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I reaaaaallly want a vampire 1x1 role play! We can hash out the exact storyline later, here are the basics;

[h3 Your Character is...]
Male or Female
An old and powerful VAMPIRE
CRUEL, possibly even manipulative. Power hungry.
High ranking in vampire society
Mainly targets high-quality blood, the blood of other Supernaturals, or Special Bloods.

[h3 My Character Is...]
Currently the strongest living Vampire Hunter
Is secretly cursed to die and be reborn every 20 years.
Has a Special Blood because of her curse. Her Blood’s effect is that it smells like average or below-average blood, but the taste is high-quality and is also a vampire cure-all that can cure a vampire of any kind of poisoning and speed their recovery from non-poison injuries.

[h3 What are Special Bloods?]
Special Bloods are people whose blood has special effects or abnormal tastes because of magic. This could be a curse that is passed down in family lines, the result of having non-human family members, the result of a witch’s curse, or some other magical cause. The only time that two or more people will have the same type of Special Blood is if they are from the same family, and their Special Blood is passed down the family line. Otherwise, no two Special Bloods have the same effect. Some Special Bloods can even have effects that are BAD for a vampire.

[h3 Rules]

All standard ES rules apply
No god-moding. Your character is unbelievably strong, but not invincible. They should have at least five good weaknesses.
Believable personalities please; though your character should definitely be cruel and dark.
Romance not necessary, and NOT IMMEDIATE. Romance should come slowly, like in real life.
Violence expected.
Please have a good hold on decent grammar and spelling, and be able to write decently sized posts of at least two or three paragraphs please.

[h3 Skelly]

Character name:
Brief bio: (optional.)

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Looking around through the tall trees in the dead of night, Lieven couldn’t track her scent entirely only knowing that she was near. However he did hear her growling voice and the comotion just meters up a slope as she was attacked by two starving vampires, one showering him in dust as she killed him and straightened up, the scent of her blood even more potent from the wound on her arm. With bared fangs, Lieven was more than ready to attack her, he might even poison her just to keep her from running off again, but to his surprise, she passively agreed to go back with him. He heard the reluctance in her voice but that still didn’t make him any less surprised.

“Like hell you’re coming back with me.” He finally snapped, stalking up to her and swiftly snatching one of the two bloodied ornaments from her, scowling at how she’d ruined them. Sure he had others, but these ruin covered pieces were few and far between in his home that was like a time capsule back to the 1800s.

“Move.” He growled with a warning tone to his voice, seeing where she’d been injured and saying in her ear as she passed. “You’re lucky I don’t drain you right here where you stand.” He didn’t add anything more to his threat and followed her back, guiding her to his mansion and only pushing her roughly when he thought she was walking too slow. There was some rustling behind them every now and again but with the more powerful Vampire Duke there, nothing else that had half a brain would trying anything.

He finally got her back inside and gave her one last rude push away from the door, shooting a glare at her before turning back and kneeling next to the door handles. He’d have to redo the magic barrier around his home and fix up the window she’d broken when getting out since it wasn’t just there to keep Zakal in, it was also there to keep both of their enemies out.

At this point he was ignoring her, leaving her to find a servant she hadn’t attacked in her haste to escape and they anxiously agreed to tend to her. Her interaction with the servants just gave Zakal more insight into how old this place really was, the way everything looked and how everyone acted, it would all be called deeply old fashioned, but then again besides Lieven, no one else living there had probably ever left the mansion, not that the Vampire would let them since he didn’t want anyone knowing the ins and outs of his personal life.

By the time Zakal’s injuries were taken care of, the Vampire Duke had found her and stood in the doorway, between them a scowling stalemate. “The next time you try anything like that, you’re dead.” He hissed, threatening a little weakly compared to his other threats, but it was probably because Zakal had proved herself to be more than just a little girl with a big axe. She could fend for herself just fine and he’d have to keep a closer eye on her in order to make sure nothing like that ever happened again.
  Lieven K. / BBJ / 163d 17h 3m 23s
Zakal had torn off a bit of the bottom of her dress, wrapping it around her finger as a bandage to stifle the smell of her blood and stop the bleeding. Having gotten so far away, she was feeling slightly more relaxed. Not a whole lot, since she knew he could easily catch up. But being in the woods, in an open area, helped her because she knew it was easier to fight outside than in a house.

But she was distracted. She heard his voice, heard every word he said, but couldn’t bring herself to focus on him. No, he at least wanted her alive. But the scent of her blood, especially this close, likely blinded him to other scents... like that of the other two vampires that only Zakal could see from her vantage point. The two that could also smell her blood, and honed in on it. Normally this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, since she knew her blood would smell normal or even below-average to most vampires, but this just meant that the two starting to run towards her were different. Desperate, starving.

Starving vampires were the worst, she thought as she readied herself to fight. They didn’t care about injuries and fought literally until you killed them. They got addicted to even the slightest drop of blood and wouldn’t give up.

She pulled out the wooden ornaments she had sharpened, pushing herself into a firm fighting position as the two new vampires finally reached her. Zakal’s eyes narrowed. “Fucking hell,” she growled. “You’re not helping!” With a controlled turn, she thrust the pointed end of one ornament deep into the first vampire’s chest until it was completely buried into the thing’s heart, making the vampire twitch and fall before slowly crumbling away into dust. But Zakal couldn’t falter, she immediately had to duck and jump away from the second vampire who was clawing at her desperately. The rabid man managed to rake his claws deeply into one of Zakal’s biceps, causing the girl to grunt in pain before jumping onto the thing’s back, slamming another point of wood into it’s chest until it also crumpled onto the ground lifeless.

Panting in pain rather than any amount of exhaustion, Zakal stood up. The fight had been very fast and one sided, but once again the fact that the vampires had been starving and rabid with hunger had caused her to be hurt when she normally wouldn’t have been. Her entire left arm was dripping with her blood, which forced her to confront the only choice she had left.

She lifted her head, her nose scrunched with how much she disliked what she was about to do. But, she didn’t have much of a choice.

“Okay, I guess I’ll go back with you now,” she said reluctantly. He was her only chance of getting treated, after all.
  Zakal Plagues / catthhay / 165d 18h 11m 35s
Lieven of course didn’t answer Zakal’s question and when she mentioned keeping nightshade around, he chuckled lowly. “What are you going on about?” He muttered in a bitterly amused tone, watching her work. He didn’t say anything again till she began pouring the potion over the window sill, to break the enchantment. “What are you doing?” He growled, stepping forwards towards the square of light around her and glaring from his sanctuary of shade. He gave a bitter hiss as she smirked wickedly back at him, opening the window and climbing out into the sunlight.

“Stop. Think. If you do this….” He called out after her, but Zakal wasn’t listening, she had almost already gotten completely out of the window, finally dropping down into the long wild grass below with a triumphant Ha! But she had left something behind that immediately caught Lieven’s attention. A few drops of blood on the window sill from a small twisted shard of metal in the frame. The scent was alluring and new, Lieven would have walked over to investigate right away if the sun still hadn’t been up.

Forcing himself to pay attention to the situation at hand. He turned and ran to the front door of his home, flinging it open and stepping outside into the shadow of the house. Zakal was already almost halfway across the field to the tree line when he got outside, but it was clear she was taking her time, in no hurry. This just made the vampire even more furious as he watched her go, but there wasn’t anything he could do at the moment. And getting angry wasn’t going to help. 45 minutes later, the sun finally disappeared from the forest, dipping behind mountains on the horizon and making way for the dark night.

Having had plenty of time to prepare, Lieven left his home quickly to track down the girl who had slipped from his grasp. Knowing that she knew witchcraft meant he had to be extra careful, but that didn’t make him hurry any less. The scent from her blood had faded, but the wind carried it back to him strong, making it easier for him to hone in on where she could be. Nearly three miles away, at the edge of a large winding river. He doubted that he’d swam across with how strong the currant was and the fact that he could still smell her clearly. She was nearby, he just had to find her.

With gritted teeth, Lieven slunk back through the shadows and closely growing trees, his sharp eyes scanning the area around him for wherever she could be. “Where are you…?” He hissed aloud, stepping soundlessly about the area, searching. “Afraid to meet a Duke of blood? Or do you think those little ornaments will really protect you?” He was trying to lure her out by letting her know exactly where he was.
  Lieven K. / BBJ / 1y 36d 22h 36m 29s
“Older than you think,” she replied without thinking, instantly shutting her mouth and returning the old relics to their places. However, seeing as he was right and she was trapped for the moment, she continued to invade his privacy and look through his cabinets and drawers. With the sun on her now and her safety assured for the time being, she was relaxed. She seemed like a different person than the defiant warrior cutting down enemies ruthlessly like she had been mere hours ago. Now she seemed like a carefree little kid, sifting through his items as if it was an adventure to find new things.

She pulled out bundles of dried herbs, humming in pleasure. “You have a very good stash here,” she said absently, not really expecting any reply from him. She set all the herbs out on a counter, looking them over with pleasure filling her eyes. “I’d normally keep some nightshade in hand, it’s quite useful despite how poisonous it is,” she once again spoke out loud, more to herself than anything. She pulled out a pot, filling it half way with water. “Let’s see if I still remember how to do this...” she mumbled to herself.

With and expert eye she picked out herbs and put them in the pot in varying quantities, and soon a smooth and almost perfume-like scent came from the concoction she was cooking up. It wouldn’t be as good as if it were made by an actual witch, who would be able to put Magick in it to make it really useful, but it would still be somewhat effective.

She hummed happily when it was done, a centuries-old recipe for a spell-dissolving potion. She used a slotted spoon to take out the herbs, leaving the liquid behind. It was a long-forgotten recipe that not even many witches nowadays still knew of. There was no reason for Zakal to know it.

She grabbed a ladle, spooning up a small amount of the mixture. “I am more than just muscles—“ she paused, realizing she still didn’t know his name. She shrugged it off. “I still have tricks up my sleeve,” she trickled a bit of the mixture over the windowsill, and a little whistle came from the spell protecting it. “Tsk. This is what happens when you don’t have Magick to add to a potion. You always have to use more than you normally would,” she hissed, slightly annoyed. She poured more, and eventually the whistle grew more shrill before fizzling out, showing that the spell was broken.

But more than an hour had passed. She opened the window, the sun only having another hour or so before it would set again. She didn’t notice a sharp bit of metal on the window had made a tiny cut in her finger, barely more than a paper cut. But it was enough for a drop of her blood to ooze out, dropping onto the counter top. “I believe this game of tag starts with me on a head start, then,” she said wickedly, smirking coldly back at Lieven. She still had a few of the sharp ornaments on her, tucked into her weapon belt.
  Zakal Plagues / catthhay / 1y 39d 19h 22m 50s
Lieven's mocking demeanor had disappeared the moment he saw her with a wooden ornament in hand and other relics sitting out. He was glaring towards her at her slight questions and he followed her movements slowly, staying out of the sunlight. “Why don't you learn how to mind your own business?” He growled quietly. He stood at the edge of the sunlight, being careful not to let it touch him as he watched her darkly. “I don't keep them as protection.” He then muttered quietly, “I keep them as reminds... It isn't good to forget the past.” He gritted his teeth at her and paced along the outside of the light the window cast. He had no way of getting to her, but now she didn't have anywhere else to go. It would be a wait game till either the sun went down or Zakal made the first move.

The only thing the vampire could do was wait.

“What makes you say that?” Asked in a low voice. “You should know that there’s no way you’re just going to be walking out of here. Especially if you look behind you.” From the shadows, he made a motion towards the window and watched as she glanced out. Outside there was what looked to be a field, thick with wild grasses and burs and at the edge was a fence and a forest. The fence seemed worn and just barely standing, and behind it the wall of tall standing trees loomed. There was only the two acres between the house and the surrounding trees but it was that open space that seemed the most daunting, and there was no way of telling how far the trees went.

“You’re trapped, even if you get out, I will find you before dawn break. Since you can only travel so far in a single day.” He’d paced around the outside of the light again before heading back towards the doorway and leaning back against the frame. “Tell me, how old are you?” He suddenly prompted, though his tone was dismissive. “Do you really think that you can win this waiting game? Because the sun will move and set and once it does, you won’t be out of my reach.” He didn’t care how old she was or that she was armed with the equivalent of a fancy wooden stake. But he was tired and impatient, and the sun’s glow irritated him.

But again, all Lieven could do right now is wait.
  Lieven K. / BBJ / 1y 39d 21h 45m 53s

She didn’t expect him to let his guard down like that. He must have been getting complacent with his power. What foolishness. She darted from room to room, but doors didn’t often open for her and the windows stayed shut despite her tugging. They gave her a soft zap that she recognized as magic, letting her know that she could not escape unless Lieven died or there was a path already open for her. She found herself up a flight of stairs and in the kitchen, throwing open curtains wherever she could find them.

The sun filled the room. She swiftly combed the kitchen area, ignoring the occasional servant she stumbled upon; there weren’t many, but a swift hit to the back of the neck with her tied up hands easily knocked them out. She was able to find a sharp chef’s knife, holding it in her mouth and swiftly cutting the ropes off her arms.

Now free, the old soul inspected the knife with a professional eye. It wasn’t silver; no good. An iron knife wouldn’t even stall him. She dropped it in the sink and kept looking around. That’s when she saw it; a few bundles of sage in a cabinet, and a good luck charm hanging up with old runes etched on it.

The familiarity made her pause, something she would normally never do when on the run. Hardly anybody nowadays practiced the old ways, followed the old superstitions that she grew up with in her very first life. She picked up the sage bundle, running her fingers along it with a fond look in her eye. She didn’t expect this man to hold onto such things from the past, and found herself looking for more instead of running away. Old habits, it seemed, seeing as her first life was as a witch. These little things were like a touch of home that she never hoped to see again.

But here it was. She gingerly held an old besom, traditionally made and with Runes carved in the handle, running her hands over the familiar symbols even when she knew Lieven had caught up to her. She had one of his oak ornaments in the hand holding the besom anyway, the sharp end pointing towards him even though it was clear that she was too distracted to bother attacking at the moment.

She glanced up at him, her eyes filled with wonder that pushed away the hate for a moment. “All these old relics,” she whispered, gesturing to the charms and the other well-hidden things from times past. “Why do you hold on to them? Times have changed. I severely doubt you need an old besom with runes for protection from negativity anymore,” she said with a chuckle, not realizing that no normal seventeen year old would be able to read the old symbols so easily. “You produce too much negativity on your own for this to be of any use anyway,” she said bitterly, putting the object aside gently. She turned the sharp oak ornament she had picked up in her hand, clearly not in any rush. The reminders of a life long gone from her reach had calmed her.

Her eyes studied him, taking him in a new light now that she found that he clung to the past a bit. She still didn’t like him. But perhaps he was slightly more relatable to her now. “Well. Fifteen hours doesn’t seem like a hard record to break, assuming I stay here long enough to try,” she was standing in front of a window, bathed in the rising sunlight and out of his reach for now.
  Zakal Plagues / catthhay / 1y 40d 17h 48m 42s
The Vampire’s hungry expression darkened a little as he observed her taking a fighting stance and he [i tsked] softly. “You want to know the record? Well…” He stood and yanked the rope to one side, trying to make her balance uneven. “I do believe that the longest my prey has lasted was 15 hours, not to say that they were still in one piece by the end of that.” He gave a sadistic chuckle and began to slowly circle Zakal. “It was 42 years ago, and after a week and a half without food, being broken down little by little. That long stretch without any letting up was what finally did them in and they were lucky i was feeling generous.”

He stopped mid stride and gave a thoughtful look at her as he said, “I gave them a quick death to show my appreciation. But of course don’t think that you will be so lucky, I plan on keeping you alive.” With that he yanked again on the rope, except this time it was much harder and he bared his teeth with sly mockery. He pulled Zakal towards him so she didn’t have the room to resist and once they were face to face again, Lieven curled his lips up into sneer.

“I’m going to enjo-!” She didn’t give him a chance to finish as Zakal leaned back and suddenly rammed her head forwards, cracking against the Vampire’s nose and catching him off guard again. This blow staggered him and he felt back onto the bed, holding his nose and muffling his groan. The blow had also caused him to drop the end of the rope he’d been holding and it gave Zakal the chance she needed to go for the door.

“Arhh… Hey, HEY!” Lieven shouted as soon as he realized what she was doing, but she had already unlocked the door and flew out into the hall, out of his sight. “Grrrhhh….” The Vampire growled to himself and wiped at his bruised nose, making sure it wasn’t broken as he got to his feet and walked out into the hall. There were enchantments to keep the outside windows and doors sealed unless he was the one opening them, but that didn’t mean the doors on the inside of the mansion were sealed shut. It was only a matter of time before she cut herself free and found a weapon, so Lieven stood listening for a few moments, trying to hear where the little hunter had run off to before quickly stalking after her.

There were plenty of rooms to hide in inside his home, and many things that could be used against him. Like the spices in the kitchen or a gift set of wooden ornaments, some carved with sharp enough points he was sure they would be able to kill one of his own. And it was also the middle of the say. If Zakal opened enough curtains then she could cut him off from her until nightfall. That thought made him quicken his steps and he whirled around a corner heading for the stairs to the basement and silently running down them. There was one room he had to check on before he could search the rest of his home and that room held his fragile little treasures.

Walking up upon the door, he saw that the iron nail he’d had tied to the door knob was still there. An old superstitious practice that was done to keep out wandering monsters and ghouls. He chuckled at the irony that he, himself was now a ghoul of the night and he still used this useless practice. A quick glance into the room let him know that the death caps he has growing in there were undisturbed. After returning the nail to the door knob, Lieven stood and listened again, faintly hearing Zakal’s steps behind and above him. She was heading towards the kitchen and the servants quarters. Licking his lips with anticipation, the Vampire quietly strolled back towards the stairs and readied himself for the hunt.
  Lieven K. / BBJ / 1y 40d 20h 59m 20s
Rounds? Zakal didn’t like the sound of that. Rounds of torture? Feeding? Was he a pervert, maybe? Either way, she didn’t like the many possibilities behind what exactly he meant. None of them meant anything good for her, that was for sure.

Except, she was still recovering from when he looked like he had been ready to bite her. Sure, on the outside she looked calm and composed. But on the inside, she was impatiently trying to calm down her cravings for the vampire’s bite. And as much as she wanted to feel like she wouldn’t break no matter what he did to her, she knew better than anyone else that everyone had their breaking point. There was a possibility he could find hers.

When he told her to make it interesting, and when he tugged on the rope, she figured he probably had something perverted in mind. The shiver that went down her spine was pure disgust. But what could she do, wrapped up like this? She couldn’t outrun him, not while he was on guard like this for sure. So she decided she needed a bit more maneuverability. She lifted one leg, yanking it back to snap it out of the rope that still bound it to the bed. The other leg followed.

Her arms, of course, were still bound. But there was little she could do about that, there wasn’t enough space to move them to snap the rope. But, she decided she was going to be as defiant as possible no matter what he was planning to do. That may be what he wanted, sure, but laying down and accepting her fate was not something she was willing to do.

And damn, his hungry look was driving her body’s craving for his fangs wild. The hardest battle would be resisting them. She licked her lips, the only way to tell that she was nervous. “What exactly is the record I’m trying to beat, here?” She asked smoothly, eyes narrowing at him. Her legs slid into a fighting position. If he wanted resistance, she’d give him the toughest resistance he’d ever had to fight before. With or without weapons. She could feel the clock counting down the time left in this body ticking, ticking, ticking. A little less than three years was not a long time, she wanted to enjoy it.
  Zakal Plagues / catthhay / 1y 40d 22h 10m 38s
Lieven was caught off guard as Zakal broke her arms free and threw him off balance. The moment she landed on top of him, he knew that she was going to be fun to break, so he let her talk and just coyly smiled at her. “Well to answer your question, I brought you here to prepare you.” He then suddenly sat up, grabbing her by her shoulders before she could pull away and trapping her arms between their bodies. He was holding her far too close to just be intimidating. “You may think you know a lot about vampires, seeing as you’ve killed many of us already. But I don’t think you know just how loathed your talent is.” He chuckled and looked back down at her with a sinister smile. “I just think it would be a waste to see such talent go to waste.” With that, he shoved her off of himself and stood, stepping away from her casually and towards the closed door. The bedroom only had one door. No windows and no way into any other rooms.

“Now, no one else knows you’re here, and I plan to keep it that way. I don’t expect you to cooperate,” He picked up another length of rope and began tying one end of it into a loop, “But it would make things easier.” He chuckled at this last part and walked back towards her, his steps slow and meticulous. “But then again, that wouldn’t be any fun.” He stopped, watching her, poised like a snake ready to strike. Lieven was grinning again and this time it was something like a possessive craze in his expression. “Now, hold still.” He growled, suddenly pouncing forwards and trapping her arms together, wrapping the length of rope around them several times just so that she couldn’t break free as easily.

He could feel her bucking and squirming under him again and he forced his smile to lessen since he was done wasting time. “Here is what’s going to happen Love.” He began, running one hand back through her long hair and grabbing a fist full of it to keep her looking at him. “I’m going to have a little fun with you, then I’m going to go rest. In a few hours I might feed you before we start again and we’re going to see how many rounds you can last with me before you [b break].” Sneering, Lieven pressed down on her shoulders with both of his hands and bared his teeth, almost like he was ready to bite her. However, he instead suddenly yanked her up off of the bed, making her stand as he shoved her away from him.

“Do me a favor, make this interesting for me.” He cooed, sitting in the spot where he had pinned her down. Lieven then tugged at the rope that was still around her wrists lightly and he gave her another hungry look.
  Lieven K. / BBJ / 1y 41d 2h 17m 36s
A voice. Behind her— [i shit—] but she wasn’t fast enough. That was all she remembered when she slowly woke up, keeping her eyes closed and breath steady for a few minutes as she reoriented herself. It was an old habit, never to open her eyes right away after waking. She raked through her most recent memories to deduce that she was most likely being held captive by the man who had ambushed her. Too bad she hadn’t got a look at his f—

She jerked back not long after she was licked and opened her eyes, mildly shocked at his nearness to her. He didn’t have body heat, and the soreness in her limbs hadn’t alerted her to his weight. Her sharp eyes combed over his appearance as he spoke, taking in every detail. He looked vaguely familiar, perhaps she had met him in passing in one of her previous lives. Nothing significant, she supposed, since she didn’t recognize him very strongly.

His fangs caught her attention when they glinted in the light, and she had to bite her tongue to repress the shiver that wanted to spread through her body. Her body betrayed her on a daily basis; never wanted to last long enough in a fight, never wanted to run far enough or lift enough weight, never wanted to stay alert enough to tell her when a goddamned Vampire was sprawled over her because her muscles were too busy bitching about being overworked.

But the most vile betrayal from her body was it’s lust for a vampire’s fangs. She quickly darted her eyes away from those sharp bones, instead looking straight into the man’s eyes as he leaned over her. Even as her throat burned, aching for him to bite her, Zakal ignored it and glared the man down.

“Practice,” she simply replied to his question. “Relentless practice to become strong enough to earn that reputation,” [i And the experience of a couple dozen lives,] she thought to herself. “And you are sorely mistaken if you think I will stay here obediently, you vile bloodsucker. Being prey isn’t in my long list of skills, you see,” the smirk she gave him then was venemous, her gaze cold and sharp.

Screw the protests her muscles were giving. She did not live in defiance of the most torturous curse in existence for more than five hundred years just to become food for a human-shaped mosquito. She did not train for hours every day to use a weapon never meant for a woman to carry, just to end up prey tied to a bed against her will like a common damsel in distress. She did not choose the life of a warrior and she did not willingly participate in gore-ridden battles to die like a pig.

Without warning, the skin on her left arm rippled as the muscles under it tensed. With one sharp movement, the rope binding that arm to the bed snapped. Her right arm followed a beat later, and she grabbed his wrist to toss his off balance. With a sharp twist of her body, she was on top of him. Her legs were still bound, but she did not care. She could snap them out whenever she needed. She leaned close to his face, her bloody and matted hair covering her neck from view. It had slipped most of the way from the pigtails it had been put up in, fanning out to keep her biggest weakness out of sight.

“Now, this would have been over already if I had had a weapon on hand,” she softly hissed at him. “But since I don’t, let’s start with finding out why in the hell you’ve decided to take me. I know the bounty on my head says I’m wanted dead only, so that obviously isn’t it,” she kept her face and voice as confident as possible even though she knew that her strength— while incredible for a human— would not be enough to keep this man down for more than a few seconds.
  Zakal Plagues / catthhay / 1y 41d 15h 5m 52s
It felt like forever, but even with Zakal’s strength being whittled down, she remained steadfast. All of her foes had fallen, blood soaking her clothes and making her hair stick to her hair. Her sigh of relief that the fight was over could be heard easily though the quiet, which made the voice behind so much louder than it probably was.

“You missed one.” Said the cold, sly voice of a vampire. She hadn’t heard him sneak up on her nor had she felt him when he stood behind her for a few moments. Enough time for her to let down her guard and sigh. Before she could react, his fist met the back of her skull with a solid [i Whack!] And she crumpled to the ground unconscious. Flexing his blood stained knuckles, the vampire glanced down at her blood splattered form and gingerly licked the blood off of his hand. He could taste the differences from every being that she slew and it made him chuckle as he even tasted the low-life Vampire’s that thought they had a chance to defeat her. Though, he was thankful that they did the hard work for him in tiring her out.

“Well that was fun, but I can’t hang around here with you for much longer.” He crooned to himself. Zakal probably couldn’t hear him anyways so he didn’t waste anymore of his breath talking to her. Carefully, he picked her up and in a few hours he was back in the comfort of his own home, hidden among miles and miles of wilderness. It was almost morning so he knew he’d have to stay inside for the rest of the day, maybe even rest a little since he’d traveled far to find her. But first he wanted to play with his new prey, and give her the chance to realize how bad her situation really was.

“Darling~” He cooed in her ear, having tied her down to a bed in one of the guest rooms and sprawled himself out over her. “It’s time to wake up.” With that he licked her cheek and leaned back as she slowly woke and then tried to jerk back once she saw him. “Ah, Good morning! Zakal, is it? Little hunter dear…. It seems that the tables have turned, haven’t they?” He chuckled to himself and got up off of her, shifting off the bed and looking down at her hungrily, his fangs glinting in the light. “Tell me darling, how does one so young manage to gain such a reputation as you have? With claws always at your back…” He leaned back down and pressed one hand right next to her head, steadying himself as he leered at her.

“At least you can rest now, hmm? Even if it is as my prey~”
  Lieven K. / BBJ / 1y 41d 15h 24m 1s
Pitiful. It was pitiful. Over five hundred years and she still had to deal with idiots and opportunists. Technology may have boomed and evolved vastly during her past four lives, but the people themselves hadn’t changed much. Of course, that’s why she found herself in the middle of a wide circle of vampires and hired supernaturals after her bounty.

Usually she would have no issue with this, being surrounded by enemies was nothing new to her. But the bounty had attracted more people in the past few days than she could hope to deal with. Five people? Child’s play. Ten people? A warmup. But she was surrounded by almost fifty people right then, none of which were human. Seventeen years deep into this life, and she was not about to go easy. She had an hourglass counting down her time in this body, she wanted to make the best of every second before she had to feel death again.

So she grasped her axe with both hands, easily heaving it above her shoulders. Nobody looked shocked. She might have seemed like a frail little human, but this was Zakal Plague, who held the title of strongest living vampire hunter.

[+red “What, no gun little miss?”] one of the vampires she couldn’t see from her spot in the middle of the crowd crowed. Oh yes, people always mocked how she didn’t use those stupid devices. She knew how to, she wasn’t completely outdated. But they made so much noise, they malfunctioned far too easily, and it was far too simple to screw up with them. She preferred her axes and swords, very much so.

So she ignored the banter, the insults meant to knock her off kilter. And she swung. The solid silver blade of her axe sliced easily through the first five vampires in front of her, bisecting them. The blade at the opposite end of her axe, also solid silver, stabbed a stupid hopeful through the stomach; he had tried to ambush her from behind. The mass of bodies dissolved into chaos. Zakal swung and dodged, her giant weapon like a toy in her skilled grip. But her enemies were naturally faster, stronger, and more resilient.

The vampires weren’t her issue; it was the other supernaturals mixed in the group. Dodging a witch’s spells and the tails and jaws of the half-naga people who attacked was torture. The half-nagas has the flexiblity to avoid her every swing, and the witches kept their distance. Ten people were left standing, including Zakal herself, when she was left panting to breath with scattered shallow wounds and a deep bruise forming around her waist from where a half-naga managed to coil before she killed it. She figured a rib or two was likely broken. Her silver hair was matted and dyed red and green from the blood of those she had just slain , and her skin shone with sweat. Strong as she was, swinging such a large weapon and dodging so many people was bound to tire her out, and she was at that limit now.

But defiance burned in her eyes. She glared at the remnants of her attackers, and dropped her axe. Her arms burned too much to use it anymore, anyhow. Swiftly, daggers slid into her palms as she took a new stance. She wasn’t as good at close combat, but it would have to do.
  Zakal Plagues / catthhay / 1y 41d 20h 55m 51s

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