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Once they gave up, Toby sat down looking at the stars taking off his hat, showing his short brown hair. Chippy would notice a small circuit board underneath the chemicals. "Let's go see what it is.." Toby would adsorb a starman, to become unkillable or afflicted by the chemicals, he would dive in to grab the board of circuits. he would jump back out with it seeing the Eggman logo he would read the label. "Property of Dr. Robotnik..Who's that?" The Starpower would give up the chimicals making him fall over passing out, not killing but slowly hurting like a weak poison. "?!?" Chippy would take him and the board softly, barely flying.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 318d 4h 53m 55s
Metal Sonic had always naturally been the watchful type, as he always was sent on recon for multiple reasons. Well, really only one reason...which was for his so-called "nemesis" known as Sonic. When first hearing the news about his enemy, he had realized that he had been made to mimic the young hedgehog. In fact, he was actually much better at many things, and could definitely defeat him if it was a one on one battle. However, his friends always got in the way...

All in all, after some thought, Metal started to follow the strange figures. They seemed to be...confused as to where they were, and desperate to enter a strange rift that couldn't even be opened. 'Just sad...' He thought to himself as he landed pretty close to them. 'They do not even know the laws of rift traveling.' He sighed mentally, as he couldn't really speak. The mechanical hedgehog had no voice chip at the moment, unfortunately.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 318d 5h 4m 5s
"Let's a go!!" Toby said using a propeller mushroom power, to fly high in the sky to make across the ocean of chemicals. Once he landed chippy was in his overall's front pocket. He looked when he saw a ripple. Him and Chippy both shouted happily. "HOME!" He gave a running start and jumped to it, but got rebounded back to the ground the ripple wouldn't budge. " ?!" Would appear on his head confused. He grabs his All-Star Hammer trying to make it budge each time, only to get rebounded, making a loud mess of a noise. After a while he would sigh sitting down. The ripple would dissipate, as if it was never there.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 318d 5h 20m 58s
One thing was for sure. It was downright dangerous for any organic being to be stepping foot into the plant nowadays unless they knew what they were doing. One misstep and it was a world full of pain...at least if you came into contact with any of the chemicals that were still around. Since the place is so run down, now the chemicals just seem to ooze from wherever they please. Metal Sonic has seen his fair share of individuals who have came into contact with the substances...and depending on the chemical, some of them even died. The deaths were horrible and slow...or sometimes so fast you couldn't even say goodbye. Either way, it had been a long time since Metal had seen anyone around the chemical plant.

He lowered himself closer to the ground slowly before sitting down on top of an interestingly-shaped light pole. It was a boring day, to say the least. Metal glanced around yet again, pulling up his hand to his face and looking at it for a few seconds. 'It's amazing how boredom can make simple things interesting.' He thought to himself as he continued to inspect his hand for another minute or two. Eventually, he stopped and looked around once more. This time, he definitely saw a pinkish figure.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 318d 10h 50m 11s
Toby and Chippy touched the rippleish portal in the Nullspace,they made it into a weird Chemical Plant Zone. "Yeah, not the mushroom kingdom ether.." Toby said to Chippy. "Your telling me!!" Chippy chimed. "Well..here we go!" Toby would run instead of running down the hills he slide down them, soon he was stopped by a weird purple liquid oddly resembling his world's poison. "This was unexpected...at least it can't get worse." Chippy said trying to brighten the mood.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 318d 10h 59m 9s
Emotion. It was the one thing he shouldn't feel. He wasn't built for it whatsoever...and yet, he could feel the emotion that wasn't ever meant to be a part of him. It emanated through his mechanical circuits and wires, as if it was an integral piece of him. However, the thought of how it shouldn't have ever happened has stuck in his mind for however long he's been living on Mobius with his creator, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, or otherwise known as Dr. Eggman. He didn't care about whatever name was used to address his creator, the man was still the same person all in all.

Metal Sonic was currently flying through an abandoned, run down chemical plant. Barely any of the buildings were still intact, although a small portion of the facilities in the Northwest sector survived pretty well. He slowly flew around through the air, looking at his surroundings. Nothing at all...or at least nothing that he could see. His optic sensors seemed to have missed a strange, pinkish figure that was nearby.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 318d 18h 7m 55s
The sky was purple as the final battle was going on before the world's very eyes! Boswer vs Dark Star Core: Bowser! They two giants pummeled and blew fire on each other. Once he was able too, Bowser swallowed the Dark Star Core! But what's this, that's not Mario no meet Toby, he was Mario's universal twin He wore red overalls, black boots, and a pink shirt and pink cap. He would take his golden All-Star hammer and hammer the Dark Star Core making Dark sparks fly, eventually Toby was teleported out of Boswer along with Chippy, but he wasn't in his world or any world.
"Whoa!? Where are we Toby?!" Chippy would exclaim her voice echoing into the Nullspace.
"I'm not sure, Chip...but It's not good." Toby puts up his All-Star Hammer, the s[ace became a small course as they ran, rolled, flipped, and jumped around. Then they would see a ripple of some strange figure.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 318d 18h 11m 18s

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