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Yosuuke knew Hiroshi was being a little brat by not eating. It’s not like Yosuuke couldn’t hear his stomach growling or every time he picked up the cup of tea and sat it down. [i Hehe he’s not fooling me.] He thought. Since he had amazing hearing Yosuuke could tell what Hiroshi was doing. He could also sense movement. The more Yosuuke are the better he felt, for now his demon side was put to rest and he was able to worry less about that side of him. When he finished his meal he stands up and places the plate into the sink. Washing dishes was never something he liked to do, even as a kid he use to hate washing the dishes when his mother asked him to but Yosuuke liked a clean house. He liked structure, he liked to plan everything. He wasn’t one for surprises or acting based off of that moment. Everything had to be planned or it made him nervous.

When the kitchen was cleaned he made a small plate for Hiroshi. He didn’t care that the male said he didn’t want to eat. He was going to have something for him to eat anyway. He sets the plate down on the kitchen and covers it before walking out to Hiroshi who was happily on the couch with the kitten. He noticed the empty mug that had the tea in it and smirked. “So you liked the tea? Good. How are you feeling?” He asked as he picks up the mug. “Hopefully you’re doing a little better. It might help if you eat something.” He added as he looked Hiroshi over. [i He doesn’t look as pale. That’s good but I can still hear his stomach. He’s stubborn.]

The kitten jumped off of Hiroshi’s his stomach and starts to paw at Yosuuke’s pants. “You just want to play all the time don’t you?” Yosuuke smiles a bit and kneels down to play with the kitten a bit. He didn’t want to stay long so after a few seconds of fun he stands up. “There is an extra plate in the kitchen for you. I know you said you’re fine but I made a plate for you anyway.”
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 3d 9h 55m 7s
Hiroshi wondered most of the time what goes in Yosuuke's head, it was clear he was tired. Yet was able to accommodate and be his usual friendly self around him, he even wondered if mYbs such act was a facade that was hidden really well. Once the man, had left to prepare his own dinner, he almost let his eyelids fully drop from keeping them slightly open. Why was he stubborn? Why did he refused to ask or accept other people's help? Life would have been easier if he did. The blonde always loved a challenge, but when it came to his self, he should reconsider of taking good care of it. His body is nothing but a hollow husk, that needed a spirit to function. If his body decided to give up, where was he going to reside? Such thoughts occupied his mind, and didn't even hear footsteps coming back in or the sound of a mug, being placed on the table. [I how am I going to leave this place? When I feel like I need to?] He didn't want to wake up the male in his sleep.

Who knows maybe Yosuuke is the type who gets cranky just being woken up from his dream land---waking him up is definitely not in the male's dictionary. He heared a soft meow coming from the kitten, that was enough to get him away from bis thoughts for a while. Seeing a steam of a. Piping hot mug on top of the table, made him unconsciously look for Yosuuke. When the Coast was clear, he took a sip from the tea, no matter how refreshing it was, he did wince when his tongue met the greenish liquid he has to commend Yosuuke for having a taste in good tea. He placed it back onto the table, his stomach felt warm and it did make him feel slightly bearable.

His stomach was temporarily sated, and the pounding ache in his skull has subsided, he knew they'll be back one way or another, after drinking half of it. He perked up at the sound of footsteps hitting on the ground, and it was heading right towards them [I did Yosuuke ever mention living alone? Not that he has any reason to tell me] what came out of that door was the least he expected, especially a shirtless Yosuuke parading as if he was alone. He shrugged but did however raised an eyebrow at the male's action. [I he's going to eat dinner without a shirt on?] Clearly the male wouldn't mind if he got filthy again. If his nose was correct, he smelt steak cooking in the oven, how the damn smell taunted bis nostrils and making his stomach act up. He quickly grabbed the mug's handle and took a swig at the tea, regret soon came after as the hot liquid slithered down his throat.

After drinking the tea, Hiroshi returned the now empty mug to where he saw it, and laid back down into the couch, making himself comfortable. He did however got the kitten in a small loose and somehow firm snuggling hold, as he had fallen asleep the moment he had his head , on the arm rest of the couch. Forgetting to take of his sleep. In his dark abyss of a dream, he was finding ways on how to make it up for his kindness, it wasn't a small one at that ---Yosuuke could really left him if he wanted to but he didn't maybe he'd be cooperative this time? One could say his analytical thinking made it easier for his brain to relax. He'll probably start his plan tomorrow, after all no one knows what it will hold.
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Yosuuke glanced down at Hiroshi when he declined the guest bed room. He shrugs a bit since he wasn’t going to argue with the male about where he slept. If he wanted the couch that was fine with Yosuuke. The eating thing was something he knew Hiroshi needed. He figured Hiroshi didn’t eat when he left school. [i No lunch or dinner. That’s probably why he fainted. He’s already so skinny. Carrying him was nothing.] Yosuuke thought and runs a hand through his hair with a soft sigh. “Alright suit yourself.” He said softly and walks off to the kitchen. He began to prep a steak for himself with some of the sides he had bought. Once in the oven he sets down some tea for Hiroshi by the coffee table that was near the couch. Yosuuke then disappears into his room.

The half demon needed to take a cold shower. His blood was hot from not eating. Once naked he hoped into the shower. Yosuuke was tall with a lean muscular body. His unique hair color was natural but he always told people that he dyes it. He washed his soft locks and found himself calming down. By the time he finished his shower he knew his food was ready. He threw on a pair of sweat pants and grabbed a simple t shirt. His hair was slight damp as he walked out of his room without putting his shirt on. He just held it in his hand. [i want to remove these contacts...] That wasn’t an option since Hiroshi was here.

The sound of purring filled the living room when he walked passed it to get to the kitchen. He didn’t think much of it that Hiroshi saw him shirtless. [i At least I have a nice body I guess.] he touches his abs and firm chest once in the kitchen. There he puts his shirt on and began to remove the food from the oven. Instantly his mouth began to drool st the sight of the meat. This was what he was waiting for so he made his plate and sat down to eat.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 5d 11h 55m 57s
The ashen blonde male leaned heavily on the window pane, as he watched the sceneries pass by, he did however accept the drink being offered, "thank you." It was simple but it held alot of meaning into it, considering he might have not show his gratitude to him yet. The humming of the engine almost lulled him, as the silence that befallen both of them was welcomed, he did not feel like opening his mouth, or wasting enough energy to start a conversation which might lead to another argument. Seeing the trees leaving the pathway to Yosuuke's house, made him wonder just how far the male traveled, [I he must be tired from everything] watching the male from the corner of his eye, he made sure to check if his assumptions was right it was unusual for Yosuuke not to say anything at all. Besides show concern for his health here and there.

In which he let out a sigh of annoyance, which was now visible on his face. [I why am I even studying the guy?] It wasn't like he was gonna pass from it, as the car came to a halt, he saw Yosuuke's house come into view. [I looks pretty decent] as he twisted the Bottle's cap to open it, he took huge amount of gulps, from the blue liquid---to replenish his hydrolites. He perked up hearing the kitten was waiting for him if he was honest he was slightly afraid, the kitten might be upset for leaving him behind. "Is he?" There was a faintest of smile, creeping into his lips. He was getting excited to see him again, he'd probably cuddle the poor kitten in his sleep. Opening the car's door, he got out of the car and Waited patiently for Yosuuke, to open the door leading to his house. His golden orbs couldn't help but explore the foreign terrain, he might as well get acquainted with the house even if it is for tonight. His breath hitched when he heard the soft mewling, and the furry creature that latched itself to Yosuuke's legs, purring and rubbing their face into his leg, only to be noticed by said kitten and he had never heard him being so vocal.

He kneeled down and gently scratched the kitten behind the ears making sure not to accidentally tear a tissue there as it, was quite the sensitive area for their age. "Sorry for leaving you like that boy." His smile seemed to widen as the purr got more louder, scanning the male's interior he has got to hand it to him for actually having little stuff inside his house, and it was very spacious too. He was led to the guest room, he couldn't impose anymore longer, " I am sorry to decline the offer but the couch will do." He has fallen asleep countless of times on a couch for binge watching his favorite series on Netflix. The only trace of him watching was the blue light illuminating the hallway coming from the tv. He made his way back to the living room and sat on the couch, he found it rather very comfortable.

Hiroshi raised an eyebrow at Yosuuke, has this person looked himself in the mirror?there was no time worrying about others. "It's fine Yosuuke, I just need to go back to sleep, besides it seems like you need the food more than I do." His day wouldn't be complete without a snarky remark to be thrown at the taller male, he even took off his shoes before laying on the couch---placing the kitten on his stomach, before lifting him a little with his fingers underneath the kitten's arms. "You weren't causing trouble were you?" A small laugh escaped his mouth when the said kitten batted at the tip of his nose playfully, not really causing any harm.

Golden orbs shifted from the cat to the male, but something caught his eye and saw necessities for the kitten, Hiroshi glanced at the male." I will pay you for the trouble." It wasn't Yosuuke's place to buy this things , it was his---but Yosuuke treated this kitten as if it was his, another point on Yosuuke's charm list. He quickly shooked his head he wasn't considering of even putting him on his "eye candy" list, the male was not easy on the eyes. Or so he would like to believe, "you need the food more than I do..." he gently wrapped his arms around the kitten protectively. "You're not have bad..." was the last thing he muttered, as another pull to slumber took him, he fought it hard this time, that's why he was looking at Yosuuke with half lidded eyes. " I'll be fine Yosuuke, this is going to take more before I keel over." He tried to reassure him, whether if was light or heavy, he just didn't like to be pitied on.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 5d 15h 11m 21s
Yosuuke didn’t want to go to his house with a unconscious Hiroshi. He was afraid the male might get even more upset for him for being him to a place he didn’t give consent to be taken so Yosuuke just kept calling the male.
“Wake up man...” he mutters since he really didn’t want to take Hiroshi to his place either. He was really done with the negative vibes for the day. He just wanted to eat and go to sleep. After a few minutes Yosuuke had decided to just take Hiroshi to his place but the male began to stir and this made Yosuuke quite happy. He’s going to wake up! He thought and then he gets into his car to allow Hiroshi to wake up without being in Yosuuke’s arms.

Slowly Hiroshi’s yellow orbs could be seen. “Hey.” He said simply. Yosuuke did t have his forced smile like he usually did. He was exhausted and just wanted to take Hiroshi home but when the male asked to stay the night with him Yosuuke paused before answering. He sounds bad...he needs some tea and probably a warm place to sleep. Besides I have his kitten and that might make him feel even better... He then nods his head. “Sure. That’s fine. You can keep your kitten company. You can also take him when you leave tomorrow.” Yosuuke said and looks at the store his car was parked in front of. “Wait here. I’m hungry and I need to get food.” He said and left his car running so Hiroshi could enjoy the heat.

Yosuuke leaves the car and goes inside the store. He grabs a few streaks, salmon filets, shrimps, pasta, potatoes, and drinks. When he returned to the car he had a Hiroshi a Gatorade. “Drink this. You can have some tea when we get to my place.” He glanced at the ash blonde male before driving off to his neck of the woods. He didn’t walk much to Hiroshi since he really did t know if he should ask him as to why he was passed out on the ground. None of my business... It didn’t take long for him to reach his place, he parked and then grabbed the bag of groceries out of his car. Once he opened the door the kitten came running happily to see who it was. He purred while rubbing against Yosuuke’s legs but instantly left Yosuuke when he saw Hiroshi. The kitten meowed and purred over and over again.

“He’s been waiting for you.” Yosuuke said and goes into the kitchen. He began to make Hiroshi his tea. “I have something you can sleep in.” Yosuuke walks over to Hiroshi to show him the spare bed room. “You can slee in here and there should be some clean clothes in the dresser you can sleep in if you want to. Do you want to eat something? I’m going to cook since I have to eat.” The half demon literally had to eat before he lost himself to the demon hungr from within. “It doesn’t have to be anything g heavy. I can make something light and simple since don’t seem to be doing so well.”
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 5d 22h 23m 31s
Hiroshi had found comfort in his mind, but he did however felt as if a voice was calling out to him--- distorted yet familiar voice, he couldn't put a finger on it. Meanwhile his body acted on instinct when he was lifted from the cold cemented ground, and found warmth. It was like being in a heater, which made him cuddle up more to the source---his mind was full of questions, was he going to be eaten? Did the demons rather want to devour him where no one could see? Yet the warmth feeling was welcomed, it felt like he didn't want to leave it. As he was being lulled more into a dream he'd rather be in, than this harsh reality. A dream where he was nothing but a child, where everything used to be so peaceful.

And his older brother was still there looking Hale and healthy as possible, yet his face was being over shadowed as if to conceal his identity, the only thing visible was the man's school uniform and that smile, that is more brighter than the sun. "Hiroshi..." he called out to the spaced out child, the younger version of himself looked at the older male, a boyish grin plastered on his face, "yes big brother?" As he half ran half walked towards the older male, yet he only received silence, however the older man did put his hand on top of his head like he used to. And ruffled those ashen blonde locks, in which Hiroshi pouted and tried to Pat down the hair that his brother had messed up, he heard a chuckle coming from the other male. "Just remember stop being mean to people who care about you." At this the child tilted his head to the side, he wasn't mean was he? He might have stolen other toys from children in the daycare or so as he was told but it was for a good cause. " It's not my fault they won't share their toys with me." He hmphed and crossed his arms, which elicited another ruffle on his short hair, he even tried to bite his brother's hand off. " Have you been thinking in the mindset of a child lately. Hiroshi?"

And as if that moment, did Hiroshi only felt fear, did his perfect moment with his brother shattered. The magics that he kept within, wishing he could turn back time ---just to be with his brother that he dearly loved and was loved by everyone. It scared him, the child shifted his gaze, but the person standing where the child stood was no longer a child---but himself. "I..." he looked remorseful, " I'm sorry, I really didn't mean for that to happen, if only I was more --" he was stopped when his brother wrapped his arms around him, soothing the poor distraught male. "I've never blamed you once, you need not be harsh on yourself Hiroshi.. you're not alone anymore."

He was about to hug the male back, and asked what he meant but his brother started fading. The sceneries started to fade, it was as if the place was made of film and was slowly burning, with the after effects of it being burnt. A sign he was being pulled to reality, "only in my dreams do I yearn for you to tell me such lies." It had always been his fault, the blonde wasn't sure how long he was out, but when he came to. He found himself staring at a familiar person. [I Yosuuke...] he stared at the male in silence, why was he out here in the dead of the night? Isn't he supposed to be home at this hour? He didn't trust his voice at the moment.

[I who is he... no matter how much I push him away, yet I still find myself back to him.] He scanned his surroundings. Seeing the store up ahead, made him widen his eyes he was getting farther and farther from his home. He wanted to tell Yosuuke to put him down but he wouldn't want to risk another collapse, so he swallowed his pride and stared at the male, letting him know he was in fact conscious. "Yosuuke.." he cringed slightly at how his voice sounded so raspy. His throat was getting dry too. "Can I stay with you for the night? I know you might not want to see me for my behaviour towards you but trust me I did not intend to put myself in this situation." Nor did he intend on putting the man's life in danger, he probably just saw him passed out in the sideway while getting something to eat, as he assumed the car parked near the store was actually Yosuuke's.
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Yosuuke wasn’t sure why Hiroshi thought he wasn’t going to give the kitten to him. It’s not like Yosuuke really want the kitten. He just took it in since he thought it needed a home but if Hiroshi really wanted the kitten he could definitely have him. As he read the angry text messages he rolled his eyes. [i Such a hot head. It’s not like I won’t give the fur ball back to you.] He thought but before he could reply another text message came in and it was obvious that it wasn’t Hiroshi that had typed it out. Yosuuke wanted to end this stupid conversation. “He can have the kitten. I don’t mind. I don’t compensation for anything. I can either bring it to him or he can come and get it. Whatever works.” Yosuuke sent and places his phone down. “Looks like your real owner wants to take you. Don’t get too comfortable here kitten.” Yosuuke said and smiles. The kitten runs over to him and paws at his hands as if he wanted to play. “Tch...you’re lucky you’re cute.” Yosuuke said and picks up a toy to play with the kitten for a bit.

As time went on Yosuuke didn’t receive a text message back yet. He wasn’t sure what to do with the kitten but if Hiroshi and who ever it was texting him couldn’t get the kitten he would just bring the kitten to school tomorrow. Yosuuke got up to see what exactly he had in the fridge to eat. He was starting to get hungry and he couldn’t let himself stay hungry or bad things will happen. “Damn...I was supposed to go shopping for food this morning. Totally forgot.” He mutters and grabs his keys. “Stay here kitten.” He mutters before leaving the house to go the the grocery store. It was dark out now and he knew the safe zone time was gone. People were always instructed to stay inside by a certain time since demons enjoyed the night but not everyone listened. Hell Yosuuke didn’t listen but he had nothing to fear. There were special task forces searching the city to make sure no one needed help.

It didn’t take long for Yosuuke to reach the store. He parked his car and got out but as soon as he did he recognized a familiar scent. “No way...” he mutters and turned in the direction of the smell. [i Maybe I’m just losing it. I’m confused. I have to be. There is no way that scent is Hiroshi’s.] Unsure Of what to do Yosuuke balls up his fists. He knew he should get food but Hiroshi was still out and it wasn’t safe. Yosuuke began to run off in the direction of the male’s scent. “Maybe he’s dead?” He said to himself as he rushes down the street. When he reached a dark area he noticed Hiroshi curled up in a ball on the ground. “Shi.” Yosuuke said and then he judges him with his foot. He lightly kicks at his feet. “Shi!” He said again wondering why the male was sleeping right here.

There was no response so Yosuuke kneels down and gently sits Hiroshi up. “Shi wake up, you can’t lay around here you’re going to die if you do.” Yosuuke could already sense a few demons nearby. [i He better not get mad at me for this.] He thought as he picks Hiroshi up with ease. The male was really light. Yosuuke walks back to his car with hot head in his arms.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 6d 13h 13m 28s
Hearing the buzz from the phone on his fingers, he quickly opened the message, seeing Yosuuke has the kitten made him feel relieved however reading the whole content made, him frustrated. [I keep him?! But I found him first!] He bit his lower lip to stop him from screaming into the phone, however he did get a worried look from the brunette as he typed on his phone as if he was going to kill the person he was writing too. {{What do you mean, I left him?! If this is your way of getting back this isn't funny.}} He didn't say just how much guilt he felt, and how he tried to go back, to search for the kitten. {{I did not intend too, I had a class to go too.}}with every word and frustration, there were already tears prickling in the corner of his eye. He had a mind to take the cat back, but if that Curt reply gave any indication the male was absolutely serious. He was shaking in slight anger, mostly towards himself but half of it concerns the male too. He gripped the phone tighter, almost to the point one could tell he was on the verge of breaking and breaking the brunette's phone too.

If the brunette didn't intervene and placed a hand on top of his head, it wouldn't have been enough to break him from his momentary stupor. "I can't believe you're getting angry just because of a kitten." He even saw the conversation and find it really childish, he sighed as the male did not respond and took the liberty of getting the phone from Hiroshi's clutches, and typed in a more polite response after the ashen blonde male sent his little outburst. {{Is there any chance Hiroshi will be getting the kitten back?}} He had to reread to make sure it didn't seem rude, then an idea popped into his head as he smirked seeing the ashen blonde was still out of it. {{ Granted he will recompensate for everything the kitten had caused.}} He quickly sent it, and placed the phone back on his pocket, seeing the dark sky overhead wiped the smirk from his face. "Hiroshi you should go home... remember the law."

The blonde stared blankly at the brunette, [I right the damn law that kept people safe.] He didn't budge from his position though, [I if I take the bus... ] just when the yellow vehicle stopped in front of the school did Hiroshi walked towards the bus's doors before climbing in when it opened. He sat on the front row and didn't even look at the window, [I what a great way to start school..] why did Motaru care about him anyway, he must be planning something, as the city came into view watching some of the people hastening their footsteps. As he watched the passing people minding their own business and quickly getting to safety of their homes, felt like a prison. A prison to his own country , he scoffed and shifted his gaze in front of him, and almost cursed at the traffic. [I damn it...] " I'm getting off." His house is still a mile away from here, and he doesn't really trust his feet anymore but he needs too. He got off of the bus and started walking towards the direction of the sidewalk, he swayed back and forth while walking people might even think he was drunk, but he wasn't he was just running on low. Using the brick walls of the buildings he passed by as a crutch, and would rest for a few seconds. [I almost there...] he convinced himself, in retrospect he wasn't half of being close.

He still needed to tackle ten more streets, and his legs are already giving way. He refused to be demon fodder,not now--- not until he graduated. [I living alone sucks, it sucks more if you're parents doesn't give two shits about you.] He slumped into another brick wall, after crossing one Street, [I just 9 more..] he was forcing his legs to move but it wouldn't, his vision was also starting to get blurry---one moment he could see clearly, then another there were black spots. He was on the verge of fainting, he clearly pushed himself off the wall and trudged ahead, muttering apologies here and there when he would unconsciously bump into another person. He even got horned at for the sluggish movement when crossing the street, [I well that was definitely a human, 8 more] . He was counting down the streets in his head, he was so close---he could almost feel the safety of his home, when he felt his legs weakened and that made him stumble and fall. [I fuck... never again am I gonna skip breakfast.] He could crawl, but even his eyes wanted to close, no matter what he does to keep them open.

His body couldn't take the abuse he put it through, and in the end--it might cause his own downfall, [I in the end, you'd be picked off by the demons you oh so sympathize..] he scoffed at his brain for such a negative ending of his life, as soon his brain shut down in the same rhythm as his eyelids covered his eyes as he was pulled into the dark corners of his mind into his abyss, it must have been the thought of being close to his safety zone that his body just shut down on him. It was his weakness that ended his life in such a beautiful night.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 6d 23h 9m 10s
Yosuuke lived in a pretty modern, fashionable apartment. He turns on the lights into his living room and sets the kitten down. “Maybe it would be best if I had bought stuff for you.” Yosuuke frowns a bit as he watched He kitten sniff around his apartment. “Don’t you dare use the bathroom in here.” Yosuuke quickly sets his back and guitar case down. He grabs his wallet out of his back pack and reaches for the kitten. “Pet’s mart.” He mutters as he walks back out his apartment. He wasn’t thinking clearly, he should of went to the store first.

Soon he was back in his car driving to the pet store. The little kitten lied on the floor of the passenger side. He was nervous being in the car so Yosuuke did his best to try and comfort the kitten by talking to him. “We’ll get there soon. Don’t worry.” He mutters as he stops at a red light. [i I don’t know how to take care of a kitten. He’s a baby...what the hell am I going to do with him?!] Yosuuke was lost in his thoughts as he drove, he found himself parked in front of the store when he finished stressing over the kitten.

“Let’s go buddy.” He picks up the kitten and goes into the store with a basket. The first thing he gets is a bed for kitten so he could place the kitten on the bed in the basket. He ends up picking up a cage for the kitten, food, dish bowls, a little box, litter for the litter box, a couple of toys and a scratching post for him to play and climb on. “I wonder if I should get you a collar and name tag...I don’t even know what to name you. We’ll just settle with the collar then.” He buys acute little collar with a small ball on the front of it for the kitten.

By the time he paid for everything it was getting a bit dark out. Yosuuke took the kitten and the items he bought to the car and drives home. The kitten meowed the whole car ride and Yosuuke was getting slightly annoyed since he didn’t know why the kitten was meowing. “What’s wrong?” He narrowed his eyes and parked in front of his apartment. Yosuuke knew this was going to take some getting use to.

Later that evening while getting the kitten settled his phone vibrated. He didn’t recognize the number but he knew it was Hiroshi since the text was concerning the kitten. He quickly replies. “Yes I have the kitten. I figured I’d keep him since you left him.” He sent.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 7d 5h 46m 49s
The class started after their PE teacher made her roll calls, he even asked her if he could sit dodgeball out as he wasn't feeling well. The blonde woman wouldn't have any of it and told him to get in there, who plays dodgeball in college anyway? He's rather choose Exercises than this, they were both rigorous he just hoped he didn't faint in the midst of it. He was placed in the opposite team from the brunette, which he was thankful for but they were the first one to Dodge the incoming balls. Half of the game there was only 2 of them left, of course he had to pick up his pace literally their team was divided by two groups, his other members were on the offensive team---on the other side of the school's gym, throwing balls at the opposite team things were going well when he didn't notice an orange ball heading his way. And landed on his arm just so, he was panting heavily and his vision was slightly blurred, he quickly left the team when he was "outted" by the other team. Walking blankly straight to their PE Instructor. Asking if he could go home early as he really was not feeling it.

The blonde woman assessed him from head to toe, his healthy skin was now a pastely white color, as if the life had been sucked right out of him--- and he was sweating buckets besides. The aftermath of starving himself, he even got himself a migraine. His brain was pounding on his skull like a damn sledgehammer. He couldn't take it he needs to take some pain reliever for it, as he was granted leave he quickly made his way to the locker room unaware of the brunette's worried gaze. He even had troubles of buttoning on his leather jacket, as his fingers trembled on the last one.

[ I now to go look for the cat.] Why would Yosuuke bring the cat with him, he clearly showed signs earlier he didn't want to take any part where the kitten was considered, probably except for feeding it, he used up most of his energy to run around the school campus even as to apologize every class he had disrupted thinking the room was empty, he went to the courtyard where the cherry blossoms bloomed, but he wasn't there too. He clicked his tongue as images of the kitten being abducted, tortured or even got accidentally ran over filled his mind, with the poor kitten's guts every where splattered on the concrete. His steps hastened more at the thought, as he made a detour to the He Economics Laboratory to check if the kitten was there, yet when he opened the door he was greeted by nothing but the workstation in an empty room.

He was running out of ideas and energy, his breathing had become hard and more sweat were dripping on his face. [I damn it.. shouldn't have left him.] It was at the heat of the moment kind of thing, that he had closed off himself to his surroundings to calm down. And this was his consequences, he had gotten his self to the kitten, as it reminded of him in his younger years. [I I'm going to resort to one last option.] As he shoved his hand down his jacket's pocket to feel the crumpled up paper, he felt relieved before heading to the gates of their school. His home is slightly far from here, and he has to take the school bus to get there, waiting for the damn bus was not an option as he clearly didn't know where Yosuuke lived. Seeing a group of women just hanging out, and talking to their group of friends at the brick wall of the school, he swallowed his pride and asked if he could borrow one of their phones. Of course he would have gotten strange looks as if to say "why would they" or "are you sure you won't steal it?" Like why would he when he has one and just left it out of him being late? He furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration and was to retort when he felt something metally yet small being tapped sideways on his arm to get his attention. He was to tell the intruder off and doesn't have time to mess with them when he saw who it was, he was in doubt on whether to accept the offer. "You need it dont you?" Said the intruder with a monotone voice, his gaze shifted from the phone to the brunette.

"You have my thanks..." he actually hesitated to see if the man was genuine but he was just being stared down at intensely, he looked away and quickly swiped the phone from the man's hands before taking out the crumpled paper which caused a raised eyebrow from the brunette. "So.. what happened to your phone?" Golden orbs never left the paper, as he punched in the number to call Yosuuke. "Left it." Was his blunt reply which he received a grunt of confirmation from the male. It would have been wiser to send him a text, but that means staying with this guy for a bit longer he weighed his options but found out he doesn't have too many.

So he texted Yosuuke instead, {{Yosuuke is the kitten with you?}} As his thumb hovered over the send button, it was lacking but he couldn't just assume he was with the odd male. So he pressed the send button, "so the guy from earlier..." he couldn't help but he sensed the brunette was making small talk with him. " It's none of your business.. thank you for the help I appreciated it." He leaned his back on the wall, waiting would be gruesome but he welcomed the silence.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 7d 6h 20m 13s
Yosuuke felt his chest tighten by what Hiroshi was suing. Each word stung him as the male assumed why Yosuuke hated demons. [i You have no idea what I’ve been through...who are you to stand up for demons in such a way. You have no idea what or who I am...] Yosuuke thought and stopped playing his guitar. It was clear that Hiroshi was upset but so was Yosuuke. He didn’t say not one word. He just listened to Hiroshi speak and then rush off like a child.

A burning sensation filled his chest, anger was something he couldn’t control well. Yosuuke felt his human side diminishing. His teeth sharpened, his red eyes grew even more red behind the contacts, his skin grew a bit more pale and his hair lightened. The kitten began to back away from him in fear. [i Not here...don’t do it. Control yourself! You are not your father!] with a soft sigh his appearance began to return to normal. He looked like a human again. Once he was back to normal the kitchen meowed which caused Yosuuke to look towards the kitten. “Great...he forgot you...” Yosuuke stands up and packs up his things. “Maybe if you stay at the school he’ll find you again.”

Yosuuke didn’t want to take the kitten. He didn’t know what to do with it or how to take care of it. Hell he was scared if he lost control he might eat it and that would turn his stomach once he changed back from being a demon. As he walked away the kitten began to follow him. [i Should I run?] slowly he picked up speed and started running off, the small kitten did his best to keep up but it wasn’t enough. He started to fall behind which made him meow as if calling out to Yosuuke to wait for him. [i Dammit...] Yosuuke stopped and waited for the kitten. He then picks him up. “Fine you can stay with me. Let’s go home...I’m down with the day.” Yosuuke got into his car and drove off to his apartment. He would of sent a text to Hiroshi about the kitten but he didn’t have his number. Hiroshi has his though but Yosuuke doubted the male would call or text him.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 7d 10h 19m 39s
[I Mixed Emotions?]

Hiroshi wanted to pry, ask him how he could possibly have mixed emotions, on the subject, he was no heretic ---just a sympathizer. Yosuuke's words, somehow there was a raging storm inside of him. Was he upset, that he might have thought Yosuuke was different? One who would shun such topic? Did he expect too much? What was there to expect--he shouldn't have opened his mouth and ask that question anyway, of course the man next to him would have [b Mixed Emotions] about the topic. He was asking, what no ordinary man shouldn't. Lest he was looking for trouble from both the school and the authorities. He tried to calm down, calm the storm inside of him, he remained silent and bit his tongue to hold a string of opinions threatening to escape his mouth. He really did tried, he even found the music from the Guitar a master piece. The blonde was impressed, it should have been enough, the music that Yosuuke played was good, but there was a tint of sadness in them.

Whether it was from the topic or an internal struggle, deep within him. Even the odd Yosuuke has a secret to keep, everyone does. He started acting defensive and strange when he asked that question, was he related to them somehow? Did he experience something bad correlating to the demons to speak of them in so much spite? Was he the only one that truly believed that one day they would be able to live in peace and harmony? It was a child's way of thinking, that much is clear but was it so wrong to be hopeful and find like minded people?

"You only hate them, because they're different..." he muttered under his breath, it was so low that it almost mingled with the gushing sound of the wind, different in a way yet also not quite so. He stood up with his head bowed down his bangs covering the dull emotion in his eyes, it seemed he couldn't contain them, it was just that one word that ticked him off [b " I don't care for them."] The male might be speaking from experience, by the way he said things.

"It's not like Humans aren't the same... they put on masks too... Some have done worse things through out the history, yet some are willing to forget and forgive." He shooked his head feeling pathetic, he shouldn't force his opinions on other, as they are entitled to theirs. He just gets heated up on certain topics, that's when his name started being tied too. Also the same time he started to be more conscious to who he shares his ideas with, " life can be so unfair..." he stared at the ground, and luckily the bell had rang giving him an excuse to leave lest he'd run his mouth and ruin the somewhat [b "bearable"] air between them. "If you'll excuse me... I have a class to attend to." Hiroshi wasn't too excited about Physical Education, it was probably about badminton anyway, a sport He wasn't good at--- of course in his internal fury he had made a mistake of leaving the kitten behind, who actually stayed, was it for the love of food or the music no one knows. The kitten's ears fell flat on his head and wondered what could have made the male upsetly so, he looked at Yosuuke and meowed, as if demanding for answers. He would have hissed, but the man did feed him it would have been rude to bite the hand that feeds you, in the kitten's place it could be translated in literation.

Hiroshi found himself walking through the corridors, in a sluggish manner. If only he wasn't so stubborn and accept the offer to go back to eat, he wouldn't be in this situation. He shrugged it off, as he mostly lived his life in starvation when his parents sent him back in this place, he went to the changing room to change into his Pe Uniform and walked to the gym. Sitting in one of the Benches looking worst for wear, only did he notice he left the kitten with Yosuuke when he didn't hear any mewling and something furry rubbing on him. [I Yosuuke wouldn't abandon him... would he?]

Fear started to crept to his spine and stood up and was ready to get off the bleachers and head back out to retrieve the unnamed kitten, but stopped ---completely frozen in his tracks when he heard the squeaking of shoes hitting the polished wooden floor, what was worst than the students flooding the gym but the fact he shared a class with the brunette devil, he made sure to sit back down and quickly looked down so only ashen blonde tufts were in view he could be easily mistaken for someone else, [I please don't let him see me.]

The one thing he hoped was, he didn't share the same class as Yosuuke, he couldn't face him after that cold yet silent outburst.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 7d 13h 46m 42s
He whole conversation was tense, Yosuuke could feel his body tighten and his blood boil a bit. He didn’t like this feeling. He didn’t like talking about his other half. Demons were disgusting to him, they were foul and deserved to die but then again...that would mean he deserved to die. [i My hate for demons comes from my father and the demon that killed my mother. I have met nice demons...I have met some that I would call friendly and genuine. Those that chose to eat like humans and not the actual human...like me. I fear if I was to eat a human I would lose my human self and become a complete monster.] Yosuuke shivers at the thought of becoming one with his demon side. It scared him the most.

“I have mixed emotions on the subject.” He mutters not really wanting to talk about the creatures that caused people so much pain. “I tend to find myself wanting them all to die but then again...not all of them deserve to. The evil in this world has yet to be seen. What we see not is nothing compared to what demons could really do.” He stares blankly at his guitar. “I don’t care for them.” He mutters and then he gently began to play his guitar. Instantly he began to remember his mother and the passion he had for his music that he got from her began to pour out into a beautiful melody. Yosuuke was great when it came to music. Most are shocked when they hear him play since it’s never expected for him to be so talented.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 9d 10h 25m 44s
Hiroshi hummed at his response at the cat only being nice so he would be given food, said kitten was nibbling unto the piece of meat until he managed to take the whole damn thing into his mouth and started on munching it. The ashen blonde mAle raised an eyebrow at him, still casting him dountful looks, but maybe Yosuuke did have a point, what was the use of hanging around school campus if you Dont have anyone to share the experience with? He continued to stare at the trees, however his golden orbs would ever so flicker from left to right as if searching for someone, despite scanning the area. He can never be too sure, now that [b “he”] showed up he started to show signs of being on edge, he wouldn’t even hear the male’s small retort to his question earlier if he didn’t feel furry paws, pawing on his arms as if to get his attention. In which confused him, this kitten is way too human like, knowing on how to get his attention, as much as he knew of pets they were usually kept around for good measures—-either to protect the house from burglars and what not.

At this he turned his head to the male and actually tilted his head to the side in a confused manner. “ i beg your pardon?” He needs to pay attention a bit more, he frowned slightly when the Male didn’t have the audacity to look at him, when asking a question the only, question he heard was if he was a supernatural being. A smirk found its way to his lips, oh he was going to make Yosuuke pay for being a smart ass around him, he was this close to telling the male off, probably spitting a [b “do I look like a demon to you?”] however where is the fun in that? He is going to make Yosuuke regret ever asking such an absurd question or even assuming he could have demon blonde in him or those other wordly being. One he wished he did have, but he knew where those people lie and how they are treated in this realm. The smirk left his face, as he remembered the cruel words his parents told him when he told them, his new found discovery he never told it to anyone but it seemed like his [b “friends”] when he was young wasnt exactly human themselves but they weren’t demons either. “ I..” he took a deep breath before forcing the smirk to return, “ maybe I am... after all there really is no way in telling the difference right? Humans fear them, for the unknown they could bring. If anything I feel sorry for them, especially the demons...they aren’t really different from us... if they were humans too they’d be welcome with open arms sadly their choice of food is what they are pretending to be.”

His smirk faded into one of those mixed ones—-in which he was trying to maintain the smirk on his face but it was masked with sadness. “Ironic isn’t it? Demons disguised themselves as Humans to lure their prey in...” he shooked his head as if to diminish the topic, now wasnt really the time to talk about such topics if he said more. The eavesdropping students or passerbys might even take him to see the student council, the sound of the guitar’s string being strummed by the male slightly got him excited, not that he really cared whether the male played his music or not but to witness it for himself, so he could either praise or insult the male is entirely depending on how Yosuuke’s performance is going to go.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 9d 14h 15m 35s
Yosuuke chuckles a bit when he realized that Hiroshi couldn’t play any instruments. He thought it was cute that he was trying to show some interest in their conversation. “Well maybe I can play you something now.” He suggested as he takes his guitar case from his shoulders. He undid the straps and lies the case on the side of him. This guitar was just one of the many guitars he did have in his apartment. He had a variety of instruments on display in his home.

Hiroshi seemed surprised when Yosuuke said he had never been to this spot before. He didn’t even know it existed. He rubs the back of his head a bit embarrassed that he didn’t know of be most popular spot on campus. “Well I usually just go straight to my classes and the. Home...I don’t stick around for any much here.” He explained. [i I have my reasons...] He thought. The kitten began to paw at his hand which caused Yosuuke to move his hand.

“He just likes me for my food. Once I run out I Be he will go back to hating me.” With a small chuckle he hands the kitchen another small piece. “He can have your share since you’re not hungry anymore.” As Yosuuke got ready to share some of his beautiful music with Hiroshi the male asked him if he believed in supernatural beings. This caused Yosuuke to tense up a bit. But of course he did! He was living proof that they were real! [i Do I like to him? I’m sure he can tell...I’m already acting weird around him from the question. Hmmm...] Yosuuke glanced over at Hiroshi. “Yeah I do. I mean we humans can’t be the only beings in the world right?” He smiles a bit and goes back to messing with his guitar. “Why do you ask? Are you a supernatural being? Do you know if someone is one?”
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 10d 3h 29m 52s

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