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Nao followed Yosuuke happily, he had such a playful smirk on his face. Of course he knew he bothered Nao, it actually made him happy to irritate the little human. Nao definitely blamed it all on the fact that he was a demon. Yosuuke sat down next to Hiroshi and shrugs his shoulders by the shorter male’s comment. “I don’t think they came here to see me but we’ll see. I might go on.” Yosuuke kept his eyes on Hiroshi. He felt himself getting distracted, his dark eyes focused on Hiroshi’s lips and then his eyes. Ever since the two somewhat confessed to one another he felt like he was even more so attracted to Hiroshi.

[i I wonder what would he do if I kissed him in front t of everyone. Heh he would probably freak out and hit me.] Yosuuke thought with a slight smile. He leans into Hiroshi only to whisper into his ear. “I might want to make up for the kiss I missed it on later.” Yosuuke wasn’t trying to tease Hiroshi. He was being honest with the male. Before Yosuuke could say anything g else Nao leans on Yosuuke. “Take a shot with me. You’ll loosen up after that and then you can go on stage.” The demon smirks. “You can sing a song for me~” “I’ll take you up on the shot but not the song.” Yosuuke sits up straight. “Might as well change while you’re up.” Nao added. Yosuuke gets up off his chair and walks off to go get drinks for everyone with Nao.

Once in the back room Yosuuke goes through his locker to grab the spare outfit he kept just in case he needed to change. There have been many of times where he’s had drinks spilled on him and needed a new set of clothes. “Your little human friend seems so fond of you.” Nao said as Yosuuke removed his shirt. “I’m fond of him too.” Yosuuke didn’t think much of Nao and his flirting. “You should lay off all the flirting. It’s weird Nao.” “But seeing little Shi get annoyed is so entertaining.” Nao chuckles and Yosuuke rolls his eyes.

Once he was changed he messes around with his hair a bit and sprays on a light cologne. He didn’t want to smell like outside. “Lookin’ good. Let’s go.” So said and takes Yosuuke by the arm. He happily walks to the bar with Yosuuke to make the drinks with him. Meanwhile Ayame kept Hiroshi company. “So have you been? I feel like it’s been forever since you and I talked. Everything at the bar has been the same. Nao is still annoying and I’m still single.” Ayame said with a soft giggle. She rests her chin in the palm of her right hand. “I feel so much better being around everyone...today was terrible. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep alone tonight.” She tilts her head a bit. “You should stay the night with me.” She smiles. “But if you can’t I understand...maybe Yosuuke will. What do you think?” Ayame was being a bit needy but she only had Yosuuke to count on at the moment. There was also the thought of asking her boss since they use to date but she didn’t mention it to Hiroshi.
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Hiroshi never took his gaze off of Yosuuke, and was quite taken aback. When the male started to lean in, [I idiot! the people behind us is going to honk again if you dont get moving!] but his eyelids betrayed him as they drooped down a tad, he was looking at him with heavy eyelids, expecting the male to lean in and just kiss him right there and then. However the person behind them was getting antsy, he heard another honk and this time Yosuuke pulled away and started driving off to the bar. Hiroshi was tempted to flip the finger on the idiot who ruined the mood, he returned to reality as soon as Yosuuke decided not to kiss him. He wasnt annoyed with the taller male, it was that impatient man who gave them the last honk, before he was ready to give them a scolding, he could see the snarl on his untinted windshield. At that moment, Hiroshi forgot they were literally still at the entrance of the hospital and felt rather embarrassed for holding up people--- they're relatives might be there or one of the victims of the attack.

And every time wasted, was another person's leaving their last breath, he watched as the drive to the bar was excruciatingly silent---neither tried to open up a topic. Did he go to far? Perhaps he had his mind in the gutter? Maybe Yosuuke was only teasing him, like the douchebag that he is and didnt really intend on making the blonde one of his distractions. The only sound that breaked the silence was the sound of the rain hitting on the roof of the vehicle, the swipers making sure the windshield is clear for Yosuuke to see the road clearly, even the sound of the tire squeaking on the asphalt could be heard, or the splashing of a nearby puddle being runned down by the vehicle's tire. Watching the streetlights being passed by in a sudden blurr was quite Hiroshi's aesthetics. The color of yellow, red and orange messhing together with the stray droplets pelting the window of the car, if he was an artist it would look like a splash of colors on a canvas.

The car came to a complete stop once a familiar building came into view, and he felt a sudden dread climbed unto his spine, [I nao-san is going to be here... then that means...] he gave a quick glance at Yosuuke from the corner of his eye, he then saw nothing but a black material being shoved at his face. He wrinkled his nose, for a moment before realizing Yosuuke just offered, for him to use the male's jacket as a form of umbrella. Hiroshi hummed in thanks, before gently placing the leather jacket under his nose, and smelling what traces of Yosuuke's sweat that clunged to the jacket. Before it would be completely washed away by the pouring rain, before he opened the door he made sure to put on Yosuuke's jacket. He wondered what Yosuuke would be wearing, so glanced at the male wearily only to see him having a thin jacket. He would have retorted when Yosuuke gave him a lame excuse just to make sure the blonde didnt get drenched. He opened his mouth to scold the taller male, but he made a jump for the door.

The blonde shooked his head in disdain, sometimes Yosuuke should consider his health, who'd look after him when he's sick? he frowned as he zipped up the leather jacket. He quickly got out of the car, in hoped that Yosuuke wouldnt get drenched like a rat, but much to his chagrin the rain had infact caused more damaged, to yosuuke just by waiting for him to get out of the car. Luckily enough, the male parked not too far from the entrance, so it was a couple of minute walk, until Hiroshi's ears were greeted by the booming sounds of the speakers as the bar came alive. His golden orbs scanned the area for ayame, but it seemed like the woman found him instead. He was engulfed in a warm hug, "ayame-san..." he felt happy to know, that she was hale---that she really was unharmed. He felt his hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her into a tight hug, " me too... I'm really glad you're safe..." He owed it to Ayame, he liked hanging around with her she had that older sister vibe to her.

He tensed when he heard that familiar voice, as footsteps headed towards them--- he saw how that son of a gun wrapped his arms around his Yosuuke. [I wait... my.... Yosuuke?] as his eyes widened slightly when was he ever the possessive type? and Yosuuke wasnt his in the first place, The male was shamelessly flirting with Yosuuke infront of him of all people---but he couldnt be agitated, Nao didn't know and besides Yosuuke could choose whoever he wanted to be with. He inwardly growled at the innuendo, Nao was giving Yosuuke but decided to ignore the male completely. His golden orbs took in the crowd, perhaps Party goers would live out their last, partying. The Bar had a few people inside, which is still a good sum--- when Ayame mentioned about drinks he perked up. "I think a warm drink would be wonderful..." he smiled warmly at the blonde female, then felt the taller male looking at him. "You're not going to perform? everyone will be looking for your music... they did come here to see you play after all."
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 63d 14h 39m 49s
The response that Yosuuke received from Hiroshi definitely caught him off guard. Hiroshi was willing to be his distraction. The smirk went away quickly and Yosuuke now looked a bit confused by Hiroshi’s answer. “I...um..” Yosuuke had no idea how to respond. He never thought of doing anything sexual with Hiroshi in anyway. He only joked around with him. The last time he tried to be serious in that way he was rejected by Hiroshi. Making the first move was something Yosuuke was going to hold back on.

After a few seconds talk of going to the bar became the subject and Yosuuke could tell that Hiroshi was actually considering going to the bar. “Yeah I know you’re old enough to decide to drink or not. You can drink with Ayame and Nao.” He chuckles a bit. Ayame loved being around Hiroshi. She thought he was adorable. Nao on the other hand could careless about Hiroshi. It wasn’t because he was jealous of him. As their fingers intertwined Yosuuke felt a wave of comfort. [i He really does have that affect on me.] He thought and looked into Hiroshi’s eyes. Yosuuke found himself leaning into Hiroshi, of course he wanted to kiss the male.

The honk of the car behind them caught Yosuuke’s attention, he sits back in his seat and lets Hiroshi’s hand go. “Right. Let’s head over to the bar then.”

The drive to the bar was quiet but that was because Yosuuke was mentally scolding himself for backing out of kissing Hiroshi. He felt stupid and embarrassed a bit since he backed away from his friend/crush. [i Stupid...he’s probably laughing at me in his head. I know how much he loves to pick on me.] Yosuuke smirks a bit since he figured he would hear it later from Hiroshi. When they arrived at the bar Yosuuke parked in the back and grabbed his jacket. “Here you can wear this. I don’t have an umbrella.” Yosuuke said to Hiroshi as he gave him a leather jacket he kept in the back seat of his car. Yosuuke already had a thin jacket on so he didn’t need the other one.

Yosuuke got out of his car and locked his car once Hiroshi got out. He rushes inside with his friend since he didn’t want to get soaked by the rain. As soon as they got inside Ayame rushed over to them. “Shi~” She chimed and hugged the shorter male tightly. “Oh I’m so happy to see you.” Yosuuke smiles at the sight of the two. Nao walks over to them and hugs Yosuuke. “You’re so wet. Let’s go get you out of these clothes.” Nao purposely teased Yosuuke and winks at him. Yosuuke rolls his eyes. “Why can’t you just...” He shakes his head, Yosuuke wasn’t t going to let Nao get on his nerves.

“There’s a lot of people here already.” Yosuuke looked around the bar. “Yeah why don’t you have something to drink and then get on stage?” Ayama suggested. “I might. I want to just relax really. Let’s get a table.” He looks down at Hiroshi.
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Hiroshi was waiting for Yosuuke's response, it might have been minutes or even just seconds, when Yosuuke figured he had already gotten into the car. He was given the full attention that he had craved, it seemed like Yosuuke was there, but not mentally, seeing the facial muscles softening on Yosuuke's face made him breathe a sigh of relief. Hiroshi golden orbs shined brightly, a few months back he wouldnt be this touchy, and clingy with Yosuuke---but the incident that happened earlier awakened something out of him, it might be due to fear; Yosuuke was known to risk his life and limb for someone either for him or his schoolmates and it had to with his past. Hiroshi was sure of it,he didn't want to lose Yosuuke, not in this lifetime or the next; thats why he need to keep an eye out and give him a good whooping if he decides to brood again; because that is very Hiroshi-esque. As of the moment he's giving Yosuuke a break, at the male's teasing he felt his face heat up, his eyes narrowed in annoyance and a small snarl can be seen on his lips.

As Punishment for the implication, he smooshed his cheeks like he usually does when he's annoyed with yosuuke, " you... you pervert!" but then his facial expression softened, his snarl disappeared and was replaced with a loving smile; what once was an annoyed expression vanished into nothing but pure adoration for the male. "as long as its with you Yosuuke... I..." he shifted his gaze to the side and his palm fell flat on the male's cheeks. the heat never leaving his face, he bit the inside of his cheek before regaining his composure. "I dont mind being a distraction..." he trailed off not looking at the male anymore, he wasnt ashamed of his words; he couldn't look at him after half heartedly scolding him but giving in soon after. What he felt is not a syndrome, there was a term for that, he just forgot what it was specifically called, nor was he a replacement for Motaru. He didnt even think he had feelings for the male, which was hidden deep inside of him.

The pitter patter of the raindrops hitting the vehicle's roof, added to that comfortable silence, but what left the male's lips had him retracting his hands, he found it rather sweet for the male to drive him all the way to his home despite the time. That wasn't the case what had him speechless and slightly hurt, which cause a slight tinge to his beating heart was the fact he promised to meet Nao. [I ' when did they even become close? why do i feel jealous all of a sudden...'] he was greatly confused, but all he felt was slight frustration towards Yosuuke's colleague. Did the male visit him, while he was gone? should he have stayed instead to prevent it? Nao had more chances of stealing Yosuuke's heart than he does, after all there has been no labelled made, they confessed to one another but their relationship is very vague. He doesnt have the right to feel jealous, when he himself has conflicted feelings for Motaru. He leaned into the car seat, without a word and looked outside of the car watching the rain pour down more heavily this time.

If Yosuuke doesn't drive out now, they'll be stuck in traffic. He was contemplating if he should stay with Yosuuke and join him at work, or be alone with his buzzing thoughts? he promised yosuuke he'd do his best, not to start petty arguments. Drinking sounded like something he would do to wash away this feeling, it unnerved him. At the time he was looking at the window, one ear was open to Yosuuke's voice, drinking his words like a drug while the right ear was listening calmly to the rain. It helped with composing his thoughts, when the male suggested he shouldnt drink it made him pursed his lips, and gave him a dirty glare. " I'm old enough to decide whether to drink or not..." besides he knows his limit, he wouldnt be stupid enough to make the same mistake the second time, besides the last time he was at the bar. He handled his alcohol pretty well, of course Yosuuke was busy entertaining their customer's with his music to notice.

Besides if he was going to make it through the night with Nao incessantly flirting with Yosuuke might as well, keep himself occupied with some good music, conversations with Ayame and some good ol fashioned bar snacks. He tensed a bit, when he felt Yosuuke's hand on his, it caught him off guard. He hid a small smile using his palm, which his hand was promptly held up on his elbow at the car seat. He found it cute, Yosuuke's hand was placed on top of his own so hesitantly, [I huh...didnt think he'd lose his cool there...] there was no denying Yosuuke was brimming with self confidence but when it came to moments like these, he just seemed to lose it. He muffled a sigh, before moving his hand from underneath Yosuuke's only to intertwine his fingers with the male, having his thumb gently caress his knuckles. " I dont mind if we stay long, we both need the distraction either way... you have work. I dont want to be the reason, you're boss ends up reprimanding why you missed a day of work."

He ignored the fact that Yosuuke wasn't there for work, he was there to see Nao, he gulped as he felt his throat run dry and then suddenly the moment was ruined when a vehicle from behind them started honking its horn. He jumped slightly from his seat, turning to look behind them he groaned and shooked his head, giving a quick glance to the clock. "you should drive, we're holding up a line..."
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There was a lot running through Yosuuke’s mind. Even when he realized Hiroshi was safe and in his car he still couldn’t help but worry about everything else. [i I need to just get to work.] He thought to himself. As Hiroshi spoke to him he didn’t really pay him much mind but his attention had turned to Hiroshi when the smaller male cupped his face in his hands. Yosuuke’s expression softened a bit. Was Hiroshi actually worried about Yosuuke? The taller male takes in a soft breath and lets it out. “Maybe I need to take a break from everything. Clear my mind.” He basically agreed with Hiroshi.

“Why don’t you be that distraction for me?” He teased. Yosuuke just couldn’t help himself. A small smirk grows on his face as he waits to see that annoyed look that Hiroshi wears all the time. With a soft chuckle he sits back in his seat. “For one, I can take you all the way home. I’m not dropping you off a few blocks away. And two...you should come to the bar with me. Relax for a bit. Enjoy the night and then I can take you home.” He smiles just a bit.

“We both can use a relaxing night and I think you would enjoy being at the bar than being home by yourself. Besides Ayama would love to see you as well.” This was a chance for Yosuuke to bond with Hiroshi outside his condo. Yes Yosuuke felt like he got to know the real Hiroshi when it was just the two of them but maybe now that they both expressed they had feelings for one another things might be different. Yosuuke didn’t have plans to tell everyone about what happened between him and Hiroshi. Hell he didn’t even know what to call whatever it is they got going on. Tonight he would be trying to figure that out though, that was for another day.

As the rain began to fall even more Yosuuke looks out of his car window. [i I wonder if he really wants to go home.] Yosuuke looks back at Hiroshi. “I promised Nao I would stop by tonight. If you agree to join me I won’t keep you out long. You can have all the free food and drinks that you want but I think you shouldn’t drink.” Yosuuke wouldn’t keep Hiroshi from having a drink but he already felt like today was too hectic and alcohol might just cloud Hiroshi’s mind in a bad way.

“What do you say?” He asked with a smile. Yosuuke then gently rested his hand on top of Hiroshi’s hand that was on his thigh. [i I should be allowed to touch him right? We are past that point...I think.] He thought.
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Hours even minutes seemed to passby, as the blonde was waiting for Yosuuke to respond, but he got no answer. He was slightly worried, if he had caught the male in a rather bad time. He watched as the puddle in the rain made ripples, whenever raindrops would come into contact, the sound of the pouring rain reverbrate in his ears. It calmed him to the point, that he missed the vibrations in his hands. He just felt so lifeless, he was rather taken aback when a set of wheels came rolling around the asphalt, breaking his trance. He lifted his head to look at the car, that stopped right infront of him, it seemed to bring him back to reality. Either that or he wasnt expecting the male to really, pick him up---after all he'd rather spend time with Motaru than with Yosuuke or probably thats what the taller male had been thinking, when he saw that small frown on Yosuuke's face. Hiroshi couldn't help how cute Yosuuke would be sometimes, even if he doesnt voice it out---it was apparent he was jealous of Motaru.

And Maybe he has a good reason too, back then he find it quite childish or sometimes he'd even wonder where the taller male got the notion that he could be jealous when they werent together in the first place. If he was to go back to a couple of days back, he too had gotten jealous that Yosuuke had intercourse with ayame. A small frown was plastered on his lips, as he pressed his lips into a thin line not really sure where all these memories are coming from. He quickly opened the door and had gotten inside, just to make sure that the rain droplets does not invade the warmth of the car, and soil the car seat. Once he was inside he closed the door, and strapped the seat belt across his chest, because he was all over the safety first rule. Hiroshi soon locked the seatbelt to it's port before turning to look at Yosuuke smiling a bit. " Thank you for picking me up, despite having work today." He really didnt want to be a bother, he tilted his head to the side as he observed how the male's face contorts into distress.

"Yosuuke?" he asked worriedly, his brows were furrowed into an inquisitive manner, " did something happen while i was gone?" He looked more distraught than the last time they've seen each other, which was a couple of hours ago. Did he cause the male to worry? All of what Motaru had mentioned earlier about Yosuuke vanished, and nothing seemed to have retained as long as he was with the odd colored haired male, there was nothing left to question. Of course it will pop up, one of these days but now is not the good time or so it seemed. His eyes seemed to have drifted to the small glowering light, in the darkness of the car, seeing as it was that time had him quite surprised he had no idea. He knew Motaru warned him to go home, but to think it was that late, he didnt want to cause anymore burden to Yosuuke than he already haved. Yosuuke has to help around the bar,if he remembered correctly. Seeing him there the last time was nighly scarce, but he had Ayame to keep him company.

If he could be selfish, he didnt want the male to go to work, he'd rather cuddle with Yosuuke until he fell asleep or get to know him more. He never really got the chance because he, used Motaru has his main priority, Yosuuke was like a comfort blanket--his fears just dwindles away even if they do nothing, just by being Yosuuke was enough. " you can drop me off a few blocks from the house, you'll be late if you wouldnt..." he smiled reassuringly, he used to go home this late due to school projects and nothing really happened to him, but that was before things got a little crazy, he'd be lying if he say he wasnt scared, and the streets are safe due to the special police force. They had the special police force and relied on the intel that demons are afraid of the sunlight, but it still didnt stop them. They still raided the school and massacred thousands, and left so little, but it should be safe right? after all Nao and Ayame were safe, the people from the hospital was safe.

He reached out both of his hands to cupped Yosuuke's well rounded cheeks, "I think you need a little break, even from yourself...dont you think?" he smiled, he has too---Yosuuke would go crazy if he keeps thinking about what happened from earlier, he was used to tormenting himself but he cant let Yosuuke do that to himself either.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 64d 21h 42m 7s
The quick peck on the lips surprised Yosuuke. The taller male never expected Hiroshi to make the first move so soon. Hiroshi always gave off a bit of a shy childlike feeling to Yosuuke when it came to getting closer to him. This action settled him down a bit, he stopped frowning since Hiroshi was so nice to him. “Yeah yeah yeah.” He said and smiles a bit. He watched the ash blonde male set Yoh down. The kitten sat calmly on the floor watching Hiroshi as he walked towards the front door. A small meow left the kitten, Yosuuke watched Hiroshi leave. The door closed and he glanced down at the kitten. “Yeah I didn’t want him to leave either but he has to go visit that smug jerk.”

Yosuuke went back to the kitchen and began to busy himself. He cleaned up. He was so antsy anout everything that had happened. Of course he needed to go see his father to get everything figured out. The increase in demon attacks was rising, demons were acting out more and more as the days go by. [i If he’s their lord he needs to keep them away. Humans are not just food. He can’t let this happen anymore.] He thought as he clenched his fists. “His words have more power than he thinks.” He mutters and goes back to cleaning up his kitchen.

An hour goes by and Yosuuke glances at the clock in his living room. “He shouldn’t be there too long right Yoh?” He asked the little kitten that was curled up into a ball in his lap. Yoh was sound asleep. This made Yosuuke smile a bit. As he watched tv there several small knocks on his door. Yoh instantly woke up and jumped onto the floor. Yosuuke jumped up as well, he was on high alert after all that had happened. “Can’t be too safe...” he mutters and walks to his door. He glanced out the peep hole but it was covered. [i What the...] He then heard giggling and well to familiar voice. “Nao...” He mutters and opens the door.

The hybrid was greeted by two adorable smiles and one smile from an annoying demon. “Big brother!” Both Bailey and Everly shout. They hug Yosuuke around his waist tightly. “Surprise.” Nao said. “You’re kidding...right?!” This was not the right time, Yosuuke couldn’t possibly have his demon half sisters here. It didn’t matter how cute they were. “You’re not happy to see them. They begged to come and see you ya know.” Nao wasn’t happy with Yosuuke response. “I tried to do something nice.” “This isn’t nice...you know people do t know about what I am and who they are. What if I had someone over?!” “Tch like who? Ahh that little human boy that always seems pissed off? Shi?” Before Yosuuke could response the little girls ran in his condo to play with Yoh.

Of course Yoh was loving the attention. He had two people to play with now. Yosuuke invites Nao in so they could talk. “Your father is finishing up some business and had me to watch the twins. We’re not staying.” “Good. Now isn’t a good time.” Yosuuke pinches the bridge of his nose. “Within the next few days go visit your father. He might have some information for you.” Nao pushes his brown hair back. “I can go with you.” “Ok. I’ll call you when I’m ready to go. Are you going to the bar?” “Yeah after I see the twins off. You should stop by too. I know people are going to want to hear good music to forget about what happened for a few minutes. You’ll get great tips~” Nao was trying his best to get Yosuuke to join him. “Sure after I drop off Shi.” “Where is he?” “Visiting that guy that got his arm eaten off his body.” Yosuuke explained what he knew about the guy.

Nao definitely gave Yosuuke a warning about him and left it at that. Another hour passes and finally Hiroshi sends him a text. “Alright I have to go pick up Hiroshi.” “Perfect timing. time to go home girls.” Nao called. Both Bailey and Everly were rubbing their eyes tired. Yosuuke kisses their small foreheads goodbye. Once in his car he drives to the hospital. It didn’t take long for him to arrive and to spot the ash blonde male in the front. He strips his car right in front of him.
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Hiroshi's golden orbs dilated in surprise, he wasn't sure if Yosuuke was really serious in wanting a relationship with him, he just poured his heart out because he thought--no he felt it was the right moment that he should let Yosuuke know some of the contents of his mind and his heart, he didnt really like to be called a friend when he knows there is something more going on between them unless they were nothing but fabricated lies. However he was reassured that wasn't the case and that both of them had suppressed their feelings for one another, or it could have been there all this time and he was just too blind to see it. Denial clouded his judgement because he didn't want to accept the fact he cared about Yosuuke more than he imagined, when he realized the smile on Yosuuke's lips fell and saw the corners of his lip turned downwards into an evident frown. Hiroshi knew what was going into the man's head again he couldnt fully abandon Motaru to his faith what he needed right now is a friend, someone to lean to.

Hiroshi stepped a few more until their nose were touching he had to tilt his head up to close the gap between them before placing a fleeting kiss on Yosuuke's lips, the other Male was getting passive aggressive again, he wondered why he is jealous of Motaru in the first place. "Try not to frown too much... it doesnt suit you." He sighed before nodding, he had never seen Yosuuke this serious before earlier he was fine with him walking back to his house without being driven home, but maybe because it's due to sundown?? Well the sun hasn't set yet but it is almost a couple of hours till evening, even so there should be enough time for him to ride the bus home to his house right? But to lift the Male's worriness he decided to accept the ride home, after the visit. "Alright I'll call you... make sure to bring Yoh with you... I dont think he likes being left alone..." he turned his gaze to the cat fully satisfied being cradled in his arms. "Isnt that right Yoh? Sorry I'll have to leave you again... I'll see you soon." He gently scratched the kitten's ear in pure fondness before placing him gently on the floor.

Golden orbs gazed back at the Male, he really didnt want to leave but he has too he made a promise, and he is a man of his words. So he gave Yosuuke one last hug, before bidding him goodbye. He headed towards the door, and opened it; he was hesitant to step out for a moment. But he knew he had somewhere to be so, he headed outside and closed the door behind him, without looking back he was greeted by the cold November air, his ashe blonde tresses were softly ruffled by the wind, he even kept them in place as he had to trek a couple of miles down the block to the bus stop. Without even bothering to look at his phone that was quietly lighting up in his pocket, he had placed it on mute the night before, he had an argument with his father stating why they had to take naomi away from him without any reason he wasn't even informed before hand.

He was quite thankful though that Naomi was safe from danger. He wouldnt forgive himself If she wasn't. Walking closely to the sidewalk, there were a few cars rushing past him in the street, well if they were in the nearest city and they loved up north he understood why they were trying to rush home. He saw the blue tiled shed of the bus stop and waited for the vehicle, now that he was left with his thoughts. He wondered if there is any chance for him to see that demon again without getting killed. He knew he was directly being stared at the last few moments he was shoved in the car when they attacked motaru. The possibility that it was Yosuuke was also high, but when their eyes met he saw somewhat fear and shock into those crazed orbs before scrambling off to safety, [I does that demon know me?] He furrowed his blonde eyebrows together trying to recall if he had seen the demon's face before but to no avail. Nothing was coming up, he was brought back to reality with the screeching wheels of the bus coming to a halt and the mechanical doors opening for him. "Get on already! I have a few rounds to make! Dont waste my time!"

The driver grumbled, Hiroshi was used to bus driver's calling him out so it wasn't new to him. As he climbed up the Bus' stairs and realized that the bus was almost packed, he found it weird---he assumed no one would leave the safety of their homes due to the news but here they are taking a public transportation, he was no different but he knew Yosuuke wouldnt even grant his request if he had blatantly stated he has to visit motaru. He sat on the nearest vacant seat on the front row avoiding any eye contact, as he stared head on ahead. He didnt even bother glancing next to the person beside him, he could have waited for the next bus, he was getting quite antsy especially on what happened he couldnt trust the people around him anymore. Even the bus driver could be a potential demon, he knows how silly that might sound but after he's been through one might be as paranoid as he is.

Luckily one of the bus stop was actually in front of the hospital, but the drive on the way there was nerve wracking, he watched as they passed a few cities and buildings until he saw a familiar blue building with a red cross plastered on one of the white walls, he quickly pushed the stop button on one of the silver poles before handing out the money and some change to the driver. "Keep the change" he mumbled as he hurriedly step out of the huge vehicle he just felt unsafe in there. Not that the outside world is any better but he forced himself to step into the hospital and he was greeted with the smell of medical supplies and medicine, there were some patients who were waiting to be treated, from the corner of his eye an old man was coughing into his closed fist as to not infect other people. There was a nurse rushing to ask for his name and the doctor he was appointed to [I seems like even the hospital is jam packed... probably due to what happened earlier.] He walked to the front desk.

To the woman who was behind the huge counter sorting out some paper work, she had light make up on, her pink lips shimmering due to the light. He cleared his throat to get the nurse's attention . " uhm.. do you know which room is Matsushina, Motaru situated in?" The woman didnt even give him her full attention as she took a black stapler from the right corner of her desk near the mouse and stapled a patient form together. "Room 404" came the monotone as she clearly looked disinterested of the question, Hiroshi's golden orbs widened, no one should be placed on the 4th floor that is strictly forbidden, his golden orbs shaked in fear why was he placed on there? [I were the other students from the attacked... that barely survived were also...] he didnt even want to think about it, did other humans really care for one another? He gave a stiff nod of acknowledgement as his body went rigid, his steps hastened as he half walked half ran over to the elevator and slammed the up button as if it would make the elevator move faster.

Finally the elevator doors opened and he had to rush inside, making sure no one else was getting in he pushed the closed button, he tapped his foot on the metallic ground. [I motaru dont you dare die on me.] The ping of the elevator resounded throughout the space, he got out of the elevator, and quickly searched for the room even the hallway was barely lit and It was barely occupied, there were no nurses nor doctors on duty within this floor. He stopped panting slightly at the closed door of room 404, he hoped that when he opened the door he was relocated to another room. With all of his might he opened the door and the sight that greeted him was one of relief, Motaru looked like he was Hale and healthy as an one armed person could ever be, scarlet orbs found their way to golden orbs and the brunette Male couldnt have been happier to see Hiroshi. The blonde smiled relieved that Motaru was okay, he was worried that Motaru was on his death bed, with the people he loved crying at their son's cold corpse.

He walked closer to get a good look at him, he could have looked better for wear but, well if he was in his place he'd look like shit after being mauled by a couple of demons who were out for his flesh. "You seemed happy, did something happen?" Motaru smiled brightly at the blonde, hitoshi shook his head as to dismiss the fact he just confessed to Yosuuke, he believed motaru isnt that all interested in his love life. The sun was about to set when Motaru stared at his shoulder where his arm used to be, " you know.. he could have left me for dead.. Not having one arm is as good as being dead anyway..." he tried to sound positive even his laugh sounded desperate, his breath hitched as if to suppress a sob. " hitoshi.... theres something wrong about that guy.. what that demon said the last time I lost consciousness proves it." Motaru had a straight face which means he was serious, hitoshi didnt want to believe it but motaru never mishear a word not even when his life was on the line. "What..." Hiroshi's voice got caught at his throat,"what do you mean??"

Motaru sighed and looked at the hand that lie tirelessly on his thigh, "dont you think this is weird? Demons popping out of nowhere as if a second calamity is coming... that demon who mauled me.. mentioned something. [B "our lord's son"] theres a possibility he's one of them... correct?" He wanted to believe him especially since he was there, but he couldnt make out the word's being spoken, and Yosuuke would say something if he was a demon wouldnt he? His brows furrowed as he tried to go over this new information he received, if Yosuuke was part of them then was he the reason for the attack? But why did he save him and motaru? Half of him wanted to agree the other half he wanted to know from Yosuuke himself like he originally intended. He sighed and patted Motaru's good hands, smiling reassuringly at him. "Yosuuke saved you... he couldnt be one of them... go back to rest... you're tired."

Motaru was beyond bewildered at the response, how could Hiroshi not believe him. He was [b " THERE"] He saw the scene unfold and yet he took the taller Male's side, he used his good hand to pull Hiroshi into a hug. " dont let him fool You.." his hug tightened as if he was afraid to let the blonde go. "He's hiding something I just know it." Hiroshi knew Motaru is scared, the last he could do is hug the other Male back, but he couldnt just disregard that Yosuuke had been attacked by the demon too. Hiroshi calmed the Male down before Motaru had whispered something unexpectedly. "I guess I'm too late huh?" Before Hiroshi could even ask, the brunette pulled away from him giving him a half hearted smile, " you should go it's getting dark... dont want you ending up in the same state as I am." Hiroshi bit his bottom lip, he knew exactly what the Male before him meant---but what got him thinking is. Why did he even decide to say that now? When he had all the year before he even met Yosuuke, why did Motatu wait this long? This these thoughts that he wanted to ask Motaru died on his lips.

The blonde sighed and shocked his head trying to keep his act together, "dont make it sound like you're dying .. you'll get right through this." He squeezed Motaru's right hand reassuringly before tensing when the door to the room slid open, "sorry I just received your call Motaru... I---" hitoshi knew that voice well, he turned to the one of his best friend the same man he had spent his elementary days with. "Satoshi... I'm glad you're here... I'm actually just about to leave." He retracted his hand from Motaru's but he felt the other Male's fingers hold gently to his not wanting to let go. Hiroshi hated that feeling. It was clear the brunette was in a relationship with his beat friend and yet here he was he would be lying to himself if he didnt have any feelings for him left no matter how small it is. The brunette can be brash and it worries him, despite what hell he was placed into by the man next to him. "Take good care of him satoshi." He smiled at his best friend before gently pulling his hand away from Motaru's hold and leaving the room, he could feel emerald orbs trail behind him as he left, he was disgusting, he confessed his feelings for Yosuuke knowing there might still be fleeting ones for Motaru.

Shaking his head fervently he walked to the elevator to calm himself down, what happened with Yosuuke was a heat of the moment. [I he really does deserve someone better than me.] He waited until the doors opened before stepping out of the elevator. He walked aimlessly at first as if he was a zombie, walking with no purpose ignoring everyone around him, he was amazed he was able to familiarize himself of the entrance just by visiting once or twice. His brother used to be admitted on here before he took his last breath on the hospital bed, he took out his phone from his pocket. Seeing dozens of missed calls from the same number.[I I wish he would just leave me alone.] He knew the number so well, was the brunette that worried about him? He clutched his phone tightly in frustration, moreso towards himself. It was self loathing, he shouldnt have left he should have stayed with Yosuuke.

Realizing that it had gone dark whether due to the darkening of the skies due to rain or because it was night time, he found himself staring blankly at the screen of his phone. Staring at the huge highlighted numbers on his phone, he wanted to throw his phone away and just forget everything, he remembered Yosuuke wanted to drive him home, should he even talk to Yosuuke after what happened at the hospital? He went over his contacts and let his hand hover over the call button before deciding on sending him a text instead. [[[B Hey... can you pick me up from the hospital? If you have work it's fine:) ]]] he mentally scolded himself realizing the Male still has work, he'd be fine as long he has a car right? It's not like the demons would end up barging in and grab him out of the car. Thats just barbaric but it's not like they had manners too, not after what happened he seemed to lost hope, maybe he was just being an optimistic idiot for thinking demons and humans can coincide with one another.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 113d 17h 5m 5s
Time seemed to hobby so slowly as yosuuke waited for Hiroshi to speak. There was nothing yosuuke could really say at the moment. He needed to hear how Hiroshi felt or thought about this moment. [i Don’t run from me this time Shi.] He thought patiently waiting for some sort of response. His blue colored eyes soon connected with Hiroshi’s brought hazel eyes. Yosuuke grew a bit anxious as he felt as if hisohi was going to give him a response now. [i Don’t run. You can tell me.] He told himself knowing Hiroshi all too well.

As his hands were held by Hiroshi he noticed how nervous the shorter male was because he was trembling. Yosuuke instantly thought Hiroshi was too cute but then again he felt a bit bad for putting so much pressure into him. [i Was this the right time? I’m sorry for forcing this on you.] Yosuuke gently squeezed Hiroshi’s hands. His gaze never left Hiroshi even though everything was getting more tense as the seconds went by.

The words that left Hiroshi’s mouth made yosuuke smile even more than normal. He didn’t think that those words would make him so happy. [i He really wants to explore this? He wants a relationship with me? I have questions but right now I should just wait until we both calm down.] Yosuuke tries to tone down his happiness and his smile. Yosuuke opened his mouth to speak by Hiroshi added on to what he had said. [i Do your best? Oh how adorable.] A smirk forms on yosuuke a face and he nods his head gently.

“Do your best? I appreciate that Shi. I will do my best as well. I...I want to be with you. I really do.” He looks down at their hands which were linked together. “We both have to try and understand each other.” All of this made yosuuke think that he had a chance with Hiroshi. He also thought that now the male would stay and they could really spend some time just getting to know each other on another level. But that wasn’t the case. Hiroshi denied Yosuuke’s offer to drive him home since he wanted to go visit someone in the hospital.

[i Motaru...He should just die.] Yosuuke thought as his smile fell. “Well...please be careful if it gets dark when you’re over there don’t leave. I’ll come and get you to take you home. I just feel like we need to be extra careful for a few days because of what happened. So please call me so I can come and get you.” Yosuuke looks into his eyes letting Hiroshi know that he was serious about this and that he was worried about the dangerous that lie in the darkness.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 118d 17h 55m 11s
The blonde was still on high, the euphoria hasn't left his mind yet. He clearly could still feel his heart beating wildly in his chest, despite being able to come up with a fluffy confession. Which was unlikely for him to come up with, knowing how much of a rude brat he can be, casting his golden orbs downwards. To embarrassed to even look at Yosuuke upfront, the Male was always brimming with confidence; to say the least he might get annoyed if he sees that smug grin on his face he might as well ruin one of The moments where they, dont seem to be tearing at each other's throats. Not only that but he doesnt really show nor was he vocal about how he feels towards Yosuuke. The boiling emotions he had, spilled from the cup that he oh so carefully tried not to pour up to the brim, but it was hard not to like Yosuuke not when he was acting unlike himself out of the blue. Hearing him laugh so good humoredly after the tension between them , made him inwardly chuckle and shook his head in disbelief.

"Figure that out for yourself..." it was low, but there was a slight teasing tone implied on his little fiesty comebacks. He felt slightly uncomfortable, not because they were close with one another but rather with the situation, was it natural for him to confess after what they went through? Was it really the time and place to be selfish even just this once? He could feel the gaze Yosuuke was giving him, he cant let his own demons get in the way of his happiness, now can he? He tilted his head upward to gaze at the odd colored haired Male, with the same fervent emotion that he held for the smaller Male. It was too much, yet he was unsure if what Yosuuke really felt for him was love, or was it just simple attraction? But then Yosuuke wouldnt be so Hostile to Motaru if it was something as mere attraction now was it? His world seemed to slow down, as everything just stopped. Hearing those words from Yosuuke's lips, he wasn't sure what to feel. Should he be ecstatic? Afraid? How was he going to answer the taller Male's question?

Would he give himself the sadistic satisfaction of denying Yosuuke? How many times had he denied him, and yet the Male never gave up on him. Yosuuke kept on fighting, for how long will he be selfish and deny his other half the pleasure of being in someone's arms and being whole again? He felt a lump form in his throat, his hands begin to sweat, as his golden orbs slightly dilated in surprise. There was no denying he wasn't ready for that question, what he was afraid of was hurting Yosuuke in the process---he can be dense and insensitive to other's feelings less they are his own. They couldnt even stay away from petty fights and arguements, how could they possibly be together without disagreeing from one another? Hiroshi felt his whole body go cold, as his own demons whispered things to his ear that doesnt help the situation at all. It ate him from the inside, he really liked Yosuuke and he didnt want him to misunderstand but was he really ready to be in a relationship?

When [b "love"] was the emotion that was deprived from him since childhood, can he give as much, love the Male had for him? With trembling hands, Hiroshi grasped Yosuuke's warm hands in his, "I..."he tried to give as much confidence to his voice, but he only croaked out one letter before, trying again and calming his nerves this time. " I... I want to be.. with you..." the hesitance in his voice wasn't helping, he didnt want Yosuuke to misunderstand. "But are you sure... you want me? There are better people out there..." he shifted his gaze to the side, he was so close to just walk out of that door. He could just blatantly say, [b "I like you... but I'm not ready."] Why did he have to make everything so confusing? Complicate things for both of them? He took a deep breath, thinking of positive thoughts instead of negative ones, pushing at those fleeting and snickering voices away from the depths of his head. He gathered all of his confidence tucked away in the corner of his walls, before shifting back his golden orbs to Yosuuke's iridescent ones. "That's why... I'll do my best!"

Giving Yosuuke's cusped hands in his, as if they were his lifeline, "I'll do my best to understand you, in case we get into heated fights... I'll stop acting like a brat...because that's where it usually stems from... right?" He felt like, a heavy weight has been lifted from his shoulders, when had he been waiting to say all of those things, as if his soul went back to his body, he quickly let go of Yosuuke's hands. Why was he so bashful after fully confessing what he feels? [I fully confessing it, is an understatement.. that's not even half of it.] Hearing the Male offer to drive him home, he smiled politely and shakes his head, " it's fine... I can go home by myself... besides I have to visit someone I had to make sure they're fine." He then perked up as sudden realization left him hanging when he felt tiny nails dragging at the boot of his shoes, and soft begging meows from the smaller kitten, golden orbs shifted downwards acknowledging the kitten for the first time.

He gave an apologetic smile before picking up Yoh and cradled him in his arms, "as much as I'd like to stay.. I've bothered you enough...." he made sure that the kitten does not use his fingers and his palm as a teether. He could feel Yoh's fangs starts to nibble on the skin of his finger. Seeing Yosuuke smile so brightly like that is highly contagious. [I I wish he wouldnt be so charming all the damn time...] it made him, return his own bright smile, not the one he'd usually give Yosuuke but a genuine one. "I'll make sure to take note and advantage of the offer."
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 119d 17h 57m 2s
Yosuuke half expected Hiroshi to push him away or even hit him for getting so close and kissing him but that wasn’t the case at all. Hiroshi didn’t seem offended and that made Yosuuke relax into the kiss. His eyes finally closed as the seconds went on. Heat filled his body and suddenly the air was warmer than before. The tingling Yosuuke felt in his lips made him want to kiss Hiroshi even more but he didn’t push. You shouldn’t push it. Hiroshi is so confusing at times. You have to wait to see what he says. He thought and focused on the sweet kiss.

When their lips finally separated Yosuuke was going to take a step back but he found Hiroshi’s forehead in his. These little actions from Hiroshi always made a Yosuuke smile. Staying close to the shorter male only made Yosuuke’s heart race. He began to think that maybe Hiroshi is accepting all of this. To think that this day would turn into something like this. So much chaos, so much death, violence, sadness...I’m grateful to have Hiroshi here with me.

Yosuuke began to think about what else he could possible say but Hiroshi heart him to that. Melting? Heh he’s really speaking about how he feels. He thought and smiles softly. “I hope that’s a good thing Shi.” He mutters softly as their noses touched. “If that’s your way of saying you like me more than a friend then I’ll take it.” He chuckles softly but not in a rude way. If we’re going to be close I’m eventually going to have to tell him everything... Yosuuke stood up straight and looks down st the blonde. Yosuuke had too many questions going through his head. He didn’t know if Hiroshi would even accept what he was. Monster...evil...creature... How could someone love someone like Yosuuke.

As much as Yosuuke wanted to be closer to Hiroshi was it selfish of him to put the blonde in danger because of what he wanted? I should tell him. Give him the option to stay or stay away. He told himself but his nerves were kicking in. Yosuuke didn’t want the side of him that he hated to run off a potentially great relationship. That is if Yosuuke and Hiroshi could stop pissing each other off. Yoh moves between the two and lightly paws Hiroshi’s feet. The little kitten was trying his best to get Hiroshi’s attention. “Where do we go from here?” Yosuuke was quite curious as to what Hiroshi might want out of this. Of course he knew exactly what he wanted out of what just happened.

Yosuuke then remembered that Hiroshi was just about to leave. “Are you ready to go home? I don’t mind taking you home or you can stay if you like.” Yosuuke wanted Hiroshi to stay but he didn’t want to force Yhe make to stay. “You're always welcomed here.” He smiles.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 168d 14h 14m 46s
The blonde sighed, as he could feel the frustration radiating off, Yosuuke. It was clear, they both needed distance from one another. Yet at the Male's neck and call, he found himself in front of a rather distraught Yosuuke. He watched as Yoh rubbed himself at the Male's pant leg, asking for affection or maybe the poor kitten was hungry? Now that he thought about it, he has not prepared any food for him. He should have rummaged through the cupboard and prepared a special meal for the clingy furry creature. He made a small [b "meowing"] sound, which made golden orbs narrow slightly starting to regret the decision, to feed him it had escaped his mind. The blonde Male hoped he'd be able to make up for the lack of physical support, by taking care of Yoh, but all the kitten wanted to do is cling to Yosuuke. His features softened, but it left as soon as it came as he remembered he should be giving Yosuuke his full attention. He hesitated on returning his gaze back to the taller Male, what if his presence will upset him more than he already is.

The fear of knowing he was the reason why Yosuuke looked so distraught, it was killing him on the inside. He willed himself, with all of his mental strength to look at Yosuuke and calmly listen to him, he was greatly dumbfounded. How could Yosuuke sed him more than a friend, when all they do is get on each other's nerves, and annoy the hell out of each other? He could also ask himself that, but Yosuuke did something, Hiroshi would never forget. If he admitted that he was infact of what transpired between Ayame and the Male, does it mean he also wanted to have one of those moments with him? Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he didnt need words to fog up his judgement. Yosuuke was finally speaking what had been on his mind, for weeks now or maybe more, who really knows how long were these words waiting to be spoken. He was slightly taken aback, when Yosuuke started moving towards him, panic rose in the depths of his gut; he wasn't quite sure why Yosuuke suddenly closed the distance between them.

It was his instinct that acted, before Yosuuke even had the chance to continue, his legs moved on its own, he felt like a trapped prey by such intensity in Yosuuke's eyes, he moved slightly backward and his back was met with the soft texture of the wall, he cursed his luck. Ever wondering why he even had his back in the kitchen's entrance in the first place. When he felt Yosuuke's chest against his, his panic started to rise; his chest started to rise and fall in a rather faster pace, [ I the idiot's too close what is he doing?!] He snarled as the Male insulted him for having such a lame confession, or if he did it so half assuredly, he barred his teeth at the Male. "Well I'm sorry I dont have much confidence as you, to act upon what I feel." There was a tinge of annoyance in his golden orbs, along with the tone of his voice. He noticed how the Male's blur orbs changed into a rather different color, he opened his mouth to ask, if his he was wearing translucent contacts.

All thoughts vanished when he felt Yosuuke's lips on his, even if the Male had insulted him earlier on, for not displaying as much confidence as the man before him; he just wanted Yosuuke to know not all people go around telling how they really feel for kne another, if they did then the world would be a much better place to live in. Hiroshi wasn't sure what to feel or how to act, this was an alien feeling for him. It was all too foreign, but he loved every minute of it; he felt as his eyelids, were getting slightly heavy. He gazed at him with half lidded eyes, before raising his left hand to put on top of Yosuuke's, he allowed himself to relax. He fully closed his eyes, and leaned into the kiss, returning it just as he received it. The heat in his cheeks were redder as usual, and his heart beat was ready to burst out of his ribcage. He had never kissed anyone, except for Yosuuke and he was glad this odd sadistic Male was the person he had the pleasure of doing this with.

Back then he wouldn't mind kissing motaru, but the thought of being with the brunette off puts him---but with Yosuuke it was different, he had really unexpectedly fallen for a guy like him. He didnt want this feeling to end he enjoyed it, he could hear the blood rush in his ears, [I a smile does suit him after all...] and even if he'll confuse Yosuuke with his word's he'll do just that. He was good at being indirect after all, he didnt want to break the kiss, but he can't let Yosuuke have all the fun now can he? How can he probably confess correctly when his mind had been turned into goo? A heavy mess of liquid in his head? He pulled away but not before resting his forehead against Yosuuke's, taking a breather just for a moment recollecting his thoughts and the event that just happened, [I just what egged Yosuuke to do this?] Shifting his gaze to the floor for a moment. He always felt shy when he need to process everything and come into a conclusion in the end.

Hiroshi but his lower lip was he going to finally say it? [I but... I can't... how does he do it? So effortlessly show someone how they mean to him... without holding back.] Letting out a defeated sigh, he decided to give the Male another form of a kiss, he had seen this in movies a couple of times, and he thought how sweet and innocent it looked. "I'm not sure how you do it.. but whenever I'm with you
.. I feel like I'm melting." He started to gently rub the tip of his nose against Yosuuke's, [ I despite the annoyance I'd sometimes feel... I want to be with you through everything.]
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 168d 17h 53m 37s
Yosuuke knee he was being a little dramatic. He was acting like a child with this whole back and forth thing. He wasn’t being honest with his feelings even though he really wanted to be. I think Yosuuke...you have to figure this out. You know you probably pissed the little brat off and that’s not what you want to do now. He thought. Yoh had followed Hiroshi to the door and stared up at him. The little kitten meowed at Hiroshi as if asking where he was going. His tail playfully moved from side to side on the floor. Yoh wasn’t done playing.

Yosuuke tapped the kitchen counter anxiously. He had been waiting for Hiroshi to close the door and come back into his condo but it seemed as if it was taking the shorter blonde male much longer to come into the kitchen. Don’t torture me like this Hiroshi...I will make you pay by embarrassing you. Yosuuke narrows his eyes a bit. His red eyes were still a bit darker than normal but he didn’t realize that his colored contacts weren’t doing a good job at hiding it.

When Hiroshi began to make his way to the entrance of the kitten Yoh followed cutely. He tried to paw at Hiroshi’s feet as he walked but as soon as he saw Yosuuke he ran over to his care giver. The kitten meowed at Yosuuke because he was enar good and of course he knew that Yosuuke would spoil him by giving him some human food. Yosuuke shakes his head at Yoh, not wanting to be bothered with the little kitten right now. Later Yoh. I promise to give you something if you behave. He thought and looks away from the little guy.

Just as Hiroshi appeared Yosuuke had directed his attention towards the kitchen entrance. He listened to an annoyed Hiroshi, he didn’t show any sign of guilt or annoyance. Don't look at me like that Hiroshi. Yosuuke clenches his fist and then released the hold. He walks over to Hiroshi and looks down into his eyes. The two were very close and their bodies were only a few inches apart. “I want to take back the word friend. You’re not my friend. I don’t want you to be my friend.” He stated. Yosuuke places a hand on the left side of Hiroshi’s face. “I look at you as more than a friend sometimes.” Just be honest. “Even though you gave me that sorry ass confession I promise I won’t do that.” He smiles a bit. “And since we tend to misunderstand each other I’ll keep it really simple.” Yosuuke leans down and gently presses his lips to Hiroshi’s lips. He can’t misunderstand this. He thought keeping the kiss really simple.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 180d 13h 50m 6s
Hiroshi had to strain his ears, as he saw the Male's lips move, however he was quite unsure of the words that he was trying to procure; as he was muttering under his breath. The words were soft and would easily be mistaken for something else, the way Yosuuke had spoke those words melted the small walls that were wrapped tightly around his heart. As if those words struck a nerve deep inside of him, could it be all this time he was running away from his feelings? If Yosuuke knew about it, why didnt the Male said anything concerning about that fact? Did he wanted the shorter Male to find it out himself? He didnt mean to run away, sometimes it was hard for him to acknowledge he found, Yosuuke's behaviour towards him annoyingly adorable. He enjoyed their little jousts, albeit Yosuuke was more into the physical aspects of it, while Hiroshi was into their jousting verbally, but nonetheless he still appreciated a few hugs here and there no matter if such actions caught him off guard. Hiroshi observed Yosuuke a little bit more.

The taller Male's smile had vanished, along with the warmth Yosuuke provided him with, as he pulled away from the hug completely, he wondered if he had said something wrong, blonde brows furrowed together in confusion. Creating a small crease in between the space of the joint where the bridge of the nose meets his forehead. The reaction he got from Yosuuke was something he really didnt expect at all, granted mayhap he shouldnt have started it with the demon's words that stuck through the corners of his medula. He remembered the words as clear as day, one might have found that as a red flag, an alarm to keep their distance from him, yet here he was cooking Yosuuke some hearty meals, and some company. [I have I offended him for the second time?] Even his response to his compliment was rather off handed, [I was he expecting something?] This made him chew his lower lip in deep thought, had he been giving mixed signals that he might find the Male before him attractive?

Did his alcohol sodden self, gave it all away? But if he recalled at that timeline he hadn't felt anything for the Male, just nothing but pure hate so it came to a sudden shock when he eventually succumbed to his carnal desires. Alcohol was rumored to boost one's confidence what the drink got him was more into trouble and confusion for Yosuuke's part. Staring at the ground, ashamed to stare at Yosuuke any longer afraid of the emotions he would be able to see pooling into those blue orbs of his, he was given permission to leave, it seems he had done his part and Yosuuke has no longer any use of him. Unbeknownst to his own self conscious, his right palm had scrunched up into a fist, wanting to punch the Male. Was that his sole reason for being there? Wasn't Yosuuke the one who decided he has no intention of driving him towards the hospital to check on Motaru? Now he was spouting nonsense, as if the short blonde did not enjoy being near him, he turned around to stop Yosuuke from leaving and demands to know what he meant by it.

It was very straight forward, but he didnt want to think he was unwanted; clicking his tongue in annoyance and frustration he quickly turned around to face the door, his mind had been made up he didnt hesitate to turn the knob and threw the door open, seeing the gentle light illuminating the entrance of Yosuuke's condo was a sign that he'd still have time before night falls, infact plenty of time. Everything that's happening between them was like the salty waves of the beach lapping at the sun soaked sand of the shore. Misunderstanding each other would have been prevented, if they just communicate with one another, how could he possibly do that when Yosuuke has been acting strange. It had caused him bewilderment, everytime he's about to leave he gets pulled back in into the arms of the one he holds dear; and at that state he felt peace as if all of his anger towards him has dispersed into nothing. He took one step forward, and the left leg was about to follow.

He stopped mid track hearing yosuuke screamed his name from the kitchen, he sent a glare in the Male's direction glad he was not in his peripheral view; or he would have been stabbed with thousand of daggers by the heat of his glare. He hesitated complying to the voice as if beckoning him to come hither, while the outside world was warning him not to give in, but he was only a human being and he was weak, as any human being would have done, he followed the voice before standing a good foot away from Yosuuke, he leaned to the wall at the entrance of the kitchen, with arms crossed over his chest and a rather blank look written on his face. "Oh?? I haven't even left and you're already starting to miss me?" His expression didnt falter nor how cold he must have sounded right now. "And what do I owe you the pleasure this time around? My dear friend?"
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 180d 17h 31m 59s
The way Hiroshi fit in Yosuuke’s arms made Yosuuke’s smile to himself. Hiroshi was his warmth, his comfort. The way he was feeling at the moment made Yosuuke’s think about Hiroshi in another way. [i I’ve never really dated anyone or fell for anyone. I don’t know what it’s like to just be romantically involved with someone and happy about it...his hair is so soft. Why can’t it be more than friends?] He thought and and buries his face into Hiroshi’s hair.

Hearing Hiroshi speak he couldn’t help smile. “Don’t push me away anymore.” He mutters but before he could say anything else Hiroshi moved away from. [i Running away yet again. He never tells me that he doesn’t like things like this. It almost seems like he likes it but he always pushes me away.] Yosuuke’s sighs softly. This back and forth was something Yosuuke was hoping to get over but he just couldn’t get close to Hiroshi. He didn’t understand what he was doing wrong. [i Should I just asked him how he really feels about me? Will he get upset? Will he run away?] He sighs softly and listens to Hiroshi speak.

“The demon?” He questioned but didn’t interrupt Hiroshi anymore. The air got heavier, Yosuuke could feel even more tension. Of course he started to feel a little anxious about what Hiroshi might possible say next. [i He’s going to say it. He’s going to finally say it. I knew he liked me.] He thought waiting to heard the shorter male confess to him. As the seconds passed Yosuuke narrowed his eyes a bit when Hiroshi couldn’t finish his senstence. He then got a really lame compliment from Hiroshi. [i He ran again.] With a soft sigh Yosuuke looks away from him. “Thanks...” He takes a step back. “I didn’t mean to keep you from leaving. You don’t have to stay.” He shrugs and walks off to the kitchen. He didn’t sense any danger and there have been more police out and about after the massacre at the university. He knew Hiroshi would be ok.

Yosuuke made his plate of food. He wasn’t in the mood to eat anymore but he knew he should since Hiroshi went through the trouble of cooking. “Thank you for the food. You’re a great friend.” He mutters. [i I should t of said friend. It’s clear he didn’t really like that.] Yosuuke groans. “Shi!” He called from in the kitchen.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 181d 18h 3m 45s

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