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One of the most important rules for those who use magic is to never fall in love with your familiar, they are simply friends-what happens when this is broken by a water magic user?


Personality: (optional)
Magic skill level:

Name: Satsujin
Gender: Female
Magic skill level: None except for changing between animal form, and humanoid form

Name: Dizzy
Age: (20)
Personality: Sweet and kind hearted.
Magic skill level: transmutation. Can other turn parts of her body or thing around her into something else of a weapon. Example freezing the air and make launching ice at her opponent.


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Roleplay Responses

Dizzy smiled as she saw it as she kiss the top of the snake head.
  Mended / 262d 20h 5m 49s
Satsujin had turned back into a snake, her tongue flicking in and out as she slept.
  Satsujin / RamaAmor / 262d 23h 8m 52s
Dizzy was dead tired as she feel asleep in the arms of Satsujin. Her dream were a mix of happiness and sadness. However she couldn't remember what they where about when she woke up the next morning.
  Mended / 263d 1h 12s
Dizzy just snuggled up to her as she was hugged. It felt nice to her being so close to another person.
  Mended / 269d 22h 17m 33s
"Well, I can't help but take up your offer, dear~" She hugged the witch close. "This'll be fun~"
  Satsujin / RamaAmor / 269d 23h 1m 52s
"I'm not much of a master" she continued. "But I'm okay with that. Do with me as you wish." She smiled
  Mended / 269d 23h 3m 20s
"Awww, that's so kind of you!" Satsujin backed off a bit and clapped her hands together.
  Satsujin / RamaAmor / 269d 23h 6m 53s
"Yes I was," she said. "But now I'm helpless against you.. I don't know why but I like being helpless against you.
  Mended / 269d 23h 18m 7s
Satsujin laughed, pinning Dizzy to the wall. "Really?~"
  Satsujin / RamaAmor / 269d 23h 50m 52s
"Yes I liked be cute and innocent." Dizzy said not moving. "Now you got me thinking all kinda lewd things."
  Dizzy / Mended / 270d 14m 22s
"Now, now, is it really that bad?" She blew into Dizzy's ear, playing with the flustered witch.
  Satsujin / RamaAmor / 270d 46m 20s
"No" she said. "You did this to me." She was so embersed that she had got found out looking.
  Dizzy / Mended / 270d 21h 37m 24s
Satsujin laughed, enjoying Dizzy's reactions. "Stop hiding~"
  Satsujin / RamaAmor / 271d 22h 24m 30s
Dizzy face couldn't finally got any red as she tired to hide herself.
  Dizzy / Mended / 271d 23h 21m 27s
"Really? Wouldn't you rather have a kiss?" She kissed Dizzy's ear.
  Satsujin / RamaAmor / 272d 19h 41m 59s

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