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center Hello and welcome to the Gemini Institute!]
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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Teramoto and I run this institute for troubled twins. It has been my mission to help and rehabilitate both human and otherworldly twins that have found themselves on the misguided path. I, along with my staff, promise the best care we can provide along with comfortable living quarters, a suitable diet, and support from others just like you. Treatment will not always be easy or necessarily pleasant but it will give you the tools you need to make you a productive member of society. If you respect the rules and the authority of the staff, your time with us will be as pleasant as humanly possible. I'll allow you to imagine what will become of you if you decide to act unruly. I look forward to working with and treating you; for now I'll let you get acclimated to your new home.

[center Rules and Regulations]

+One set of twins to a room.
+Dr. Teramoto and all staff are npc; please don't be afraid to use them in your posts to make the institute feel more institute.
+You MUST be literate. This will be a heavier role play so grammar and post detail matter. Give your fellow rpers something to work with.
+No incest or staff/patient relations, please.
+A post once a week is ideal, especially if it's rather detailed.
+Speaking of posting, please wait for two responses before posting again.
+All ES rules apply
+Anime pictures only
+Rp will begin once three sets of twins have been established. You may still join after that point, I just don't want the thread to sit empty for too long.

If you feel like you can handle these rules and are still interested in this roleplay, please pm me your skelly and tell me your favorite color in the pm message subject box.

[center Character Skeleton]

[b Puppetmaster]
[b Twins' names]
[b Genders]
[b Age]
[b Reason for entering the institute]
[b Brief bio]
[b Races]
[b Anything else]
[b Picture]

[center Patients]
[b Puppet master:] SolemnYuki
[b Names:] Haku and Jounichi
[b Age:] 11
[b Genders:] both male
[b Reason for entering the institute:] To get better control of their abilities; (Haku) Arson, (Jounichi) Voluntary manslaughter
[b Brief bio:] Haku and Jounichi knew they were different from everyone around them since they time they could crawl, each boy harnessing a power that grew as they did. Haku gained the ability to start fires with very little thought behind it while Jounichi acquired the more sinister gift of darkness. They were able to keep it hidden from the world around them for quite some time until a horrific accident occurred, causing both boys to lose control of their powers and to jeopardize those around them. For fear of their safety and everyone around them, their mother sent them off to this institute in hopes they could help.
[b Races:] Both Demons
[b Anything else:] Haku is much more quiet than his brother and painfully shy. He hardly leaves Jounichi's side and barely speaks to others without his presence nearby. Jounichi is easily angered and isn't afraid to speak his mind no matter how often it gets him in trouble. He's very protective of Haku and has been known to lash out against those who tease him.

[center -+-]

[b Puppetmaster:] _Lost
[b Twins' names:] Revolution (Revolt) Rebellion (Rebel)
[b Genders:] Male and Female
[b Ages:] 18
[b Reason for entering the institute:] While Revolt wanted to join to genuinely educate himself and learn to control himself, Rebel only went along to cause problems.
[b Brief bio:] They are in fact royalty in their world, though Rebel has not made a very good name for herself. Revolt is intelligent and very focused on bettering himself so he may rule one day, while Rebel is all about having fun.
[b Races:] Dragon

[center +-+]

[b Puppetmaster:] nekowufei
[b Twins' names:] Fenrir and Leverett
[b Genders:] Both male
[b Age:] 15
[b Reason for entering the institute:] To learn how to properly control their abilities and a place to sleep and eat; Theft (Leverett) and Attempt at Murder (Fenrir)
[b Brief bio:] Fenrir and Leverett were born to a poor, yet happy couple, who loved their children even if they didn't look quite human, with one resembling a wolf and the other a rabbit. As the years went on and Fenrir and Leverett hit the age of eight, their parents went out one day and never came back. So Fenrir, the stronger of the two, took his twin brother out to search for them, only to find no signs of them, nor their way back. They were found by an old woman, who took them in for a time before Fenrir and Leverett discovered more about themselves, besides their heightened senses. When they hit about thirteen, Fenrir discovered that he could manipulate ice and snow, even being able to create it from thin air. While Leverett learned that he could read minds and directly speak with his twin brother, though usually, if he doesn't focus on one person, he just hears a jumbled mess, kind of like static.

After their caretaker died due to old age, Fenrir and Leverett were on the streets again, stealing to survive. After they were caught stealing from a wealthy man, Fenrir tried to kill the man by trying to freeze him, missing his mark and making the man going from one arm to two. They were taken away and sent to the Institute as a way to get them out of the police's hair.
[b Races:] Wolf(Fenrir) and Rabbit(Leverett)
[b Anything else:] Fenrir has a tendency to fidget when he's bored or anxious, he would rather be out running around than to just sit down and do nothing. Leverett is soft spoken, but friendly, though when he's nervous or thinking, he'll pull his ears down over his eyes. He has an excellent memory and loves to read, Leverett always has the watch that their father gave him, and he treasures that almost as much as his twin brother.

[center -+-]

[b Puppetmaster:] Catthhay
[b Twins' names:] Meeka and Michael Potions
[b Genders:] Meeka is Female, Michael is male.
[b Age:] 17
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Charged with several counts of mental harassment, illegal cursing and manipulation of others, running of an illegal magical crime syndicate, and a few counts of murder.
[b Brief bio:] Meeka and Michael were always geniuses several years ahead of their age. They learned complex spellwork long before their peers, and have always been inseparable. At age twelve they started to make random trips into the dark alleys and crime filled streets of their town, and almost instantly started winning respect from the criminals that lived there. Five years later they were found to be the surprisingly young leaders of a four year old crime syndicate that dealt in illegal magical goods smuggling, robbery, hired cursing, and a slew of other crimes. Many law enforcement officials who went undercover to bring down the syndicate before had disappeared, and others to try to get in the way of the syndicate had ended up dead. Since Meeka and Michael were the only ones captured, they were arrested and charged with all of their syndicate's crimes. Nobody knows if they are still in contact with their syndicate members or not.
[b Races:] Both are Witches.
[b Anything else:] Incredibly intelligent and extremely strong witches. Meeka looks like the more innocent one, but both twins are equally likely to commit physical violence even though they prefer mentally breaking down their opponents.

[center +-+]

[b Puppetmaster:] nomey1
[b Twins' names:] Lili and Lulu Tweedle
[b Genders:] both female
[b Age:] 12
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Because they have escaped the orphanage they lived in at least ten times and the owner is at her wits ends with the constant trouble they get into with law enforcement, from breaking and entering to theft.
[b Brief bio:] Tweedle is not really their last name, but there were no existing records of the twins. They were found at the young age of five, either with no memories of their past or they were unwilling to talk about it. When asked about who they are or where there home is, all they talked about was Wonderland. They were obsessed with fairy tales and fantasies, their absolute favorite being "Alice in Wonderland". They were giving the last name Tweedle for that reason.
[b Races:] human
[b Anything else:] Their black cat, Ms. Ruby as the two call her, is a mystery. She has always been with them and they treat her as if she is their mother figure or guardian. Whenever they learn something new or do something, they say that Ms. Ruby taught/told them.

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[h3 +]
Haku smiled more up at her as she carefully took hold of the string, remaining at her side. She seemed so happy though he had many theories as to why that could be. Maybe she was elated to have someone other than her brother to talk to. Or he could be her first friend since she arrived. Perhaps he reminded her of someone. Whatever it was, it made him happy to see her this way and never wanted it to change. She was so nice and completely not scary, like some of the other twins could be, and genuinely seemed to care about the small boy even though they had just met. After a while, he lightly leaned against her and looked up at the kite as it flew gracefully in the air, his form relaxing greatly.

This was one of the best days ever.

Jounichi watched Haku and Meeka for a while before glancing back at Michael, the tall male crouching down to make his height closer to Jounichi's. He knew partly how Michael felt, Jounichi wasn't exactly an angel either. He had hurt people, killed people. It was an accident but it wasn't something the boy was able to forgive himself for anytime soon. As far as he was concerned, he deserved to be here. Haku....well, he needed some guidance and training but he wasn't sure if he needed this harsh of a place. Patients had been spreading rumors since their arrival, speaking of experiments and untold horrors. He even heard that some twins will disappear in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.

[+purple "I'm not perfect, I've done many things wrong to get me here,"] he told Michael quietly. [+purple "I've hurt a lot of people, this is probably what I deserve. But Haku...he's too pure for this. But...I think you're right. I think he knows things he may not realize."]

He picked his head up at the fierce roar from somewhere in the building, violet eyes becoming more brighter and more violent for a moment before changing back to their original state. Was this one of those experiments he had heard about? If it was, he needed to keep a much closer eye on his brother. He would never let anything happen to him.

[+purple "Don't get yourselves in trouble just for our sake,"] Jounichi answered, his voice a bit quieter. He didn't want his twin to pick up on his words. [+purple "I can take care of whatever they come at me with."]
  Haku and Jounichi / SolemnYuki / 65d 19m 14s
Meeka’s eyes widened when Haku spoke to her, her pupils turning into star shapes and spinning in a slow circle. It showed when she was happy, like right now the star shape showed just how much he had effected her. He was so adorable! Her arms trembled with the desire to hug him, but she was barely able to resist. Don’t smother the adorable little boy!

[+red “Yes!”] she enthusiastically said instead, gripping the string above his hand with two fingers. The kite was obviously meant for Haku to enjoy, so she wouldn’t take it completely out of his grip. At the same time, his hand was much smaller than hers so she only used two or three fingers to avoid crowding his hand.

Michael watched this, amused. His face was mostly blank, but there was definitely a spark of mirth in his red-pink eyes. At the sound of a small but brave voice, he looked down to Jounichi. It took all of Michael’s willpower to keep himself from blushing at what the young boy said, but it was a near thing.

[+maroon “No,”] Michael said, embarrassment slipping slightly into his voice. The taller man crouched down in the grass to be closer to Jounichi’s height. He would have sat, but didn’t want to ruin his slacks with grass stains. [+maroon “Sure we have magic, but I doubt that has anything to do with it,”] his voice was soft, but clinical. [+maroon “Meeka and I didn’t have much of a childhood. So when we see kids, we naturally want to give them the childhood we missed out on,”] his eyes, which had been watching Meeka and Haku, turned to gaze at Jounichi now. The gaze was kind, but also hard. It was the kind of gaze that said that the owner of those eyes had seen things nobody should have to see.

[+maroon “I won’t lie to you. Meeka and I aren’t good people,”] he admitted as he looked straight into Jounichi’s eyes. [+maroon “It’s why we’re here. We don’t think very much about other people. We hurt others all the time. But even we have morals, we won’t hurt children. Even we can do good things every now and then,”] he turned his face away from Jounichi once more to watch their siblings flying the kite. He lifted one hand, and it glowed red for a moment as he whisked up another soft breeze to lift the kite a little higher.

[+maroon “I think Haku warmed up to us because he can tell we’re not completely evil. You kids have that ability sometimes, you know,”] a small smile graced the man’s lips. [+maroon “To occasionally be able to tell how much ‘good’ a person has in them. He can probably tell that we’d sooner stab ourselves than hurt you, even if he doesn’t realize it himself. We might not care about other people or their pain, but it’s different with kids. We still care, when it comes to children,”] he winked slightly at Jounichi. [+maroon “And you might not be corrupted like Meeka and I, but I think you and I probably have a few things in common. Even if you were older, we’d probably still get along.”]

Michael and Meeka heard the dragon-like roar, and shared a glance. They had quite the information network, and knew that there were rumors about the staff at this place conducting experiments. They hadn’t thought about it much, but the roar... none of the patients had anything valuable enough to make a dragon roar like that. The dragons themselves hadn’t brought anything valuable either, as far as the witch twins could tell. So it must have been one of those experiments. Michael frowned.

[+maroon “Looks like we might have to break some rules soon if we want to keep you two safe.”]
  Meeka and Michael / catthhay / 65d 6h 47m 55s
The female dragon had simply a dull, bored expression on her face as the events played out; while she definitely wasn't one to turn down a cight, what kind of fight sould involve a child?

The wee one she was guarding jumped to her defense, which rather surprised the girl. She smirked slightly, crossing her arms. "[+crimson So, I mostly agree. But as siblings its not one or the other's job. Tell you what, I can teach you both how to defend yourself, and until then, I can protect you.]" She cooed, "[+crimson After all, dragons are notorious for protecting treasures.]"

Revolt looked between the two animalistic brothers as they spoke, intrigued by thier appearance and mannerisms. "[b I apologize for my sister. Most of the time she acts without thinking. I will do my best to keep her in check.]" He responded, glancing toward his sister out of the corner of his eye.

He saw one of the school staff approaching her quickly. The worker looked very determined and--

Revolt sniffed the air and immediatwly tensed up. That worker had valuables on him. Revolt could control himself, but dragons; as Rebel mentioned; are very good at protecting things. They're also wonderful hoarders and very greedy. The worker has to know this, right?

Rebel saw the gentleman as well, and pat both girls' heads. She glanced to the kitty, "[xrimson I don't know who or what you are, but my lesson may have to wait. Keep an eye out for me.]"
She escorted herself away from the children and toward the worker. They exchanged a few words and Rebel was led out of the room.

Revolt could feel her adrenaline.

She was led to a large white room, where the two other twins were sitting; trapped. Stuck to the wall with chains like animals in a circus. [+crimson Hey! Are you guys alri--]"
She was cut off when a needle was stabbed in to the back of her neck.

Revolt slapped the back of his own neck as if bit by a mosquito, but thought nothing ofit. "[b what is your story then? Where are you from, and why here?]" He felt his sister's agression levels rising. This wasn't going to be good.

A dragon-like roar echoed the building, followed by pained screams, gurgles, tearing, then silence.

The worker wanted to test how a sragon could be used as a weapon. With some hormones and some precious gems, he falsified the other twins to look like theives, stealing a dragon's treasure. It worked.

The woman; if you could even call her that now; tore each twin limb from limb, the tearing of muscles was her favorite feeling. Truly horrific, and as if taunting the still living prey, she started with the purple twins. Arms, then legs, she poured the blood in to her mouth, covering herself in a crimson blanket. One by one, she consumed their flesh until there was nothibg left but perfectly white bones. Except one. The female hybrid. This one would be fun.
  / _Lost / 69d 7h 56m 34s
Lulu looked up at the dragon girl, eyes wide. She was actually protecting her. When was the last time that she felt this safe? Especially without having Lili with her. She warned the other girl to use her inside voice, but the way she said it sounded like nothing the child has ever heard before. Lulu's eyes glistened in wonder as she thought about how cool and brave she looked.

At the same time, Lili was starting to feel as if something was missing from this perfect moment. Looking around, she spotted a pair of twins playing with a kite. She covered her mouth with both of her hands in excitement and kicked her little feet against the ground. It looked like so much fun!

[b [#0BDB00 "Hey, Lulu-!"]] she started to say as she turned her head, only to realize that the girl was nowhere with her.

Oh! So it wasn't something that was missing, but rather some[i one]. She rose to her feet and jogged back into the building, looking around for the little girl that looked identical to her in every way. It didn't take long to spot the other red-head, but she was shocked to see that she wasn't alone. There was some black-haired woman holding her as she talked to someone else. Was Lulu in trouble? Lili gasped. Was she going to kidnap her?!

[b [#0BDB00 "Hey!"]] she exclaimed as she ran across the room to them. [b [#0BDB00 "Let her go!"]]

Lulu, surprised, looked over at her twin sister. She looked as if she was about ready to attack. [b [#089600 "ST-STOP!"]]

It was rare for the girl to raise her voice the way she did. It startled Lili so much that she lost track of her footing and fell flat on her face. Lulu immediately regretted what she did and rushed over to her sister.

[b [#089600 "I-I'm so sorry!"]] she said quickly. Tears were forming at the corners of her eyes. [b [#089600 "Are you okay?"]]

Lili pushed herself to her knees and gave her head a little shake. After regathering herself, she looked at her sister with wide eyes. [b [#0BDB00 "That's my line! I thought you were in danger!"]]

[b [#089600 "What?"]] Lulu shook her head vigorously. [b [#089600 "No, she was helping me."]]

[b [#0BDB00 "...Oh."]] It didn't take much to change Lili's mood. As quickly as she had gotten into defensive mood, she was laughing over the whole misunderstanding. [b [#0BDB00 "Sorry, sorry. That was my fault so don't cry, okay?"]]

Lulu nodded and smiled lightly, using the back of her hands in order to wipe away her tears. After the two were standing together, Lulu took Lili's hand and lead her over to where the girls were standing.

[b [#0BDB00 "Um..."]] It was now Lili's turn to be embarrassed. She squeezed her sister's hand tightly and glanced to the side. [b [#0BDB00 "Sorry for thinking you were a bad person. Lulu doesn't know how to protect herself so... well... it's my job to protect her."]]

[b [#FFA600 "Why do you speak as if you are older than you are?"]] Ms. Ruby said, arriving silently and brushing herself against both of the girls' legs. These amount of strangers secretly made the cat more protective and motherly than usual, feeling the need to claim them as hers more visibly. [b [#FFA600 "Besides, you can hardly take care of yourself."]]

Lili pouted, but otherwise did not retort back. Lulu giggled before looking back at the dragon girl. [b [#089600 "Lili means well."]]
  Tweedle Twins / nomey1 / 88d 22h 41m 1s
[h3 +]
Jounichi watched Meeka over his shoulder as the small group made their way outside, observing her silently. There was a darker, more sinister nature to these twins than he fully realized and that fact was made clear as he watched the female interact with the orderly. He was able to scare of most of the workers or silence them for a while if he needed to, but this was on another level than his own. Whatever she had done, it [i petrified] him. It didn't scare the braver twin, as it probably would have a normal person, but piqued his interest more. What other things could they do? Would he someday see the full extent of their power?

Anything was possible at this point.

As Jounichi kept watching Meeka, Haku continued to keep a light grip on Michael's hand. Now that he had a chance to know the taller male a little more, he wasn't so scary at all! In fact, Michael reminded him very much of Jounichi and that fact just made him like him more. He knew these twins wouldn't be nice to everybody, just like regular people, but he felt special having these new friends. They were just so charming! Haku let go of his hand once they settled on a spot, watching as Michael knelt down to prepare the kite. Even at this level, the twins were still much smaller than Michael, Haku having to look up to see his face. Once he was handed the string and the kite sailed into the air, a soft giggle fell from the shy boy's chest. This was so much fun!

It had been quite some time since Jounichi had noticed Haku this happy, the amber-eyed twin usually clinging to some part of his brother and refusing to make eye contact with whatever was around. Even back home it was usually just the two of them since their mother worked hard to provide for them, so there wasn't much to do. Sure, they had friends that they saw on a regular basis, just like most kids, but school or family functions usually kept them occupied. It was nice to finally be in the presence of someone they could be themselves around and Jounichi could see that it made Haku just as happy as it made him.

Both boys looked over as Meeka moved over to Haku's side, her words causing a light blush to appear on Haku's cheeks. Even though she was the more talkative twin, Haku liked her, too. Liquid gold contrasted with red as he continued to watch her, a smile beginning to appear on the porcelain face. [+goldenrod "Do you....wanna fly with me?"] he asked her quietly, offering her part of the string. Jounichi eyes widened at this, clearly surprised by his words. He didn't imagine his brother would speak so soon, he figured it would take at least a week before he felt comfortable in the presence of others. But here he was, warming up to Michael and Meeka faster than he ever had with anyone.

[+purple "Haku must really like the two of you,"] he told Michael softly, seeing as how Meeka was caught up with Haku's cuteness. [+purple "He doesn't speak to anyone besides me, not even the doctor. You two really must be magic."]
  Haku and Jounichi / SolemnYuki / 103d 21h 46m 36s
[h3 ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
Fenrir and Leverett watched as the blue haired twins were carried off, Leverett tilted his head slightly, confused, but not at all hurt that they left without having finished their conversation with the female of the twins. Fenrir just shrugged, having controlled himself so that the air around him wasn't freezing cold, just moderately cold to where you could feel a chill. As soon as an older male sat down next to him, introducing himself as Revolt, they looked to him, then to each other as if having a small conversation to one another, before looking back at the male "dragon", as he had said.

[+dodgerblue "I'm Fenrir, and this is my brother Leverett. I'm guessing out parents had a sense of humor, since I'm named after a wolf and my brother name literally means rabbit."] Fenrir said coolly, as Leverett nodded to his brother's words.

[+slategray "I'm guessing your sister was the one to do the fireball then, since your dragons and all?"] The rabbit twin asked, tilting his head slightly, Fenrir simply huffed at his brother's remark. Since he pretty much could control ice, even if it was unstable as it was, he didn't do to well with sudden bursts of fire. And Leverett knew that, but when he was curious about something, he had to ask, even if he could just skip the middle man and find out for himself by reading a person's mind. It was rude to do otherwise without asking for permission first, unless he absolutely had to.
  Fenrir & Leverett / Nekowufei / 107d 17h 25m 56s
The female dragon protectively tucked the smaller to her ribcage, staring at the ones who approached. She got a strange scent off of those two, it made her slightly uneasy. Then again, dragons were naturally uneasy around humans, abilities or not. They were loud, which she of course had no reason to complain, she was loud too. But this child was clearly intimidated.
"[+crimson Please, use your inside voice.]" Her voice had a slight monster-like growl behind it, like in those horror movies when someone's possessed. They looked like fun, and she could probably make all sorts of mischief with the two eventually, but the child, the wee one...
She blinked in confusion, looking at her skin. She was actually pale white, but being a dragon she did have a dark glamour over herself which made her skin have a reflection of different colors occasionally. She didn't understand that though, as glamour only worked on humans. "[+crimson You mean my tattoos? I've had them for centuries...]"

Revolt sighed, the blue haired twins being taken by workers to a different room for some reason. The one with ponytails seemed to really not want to go, and that was uncomfortable for anyone watching. He rubbed the back of his neck and sat down, next to the boys that resembled animals. "[b Hello. I'm Revolution. Funny name, right? It's better in latin. You can call me Revolt. I'm a dragon.]"
  / _Lost / 109d 19h 38m 56s
Meeka smiled at the boys’ reaction to Michael’s kite. Her brother, on the other hand, was shocked that the shier of the two little boys had actually grabbed his hand. The tall male blinked in disbelief, not used to having physical contact with anyone other than Meeka. She got up at the same time as Jounichi, Walking just barely behind the rest of them. She smiled at what Jounichi had said to her brother, who was still too busy keeping his composure to respond to the purple eyed boy. So Meeka responded in Michael’s place.

[+red “We just have a [i real] soft spot for kids,”] she said with a chuckle. Her chuckle was cut off when she also heard the orderly’s remark, and her pinkish-red gaze locked on the worker, growing darker even after he was shut up by Jounichi. She waited until Jounichi had walked a few steps before she leaned over to the orderly and whispered something darkly in his ear. Without her fondness for kids getting in the way this time, the full extent of the twisted cruelty that got her sent to this institute in the first place reared its head. The orderly went paper white, and lasted an impressive five seconds before dashing out of the room as if he had seen the ghost of somebody he had murdered. Pleased, Meeka went back to join the kids.

Michael was kneeling by Haku and Jounichi now, and looked up when Meeka returned. His red eyes held a knowing glint in them, he had seen of what she had done. He looked away from her and back to Haku before flattening his hand. The small kite grew until it was the size of a normal one rather than a toy. He handed the end of the string to Haku, and grabbed the kite itself before standing up. He grinned in his usual suave manner at Meeka.

[+maroon “Will you whip us up a wind?”] he asked, and Meeka rolled her eyes good naturedly before doing just as he had asked, she raised her hands as a soft red glow took them over instead of a pink one this time, and a breeze blew through, dipping down until it grasped the kite and tugged it out of Michael’s hands to carry it up to the sky. There was another cry against magic from a worker in the building, but they were once again ignored. Meeka stood in the space behind Haku and Jounichi, where she could easily intercept any threats.

But then she walked around to the other side of Haku, where she wouldn’t be getting in between him and Jounichi, and kneeled by him. She kept a cautious distance, respectful of his shy nature, but her eyes still brimmed with energy. [+red “I haven’t had a chance to gush over you yet! You and your brother are so adorable!”]
  Meeka and Michael / catthhay / 115d 10h 10m 23s
[h3 +]
Jounichi couldn't help but let a small smile appear as Michael reassured him that Haku's slips of fire wouldn't be an issue around him and his sister in the least. He got a feeling around these two that he hadn't before, like they wanted to mentor the smaller twins or at least take them under their wings for a while. There would be no complaining from this boy as he felt safer with a bigger group of friends; more people to watch his and his brother's back the better. Once Haku warmed up to them he imagined he wouldn't mind, either. It would just take a bit of work and persuading as the fire-gifted twin didn't take to others as quickly. Haku had been that way since Jounichi could remember, refusing to leave his brother's side if he didn't have to and remaining silent and reclusive from others. It had gotten him picked on quite often but Jounichi always took care of it; there was never a repeat offender.

[+purple "You're right,"] he answered the male twin softly. [+purple "We're not human, we're demons. But I'd rather be this way, I think. Humans are boring."]

He looked over as he felt Haku shift, the golden eyes fixed on the miniature kite in Michael's hand. The quiet twin loved toys and anything that could keep him occupied for a while, and it had been quite a while since he had flown a kite. He was surprised at how nice these twins were, never having raised their voices once at them and always offering pleasant smiles. This final act of kindness caused Haku to smile faintly, his arms untangling from his twin's waist in order to shift closer to Michael. A small hand reached out once he was closer, lightly taking the male witches' hand in his, and carefully pulled him towards the door. This adorable act caused a soft laugh to fall from Jounichi's chest, the boy pushing himself down from the table to stand.

[+purple "Seems like you know just the things he likes,"] he mused softly, walking over towards the door and outside with them. [+purple "You're actually quite good with him."] As he walked through the doorway, he passed an orderly who was watching him carefully. Great, another possible lecture.

[+blue "Try not to destroy the flower garden again, please. We just replanted it."] Jounichi narrowed his violet eyes, the temperature around him growing cold once more, and the orderly frowned. Luckily, though, he didn't speak again. Hopefully that would shut him up for a long while.
  Haku and Jounichi / SolemnYuki / 115d 20h 54m 45s
It was not uncommon for Lulu to get lost into whatever book she was reading at the time; both Tweedles had that bad habit of getting completely absorbed into their own world. That was why it was not surprising when, something on the outside world occurred, it completely took the girl by surprise. Nothing had prepared her for someone to trip over her hunched over form. She could only gasp as the person fell to the floor and the Grimm book was released from the grasp of her tiny hands.

[b [#089600 "Owie..."]] she muttered.

The one that tripped over her, an older girl, quickly came to her side and began to apologize. When Lulu looked up at the girl, her mouth hung open a little and her eyes grew wide. While most might have seen the dragon girl as intimidating, she looked absolutely [i beautiful] in Lulu's eyes. Like something out of an amazing fantasy story. This was real life, however, and she was very close to the little girl.

[b [#089600 "I-I'm okay,"]] she finally said. When she mentioned the book, Lulu suddenly became worried. She quickly picked up the book and examined it. Once she saw that there was no damage to it, she let out a sigh of relief. She looked back up at the girl and smiled. [b [#089600 "It's okay. Me and my sister have read this book a thousand times."]]

Lulu had gained some confidence, but that quickly vanished as suddenly another set of twins showed up. They seemed to have no interest in her, however. One of them was questioning the dragon girl while the other looked very embarrassed about the entire interaction. Unconsciously, Lulu had inched herself over until she was right next to the dragon girl and gripped onto her arm with both of her hands. It was unusual for her to find comfort in a stranger, but Lili was nowhere nearby and she rather liked her.

Lili, meanwhile, continued to tail behind Ms. Ruby. When the staff members had opened the doors that led to outside, however, her eyes grew wide in pure excitement and she grinned from ear to ear.

[b [#0BDB00 "Yay~!"]] she exclaimed excitedly as she sprinted straight outside with no hesitation or restraints.

Now it was Ms. Ruby's turn to follow behind the girl. Lili ran around, laughing and having an absolute blast. The sun felt amazing on her skin and the breeze was comforting. She collapsed onto the ground and stared up at the blue sky, closing her eyes and feeling absolutely at peace. She did not want to go anywhere else anytime soon.
  Tweedle Twins / nomey1 / 116d 22h 45m 6s
[tab] Two giggling teens tore through the hallways. Emma wore a black jacket with pink stripes while Leah sported the inverse. They had just been ostensibly dropped off at the new “daycare” so they were excited to meet some kids their age. Whether it was kids biologically or mentally their age was moot. They were told to stick around some big, tough looking fellows for protection or something, but they lost those guys at least five doors ago.
[tab] The twins stopped at a big pair of doors labeled “Commons.”
[tab] [b “Looks dangerous,”] Emma cautioned. She was pretty unconvincing, considering how much she was bouncing on her heels.
[tab] [+purple “Dangerously FUN!”] Leah said, pushing past the doors into the big room. There were a lot of people. Some of them even looked friendly.
[tab] [+purple “Who should we talk to first? They all look like fun.” ]
[tab] [b “Your [i fun] is how we get into trouble! We’re gonna get yelled at!”]
[tab] [+purple “That’s not true! Even the most weird looking people can be kind! Look at that black lady with the funky hair that just tripped a small child, let’s go talk to her!”] Leah was often berated for being loud and boisterous. It’s part of my charm, she’d always say. She ran up to Rebel, who was fussing over the child she had just tripped. Lying on the ground in a crowded room is against the rules for a reason.
[tab] [b “They might be dangerous, look at how delinquent her hair looks,”] Emma said, swiftly blocking the way between Leah and Rebel.
[tab] [+purple “Okay, okay, fine! How about we play a game of rock-paper-scissors to see if I get to talk to her!”] Leah smirked. Emma never passed up a chance to gamble. Especially at a children’s game.
[tab] [b “You’re on! Even though I know you’re going to cheat!”] Emma raised her fists in front of her as if preparing to knock her sister’s lights out. Leah mirrored the pose.
[tab] The both of them shouted, [+purple [b “RO - SHAM - BO!”]] Leah’s hand flattened and morphed into a pale, lifeless, manta-ray-like appendage. It flopped over. Emma’s hand split into two and hardened into a massive, sharp pincer.
[tab] Emma beamed in triumph. [b “Hah! Scissors beats paper! I win, you can’t talk to her!”] she said, her hand reverting to normal.
[tab] Leah’s face fell. Then, just as quickly, an evil grin spread across it. [+purple “But I refuse!”]
[tab] [b “I knew you were going to cheat,”] Emma whined, drawing out the last syllable.
[tab] Leah shoved past Emmam ran right up behind the small bookworm, and looked Ms. Bad-Attitude’s in the eye. [+purple “Hey, you! If you’re a people, why are you all dark?”] As if that weren't rude enough, she pointed.
[tab] [b “Oh my [i GOD], Leah you can’t just ask why somebody is dark! Now she’s going to kill us or something!”] Emma said, grabbing her twin and shaking her.
[tab] Leah’s voice came in as if through a fan as she swung back and forth in her sister’s grip. [+purple “Don’t you worry bout a thing, Emma. I’ll become her friend in no time!”]
[tab] [+purple “Now let me go, I’m getting super dizzy.”]
[tab] Emma let go and looked around. Twins all over. That meant that the delinquent girl had a twin! Another one of those! She gulped and scanned the room for another similarly shaded sibling. She found him off to the side, talking. Looked shy. Poor kid.
[tab] Leah had the same idea as Emma, letting the sights of so many twins soak in.
[tab] [+purple “This is going to be so much fun!”]
[tab] [b “This is going to be so much troublesome fun…”]
  Emma and Leah / Nas / 117d 12h 51m 2s
Revolt glanced at his sister who still lay on the floor. All he could think about was how dirty her clothes were going to get, and how he'd have to be the one to get any stains out. He then turned his attention back to the male hybrid, staring at him almost blankly for a moment.
He wasn't dumb, he was just trying to figure out how to word what he was thinking.
His blank stare lasted long enough for Rebel to stand up again, dust off, and wander around the room a little bit. She clearly had no interest in the outdoors, but she did glance at the doors occasionally as if she were planning something else. Father would regret sending her here. She didn't really care who got in the--
the woman's train of thought was cut off as she fell back to the ground yet again. "[+crimson You know, for a creature with wings, I sure spend a lot of time down here.]" She mumbled, pushing herself up and glancing behind her to see what caused her to fall. It wasn't her brother, he was across the room.
Her eyes grew wide in horror. She had tripped over some little girl, knocking her book from her. Aw, that was really mean...
"[+crimson Oh my gosh, are you alright? I am really sorry, I really need to watch where I was going. You aren't hurt anywhere right?]"
Clearly the two redheads weren't the only ones with a soft spot for children. While children made Revolt incredibly uncomfortable; he always is afraid he will hurt them as they are so fragile; Rebel has a natural maternal instinct despite not being a mother.
She was inspecting the child now as if she could have broken bones or something. "[+crimson You poor thing, and it was such a good book too...I hope I didn't make you lose your place.]"
Revolt finally gathered his thoughts. "[b They possibly gathered us in here first to get us more confident in ourselves. After all, when we first arrived the place looked like a normal school. Maybe by throwing us all in here really shows us that we aren't so alone. Well...I mean.]" He turned his head nervously, blushing slightly. He may have said Rebel doesn't talk much, but she at least would talk to subjects. He hardly talked to anyone but father and Rebel. "[b Or maybe it's just easier to see how we behave in groups before separating us in to rooms.]" He mumbled, now deciding that his first thought made almost no sense.
  / _Lost / 118d 3h 38m 46s
[h3 ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
Fenrir looked over towards the sickly sweet voice, the blue haired older girl who sat next to them looking at them as she waited for them to say their names. Unsure of how to respond, Leverett looked from his brother to the girl, his eyes wondering slightly to a pair of twins that walked in with a cat, one looking over to him, but soon going elsewhere. The air around the two animal eared twins was still cold, thanks to Fenrir, but it seemed to warm up slightly. Leverett knew that once his brother's power of ice came out due to either him being angry at something or due to nerves, it was difficult for the wolf boy to regulate the temperature.

[+dodgerblue "I'm Fenrir, and this is my brother, Leverett."] Fenrir told the girl, his icy eyes going from his brother, who simply nodded to the blue haired girl, and then to the girl who was talking to them. It seemed like her brother was talking with the dragon twins, slightly amused about how the male of the dark haired twins had gotten his twin somewhat under control. [+dodgerblue "You know our names, so what's yours then?"] Fenrir added, crossing his arms and breathing out a cloud of air.

Leverett looked at the girl nervously, shifting in his seat slightly as he told her softly, [+slategray "Um, my brother isn't a dog, he's a wolf. There's a bit of a difference."] It was obvious that Leverett wasn't used to talking to people that he had just started talking too. Hell, he would rather just talk to his brother by using his telepathy, which was why Fenrir wasn't quite as angry anymore. [+slategray [i 'That cat that just came in with the new set of twins feels weird, kinda prickly.']] Leverett said to his twin with his power, Fenrir looking over from his brother, to the cat, and then back to the blue haired girl, as if he was just looking around and not that his brother pointed out something secretly.
  Fenrir & Leverett / Nekowufei / 118d 18h 37m 56s
Meeka and Michael’s pink eyes widened when they heard that Haku was skilled with fire. They both glanced down at the shier twin.

[+red “Really?”] Meeka asked, her eyes starting to softly glow again. [+red “That’s awesome! Fire is hard to control, so besides dragons not very many people can get a good handle on it. Not even Michael or I dare to make a fire bigger than what would go in a fireplace, since it isn’t our specialty and we can lose control of it if it gets too big,”] she blinked, just then processing the other part of what Jounichi had said. Michael picked up for her.

[+maroon “So, you shouldn’t worry if you lose control of fire,”] he gave Haku a small smile. [+maroon “It’s probably your main, or maybe even only, ability right? And you’re still so young,”] he cleared his throat before he could get too loud or sound like he was gushing over the two adorable kids in front of him. Once he had his voice under control again, he continued. [+maroon “It’s only natural to have accidents while you’re learning. Meeka, where are you going] Michael suddenly veered off topic when he sister got up, and frowned at her. He didn’t like her being too far away considering that this was a new place and they had to get familiar with the hierarchy of power before wandering off alone.

Meeka glanced back at him, her pink eyes no longer glowing with joy, but sharpened by intelligence. She pointed to a black cat wandering around the room with a girl following not far behind it. [+red “That Cat,”] she said softly, her voice no longer as cheery as it had been, but startlingly neutral and calm. [+red “It isn’t normal. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s prickling at my magic. Like a little, invisible cactus,”] she poked her arm to get the point across. Michael hummed lowly in thought for a moment, then shook his head.

[+maroon “Leave it alone. It looks like that girl knows it, it might be a Familiar or something similar. We’ll invesitgate more later,”] he took a deep breath of the fresh air now streaming into the room. He glanced at the boys with a small smirk. [+maroon “We won’t ask what you are; with eyes like those, probably not human,”] The way he said it actually made it sound like not being human was a [i good] thing. [+maroon “But there [i is] something I want to know,”] he winked and a kite popped up in his hand. It was the size of a playing card, and he held it between two fingers. [+maroon “I can make this bigger if you agree, but—“]

[b “No magic!”] an employee shouted somewhere in the background. Michael ignored her, and continued.

[+maroon “—would you like to fly a kite? If the wind dies down, Meeka can conjure up some more. These bracelets only restrict the amount of magic we can use, but we have pretty deep reserves so it won’t stop us from casting the basic spells.”]
  Meeka and Michael / catthhay / 119d 15h 25m 4s
[h3 +]
Liquid gold eyes widened a bit as the male produced the metallic pink flame, letting it flicker briefly before extinguishing it. He knew others would be able to produce flame just like he could, but was so [i pretty.] Haku had never seen anyone create a different colored flame before and it certainly caught his attention. He briefly wondered how such a thing could be done before he remembered the key word: witches. Could that really be true? These twins weren't how he pictured witches, his mind automatically going to the stereotypical old and ugly woman with a mean streak bigger than her backside. Michael and Meeka seemed to be the exact opposite of that in every form. They were rather pleasant and quite attractive. So could this be true?

As he pondered this a little longer, the commotion from the dragons caught his attention. Bright eyes shifted as his arms tightened around his brother's waist, watching them silently. They seemed scary, especially the girl, but the male seemed determined to keep them safe. Still, it was best to keep close to Jounichi...and that's exactly what he would do.

Jounichi raised a hand, lightly resting it in Haku's hair as he willed the cold air to dissipate while watching Michael and Meeka. They seemed nice enough, certainly not intimidating towards them and just seemed to want to make friends. That was something the braver twin could get behind as it was wise to make friends in a place like this. There was strength in numbers. [+purple "Haku's pretty skilled with fire, it seems he likes your trick,"] he told him, smiling a little. "Skilled" wasn't the correct word, that was part of the reason they were stuck here. "Hazardous" was more accurate. [+purple "He's still learning so forgive any accidents he may cause. He can get a little carried away."]

Amethyst eyes shifted as an orderly passed their table, moving through the room to the set of double doors and silently opened them. The sun shone brightly in the full room, a soft and refreshing breeze soon following. Good, they were allowed outside if they wished to be; this act may cut down on some of the tension in the room. Orderlies on the other side of the room opened the doors that lead upstairs to the bedrooms, giving the patients even more access to free space. Jounichi imagined that this meant that all the new arrivals for the month had made it safely and their rooms were ready. He was secretly glad for that as he wasn't sure how well he could handle any more trouble-making twins.
  Haku and Jounichi / SolemnYuki / 119d 21h 26m 50s

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