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Yosuuke didn’t mean any harm by teasing Hiroshi this whole time. He was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. They just experienced a terrible event and it could traumatize people. Hopefully Hiroshi won’t be. I hope He will be able to deal with all of this a healthy way. I’m here for him though. He thought and sighed softly.

Suddenly the bathroom door opens and Yosuuke was alright in the tub. Luckily the bubbles were covering everything. Even his now healed chest. Hiroshi was always surprising Yosuuke but this time Yosuuke wasn’t sure how to act. “What are you doing?!” He question and quickly averts his head. He couldn’t let Hiroshi see his eyes. Damnit...if he sees my eyes he’s going to know...he’s going to know my secret! He thought. His eyes were even more red today because of what had happened.

“It was a joke Shi. You don’t have to play with anyone and cook. Just set Yoh down and let him claw at the door. I’ll get out quickly so he won’t be so lonely.” Yosuuke said noticing that his friend had turned his back to him. “Heh why are you upset?” He asked wondering what is going through his mind. Hiroshi was always full of surprises and Yosuuke loved trying to read him. “Feel like my maid or something? You’re not. I was just asked to get Yoh but if it’s too much for you it’s fine. Actually leave him in the bathroom. I’ll spray him with water. He likes to play like that and then he tries to attack me. I’ll keep him busy while you cook.” Yosuuke was hoping this would work and Hiroshi would leave. “Just set him down. Yoh come here. Shi don’t look at me or come in the bathroom.” He warned.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 5d 15h 45m 46s
Yosuuke didn’t mean any harm by teasing Hiroshi this whole time. He was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. They just experienced a terrible event and it could traumatize people. [i Hopefully Hiroshi won’t be. I hope He will be able to deal with all of this a healthy way. I’m here for him though.] He thought and sighed softly.

Suddenly the bathroom door opens and Yosuuke was alright in the tub. Luckily the bubbles were covering everything. Even his now healed chest. Hiroshi was always surprising Yosuuke but this time Yosuuke wasn’t sure how to act. “What are you doing?!” He question and quickly averts his head. He couldn’t let Hiroshi see his eyes. [i Damnit...if he sees my eyes he’s going to know...he’s going to know my secret!] He thought. His eyes were even more red today because of what had happened.

“It was a joke Shi. You don’t have to play with anyone and cook. Just set Yoh down and let him claw at the door. I’ll get out quickly so he won’t be so lonely.” Yosuuke said noticing that his friend had turned his back to him. “Heh why are you upset?” He asked wondering what is going through his mind. Hiroshi was always full of surprises and Yosuuke loved trying to read him. “Feel like my maid or something? You’re not. I was just asked to get Yoh but if it’s too much for you it’s fine. Actually leave him in the bathroom. I’ll spray him with water. He likes to play like that and then he tries to attack me. I’ll keep him busy while you cook.” Yosuuke was hoping this would work and Hiroshi would leave. “Just set him down. Yoh come here. Shi don’t look at me or come in the bathroom.” He warned.
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Hiroshi's attention had shifted to the cute kitten who wanted to be given attention no matter what, he found it rather cute. He chuckled before crouching down slightly to scratch gently behind the kitten's ears, granted he was taken aback by the hand on his shoulder. He must have just been so preoccupied that he hadn't notice Yosuuke patting him on his shoulder, not until he made his presence known; not to mention he felt the pressure of having to come up with foods that the taller male might want. On the top of his head, golden orbs widened at the fact Yosuuke had high expectations from him. He wasnt a good cook, nor was he that knowledgeable but the fact, that comment made him want to please Yosuuke. Which made him unconsciously furrow his eyebrows, the thought behind it confused him, he intentionally wanted to comfort the male not to impress him. He could have said something snarky as he should have but he just froze, his thoughts mingling with one another, [I why on earth does he think I should impress him? just because I offered to cook... shouldnt mean anything.]

It's been awhile since his usual cold self would resurface, he knew that damn trait was still alive, it hid behind the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike. Hesitantly retracting his hand back from black soft fur, he stood back up and stared at Yosuuke, a small frown gracing his lips. "Now wait just a minute... I'm not here to--" he wasnt able to finish his sentence, when the odd colored haired male, had bluntly teased him, it wasnt the normal ones where they'd end up in a very heated argument and as the [B "Brat"], Yosuuke pegged him to be; he'd end up walking away in a huff. However, his already muddled mind, was not comprehending this nature from him, how could Yosuuke regain his composure everything, and act as if that wound he received from the demon didnt bother him nor hurt him, in this case. As the short blonde male could clearly see, Yosuuke seemed to have forgotten about it, which tempted him to once again trail his golden orbs down where the wound should be.

However he wasn't able to get a good look as Yosuuke started walking, a small unamused pout graced the blonde male's lips, ignoring the heating of his cheeks due to the unusual flirty side of the male, he'll have to make sure Yosuuke will regret ever inviting him to share a bath with him. His Golden orbs trailed after the male's retreating back, making sure he was out of sight before shaking his head. [I unless... that was some kind of invitation himself... and just not trying to get on my nerves...] as silly as that notion is, it made the upper corner of his lips twitch slightly upwards. There was also a thought, that Yosuuke was just being friendly, it was just some kind of a mean tease to get him back; blonde brows furrowed in confusion, as his thoughts ate him from the inside. [I after all... he won't stop coming into conclusions with Motaru.. even if Motaru was nothing but subjective...] Yoh could sense the slight tenseness in the air, after all his other owner was sporting such a distressed face; as to slightly comfort him, a kitten only has one option, but to cutely paw at his pant leg.

With the feeling of something heavy leaning on the material of his jeans, the small action caused him to snap back to reality, the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. Was an Indication Yosuuke, was getting ready, there was really no time for him to be dallying in his little mindscape. He bent down his upper torso to give the little kitten a small pat on the head, "Thanks Yoh, for looking out for me and Yosuuke." he was once again met with a cute stare, with the kitten gently tilting his head to the side, as if to comprehend human language. This made Hiroshi chuckle lightly before getting to work, of course Japanese Cuisine should be the perfect course, but perhaps he should also sate the monster within Yosuuke? [I so... japanese and american dishes?] Having little to no amount, on american cuisine; with the exception of the small breakfast he cooked weeks ago as a small warm welcome.

Humming to himself, Hiroshi started to open the fridge, letting his golden orbs wonder at the wide array of food. [I I cant believe he got his fridge filled already..] Just looking at all of the ingredients was giving him a headache, its not Yosuuke's fault but he clearly doesnt know what to cook, more likely on what cuisine should he focus on. Pursing his lips into a thin line, he annoyingly ran his fingers through his hair, with a look of aghast written all over his face, he clearly does not want too cook the same things again, so he closed the fridge's door and leaned on it, closing his eyes to calm himself down. His brows furrowed in concentration, once he regained his composure before turning back around with determination burning in his soul, as he opened the fridge door once more. He can feel the flames falter, but he will tackle this challenge head on, let it be known that Park, Hiroshi is not a quitter!

With having the dishes in mind, he started to get what he needed, perhaps he should throw in some potatoes on there for a home made french fries. Not those manufactured ones, that stays in your stomach for who knows how long, having so many compotents and dishes, he believed Yosuuke was one lucky man, if he manages to unburn most of them. He made sure to place the frozen meat in a tin bowl, and had the sink water run on the packages to help quicken the thaw time. While having the meat thawed out, he started on cutting some asparagus, onion, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, some cabbages and other vegetables. He wasnt bad at multitasking, so seeing that the water was over flowing from the bowl, he quickly dropped the knife and walked over to the sink to turn the tap off. Before returning to the counter and continue where he left off, He knew this dish might be a bit too heavy for the time of the day. But Yosuuke had such a huge appetite he might finish them all in one sitting right?

He has already washed and cut the potatoes into fine fries strips before, rubbing salt, pepper and sprinkling it with some olive oil he found in the cupboard lying around. He started placing those seasoned potatoes into a baking tray, and opened the oven carefully before shoving the tray as careful as he could be. Without making himself overly stressed than he already is, every time he cutted a vegetable, he visually saw them as innards, it almost made him empty his stomach's contents. He was still bothered by it, in which he thought he was almost over and done with, gruesome images filled his head. Not too mention, he saw how Motaru was almost ripped to shreds, [I i wonder... if vegetables could scream... would it sound like we do?] he walked towards the tin bowl, and was quite pleased to know the meats were well thawed, he started to remove a chunk of beef cubes off of their packages. Saving half of the beef cubes, one the bowl, while he placed the other half into a pot, and added the water into it, just enough for the meat to be covered by it, then placed the pot into the stove and got the fire running.

He covered the pot with a lid, as the timer for the potatoes went off, he just hoped they werent, burnt. He found some oven mitts and wore them, he opened the oven door, and took the tray. He could be really clumsy and drop the tray as he had done it before while making cookies that he burnt, he placed the tray into a cooling rack and closed door of the oven. As he was about to put a pan on the stove to start working on his next meal, he heard his [b "husband"] yell to get their adorable [b "son"]. A small snarl left his lips, he was going to give this man a piece of his mind, he couldnt believe the little kitten oh so sneakily went towards the bathroom to ask Yosuuke for attention, he trudged towards the bathroom to see Yoh scratching on the door, he gently took the kitten but then he did the unexpected. He is not [b "wife"] Material nor will he ever be.

He is short tempered and easily pressured, he's the type of [b "wife"] that would probably nag someone's ear off; and that's what he is about to do. He opened the door leading towards the bathroom, cradling Yoh in his arms, as he narrowedly stared at the man in question who was relaxing in the tub."[b "your son"]? since when did you get off the responsibility list?" realizing that he must have let his own aggression pass off towards the male again, and knowing that Yosuuke was actually half naked and he just stormed in there to be an ass towards him. He really wasn't good with conveying his feelings for the male, in his embarrassment he turned around as to give the male. Even a small amount of dignity he deserved, "what i'm trying to say is, you expect me to play with him, while i cook?"
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Yosuuke felt uneasy, he felt stressed and on edge. He was trying his best to just calm down but there wasn’t anything that seemed to comfort him at the moment. Once Hiroshi cleaned off and approached him yosuuke looked down at the shorter male. [i Is he really trying to comfort me still. Heh he’s cute.] He thought. A small smile form on his face when Hiroshi meantioned food. “Alright I’ll take a bath but I’m expecting something quite delicious. The fridge is full with all kinds of stuff so surprise me.” Yosuuke places a hand on Hiroshi’s shoulder. “Thank you for stay here with me. It means a lot Shi.” Yosuuke walked to the bathroom but stopped in the doorway. “Oh and if you want you can take a bath with me to try and relax. I’m sure that could be fun.” Yosuuke couldn’t help but chuckle softly since he knew Hiroshi would start stuttering from feeling embarrassed.

The demon got off on making Hiroshi blush. Once in the bathroom he takes off his clothes and his contacts. His eyes were a deep red color, it made him feel a bit comfortable since they were redder than normal. “Shit.” He mutters and turns on the water. Yosuuke made sure the water was hot until the tub was half way filled, he then turned the temperature down. The wounds on Yosuuke’s body couldn’t be seen. His firm upper torso seemed untouched, there were no flaws on his bare body. As he relaxed in the water Yoh began to claw and meow cutely at the door. “No...you have Hiroshi to play with Yoh.” He whined knowing his kitten wanted attention. He was definitely spoiled. “Shi! Get your son!” He called out.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 70d 8h 22m 34s
Seeing the male had unlocked the door, slightly lessened the bundle of nerves that seemed to make him so nervous. He just witnessed corpse littering the school's grounds. He wondered why did they target the students? If anything wouldn't it be the people in the city? These thoughts that have no answers made him chew his bottom lip in anxiety; just thinking about the havoc these demons are capable off, had him unconsciously brought a finger to his lips and gently bit the tip of his nail; he had forgotten the fact he was still covered in Motaru's blood. However the taste of the metallic yet pungent smell on his lips didn't put him off one bit, and it scared him. Normally humans would be put off by it, and ready to empty out the contents of their stomach. Maybe he was used to it, as it was a bad habit of his---chewing his lips when he was anxious. It was a habit he picked up when he was a child and had gone through his pubescent stage; no matter how he wanted to get rid of it, his old habits will return.

Hiroshi followed Yosuuke inside his golden orbs frantically shifting from side to side, searching for any thing amiss, the living room didn't seem to be in disarray nor were there any signs of scraps and pieces of wooden or glass scattering on the floor. A sign that no one in fact had invaded the house, he didn't want to think Ill willingly to other people, but he wanted to make sure his theory was somewhat right. If Yosuuke's house was left untouched, then it is safe to say the people in this neck of the woods, weren't involved with the calamity; it could be marked as a safe spot. He wanted to rinse his hands before calling out for the kitten, less he had touched him with blood soaked hands, and it will marred the kittens furr, that's the least he wanted. Walking towards the kitchen, his eyesight might be bad but he was able to make out Yosuuke 's kitchen at least, granted there really was no light in this area. He made sure to wash his hands properly, when he arrived at the sink. Frowning at the sight of blood now running down the drain.

He even rubbed his fingers together to make sure the blood, wouldn't get stuck on the creases of his fingers, Hiroshi had a lot.on his mind, even the thought his own family being in danger, despite of it actually being far fetched. He wondered how those families responds to the massacre and finding out their children was one of the unlucky ones, he stared emptyly at the drain; watching as it gluttonly consumed the mixture of blood and water. As if the drain itself was thirsty, shaking his head out of his dark thoughts he turned the tap off and shook away any excess water on his hands before calling for Yoh. However he was met with silence, and it worried him more as his blonde brows furrowed, as he opened his mouth ready to call the kitten again. He perked up at the sound of small thuds on the ground, as paws meeting the polished floor could be gently heard; getting louder and louder as said owner of the paws drawed nearer.

A wash of relief replaced any worry or confusion, that might have shown on his face seeing Yoh, pranced towards them. With a rather happy mood, and started rubbing his chubby cheeks on the blonde 's leg before giving the taller male the same affection. The blonde released a breath that he hadn't known he was holding; and was thankful nothing bad happened to Ayame and Nao. He and the other male never really had a proper conversation but he was Yosuuke's coworker whether, the man himself liked Nao or not. Sensing the same Aura of uneasiness still lingered in Yosuuke's being, he opted on making the male some food; however he refused to do so unless he takes a refreshing bath. "That's good to hear, I'm really glad the demons didn't get to them." There was pure genuine sincerity in his voice, he didn't need to see nor hear any more news about death. Golden orbs studied the male quietly, before taking a deep breath to psych himself. "I hear baths can be very rejuvenating.. it might be the least thing to offer right now.. But it's better than nothing.. after all you aren't feeling well."

The blonde mustered a small smile, " I'll cook you something in the process, I'll make sure to cook plenty this time."
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The father they got from the school the better Yosuuke felt. He started to calm down but he was still a bit shaky. He knew it was from the smell of blood and from the fact that he desperately needed to eat. [i It doesn’t help that Hiroshi has blood on him still. I’ll get him to wash up and change into some of my clothes. He can’t stay like that while his with me...] He thought and focused on the road. There really wasn’t much to say during the car ride. They just witnessed a horrible event and right now Yosuuke just wanted to forget it. He kept thinking about those that died and those that were injured. Their lives were disrupted in such a terrible way. [i Damn those demons...I can’t stand such demons.] Yosuuke gripped the steering wheel a bit too hard. He was sure Hiroshi noticed his uneasiness.

Once home he walked up to his door knowing Hiroshi wanted to check in Yoh. He didn’t think anything would be wrong with his kitten. Why would there be? [i He must be worried about everyone and everything now. I don’t blame him though. I’ll just calm his nerves.] He pulls out his cell phone and calls Ayame. When she answered he smiled a bit. “Hey what are you up to?” “Just at home relaxing. Why?” “Demons attacked my school today. I’m ok and so is Hiroshi. We were just a bit worried and wanted to make sure you weren’t in that area. I’m not sure if the demons were caught or not.” “Oh my god...I’m going to turn on the news! I’m so glad you two are ok. If there’s anyhting you need please let me know. Stay inside and just be careful ok?!” “Will do Ayame. Thanks. See you at work tomorrow.” He said and then hangs up. “Ayame is ok.” Yosuuke said to Hiroshi.

The male then calls Nao. “Yeah yeah I know.” Nao said. “Do you know why this happened?” “Demons are getting a bit reckless. There hasn’t been anything to spark their attention and they’re becoming drunk with the taste of human blood. There’s no real rules here for them to follow Yo. You know this. Back in our world demons have to follow strict laws. Like you humans do but here they’re the top of the food chain you might say. They don’t have to listen to anyone.” “Does father know anything?” “He might. He’s probably pissed off because now demons are going to be put in danger. Heh the humans are going to hunt us all down. I can just feel it.” “There needs to be a change Nao.” “Hehe! Yes but come on Yosuuke, they’re going to hunt you down too! In the end demons are going to fight against humans or demons will just go home willingly. We all know that second option won’t happen. Ugh I swear some demons are just so stupid!” Nao pushes his hair back.

“I’m calling in sick for awhile. I should probably lay low for a good week. I suggest you watch yourself Yosuuke.” “Yeah...I will.” When the two finally got off the phone Yosuuke felt a bit nervous. He was worried about an all out war breaking out, he didn’t want anymore people to die. He didn’t want his own life to be ruined by demons. He was starting to enjoy it. “Nao is ok Shi.”
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 154d 7h 31m 18s
Hiroshi felt as if he had just been caught off guard, with Yosuuke turning around to hug him. That same warmth that enveloped him to safety, made him nuzzle even further, he knew it wasn't safe but he didn't mind as long as Yosuuke was with him. Realizing he might have been acting out of it lately, he hadn't been rude or insulting the other male as he used too, ever since Yosuuke came home that day. He couldn't bring himself to do so, was it self realization? Did he really needed help from someone else for him to realize his own emotions? He must have been cold hearted for so long, and when someone finally came along to tear those walls down; he kept on pushing him away but he'll always come back with a vengeance. Hearing the male tell him about how he was feeling, he couldn't help but stare blankly at him. His lips pressed into a thin line, a sign he was clearly annoyed, if Yosuuke wasn't feeling well he would have saved himself instead of risking his life for others. Watching him ever so closely, observing each and every line of his face. His skin has gotten more pale than before, and those blue orbs were starting to became a more of a purple color.

[I purple?] A small crease could be seen in between his eyebrows where in he scrunched them down in pure confusion, [I how could that be possible?? Does that mean I wasn't imagining things the nights I've seen those blood colored orbs??] He was shaken out of his thoughts when Yosuuke had offered to drive him to the hospital to visit Motaru, he shooked his head declining the offer. "I'm not going anywhere, if your sick you need someone to take care of you... and I wanted to know if Yoh is alright too." He let Yosuuke dragged him back towards the school's parking lot. The stench of blood still lingered in the air, such pungent smell was too much for him, he felt bile coming out of his throat the sound of flapping wings, and a trace of black feathers littered the ground. He was about to retort to Yosuuke why he kept on throwing Motaru's name around every chance he got, but seeing the distress on the male's face was enough to hold his tongue.

Now wasn't the time, they were both shaken up by the recent events ; the sudden attacks and surely the moaning parents when it comes to the news their children was one of the unfortunate ones. He was pulled into another hug, it was more intimate than the one he had received before. A small smirk graced his lips as he shook his head, he never intended to visit Motaru, he knew he'll be visiting a unconscious person laying in the hospital bed with IVS attached to his body, he'd rather not see that weakened state of His, it was too much to bare. "Besides... Motaru wouldn't be up by this hour... I don't want to talk to him while he's unconscious... I don't think... I'd be able to handle it." The blonde did not refuse the offer, he went inside the car waiting for Yosuuke to drive them to his home, his heart beating softly in his chest. They were out of the pan, that doesn't mean they'll be letting their guard down either.

The same sceneries shown through out the window pane, silence had filled the ride as it always been, what was he to say? What is there for him to make the situation untense? He knew opening up about that demon's comment was a taboo, not when the situation was still soft. He swallowed his curiousness rather his ignorance, down into that bottomless spit that he called a stomach. Instead he decided to think of a better topic to talk about, to lighten the mood just a little bit. "Have you been to the beach Yosuuke? There's this really nice one near your place." Now wasn't really the time, who knows? Maybe those once Crystal clear water were now tainted with darkish red akin to the color of blood, shaking his head at the image he tried to think of something but images of dismembered bodies lie fresh in his mind, it was embedded on his retinas that it wouldn't wash out even if he was to accidentally get soap in those golden orbs of His.

Seeing the familiar building of Yosuuke's house, got his heart pounding loudly in his chest, it made him want to get out of the running car but that action would only result.in Yosuuke scolding him for his hold move, waiting for the male to park the car in the curb, he unbuckled the seatbelt in his haste, he nearly tripped over a pebble on his way to the door. Only to find it locked he sighed and waited patiently for the male. "Move a bit faster will you?" He couldn't help it, he was dead worried. "Yosuuke, can you also call and check on Ayame-san and nao-san to see how their doing?" He was over thinking things, he knew his friends were alright, their school has top security than most. He bit his lower lip, "you don't think the demons get to them too... do you?"
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 154d 19h 45m 46s
Yosuuke’s heart was racing. He had no idea that Motaru had plans on telling Hiroshi that he was part demon not that he had said he was to Motaru. Motaru was just going off of how own suspicion. Yosuuke would never admit that he was part demon to him or anyone else if he could help it. [i Why the hell did hey come here?! Demons aren’t usually out during the day. I don’t get it...I need to see my father. I need him to explain everything to me.] He thought. Yosuuke wounds were healing. He wasn’t bleeding anymore and he knew by the time he got home they would be completely healed.

Just as he got ready to walk home he felt Hiroshi grab his hand. He turned around to face the male. The blood all over Hiroshi’s hand made him tense up. [i Tch...I would never eat Motaru. His blood stinks anyway.] He thought ignoring that demon side of him that wanted the blood. Listening to Hiroshi ramble on made Yosuuke realize that Hiroshi did care about him. The hug just confirmed it even more. Yosuuke gently hugs the shorter male back. “I’m sorry. I won’t go and do anything. I just really want to get out of here. I wasn’t lying when I told you in the classroom that I wasn’t feeling too well.” [i Well I was lying but right now I don’t feel well and I need to eat something to calm down.] He thought and looks down at Hiroshi. Little did Yosuuke know but his red eyes we’re darker than normal. It was changing the color of the contacts a bit.

Yosuuke takes his keys from Hiroshi. “Do you want me to drop you off at the hospital so you can check up on Motaru? I’m sure your ealky worried about him. He could of died.” [i Maybe he should of died. I shouldn’t of intervened but I don’t think I could of just let Hiroshi’s crush get eaten in front of him...] Yosuuke walks back to his car with Hiroshi. He didn’t know what the male wanted to do but he was kind of hoping he wouldn’t go off with Motaru, he knew he was very weak right now and being alone probably wouldn’t help his state. If Hiroshi did leave Yosuuke figures he would call Ayame to come over or maybe even Nao. [i The demon might have some information for me.]

Once at his car Yosuuke leans on it and runs a hand through his hair, a shaky breath left his lips as he felt he thought about how dangerous things would be now. This was an unexpected tragedy and no telling what more demons might decide to do. “They were so reckless...I don’t understand why this happened.” He mutters really to himself. Yosuuke gently held Hiroshi’s hand as he leaned on the car. He pulls Hiroshi closer to him by his hand and wraps his other arm around the male so that their bodies were pressed together in a hug. “I’m not taking you to Motaru.” He said softly. “So forget that option.” He unlocks his car door and lets Hiroshi go to get into the car with him.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 163d 8h 54m 43s
The blonde felt his fear slightly fade away, seeing Yosuuke smiled at him so reassuringly, he was speechless and nodded his head in acknowledgement, he leaned into the male's shoulder blade, to block himself from the view, he wasn't all that interested on how high they were; the doors seemed to break even more, it was like being in a horror film. He dared not to look back, if somehow that demon had made a hole big enough for him to get through, their done for. He felt Yosuuke move and it made him tighten his hold on him, slightly he swallowed his pride long ago--well minutes ago to be precise. He could hear the male's breathing from here, he admired just how strong Yosuuke was, and how good he was with climbing if he chose the other option he would surely fall to his doom, with him having a few broken bones and dislocated ones than being in one piece. Hiroshi was starting to partially feel better, it seems like they'd be able to go home alive and not missing an arm, an eye or any of their internal and external organs.

However, when Yosuuke cursed and started to slip, he closed his eyes in fear, his heart beat seemed to hasten, that type of beating when you know your going to die; but that wasn't the case, their falling had prevented, he knows how gravity works, he shouldn't have been able to feel his forearms trembling. He gently opened his eyes, his ears seemed to have picked up Yosuuke's concerned voice, [I this man...is really unbelievable.] He chuckled slightly to mask the fear evident in his being, "I'm fine, I should be the one to ask you that question... does your hand hurt?" Hiroshi wasn't entirely sure how Yosuuke was able to do So, stop himself from completely turned into a human pancake and quickly moved on to the next ledger, Which caused Hiroshi to look at Yosuuke curiously, with a hint of suspicion masked in those golden orbs. As Yosuuke made one last climb, they were on the ground---Hiroshi couldn't have been more thankful, even if there were demons in their vicinity and they weren't allowed to let their guards down even for a bit.

It sure felt great to release that sigh he was holding, while he was trying to calm himself down he was surprised by the sounded of something mingling, only for the said items to be shoved towards him. His golden brows furrowed, his orbs reflecting the same emotion, was the male telling him to leave him, [I idiot stop playing the hero!] He wanted to tell him that, but that determination had him swallow his own thoughts, confusion was replaced by worry. He took the key from the male's fingers, it happened so fast the only thing Hiroshi saw was a blurr coming for the kill and tackled Yosuuke, "Yosuuke!" He was about to help him, but his feet was plenty formed into the ground, Yosuuke seemed to have launched a punch on the demon, that managed to get him off---what disturbed the blonde most were the words coming from the demons mouth. Golden orbs darted through and fro between Yosuuke and the demon, who winced while licking off the blood from his fingers, it sent a shiver of disgust and a mixture of fear down his spine.

[I what's going on? Not one of them?] His golden orbs drifted to the hole, the demon sunk his nail into and saw blood coming out from it, "Yosuuke we---"he was cut off, when he was pulled away and into the parking lot, Hiroshi only held on tightly to those warm hands of his, golden orbs would flicker towards the injured arm, [I so far, it's not healing fastly like demon wounds usually does.] He didn't want to let go of such warmth, he was afraid if he did Yosuuke would so stupidly risk his life again for another, walking towards the parking lot was nightmare, their were bodies littered everywhere, it was a blood bath. Probably some students and teachers were trying to escape but failed, he couldn't recall any of their faces as some were either eaten their face off or skinned, it was just to gruesome. Intestines and guts were splattered on the cold cement. His throat tightened at the sight as they went even further, there were only specs of dried blood, he was shoved into a car by Yosuuke. He wanted to argue, how could he leave him behind? He wasn't that selfish, he wanted to stay behind he couldn't handle the outcome if Yosuuke was killed.

"Yosuuke, the special police force will---" he turned his head to the sound of running footsteps to see Motaru running towards them, fear and desperation to outrun the demons sported in those ruby whine orbs. The brunette ran and ran no matter how tired he already was, he had by chance found the two while escaping from his persistent attackers, however his feet gave out when he was so near, he felt his body being ripped apart, those sharp teeth protruded his body earning a blood curdling screams to escape his mouth, the sharp stinging pain of having your arm ripped was not part of his agenda. The demons fled the only thing he heard was [b "our Lord's son."] He felt Yosuuke walk over to him, [I is it him? Is he responsible for this?] He was seething on the inside but he was losing to much blood, and remaining consciousness was too much for him, he was having his own battles with his eyelids.

Hiroshi got out of the car, once the demon had fled--he too found it all to suspicious. Why did they come here? They must have had a purpose other than for food, they have been remaining low and only done their tryst during the night, how were they able to withstand the heat? Hiroshi could see the rising and falling of Motaru's chest, he was thankful he was still breathing but time is against him, if no one comes to his aid soon, so he took the liberty of taking out his phone and called an ambulance, he crouched down and saw sweats of bead trickling down his face with a mixture of blood. "They'll be here soon, so stay strong." He tried to smile reassuringly, but it only turned into a grimace, people dying and the sudden attack, wasn't exactly something to be positive right now but he felt it was something he could offer the suffering male. He would hold onto the male's hand checking for a pulse, it was weak but he could feel it; his ragged breathing also indicated he was trying just as hard. "Motaru...fight through it. I know you can do this."

Time had ticked by, seconds turned to minutes. Hearing the sound of a siren not far away, raised his hopes just a little the police force were here, he heard Yosuuke asking them for help, along with some medic. The people started to help students who were barely breathing, people whom were able to be saved, once Motaru was placed on the stretcher, he held tightly onto Hiroshi's hands. "Hiroshi... there's something I have to tell you about Y--" he was cut off by Hiroshi smiling genuinely at him and squeezing his hand, encouragingly. "You can tell me about it, when I visit... save your strength Motaru." The brunette nodded, and released his hold on his hand, the feeling of the sticky red liquid, marring Hiroshi's hand. He watched as Motaru and other students were placed at the back of the ambulance's truck. "To think there were so many deaths today...do you think they'll come back tomorrow?" He was waiting for an answer from Yosuuke as the only sound he could hear were clamours from the medic, and groaning from students who were injured. Not even realizing Yosuuke started walking away from the bloody scene, he turned his head to look at where Yosuuke should have been."I was talking to you mister!"

Hiroshi sighed, as he ran after the taller male, [I that idiot! He needed to get his arm checked!] "Yosuuke !" The male was walking so hastely as if he was trying to get away from something again, how many times is he going to run away? What was really going on his head is not how many--but what exactly is he running away from? People have their secrets, and he respected Yosuuke's decision to not share them, but it wasn't safe out there. Who knows if there were demons lying in the wait? He hastened his steps just to catch up, he grabbed Yosuuke's hand. "Yosuuke what is wrong with you it's not safe out here." He looked as if he was feeling Ill, it was understandable after all seeing those dead bodies and saw someone being attacked by a demon or two, was enough to turn your insides out. "If your trying to get yourself killed, don't. I know you feel bad for not saving all of them, but what can you do your only one person." [I and human nonetheless... that demon said something... that made me doubt that but..I wanted to hear the truth from him, himself] He casted his eyes downwards, "I know I may not understand what's going through your head... but." He let go of Yosuuke's hand, and wrapped his arms around the male's lower abdomen, hugging him from the back. " If you do anything reckless to get yourself killed, I'd feel really lonely."
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 163d 10h 55m 30s
Yosuuke bends down a bit so Hiroshi can climb on his back. [i Damn...all those other students are being targeted. I can’t just let them die can I?!] He thought. Was his secret that important to him? Yosuuke shakes the thoughts from his head. [i Right now I have to save Hiroshi.] He opens the window and looks back at Hiroshi. “Hold on tight ok?” He smiles letting Hiroshi know that he got this and everything would be ok. Or so he hoped.

Yosuuke began to climb down for the high up class room. He moved quickly br carefully. He didn’t want to slip and fall. It wouldn’t harm him but then it would probably bring up questions from Hiroshi as to why his legs weren’t broken from the fall. Yosuuke could hear screams from all levels of the building and the smell of blood was really getting to him. As he climbed he loses focus for a few seconds due to trying not to give into his demon side. His foot slips and they began to fall down the side of the building. The smell of blood was killing him on the inside. He quickly catches himself on the edge of an open window. “Shit...” he mutters and catches his breath. “Are you ok Shi?” He asked and began to slowly move again.

When they finally made it to the ground he hands Hiroshi his car keys. “Go some where safe. Don’t take the bus. Don’t take anything else but my car. Get out of here and go some where safe.” Yosuuke didn’t know how many demons were on campus. The car keys also had his house key on it. Just as Yosuuke thought about going off to help other students he was tackled by a demon. “You really think you’re one of them?” The demon asked and chuckles. Yosuuke winced from the nails that were digging into his skin. The demon licked the blood from his nails but winced at the taste. “Heh you’re definitely not one of them.” The demon mutters referring to humans. Yosuuke lunches the demon in the face and quickly gets up. He takes Hiroshi’s hand and runs off towards the parking lot he parked in.

As they reached the parking lot there they saw Motaru running towards them. The look of desperation was on his face as he tried his best to out run three demons. Yosuuke stood there watching as one demon tackles him down and the other two jump on him after the tackle. [i Should I help? Let him die? Save him?] Yosuuke bit his bottom lip as struggled with the thought of saving Motaru. The screams from the brown haired male snapped Yosuuke or of his thoughts. He instantly put Hiroshi in his car and rushes over to Motaru. The demons recognized Hiroshi’s hair color. “Our lord’s son. Let’s get out of here.” One demon said and they run off. Motaru heard everything but he was also losing consciousness. The male was missing an arm and several open wounds to his body.

A loud siren is heard through out the school letting everyone know the police had arrived. Yosuuke motioned for help when he noticed a few policemen. [i Looks like he will be fine...with just one arm but fine.] He thought and sighs softly. Yosuuke gags a bit at the smell of blood, he couldn’t stay on the campus so he began to quickly walk away from the college. He didn’t know where he was going but he needed to get away.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 164d 16h 8m 57s
By the time the blonde went home, he was greeted by a smell of steaming hot ramen, with some fluffy bread on the side. It was instant ramen, he found it okay to pair it with bread as it's only soup with noodles in It, and a preservative that is also I said to trick your tongue into thinking your eating beef noodles; but in reality your not. [I well it was better than oatmeal.] He shrugged his shoulders, before fixing the strap of his pack, before heading to the kitchen, he was expecting to greet and annoyed and pouty Naomi but was surprised to find a thin paper on the table instead. Raising one eyebrow in suspicion, he walked towards the table and shrugged of the strap from his right shoulder before, swinging it towards the couch, he still had a good control of his movements and was quite certain that the Pack landed on the couch in a perfect manner. His golden orbs apprehended the paper as if it was a plague, surely it wasn't anything important? But a nagging voice at the back of his head made him read the content of the paper.

Surprise marred his face, his eyes widened; his jaw slackened and his mouth was slightly ajar. His cousin had moved back to her country for the time being, but the question of [b "why now."] Was ever present in his mind, it sounded a little bit too suspicious almost too good to be true, he didn't dream of a day that he will be free from the witch's clutches but her presence made this lonely feeling lighten up a bit. He paid no heed to the note and was thankful, she had the time to scribble it on a piece.of paper for him, although the handwriting was a bit messy, he find it difficult to decipher whether it really was her hand, all of the ink and blotches on every stroke was killing him. Naomi was a perfectionist, there was no way she'd be satisfied with giving him a goodbye note with such a hurried and sloppy strokes. The blonde male decided not to look into It, and started to eat the beef ramen and the bread, that the banshee prepared for him, smelling it and the strong taste of the preservatives hitting his tongue hit home for him, he'd have to score her a 5/10.

His days at school wasn't exactly eventful either, of course Yosuuke would talk to him, here and There but they were considered as [b "small talk"] not the ones he was used to, not the getting under your skin type, nor the usual flirt they have going on every now and then. Yosuuke had been distant and cold, and whenever Hiroshi would fix his things to catch up to Yosuuke he'd find himself in an empty classroom, or standing at the doorway looking out on an empty hallway. This grated on his nerves more than ever, Yosuuke was avoiding him again--just like the last time, back then he believed the male had a proper reason, but this time all he would hear from Yosuuke was [b" Motaru this... and Motaru that."] Heck he didn't even confess to the male, for the past days he had been mostly Lying on his bed, coping with the loss of his beloved banshee of a cousin.

Now how was he going to [b" confess with Motaru"]? It was like any other day, the sun was shining brightly---birds chirping in the trees, the Sun's rays were burning the blonde male's closed eyelids because he forgot to cover his window with the curtains again. So he had to pay the price, he did his daily morning regime; heat bread, make toast out of it. Munch said toast on the way to school, while feeling fresh and ready to begin anew, he hadn't prepared for the worst that is yet to come. School was the same as always, he sluggishly went inside the room, yawned at lectures and did not manage to get away with It, he was punished for his lack of interest giving him more work than required. His golden orbs shifted towards the attentive male, their history teacher drawled on and on about the "Cold War" between Russia and America. Yosuuke was cut out to be in class, but since he pays attention too much he couldn't help but see him in a different light---one that made him believe Yosuuke knew certain histories that hasn't been discovered or they had been but was sugar coated with political views.

The bell rang, and he heard the chairs creak as their History teacher dismissed them, the blonde was placing everything inside his pack, he was ready to eat lunch with Yosuuke and this time, he'll corner him into saying yes. As usual the taller male beat him right to It, which had him come up with a scowl he was mostly displeased, [I boyfriend?? He needs to stop assuming things when Motaru is concerned.] Not waiting for him to respond, he saw Yosuuke heading to the door. He closed his mouth, as annoyance burned in those golden orbs of His, [I fine if he does not want to listen, it's his fault.] He angrily stuffed, his pens, notebooks into his black pack. He needs to calm himself down and the screaming from the hallway wasn't helping either, not to mention it only increased his stress level, there were something ominous about those screams. His golden orbs found the board, walking towards It, every step felt like he stepped on a landmine. He could hear the screams getting more frantic, as footsteps ran through and fro, not only were they running footsteps of college students who were breaking the rules.

Of no running in the school hallways but it sounded like a stampede, those heavy thumps had him hesitating on picking up an eraser, should he step out and check what was going on? The sound of squelching from next door and blood curdling screams stopped him midair from erasing the words written on a black marker. His body tensed when he heard the door slid open, he was frozen to the core, what if--whatever was out there to get them was able to get inside this very room? He held tightly unto the eraser--using it as a weapon of defense. Only to release a breath that he didn't even know he was holding when he heard Yosuuke's voice. "Oh it's only y--" he wasn't able to finish when he heard a scratching sound coming from outside the locked door. [I DEMONS?!!]

His heart beated faster than any other, it was the only thing he could hear, he could see Yosuuke's mouth move but he can't make out the words. He was completely petrified, he heard the news of the tragedy that befallen years ago, if this was a repeat of it then there are some areas of Japan that can keep them safe. Blood rushing to his ears, as his brows furrowed in confusion and disbelief, watching Yosuuke open the window in such urgency made him realize how dire this situation really is. He walked towards him, he knows Yosuuke was telling him something but the blood in his ear was making it hard to, it was overpowering Yosuuke's voice but not enough to let out a small shriek when he heard the sound of a wooden door being ripped into tiny pieces that sound you'd hear when nails are being dragged on polished wood. Hiroshi peaked outside of the window, paling at the height difference there's just no way their going through the window. The door wasn't an option either he made a mistake in looking at the door to see, a craven.

A demon lusting to taste human flesh, those eyes wouldn't lie to him and it scared him, how much hunger there was. "I'll climb on your back. " he started to wrap his arms around Yosuuke's shoulders and his thighs on the back of his waist. "Be careful climbing down... " he was more worried that Yosuuke's leg might be grabbed by a demon on the second floor while climbing down, since the ledges were the only lever they had. He shivered in fear as he buried his head on the back of the male's shoulder blade. "Please tell me you have a plan..." He could hear the wood, being broken every hit the demon made.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 165d 20h 10m 48s
When Hiroshi finally left Yosuuke felt a bit empty inside. The way Hiroshi has lingered around made him feel like Hiroshi was trying to tell him something or at least stay longer to be around him. [i Heh when does he ever want to stay around me? It was good seeing him thought...damn why Motaru?!] He thought and roughly ran a handthrough his hair. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. The two of them had teased each other so much, he thought that maybe Hiroshi might have liked him. Just a little bit but that wasn’t the case at all. Or so he thought. “I don’t see how I need to be verbal. I tried to show him that night but he rejected me hardcore.” He mutters and picks up his duffle bag.

Once he got the clothes in the bag in the washer he goes to his bathroom to take a shower. He removes his contacts and got undressed. There was still a lot on his mind, Hiroshi wasn’t the only topic he was thinking about. His father and the demon world had his head spinning as well. [i Why are the demons living in our world? Just for food? Is there world lacking food? Father really didn’t say much. Maybe next time I will be more upfront with my questions and demand answers.] He thought. The shower did calm him down a bit and he felt more relaxed by the time he got into some comfortable clothes and sat down at the desk in his room. There he worked on the school work he fell behind in. Yosuuke knee he needed to get back into his life in the human world.

A few days go by and Yosuuke seemed to only talk to Hiroshi when they had class together. He was still a bit confused and jealous over the Motaru thing and he really didn’t want to hear about Hiroshi’s confession when it happened so he tried to keep talking to a minimum so Hiroshi wouldn’t have a chance to tell him. When lunch time came around Yosuuke stands up and glanced at Hiroshi. “I can’t eat lunch with you today...um I’m sick and not really in the mood to eat. Go spend time with your boyfriend.” He mutters and walks out the class room. Yosuuke seemed to throw Motaru’s name around every chance he got. How could he not feel a bit pissed of. Hiroshi has came on to him that night really hard but then completely rejected him. “For that guy? He’s not even as good looking as me...” he mutters as he walks down the hallway.

Yosuuke was pushing Hiroshi away from him and he knew sooner or later Hiroshi would probably attacking him for the way he was testing him. [i Hmm...Domething...feels off.] He thought and looked around the hallway. Yosuuke has been feeling really odd for the past few days. It’s like he was on edge and more tensed than usual. He was smelling more and more demons and he had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen. Before he could take another step he noticed a puddle of blood and when he rounded the corner he saw a demon hunched over a dead body of a student, eating his arm. Yosuuke eyes grew wide and he covered his mouth and nose from the strong smell of blood. “No way...” he mutters and slowly backs away but the demon looks at him. “Heh half breed, you better run while you can. I’m not the only one here.” The demon said sinsterly. Just then about five demons ran off into the hallway towards the classroom Yosuuke had just left. Class was over to students began to exit their classes only to be attacked.

The sound of heart was pounding in his ears, this was a nightmare for Yosuuke. He couldn’t watch innocent people die but he couldn’t show the demon side to him to save them. [i Be smart...think think think think think! Yosuuke act fast! You can do this and still keep being your human self!] He thought. He walks over to the demon eating the boy and rips his head off. He was in a corner so he didn’t mind using his demon side for that. Yosuuke then takes off running for the other. “Shi!” He shouts looking for his friend as he watched a few demons take down a girl. Yosuuke grabbed the fire extinguisher and hits them all off of her. She was bitten in a few places but alive. “Go!” He said. Teachers were notifying the special police force so Yosuuke knew they would be safe but he had to give them the time they needed to get here.

Hiroshi was still in the classroom, he was by himself so Yosuuke closed the door and locked it. “We gotta go! There’s demons in the school.” One of the demons began to claw at the door. Yosuuke opens the window and looks down. “Hey can you climb down from here or do you need me to take you?” Pieces of the The door was being ripped away.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 166d 9h 59m 57s
Hiroshi didn't voice out just how much he adored those arms around him, it felt warm and comfortable; he couldn't help but wonder if this was exactly how it felt right there and then. During the night he got himself drunk enough, to say something stupid, but being in Yosuuke's arms wasn't so bad, it just made his heart skip a beat; but other than that he was still alive somehow. All of the blood seemed to still flow within him, and hearing the pumping of his beating heart in his ears indicate, that he might just be exaggerating. He wanted to lean more into the touch, but he long ended that minutes ago, he was simply reminiscing while waiting patiently for the Male's answer. He already saw that one coming, when he heard the male whisper that the blonde has to. He was trying to, but it seems like the direct approach was more proficient than the indirect option. His golden orbs widened when he heard the same tone, Yosuuke used by the time he liked Motaru, it was more visible, more clear and crisp. That solemn look Yosuuke had sported earlier, as if he was in deep thought, wasn't something he just imagined---Yosuuke was just really good in masking his emotions.

Better than Hiroshi would, this made the blonde more guilty, and the churning of his stomach had worsen, it felt like all of his insides had been twisted in one big knot. He let out a laugh of disbelief, as he realized something, he wondered if Yosuuke had noticed it himself. "I'm not the only one who needs to be a bit vocal...." He mumbled as he turned his head to the side, before repositioning his head back to look at the tall male, his posture hadn't changed. Although Yosuuke had sported his usual expression on his face, another advice that came out of his mouth was an asset for him, he wondered when the time comes would Yosuuke realize his own advices being implemented on him? The thought alone made the male stifle a chuckle, [I there's no way he would...] yet there was hesitance in his own voice, now he understood how it was to be on Yosuuke's shoes.

For him to feel this tense and awkward air around them, he could play along to see how it goes, but at the same time he could sense something would definitely go wrong. He had pushed the Male's button for too long, who knows just how long his patience really is, not to mention he wanted to be alone for the time being. " why would I cook for him? I used to do that back in High school but he hated how the food looks." He isn't the type of person to please someone, only those who appreciate his passion and his skills despite the appearance can have a lifetime supply of his meals. The moment Yosuuke had complimented him, felt like he was on cloud nine; granted it was just a simple bacon and egg. People would brush it off and scoff at him for being childish for being happy at being complimented for an amateur dish, but it was a step it boosted his confidence to take arms in the artistry of pans and the wok, hearing his other half was more into Japanese food had him mentally biting a few finger nails here and There.

But it was a challenge he'll gladly overcome, if it came to winning his heart; it has to be someone who enjoyed and appreciated his effort, or himself. Despite Yosuuke had hinted It so rudely yet jokingly earlier, a small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, "Oh? But I promised didn't I? I'm a man of my word you know." He then playfully jabbed at Yosuuke's chest, "besides what's up with you? I mean I wouldn't mind professing my love to Motaru while cooking.. but I decided it's better to stuff you with my awful cooking than anyone else." With a small hopeless laugh, the short blonde male, cupped Yosuuke's cheeks, " I wanted to linger for a while... but your tired, can't have me on your back while your resting." He chuckled before smooshing the Male's cheeks, it was just too adorable. Yosuuke had the cutest cheeks, he had ever seen; golden orbs softened, before releasing those [b "blooby cheeks"].

[I maybe one day, I'll be able to tell you how I really feel.] He stepped back and stared at Yosuuke, a genuine smile graced over his lips. " See you tomorrow, take lots and lots of sleep, okay?" He waved the male goodbye before shoving his hands into his pocket to keep them warm, as he started walking towards the bus stop. While he waited, he had to check his phone every now and then, the blonde woman can tend to grate on him and was highly protective, if they didn't have any resemblance she would have been mistaken as his girlfriend, he just thanked the man above that wasn't the case, he shivered just thinking about it. He knew Naomi had good intentions but excessive nagging made him want to break her phone, then buy her a new one as to not get in trouble with his uncle. One thing that made Hiroshi question the most, was Yosuuke's behavior and why he was jealous. It was a new experience for him, he would have pressed on but he could tell Yosuuke was slightly lost to this new feeling invading his senses.

[I but.. didn't he and Nao went on a date?] He couldn't get rid of that information no matter how hard he tried, even as to shake it off, he believed Yosuuke and Ayame about the pretty male, who tends to make stuff up. [I could it be I am also jealous of Nao-san? He knew something about Yosuuke that I don't...] that was one crucial thing that Nao had an advantage over him, while he was lost in his thoughts he failed to realize the bus has been honking at him, then left in irritation, the world just seemed to go mute for him while he's stuck in his head, he only seen the bus' trail of smoke when it left. [I great... seems like I'll be stuck here for another hour or two.]
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 166d 18h 27m 59s
Yosuuke noticed how slow Hiroshi was moving. It was almost as if he was dragging his feet in protest that he didn’t want to leave. [i He doesn’t want to stay here with me does he? Nah he couldn’t possibly want to.] Yosuuke thought as he leaned against the arm of the couch waiting Hiroshi to make his way over to him. When the male finally made it Yosuuke glances at him trying his best to figure out what Hiroshi was thinking. [i He seems a bit sad or confused maybe? He must want to stay?] Yosuuke wasn’t sure what was going on. He just knew he was feeling really odd after hearing about Hiroshi’s crush.

When Hiroshi has hugged him Yosuuke was caught off guard. [i He’s...hugging me? What is going on with Hiroshi. This isn’t like him at all. But it’s nice...] He thought and gently wrapped his arms around the shorter male. “Yes you have to.” Yosuuke replied in a whisper as well. Yosuuke was dense when it came to signs of someone liking him or loving him. He had never been good at noticing those things since he really never had any experience in it. Because of his demon side he made sure to never get close to anyone but Hiroshi was making it hard for him not to like him. When the hug ended Yosuuke places his hands into his pockets. His heart was racing now.

“Yeah I’m glad we’re friends Shi. I hope my advice helps you out. You should be happy with the one you like.” He said and noticed Hiroshi’s fake smile. [i I wonder if our friendship will end once he starts going with that Motaru guy. It just might, he doesn’t seem all that fond of me and I’m definitely not fond of him. I guess...I’ll be even more lonely.] The thoughts running through his mind caused Yosuuke a lot of confusion and sadness. It would be seen on his face but he snapped out of his thoughts by Hiroshi’s question. “My other side?” He questioned and shrugs his shoulders. “My Asian side. I meant that I’m always feeding the hungry monster within me with American dishes. I just want a change is all. But it’s ok. You don’t have to worry about cooking for me. You should cook for Motaru. Make him something you think he might like. It could win hi over for when you tell him how much you like him.” Yosuuke said with a tinge of jealousy in his voice.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 173d 19h 13m 6s
Hiroshi stood up and had the the two empty dishes in both of his hands, the emotion written clearly in his face wasn't amusement, when Yosuuke had mentioned of not giving Yoh any food, "I didn't mean that..." he sighed as he stared at the male with exasperation, "alright, alright I give.. feed him the way you always do, but I'm keeping a close watch on him." He did however let out an amused chuckle at the small tease, Yosuuke had provided him with, that was really one thing to know that Yoh is well loved and taken care of. He wished he could take Yoh out on walks every morning, but it means living with Yosuuke, he had no qualms about it; the question lies with the other male himself, would he allow him too? Maybe one day, he could share his favorite place with Yosuuke too; besides as much as Yoh was fun to be with at the beach, he still couldn't deny but feel the trembling kitten wasn't as adventurous and was hesitant straying too far from him, that time with the butterfly incident and Yoh getting sand on his fur was a slight horror for him.

Hiroshi made his way towards the sink, washing the dishes diligently, he didn't want to burden Yosuuke any more, the male was supposed to rest, yet he had bothered him with his mindless ramblings, voicing out his thoughts for most part. A smile formed unto his lips feeling slightly satisfied, he has one ear open to the male, hearing him give out his advice, at the mention of Ayame flirting with her dentist, there was a playful rolling of his eyes; he knew about Ayame dating her and Yosuuke's boss but even her dentist sounding just ridiculous to his ears, he started to ponder on what kind of men is mostly her type. Observing their boss the first time, he was able to gather little Intel on what the naked eye has to offer, he usually analyze people based off on their personalities. However, all he could assume from afar, was the man is quite a successful person and a stable job, perhaps that's what Ayame is looking for in a man?

As he was about to soap the dishes did, he stop. His heart beat a bit faster, knowing Yosuuke would definitely get the wrong idea, and he did. He shouldn't have gone with playing along in a pretense to his confession and expect the other male, to not believe him. His shoulders became a bit tense and he wasn't able to move his fingers as much, he wanted to let go of the plates and tell him, the truth. That he didn't mean to hurt him, but there really was no use. The tone in the male's voice was enough, the advice he gave was perfect but if only he hadn't run his mouth like that, if he hadn't spit nonsense and had been truthful, what had him in shock was that Yosuuke saw him get in Motaru's car. His golden orbs widened staring at the plate, did the male went looking for him when he had left? Yosuuke truly did confused him, he was hoping the male would rather spend his night being fawned at, he had fans waiting to get his attention but he would rather look for him instead. Time seemed to have stood still, all he could hear was the rushing water and the sound of his own heart beat.

The type of thumping one would hear out of guilt, how many times has this been now? He lost count on how much he hadn't intentionally cause the male any harm, but due to the path he takes he had done so. The sound of footsteps dawned on him, he hadn't expected the male to turn off the knob, the sloshing sound of the water was no longer present. As he snapped out of his reverie, the words had became more clear like thunder in his ears, he bit his lower lip when he turned his head to look at Yosuuke asking him, why he wouldn't let him do him, this small favor. He wished he hadn't catch that glimpse of pain behind those blue orbs, the way he looked down at him. It was unbearable and odd, why would he have that reaction towards the news? Looking at the male's retreating back, made this storm of emotions rage far more worse, he bit his lower lip. Was he that tired, that he didn't need him around?

Hiroshi' s golden orbs flickered through and fro looking for a hand towel which he found hanging on the fridge's handle, he carefully took the material wiping his hands free from suds. Staring at the white cloth that had flowers imprinted on them, [I was I to blame his denseness? Or was it the way I delivered the message?] A small chuckle of disbelief left his lips, almost as if it was a whisper laughing at the silliness of the thought, the only messaged he gave Yosuuke was exactly what it sound like. Letting his hands linger a bit, on the towel he was afraid to face him; to face such raw emotion emitting from the male, Yosuuke may not give it away but he was all too familiar with emotions pertaining to the situation. He took a deep breath, before following the male, glancing one last time at the unfinished dishes, before returning his attention straight ahead. He looked around for Yoh, he wanted to say goodbye to the little fireball, but was nowhere to be seen, shifting his gaze to the door he saw Yosuuke waiting for him to leave.

The blonde didn't want to leave, he wanted to stay, it's been so long since Yosuuke came back home. He ruined everything, everything was going smoothly if only he hadn't opened up what was bothering him the most, none of this would have happened. He could go on in denial of his own feelings, the growing emotion he had for Yosuuke, he walked towards the taller male and did what he had been wanting to do; what he had planned the moment Yosuuke set foot back into his own home. He gave the taller male, a hug. "Do I really have to spell it out for you?" He said in a very low voice, low enough that it could be taken for a whisper, but telling the male now, who he really had a crush on was useless, if he had told him it wasn't Motaru; he doubts Yosuuke would believe him after all he did witness that scene from that night. He has to deal with the consequence, the path that he made--even if he hurts himself in the progress. "that was actually a great advice, I'll definitely keep you posted." He faked a smile.

"Thanks for being such a great friend." Saying those words made Hiroshi tighten his hug on Yosuuke before releasing the other male, "See you tomorrow then?" He was hesitant to step away, but he wouldn't force himself, there was no doubt Yosuuke was tired. But he just wanted to be alone for some reason, it could have been the new revelation Hiroshi had mentioned, the male wouldn't even look at him anymore, it was more he couldn't bear to see him. The hurt was apparent in his actions, [I could it be... I wasn't imagining "that earlier?] If that was the case, was it even possible that what Ayame had told him was true? Trying to get his head away from his thoughts, and he might be selfish but he wanted to ask Yosuuke one more question before he left. " You never did answer the question before... what did you mean.. by cook something more related to your other half." He then crossed his arms on his chest, with his feet firmly planted on the ground, he refused to leave without being enlightened.
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