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Everything had been fine until that night. The night he got a little too drunk, the night the car spun out of control, the night he found out his girlfriend of 2 years was pregnant, the night he was caught with more drugs than an army would have, and the night he shot a man for attacking him.

Kane was in jail. Underage Drinking, Driving under the influence, possession, drug dealing. You name it, it was on his record now. He had only done it because he hadn't wanted to keep living the life he grew up with. Moving from house to house. Never having anything... now he was in jail and he wasn't sure his kid would ever know him... she must be 5 months pregnant by now... and his trial was today. Would she be there?

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"This lawyer is free.... shes part of the system but shes one of the good ones. You were the only witness. Talk to her. Heres my card. I can help you with things for your baby and Kane... if he does get out, theres a program to help him, get him on the right track. Your baby deserves better than a father in jail but your the only one that can get him out... like I said you have my card and if you need anything don't hestitate to call me, that is my cell phone number. If you don't have a phone you can have a state provided one to make calls from for appointments for the baby and you can call Kane once a week if they keep him... they might let him out in the morning if he can post bail... it will be alot if they do." She said knowing his bail would probably be set extremely high. "Either way go visit him tomorrow. Tell him hes going to be a father. Jail breaks men and hes just a boy... give him something to hold on to."
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Montgomery looked over at Officer Platt. [b "Ma'am. Kane didn't kill that man. That man was going to hurt me, so Kane pushed me out of the way. The other guy that was there shot him. Kane was just trying to protect me.."] she mumbled. She looked down and played with her ring. [b "He doesn't know about the baby. I was going to tell him later."]

[b "My family and I can't afford a lawyer. Oh my gosh.. Kane's mother doesn't even know he was arrested yet."] she said. [b "This is going tot break her heart."]

She looked up at her. [b "Am I supposed to raise my baby with him? What if he does get out by some chance. He'll just go right back to selling... My baby deserves better than what I can give."]
  Montgomery Paige / BooBear96 / 2y 294d 6h 32m 6s
Kane had no idea she was pregnant. He was in the back of the police car and silently praying that he would be let go. He was innocent. He didn't shoot anyone. He was a drug runner. He had no drugs in his system... just possession.... could they hold him on that? Yeah they would.... they believed he killed a man.

Kane tried to hold back his tears, he wouldn't show emotion... he wouldn't let them know he was weak.

A female police officer drove Montgomery home and said, "Before I take you in, I want you to know I believe you and I'm sorry about your situation... take this number and talk to her, she will help get your boyfriend out of jail... a baby in the situation will change things... does he know? The drug charges I can get some dismissed if theres no evidence but some he will have to serve or fight... but the murder... you need that lawyer to fight it... I could see the way he looked at you... that boy loves you."
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Montgomery watched as her boyfriend was handcuffed. [b "He didn't do anything! He shielded me from the gun!"] she cried. She wasn't involved, so they told her she would be released into her old brothers custody. Her parents had died ten years ago, so they had lived in foster care until Issac was old enough to take care of a minor. He and his girlfriend had adopted Montgomery as their own. She looked over at Kane and shook her head. [b "Kane! You promised this would never happen! Why did you get us into this mess."] she collapsed against the police officer that was holding her back. [b "I'm five weeks pregnant."] she mumbled. She watched the police cruiser that Kane was in, drive way.

An hour later, she, herself was at the police station. Issac was on his way to pick her up. She hated Kane right now, he promised that he would never get caught. How was she supposed to raise their baby without him?
  Montgomery Paige / BooBear96 / 2y 294d 6h 42m 44s
Kane heard the clicking of the handcuffs around his wrist. Sirens were everywhere. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of law, you have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you." an officer said out loud inches from his ear. He looked over seeing his girlfriend of two years as he was shoved into the backseat of the police car. He was innocent... just in the wrong place at the wrong time and she knew it. He had protected her from gunfire!

They didn't live in the best part of town and shootings and drive bys were common but Kane never thought he would be involved in one. His father had been killed in a gang shooting when he was just 2 years old and he didn't remember much about him. He had promised his mother he would never get involved with the gangs in the area but he didn't keep that promise and she would know about it now. Her 17 year old son was being arrested on drug charges and murder but he didn't kill anyone. He was just doing his job. Taking drugs to another one of the gang members when he was ambushed, the guy had fought with him and Kane shielded his girlfriend before the guy shot himself... she was the only witness besides Kane.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2y 296d 11h 40m 23s

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