the hot water. He wasn’t looking forward to meeting Nao but he knew the demon had a reason to call him up. [i What could he possibly want?] After his shower Yosuuke threw on a pair of ripped black jeans and a black button up. He grabs a small jacket and messes with his hair to style it a bit. “That should do it.” He walks to his door but then realized he didn’t have his contacts in. He couldn’t let Hiroshi see his eyes like this but he needed to get to the bathroom to get his contacts.
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The blonde had never been uncertain, he moved his head to stare at Yosuuke to see if he was being honest. The man had his back on him, granted it was to give him some space--without their bodies touching unnecessarily. If he was honest he didn't want to sweat the little details anymore, it wasn't little but Yosuuke spoke his mind, what was there left to take as a sufficient answer? He was even oh so kind, to let him sleep in his bed, what more could Hiroshi want? Yosuuke's voice was soft, somewhat relaxed and borderline tired, it was the least he could do. Accept the offer silently, with his hands, he took his glasses off of his eyes and placed them gently on the nightstand. When he tried to close his eyes, he couldn't sleep, probably the alcohol was still in his system--the adrenaline was gone but the after effects of it was still there. He gently shifted on his other side, facing the empty wall, letting the silence embrace him, burying his cheek on the pillow making himself comfortable, as of the moment he'll have to make the best of the warmth radiating off the bed.

His eyelids got heavier and heavier by the moment, listening to the man's soft breathing to lull him to sleep. Knowing he wasn't alone somehow felt better, the urge to hug the male while he slept was tugging at his heart strings but he stopped himself. He had spoken his verdict, this was what it really means for the saying [b "crossing of lines."] This was what he decided with. He refused to let his selfishness get a hold of him again, he closed his eyes and welcomed sleep. He needed it the most, he'll definitely regret drinking on a school day especially when his first class was one of his majors. Hiroshi had slept peacefully that night, just like the first night he had an unplanned sleep over on Yosuuke's couch. The cold air around the room, had him shivering which he absentmindedly searched for the blankets to cover his shivering body. He even went under the covers for extra warmth, curling himself to a ball to warm himself up.

Hours passed till the recent event, with him pulling a blanket over his head--that his phone deemed to wake him up fully. If the cold fall air wouldn't then the vibration of his phone did, eyelids fluttered hesitantly as ashen blonde eyebrows furrowed in frustration a groan escaped his lips, at the incessant buzzing and the sound that came along with it--he could identify it from his regular annoying alarm to a caller ringtone. As of the moment the annoying "tut- tut- tut." was getting on his nerves, he used his left hand to fish for the damn phone in his left pocket and took it out, placing the ear piece of the smart phone on his ear, an annoyed yet a voice filled with sleep answered the person on the other side of the phone. "who is this? do you know what time it is?!" Hiroshi sat up, and rubbed the sleep out of his eye, he was still out of it--gritting his teeth when a high pitched voice pierced his ear." where are you?! do you know what uncle would say if he figured out his son has become a stowaway?"

"I'm at Home Mi.... the hell you freaking out for?" he yawned, as he messily ran a finger through his hair, his golden orbs landed on the soft mattress and white blankets strewn all over the bed. [I wait... when did I ever changed the sheets?] even if his eyesight was bad, he could tell the color of the sheets and blankets were different from the one he was used to, it wasn't a grey color. Now he understood the frantic voice of his cousin, [I just where am I?] he was confident in answering Naomi, but now that he got a good look of his surroundings--- it was foreign, he had never seen this walls before, he could see the bright light coming from the huge window and the blue birds perched at the tree. "Hiroshi... don't lie to me! I've been searching all over your house! you aren't here!" her voice wavered a bit, and hiroshi could tell she was close to tears. He wasn't sure how long the ashen blonde woman was trying to get a hold of him, but it must have been hours just by the quivering of her voice and how concerned she really was. "I'll call you back Mi... i have to hang up."

"wait Do--" before she could finish the sentence, the blonde had clicked on the red button, he didn't want to hang up on her, but if she kept on freaking out he'll never find out any answers to anything. And it'll worsen the conversation for both of them, he could already feel a headache coming along. Cursing slightly at the pain he hesitantly got out of the bed, he probably forgot where he placed them. Getting out of bed was a feat in itself, [I ugh.. what happened last night.] as he held his head trying to rememember---he also shook his head seeing as he slept in his jeans "again" before leaving the bed and headed out the room, making sure he didnt bump into any doors or walls on his way there. Walking along the hallways, he saw a familiar blob, " this couch..." he let out a small chuckle of disbelief, how could he forget. They were supposed to do a project together, he really had no memory what happened after.

Either the throbbing in his head was preventing him from getting any real answers or he blacked out, as soon as Yosuuke finished writing down their opinion on the male's notebook. Walking further into the living room, he saw a furry animal perched on the couch, making him ruffle the kitten's head a bit. "Good morning Yoh.. have you eaten today?" he even played with his paw for a bit, squishing those cute little pink paws of his, he was only responded by a purr and a meow. "I'll take that as a no." Now that he thinked about it Yosuuke's blurry figure was nowhere to be found, [I hmm.. I wonder where Yosuuke is...] A small smirk graced his lips, he can cause mischief in the male's house, thinking the taller man had left for school. "I'll grab you something to eat.." [I on my way to raiding his kitchen.] He snickered slightly, yoh tilted his head at the snickering male. Hiroshi patted the kitten's head before silently stalking towards the kitchen, however his plans failed when he saw the tall figure of the male eating a cookie.

His smirk left his face and was replaced with a frown instead. "never pegged you to be into sweets Yosuuke... but other than that why are you eating something, so unhealthy so early in the morning?" He shooked his head in disbelief, he had expected the male to know a difference between a balance diet meal than eating his desserts first. Not only that but seeing the amount of cookies left, had him wondering how many had the male consumed, [I did he even need to eat breakfast?] It was the least he could do to show the male his gratitude, despite the pounding in his head, like a hammer about to knock a damn wall.He could hold it off for a little while, he could just drink aspirin at home. [I operation raiding Yosuuke's kitchen is a go.] He stalked towards the male's refridgerator, "You don't mind do you?" he turned his head to the direction of where Yosuuke was standing. "I can cook for you in return for being so gracious in sharing your bed... to be honest I thought you'd leave me pass out in your couch."

This statement caused something to tug at his chest once more. "You aren't so mean as you'd made me think you were." He gave him a small smile before glancing back at the open fridge to see what he could work with, [I all meat... I was hoping i could make NikuJaga... but with how things are...] Not only was Yosuuke foregoing breakfast but there was no sign of a single vegetable in his fridge. [I guess time to just make bacon and eggs then..] there was atleast some eggs left, he knew how Yosuuke was somewhat fond of an American dining of some sort. "How do you like your eggs?"
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Yosuuke points to Yoh’s little bed while Yoh looked at him but the little kitten didn’t move. He kept jumping on Yosuuke’s pant legs. “I’m not going to hold you while you sleep.” He said and chuckles at how whiny Yoh could be some times. “I bought you such a nice bed. You can’t sleep in mine.” He added and picks up Yoh. He then gently places him in his bed. “Night Yoh.” He said softly and then went back to his bed. [i If He gets up that’s on him. I’m not going to let him sleep up here. He has his own bed. Plain and simple.] Yosuuke told himself and then that’s when Hiroshi entered the room. It was clear how nervous the young male was and Yosuuke didn’t want to make him feel any more nervous.

[i He really doesn’t have to sleep in here if he doesn’t want to. I’m not trying to force him or anything. I bet he does feel awkward. Hmm...] Yosuuke looks at Hiroshi. “Yeah I don’t mind. If you want to you can. I’m not kicking you out or anything.” Yosuuke smiles a bit. “Like I said. Im not mad.” Yosuuke lies back down on the bed and pulls the covers over his body. The bed was still a bit warm and he had a soft that he knew Hiroshi likes. “It won’t be awkward when morning comes Shi. I promise. Let’s get some rest.” He moved over some so Hiroshi could have one side of the bed. Yosuuke would make sure not to get too close. He knew that Hiroshi felt a certain way about being close to him so whatever closeness or touching there might be it would be done by Hiroshi.

Slowly Yosuuke began to fall asleep. He was laying flat on his back as sleep finally took over him. He slept peacefully throughout the night, he wasn’t a wild sleeper. He stayed on his side throughout the whole night. When the sun started to come up Yosuuke was still sound asleep. He was usually up by this time but he was more tired that usual. Around nine a.m. he woke up. Surprisingly Hiroshi was still in bed with him. Yosuuke quietly gets out of the bed and goes to the bathroom. He removes his contacts and brushes his teeth. He made sure to be quiet since he didn’t want to wake Hiroshi. He also wanted some time without his contacts so as long as Hiroshi stayed asleep the longer he was free from his contacts.

Yoh was laying on his couch and Yosuuke wasn’t sure how the little kitten got up there. “When you first got here you couldn’t even jump on it.” He said and then sighs. He knew Yoh was going to be jumping on everything. “You need one of those different level scratch posts that you can jump all over.” He mutters and goes into the kitchen. He makes himself some tea and eats a few cookies knowing that was a bad way to start his morning. A full healthy breakfast was what he needed.
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Hiroshi was slightly trembling when he confessed about his feelings, maybe it was due to the guilt being too much, he wondered if Yosuuke was mad at him. Staying silent in the hallway, after speaking his heart out was slightly nerve wracking, but somehow Yoh managed to direct his attention towards the blonde, meowing and rubbing in between his legs. Asking for attention, maybe he could relieve his worries for a while, even just for a couple of minutes. He squatted down and rubbed the kitten's ear gently, caressing his cute little chubby cheeks. " You take good care of Yosuuke, for me Yoh.." he muttered under his breath, making sure it was only for the little kittens ears, he maybe a handful and can be quite rebellious but from what he had observed, Yosuuke can never truly bring himself to be upset with the little guy, he'll just warm up to you to make up for it. Like a child trying to appease their parent, just not to rain down the punishments of justice on them. Hiroshi was fond of him, even if Yoh tends to run to Yosuuke more when he's inside the room.

Maybe they wouldn't even tried to get to know each other, if it hadn't been because of him. Yoh had become quite a matchmaker wasn't he? or he might have just wanted to cheer the blonde a bit, for which reason it was--he was still thankful he had meet him. He even gently rubbed the kitten's stomach when he laid on his side, the felines like getting their belly rubs just as much as the canines does. He froze lightly when the water from the tap had stopped rushing, that means Yosuuke was done washing his hands---or he could have been washing his face for that matter. It made him slightly nervous, seeing as the taller male had been silent ever since he started to ramble. Silently awaiting the answer, from Yosuuke he watched as Yoh batted at his finger playfully, licking and nibbling on it. the small fang, from the kittens teeth, pricked the male's finger which snapped him out of his momentarily dazed state, only to find out there was a pair of legs infront of him.

He gently removed his finger from the kitten's mouth who made it, his little chew toy, [I his teeth must have been growing in..] as a kitten they only have certain set of teeth, like a baby's tooth which aren't permanent yet. He stood up to properly look at Yosuuke it was the least he could do, even if his instincts was telling him to avert his gaze, he did not waver. He stared into the male's eyes, seeing they were a slightly different shade of blue this time. [I this guy...does he really think, I didnt know he's wearing contacts?] It was impossible, for it to be a trick of the light, the shade was more lighter than the orbs he had seen before. The words that came out of Yosuuke's mouth brought relief to his conscience, it wasn't long before he felt Yosuuke's fingers patting unto his shoulders. He tried to smile, he really did but the muscles of his jaw was currently not cooperating, so it turned out to be a crooked one instead. "of course not, there really were no hard feelings to begin with."

Wasn't that the reason he confessed? the hate he felt for the male, had always been sparked by pettiness. He wasn't entirely sure, if there was a time he was truly angered by Yosuuke. It was all in good fun, in which he intend to take seriously, in turn he gets offended by everything--or takes offense to matters he shouldn't have. Seeing as the kitten was being picked up, and now laid comfortably in Yosuuke's arms, he heard Yoh purr in a satisfied manner. He nodded in affirmation, that they both needed rest, when asked if he wanted to rather sleep in Yosuuke's bed again or rather take the couch, he had the mind to take the latter. How could he even sleep in the same bed with Yosuuke, now after all that happened? Not due to him having [b "bad blood"] or [b"resentment"] towards the man, but wouldn't it be awkward? but what shocked him the most, that it seemed Yosuuke wasnt bothered at all, he didnt hesitate on speaking his mind.

Gently fidgeting with one foot with the other, what was he to say? should he decline the offer and stick to sleeping in the couch? or will he take mercy on the man and grant him, his offer? He didn't want the man to misunderstand,his actions if he chose the couch as not wanting to be near him. The way the man had said it, had hiroshi walking on a wire and he has to balance himself, as not to fall and land unto the thumbtacks of doom--which were the bad choices or the negative outcomes. He decided to take him up on his offer, it was the least he could do, he sat on the bed before looking at Yosuuke. "are you really sure, you don't mind? I could always take the couch.." with that said, he couldn't help but be tempted to slump unto the soft mattress, " it's still warm---even if we left for quite a couple of minutes..." he lifted his head back to cast a glance at Yosuuke. "it wouldn't be awkward.. when the morning comes... is it?"
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Yosuuke cursed under his beeath as he placed one of the new contacts in his eye. [i Huh, these are a grayish blue. How nice.] He thought as he looked at himself in the mirror. He froze a bit when he sends Hiroshi by the door. He quickly added the second contact into his eye and washed his hands. The last thing he needed was for Hiroshi to see that side of him. To see his secret. Yosuuke never wanted to happen, even more so now since he didn’t think that they would get any closer than they were now. Hiroshi was just really hard to read but Yosuuke wasn’t giving up. He would just handle things differently.

As Hiroshi spoke Yosuuke listened, even though he was a little hurt he didn’t hate Hiroshi or anything. Hell he was almost over it. Now he knew what it was though. [i Just friends. That’s fine with me. I’ll keep that mind and I won’t cross that line.] He thought not sure if Hiroshi thought that he wanted him to be more than just his friend. He did say he liked Hiroshi a few times but Yosuuke always had a feeling Hiroshi didn’t like him the ya he said he did. [i I deserve better? Someone that understands me? Why can’t you and I try to understand each other? We haven’t known each other for long.]. Yosuuke washes his hands just thinking about Hiroshi had just said to him. For a moment he wasn’t sure how to respond.

Little Yoh walked out of the bathroom and rubbed himself against and between Hiroshi’s legs. He purred softly as he did so. Yosuuke found himself lost in thought against as he leaned against the bathroom counter. He still didn’t understand Hiroshi’s reason. [i Didn’t want to hurt me? How? I really don’t understand him but he sounds like he’s going to cry and his voice is really soft.] Yosuuke ruffles his own hair and leans in the door way of the bathroom. He noticed Hiroshi on the wall next to him. “I appreciate your apology. I was a little confused and a bit frustrated but you’re entitled to change your mind and it’s ok because you say you were trying to keep from hurting me. Thank you for being considerate.” Yosuuke looks right into Hiroshi’s eyes.

“I don’t mind being friends. That’s how it was supposed to be right?” Yosuuke smiles a bit. He wasn’t a bit disappointed things didn’t go further with Hiroshi. He thought that the two would get closer in that way. He had been excited that Hiroshi’s was finally letting his walls down but that didn’t turn out well. “No hard feelings?” He pats Hiroshi’s shoulder and then picks up Yoh. “Let’s get some sleep. It’s really late now.” Yosuuke yawns softly. He walks back towards his room hoping Hiroshi would run anymore now. He had told Yosuuke what he wanted and Yosuuke would respect that. Once in his room he sets Yoh down and sits on his bed. “Are you going to sleep in here still? I don’t mind and the bed is warm.” Yosuuke could really things were going to be a bit different from now on.
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The Blonde had many regrets in his life, and this one by far wasn't one of them , yet when Yosuuke's words left his lips, why did it hurt so much? He didn't regret doing all of this, he was preventing alot of things to happen. He and Yosuuke were both drunk---or maybe that was just him, and he'll definitely have no recollections on what happened, or what he had done for that matter. If he didnt had that in mind, he wouldnt even bother stopping the man from taking his shirt off--or pulling away from the kiss. Yet that one word that really hits him the most, [b "sorry I took you seriously.."] Whether Yosuuke believe's it or not, he was serious of wanting to do the things, Yosuuke was good at. His brows furrowed and his golden orbs had a tint of hurt in them, did Yosuuke think so lowly of him? had the man not see how nervous he gets whenever he felt him, pull their bodies closer to one another, how he enjoyed the heat that brought him. The heat that also knocked some sense into him for once.

He just wished he was wasted, that his mind was numb and wouldnt be able to process any capable thoughts of whether what he was doing, was right or wrong. Hiroshi reached out when the male sat, and was about to grab his wrist, he was going to explain himself and he'll do it calmly as possible. He couldn't be the agitated one here, he must also put his self in Yosuuke's shoes--he must have been frustrated. Yet he wasn't able to stop him from leaving, despite the man's words of being back. He knew Yosuuke needed space, for himself to think and to let out whatever frustrations he had in this moment. Hiroshi watched him leave, he could easily call out his name but he couldn't knowing he had unintentionally hurt the male. The sense of tone, the way he wanted to prove to the blonde he wasn't tired. Made Hiroshi realize that he has been to selfish in making this decision, what was he to say? was he to ruin the mood just because his senses were back? that he was able to think rationally? That he was only looking out for Yosuuke?

He knew Yosuuke could be sensitive, the male kept it all to himself, he'd brush it away as if what he said never got under his skin. The way he apologized for taking the situation seriously, for taking him seriously. He never expected to be read, nor to be understood by people around him.Nor did he expect Yosuuke to understand, why--how could he? when he received no explanation, just a flat out. [b "forget i said anything."] how was one to react to it? He didn't blame yosuuke to act as he did, the man was right sooner or later, he'd really drive him insane. Even he drives himself insane, wanting to understand what is going on with his mind and his body-- Silence enveloped him once again. The sound of the crickets chirping outside the male's window was ever so present, he had heard them before but now they were louder than ever in the warm empty room. His golden orbs casted downwards, staring at the empty mattress where once laid, the man he had growing affections for.

Placing his fingers into the mattress and carressing the spot, [I I'm such an idiot... why don't I just be blunt to him, instead of speaking in riddles?"] he was starting to miss his warmth, but that thought alone made him sick to the stomach, due to feeling guilty of what he had done---he was aware yet he wanted to still cuddle the man. [I as if i deserve it..] he shooked his head, he wanted to say this right--for this misunderstanding to be lifted. He has no time to reminisce, [I so much for "enjoying this moment"... but then I pulled this stupid stunt on him...] he can wallow in self pity a bit later, for now he contemplated on waiting for Yosuuke and give him more time to cool down or go after him. [I the way he chuckled.. it was forced wasnt it... Yosuuke...] his fingers clutched into the warm mattress before taking a deep breath and a moment to recollect himself, he wanted to be ready to explain why he stopped and said such harsh words. He realized no matter what, whether he was drunk, sober, or tipsy. He'd always hurt him, Yosuuke deserves someone better than an unstable person.

Sitting up in the male's bed, he had decided he'll come to him, he was the one at fault. He can't let Yosuuke apologize all the time for things he had not commit. This time, the blame was all on his person. He swinged his leg over the edge of the bed, only for his toes to meet the cold floor, he almost forgotten how cold fall is when evening came. Walking through the dark corridors of Yosuuke's house, he decided to check on his way to the kitchen to see if Yosuuke was there. Or any trace of him at the very lease, seeing the half empty water bottle on top of the container was evidence enough. [I he should be back by now...] he walked deeper into the house, and turned right in the corner of the hallway. A light seemed to shone from the open doorway, seeing the kitten there baffled him, yet a small smile could be seen on his lips. [I was he worried about Yosuuke? he must have been listening this whole time...]

Yoh had really grown fond of him, even if it had been two to three days, but it must have been longer than that for the kitten. Hiroshi leaned his back unto the wall, with his arms crossed over his chest, his smile turned into a smirk, when Yoh was found out--- still awake after his curfew. [I his like a highly concerned child for a single father.] he didnt want to ruin the moment, between Yoh and Yosuuke, however he wasnt up to going back to the room either way. It just felt painful to stay there, the memories he wanted to keep weren't suppose to be bad ones, "Yosuuke..." he started out gently as not to startle the male. " I wasn't teasing you.. If I did I wouldn't have kissed you." was he really going to say this when Yoh's around? he really didnt calculate that the kitten was awake, were they even that loud? did the kissing sounds and hushed whispers they made too sensitive for the kitten's ears? "I just... wanted you to know... the reason why I said "to forget anything" was only to stop myself from hurting you." [I but I end up doing it still].

"but funny how that turns out... you werent crossing any boundaries or lines.. I didnt want to blame you, for the stupidity that i have caused the morning after." He closed his eyes, since he was already here--he might as well let it all out. " So please don't apologize, this isnt your fault... it's mine I was the fool this time... I guess when I saw you up in that stage... I just thought, you shined the brightest up there and it was a side of you I really havent seen before.. that you belonged up there along with those smiling faces beside you." Saying his mind was actually harder than he thought it would be, but he wanted to open up to him, even just this small fraction of his view on the sadistic idiot-- he had befriended with. "You were right..." he let out a small chuckle that sounded in between a scoff of disbelief. " I will drive you insane... I believe it would be better to stay as friends... because as a I friend.. I believe you deserve someone better someone that can understand you and love you--the same way you love them."
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Everything was happening so fast, the room was getting hot and Yosuuke felt himself grow a bit excited. Is this really happening? Are we really going to do this? He seemed serious and the first time I didn’t take him seriously he got a little upset. Besides that kiss he gave me said it all. Yosuuke thought and held Hiroshi close to him. The only thing running through Yosuuke mind was pleasing Hiroshi but he really didn’t know the guy. I guess that’s why it’s even more exciting. Yosuuke was going to take off his shirt but that’s when Hiroshi pulled away from the heated kiss they were sharing.

The words that left Hiroshi’s mouth caused Yosuuke to frown a bit. “Forget it?” He asked wondering what was going on. Was Hiroshi just teasing him? Yosuuke noticed that Hiroshi was acting a lot different, it seemed like his walls went back up and he was regretting everything. “Sleep? Tired? No. I’m not. I...” There was no getting through to him and Yosuuke could see that Hiroshi wasn’t backing down from this. “Right...” He said softly and then he forces a casual chuckle. “I knew you were just teasing me again. Sorry if I took you seriously. I hope I didn’t cross any lines.” He judges Hiroshi playfully. “I feel silly. I should of know. You were teasing me again.” Another chuckle leaves his lips. It’s what he does. Yosuuke you fell for it. Man I bet I look stupid.

Yosuuke sits up and runs a hand through his hair. “I’m thirsty. I’ll be right back.” He gets out of his bed and walks off to his kitchen in the dark. Yosuuke grabs a water bottle and sits on his counter top in the kitchen. “Damn...” he mutters. The one time he decided to let his own walls down he gets rejected. It was t even just about the rejection. It was the fact that Hiroshi wanted him to forget what happened and that Hiroshi looked like he regretted it all even though he was trying to hide it. We are just friends. I took it too far. Yosuuke still felt bad though, Hiroshi was the one that was pushing it and when Yosuuke decided to believe him it turned out to be a lie.

The dark seemed to comfort him, he was use to it by now. Darkness and loneliness. He sips on his water bottle and sighs. These contacts...I should go out my other pair in. Yosuuke removes his contacts in the kitchen and blinks a few times. His red orbs were bright, his eyes felt much better but he got off the counter top and walks to his bathroom. He needed to get his other contacts before he went back to the bed room with Hiroshi. Once in the bathroom he could sense Yoh sneaking up on him. “You should be sleeping.” He said and the little kitten meowed.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 6d 7h 6m 49s
The blonde was out of it, there was no question about that, being intoxicated and to be actually in the male's arms was making him think less rationally. He had met the guy in two days, counting the time they spent drinking and cuddling and getting to know each other. Not to mention, this was the same guy, who he deemed on torturing--in a way he'd tease him to get information out of him. But here he was, in a lip lock with the aforementioned man---clinging into him like his life depended on it. He wasn't supposed too, this should have just been cuddling nothing more and nothing less, but what turned out to be just a [b "simple cuddle"] turned out into him and Yosuuke kissing, at this point was it supposed to be called as kissing and not making out? wanting more of Yosuuke was unusual for him, what was the reason he started acting like this again. It was human nature, to blame everything on the alcohol--people dont tend to think they have their own faults too, despite being drunk Hiroshi has total control of his mind and body.

Alcohol was just there to help him lighten the mood a bit, to make him unwind and distress, him from everything that has been building up inside of him lately. His personal problems, his grades, his failures. He just wanted for them to vanish, as if they never existed if only for the night, he wanted to be selfish for once. Feeling the male pull him a little closer to his body, [I could he possibly want this too? or am i pushing myself to him?] wishing this negative thoughts would go away, he gently leaned into the touch. As his fingers were gently massaging the male's scalp, clutching unto his unique colored hair, but it wasn't tight enough to hurt him--it was gentle, he just need something to hold on to, to make sure this was real. His dreams can be real, and when he opens his eyes the morning after, he was in his own bed covered in the comfort of his own blanket, his dreams were composed of surreal aspects and it scared him, that one day he wouldn't be able to identify a dream from reality.

Yosuuke's hands was rubbing his side and hips , in a way his body was reacting weirdly to it, usually he'd slap the man's hand away or anyone who dared to touch him as such. Yet he let the man touch him, and explored every inch, and every curve of his hips. As of the moment he was concentrating on making this last, one of his arms left Yosuuke's neck, his fingers gently roamed Yosuuke's chest, from his neck to the man's abdomen feeling the clothed muscles underneath his fingertips. He tilted his head to the side to get a better angle, as their lips were locked in a searing kiss and for the blonde their lips melded perfectly how they moved in sync. As if their hearts were beating as one, hiroshi's hand laid dormat on Yosuuke's abdomen. His body's temperature began to rise up ever slowly, [I I'm feeling kind of hot, is it because of the room?] his hand that was on the male's abdomen soothing circles. He'd rather not get way ahead of himself.

The what ifs were still in his mind, fogging his head, which was troublesome due to wanting to concentrate on making Yosuuke feel good. As he was about to lick the man's lower lip for entrance, wanting to know how he taste, did his senses came back full speed ahead, as if he was about to be hit by an incoming truck, with the driver honking incessantly at him to get out of the way. The questions, [I "why am I doing this?] or [I " am i not thinking straight."] filled his head, he really wanted to--he wouldnt say those things to Yosuuke if he didn't but he knew he couldn't ignore his senses telling him he has gone too far. Hiroshi hesitantly pulled away from the kiss, and averted his gaze, was he really about to let Yosuuke have an one night stand with him? What sparked such conclusion either way? was it because he was secretly jealous of the woman who shared this bed with him, but what was the main reason for it? It might have been the time he was cuddling with Yosuuke and the way he held him so close and tightly in his arms.

Did he realize that he was lonely just as he was, it was a heat of the moment--the momentarily attraction, was brought on by booze and his inner conflicts. He closed his eyes before realizing a shaky breath. "forget I said anything.." He didnt want to wake up and realize he was buck naked without any memory of what happened and blame it on Yosuuke the morning after, he can't keep on blaming Yosuuke for his mistakes. Somehow he wanted to stop hurting him, he opened his eyes and hesitantly stared right back at those blue orbs. [I it's not like he wanted it either...] he stared somewhat intensely into those orbs searching for an answer---convincing himself, he wouldn't regret this decision. "You're tired aren't you? How about we go to sleep instead?" he managed to forced out a smile at least, he felt shitty stopping when it was getting good, maybe the fact that Mr.EPB had also kissed Yosuuke brought him to the brink, he was emotionally unstable after all.

Most of the time, he doesnt understand what he truly wants, and dragging Yosuuke into it was the least he wanted that was the reason he was pushing him away, be it as a friend or an acquaintance.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 6d 10h 20m 42s
“I like your hair Shi. Don’t worry about it.” Yosuuke was trying to make him feel better but he wasn’t lying. He didn’t like the look of Hiroshi’s hair. “Yeah my mother use to say stuff like that. She really tried her best to give me a comfortable life but you can’t help how others treat you. Sometimes they’re just hateful for no reason. I soon learned that growing up. You can’t please everyone.” He said and smiles softly. He hated that people could be so mean but that was the least of his worries. His main concern was the demons that roamed the earth killing people. [i If my father is such a big respected guy in his world why doesn’t he keep the demons out? Is he allowing them to come? Did he order them to. Ugh who knows.] He thought. If only he could meet the guy. He wasn’t even sure what he would say to him.

Hearing Hiroshi mention he wouldn’t be able to cuddle him without hitting him made him chuckle a bit. “I’m so glad you’re not sober then. I wouldn’t want you to hit me but I would do my best to keep that from happening by not making you feel uncomfortable. I wouldn’t catch you off guard.” He said. When the two finally kissed Yosuuke was hoping he would get hit by Hiroshi surprised him by kissing him back gently. He felt the male cling to him and one of Hiroshi’s legs rested over his again but a bit higher up. Not only did Yosuuke a heart beat slowed down but he felt more relaxed since the male didn’t hit him. As they broke their kiss he smirks as well. “It does answer my question.” He replies but before he could say anything else Hiroshi caused Yosuuke to tense up a bit. [i He can’t be serious...right? I can’t tell if he’s just teasing me, trying to make me sweat or if he means it? Sober Hiroshi would freak out if we did anything.]

Yosuuke didn’t want to make the same mistake like last time. He wanted to read Hiroshi right but that was a big step and he wasn’t sure if Hiroshi was in his right mind to do anything like that. [i Take it slow. See how he reacts.] Yosuuke suddenly felt Hiroshi kiss him but this time the heat came. He places a hand on Hiroshi’s hip and pulls him closer so their bodies were touching. So much for taking it slow. Yosuuke kisses Hiroshi back with the same amount of heat. The hand that was on Hiroshi’s hip moved up the male’s side and back down to his hip as they began to make out with one another. Yosuuke could get a bit touchy but he wanted to make sure that this is what Hiroshi really wanted to he started off small, by rubbing Hiroshi’s hip and the side he wasn’t laying on. As seconds passed the more intense the kiss got.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 6d 14h 19s
Hiroshi made a small “hmph” sound, the male should know better, the eyes can be deceiving, it may look soft but it wasnt, he rarely takes care of his hair and sometimes would be satisfied with how it looks, the [b “messy”] or the [b “bed hair”] type would do. The only thing it was easy for Hiroshi to achieve such a style was due to the texture of his hair, it wasn’t greasy or anything but it definitely was far beyond soft. Hearing Yosuuke go on about using the proper conditioner for his hair. Sometimes hair conditioner wasnt enough, maybe due to him putting such an overly large amount of conditioner on his hair. That it tends to run out quicker than it should be. He had never thought Yosuuke was bullied back in his golden days, and with a stupid reason to boot, how could people find flaws on others that arent supposed to be their? His eyebrows furrowed and a frown sported his lips. “Sometimes you can’t please others. I totally agree with your mother, having duo colored hair is unchangeable that’s what the man from above had planned for you.”

Shaking his head in disbelief, if that was his child and he was being bullied he might as well, march into that child’s home and talk—not so calmly with their parents, but luckily Yosuuke’s mother isn’t like that, he wondered what kind of person was she? Did Yosuuke get his looks from her? Or from both of his parents, if the male spoke so highly of her, then she must have lived a good life. Sometimes he had countless of times ask, where his mother was, well the need to ask but he never could have brought himself to do so. He couldn’t really explain why, but it felt like someone was telling him not to breach the subject. Just because he mentioned her, in one of their conversations, doesnt mean he Wanted to talk about the woman who bore him. At the question he sent a sideways glare at the male, dis he really think it cuddling sober would make him so nervous? “No... I highly doubt, I’d let you near me without me hitting you..” he was being honest for once, in his more unvulnerable state, he was more cheeky, confident, snarky and mean.

Not to say the least he wasnt mean by nature, he’s only less mean. Like a watered down alcoholic beverage, it doesnt fizzle and taste good with too much water in them, due to the ice that melted. “But.. I’ll try not to, back then you just caught me off guard is all..” until now he was still feeling guilty about laying a hand on him, everytime he remembers it the pang of guilt would strike an arrow to his heart. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t forget so easily, nor does he also forgive. After the little teasing he had done, he was quite surprised the male had asked him, [b “why anything wouldn’t happen.”] did Yosuuke want something to happen between them? Granted he did want the male to kiss him. At the same time he was confused, was their a line to be crossed to begin with? As he was about to open his mouth to ask him, what he meant he was silenced by the sudden movement Yosuuke had caused.

Feeling Yosuuke get a bit closer than usual, made him slightly giddy. Feeling the man’s fingers under his chin and tilt his head, to meet his lips in a gentle kiss. The news of him being cautious around him, did make the line of his lips turned upward into a smirk. To know he had somewhat of a small hold on Yosuuke for him to act like he did, gave him great sadistic Joy. He wrapped his arms around Yosuuke’s neck, one of his hand’s fingers placed behind the male’s head to hold him into place. As he kissed him back just as gently, one of his legs overlapped one of Yosuuke’s just so that his left leg was resting above Yosuuke’s thigh, gently pulling the male closer using his leg. He pulled away just as slightly, only to take a slight breather. “Does that answer your question?” He smirked before leaning close to him,for another kiss yet he only rubbed his lips into Yosuuke’s. “Turn me into one of your one night stands.” Before closing the gap between his and Yosuuke once more but this one had more sear into it, he was usually taking everything as a game, but it wasnt like he knew if Yosuuke was serious either.

Yosuuke gave him an impression the male liked to tease him, even to the point where his teasing would drive him mad, this was the only way he could repay the male for all those teasing he had done.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 6d 14h 48m 59s
Of course Yosuuke didn’t agree with Hiroshi about his hair. It wasn’t unique to him, he always thought it was quite weird to have natural hair that was two different colors. Two opposite colors at that. White and black. The pout on Hiroshi’s face made Yosuuke chuckle softly. [i He must really want to change his hair texture. I’m sure it won’t be hard. Besides I think his hair is soft.] He thought and looks at the male. “I’m sure if you use a good hair conditioner your hair will be even softer. Besides I don’t think that your hair isn’t soft or anything.” Yosuuke said to Hiroshi. “I also never thought mynair was unique. I’ve always thought it was weird. Ugly. I dyed it when I was younger. In middle school people use to make fun of my hair. I got so upset one day I died it and my mom got upset with me because I allowed others to make me feel bad about myself. About something I couldn’t help. The dye didn’t last long though. For some reason my white hair didn’t take the black hair dye as much as I would of liked.” [i Maybe because it’s my demon side.]

As time went out Yosuuke found himself really enjoying this moment with Hiroshi. A small chuckle left his lips again when Hiroshi mentioned he would have to be tipsy to cuddle again. “I can make that happen so don’t worry.” He teased. “You don’t think you could cuddle with me while sober? Is it that nerve wracking?” Yosuuke figure Hiroshi would probably be too nervous to cuddle with him while sober. [i His heart beat is already going crazy but I mean he seems to be doing just fine. I hope that I don’t mkae me feel uncomfortable when he’s around me sober. Who knows. He’s so hard to read.]

It was clear that his movements began to cause Hiroshi to panic a bit. Yosuuke could tell by the look on the smaller male’s face. [i He is nervous. How funny. Not so tough now but he did say he would let his walls down just for this night.]. Yosuuke closed his eyes as he leaned in even more but felt Hiroshi’s finger on his lips. His bright blue eyes opened as he wondered what Hiroshi was doing. After hearing him speak Yosuuke knew he messed up. [i Well, that didn’t last long at all.] Yosuuke removed his hand from the side of Hiroshi’s face and moved his leg from between Hiroshi’s leg. He went back to the old position but he wasn’t so close anymore.

“Why wouldn’t anything happen?” He asked. “I mean...I was just trying to be a bit careful with you. It’s hard to tell when you’re actually being serious with me.” He said softly. Hell if it was anyone else Yosuuke would of took the opportunity to be romantic in some way with them but Hiroshi was different. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship. He actually liked Hiroshi. “I was going to kiss you.” He said hoping Hiroshi wouldn’t be too upset. “Would I have crossed the line?” He was ignoring what Hiroshi said about only asking one question. It wasn’t about the information, he wasn’t purposely trying to fish for information. He was just trying to make Hiroshi happy. [i I guess I did go about it in the wrong way.] Yosuuke sighs softly and looks up at the ceiling. The way the moonlight lit up the room it caused his red eyes to shine through his blue contacts more than usual. He rubs his eyes a bit not enjoying the contacts too much.

“I don’t have to be so gentle.” He mutters. He then glanced at Hiroshi. “I could easily pin you down and make you squirm beneath me but I don’t think you’ll enjoy that.” He teased. Yosuuke moves back closer to Hiroshi. “Now no more questions.” He cups Hiroshi’s chin gently and leans into him. Without putting to much thought into it he gentle pressed his lips to Hiroshi. [i Don’t hit me.] He thought. That would completely ruin everything.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 7d 13h 45m 52s
Hearing the male, that he enjoyed being cuddled and having his hair being played with, was a new revelation for the blonde. Yosuuke just didn't seem to be the type to enjoy such things--except for being cuddled, It was obvious enough when he sent that text, and he got a reply for that. If anything it was the only thing Yosuuke would use to tease him, knowing it would get on Hiroshi's nerves. But lying here with him, and enjoying the moment so far, no matter if he was teasing the male or was he? It really was up to Yosuuke on how he'll find the matter, and how to react unto it. Listening to the taller male, telling him about the real origin of his hair made him pout a bit, not because it was natural but because he might not be able to have the same texture as the male. "So.. the softness of your hair is only exclusive to your genes huh?" his pout turned into a frown, how was it odd? it was unusual, but it wasn't as if he'd put it into his own category of [b "odd things"] this seemed pretty natural to him, which is saying something when he had suspected the male had dyed it at first. "Odd? no, not one bit... Unique is the right term to use it for."

He really does find his fascination for Yosuuke's hair quite unique, the only thing that remains was to find out which color belongs to his mother and to his father. Another question for another time, "You'll have to get me tipsy first, if you ever want to cuddle again." he teased the male, he could handle cuddling with Yosuuke in his sober state but maybe just cuddling, none with this teasing and flirting stuff that he was currently doing. He knows himself better than anyone else, and he could tell which his sober self can do, and can not do. He'd probably give himself maybe 30 seconds to 5 minutes of cuddling, maybe even less but no more than 10 minutes. The only thing he was still latched into Yosuuke's arms was due to his own decisions, not the alcohol-- or the mood that was being created, the comfortability and warmth clung unto him like a woolen blanket.

Hiroshi golden orbs had a hint of concern in them, Yosuuke had remained speechless after telling him, some of the vital information the taller might delight in. Yet he frozed as if his soul has gone out of his body and travelled to who knows where,this gave him ample of time to actually study the male's physique in a closer range. He actually has no flaws, no freckles anywhere, he has to give him credit for having such magnificent cheekbone structures. [I he is definitely ranked up to a 9, not that I'll ever let him, boost his ego.] he rolled his eyes at his own thoughts, but when he felt the male's body shift--he quickly returned his gaze to Yosuuke's face. [I he seemed to have his soul back...] he didn't look like he was spacing out anymore, in which might have made Hiroshi smirked a bit--did his words have such an impact on him? or was it his misinterpretation of his words? Not that there really was anything to be misinterpretated, yet he seemed to want to indulge with the joy of wanting to know what exactly was on Yosuuke's mind.

Feeling Yosuuke's leg in between his, made him tense up a bit--his felt all of his muscles had frozen on the spot, suddenly his mind was filling it with unnecessary images. With the way how yosuuke had gotten more closer to him, his mind has gone to complete mush and he couldn't think straight. [I is it possible he saw through my words?] his heart seemed to hastened and his hands began to get clamy and sweaty, he closed his eyes for a couple of seconds--give or take 5 at most. To see the male's hand to the side of his face, he might as well give away that this was actually making him quite nervous and his heart rate wasnt making it easy on him as it kept a steady booming sound in his ears, for all he knew the man could be playing mind games with him. Yosuuke has always been good at that, but he looked quite serious at the moment. Due to him slightly panicking at the closeness, and any probable outcome that could happen.

He placed the tip of his index finger on the male's lips as if to give them enough space, stopping the male from getting closer. It was obvious enough what Yosuuke planned on doing, if he wanted too he could have closed the gap between them--but he didnt. [I damn it... you really are dense..] Masking the disappointment he clearly felt with a smirk, he answered the male's question." Knowing You.. nothing would really happen, now wouldnt it? You'd rather get information than anything, you can ask one question." Hiroshi wasn't going to make it easy for Yosuuke to uncover his secrets that easily, he bopped the male's nose with the same finger. "but only one, so choose wisely."
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 7d 21h 8m 46s
Yosuuke could fall asleep while Hiroshi played with his soft locks. The feeling was so relaxing to him so he had to keep himself from passions out right then and there while Hiroshi ran his hand through his hair. “Well we could do both more often. Cuddling and having you play with my hair. I like both anyway.” He said honestly. Having a nice warm body next togim was always something Yosuuke wanted but he was too afraid to bring people close to him because of the demon that was part of him. He still thought that he wouldn’t be accepted for what he is. Who could possibly accept a monster like him? [i My mom accepted my father...but look how he turned out to be. He wasn’t even here to protect us...some loving demon.] He thought.

This is exactly why didn’t like that side of him. Demons were always associated with something bad. Nothing good. Hiroshi is actually the second person he had known to speak nicely about demons. His mother was the first. She did fall in love with one but it just made her a target. [i Am I target too? Is that why Nao is here? Tch...I can handle him in my own.] hearing Hiroshi’s question about his hair Yosuuke didn’t want to lie to him. Right now he just felt like he should be a bit more open. “It’s a secret so don’t tell anyone. It’s natural.” He said honestly. “I guess my parents genes couldn’t decide on which one should control my hair color. So I have the color of my mom’s hair and my father’s hair. Odd right?”

The way Hiroshi spoke about his eyes caused Yosuuke to wonder if Hiroshi really meant his blue eyes. [i Somehow I think...he knows these are contacts.] Yosuuke wasn’t going to take the blue contacts out though. He just couldn’t make that jump yet. Before Yosuuke could even respond he noticed how close Hiroshi had moved to him. The two were not face to face, noses touching and lips only inches from touching. He swallowed hard from Hiroshi’s words. It was almost as if Hiroshi was yelling Yosuuke to do something naughty to him but then again Yosuuke was lost in his own thoughts. [i He’s joking right? He doesn’t mean that. Maybe he means we can talk and I can ask questions. He’ll answer for sure.] He thought trying to convince himself that’s what Hiroshi meant.

Yosuuke decided to play as cool as he could. Yosuuke moved even closer, he moved one of his legs between Hiroshi’s legs. This made one of Hiroshi’s legs to go over Yosuuke a thigh. He looks into the smaller male’s eyes. “And exactly what are you hoping will happen?” He asked as he moved a hand to the side of Hiroshi’s face. It almost seemed as if Yosuuke was going to kiss him.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 8d 1h 24m 51s
The blonde was getting drowsy by the minute, due to the alcohol and how comfortable he actually is. For once being in Yosuuke’s house wasnt so unnerving as it was before, it wasn’t silent, but he wasnt so sure if he enjoyed listening to his own heartbeat, beat wildly in his ribcage. It was almost hurtting his ears, as if it was a native drum that the indians used to use for musical purposes. But it somehow balances out the noise, the sound of the crickets chirping in the distance, the only light illuminating the room was from the moon. He was currently enjoying listening to the male’s hearbeat and the sound of nature all in one, it almost lulled him to sleep.,thoughts of wanting to be this close to Yosuuke again was a zero to no chance while sober and more likely when he’s tipsy or drunk, he was too hard headed to let himself be open to someone again. Looking at the taller male, he had observed how serene his face was whenever he’d close his eyes as if all worries would be lift away from his shoulders.

When he told Hiroshi that he should do thst more often, it made him wonder what the male was specifically talking about. [I did he mean the cuddling.. or..] he used one of his hands on the man’s back to ruffle the male’s hair gently, “this??” He raised an eyebrow in inquiry, and smiled a little, who would have thought Yosuuke liked his hair being played with, the black parts in his hair had always been given curiousity by the blonde, it seemed far too real to be dyed, and despite his hair actually having layers. He hummed as his fingers stopped in one of those black strands of his, before examining it thoroughly. “I’ve been wondering, why dye your hair halfway? When you can do it fully?” Unless this was the man’s natural hair, he had seen all sorts of hairs and dyeable hairs, but not one that was similar to Yosuuke. [I It’s unique in its own way..] as he continued to run his fingers through those shaggy strands of tufts, “you’re hair is really soft.. you need to let me in on your secret.” He snickered before noticing, he had been gazing into the man’s blue orbs for quite a while now.

The way Yosuuke sounded so soft and content, made him wonder just how long had he’d been alone, he was told by the man he has always been alone but seemed to left out the details of its length, whether it was the mood that was sent by the moon’s light coming through the window panes or the stars that shone just as bright. Yosuuke showed another side to him, that Hiroshi has never seen before, he could only chuckle at the response. He never doubted Yosuuke it was just he was more than a [b “good cuddler”] cuddles werent supposed to make you feel like, having a heart attack just because, he refused to leave the man’s arms. He wanted to stay in it, as time could possibly allow. He wished for time to stop, even just for the night, he was afraid, when the morning comes he had imagined everything. What he didn’t expect was the question and the compliment that came right soon after, it left Yosuuke’s lips.

He slightly averted his gaze, bitting his lower lip, a tinge of pink tinting his cheeks, he only thank the darkness of the room that Yosuuke wasn’t able to see it, what was he supposed to say? Is he going to be honest with the man? That he had been thinking of wanting to stay like this with him forever? Would the man next to him think he was being way too clingy, he has to be careful with his words. One mis slip would end being misunderstood,and he wouldn’t want that not when he and Yosuuke have established a foundation of [b “friendship”], he closed his eyes before opening them once again. He turned his gaze back to Yosuuke a small smile on his lips. “Well aren’t you a charmer? But mine are not as pretty as yours, they are more unique that way and the color suits you too. Infact I could just get lost in them.” In a way he meant were those ruby red or was it more—a shade of blood? But to him all of the color red looked the same, and he had hoped the man wouldn’t hide it from him, yet there must be a sufficient reason why he had done so.

It could be connected to the male’s breakdown earlier, and so he won’t push for it any longer, this shade of blue wasnt half bad than the red one it reminded him if the sea, one of the places he liked to be in—there were just something in those waves that comforted him, he could get lost in his eyes. If he was to be asked soberly if he ever considered to cuddle with Yosuuke he’s blatantly lie and say no, but in this room there were no more use for pretensions. He took a deep breath and sighed, smiling ever so lightly at the man before him. “I’ve been thinking...” he leaned a bit closer to him, pressing his chest against the other, tilting his head up to close the gap a mere inches from the male’s lips, the tip if his nose touching Yosuuke’s , “if it’s with you.. I don’t mind tearing this walls down even just for the night..” it was a sign, that he was willing to do whatever the man had in mind and wouldn’t condemn, or retort to it.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 8d 1h 55m 59s
Yosuuke was hoping that Hiroshi was comfortable. He didn’t want the male to feel awkward about anything. Yosuuke felt great, it was nice to have someone in his bed with him. [i I didn’t think I would miss this. Shame was nice to cuddle with but there’s something about Hiroshi. To think I would be cuddling with this guy. To be honest I’m quite content.] He thought and kept his eyes closed. When he felt Hiroshi’s hand go through his soft hair he couldn’t help but smile a bit. If anyone wanted to win Yosuuke over they just had to play with his hair. To him it was always relaxing to have someone running their hand through his hair.

“You should do that more often.” He said and chuckles letting Hiroshi know that he liked his hair to be played with. When Hiroshi said that he was comfortable Yosuuke didn’t feel so nervous anymore. “I am as well. I’m glad we decided to do this.” He said. His voice was soft and comforting, Yosuuke was showing Hiroshi another side of him. The warmth between the two made him want to fall right to sleep. Hiroshi has no idea how safe and comfortable Yosuuke felt.

The way they were laying caused Yosuuke to think about how often Hiroshi cuddles with people. [i I wonder if he does this with his other friends. I doubt they’re as attractive as me. I need to stop complimenting myself. It does make me feel good about myself.] He thought anddhuckles softly. Yosuuke knew there were much better looking people than him. He wasn’t conceited at all. Hearing Hiroshi talk about his cuddling skills caused him to open his eyes. “I told you. You should believe me more.” He smiles softly and looks into Hiroshi’s eyes. When their eyes connected Yosuuke felt his heart beat pick up speed. [i Why are we looking at each other like this? Should I just ignore him and close my eyes? Should I lean into him a bit just to tease him? Should...I kiss him? He looks really vulnerable or maybe he just looks calm. Relaxed.]

Many thoughts were running through his head. Yosuuke just felt like he should just follow his instincts and let his body act on itsnon but he knew better than that. If he relied that much on his instincts he would be in a lot of trouble. “What are you thinking about right now?” He asked softly but he didn’t close his eyes. He kept looking into Hiroshi’s eyes. “You have really unique eyes. They’re pretty.”
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 9d 1h 54m 55s

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