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[center [size10 [#012c72 [b -Just a collection of posts when we want to be a bit more poetic than simple journal posts-]]]]


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[center [size10 [#234987 Things have started looking up, yet why does something feel so off about all of this? I shouldn't be thinking this way, I should just let myself enjoy it.. but this feeling is hard to ignore. It's like trying to ignore the sounds of the waves crashing against your ship and the dark clouds in the sky. You can hope all will pass by without a storm, but you know the most likely outcome of such things. So do you ignore it and hope for everything to clear up? Or make preparations for the coming storm just to be safe incase it does hit? I don't know. All I can say is I blame being awake for nearly 4 hours and being by myself with nothing but my thoughts.]]] [center [size10 -V]]
  WetRain / 2d 12h 29m 1s
[center [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q6skxRLnsI [pic https://imgur.com/Odv9KuX.gif]]]

[center [size10 [#234987 Like crashing waves battering against the hull of a ship, so can my soul feel the storm inside myself. When I allow myself to completely ponder this sensation, I realize that this storm affects more than just the inner workings of my mind. "Love yourself." Yet when I do, how far is it taken to also love him? There is a pull. I miss the calmness. Though a storm of another kind once raged within me, I'm finding myself unsure of which is worse. We have become so individual, but at what cost? The more I love, the more I miss it. We were so close at one time and now he feels so far away. What does it mean that any distance is too far? No closeness is enough. No loving embrace. I want more. I need more. When one becomes two, can they ever truly be whole again? It hurts to watch, so I look away, hoping maybe one day I'll forget his phantom touch. That's exactly what it feels like.. a phantom limb. The body so used to feeling a part of you there, that when it's gone, you swear you can still sometimes feel it. That's what I feel in my soul. The warmth is still there at times.. but when I indulge in the glow, it leaves just as quickly. Like looking out into the ocean and seeing someone, yet after a wave passes between you both, they disappear and you're left wondering if it was even there to begin with. I want more of him. To dominate him, monopolize him. He is mine but I may never feel that completion again. What if only distance can mend something like this? Will I be able to pull it off? It hurts. I hate that he ever did this to us. He should have kept us as one.]][center [size10 -V]]]
  WetRain / 7d 15h 59m 45s

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