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Longing for a purpose in the darkness.
The first thing Tomaero sensed was a deep, incomplete feeling of longing welling up in his chest. He wanted to have a purpose on Mobius. He woke up slowly, after ten thousand years of hibernation. He opened his eyes and saw a metal being flying overhead.
"What in Mobius...?"he whispered.
  Tomaero / eeveelover / 1y 165d 6h 26m 59s
Emotion. It was the one thing he shouldn't feel. He wasn't built for it whatsoever...and yet, he could feel the emotion that wasn't ever meant to be a part of him. It emanated through his mechanical circuits and wires, as if it was an integral piece of him. However, the thought of how it shouldn't have ever happened has stuck in his mind for however long he's been living on Mobius with his creator, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, or otherwise known as Dr. Eggman. He didn't care about whatever name was used to address his creator, the man was still the same person all in all.

Metal Sonic was currently flying through an abandoned, run down chemical plant. Barely any of the buildings were still intact, although a small portion of the facilities in the Northwest sector survived pretty well. He slowly flew around through the air, looking at his surroundings. Nothing at all...or at least nothing that he could see.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 165d 6h 44m 15s

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