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Metal lightly nodded as they thanked him. 'No problem, I do what I can.' He thought inside of his mind, wishing he could actually say it. Maybe when he reported in to Robotnik, he would ask about the voice chip he was supposed to be getting.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 169d 21h 5m 29s
Toby would reading and said. "Alright I'll make sure Dr. Robotnik doesn't get harmed, Thank you Metal Sonic.." Toby said smiling, Chippy smiling too, they had a chance of hope here.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 1y 170d 5h 29m 41s
Metal Sonic watched as Toby and Chippy were soon flying into the air. He was about to wave goodbye before revving up the booster in his back and flying up to them really fast. He had suddenly gotten an idea of how to help them, but without harming Dr. Eggman at all.

Metal got their attention with a little waving gesture to stop them from flying away too quickly. Since he couldn't speak, he decided to use his optic sensors to display what he wanted to say. His eyes changed into a message that said "Since I work for Robotnik, my creator...how about I report in with him to see what is going on? Then I could come back with information and tell you anything I find out." The mechanical hedgehog's message disappeared after they had read it, and his eyes returned back onto his optic sensors.

  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 170d 5h 32m 0s
"It's fine..." Toby would get down to look at some items, going through things. "Hmm..." He grabbed a cape feather using it, go get a golden cape. "Alright! put a starman in reserve ready to roll Chippy in his pocket. "Thank you Metal Sonic." He said making their way in the air, flying.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 1y 170d 5h 38m 26s
Metal didn't understand much of the terminology that his new acquaintances were using, such as "Dark Star". He also didn't recognize the name of Fawful, although he assumed that the logo represented what the villain looked like.

Then...he had heard them request for his help to defeat Eggman. His [b creator]. The one who gave him life, when he probably didn't even deserve it. A little green streak of light seemed to blaze through his optic sensors (eyes) for a second, like an error...but not one at the same time. They didn't even know that Robotnik had created him...he could never harm his creator...
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 170d 5h 45m 1s
"Metal Sonic..please help us stop them..They'll destroy the multiverse the Dark Star is too evil..If you won't help us fight Dr. Robotnik help us defeat Bowser and Fawful.." He asked for his help, Toby and Chippy had little chance against a teamed up Boswer and Fawful with the Dark Star.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 1y 170d 5h 50m 25s
Metal had decided to walk all the way with them, oddly enough. Soon, he had seen the robots as well. He recognized his creator's emblem on the robots, but he couldn't seem to grasp what the other symbol was for.

The mechanical hedgehog observed as Toby and Chippy easily plowed right through the artificial creations, seeing scraps of metal flying everywhere. Once they had finished the small battle, he approached them yet again and tilted his head, picking up the Fawful logo.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 170d 5h 58m 7s
"Hey, Your good Metal Sonic...Robotic programmed or not, okay.." Chippy said softly. "Mhm!" Toby said agreeing with her as they made their way to town, robotic boswer robots. "Whoa!!!?!!" Toby said jumping back, they even had fawful logos and that Dr.Robotnic logos. "Here we go!!" He would eat a red mushroom becoming Super Toby! He would smash and punch the robots till he and Chippy made it to safety. "One minute your saving a princess the next your fighting robots in another world.." He told Chippy.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 1y 170d 6h 3m 11s
As they had spoken, Metal had scanned Toby and Chippy. His sensors indicated that they were no threat, and that they weren't recognizable via the Mobius database. Thus, he would trust the pair...despite their odd question and their interesting personalities that couldn't be described by himself.

Metal turned a certain direction and waved his hand, gesturing for them to follow him. Once they had gotten the idea and seemed to walk alongside him, he lead them to a large intersection of different walkways. The mechanical hedgehog turned left and pointed to a large entryway that was at the end of it.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 170d 6h 14m 26s
"It's alright...but could you show us the Exit to this place?" He asked not sure how the robotic hedgehog will react, he was ready to fight if need be, but he really didn't want to fight if he didn't have too. "..." Toby fell silent.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 1y 170d 6h 31m 47s
Metal listened as he was asked if he was the "good guy" . That reminded him of one of the problems with being so sentient. He knew he was on the evil team, whether he liked it or not. The mechanical hedgehog let out a mental sigh as he slowly shook his head solemnly.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 170d 10h 32m 35s
Chippy fainted from hearing it so Toby would place her into his overall pocket. "Nice to meet, you.." Toby said taking note of the old chemical plant. "I take it your the good guy around here?" Toby asked curiously.
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 1y 170d 11h 9m 8s
Interesting...the pair seemed quite jumpy and happy for being in a completely abandoned chemical plant. He looked at them curiously as they started to introduce themselves, and had asked for his name. He pointed to his "mouth" and shrugged, trying to get the point across that he couldn't really speak at the moment. He had no voice chip, despite Dr. Eggman saying he would get him one anytime soon.

Metal looked over to a nearby wall and put his metallic hands up to it, scratching the material and engraving a few letters into it. The message read "Metal Sonic" after it was finished.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 170d 14h 35m 37s
Chippy would get scared dropping the circuit board and Toby. He would wake up shaking off the chemicals effects. "Hmm? Who's that Chippy..." He asked her. "Like I know.." She replied not even sure what she should even do. Toby walks to the metallic hedgehog. "Hello, does this belong to you?" He hands him the circuit board. "And what's your name..." Toby asked then introduced himself. "My bad I'm Toby, and that's Chippy!!"
  Mario Oc / TwistedBoyOfMidnight / 1y 170d 14h 39m 9s
Metal observed as the pink figure absorbed some kind of...star...and seemed to be immune to the effects of the chemicals. 'Interesting...' He contemplated in his own mind as the star had run out of power and the figure had collapsed onto a much smaller one, which seemed to be able to barely fly.

'I should probably go and introduce myself to them...see if they're on our side or not.' He thought to himself as he approached both of them and got their attention by lightly tapping the ground with his metallic foot. It made a loud enough "clank" noise, that seemed to lightly echo.
  Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 1y 170d 14h 42m 15s

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