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Peace, that is what has settled in the pokemon world. Most of the villinous teams have either disbanded or gone into hiding while the legendary pokemon they tried to use have either gone into hiding as well or have been caught by trainers they have found worthy. But Peace is not to last, chaos will once again come to the world but how will this generation of trainers and pokemon fare. And how will the legendarys respone?

WIll develop emoreo as time goes on but this is the bases

This right now is a Gijinka rp so pokemon can transform from the normal cannon form to the humaniod/gijinka form. We might change it if people think the rp would be better as just a normal pokemon rp.

Be poilite to the other rpers

If another rper wants to be a member of your team that is fine but both groups must agree. This rule will be void if we decide not to have it be a Gijinka rp

Teams can only have one ledgendary and must confirm with me what ledgendary it is and if it is fine.

You may only have two characters so choose wisely.

If you are a trainer you can post as your pokemon but it would be in the same post as your trainer or if we have a posting order it would take that, you don't get multiple posts unless you have another character

Posting Order -in progress- not complete so pless ignore
Ikage as Wes
Ikage as Mew

Pokeperson/gijinka or Human:
Job: AKA Breeder, Trainer, Ranger, Pokemon, Police officer, Professor's aid, Ex and/or currect Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galatic, Plasma, Flare or Skull memeber,
If Human what pokemon do you have if any:
If Pokemon what moves do you know:
Home Region: AKA: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Orre, Orange Archipelago, Fiore, Almia and Oblivia. The last three are mainly if you want to be a Ranger

Pic: [pic http://40.media.tumblr.com/5acfcf6475d7578e565cefbf69d267ee/tumblr_mplepz2pMw1rx1ahuo1_500.jpg]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human:Human
If Human what pokemon do you have if any: Pikachu, Turtwig, Charmander, Piplup
Personality:Kind, Care, Brave, secretive.
Home Region:Orre
Goal:to be teh first Champian of all the legues and return to Orre to set up a new one

ser: NorthernWolves
Name: Alicia
Pic: [pic http://i68.tinypic.com/28hkg9k.png]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Gijinka
Job: Pokemon
If Pokemon what moves do you know: Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Heal Pulse
Personality: quiet, protective, curious.
Home Region: Originally from Unovo, but likes to travel
Goal: To travel and see the world
bio: Previous owner died from age. Left house and began traveling the world.

User: Mended
Name: Jackson
Pic:[pic http://cdn08.dayviews.com/113/_u3/_u3/_u5/_u3/_u7/_u2/u3353721/94298_1412631179.jpg]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Human
Job: Private eye investigator
If Human what Pokémon do you have if any: Aggron, Mightyena Arcanine, Absol and Gardevoir
Personality: Kind, serious, curious, inquisitive
Home Region: Hoenn
Goal: Help Human and Pokemon alike.
bio: From a young age Jackson love to solve puzzle. Whether they be riddles jigsaw or word puzzles he loved to solve them. As he grew up reading and watching mystery novels. He stoves to be like the great detective like the ones he read about in his books and after years of training he finally got his wish. He got his license and after five years has made himself a name in the law enforcement by helping catch or help catch several people. As well as stop a hand full criminal enterprise from causing problems.


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Was walks out of the boat, that was docked in Slateport City. "FInally here." he said as he looked around. "Time to take on Regoin number three, right Pikachu?" he said glancing to the pikachu on his shoulder. Pikachu nods and they make their way to the pokemon Center. "I will let the others out once we make it to the center." he said, keeping his eyes forward.
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With a heavy sigh Jackson placed his phone back down on it receiver and brought his hands up to his face. Rubbing his face he took a minute to proses what he had just been told. “Is something the matter,” He heard a voice ask. Looking up to see his Gardevoir Leona flouting on the other end of his desk. Braveheart his Mightyena rest on the floor next to her.
Rolling his shoulder he looked her. “I just got a call from Officer Jenny in the Hoenn region. There has been an incident that they can’t handle on their own and have called us. Over the last few days several trainer and their Pokémon have gone missing. Four kids in the last two weeks. All from Hoenn and all along the same area.” His face was stern and he brain tried to piece together what little inflations he had.
“That doesn’t sound like Team Magma or Team Aqua. Both groups have never kidnapped kids.” Leona said as she floated across the room to him. “Plus both group haven’t done much since the made agreement with each other.”
“I agree I don’t thing is either of them. For lucky or worse no body have been found yet so we can only hope that they are alive. We need to move out soon so get the bike ready for the trip with the normal supply’s and get the other ready please.” He asked as he started to order ticket for a fairy to the Hoenn region. Leona nodded a when about her task. Braveheart walked up and sat next to him giving him a concerned look. “I be fine girl.” She said as he patted her head. “I just don’t like these kinds of jobs. I will be relying on you and Fireheart to sniff them out.” Braveheart gave a happy bark as he patted her head.
An hour later he was all packed and everyone was in there pokeballs. Getting on his bike he made his way to the port. After get his bike settled in the car hold he let Leona out of her pokeball as she hated being in it for extended periods of time. Settling onto a beach Jackson looked out over the edge of the boat and watched as the waves when by. Hoping that everything would be okay.
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