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Ayame was quick to help Hiroshi up from the ground. She didn’t expect her question to make Hiroshi have that kind of reaction. [i I hope I didn’t freak him out with the question. I mean...I talk about everything. If he doesn’t have feelings then why was his reaction so big?] she thought and then she settled back into her seat with a small smile on her face. Ayame had a feeling that maybe, just maybe there might be some feelings there. She wanted to tell Yosuuke what happened but she knew she couldn’t let Hiroshi know she was on to him.

“They get along with cats. My mom has several and she doesn’t visit me without bringing her two cats along. She’s scared to leave them home along for a few days so my puppies are use to having cats around. Surprisingly they get along just fine.” Ayame said wheat hey started talking about her dogs and Hiroshi’s kitten. As time went on the continued to talk about Yosuuke and his relationship with Hiroshi. To Ayame it seemed like the two were constantly flirting with each other by getting on each other’s nerves. “Don’t you think he’s flirting with you? It’s like when guys have a crush in elements school. They pick on the girl they like I had of treating them nicely. Maybe he likes you and he’s showing t by picking on you?” She arches an eyebrow playfully. “Yosuuke tells me that you get on his nerves too Shi so maybe you’re doibg the same thing. It’s ok you can tell me. I won’t tell your secret.” She giggles softly and sips on her drink. She was having fun talking Hiroshi about casual things she never gets to talk about with anyone.

“Shi-suuke it is the. The nickname name for you and Yosuuke when you’re together.” Ayame was always joking around. When she saw Yosuuke walk out from the back room and towards the stage she smiles. “Yosuuke is free again. I think he’s going to performing.” Just then Yosuuke began to talk to the person in charge of the sound equipment. It took a few minutes for him to get everything settled and hooked up but when he did he went on stage

A loud roar of cheers and chants erupted from the bar. Everyone knew Yosuuke and it was clear that he was well liked. The girls screamed his name at the top of their lungs and it just caused Yosuuke to get a bit shy. He smiles and thanks everyone for coming out to see him play. [i This is going to be a fun nigt] He thought as he began to get into get settled with his guitar. Yosuuke’s face was filled with peace yet happiness. It was clear he felt st home on stage. As he began to play everyone listened to sung along with the song if they knew the lyrics. It didn’t take long for people to be on their feet dancing and just having a good time.

Yosuuke’s voice filled he bar and his amazing skills on the guitar brought people closer to the stay to watch his fingers dance on the strings. Ayame could only smile as she watched Yosuuke her heart fluttered and her body tingled with excitement for him. “This is the part I love about Yosuuke. This energetic and pure side of him.” She said softly. “He belongs hl there.” Ayame sighs softly.
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Hiroshi blinked at Ayame's words especially with the little present he had for her, he smiled cheerfully. He might have been sincere with his smiles, around the woman but he really couldn't place a finger on why he felt so comfortable with her. He waved it off as if it was nothing, "don't worry about it ayame-san, I do this kind of things most of the time..." he kind of started getting sheepish, and shyly rubbed the back of his neck as he stared at the table. "I guess... my father beat the manners into me, he taught me it's always important to give gifts to acquaintances while visiting them." He nodded, his face was contorted into pure seriousness. As if he was mentally checking if he had that right, "Well... somewhere along those lines." He chuckled before, his golden orbs widened at the sight of the adorable little puppies, on the woman's screen, he couldn't help but let out a small gush of [b "awww"] escaped his lips. They were so cute, and They were well taken care of too. [I 'those Yorkies really are lucky to have Ayame-san as their parent.']

He sometimes heard news of well bred dogs being forced to live a life unleashed, and looking around the streets just because their owners or once proud parent /s, didn't want them anymore. He despised those kind of people, the same questions would always invade his thinking space, [b 'why bother adopt, when your going to abandon it anyway?] Or to [b 'raise them and leave them as strays afterwards so the dog catchers can place them in pounds.] He'd do anything to have the power of reading people's minds so that his mission is to save, puppies and kittens alike from being abducted from the streets or adopted by people who wouldn't want them when their older. People who'd see them as a nuisance; Ayame and Yosuuke were the only people he knew who actually cared about having a pet. " I'd bring Yoh over to meet them, so he can leave the house every now and then... but I doubt they 'd like a cat around..." not only that, what would Yosuuke say? He'd probably instill fear in the poor kitten' s heart. [I I should probably scratch that out... the park wouldn't be so bad...]

He looked over at that second to the eldest of the pups, and was a bit surprised someone so small and so cute, can be a troublemaker. "You had it tough huh, ayame-san.." He patted her shoulder in a rather comforting manner, just to boost her spirits just a little, "he'll grow out of it, it could be a phase." Just looking at them makes him want to meet them, his weakness for cute and adorable things were starting to kick in. Even the blonde had noticed the music would change every now and then, but he was busy paying attention with the woman in front of him to pay any heed to the musicians, however when it came for her to answer the question about her dating Yosuuke. She disregarded the fact that, she had any romantic feelings for him, and saw him only as she worded as a [b "boy toy"] he wasn't expecting such an answer from her, but the sincerity in her voice had erased all thoughts of her liking Yosuuke in that way.

Not to mention, his plans were ruined. He was planning on befriending Ayame so he could learn much from her, and use it to hook her and Yosuuke up. Friends were supposed to have each other's back, but somehow deep inside he felt relieved; that one annoying voice in his head started to celebrate all on its own. It was frustrating to know, He'd have to scrap every idea in his head. The blonde tilted his head, "28 isn't that old Ayame-san you still have a life ahead of you." However he is anything if not stubborn, as he was to comment on it, she mentioned the good traits of the man and the reason why she believed it wouldn't work out between them. The fact that Ayame had used a low-key term for being good in bed did make him flushed slightly, how could he tell her, he had experienced it firsthand? Albeit minus the part where they really did the "deed" but he was just judging this according to Yosuuke's brief conversation of what transpired that night.

That just seemed to flash in his head unwillingly, he averted his gaze to the ground for a while. [I 'she's actually so open and confident saying this things in public...'] he couldn't blame her, he was the one who was CURIOUS AND no one can hear them due to the music being played and people minding their own business. After hearing the question if he liked Yosuuke, that made him actually lost his balance on the chair he was sitting on the question caught him off guard. Before he knew it, he was already leaning on the chair, with its back on the ground he might have pushed himself unconsciously in an attempt to stand up and excuse himself to go to the bathroom. However that failed as well, he groaned as he gently got up, was he going to keep embarrassing himself in front of Ayame? He made sure to pat off some dust that clinged to his clothes before he helped the chair to stand upright again. "Just a moment.." He seemed to recollect his thoughts, was he suppose to answer her question?

With his blonde eyebrows furrowing in slight frustration not at the female, but more directly at himself. He would have outright and said no, but ever since that talk they had three days ago, the mention of the Idiot's name made his stomach churn, as if their were butterflies fluttering in them. He let out a deep sigh and ran his fingers through his blonde hair in slightly frustration. "Its not that I like him perse... to be honest there's no word to describe how I feel for him, he gets on my nerves and makes me want to choke him on most occasions but..." He let his bangs fall back into his forehead, as a slight fond glow shimmered through his golden orbs. "There's this side of him, that can be really sweet and kind...and caring. " he then frowned knowing the taller male would have enjoyed getting a rise from him more than anything, he crossed his arms and snarled. "But He'd rather get under my skin, than be on my good side."

He then realized he might have said too much, as he opened his mouth to rebuke it, Ayame had asked him if he had a pet, in which he sighed in relief for the change of topic. "Well.. not really, but i definitely love cats and dogs. Especially shiba inu, they are just so cute, you can smoosh their cheeks." He pointed out, in which he chuckled nervously, Ayame probably wouldn't understand what he probably meant, the taller man was getting to him as much as he would like, he might have said something pretty childish without him noticing. So he decided to demonstrate, and he started to place his hands on his cheeks and started to squish them gently. "Like this..." He then quickly let go of his cheeks, and just wanted to crawl beneath the table, [I seriously what are you doing?!! Your 22 act like your damn age.] He most likely would have just told Ayame to hold that thought when he was receiving such a weird vibe from her, she has a look on like Naomi does. Once she started combining his and Yosuuke's names together, he gently laid his cheek on the edge of the table.

He didn't even notice the footsteps heading their way nor the sound of the beverage and food being placed on the table, as his heart was beating faster once again. [I and here I though Yosuuke will be the death of me...] "ayame-san please don't make this more embarrassing..." He pouted slightly, then it was replaced by a quick smile. "Although... shi-suuke does have a nice tone to it." He muttered lowly.


The tenseness between the two seemed to get thicker and thicker, the brunette seemed adamant, to leave things as it is, however the gestures from Yosuuke were evident, he closed his eyes before allowing the brief conversation; most likely one sided conversation to take place before he felt the pat on his shoulder, and Yosuuke telling him to have fun, his brown orbs trailed after the male's back before smirking slightly. He shall make this game a little more interesting, he walked towards the door leading to the exit. But before Yosuuke could leave, he gently placed his hand on the male's shoulder blade. "Ah yes one more thing, you looked like a man who's curious of my relationship to his yes? I guess you could say... I USED to date him, for a friend you are rather concerned of his well being.." He then let go and patted his back. "Break a leg then." He opened the door before waving a cheerful goodbye, directed towards Yosuuke.

As he made his way back to their table, he took a glance to where Hiroshi was still having a chat with a woman, he seemed to be quite active this days. His upper lip corner twitched upward before it resumed it's usual straight line, as he grabbed a bottle of beer and sat next to a rather impatient satoshi, "just how long are we gonna wait?" Motaru tilted his head up, as he brought the bottles head to his lips and took a good I'm swing before removing the bottle from his lips. "Wouldn't be too long now." He might have low keyed lied to Satoshi about meeting a client when in reality, he heard from Naomi. Hiroshi was going somewhere, it was just pure coincidence he had guessed which bar it was.
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Ayame couldn’t help but feel giddy, she was having drinks with a guy she really liked and wanted to be friends with. Hebhad also brought her sweets so she was in a very good mood. “You’re so sweet Shi. I would gladly acedpt all the sweets you bring to me.” She smiles cutely and closes her box. She wanted to save some for when she got home. Being drunk and eating sweets was best to her. [i He really didn’t have to. I really am glad he came though.] She thought and glanced at the blond haired male. Ayame could tell he was a bit nervous but that just made Hiroshi even cuter in her eyes. [i I can see why Yosuuke likes to be around him. He’s adorable but Yosuuke said he could be a bit of a fire cracker as well.] Ayame giggled softly to herself.

When Hiroshi asked about her Yorkies she couldn’t help but smile even wider. She loved her yorkies, she considered them family. “They’re dogs. I have two boys and one girl. Nanami is two years old, Blaise is one and little Jasper is four months. He’s the baby.” She pulls out her cell phone and shows Hiroshi a picture of all of her yorkies. It was clear that they were spoiled rotten. It’s not like Ayame had anyone else to give her time to so she didn’t mind giving all of her attention to her babies. “Blaise is so bad. He tears up everything but it’s ok I guess.” She puts her cell phone w away and pushes her long hair back. “Do you have any pets Shi? If you don’t, what kind of animals do you like?” Ayame just wanted to get to know Hiroshi more.

It wasn’t long that Hiroshi was commenting on her life which made her feel more important than she did before. When he mentioned her dating Yosuuke she giggles softly and shakes her head. “That could never happen. I mean don’t get me wrong, Yosuuke is very good looking and amazing when it comes to being intimate but he’s more like a boy toy. I’m at the stage where I want someone older or at least close to my age. Yosuuke is still in school and is so young. I want to get married and start a family.” Ayame said honestly. “But there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun here and here with my little crush. I think he feels a bit bad that it was just like a one night stand kind of thing. He shouldn’t though. I had fun, he had fun. No worries, no stressing. I still want to be his good friend and everything.” Before she could talk about Nao the demon returned with their drinks and good. “Leave a good tip~” He said and winks before walking off. [i Hmm Yosuuke has been talking to the guy for awhile now.] Nao thought. Of course he notices everything Yosuuke did.

Ayame works on her drink when Hiroshi mentioned Yosuuke. “He’s been gone for some time. Maybe he’s talking about music. He gets so lost in conversations that have to do with music. He better hurry back since he’ll be up soon.” Ayame glanced at Hiroshi. “Do you like Yosuuke Shi? I mean you two would look so adorable together!” She started picture He two and began to think about some of her favorite yaoi anime and manga. Ayame was a total fan girl of the two now. “Shi-suuke or Hiro-suuke or Hiro-Yo or Yo-Shi! Oh how cute, Yoshi it is.” He young women couldn’t help but smirk. She wanted to tell Yosuuke the nickname she came up for him and Hiroshi.


Yosuuke was definitely getting an odd vibe from the male. [i Why does he even want to talk to me? I don’t get it. I thought he was going to just tell me a bit more about Hiroshi and why he’s so guarded. I got a little information but it was definitely not what I was expecting. I don’t like him. Not at all.] He thought and shifts a bit. “I don’t know how I want this conversation to go. I just thought things would be less...weird. You’re weird. You’re whole demeanor is confusing but I mean thanks for He information you gave me about Hiroshi.” He smiles a bit. “Have fun there Matsu.” [i Best to cut this off quick.] Yosuuke places his hand on the brown haired male’s shoulder before walking off to the door to exit the room.
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Hiroshi could only clear his throat, Ayame did manage to get that Right, if anything he was the one that used to yell at the tall man. But to think Yosuuke would yell at Nap, he had seen it first hand, he wasn't sure if he'd call himself lucky he wasn't in the bartenders position. He played nervously, with his fingers that was situated beneath the table, placing his left thumb on top of his right one. What if Nao wasn't lying, and actually meant what he said? Besides even if there was no date of their aforementioned "date" he just find it quite suspicious that Yosuuke would be leaving for a couple of days-- if he was wouldn't it be better to bring You with him? The kitten might be a little too bored staying at Yosuuke's house all the time, waiting for him to return. [I I'll probably take him out for some funtime at the beach] just the thought of the calming sound of the waves washing over burning sands, brought a genuine smile on his face. [I but then he'd probably wouldn't enjoy the sights more than I would.]

One of a cons for having a cat or kitten with you, since they're not too fond of the water at all, the least he wanted was the kitten to have a phobia of the large bodies of water--mainly the beach. He perked up when Ayame took the glass from his hands, watching her with careful golden orbs as the mouth of the glass met glossed one's. He was hell bent on thinking Nao has spiked it, but breath a sigh of relief at the proud tone in the woman's voice. There was nothing wrong to be wary with someone you barely met and was already calling him as "shi" or "Hiroshi" for that matter, what did had him raising a slight eyebrow; was Ayame calling him by his nickname. He could only think of the culprit who gave her the idea. "Oh? Am I right to assume Nao is under your tutelage then? Ayame-san?" He grinned brightly at her, he could already feel the slight pain on his cheek muscles and jaw from smiling too much. He saw Ayame called upon a waitress to relay a message to Nao, staring at his now empty glass he couldn't help but lightly chuckle, what meant to be a sip turned out to be more than that but he didn't mind either way.

He needed more of the woman's positive energy, and for the first time did he truly enjoy being in a female's company without being scolded here and There, seeing Nao walking towards them, he had a mind to ask Nao if they can join them but he had distracted both of this bars worker, as it is. He's rather not distract another one, he only nodded at the assumption that he had drank the alcohol till the last drop. " It was a rather good one, I'd like another one... thank you." He watched as the two interact for a bit, wondering what flat breads we're, he opened his mouth to ask but decided he could ask later, by the sound of it. It could be akin to a pizza of some sort, he did hear words of "toppings" in there. He brought his attention to Ayame once they were alone watching her stuff her face with a brownie, "I'll make sure to buy you a box of brownies next time." He liked seeing Ayame just glow in pure bliss.

The blonde however shooked his head in protest, Ayame was one of the interesting people he had met. Although her appearance did not define who she was, and he was glad to hear that he was right about her. "Banish the thought Ayame-san, I would have never guessed you were at the age of 28, you look a lot younger than that." The woman's hobbies aren't anything to scoff at either, to think she used to figure skate." There's nothing wrong if you can't sing, sometimes just a guitar will do just fine." He wasn't too fond of the music that the people put out on tv this days, with all of those Korean songs on the air waves, even on the music app he had installed on his phone. So he could listen to the songs pleasing to his ears on the go, yet it seemed he could never free his ears from these so called [b "kpop"] from invading their country. They are the real threat that should vanish, if he voiced out his opinions on them he'd surely incite the wrath of those fangirls.

Although he was quite curious with those Yorkies, were they a breed of dogs? To clear out this confusion he took a deep breath. Before releasing it gently. " are Yorkies... some kind of a breed?" He tilted his head in confusion, if that was the case then he'd probably look at what they'd look like they sound like fluffy and cute beings; ready to be snuggled at any given time. What quite surprised him was Ayame being single, he find that hardly to believe. She was a gorgeous woman how could a man ever let this kind of woman passby? He had seen the owner of this establishment too, albeit it was a rather quick glance he clearly didn't get the chance to really asses him and his looks. But he sounded like a rather nice man, he wondered why Ayame had stayed didn't it hurt her to do so? Or has she moved on? [I a work crush huh?] He find that hard to believe. As a small laugh left his lips, it wasn't malicious but rather quite the opposite. " I wouldn't be surprised If you guys suddenly started dating." He then waved his hands back and forth as if to placate any offense he might have made.

"I am quite serious though, Ayame-san I guess I wouldn't mind him dating you.." He then leaned in closer and whispered in the woman's ear. "Rather than Nao that is." He snickered slightly before reclining back to his chair, those two were rather gone for quite some time now. His golden orbs looked towards the direction, where Yosuuke and Motaru had vanished into. His brows furrowed in worry, the small creases formed in his forehead. "Don't you think they've been in there for quite some time now?" He knew Motaru the most, he wouldn't take his sweet time in talking to someone he barely just met, he had a bad feeling in his stomach but he trusted the brunette not to do anything idiotic around Yosuuke.

Motaru raised an eyebrow at the slight change of pace of their conversation was the man in front of him. Did not want to get to know Hiroshi a bit more? Hearing such response did make his smile widen, he hadn't expected the male to take the bait. Yet he showed no emotion at all during their little heart to heart chat. Surely it would be rather different if a certain short blonde was to join them, then maybe this conversation would be a bit more interesting. His smile slowly started to fall, and yet there was one stubborn muscle in his lip that remained upright, giving him an impression of a crooked grin. " I believe I got the answer I was looking for, I merely wanted to know who you are to Hiroshi." Now the thought of Hiroshi finding out, that the male had somewhat agreed to being a heartless person. Was something he quite enjoyed, it had gotten to his nerves that they seemed to be joined at the hip, but for this past days he watched Hiroshi rather being on edged and refused to accept the knowledge of his presence without this man. It irritated him, seeing as the man had other expectations.

"Oh? Please do tell, how you rather want this conversation to progress?"
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Ayame giggles softly when she heard Hiroshi explain that he didn’t think his relationship with Yosuuke cane off as smooth. “Well I don’t see Yosuuke yelling at you the way he yells at Nao. The vibe is totally different. I mean I can tell he actually likes being around you.” She giggles again. “There’s nothing wrong that. Yosuuke is a nice guy, a bit naive in some ways but nice.” Ayame looked at Yosuuke as a little brother in most ways. She was always hoping for the best for him and not wanting to see him sad about anything. “Nao just always rubs him the wrong way. I feel bad for Yosuuke. Nao can be a bit annoying.”

Within a few seconds she finished her drink and eats a small piece of a brownie that she had in her box of sweets. “This was so nice of you.” She said softly and then she looks at Hiroshi’s drink. She gently takes the glass from him and sips on it. “Oh Nao did well. It’s perfect.” Ayame has been training Nao to be a bartender and she had to admit he was learning quickly. “We should get another drink. I want what you have now.” She smiles and then calls over a waiter. “Can you get Nao for me?” The waitress nods and walks off to find the flirty, happy demon. It didn’t take long for him to arrive. “More drinks?” “Yes please. I want what you made Shi.” “Ahh so you liked it? Did you like it Shi?” Nao looks at him and smiles. He knew Hiroshi enjoyed the drink since he had finished all of it. “I’ll be back with two more.” “Oh can you bring us flat breads?” “All the toppings?” “Yes Nao. Thank you~” Ayame was going to give him a nice tip when she finished with Hiroshi. When they were finally alone she plus with a few strands of her hair. “I’m not all that interesting. I mean I’m 28, I have my own house, I don’t have a boyfriend but I have three small yorkies. I like to go ice skating, I can actually play the guitar but I can’t sing, um...I use to date the owner of this place, Yosuuke is my little work crush but it’s nothing serious.”

Meanwhile Yosuuke wasn’t sure if his conversation with Matsu. [i Who I really am? What is he trying to get at? Hm...I don’t like where this is going.] He thought and straightens himself out a bit. “What do you mean?” He asked simply. Of course he wasn’t going to come out and say he was half demon but Yosuuke could tell Matsu wasn’t a demon either. As the brown haired male continued to talk about Hiroshi Yosuuke didn’t show much emotion even if he didn’t like what he was hearing. “His constant taunting of me does make him quite heartless.” He said just messing around with Matsu. “I don’t think this conversation is going the way I thought it would so let’s keep it short. What do you want?” He asked simply. Yosuuke could tell Matsu was up to something or at least trying to get information from him.
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The blonde shooked his head as if to tell Yosuuke to do as he liked, as of the moment, he wanted to get to know Ayame a bit more. There was something about the big busted woman, that caught his attention. It would have been her appearance or it could be totally something different, was it the woman's personality? He lifted the glass to his lips once more, as fading footsteps left the area. His golden orbs stared at the retreating backs of the two males. Probably going to talk about who knows what. The churning feeling never left his stomach, but he trust Motaru not too foolishly give out information of some sort, but the Idiot was never good at subtlety. He returned his attention to the woman before him, Hiroshi gave her a smile of gratitude before sitting next to her on a high chair. The words that escaped the woman's lips had him raising one of his eyebrows. " Yosuuke and Mine's relationship are many things to describe. I hadn't realized we gave off the [b "getting along"] fine." He hadn't intentionally rebuked the woman's view of them.

Nor did he want Ayame to get the wrong idea, just like that idiot, who seemed to get on his nerves by assuming he and Yosuuke were a couple. One could tell, the short blonde would sooner rip the male's throat that be in a romantic relationship. But those words that Yosuuke had said a few days ago, nagged at him--as if to keep him in place. Gritting his teeth, at his own thoughts he sipped another stuff of the alcohol Nap had whipped for him. Staring at the odd sweet drink, perhaps Ayame could shed some light and bestow her knowledge on this kind of beverages it was her field of experience after all. "Ayame-san is this drink supposed to taste like this?" He handed out his own drink to the woman, as if to offer some of it and he was gladly to do so. The taste of the drink lingered in his tongue, and as much as he hated to admit. He'd have to ask Nao to whip him another One, because it was too good and just up his alley.

The lights of the bar caught the blondes attention while waiting for Ayame to accept his offer. The smell of alcohol from nearby patrons filled this side of the room, making him turn away from the scent, it was enough to make him want to frown. He wasn't joking when he was fond of bars, it was noisy and the music was too loud, this bar was an exception perhaps due to the place reminding him of a lounge bar than one where people go to. To have fun and get wasted, or to get picked by guys for a one nightstand and what not. Watching other waiters and waitresses handing out the drinks to respective people and their tables along with food and snacks that was paired to their drink. He had noticed that he might have been distracted and that wouldn't sit well with the beautiful woman next to him, with a polite smile, he had decided on a most common question to know someone. "Tell me more about yourself Ayame-san." He just hoped he had said that in a more louder voice, just enough to slightly pierce the jazz music coming from the speakers due to the performers on stage.

Meanwhile Motaru had left thinking about the things running through this man's head. He had definitely hadn't expected for him, to come with him freely and speak privately. Nor did he expect Hiroshi to be quiet and ignore his presence all together, walking deeper into a room or a backstage of some sort. Maybe it was a storage room, seeing the packed instruments still in their cases, it wasn't hard to figure them out. He has a knowledge about instruments despite being the son of the police task force. A small chuckle left his lips, " oh trust me, I wasn't expecting bumping into you either or Hiroshi for that matter. It just seems a client had chose this place to discuss some certain matter." He closed his eyes in disdain, said client hadn't arrived at the appointed hour, he could already feel his partner's passive annoyance while sipping that bottled beer straight from the bottle's mouth. An amused smirk graced his quite boyish features, as if he had expected such bluntness coming from the man.

"Ah yes... of course, before I tell you about Hiroshi, have you told him who you really are?" He tilted his head, and gave him a closed eyes smile. The smirk being masked by such equally amused smile plastered on his face. If he has questions to ask of him, so be it. Back then his real intention was to warn Yosuuke not to get to close to the short blonde, it wouldn't do Hiroshi any good to get involved with half breeds. "Well.. Hiroshi is quite a character isn't He? I suppose there's one thing you should know about him. Don't take his words to heart... he's a very good at lying after all it's second nature to him. He is cruel and quite heartless if I may add." He wanted to add [b "He wasn't like that before his brother died "] but he might have been boring the male. "My name? You can call me Matsu or Mato if you'd like, now I am rather piqued with your questions. " if he wanted he could have said more harsh things to push the male's buttons a theory to whether see if Yosuuke had been dormant, or was he responsible for such disappearance .
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Yosuuke found it a bit odd that Hiroshi was denying the cookie he was being offered. The other night he was eating cookies like a mad man but he didn’t argue with him. He decided to just munch on one himself. He was just glad that Nao finally left them alone. Yosuuke wanted to return home safely from the trip to the demon world. He wanted to see Yoh again and his co workers. Hell , he wanted to see Hiroshi again even though they weren’t that close. [i I’m glad he’s going to take care of Yoh for me. The little guy does t like to be alone.] He thought and smiles at Hiroshi.

“Thanks you Shi. I’m glad I can count on you. Yoh is going to love having you with him most of the time. He hates being alone but I’m sure he’ll grow out of it.” Yoh was still just a kitten so he didn’t like to be alone and he always wanted to play. “Please don’t burn my home down.” Yosuuke chuckles and bushes Hiroshi a bit. Ayame giggles herself as she watched the two. “You guys really do get along well. How cute.” She smiles. Yosuuke was going to respond to her but Hiroshi began to talk about not wanting to go over to his brown haired friend.

“I don’t see why not.” Yosuuke said but then he noticed that Hiroshi wanted to stay with Ayame. He shrugs a bit and nods his head. “Yeah Ayame doesn’t like to be alone either.” “He’s my friend Yosuuke.” She teased and pats the seat next to her so Hiroshi can sit down. Yosuuke began to make his way over to the brown haired male but he didn’t get far since the male was already in front of Yosuuke. “Oh...well I’m definitely not Shi’s Boyfriend. We’re just friends.” Yosuuke said simply. He was a bit caught off guard by the assumption that was made but he made sure to quickly dismiss it. “Yeah let’s talk in private.” He leads the brunette to the back room where they kept all the equipment at. No one was in there so he closes the door and looks at the male.

“I didn’t expect to run into you here. So what is it that you wanted to tell me about Hiroshi?” He asked and crossed his arms. “I have a few questions for you as well.” Yosuuke didn’t want things to be tense. It was rather odd that this male wanted to tell Yosuuke about the short blonde. [i What could t be about? I wonder if it’s really important or just some stupid drama gossip shit.] He didn’t take his eyes away from the male before him. He didn’t even know his name. “I’m Yosuuke by the way.” He said just wanting to get The Who introductions thing out of the way. “What can I call you?”
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 50d 15h 12m 40s
The blonde couldn’t believe his ears, was he still talking to the same Yosuuke as before? Or for momentarily when he addressed Ayame, he had forgotten he was there? His heart skipped a bit, and his cheeks flushed the color of pink on his cheeks. The words shouldn’t have any effect on him—and if he was honest it confused him greatly. Why did he have to compare him, with nao? There was nothing of an outstanding quality, he gently clutched his pants, trying to desperately not to get flustered. But his brain himself wasn’t making it easy on him, that one word seemed to fester in his already muddled brain. When he was offered with the sweets, his golden orbs landed on the cookies, it came to a surprise to himself to deny such treats. “No... I am rather not fond of them.” But knowing Ayame seemed to be fond of the sweets, was actually one thing he enjoyed, he could secretly keep on giving her treats while enjoying her company and some good alcohol. He was flattered for a moment, being considered to be the woman’s best friend, although he had assumed it was just due to the after effects the sweets gave a person. “Ah.. you are too kind Ayame-san, but I wouldn’t have known a way to your heart, if it wasn’t due Yosuuke’s advice .”

He couldn’t take all the credit, now can he? He was the type to give out credits to someone’s dues. It just felt off, and that feeling would leave an aching guilt in his chest. Hearing footsteps heading their way, and a familiar voice had called Yosuuke[b “love”] had really left a big question in his head, was Yosuuke really acting for show? Was all of this an act? But he remembered the hatred burning in Yosuuke’s blue orbs the moment he was dragged out of the bar. He remembered clearly the way Nao had looked at them, when he did. [I could it be.. Nao actually likes Yosuuke? But wasn’t sure how to show it to him properly?] the man’s antics was getting to him. It was far from annoying, but there must be a reason why he liked seeing Yosuuke into a fuming mess. The sound of a chair being pushed back abruptly, next to him accompanied by an angry tone from the taller man next to him showed that Yosuuke was at the breaking point.

His golden orbs fixated on the now placed drink that Nao had concted up for him, he watched it with careful conduction, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He gently took the chilled drink, and took a sip from it, letting the slushed drink sit in there for a moment it was definitely tangy. A bit of sweetness in it, he wondered if this was vodka with lemon or orange juice mixed in there somewhere, but the liquor seemed to blend well with the juice and tasted almost non existent. As if he was just drinking some beach juice on a warm sunny day, he almost didnt want to listen to the Jibe Nao was making, but his ears seemed to enjoy the conversation. [I go with the flow, huh.] he took another sip, letting the bar music fill his ears instead, droning out of the conversation until Pitter patter of footsteps seemed to blend with the music.

He had assumed Nao had the courtesy to leave and attend to important matters instead, Hiroshi turned his attention to Yosuuke, when he felt something heavy on his shoulders. He blinked once or twice making sure he heard that right, the man was to be away for a couple of days, he wanted to ask about his plans for school and Yoh, but it seemed like he got the kitten covered. A small smile graced his lips, and here he was thinking the man has no faith in him at all, but he made the mistake of letting him in his house. He was going to trash the damn house, well of course that was an exaggeration. “There’s no need to ask, I will do my utmost best, to take care of the little cutie while you’re away and to make sure not to burn your house too while you’re at it.”he retorted playfully, all he had to make sure is to get his focus again. What happened with the cookies was an accident, up to this date he still blamed Yosuuke for that, however in the past days at home ed, he had been retaking his family’s name and caused less trouble for the laboratory no more harmed or burnt food was involved.

As he was about to take another sip of his drink, his golden orbs widened at the thought of Yosuuke actually having a conversation withMotaru and how did he see him from here? When they were on the other side of the bar? His shoulders tensed and the grip he had on the glass might have toghtened, he ran his thumb on the base of the glass. He was worried, about Yosuuke the most, and what he has in stored. Knowing Motaru, he’d entertain any guests or people that would approach him, or the ones he would approach first. He finally had the courage to tilt his head up at the male, a smirk plastered on his face. “Why not go there by yourself? Motaru is a kind man, there’s no need for me to make a scene in your workplace either.” He then stared at the woman beside him who was busy gorging on the delightful cookies. “Besides, I think Ayame-san needs someone to keep her company.”

Meanwhile The brunette had noticed most of the people on the dancefloor had dispersed, taking the bottle of beer in his hand, he was about to take a swig while having his arm around the ravenette’s shoulder. When he noticed a pair of eyes staring right at him, he couldn’t help but turn his attention to the person who was staring right at him. Only to find out it was the male Hiroshi seemed to be fond of, he placed his bottle down, before using the same hand to wave at the taller male and beckon him over. He seemed to have the look of a man, who needed information only he could provide, now he wondered who is this about, he wasn’t a walking encyclopaedia. If he was, he’d already have a lead on the culprit for those women who were [b “spirited away”] and as the son of one of the leaders who built such organization, the burden lies on his shoulders. He could hear a low growl coming from the man next to him, which caught him to gently step on his toes, as a low “vermin” caught his ears attention. A small yowl came from Satoshi’s mouth, and a heated glare sent his way—he will not let the man blow their cover just because he couldn’t keep his act together.

He decided, that leading The man here would be more of a mistake than he primarily thought, so he unlatched his arms from Satoshi’s shoulders and stood up. “You’re serious about confronting this guy?” He could hear the unmistakable worry in Satoshi’s voice, but tjere was something about the mysterious man that told him, he wasn’t responsible for the recent events. If he was Hiroshi would have been on those lists, but he was still hale as ever, so he’d gamble on his chances and use his instincts on this one.He stood up from his comfortable seat, and decided on meeting him, himself. “You’re Hiroshi ‘s boyfriend... arent you?” A boyish grin spread throughout his yellow skinned complexion, for the first time did he see Hiroshi act so calmly, and without being punched for once. This caused the brunette to arched an eyebrow at the ashen blonde male who seemed to ignore both his comment and his presence. [I interesting..] “you don’t mind if we speak privately, yes?”
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 51d 3h 8m 36s
Yosuuke blushed a bit when Hiroshi smooshed his cheeks. He wasn’t sure what his whole thing was about but when Hiroshi mentioned Nao and a date Yosuuke’s eyes narrowed a bit. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I would never go on a date with Nao. I don’t like him at all. He rubs me the wrong way all the time.” Yosuuke looks at Ayame. “What is going on?” “Nao said you asked him out on a date. He seems to be very fond of you Yo.” “Ugh...I never did such a thing Ayame. I would rather go on a date with Hiroshi than Nao.” He said honestly.

Slowly Yosuuke opened his gift and smiles when he sees the sweets. “Thanks Shi. Why don’t you take one. Eat one with me.” He opens his box so Hiroshi can take one. Ayame was already stuffing her face with the sweets Hiroshi gave her. “Shi-San is my new best friend.” She giggles. Soon Nao returns and hands Hiroshi and Ayame their drinks. “Oh hi love.” Nao said to Yosuuke and hugs him. Yosuuke stands up and moves away from Nao. “Can you stop doing that? You know I don’t like you. Why would you tell them I asked you out on a date?” Nao chuckles since he knew he caused problems. He loved to be problematic. “Listen Yosuuke I know you secretly like me. Let’s just go with the flow of things ok. I’ll go get you a drink.” He walks off.

Sitting back down Yosuuke groans softly. [i He’s crazy. He’s really delusional!] He thought and sips on Ayame’s drink. “Hey!” She pouts cutely and takes the drink from Yosuuke. The two chuckle happily. “I didn’t mean to ignore for the past few days Shi. I just have a lot that I’m dealing with. I also might be gone for the next few days...is there anyway you can watch over Yoh? You can stay at my place. I trust you.” Yosuuke was t even sure if he was coming back to human world. He didn’t know what Nao had planned. “Please forgive. I do appreciate our friendship. You’re a good friend.” Yosuuke gently places his hand on Hiroshi’s shoulder. [i Hopefully he’s not mad at me anymore. I really didn’t mean to cause him any stress.]

Yosuuke looks off in a different direction as he waited for Hiroshi to respond but then he saw the brown haired male from school. [i That’s the guy that approached me at school about Hiroshi. Hmm I wonder if I should go over to him.] “Hey Shi isn’t that your friend?” Yosuuke asked and pointed to him. “Let’s go say hi.” He knew Hiroshi would be against it but Yosuuke wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Besides he had a lot of questions and the brown haired male wanted to tell him something the last time they met but couldn’t. This was his chance.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 52d 59m 51s
Hiroshi chuckled at the energetic tone, that was coming from the woman behind the bar. However he didn’t expect such a revealing outfit, all of a sudden he felt over dressed, not to say the outfit doesn’t suit the woman, it hugged her curves. The way her curled hair bounced, as she moved to hug him, he was caught off guard just like earlier, but in a way he was confused and dazed whether he should hug her back. It wasn’t awkward, he wasn’t used to being hug by a woman at all, the only female that had ever hugged him was his mother, Naomi and other family relatives but he was the one usually initiating such a heartfelt action. He hesitated for a bit, until his body relaxed and wrapped his hands around her waist, he patted her back letting out a small chuckle at her words. “I wouldn’t say No to you, Ayame-san!” He was tempted to ruffle those curled hair, just to mess her hardeork in a friendly manner. He highly doubt Yosuuke would lie to her, they shared a couple of moments together, he has high regards for her.

“Yosuuke wouldn’t do that, I don’t think he has the backbone to do so.” He said in a rather playful manner, as he let Ayame dragged him around the packed bar, he’d apologize to people he’d accidentally bump into, or even a small bow of his head as a gesture to placate, the glares headed his way. Once they were finally seated in a table, that has a view of the stage. His golden orbs drifted towards the music, the group of musicians were playing, it was a rather melodious and jazzy feel to it. It made him relax a bit, his feet tapping to the beat, as his golden orbs never left his gaze to the band of musicians on stage. He could tell why Yosuuke refused to become a well known or a famous Musician, he’d miss sights like this, but the music was rather misplaced they should have been putting out tunes in a more upbeat manner than a comfortable one, after all the bar was packed how could people sway to the rhythm of the beat with tunes such as this? But he liked every minute of it.

After a while he had realized he had been spacing off, he chuckled sheepishly as he turned to the beautiful woman next to him, “Ayame-san this is for you..” he gave her one of the boxes, gently removing the one from the top, so it wouldn’t topple over. Nor does he want the sweets to be ruined, he saw how they were placed, and it looked beautiful and just ravishing. The way those danish bread’s costing seemed to gleam at the light, and it was sprinkled with confectioners sugar to top it off, it was an all around treat, on the upper layer were all sorts of treats, brownies, cookies and cupcakes all lined up neatly. He wanted for the woman to see it, as it should be. He was about to give the other box, to Ayame, in hope of her playing along, knowing Yosuuke he Is surely to make such a conceited comment, when he sees the box in his lap, however he was cut short by the woman calling over this “Nao” person, who he assumed as a fellow co worker and bartender under Ayame’s tutelage.

He turned his head as he was being spoken too, the man was quite pretty, his appearance was exotic, his ashen complexion paled in comparison to his own skin tone. Not to mention he was shorter than him, yet he exuberates such confidence and cockiness, his first impression of the man was clear the way he brought himself towards them. “Yes.. that is I, you must be Nao-san a pleasure to finally meet your acquaintance.” Whether they had met before, it was probably when he was tipsy, he would never forget a familiar face, in which it all came to him the more he ovserves his facial features the way he talks, the way his mouth moves. With every word. [I date?...] Unconsciously his ashen blonde brows furrowed in confusion, thinking what the male had said, could be one of the reasons Yosuuke had been ignoring him. Ignored the offer of cooking for him, he forced a smile to seem polite, ignoring this pain in his chest. “Oh? So you’re the reason why we had to cut our brunch date short.. never thought he’d be interested in pretty men.”

If he was honest, he wasn’t looking forward to that drink, who knows what kind of drug he’d slip in there. His smile faltered when Nao turned his back to fix their drink. He turned to ayame, his right eyebrow twitching in annoyance, as he pointed a finger to Nao’s retreating figure. He was messing everything up, now was the chance for him to gain information, and start operation [B “Yosuuke x Ayame”] but then this effeminate man comes along and thought he could steal Yosuuke under Ayame’s nose, not on his watch. He gritted his teeth in annoyance. “Ayame-san.. how could you let someone like [b “that”] steal Yosuuke from you, he’s all body and no rack to begin with!” He was so going to give Yosuuke his piece of mind, when he gets here. His fingers drummed unto the box, quite violently—he tried not to but the thought of Yosuuke asking that cocky piece of man meat, was just ticking him off. Maybe it was also the looks, if Yosuuke wanted to date men, why couldn’t he choose him instead? He practically threw his drunk ass self, in the male’s feet begging to be fucked over.

Then he remembered, he wasn’t attractive not atleast in the male’s eyes. Nor for anyone in that matter, he was all talk, heck even Satoshi managed to seduce the person he used to love—correction still loved, he slightly tilted his head in confusion watching Ayame call someone else, to join them he couldn’t hear as the room got more noisier and the the people in their surroundings were starting to talk to one another, the woman’s voice was drowned out by the noise. The only thing that made him tense was the sound of the chair being dragged next to him, and the creaking noise it produced when it was being sat on. He had hoped it wasn’t motaru or satoshi, he turned his head to his left to see Yosuuke pointing to the box in his hands. Frowning a little, he made a small “hmph”before shoving the box in his arms. He didn’t even hear the word, that escaped the man’s lips—he just had to get this pang out of his chest, he wasnt jealous just frustrated that his plan was another bust.

Forgetting that he was in the male’s workplace and ayame beside him, he placed his hands on the male’s cheeks, he was fond of smooshing his cheeks together, he find that part of the male quite “attractive”, he took a deep breath before furrowing his eyebrows in annoyance. “What’s this “date” thing going on with you and Nao-san? You could have just told me instead of ignoring me for two days, I wouldnt have mind and helped you with searching for a romantic venue!” He released the male’s cheeks, and rested his back on the chair. “Friends shouldn’t hide this kind if things you know.”
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 52d 10h 8m 53s
Yosuuke was running and helping out every where in the bar. He loved this kind of adrenaline rush. His work was always fun and the atmosphere was happy. A few people began to play on stage as Yosuuke worked. He couldn’t help but stop and listen every now and then. This is going to be a fun night. He thought and smiles softly as he picks up a few empty glasses. Ayame was surrounded by people at the bar, she was know for making amazing drinks so she wasn’t surprised by the crowd. She kept looking for Hiroshi as she worked since she wanted to spend some time with him. The two had gotten along quiet well when they first met and she wanted to have another fun time with him.

Hiroshi’s voice could be heard through the music by Ayame. Her bright eyes light up when she sees the blonde male. “Shi-San!” She screamed and waved. She has a few other co workers take over the bar for her so that she could spend time with Hiroshi. The young woman happily comes out from behind the bar and over to Hiroshi. She had a cute skirt on with a corset. Her hair was curled and she had light make up on. “I’m so glad you came! I thought Yosuuke was lying to me for a moment.” She giggles softly and hugs him. “Let’s get a table.” She takes Hiroshi’s hand and leads him to a nice table. Once there she calls for Nao who was taking orders. “Nao get us some drinks please. Something fruity for me.” She smiles and Nao looks at Hiroshi. “Ahh you’re Yosuuke’s friend. Good to see you again.” Nao smirks.

Of course Nao wasn’t really interested in Hiroshi but he figured he could have some fun with the human. “So did you hear? Yosuuke asked me out. So we’re going on a date tomorrow.” “Nao you’re lying and no one cares.” Ayame said rolls her eyes. “Every time Yosuuke is around you he looks so angry and sad. You’re not his favorite person. I know. Trust me.” “Ayame it’s all for show.” Nao smiles and turns his attention back to Hiroshi. “I’ll surprise you a really good drink. Sit tight.” Nao walks off and Ayame giggles softly. “He’s such a character. Yosuuke usually keeps to himself so Nao’s big personality is overbearing for him sometimes.” Ayame glanced around their area to see if she could see Yosuuke. She wanted him to join them.

“Ah there he is.” Yosuuke was standing by the stage just listening to the music and watching the group preform. It was clear he was enjoying himself since he was smiling. “I don’t know anything else other than music that can make him smile like that. Music truly makes him happy.” Ayame calls Yosuuke and whenhe answers she tells him to come to their table. Yosuuke froze a bit when he saw Hiroshi with her but he also felt happy that the blonde was here. As he walked over to them he causally runs a hand through his hair. “You made it. It’s good to see you Shi.” He sits down next to him. “Did you bring me gift?” Yosuuke asked and points to the box.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 52d 15h 25m 9s
The blonde man had already, bought his ticket and fall in line, as the rest of the people before him. He heard another buzz, his fingers wrnt to the pocket where his phone was located, and read the message that was glowing in greenish light. Taking his time to read the message, he arched an eyebrow at the slightly choice of snacks to give to the woman, he hadn’t pegged Ayame to be actually interested in sweets. She seemed to give off tgis aura to like something sour or salty to pair with alcoholic beverages, now she was the living proof of the saying “not to judge a book by its cover.” As he was about to scroll down to look at the other message Yosuuke had sent him, he heard a grumble from the man behind him. Telling him to get a move on, as it seemed the bus driver was also getting his attention. Shouts of “stop holding the damn line!” Echoed throughout the empty bus terminal, as angry or pissed of passengers sent daggers towards his back. He bowed his head in apology, before walking to the bus driver and handing out his ticket. Luckily the seat nearest to the door hasn’t been occupied, so he quickly sat on it.

His golden orbs read the rest of the message, [I he wanted to talk?] in a way, relief flooded over him, finally his mind can now know peace. Yosuuke had just been so restless that it was getting on his nerves, he was out of it most of the time. Even if he would observe from a suitable distance, as not to act or creepily or stalkerish to the other male. Not really sure if he wanted to talk to the man, he couldn’t ignore Yosuuke was trying to fix things. A small hum left his lips as if to even reconsider it, before typing out a response. “Well... as long as you aren’t busy by the time i get there.. then why not? Don’t really wanna hold you up at work.” He took his sweet time, staring at the message, hoping it wasn’t too rude, and it wasnt too soft. The sound of the doors closing, accompanied by the humming of the bus engine, had caught him by surprise and pressed the send button by accident. He silently cursed himself for being indecisive, and always has his thumb hovering on the green button in precaution.

Hiroshi groaned as he rested his forehead at the glowing screen, he should remind himself to lower the brightness, it was one of the reason the batteries drain so fast. As the bus made it’s rounds, Hiroshi found himself staring at a familiar street, not to mention it was almost close to dusk. He’d rather not want to wait for another bus that might never come, as the street flashed on the screen in big bright red letters, he quickly pushed on the yellow strip to signal the bus driver he was getting off at this stop. He got off his seat and walked towards the metallic doors leading to the outside world. He gave the driver a wave of thanks before heading to a nearest shop that might sell either donuts or cupcakes, he even had the mind to bring Yosuuke some. Just a little gift for the small effort, seeing all kinds of pastries shops, displaying such wonderful items had his mouth watering.

He stopped himself remembering, how his father would surely cut his balance off—if he was to know his sweets tryst behind his back. He could live off with his hard earned money every pay day, but he was the one paying for the apartment and the damn electricity and water bills. The only money his father was supplying him, was for food and clothing, there was no “sweets” in his life’s menu. Walking to the cute pastry shop, his golden orbs found the quaint place to be actually comfortable, the color scheme of pink and purple works well with one another. Walking to the counter, to have a closer look at the pastries, his golden orbs scanned between countless of cookies, cupcakes, and a wide variety selection if danish bread. He tapped his chin with his forefinger, choosing a gift for people especially something to consume, was quite hard. He decided to an assorted piece of every sweets and pastries on display, as long as they fit in the box.

He paid for the boxes, and the woman who was serving him was kind enough to wrap a ribbon of string for him to hold on to, she also stacked the boxes, he gave her thanks before leaving the shop. He crossed the street, and made a few walking distance until he arrived at the destination, the bar was already emitting such lively music and not to mention the line was long, he had to wait for a couple of minutes until it was his turn to get inside, just when he was about to pass the bouncer by blending in with the couple in front of him, he was abrupty halted by being grabbed by one of the bouncers. “May I see your I.D.” Being rudely interrupted only to be mistaken as a freaking minor, was unheard of, the last time he checked he wasn’t even that short to begin with. He was about to open his mouth to protest, until his arm was freed from the bouncer. “He’s with us..” his golden orbs widened at the familiarity of the voice, there was just no way “He” was here. A small nod came from the man, before letting him pass. In his state, still quite confused why Motaru was here, he was gently nudged on the back, he snapped out of his reverie and finally had the chance to take the courage to look behind him only to be greeted by a brunette and one of the youngest of the twins. His golden brows furrowed in confusion, [I are they dating?] Satoshi grinned at Hiroshi and ruffled his hair.

“Yooo! Long time no see, didn’t expect you to be into this kind of joint without us.” He recieved an eyeroll from the blonde, “I’m here to visit someone.” Satoshi pouted in dismay, hoping to catch a few drinks with the hothead, but of course he had different plans in mind, “well we’ll be over there if ya need us!” He pointed to the comfy seats in the far right corner, that could seat five to six people, which only made hiroshi nod in return before gently making—more like squeezing his way through a body of people, until he reached the bar area. Holding the boxes close to him as if his life depended on it, he scanned the area for a certain woman but the way the bar was packed it was hard to spot her, so he turned his attention at the bartender—or the one behind the bar to ask if they had seen either ayame or yosuuke to find out the person he was looking for.

“Ayame-san!” He waved at the woman, of course even the bar was packed, how was he able to give her his present at this rate? He should have come at an earlier time. Seeing as Yosuuke also seemed to be busy, he hummed slightly drumming his fingers on top of the boxes, he couldn’t just rudely disturb the customers.”I have something for you!”
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 52d 18h 29m 58s
When Yosuuke got the reply he smiles a bit. “Sweets of course.” He sent back to Hiroshi. There was no denying that Yosuuke had missed Hiroshi. He just had a lot of things on his mind and he was trying his best not to get so involved with Hiroshi. [i I know it’s wrong to just ignore him like this though. He doesn’t deserve it. I just don’t want to end up hurting him in some way. Nao isn’t going leave me alone and if my secret ever got out no telling what Hiroshi would do...] He thought. “Hey when you get to the bar can we talk?” He sent. Yosuuke knew he had to tell Hiroshi what’s been on his mind and that he wasn’t trying to ignore him. Soon he was getting ready for work.

Tonight was Yosuuke’s night to preform again. He had came up with some new material and he was excited to share it with everyone. He was starting to get a bit famous at the bar. People were always asking when he was gong to preform and when he did the place was packed. Yosuuke looked tonight, he had made sure to dress the part for his performance.he made sure to feed Yoh before getting into his car and driving off. “No one can ruin my performing nights for me. Not even Nao.” He mutters as he drove. When he arrived at the bar Ayame was the first to geeet him. “Hmm where is Shi-San?” She asked with a pout. “He’s coming don’t worry.” Yosuuke said and chuckles. “You just like to keep little adorable Shi all to yourself Yo. It’s not fair.” “That’s far from the truth.”

As the two went at it playfully Nao walks over to them and hugs Yosuuke from behind. “So glad to see you in a good mood. You’re always so grumpy around me.” Yosuuke instantly frowns. “That’s because I don’t like you.” Yosuuke said and looks at Ayame. Nao rolls his eyes. “Ayame did you know Yosuuke asked me on a date?” “What?” She asked and Yosuuke’s eyes grew wide. “No I didn’t! Hats a lie, Nao knock your shit off!” Yosuuke glares at him and storms off to the back room. Nao chuckles and smiles at Ayame. “Looks like we’re rivals.” He said playfully. “Yosuuke and I don’t want to date. We just like to have fun but if he’s serious about you he would definitely tell me.” Ayame said and goes back to the bar. She was starting to get a weird vibe from Nao.

Soon the bar began to fill with people. Ayame was constantly looking for Hiroshi as she served drinks to people. Yosuuke helped her out by also working the bar. Tonight was going to be a busy night.
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 54d 14h 55m 48s
After Hiroshi had cooked the meal, he had set the table and told Naomi, to get her ass unto the dining table so they could eat, he wanted to just plummet into his own bed and never wake up, but that would only cause his overly protective cousin to grieve his death, and probably get depressed. He didn’t want her to be another mess like he was, this family was better off with one failure of a child. Naomi has the clandestine family name on her shoulders, what was her father to think of her if he knew she ended up like him? Eating beef broiled stew, has never tasted good on a chilly weather like this, it warms both the body and soul, it helped with his hangover too. Naomi was set on asking him some questions that demanded answers but the blonde man made sure to give them to her curtly. She wasnt inclined to other details that doesnt concern her, nor his wellbeing, it did make him want to drop his habit of accepting a challenge or drinking too much. He didnt need a repeat of last night, as much as Yosuuke had given him enough details, it felt like there was something much more to it, some underlining issue, the man had purposely left out.

If Yosuuke had done so, for reasons he couldn’t recall, why would he bother wanting to know about it? He really was a mess, after their heartfelt and one sided conversation, with the woman glaring at him most of the time, he gave her a half hearted apology. Beyond the lines of [b “It’s personal”] he knew, naomi would stop at that. The days had passed by quickly, as fall turned more colder than usual, however he did notice Yosuuke seemed to avoid him, or whenever he tried to talk to him, the man seemed to be in a hurry to leave. He could only judge something must have been bothering him, after the meeting. He sighed before going on his way to the classes that needed his attention. Not only that but whenever he got home, Naomi would be there waiting for him—either with a bag of sweets or some good ol home cooked foods. On the other days, he’d trest the woman to some ramen, which earned him a high pitched squeal and nonstop tackles and cheek rubbing against one another, in delight exuberating from the ashen blonde woman.

Seeing her happy, was one of the main point Hiroshi was trying so hard to rebuild their relationship from before, and on his day off from school and work, he’d go out on the faire with her, granted it was an one sided happiness, he has no affinity for rides and gets easily queasy. There was that one ride, he had emptied his stomach unto a poor trash bin that was efficiently near, when he needed it the most. Naomi only patting his back in support, trying to calm him down, and dispersing the tension in the air everytime a passerby would stop to look at the blonde male having his head inside the trash bin. It was also the same day where he made Naomi, promise they were never ever to go on that damned roller coaster ride again, it ended up with the flat chested woman pouting but she agreed in the end. As the weekend neared, Hiroshi was granted mercy by Naomi and given the day off to spend some alone time with himself.

He was currently lazing around the house, flipping through channels on the TV to see any good movies or shows, but it was just some cheesy soap operas and reruns of Animes he has seen and dropped because they were either flat out boring, or his ships weren’t canon. Despite the plot being good, and exactly his type, he’d rather sacrifice a good plot for his own entertainment. His golden orbs trailed to the buzzing device next to him, he stared at it as if it was a disease, slightly worried that his dear cousin changed her mind to haunt him. He hesitated on reaching out for the device, albeit if he ignored the message the shedevil would nagged his ear off , he took his phone only to be surprised at the name plastered on the screen. A frown graced his relaxed features, he has the right to be upset, he was worried about the male and wanted to know if he was rational in dealing with the person.

But they haven’t spoken for days, and now he had the gall to send a damn text message to him, not even a call but a freaking message. He read the mail, and if he was honest it made a slight pang in his chest, he wasn’t sure if he was jealous, heck if he gave Ayame his number, the woman wouldn’t even bother forwarding the message to Yosuuke. He only told him, due to Ayame’s invite. Out of gratitude, he should consider what to get the older woman, and so he decided to ask the man who knew her best. “ does Ayame-san likes sweets? Or something salty? And I’d definitely come over.” He pressed the sent button, and got his butt off of the couch. To head upstairs to his room, so he could change into a more suitable clothing. Taking out a a black leather jacket, and some white undershirt, to go along with his black jeans, in which he’d wear a black converse to compliment his ensemble. If someone would see his closet, they’d immediately think he’s a minimalist, in which that wasn’t the case—he was rather fond with the color black of all things.

He made sure to brush his hair, as he usually would have it done and walked back downstairs. Taking his phone and keys with him, he made sure to text naomi, he has plans for the night and deliberately told her not to come over for dinner. He was not fond of the idea, going back home to be nagged by a certain ashen blonde woman on his way home. He shoved his phone and keys on the packet of his leather jacket, zipping it up as he was met by a cold wind outside. He made sure to lock the door, before heading to the nearest bus stop that goes to the same route the bar is located in.
  Hiroshi Park / Yazookun / 56d 5h 42m 31s
”Take advantage of you? I’m not that type of guy Hiroshi. Besides you were very hell bent on not doing anything with me. I’m not going to touch you if you don’t want me to. What fun is that. I’ll do my best to focus on those that actually like me.” He said and looks at the male. Yosuuke didn’t things to go the way they did last night ever again. As Hiroshi got ready to leave Yosuuke was still lost in thought about Nao. He really didn’t answer Hiroshi when he spoke about him not liking who ever he was meeting. [i Of course I don’t want to meet him but I have to. You wouldn’t understand Hiroshi.] He thought and sighed softly.

“I’m going to skip brunch. Thank you though.” He said and instantly a young woman tackled hugged Hiroshi. Yosuuke glanced at the girl noticing she looked just like Hiroshi. [i Sister maybe? Some family member obviously.] Yosuuke drove off since Hiroshi was home now. He had business to take care of. The drive to the park wasn’t far from his home. As he pulled up he finds a spot and parks his car. Yosuuke leaves his car and looks around for the troubling demon. “Where the hell is he?” He mutters. “Behind you.” Nao said and Yosuuke jumped a bit as he turned around. “Why are sneaking up on me?! What if I took your head off?!” Nao giggles at how Yosuuke was reacting. “You’re funny. Come with me.” He starts walking off down a trail in the park.

The weather was a bit chilly but Yosuuke wasn’t complaining. He shoves his hands into his pockets and kept walking. “Can you just tell me what you want already?” “Nope. Let’s get to the sitting area first.” Nao was really getting on Yosuuke’s nerve. As the rounded the corner they came up on a few tables and chairs. Nao takes a seat on top of the table and sets his bag down next to him. Yosuuke sits on the other side of him not wanting to be close to the demon. “So...” “Well I have some stuff for you Yosuuke.” He opens his bag and pulls out a few pictures. “These are pictures of your father and mother together. I thought you might want them.” Nao smiles. Yosuuke wasn’t sure what Nao was up to but he took the pictures and stared at them. He had never seen his father before. The way he seemed to be around his mother caused Yosuuke’s chest to tighten. “They look happy. He doesn’t look so demon-ish.” “Your father is a handsome demon.” Yosuuke makes a face at Nao. “What is wrong with you?” Yosuuke asked and Nao just smiles wide.

After a few minutes of looking through the pictures Yosuuke smiles. “Alright thanks for the pictures. I’m leaving.” “No no no. Wait, don’t you want to meet him? I can take you to the demon world.” He smirks evilly. “I’m sure he wants to meet you too.” “No. Every time the hole is open more demons escape. I’m not going.” “Oh you’re no fun Yosuuke. But you do realize I’m not asking. I’m telling you that you have to go. We’ll make it a date this weekend.” Nao leaves over to Yosuuke and kisses his nose. “I’ll see you at work Yosuuke~” he then disappears and Yosuuke clenches his fists. “I should of killed him...” he mutters.

Yosuuke was not looking forward to the weekend. He was so stressed out that he didn’t really talk or hung out with Hiroshi for the next few days. Two days before he had to leave Yosuuke got a text from Ayame. She wanted him to invite Hiroshi to the bar tonight so Yosuuke sends Hiroshi a text. “Ayame would like it if you come by the bar tonight.”
  Yosuuke Nelson (Yo.) / Kita-san / 57d 1h 23m 55s

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